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The Anniversaries:

The Alien Wars continues to age and grow each year that it runs, throughout it's many RPGs. It began with a prelude RPG called Mega Man X: The Alien Wars, then became the current day form you all know today, The Alien Wars one day year later on the first Friday of November. Hence why we celebrate the anniversary of TAW every first Friday of November, since we do not have logs of when MMX: TAW first began. It is known that it began around October-November, but not exactly, since it was RPed in chatrooms on websites for the RPG - each area of the RPG had it's own chatroom and people moved from chatroom to chatroom as they investigated the station or moved to new areas. TAW1 moved to IRC with Session 3.

The Alien Wars 1 lasted 9 months and was 104 Sessions, plus 3 training sessions. The Alien Wars 2: The Galactic Conflict was 178 sessions and lasted literally 4 years and 3 months, ending on the 5th year anniversary. Also during TGC, a side, alternate reality RPG that occassionally crossovered with TGC was made that lasted 25 sessions was made called TAW:ALT.

Following that, we had a long period of rest before The Alien Wars 3, then it began in full earnest, making up for lost time and it lasted 2 and a half years. Following that, another gap of time lasted before The Alien Wars 4: PAX began. TAW4 began on the 8th Year Anniversary of the RPG purposely and at first was billed as a new RPG (PAX), before 1 year later on the 9th it was revealed to be TAW4 with a special session served as both a definitive conclusion to TAW3, and how TAW4 began.

During this time, Erevis the RPG ran side by side with TAW4 and lasted 125 sessions as well, and served as a companion piece to TAW4. It ended before TAW4 did, and TAW4 ended on the 12 year Anniversary.

TAW5 began about a month later this time and had 3 companion RPGs: Classic and Alternate and Reality Strikers.

TAW6 began a few years later. It is the current and final RPG of this series, split into 3 parts. Duality Wars was the first part of TAW6, followed by The Fall of Eden which was a more traditional TAW RPG and then finally Da Capo which was a blend of the two RPGs.

Here are the lists of past RPGs:

MMX:TAW (the prelude RPG)



TAW3 and TAW:ALT (the alternate reality RPG)

TAW4 and Erevis the RPG.

TAW5, TAW5: Classic and Alternate, TAW5: Reality Strikers, TAW5: Shards of Time

The Duality Wars: TAW6, TAW6: The Fall of Eden

Below is the list of each Anniversary and a little history behind it, and where it falls in the RPGs.

Zero Year Anniversary (MMX:TAW):

The MMX:TAW RPG began and started it all. This lasted 11 months.

Year One Anniversary (TAW1 Starts):

TAW1 began on the first Friday of November and this is the anniversary we celebrate every year, since it's a definitive date we can mark. The Friday of November 1998 was the 6th.

Year Two Anniversary (TGC):

Because we RPed much more in the old days, The Galactic Conflict (TAW2) celebrated the Year Two Anniversary over Sessions 34 - 40. It is very likely this was an entire weekend event, though. Due to the sheer number of them. It ended with Death Star's return to TGC, who had been gone up to that point, and many other major plot points that had been boiling. This was a true turning point for the RPG, and worthy of the Anniversary title.

Year Three Anniversary (TGC):

1st 24 Hour Long RPG. This is not listed in the session summaries, so placing it is hard in the area. But I have a generally good idea of where it was. The third year of the RPG, RPing plummeted to an all time low. This was frankly the worst year ever. If you note the previous year, those 40 sessions were in addition to the 104+3 sessions of TAW1. At my best estimate, the 1st 24 Year Hour Long RPG falls into place around Session 89. That means literally 49 sessions happened that year. Granted, the 3 Part Reboot took 6 months to finish, but Reboot was a literal thing because the RPG was dying at the time.

Year Four Anniversary (TGC):

There was no celebrations. Garland was the RPG at this point. Following 90-145, not a bad output, but it was like pulling teeth, and my high prednisone, I finally cracked and gave the RPG to another player. He did nothing for the anniversary. If I recall, the Session closest to the anniversary was 151: Snipe Is a Mother. As a note, by my estimates, The Garland Era lasted 6 months or more and he made a total of 15 sessions, 146 - 160, and the last 4 were part of a crossover with TAW:ALT.

Year Five Anniversary (TGC):

Taking back over the RPG for the last 6 months of the fifth year after the 12 part Supernova crossover between TAW, TAW:ALT, and another RPG unrelated called TCT, or however long was left in the year, I made a charge to end TGC. Wrapping it up in 18 sessions, 161-178, I then did a 10 year epilogue of minis over a month and a week, waiting for the 5th Year Anniversary.

Web of Deceit, the first of the "Anniversary Sessions", sometimes called movie-like sessions because of their lengths, was a special 4 hour long session that wrapped up all the lingering plots from the main RPG, and capped off everything from the main RPG. And it was a roaring success that rejuinvated some interest in me, despite a long hiatus for TAW.

Year Six Anniversary (TAW3):

The Alien Wars 3 began with about 7ish months left if I recall in the year. And it was a roaring success with a mix of old and new blood. We managed to do 135 sessions in that time.

Crystal Exodus was a 11 part session at the end that was wrapping up the first year plots for the RPG, and the last 4 sessions fell on the anniversary. While the entire 11 parter is technically considered part of the anniversary, those 4 sessions were what were RPed on the actual date.

They brought back Wind, had President Slasher rescued, and brought back all the old crew who was still alive from TGC. And completely, like any good Anniversary, changed the direction of the RPG. Much like Anniversary Two had done long ago.

Year Seven Anniversary (TAW3):

Trinity. We hadn't moved as fast this year and if you look at TAW3, you'll see Three Acts. Trinity isn't at the end of Act Two like Crystal Exodus was for Act One. Trinity is both normal sessions and an Anniversary Session, in some ways. All three sessions, to my recollection, were RPed on the anniversary date. Except maybe Part One due to time restraints.

A three parter, this emotional session mostly focused on Dias and Eve, and at the time killed the latter. There was other aspects, to be certain, and the Trinity aspect was played up in great detail. It's good to note the name of this Anniversary became the name of TAW5, and for good reason. A good chunk of Year Eight would be spent finishing TAW3, before it would go on hiatus leading up to TAW4.

Year Eight Anniversary (TAW4 Starts):

Nothing special here. TAW4 literally began on the anniversary. At the time it was simply called PAX and was billed as a new RPG. New and old members alike were invited and it was called a reimagining of the old RPG, with a more political like look. People were told to get their pasts hammered out of old characters and a schedule was set up for RP. This is the RPG you all know and love/hate today. It literally began in the ninth year.

Year Nine Anniversary (TAW4):

Happy Endings was an Anniversary Special session, also known as a movie-like session. Taking place immediately after Session 150 of TAW4, which means in 1 year TAW4 had 150 sessions, where it was revealed to the RPers that Wind was the being locked up and that PAX was really TAW4 - the RPG name changing to reflect it and all, this session went back to TAW3 one last time and showed them what happened 1000 years later and how Wind came to use the Spear of Destiny, a progenitor named Erevis, and his friends' spirits from the past to make this reality. A bitter sweet session in many ways, it showed that the previous reality was dying and not reproducing souls, so Wind had to make this reality using the Prime Reality powers, and went insane in the process, becoming the bane of the TAW4 players.

Year Ten Anniversary (TAW4):

A Lonely Place of Dying, another Anniversary Special session, also known as a movie-like session, took place after on the soul planet. With Wind gone for good, and stuff, the only threats left were the remnants of the Dark Ones, and the shapeshifters at the time. Bringing back other old players who were gone at the time - X1, Garland, etc. This dealt with the team taking out access to the Dark Ones' being able to manipulate the soul stream, and saw the team meeting up with legends like Wendigo, Death Star, the original Garland, and more in the soul stream. With the planet taken out, the shapeshifters could no longer use the dead anymore, and Freyja was reunited with Chii, who in the time been growing on her own - and Freyja herself seemed to have been brought to the light.

Year Eleven Anniversary (TAW4):

The Spirit That Pierces the Heavens,, another Anniversary Special session, also known as a movie-like session, was the beginning of the Multiverse-Arc. The Eleventh Year focused on Legion and Shapeshifters, as well as time loops and Erevis and Megumi getting married, and what was left of Dark Ones. Losing Jackieness during it, and Ariel, once we came out of it, it was clear TAW4 needed a fresh angle.

This session began it. A John and Dias emerged from a portal and began to wreck havoic and destruction, as well as kidnapping Cheryl and Warren's baby, Benjamin Carmichael back through it. Dias took the baby and ran, while John stayed and fought - until he was beaten. It was clear this John was not nearly as evil as his counter part and so he agreed to help them. Cheryl, who at the time had submitted to Chii over the Legion arc and become her mate, had impregnated Chii but still wanted her kid back, and had with Chii's influence risen to become a General and a prominent figure during the Legion arc. (And the leader you all know today).

Cheryl took a team of volunters into the Multiverse, and began what was the final arc of TAW4.

Year Twelve Anniversary (TAW4):

Session 458: The Final Legend. Everything came to a head in the last session and what a whammy it was. Cheryl in a desperate gamble to stop the corruption of the multiverse began by Xevil long ago at Centerpoint in Session 250, takes the ship PAX that the Erevis the Progenitor RPG team found and uses it to go back in time, all the while the group battles stronger forces, and they all arrive in the battlefield in the past, having to navigate past their past selves to defeat Xevil, easily, and then their actions resulted in them teaming up with past Wind and creating two new realities.

This is what led to the creation of the Alternate Reality and the Classic Reality - Cheryl and the group use their memories of their travels through the multiverse to recreate it and clense the corruption that had been killing it, then Cheryl changes events to make sure that Benjamin lives - who had "died" (unknowingly he had lived), thus making an Alternate Reality beginning at Centerpoint ownward. And Wind, for helping them, used his half of the powers to bring back a reality of TAW1 - 3. All this happened in the finale of TAW4.

Year Thirteen Anniversary (TAW5):

Since TAW5 began on January of the next year, which means only two months off, it was able to reach the 100th session quite easily by the anniversary date. This was a normal session, albeit longer since it was a 100th session. Titled Cry of the Anima Part 2, it involves many revelations of the true identity of the Angel (Jean), and what happened to her mother long ago, as well as the temporary death of Mercy, Kaelan's lover, as they battle Angelus. At the same time, the other group manages to beat a God General who is likely Zeal's father and save Oas' by killing him. And the session ends with Athena Zhenmei being blasted in the head and nearly dying with a shot meant for Iko Zhenmei, revealing there are hits out for redheads, leading to them realizing later that all red headed progenitors are being targetted.

Year Fourteen Anniversary (TAW5):

The 200th session, Revelations, begins on Cheryl's birthday, and Athena, Jennifer, and Sammel wedding and ends with the ressurection of Angela Bennet, a huge turning point for the RPG, especially after a past Angelus shows up (and considering he is tossed into the future at some point with no resolution). And in the past, despite Cersei and Rin dying - though only one sticks - the group manages to make it through the forest of the elves and reaches a computer called CHIP, which finally gives them marching orders and tells them to find the eight runes, and the Iron PAW to fly. This helps cement Tareh to the past, and present to Tareh.

Year Fifthteen Anniversary (TAW5):

Sessions 299 and 300 were RPed this day. Jumping ahead 5 years with no warning, it focuses on the kids and Lorelei and Aurica leading them to rescue their parents who have been gone since trying to deal with the Others, and going into the rabbit hole. There time jumps back and forth as they learn what trulty happened and the mysteries. When it ends, thanks to certain actions, the 'Darkness' is talked down and is adopted by Thomas, becoming Nanashi and the Others seem to leave. And while it seems the Tsivrixsh might become an issue due to thinking they were betrayed, this ends the Others arc for good. However, it is also revealed the other two realities over the last 15 years have likely been invaded by new enemies, and sets up new arcs and directions. Session 300 ended the Act One of TAW5.

Year Sixteen Anniversary (TAW5):

Due to session delays and whatnot, Session 400 was not reached in time. Thus, for the first time in many years, an Anniversary Session, or movie-like session has been employed. The Houses, a 9 parter, has been on-going in the sessions. Session 379 - 386 has been Parts One through Eight.

The Houses Finale, a 5 hour long special, wraps up the nine parter and is the 16 Year Anniversary. Picking up where the normal sessions left off.

Year Seventeen Anniversary (TAW5: Shards of Time):

After TAW5 ended, there was a long hiatus over the summary and fall. This anniversary kick-started a mini-series that bridged TAW5 and TAW6 (assuming all goes well and TAW6 begins - see below for an 18th Anniversary to see if it works out). A 4 hour long session for the first part of the 10 part mini-series, it takes place 6 and 7 years later after TAW5, wrapping up loose ends and peppering stuff for TAW6.

The Shards of Time Episode 1: Shattered Shards, a 4 hour long special, that begins the 10 part mini-series that is called The Shards of Time. Bridges TAW5 and TAW6

Year Eighteen Anniversary (The Duality Wars: TAW6):

The first part in a four part session arc, The Eighteen Anniversary was called Civil Crisis Part I and was a 3 hour and a half hour session. It led into the 73, 74, and the 75th session to wrap up the 4 parter. This ended the first year arc of Duality, despite needing 3 more sessions after the anniversary date, and concluded Part I.

Year Nineteen Anniversary (TAW6: Fall of Eden):

Convergence Point was a special session that brought back characters that had gone missing and was a follow up to Death of Everything, a crossover between The Duality Wars: The Alien Wars 6 and The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden.

Year Twenty Anniversary (The Duality Wars / TAW6: Fall of Eden):

Future Imperfect Arc - Session 78. The Future Imperfect Arc is a ploy by the the enemy called Airell, going by the monkier Destiny, to keep the team from reaching Yggdrasil by throwing them into the various time periods/realities that they have been to before - TAWs 1 - 5, hoping they will never return. While each of the TAWs are versions of TAWs that might could have been, the teams have to find a way back to Yggdrasil and stop Destiny and delay him for a bit longer.

Year Twenty-One Anniversary (TAW6):

The Cube - Session 352: The numbering of the session combines Duality and Fall of Eden (200 + 100) to get 300. The teams are captured by the shapeshifters - a race of enemies introduced in TAW4 that are humans and Dark Ones - and thrown into a prison in space that have traps and mazes so that no prisoner will want to escape the cube like prison. The team must escape the prison and defeat the shapeshifter fleet, which is made up of some of the various races that they are slowly taking over.

Year Twenty-Two Anniversary (TAW6):

Session 415 and Session 416 served as a two part Anniversary special that brought back the Dark Ones as the team finally went back to the Unknown Regions for the first time since The Alien Wars 4 in search for some ancient enemies as the Dark Rune came back into play; and the other team broke two of the runes and learned that there were two "spirits" inside them as well, granting the runes their power.

Year Twenty-Three Anniversary (TAW6):

The Darkest War: This movie-like session served to begin 2.2 after a brief hiatus after 2.1's end, beginning the plots of a new Galactic War with the Dark Ones, the Tsivrixsh, and other elements that have begun to ride up, as well as the team that has gone into the Mirror Universe's past to seek their answers of their reality's dark Ancient War. Their wars will serve to be a catalyst that will slowly lead to the Serpent's reawakening.



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