Session Time: Mon Aug 25 00:00:01 2008
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-590.2.9
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> NRP: Er, Executive Building, even
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[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad Winters is finally given an audience with the Vice President, Alexander Cran, after a week and a half of the man being 'indisposed'. He's led right up, with no waiting, Eve Summers waits at the elevator as it opens up on the Vice President's floor.
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> The Vice President will see you now. 6* She states to Chad, leading him down the hallway, past several desks with people working
15[21:01] * 13Chad`Winters walks along, his shades on.
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve stops at the door of Alexander, opening it up. Alexander can be seen behind his desk. "He's here, Alex."
15[21:03] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his glasses onto the top of his head as he steps in, crossing them behind his back afterwards.
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve shuts the door after giving Chad a warning look. Alexander looks up after the door closes. <Alexander> Did you need something, Winters?
[21:04] <13Chad`Winters> I came to tell you thank you.
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander pauses half a second at that, then leans back in his seat, his cool eyes peering at Chad carefully. "For?"
[21:06] <13Chad`Winters> For allowing a team to extract us from that town.
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Ah. Then you're 'welcome'.
[21:07] <13Chad`Winters> I'd have done it sooner but you were busy.
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[21:08] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> I had my reasons. 6* He notes offhandedly abrupt. "Well, if that's all you wanted to do, you can go now."
15[21:08] * 13Chad`Winters nods and turns to leave.
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander taps a button to let Eve know she can escort Chad back out. He picks up his datapad, turning back around to do his work
15[21:10] * 13Chad`Winters steps out of Alexanders office, slipping his shades back down again.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve stands there, and walks with Chad to the elevator.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* She presses the button to open the elevator doors
15[21:12] * 13Chad`Winters steps onto the elevator after they open, clearly choosing to stay quiet.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> I've made it where Alexander won't receive your messages anymore unless I clear it. Do us a favor and don't come by again unless it's a life or death matter.
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15[21:14] * 13Chad`Winters glances over at Eve now. 1"I see. Am I causing too much stress?"
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> I'm tired of seeing the man do favors for you only to be judged. Be honest - you never intend for him to be part of your life, or Aya's life.
[21:15] <13Chad`Winters> I made that clear from day one. He's not the same man who helped create me.
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> Then allow me to be clear - don't come here again. If there's something you need done, I'll decide if it's worth being addressed by Alex. 6* She hits the button to send Chad down.
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> I'm sure he'll just make Cheryl come to my rescue the next time I need it than.
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve just stares at him as the doors close.
15[21:17] * 13Chad`Winters just crosses his arms as he leans against the elevator wall
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of Darien
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis practices with her emerald weapon on a make shift training area, working to get herself back in shape, looking tired from getting up in the middle of the night to feed Isis. She's wearing a kimono and just letting her hair fall down all around today without styling it
15[21:19] * 13@Sam sits nearby Erevis, a sheathed Katana resting on her shoulder as she watches her train, "Erevis, come here a moment?"
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis strikes a training post with the emerald bo, then twists and strikes it again. "Is there something you require, Sammauel Hendricks?
09[21:21] <13@Sam> "I'd just like to help you with your hair a moment, it's whipping about too much."
15[21:21] * 13Chad`Winters lays across the couch in the living room, watching the holovid.
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15[21:21] * 13@Drasek is outside, near the two, but he sits off on his own, leaned back, arms behind his head, eyes on the sky above. Seems he enjoys the bleak February weather.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya steps in from school, reading a book, her bag slung over her shoulder. Fiore stands about in her maid outfit, holding out a bottle of juice to her. She takes it, nodding to Fiore
[21:22] <13@Kit> 6Dawn stumbles out fo the kitchen, tripping a few times with some saran wrap flitting about his feet, offering Aya some funnel cake with strawberries.
15[21:22] * 13Chad`Winters shifts up from the couch slightly to look at his daughter. 1"Hey princess. How was school?"
04[21:22] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is fine. 6* She notes to Sam, twisting to strike the post faster now, working on building strength and stamina
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> It was fun. 6* She pauses as Dawn comes tripping in with the cake. Fiore sighs at her brother and moves off to do other things. Aya smiles and takes the cake. "Thank you, Dawn. How was your day?" 6* She asks both
15[21:23] * 13@Sam stands slowly and watches her. "Want to do a little block training?"
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am working on building my endurance.
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[21:24] <13@Kit> 6Dawn nods to her. 1"...In... teres...ting. reciple."
09[21:24] <13@Sam> "It may help us both on that account."
[21:24] <13@Kit> 6Dawn grins, then fights off the saran wrap and heads back to the kitchen to avoid a baking catastrophe.
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Perhaps later. 6* She apparantly won't be detered from her training regiment.
[21:25] <13Chad`Winters> It was alright.
15[21:25] * 13@Sam sighs a little. "You shift your grip to the left hand a little too much when you swing from the right, you know."
[21:25] <13@Kit> 6Megumi invades Drasek's skyscape , holding Isis so she can stare down at him.
04[21:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis ignores Sam's comment, probably not considering it to be a real complaint - since, you know, the GM wasn't asked if there was a flaw.
15[21:26] * 13@Drasek lets out a breath, the frost slithering out from his mouth, he makes a face when what little sun he was getting is now obstructed. He eyes Megumi oddly. "Yes, luv?"
15[21:27] * 13@Sam sits back down and keeps watching, scratching her head a little.
[21:27] <13@Kit> 6Megumi says nothing, opting to wave Isis' hand with one of her own in a little greeting.
15[21:27] * 13@Drasek eyes her oddly still, then holds up a hand and waves it once.
[21:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, moving over to sit near Chad with her cake
04[21:27] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles widely, accepting that, it seems, and moving away to watch Erevis and Sam interact.
[21:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis makes a blubby baby face at Drasek.
15[21:28] * 13@Sam smiles and waves to Isis and Megumi as they near. "Hello you two!"
[21:28] <13Chad`Winters> So what was so fun today?
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> We learned a lot about my biology and history.
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[21:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr finally exits her rooms, looking like she just woke. Her hair is a tangled mess and she's in her pajamas. She moves to the breakfast table and plops her face down
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[21:29] <13Chad`Winters> Cool. Anything else exciting happen today?
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[21:30] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Just learning. Good afternoon, Zephyr!
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr lifts her head up, eyeing Aya, squints then eyes the clock
15[21:30] * 13Chad`Winters shifts to sit up. He looks back at Zephyr, a curious look on his eyes.
15[21:31] * 13@Sam tilts her head a little at the silence and looks back at Erevis training.
15[21:31] * 13@Drasek lets out a cough and sits up, glancing at his watch. He pulls himself up to his feet and moves towards the house.
[21:31] <13Chad`Winters> Get up from a nap?
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes a moment to take deep breaths, resting her body now and leaning on her staff
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No. 6* She rubs her eyes tiredly.
09[21:31] <13@Sam> "Should you not get a little more rest while Megumi is up to watch Isis? Or perhaps I could? You look very weary Erevis, and not just from the workout."
15[21:31] * 13Chad`Winters blinks several times. 1"You slept all day?
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Guess so. 6* She yawns. "Been tired lately."
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Feel nauseous
15[21:32] * 13Chad`Winters stands up and moves into the same room as Zephyr and moves upto her, placing his hand against her forehead
[21:33] <13@Kit> <Megumi> They are not bad suggestions, beloved.
15[21:33] * 13@Drasek steps into the house and slides the glass door shut behind him, he pauses when he sees everyone then moves over to sit down beside Aya.
[21:34] <13@Drasek> Evenin, bit.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Her forehead is hot.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hey, Drasek. 6* She smiles warmly, though tiredly.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am fine.
[21:34] <13Chad`Winters> Your burning up Zeph. 6He frowns and kneels beside her, then gently grabs her hand and checks her heart rate
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr's heartrate is pretty quick, for her race. She grins a bit. "So that mean you think I'm hot?"
15[21:35] * 13@Drasek glances over his shoulder at Zephyr and Chad and arches a brow then glances to Aya and gives her a slight wave before looking to Chad. "Dragoon's get sick?"
09[21:35] <13@Sam> "Erevis... are you saying that simply to shrug it off? You do not look fine." *she sounds genuinely worried*
15[21:35] * 13Chad`Winters forces a smile to hide a worried look. 1"You're heart rates kinda high too. I'm gonna grab my datapad, ok?"
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have been pregnant and out of shape. It takes time to rebuild endurance.
09[21:36] <13@Sam> "And you can damage yourself instead of restore yourself if you push yourself too much during early motherhood."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> 6* She frowns. "They aren't suppose to."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am aware of my own limits. 6* She says with a tone now
09[21:37] <13@Sam> "Then why do you push them?"
[21:37] <13@Drasek> Maybe you should go see a doctor, bit. *he says towards Zephyr*
15[21:37] * 13Chad`Winters squeezes her hand then stands up, moving to his room.
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs, leaning back, watching Chad go
04[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes Sam, annoyed now, then opts to ignore her.
15[21:38] * 13@Sam looks at her in deep concern, then pain as she gets the cold shoulder, looking down in shame.
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore hands Zephyr some warm milk. Then moves to stand near Drasek, offering a bottle of beer
15[21:39] * 13@Drasek offers Fiore a smile. "Thanks, luv." He nods to her, taking the beer.
15[21:39] * 13Chad`Winters steps back into the room and grabs a chair as he moves to her, sitting down on it beside her. He taps away at his datapad.
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis continue to rest, her skin a flush color of healthiness, her breathing back to normal after a few.
15[21:40] * 13@Sam gets up and sighs, looking to the three, she bows politely and heads back inside, scratching the back of her head, she heads to Darien's office and slips inside.
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr drinks her milk, peering at Chad now. "Going to hook me up to that?"
15[21:40] * 13@Drasek drinks the beer slowly as he watches Chad and Zephyr.
[21:41] <13Chad`Winters> Only if your bad. 6He smiles at her and then uses it to ran a basic medical scan on her.
[21:41] <13@Kit> <Megumi> She can be quite meddlesome.
15[21:41] * 13@Sam sits down in a chair and looks a little down as she sighs and slowly pulls out her datapad.
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Yes.
[21:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* The scan just seems to indicate she is feverish at 103. Nothing else.
[21:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves over to Isis and Megumi, reaching out to touch the child, still acting like a spooked cat around her, excpet when feeding
15[21:43] * 13Chad`Winters rubs the back of his neck as he sets the datapad down. 1"You're running a temp of 103. How long have you been feeling like this?"
15[21:43] * 13@Drasek glances at Aya. "That bad?" He whispers, as if not to disturb a real doctor at work.
[21:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods.
[21:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> A few days feeling bad.
15[21:44] * 13@Drasek frowns and looks back and Chad and Zephyr, not drinking his beer now.
15[21:44] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue. 1"We should get you checked out, just to be safe Zeph."
09[21:44] <13@Sam> "Too important to stress herself like that... why does she keep insisting... why... the hell am I so worried...?"
15[21:44] * 13@Sam looks up a little and frowns, at where she would expect Darien to be, even though he's out and sighs, going over and sitting back in his chair.
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> By who?
[21:45] <13@Drasek> Uh. Cran?
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr makes a face.
[21:45] <13@Drasek> Ok. Not Cran.
15[21:45] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face. 1"Let's see what the hospital finds out first."
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No offense, but I'd rather be sick than see Cran. Like. Ever.
[21:46] <13@Drasek> Why not call that other Weapon ponce. The one that was dead. What was his name?
[21:46] <13Chad`Winters> Caduceus. 6He glances at Drasek.
15[21:47] * 13Chad`Winters reaches up and taps his comm. 1"Caduceus."
15[21:47] * 13@Sam closes her eyes and tries to clear her head, frowning a little as she does, taking a deep breath and taking in the air of the room, the chair, everything. "...Why..."
15[21:47] * 13@Drasek dusts his shoudler even though there's nothing on it. Probably proud that he had a good idea.
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* The comm is sent immediately to a voice mail, stating that Caduceus is busy working on government projects, and cannot be disturbed. Leave your name, number, message, and sufficent bribe, and he'll get back to you
15[21:48] * 13Chad`Winters does just that than hangs up, making a face. 1"He's out. We're going to the hospital than."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr pouts and sulks. "I don't wanna."
[21:48] <13@Kit> 6Megumi observes Erevis for a while, then giggles, holding Isis toward her. 1"No reason to act like that... you will be fine, beloved."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I-I hsould probably put some gloves on.
[21:48] <13Chad`Winters> I'll take you to that place you like. 6He makes pouting face himself
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Can we go first?!
15[21:49] * 13@Drasek watches the two and scratches the side of his head, glancing to the holovid.
[21:50] <13Chad`Winters> Seriously?
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yep. 6* She just nods and grins childishly.
15[21:50] * 13Chad`Winters sighs. 1"But only for a little bit."
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yippie! 6* She claps her hands, then pauses. "Too tired to get dressed, though."
[21:51] <13Chad`Winters> Well I suppose I can always dress you. 6He leans back, musing on it
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sighs a bit at Chad, glancing upward. "I suddenly see what Cheryl means about Dad being a push over for some people."
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr considers, then nods. "Okay."
[21:52] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Gloves...?" 6She frowns and puffs her cheeks. 1"Are you serious?"
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have been told me touch is strange.... 6* She notes, peering down
15[21:52] * 13Chad`Winters tisks, having not expected her to actually comply with it. 1"Come on."
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr holds out her arms for Chad to carry her.
[21:53] <13@Drasek> You're one of those people, bit. *he pats Aya's shoulder as he pushes himself up, glancing over at Chad&* Call me when you get her to the hospital.
15[21:53] * 13Chad`Winters shakes his head and he stands up, grabbing her and picking her up. He looks over at Drasek. 1"Alright."
[21:53] <13@Kit> 6Megumi gestures Isis to her. 1"Go on."
15[21:53] * 13@Sam sighs and gets up, heading back out to the living room.
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once, then takes Isis slowly into her arms. Peering down at the child, playing with her ears with a single finger
15[21:54] * 13@Drasek adjusts his suit and then moves to step outside.
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya watches them go, then looks at Drasek. "Where are you going, Mr. Drasek?"
15[21:55] * 13@Sam steps out in time to see people going, she frowns a little and looks at the different people, scratching her head more.
15[21:55] * 13Chad`Winters carries Zephyr to her room to dress her.
15[21:56] * 13@Drasek pauses and looks over his shoulder. "To let Revi and Megumi know about Zephyr."
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits on the bed, then pulls off her pajama top, wearing a bra on thnakfully, and then pulls off the bottoms.
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Oh. Okay.
[21:56] <13@Drasek> <Drasek> You thought I was going out for beer and you wanted me to pick you up one, didn't ya bit?
15[21:56] * 13Chad`Winters moves to her closet and files through it. 1"What do you want to wear?"
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks, in utter shock. Fiore whacks Drasek softly with a fan
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Too young.
15[21:57] * 13@Drasek sighs. "I was joking. You know, joke. Ha ha."
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Whatever you want to see me in
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore pauses, then hands Drasek the fan to hit her with
[21:57] <13Chad`Winters> Well we should leave than. 6He turns, smiking mischeviously at her
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes him, then nods. "Kay."
[21:58] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans against Erevis, smiling. 1"See..? She does not mind. Much like I.
15[21:58] * 13@Drasek takes it and lightly whacks her with it too. He smirks. "Least your fair, luv. I respect that." He hands the fan back to her.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, smiling, then leans her head on Megumi. "I am lucky to have you both."
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore takes it back and puts the fan up.
15[21:58] * 13@Sam looks at Drasek quietly. "I believe I could use something to drink too... may I come along Drasek?"
15[21:59] * 13Chad`Winters rolls his eyes and grabs her a sweatshirt and some pants and moves over to her, holding it out to her. 1"Another time."
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks up her arms so she can put it on
15[21:59] * 13Chad`Winters holds this sweatshirt out and puts it on her and then holds her pants out for her.
04[21:59] <13@Drasek> 6* Drasek glances from Fiore and Aya to Sam. "I was joking...meaning that's not where I'm going."
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr puts them on.
09[21:59] <13@Sam> "O-Oh."
04[22:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya peers at Sam now quietly. Fiore whacks Sam with the fan
09[22:00] <13@Sam> "Well it is none of my business to intrude then. OW!"
15[22:00] * 13Chad`Winters holds his hands out to her to help her up again.
15[22:00] * 13@Sam holds her head, in mid-bow.
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands up and flops onto Chad. "Too tired to stand all of a sudden..." 6* She mumbles.
15[22:00] * 13@Drasek eyes them, then shifts to step out through the sliding glass door, approaching Megumi and Erevis during their touching hug.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks up, then holds out Isis to Drasek. "Please hold her, Drasek."
15[22:01] * 13Chad`Winters holds her, shifting slightly. 1"We're going to the hospital now." He looks worried and shifts his hand to lift her up. He moves to her door and opens it with one hand and moves out. 1"Aya, get the car ready."
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You said that would be second. 6* She whines. 6* Aya blinks, then hops up and moves out quickly
[22:02] <13Chad`Winters> I changed my mind. 6He looks at her, not hiding his worried look and moves down the hallway and to the front door
15[22:02] * 13@Drasek pauses and holds up his hands. "I...uh, don't think that'd be a good idea, luv."
[22:02] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Please? 6* She looks at him, almost a cute pout
[22:02] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Do you intend to harm Isis..?
[22:02] <13@Kit> 6Megumi crosses her arms, frowning at Drasek a bit.
15[22:02] * 13@Sam blinks and looks over at Chad, tearing herself away from staring at Erevis and Isis.
09[22:03] <13@Sam> "Something is wrong...?"
[22:03] <13@Drasek> I uh, might drop her. Butterfingers and all. *he makes a wiggling motion with his hands*
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have complete faith in you. 6* She pushes the child into his hands
15[22:03] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the front door and opens it, stepping out and moving to his car.
[22:03] <13@Kit> 6Megumi jumps slightly, her teeth clenching
04[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr whacks Chad as she's taken. "Sam! He's kidnapping me!
15[22:04] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes and shifts to hold onto her, peering at her oddly.
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis peers at Drasek
15[22:04] * 13@Sam blinks and follows after them in concern. "H-He is? Chad Winters?"
15[22:04] * 13Chad`Winters scowls sligthly. 1"Zephyr."
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Saaave me!
15[22:04] * 13@Drasek glances up, looking awkward. " what?"
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Make faces at her that are pleasing or funny. And rock her
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya finishes the car prep and waits in the driver's seat
15[22:05] * 13@Sam rushes after them, "I... I am confused. Is she in danger?"
15[22:05] * 13@Drasek arches a brow and glances down at her oddly again, tilting his head to the side. He pauses and glances up. "Oh right. Zephyr has a fever, so Chad is going to take her to the hospital."
04[22:05] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the car, and opens the back door with a hand as he looks at Sam. 1"...Seriously."
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Sa~~~am!
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis blinks, then glances at Megumi to see what she wants to do
09[22:06] <13@Sam> "I-I should go with you to be sure she is safe then...?"
15[22:07] * 13Chad`Winters shakes his head at her, clearly not thinking to highly of her right now and he shifts Zephyr inside the car and moves in after her.
15[22:07] * 13@Drasek looks back down and tilts his head to the opposite direction. He glances at them, and once they seem to be preoccupied on each other, Erevis and Megumi that is, he makes a goofy face to Isis.
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis giggles
15[22:07] * 13@Sam sighs and gets in the car, frowning.
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Chad. "Do I drive?"
[22:07] <13@Kit> 6Megumi winces, looking to Erevis. 1"That would ex-- we... we should go. We may go, right, beloved?"
09[22:07] <13@Sam> "So Zephyr is sick and being... playful then... I see. I will come."
[22:08] <13Chad`Winters> It's fine. I'll call you guys if something serious comes out of it.
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Of course.
15[22:08] * 13Chad`Winters nods to Aya. 1"Yeah, you can drive."
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr tries to escape
15[22:09] * 13@Drasek looks up. "What about uh, her?" he holds up Isis slightly.
15[22:09] * 13Chad`Winters grabs onto Zephyr in a tight hug.
15[22:09] * 13@Sam is already getting in the car, so she seems to be in Zephyr's way.
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Do you want me to stay with Isis?
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks at the tight hug, eyeing Chad now.
[22:09] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You two will not come?
09[22:09] <13@Sam> "So... I should not come along then?"
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You suddenly remind me of Megumi
15[22:09] * 13Chad`Winters smiles innocently, than narrows his eyes.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. If you want me to come, I can take Isis. But do you want her to go to the hospital?
[22:10] <13Chad`Winters> Well if that's the case, I should spank you for being troublesome.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hee hee. 6* She giggles now, then yawns and closes her eyes now.
[22:10] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hospitals are sterile. She is more at harm here where treatment is not as close and whatever infected Zephy may be nearby.
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Chad. She begins to drive for the hospital
04[22:11] * 13Chad`Winters shifts Zephyr so she rests against him. He eyes Sam now. 1"You really don't know how to listen, do you?"
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods. "I do not much care for the idea of going back the hospital again." 6* She admits. "But I will do so for you."
15[22:11] * 13@Sam looks back at him. "I was trying to. But between you and Zephyr I was confused. I am sorry."
15[22:11] * 13@Drasek rocks Isis awkwardly, probably the first baby he's ever held. "Least you won't be going there for your own sake, Revi."
15[22:12] * 13Chad`Winters grunts and places a hand against Zephyr's neck.
09[22:12] <13@Sam> "And... I am concerned for Zephyr's well being reguardless."
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves for the vehicles - specifically Meg's.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> What do you think made her sick?
15[22:14] * 13@Drasek pauses and follows after her.
[22:14] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks after Erevis, then eyes Drasek. 1"So I guess you are coming, as well..." 6She nods as he moves and goes to get her keys
[22:14] <13Chad`Winters> I'm not sure entirely. The last thing that infected her was that Legion virus.
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Do you think it's that?
15[22:14] * 13@Sam gently feels the girl's head. "A fever can be brought on by many things... most commonly viruses or bacterial infection... so it could be."
04[22:14] <13Chad`Winters> It could've compromised her immune system and allowed a common bug to infect her. 6He looks at Sam. 1"Dragoons don't get sick."
09[22:15] <13@Sam> "I see... then any illness is a very major concern."
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis poops while in Drasek's hands
15[22:16] * 13@Drasek pauses and extends his hands out, holding her at arms length. "Revi. DO something."
15[22:16] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face with his free hand, thinking.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at him seriously. "I am certain you can handle it. It would make me happy if you did."
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> ...
[22:16] <13@Drasek> Revi. No. No way. Your kid, your shit...literally.
09[22:17] <13@Sam> "Are dragoons biologicals or biomechanoid? I have not read up on them too thoroughly yet."
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, looking sad. "You would not do it for me?"
[22:17] <13@Kit> 6Megumi returns with her keys, starting the car.
15[22:17] * 13@Drasek pauses and reaches out Isis towards Megumi. "Here, do something."
15[22:18] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his datpad off his belt and and glances at it.
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Biologicals, with a few mechanical parts.
[22:18] <13@Kit> 6Megumi stares at Drasek, then rolls her eyes.
09[22:19] <13@Sam> "So Biological with minor biomechanoid elements, well either way, it's not that they cannot become ill, it's that you haven't yet encountered a sickness that could infect them on a noticable level."
[22:19] <13@Kit> 6Megumi tosses the keys to Erevis and moves back inside.
[22:19] <13@Drasek> .....*he makes a face when he catches a wiff of her poo* Oh dear's like a chemical bomb went off.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Please do not insult my daughter.
15[22:21] * 13@Drasek eyes Erevis and lets out a breath, pausing and making another face. "....right..."
15[22:21] * 13Chad`Winters frowns sligthly. 1"It could still be the legionaires virus."
[22:21] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> She takes after Kitten, after all.
15[22:21] * 13@Sam blinks a little. "Genus Legionella?"
15[22:21] * 13@Drasek makes an even worse face, though probably not from the poo smell. "...I could have went a lifetime without hearing that one, luv."
04[22:22] * 13Chad`Winters shakes his head as Sam talks.
09[22:22] <13@Sam> "Oh... the Legion replification virus."
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis smiles and cranks up the car
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> Location: Hospital
[22:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* The doctor steps out to address everyone in the lobby area - including Meg, Erevis, and Drasek. "We're afraid we don't know why your friend is sick."
15[22:24] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face. 1"And what do you know?"
15[22:24] * 13@Drasek leans forward, shifting himself to rest his elbows on his legs, peering up at the doctor. Worry on his face now.
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> Her body's immune system is wrecked, and she's clearly infected with some disease - it seems to be affecting her brain.
15[22:25] * 13@Sam blinks a little bit at that, peering at the doctor. "How?"
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> We don't know how.
15[22:26] * 13Chad`Winters closes his eyes then opens them, looking over at Aya.
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> The parts affecting memory and personality seem to be what's being affected right now
15[22:26] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes. "And you can't slow it down, then?"
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya listens to it, a frown on her face as she listens to the news. She seems to be following lines in the tiled
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> We could put her in stasis - that would stop the progress most likely.
[22:26] <13Chad`Winters> Can I talk to her?
15[22:27] * 13@Sam crosses her arms under her chest worriedly, she turns to all Darien and give him an update on the situation.
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> Of course.
15[22:27] * 13Chad`Winters nods, moving to step into her room.
[22:27] <13@Drasek> Stasis. That could give us time to find out what's going on with her, then?
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr is busy yanking on her IV right now, planning an escape.
[22:28] <13Chad`Winters> Zephyr.
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> It could, yes. IT would make scans impossible, though
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stops, peering up. She pauses guiltily. "H-Hi."
[22:28] <13@Drasek> So it's not certain it'll hold off whatever virus this is, infectin her and such?
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> No.
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> We can't know.
15[22:28] * 13Chad`Winters frowns as he moves over to her bed and sits down beside her. 1"How're you feeling?"
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Great. Can we go now?
15[22:29] * 13@Drasek makes a face, looking down at the ground. "...Zephyr." He mumbles under his breath.
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> IT is possible whatever is affecting her is what she became infected with by Legion
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> To my knowledge, the unit is still seeking cures for other infected people.
15[22:30] * 13Chad`Winters moves to grab her hand, squeezing it. 1"There's an infection inside you Zephyr. It seems to be inside your brain.
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sighs at that. "It's always something."
15[22:30] * 13@Drasek glances up. "You think we could convince them to knock her to the top of her list?"
[22:30] <13@Drasek> NRP: Their*
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is possible if we speak with her sister.
[22:31] <13@Kit> <Megumi> We must speak with Cheryl at once!
15[22:31] * 13@Sam finishes her call and rejoins the others, still looking worried.
15[22:32] * 13@Drasek nods and motions to Megumi. "You should give her a call then."
[22:32] <13Chad`Winters> The doctors don't know what it is, either. But I'm pretty sure that virus Legion used to create those creatures is what caused this.
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis plays with Isis' nose
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So, if I turn into something that looks like those Legionnaires, will you still think I'm pretty?
15[22:33] * 13Chad`Winters smirks, as he reaches his other hand upto her face. 1"Of course."
[22:33] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hangs her head. 1"I do not have the number, however..."
[22:33] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Beloved..! You have Freyja's, do you not?
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Yes I do. I need only a comm.
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins now. "Liar."
15[22:34] * 13@Drasek shifts and pulls out a comm, holding it out towards her. "Here. Use mine. The number is there too."
[22:34] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hands Erevis her's.
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes both comms, peering at them.
[22:34] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks at Drasek. 1"You have Cheryl's?"
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis humms and uses both comms to make a call
[22:34] <13Chad`Winters> It was a loaded question. 6He smirks softly
[22:34] <13@Drasek> I have the team's overall number. Darien gave it to me.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I think we should have sex before I possiblely die. 6* She notes brightly.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis calls Freyja with her comm, and uses the overall number on Drasek's comm. She waits to see who answers first
[22:36] <13Chad`Winters> You're running a fever, clearly your delirious right now.
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, so you don't want to have sex, then.
15[22:37] * 13Chad`Winters leans in close and kisses her on the lips.
[22:37] <13@Kit> 6Freyja answers. 1"Erevis?"
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, then closes her eyes, tilting her head a bit with the kiss
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods. "Hello, Freyja. We request to speak with Alpha Cheryl regarding an unknown virus that is affecting Alpha Zephyr's brain. We would like to bring her in to be tested for Legionnaire virus
15[22:39] * 13Chad`Winters breaks the kiss off. 1"We'll cure this, Zephyr."
[22:39] <13@Kit> <Freyja> <Comm> H-Huh..? One second." 6There's an odd sound, then a loud exclamation in the background. 1"Hello you two."
[22:40] <13@Kit> <Freyja> <Comm> Cheryl, Erevis has a question regarding Zephyr's health.
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe I should get sick more often. 6* She teases now
[22:40] <13Chad`Winters> And give me more grey hairs?
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So you do admit you have grey hairs!
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[22:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus finishes putting Zephyr in a closed isolation room, peering at his computer to observe her scans. Cheryl is in uniform, her hair messed up, and she smells of sex. Erevis holds Isis calmly, and Aya peers at the computer herself
[22:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi looms near Aya and Caduceus, while Chii leans on Cheryl half-asleep.
15[22:42] * 13Chad`Winters stands by the window into her isolation room, his arms crossed, a neutral look on his face.
15[22:42] * 13@Sam looks curiously at the computer, turning to peer worriedly at Zephyr from time to time.
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. I don't suppose you'd just give up on this Alpha and find another to worry about? I hear there's 16 others left.
15[22:43] * 13@Drasek stands off to the side of Erevis. Usually he tries to avoid doing things like Chad, but he has his arms crossed, and his mood as seemed to have gotten steadily worse, since Zephyr's news.
15[22:43] * 13Chad`Winters grunts in response to Caduceus.
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl cracks her knuckles.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus sighs. "The fact is she does have the Legionnaire thing inside her still, and it's mutating due to her Alpha genetics. Into what appears to be a type of computer virus - which means it may spread to other Alphas through their link.
[22:45] <13@Kit> 6Megumi growls a little at Caduceus, while Chii jerks away. 1"Huh, wha..?"
[22:45] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Then can I kill it with the bond?
[22:45] <13Chad`Winters> Than we can make an anti-virus for it.
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> I don't think so. 6* He looks at Chad. "We'd need Legion's blood to make an effect anti-virus."
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> So we get his blood.
[22:47] <13Chad`Winters> We need to draw him out first...6He rubs his face as he watches Zephyr
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Right. I'm sure he'll just willingly walk into a trap
[22:47] <13Chad`Winters> He would for Erevis.
[22:47] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Perhaps you could scan me. He healed me somehow during the last encounter.
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head.
15[22:47] * 13@Sam frowns a little, looking displeased. "N-No. Not Erevis."
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> He probably used a stolen ability, Famfrit. What we need is his actual blood.
15[22:48] * 13@Drasek shakes his head. "Doubt the git'll come out unless he wants too."
[22:48] <13@Kit> <Megumi> There are only three things he wants. None of which I am willing to give him.
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus eyes Erevis. "He did go after her and the child. I'm sure you could lay her out - leave info that she'll be somewhere on the HoloNet.
[22:48] <13Chad`Winters> He'd come out for Erevis.
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I will not risk Isis. However, I do not mind playing bait.
[22:49] <13@Drasek> Revi. You could get hurt. *he notes seriously*
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is a fact.
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya frowns, taking a seat. She doesn't like the idea of Erevis being bait. "But how would we even get his blood?"
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl growls a bit, crossing her arms. "I'm game."
[22:50] <13Chad`Winters> We over power him.
[22:50] <13@Drasek> Bit's got a point. You can think you're good enough, strong enough. But he could beat the pants off of the whole lot of us here, without even breaking a sweat.
[22:50] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Not true.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is also a fact.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Megumi
15[22:51] * 13@Drasek eyes Megumi now. "You think since he let you win, you're good enough?"
15[22:51] * 13Chad`Winters turns now to look at Drasek. 1"Do you have any other ideas?"
15[22:51] * 13@Sam crosses her arms, looking visibly upset. "Erevis... you can't do this..."
[22:51] <13@Kit> <Megumi> In order to ensure Isis' safety, it came down to merely myself and Darien for quite some time. The fact remains I cannot fight him alone because of my condition, but with a competent team-- we have come a long ways."
[22:51] <13@Drasek> Yeah. Let's ask the git before we go off beating on him with sticks.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Something tells me you and Darien won because three Progenitors arrived and wrecked your party.
[22:52] <13@Kit> <Megumi> The proof may not be in the fact that we prevailed, but in the fact that he resuscitated me. He required our help to escape from the progenitors that arrived.
[22:52] <13@Drasek> Right then, well let's go get that lot, i'm sure they'll help us.
[22:52] <13@Kit> <Megumi> We are playing for blood, not defeat.
04[22:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes Sam coldly. "I will not allow Alpha Zephyr to die simply to protect myself from harm."
[22:53] <13Chad`Winters> If you want to sit around and not do anything Drasek, be my guest. But if this is the only chance we have to save Zephyr, I'll take it. I'll put my life on the line so that she can live.
[22:53] <13@Kit> 6Megumi looks to Chad. 1"Are you telling me, brilliant strategist, that with a pair of idiots like Drasek and myself, perfectly capable of cutting him, you cannot manage to get a single drop of blood?"
15[22:53] * 13@Drasek snorts and just shakes his head. "Whatever. It's for Zephyr, so i'll fight till I can't anymore. Doesn't make this any less stupid."
15[22:53] * 13@Sam looks down, "I-I don't want her to either... b-but you're too important Erevis... I'm sorry... I'm not... not getting in your way..."
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'll bleed him. And I'll bring my pet dog Dias.
15[22:54] * 13@Drasek eyes Megumi and wonders when he was ever good enough to make Legion bleed.
[22:54] <13@Kit> 6Chii snorts awake. 1"...Huagh..? ...Damn it. I swear I just heard Dias and something about a dog. Him and Lil at it again?"
15[22:54] * 13Chad`Winters looks at Cheryl and nods. 1"We'll need what help we can get."
[22:54] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles sweetly at Drasek, as if sensing that.
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Right. I'll use some information on the military HoloNet that Erevis is going to do an assignment for us in checking out the planet that the Tsivrixshs were turned, and that we're leaving tomorrow. Hopefully we can draw out Legion. 6* She walks off
[22:55] <13@Drasek> Well then. Let's hope this works. For Zeph's sake.
[22:55] <13@Kit> 6Chii follows her, rubbing her head. 1"...What's going on..? Is Phinee okay..." 6She mumbles out of earshot.
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> I'll place the little Alpha in stasis until we can make a good anti-virus. Any goodbyes you want to do, now would be it
09[22:56] <13@Sam> "Erevis?"
04[22:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Sam again
09[22:56] <13@Sam> "At least... allow me to protect you if he does come for you?"
15[22:56] * 13@Drasek shifts to walk towards the door to Zephyr's room. "You'll get last, Chad." He glances to see if he can do in yet.
15[22:56] * 13@Sam looks down, almost shyly.
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I do not require protection.
[22:56] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves to follow Drasek
15[22:56] * 13Chad`Winters grunts in response and moves over to Aya.
09[22:56] <13@Sam> "I-I know... but I want to..."
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus just opens the door with a push of a button
15[22:57] * 13@Drasek shifts to step into the room.
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is not necessary. Focus on your own life. Or has the incident in the church and what Darien Starr wanted from you proved pointless in teaching you?
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits there silently still, mumbling even numbers under her breath.
15[22:57] * 13Chad`Winters rests his hand on his daughters shoulder. 1"Aya."
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks up, yawning. "Hey. Who are you?" 6* She asks, peering at him curiously
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya glances up, jerking almost. "Dad?"
15[22:57] * 13@Sam blinks a little, she looks at Erevis and shakes her head a little, as though snapping out of something. "...You're right. Forgive me, I'm... I'm still struggling with this."
[22:58] <13@Drasek> You don't remember me, then? That's depressing.
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> How could I forget you. You're Drassel.
15[22:58] * 13Chad`Winters pulls his daughter in for a hug. 1"Everything'll be ok princess. I promise."
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once in a slight incline. "It is fine."
[22:58] <13@Drasek> Don't you mean, the best bloody friend you'll ever have in your life? The brother from...another mother. *he gives her a smirk*
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, hugging Chad back. "I believe in you."
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue.
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> I want you to stay here with her. 6He rests his head ontop of hers.
15[22:59] * 13@Sam smiles a little and pulls herself away. "But... you be careful anyway. You're still a good friend and I would hate to see you in harm."
[22:59] <13@Drasek> Well bit. We're going to be putting you in stasis until we can beat the pants off Legion and come back with an anti-virus. So you may be out for a while. Try not to dream about me too much, right?
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> As would I.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'll try. It'll be hard, but I'll try.
[23:00] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Please do. If I see anything like that, I may regurgitate.
[23:00] <13@Drasek> It's the head, right? Girls love the slick look.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue at Megumi now
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods at that. "I will."
15[23:01] * 13@Drasek shifts to lean over Zephyr's bed and kisses her forehead. "Tuff titty that you won't get to be there with us. But you uh, will be an all that, right?" He motions to his chest and gives her a half smile.
09[23:01] <13@Sam> "I will let Darien know of our progress."
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once.
15[23:02] * 13@Sam gets out her datapad to give him another call, turning away to tell him about everything.
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods, hugging Drasek.
15[23:02] * 13Chad`Winters lets the hug go. 1"You should talk to her before she's put in stasis."
15[23:02] * 13@Drasek hugs her back. "See you in a bit...bit." he smiles, being corny on purpose.
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I will.
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr rolls her eyes
15[23:03] * 13@Drasek smiles and turns to step out, messing up Megumi's hair when he walks by her.
15[23:04] * 13Chad`Winters smiles down at Aya, the first real emotion he's shown since they left the hospital
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at Megumi. "Well, you becareful, okay? I hate to be cured and learn you were all hurt."
[23:05] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hrmph...
[23:05] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes her feet, toeing at the ground before Zephyr.
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr motions her over for a hug
[23:05] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hops over to do so eagerly.
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gives her a big hug. "Take care of Isis."
[23:07] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans up to kiss her. <Do not even think about it. We will return before you know it.>
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods, kissing her back. <Right.> 6* Aya stands to talk with Zephyr
[23:08] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hops back, then exits quickly.
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya talks with Zephyr, and they hug. The girl moves out after a few moments, trying to look brave
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis rises and moves to find Freyja, to ask her to watch over Isis
15[23:09] * 13Chad`Winters moves inside now and over to her bed, sitting on it again. 1"Hey."
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr smiles at him tiredly. "Hey you."
[23:09] <13Chad`Winters> You still look beautiful.
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You betcha
15[23:10] * 13Chad`Winters smiles at her. 1"We'll get some of Legions blood and be back in no time."
[23:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Don't take any risks, okay? I don't want any of you hurt on my account. I can stay in stasis indefinitely.
[23:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks serious now
15[23:11] * 13Chad`Winters frowns. 1"I'd rather not wait indefinitely to hold you in my arms again."
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Just hold Megumi and make her act like me.
15[23:13] * 13Chad`Winters snorts. 1"You're far more cute and huggable.
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Awww. <Hear that? I'm far more cute and huggable.>
15[23:14] * 13@Sam walks over to look at Zephyr, worried expression stuck on her face.
[23:14] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <T-Tch..>
[23:14] <13@Kit> 6Megumi returns to Erevis, frowning downward.
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis, once finding Freyja, moves Isis to her arms. "I trust that you will watch her safely during the mission."
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr kisses Chad's cheek. "Be safe."
15[23:15] * 13Chad`Winters closes his eyes for a second than looks a ther. 1"I'll bring everyone back safely, Zephyr. And don't worry, Aya'll watch over you."
15[23:16] * 13@Drasek has since stepped out into the hall from the med-bay, leaned against the wall, he eyes the floor.
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Billy stares at Drasek
15[23:17] * 13@Drasek pauses and glances up. "'llo?"
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Billy> Sad aura. Depressed
15[23:18] * 13@Drasek eyes her. "Friend of mine is sick, luv."
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods, and hugs him
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> <Billy> More than friend
[23:18] <13@Drasek> You could say that.
15[23:18] * 13Chad`Winters hugs her back, kissing her cheek. 1"Everything'll be fine."
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Billy pats his arm, then moves on
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* She also left her card in case he never needs King Red's Fruit
15[23:20] * 13@Drasek eyes the card, then eyes her, then the card. He shrugs and slides it away.
04[23:20] * 13Chad`Winters let's go and stands up, eyeing Sam then moves out.
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> StardatE: 10-590.2.10
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> Location: Shuttle Platform
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stands around in a plain kimono, her hair styled in two ponytails today, a comm hidden in her ear so people can talk to her. She appears to be watching people load a shuttle with supplies with a bored look
04[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stands nearby Sam, back from his trip. He eyes his datapad
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl walks up to Erevis, going over some fake dialogue about the trip, then moves to supervise
15[23:22] * 13@Sam looks over at him, her own held loosely at her side as she keeps glancing at the others.
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I have to say, as far as plans go, this one is pretty up there on the 'not thought through' scale.
[23:23] <13@Kit> 6Megumi bites her lip from hiding, mentally sighing at Darien.
15[23:23] * 13@Drasek stands off to the side of Darien. "I tried to tell em, mate."
09[23:24] <13@Sam> "Desperation brings out desperate planning."
15[23:24] * 13Chad`Winters stands by them, his arms crossed as he waits quietly
[23:25] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Erevis isn't in tip top shape yet. If Legion gets the jump on her before we get out there, I don't know if she can stop him
[23:25] <13Chad`Winters> Cheryl and Dias'll buy us the time we need to get there.
[23:26] <13@Drasek> How'll they do that, exactly?
09[23:26] <13@Sam> "I am worried that if Erevis is in danger... they... will show up again."
[23:27] <13Chad`Winters> They'll find a way
[23:27] <13@Drasek> If you say so, mate. *he gives a slight shrug, not in the mood to argue it would seem*
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis speaks so they can hear. "Does my hairstyle look nice today, Kitten?"
[23:28] <13@Kit> 6Megumi reels slightly. 1"Y-yes beloved."
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes his comm at Erevis chatting
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I was thinking about making a style similiar to yours and Alpha Zephyr's.
15[23:30] * 13Chad`Winters taps his comm. 1"Erevis, you need to stay on task."
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am quite on task. I find it helps me look less suspicious if I talk about things. This is a problem?
15[23:32] * 13@Sam sighs a bit and leans on Darien.
15[23:32] * 13@Drasek lets out a whistle. "Burn."
15[23:32] * 13Chad`Winters rubs the bridge of his nose.
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If it is, I can remain silent.
04[23:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien peers at Sam, than ahead through his binoculars
15[23:33] * 13@Sam has her eyes closed, apparently just waiting for things to happen.
[23:33] <13@Kit> <Megumi> She has a point... to a degree.
[23:33] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> Atleast make it sound like the conversation your having with Megumi is if she can't see you.
[23:33] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Also a good point...
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Let me see. 6* She turns her back to them. "Since you cannot see my face, I am thinking it will be nice to style my hair like yours."
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face
15[23:35] * 13Chad`Winters unholsters Ebony, and drops the clip into his hand, checking it and then slipping it back in
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Shooting her won't do you any good.
[23:35] <13@Drasek> 10 credits says the git just doesn't show. He's a dumb bloke, but he's not this dumb.
[23:36] <13Chad`Winters> Who said I planned on shooting her. 6He notes to Darien.
09[23:36] <13@Sam> "Shooting Megumi will not help either."
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Just saying. 6* Suddenly, Terra warps in with Legionlite monsters, surrounding Erevis. At the same time, Chad's comm crackles, from Aya. <Aya> D-Dad! Legion is trying to breach the base's defenses.
15[23:37] * 13Chad`Winters eyes flare up as he hits his comm. 1"What?! I'm on my way."
[23:37] <13Chad`Winters> Legions attacking the base.
[23:37] <13@Kit> ...Beloved is surrounded.
15[23:37] * 13@Drasek jerks. "Revi's being attacked too!"
[23:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien makes a sound. "Figures. He must have figured what we were doing."
[23:37] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Chad.
09[23:37] <13@Sam> "This isn't good..."
[23:38] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Why is Madame Terra...?
15[23:38] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue and moves to the vehicle they took to get there.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra unleashes a fire wave at Erevis, who leaps back into the arms of a Legionlite. Cheryl comes rushing out
[23:38] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Chad abandoning them, she hrmphs, pulls out the emerald weapon and forms a dagger, moving out to charge
15[23:38] * 13@Sam looks to Darien. "What should we do?"
[23:38] <13Chad`Winters> 6The side of a crate falls down and Dias steps out, cracking his knuckles. 1"It's show time."
15[23:39] * 13@Drasek jerks to run after Megumi, sighing at the distance between them and Erevis.
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien runs down a hill toward the shuttle pad.
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Legionlite tries to grip her, but she psionically throws it, pulling out her sphere and forming a scythe, matching her dark mood. She hacks it into one's leg.
15[23:39] * 13@Sam looks back towards Erevis and frowns, but rushes after Darien.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra unleashes fire waves at Cheryl and Dias.
[23:40] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias leaps to the side, rolling
15[23:40] * 13Chad`Winters moves into the vehicle and powers it up, driving it down to the shuttle pad.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> Burn like my pain inside! You never understood me!
[23:41] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Because you kept talking like that. 6He runs in an arc around her
04[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Megumi, Darien, and Drasek arrive ,with Sam a little behind
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Legionlites fire beams at them
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pulls out the Rune Blade, blocking a beam
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pulls her scythe out, eyeing Terra, who peers back at them.
15[23:42] * 13@Drasek attempts to roll to the side, throwing out two knives for the one attacking him,
15[23:42] * 13@Sam rushes to catch up, gasping as she leaps aside one of the beams and keeps running.
[23:42] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias shifts, sliding a ways behind Terra
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legionlites leap at Dias
[23:43] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sprints to dash aside and immediately move back in to thrust the dagger at one from low.
[23:43] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes them and then leaps forward at one, spin kicking at one's side
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra unleashes fire waves at Erevis
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> Burn, bitch
15[23:43] * 13Chad`Winters slides the vehicle upto a shuttle and quickly gets out, moving to the shuttle and up its' rmap
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl punches out Legionlites himself.
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> *Herself
15[23:44] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the controls and pulls out his datapad, working on overwriting them to take control and power the shuttle up
[23:44] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hmp, no wonder we cast you off...
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> You betrayed me.
15[23:45] * 13@Sam heads up the ramp after the others, wishing she'd thought to come armed.
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> None of you wanted me around!
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien slashes a Legionlite's arm off.
15[23:45] * 13@Drasek dashes forward again, the blades sliding out from under his arm. "Luv, with that attitude, I don't blame them." he shifts to cut into a Legionlite.
[23:45] <13@Kit> 5Megumi shifts her weapon to that of a scythe as well, twirling to impale the first one she attacked and hurtle it at Terra
[23:45] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias quickly kicks off that legionlite and launches himself at another one, throwing a punch for it's jaw
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Legionlites are finally beaten, leaving only Terra now . She leaps past the Legionlite hurled and grabs at Erevis
15[23:46] * 13Chad`Winters brings the shuttle online and lifts it up, flying it towards the base
15[23:46] * 13@Drasek reaches out to fire a beam at her before she can touch Erevis.
15[23:46] * 13@Sam holds onto something, in the shuttle. "W-Whoa!"
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra is hit in the shoulder, growling and using fire at Drasek. "Stop hurting me!"
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien watches Chad fly away, then eyes Terra.
15[23:47] * 13@Drasek acks and dives to the side. "Stop bloody well trying to hurt us you git!"
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> You never understand me!
[23:47] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias lands and looks at Cheryl. 1"Think you can throw my fast enough to catch her off guard?
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sighs in annoyance. "I knew there was a reason I did not want this one near me."
[23:47] <13@Drasek> Oh shut the fuck up! *he lifts himself to his feet, dusting his suit off*
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> She'd probably just light herself up in flames and get you
15[23:48] * 13Chad`Winters glances around for a fire hyrdrant
[23:48] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: Dias
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis holds up her scythe, waiting on Terra's next move.
15[23:48] * 13@Drasek sighs and glances at his soot stained suit. "Look you ruined my suit. Are YOU going to buy me a new one?"
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra points at Megumi. "You were suppose to be my friends, yet you cast me off1"
15[23:48] * 13@Sam pulls herself to sit up by Chad, frowning a little.
[23:48] <13@Kit> 6Megumi twitches a little, then shifts her weapon again to the zanbatou form, twisting the hilt so it's broadside. She leaps in and swings it down hard, trying to use it like a flyswatter. 1"You burn my ears."
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra leaps to the side. "You never cared about me. Well, I'll show you pain, when I kill her!" 6* She eyes Erevis with insane eyes
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl steps up beside Dias, then grabs him and hurls him at Terra
[23:49] <13@Kit> <Megumi> If you want to know true pain-- just try.
[23:49] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias goes flying, flipping around as he reorientates himself, his fist pulling back as he get's close
[23:50] <13@Kit> 6Megumi calms, eyeing her slowly. 1"I will introduce you to a whole new world."
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> YOU NEVER WANTED TO BE FRIENDS. YOU BI-- 6* She's hit by Dias' fist
[23:50] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias swings his fist into her with full force.
15[23:50] * 13@Drasek jerks to dash forward, pulling both his arms back, ready to strike with his blades.
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Terra, then sighs. "Wow, I can remember now why we got rid of her."
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra stumbles, then errupts in an inferno, trying to burn any near her
[23:51] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias lands, sliding forward from the momentum. He eeks and leaps to the side.
15[23:51] * 13@Drasek skids to a halt, trying to jump back before he's caught up in it.
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis steps back. Terra unleashes the inferno at her. Erevis throws up a psionic shield
15[23:52] * 13@Drasek pulls up his finger and aims it at Terra, firing a hyperspace beam towards her head.
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> I'll show you what it's like to be cut off from those you care about! 6* She vows to Megumi. "I'll start with your ALpha." 6* She teleports before the beam touches
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl watches her go, then grinds her teeth. She begins to run for the vehicle Chad left, leaping in
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes deep breaths, then kneels a bit, not use to psionic exhertion
[23:53] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias glances around. 1"Shit, she's going for Zephyr. 6He runs after Cheryl, leaping into the passenger seat
15[23:53] * 13@Drasek shifts over to help Erevis up. "Come'on Revi. We've got to go save Zeph."
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once, leaning against Drasek
15[23:54] * 13@Drasek moves to help her towards the vehicle that Cheryl got in.
[23:54] <13@Kit> 6Megumi looks around for any of the legionlites
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* They are all laying about, trying to crawl away.
[23:54] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias leans out the passenger window and starts hitting his hand against the door. 1"LET'S HURRY UP!"
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl backs up, then turns and begins to drive away
[23:55] <13@Kit> 6Megumi drags her zanbatou up, moving to spin it in the center of them, then moves after the others, leaping for the back.
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion pounds away on the base's defenses, as other military craft begin to enter the area in response. He blows an attack shuttle out of the air
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Freyja, who has Isis. "I think he's here for Isis."
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin prepares his heavy weaponary.
[23:57] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps out of the Armory, tact suit on and holding her assault rifle. She begins moving towards the base entrance
[23:57] <13@Kit> <Freyja> It doesn't matter. He can't have any of us.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion breaches the hanger
[23:58] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron would be moving through the hallways quickly, heading towards the breach.
[23:58] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC glances up at the alarms and taps her comm than turns, moving to the hanger quickly.
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Billy stares blankly ahead, in the hanger.
[23:59] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus steps out of the armory, hefting a rail gun and moves towards the breach.
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin moves for the breach.
[23:59] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps into the hanger and raises her rifle, towards Legion.
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion moves forward rapidly
[23:59] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron moves in about the same time, he switches to full auto and begins to fire towards Legion.
13[00:00] * Day changed to Tuesday, August 26th 2008.
Session Time: Tue Aug 26 00:00:00 2008
[00:00] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC fires a grenade at the incoming Legion
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6 PAladin arrives and fires
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion moves forward through the attacks, stumbling at the grenade.
[00:00] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC kneels to give Paladin a clear shot and quickly reloads a grenade.
[00:00] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus begins charging up his cannon as he moves, not sure he'll have the chance to charge it when he arrives.
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion eyes Billy, then rampages toward her, forgetting his target. Billy smiles and begins to bounce away, like a nimble ninja girl, landing on one foot's toes. He roars in anger.
[00:01] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC takes aim again, waiting for Billy to clear
[00:01] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron launches a grenade from his underbarrel launcher once Billy is out of range of being injured. If she isn't, then he wouldn't fire just yet.
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion moves on despite the grenade. His body looks wounded a bit, but begins to rapidly heal
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> We need to get a blood sample.
[00:02] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC launches her grenade now as he starts to heal
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion turns to eye SPoC in anger from being hit
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* A new shuttle arrives just outside the base with Chad in it. Legion turns and fires a beam at it
[00:02] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus steps in and glances around. Then hefts up the cannon and fires towards Legion's leg.
15[00:03] * 13Chad`Winters jerks the shuttle to avoid the incoming blast.
[00:03] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC uses this time to reload a greande. 1"How do you suggest we do that?"
[00:03] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron reloads grenades and glances to Paladin as well. "I could attempt to cut him with my Katana. But I do not believe it will work."
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion stumbles, then eyes Marcus. He raises his hand and fires a beam a the wall, tearing through it - aiming at the crew's quarters. "You hurt me, I hurt you more." 6* He tells Marcus
15[00:04] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes. "Oh god."
[00:04] <13Chad`Winters> Get to the back of the shuttle. 6He lowers the ramp as he brings the shuttle in towards the hole Legion made to get in
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion's back is wounded from the grenade, and there's some slight blood, but since he begins to heal rapidly it leaves little time to actually nab it
[00:04] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus pulls ups his comm, "Kat. Look out!"
[00:04] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC eyes his back and makes a break for him.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stumbles into Freyja as some of the rooms nearby are hit
15[00:05] * 13@Sam moves to the back of the shuttle.
[00:05] <13@Kit> 6Three chibi Chii's drop from the vents, all three wielding dual energy blades to stab at Legion
[00:05] <13@Kit> 6Freyja grabs Aya to support her.
[00:05] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron slips out his katana and makes a dash for Legion.
[00:05] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus hands the ripple blade off to Paladin and turns to dash out and check on kat.
[00:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion is stabbed, and he unleashes a dark wave at all of them
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin eyes the blade, then Legion
[00:06] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron attempts to shield himself with his katana but it knocked back, landing against the wall opposite of legion roughly.
[00:06] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC pulls out her combat knife and then cuts off a part of her shirt.
[00:06] <13@Kit> 6All three Chiis go flying, two bursting at the seams, so to speak, one left to slam into the wall and groan on the floor.
[00:06] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC is sent flying back, rolling along the floor
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra appears in front of Marcus, moving for the med bay
15[00:07] * 13Chad`Winters brings the shuttle into the hanger and aims it directly for Legion
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Not in the direction he'd need to find Katy
15[00:07] * 13@Sam looks back at Chad.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion turns and fires a beam at the shuttle
[00:07] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus skids to a halt, narrowing his eyes. "...get out of my way."
[00:07] <13Chad`Winters> Get off. 6He turns and makes a dahs for the ramp.
15[00:07] * 13@Sam nods and leaps off, rolling as she lands.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra is already out of his way, since she's going to the med bay
[00:08] <13@Drasek> NRP: LOL You confused the fuck out of me.
15[00:08] * 13Chad`Winters leaps forward to get off of the shuttle
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Teh shuttle explodes
15[00:08] * 13@Sam picks herself up, looking for Chad.
[00:08] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus makes a face and makes a face pulling up his comm. "Terra's moving for the medbay, we need anyone we can get to intercept her."
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X appears in the hanger, swinging a sword at Legion. He slaps her away
[00:09] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron shift low and pulls up his katana to cut for legion's side.
[00:09] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC pushes herself up and turns, aiming her rifle for Legion and launches a grenade at him
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya peers at Freyja now, not sure what to do about Terra. She runs for the med bay
[00:09] <13@Kit> 6Lilith charges in, swinging a fist with her light armor as X is knocked away.
[00:09] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron jerks to leap away from the grenade.
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion lets Theron, once again, get hit by a grenade
[00:09] <13@Kit> <Freyja> Aya! Wait!
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* And the inugami
[00:10] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus shits to run after Terra, pulling out a pistol and the normal blade he uses.
[00:10] <13@Kit> 6Lilith crouches and crosses her arms to put as much of her armor between things as she chan
[00:10] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC's eyes go wide and she pushes herself up than looks over at X. 1"X, please goto the Medbay and protect Zephyr."
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion bleeds from his wounds.
15[00:10] * 13Chad`Winters winces as he pushes himself up.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sits up. She opens a ripple and moves into it
[00:10] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron is knocked backed, sliding across the floor.
[00:10] <13@Kit> 6Freyja chases Aya. 1"Stay away from the door!!"
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stop sat the door
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Then reaches out to ope nit
15[00:11] * 13Chad`Winters slides his hand along his belt and pulls out a vial and grimaces as he forces himself to stand.
[00:11] <13@Kit> 6Freyja grabs Aya to tug her away from it.
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stumbles
15[00:11] * 13@Sam moves over to help him up.
[00:11] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC frowns and makes a dash for Theron
[00:11] <13@Kit> 6Freyja tries to pull her away from it, eyeing the halls for their intruder
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra walks into the med bay, aiming at the controls to destroy them. Cheryl's vehicle comes pulling up
[00:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Freyja. "Zephyr is in danger!"
09[00:12] <13@Sam> * Jennifer makes her way to medical, gun in hand.
[00:12] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus comes up from behind Terra and fires a few shots at her.
[00:12] <13@Kit> 6Freyja stares, having set up a trap on the medical bay door
[00:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra seems to have bypassed them, somehow. Poor Marcus
[00:12] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus is hit by whatever trap Freyja had, then.
15[00:12] * 13Chad`Winters turns to eye Legion and presses his fingers into a spot on his back and makes a dash towards Legion
[00:13] <13@Kit> 6Freyja winces as a chain series of stun grenades would go off lining the doorway when its opened..
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl's vehicle drives up at the base.
15[00:13] * 13@Sam starts to circle around the room slowly, watching Chad attack Legion.
15[00:13] * 13@Drasek attempts to leap out, running towards the front door.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra re-aims at the controls, when X moves in and hits her. Terra sets X aflame.
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leaps out as well. LEgion ho hos and chases Billy about, who's bouncing around
[00:14] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus is mega stunned then.
[00:14] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias leaps out and dashes in.
09[00:14] <13@Sam> * Jennifer freaks when she sees a burning X and looks for a fire extinguisher.
[00:14] <13@Drasek> 6* Theron appears to be stunned and a bit burned, but nothing he's probably not used too by now.
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* X uses a shield/holy spell to knock herself back to normal, panting
[00:15] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC frowns and grabs Theron, pulling him into the hallway
15[00:15] * 13Chad`Winters kicks off and leaps at Legions back.
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion turns to grab at Chad
15[00:16] * 13@Drasek slows enough to follow Cheryl, since she'll know the way better than he would.
15[00:17] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his hand down to try and redirect his own momentum to avoid the grab and still swing the vial by an open wound
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* LEgion narrows his eyes at Chad as he gets a single drop of blood. Cheryl rushes past Legion
[00:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC props Theron up against the hallway wall and checks his blood pressure.
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra turns back to the med bay controls as X recovers
[00:19] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias sprints past Legion, staying right behind Cheryl
15[00:19] * 13Chad`Winters lands and rolls, eyeing the vial.
15[00:19] * 13@Sam gets into position and fires a Hyperspace beam at Legion as Chad gets clear and the line of fire is also clear.
15[00:19] * 13@Drasek moves past him as well, he's already pulling a few daggers into his palms.
04[00:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion is hit by the hyperspace beam. He turns toward Sam, eyeing her. Erevis leans against the vehicle, moving inside the base slowly.
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> <Legion> .. 6* He pauses, as if sensing something else, and begins to look like he's preparing to pull out
15[00:20] * 13@Sam fires another blast at him. Glaring angrily.
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves in toward Terra, trying to be stealthy, coming in at her side. She tackles at Terra
[00:20] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves to strike him with the zanbatou from the rear after spotting the hesitation
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion snarls, a new wound opening up
15[00:21] * 13Chad`Winters pulls out his modified gun and begins to overcharge it, quickly taping another energy clip onto it. He counts in his head and hurls the overcharged gun at Legion
[00:21] <13@Kit> <Freyja> A-Aya..!
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra turns and throws fire at Aya
[00:21] <13@Kit> 6Megumi's eyes widen and she leaps backwards away, but holds her hands toward Legion, trying to create a 'shell' to contain the overload explosion on him
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> Stop threatening me!
[00:21] <13@Kit> 6Freyja leaps to drag Aya away from Terra
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya is dragged away in time.
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion eyes the gun, then Megumi, then is hit by the explosion
09[00:22] <13@Sam> * Jennifer leans into the room and takes a shot at Terra's head.
[00:22] <13@Kit> 6Freyja shifts and pulls up Marcus' gun, letting a few pulls of the trigger at Terra from her fallen position
15[00:22] * 13Chad`Winters stumbles slightly then growls and makes a mad dash for Legion as the explosion goes off
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra is hit by the shots, blood running down her head, exposing her skull and brain. She eyes Jennifer
[00:23] <13@Kit> 6Freyja freaks at the sight and keeps pulling the trigger until it's empty
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra forms afireball, and throws it at Jennifer
[00:23] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC stands up and moves back into the hanger room, aiming her rifle towards LEgion
09[00:23] <13@Sam> * Jennifer blinks and ducks back out of sight and behind a wall.
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* The fireball flies down the hallway for the hanger. <Terra> You hurt me, I'll kill the one you care about.
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> <Terra> Bitch
09[00:23] <13@Sam> Jennifer> "W-WHAT!?"
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Terra stumbles now, weakened, and teleports away. Aya eyes her vanishing, then looks at Jennifer
09[00:24] <13@Sam> * Jennifer rushes for the hangar.
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Legion smashes his way from the shell, wounded a bit ,with some slight blood
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin moves in and fires at Legion's foot
15[00:24] * 13Chad`Winters leaps forward, swinging the vial towards the blood.
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad gets some more blood, as Legion teleports. Suddenly a fireball enters the hanger and flies at SPoC.
15[00:25] * 13@Sam waits, watching Chad carefully, holding her hand ready.
09[00:25] <13@Sam> Jennifer> "NATALIE! WATCH OUT!"
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl arrives in the hanger. "Where's the bitch?!"
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> *med bay
[00:25] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias slides in after Drasek, looking around. He eyes Aya. 1"You ok?!"
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods.
15[00:26] * 13@Drasek glances around, ready to throw a knife or 6. " hold her off, bit?"
[00:26] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC glances around for Legion when she's hit by a fireball, sending her flying.
15[00:26] * 13Chad`Winters lands in a crouch, panting as he looks at the vial
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin turns as SPoC is hit engulfed in flames. Billy pauses, then throws a bucket of substance on her to put her out
09[00:27] <13@Sam> * Jennifer comes out a short time later, she shrieks and rushes over to Natalie.
[00:27] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPOC lies on the ground, not moving, burned.
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin moves to check on her
09[00:28] <13@Sam> * Jennifer stops at a slide, falling down next to Natalie, looking at her. "Oh god oh god..."
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Later that day. Most of the team is in medical beds, injured, and Caduceus stands before Jennifer. "She's dead."
[00:29] <13@Kit> 6Freyja jerks at Caduceus' synopsis
09[00:29] <13@Sam> * Jennifer stares at him in silence. "What...?"
[00:29] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Well, she will be, one day, if you keep pissing people off. I mean, you already got one mom blown away.
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus motions at the healing tank room, where Theron and SPoC share a tank together - naked.
[00:30] <13@Kit> <Freyja> That was cruel, Caduceus.
09[00:30] <13@Sam> * Jennifer looks at him, broken thoroughly now. She then looks over at SPoC in relief, then back at Cad, considering seriously the value of kicking him in the balls.
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> But so much fun
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus waves his finger. "Kick me and I can't give proper care."
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sits with Isis on a bed, and Aya only has some minor scrapes
[00:31] <13@Kit> 6Megumi grumbles after a moment, standing near Lilith. 1"Why can I not heal this one..!?"
09[00:31] <13@Sam> * Jennifer frowns. "Fine. Don't joke about that..."
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus looks at Chad. "It'll take me quite some time to find a cure from the blood. But it won't be something I'll rest on. Longterm, though, it could be a long time before we can remove your Alpha from stasis
15[00:31] * 13@Drasek stands around, perfectly fine. "These blokes get beat down alot, don't they?"
[00:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Cad, then lets out a sigh
[00:32] <13Chad`Winters> As long as you can find a cure.
[00:32] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> If I had to estimate, no more than a month. I am a genius, after all.
15[00:32] * 13@Sam listens in silence, working on her datapad, having been one of the few not injured.
15[00:32] * 13@Drasek pauses and eyes Caduceus. "A month is a long time?"
[00:32] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> If you could get the clone of Alex's to help, it may go faster."
[00:33] <13Chad`Winters> Let's hope you're not all talk than. 6He sits beside Aya, putting an around around and her hugging her
[00:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus eyes Drasek. "I cut down all my estimations by 5 times so people will be constantly disappointed."
[00:34] <13@Drasek> So if we expect you to fail, we won't have to worry about being disappointed then, right?
09[00:34] <13@Sam> "So you are estimating 5 months?"
04[00:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus studies Sam. "Hey, Starr, she isn't as dumb as Chad tells me she is."
[00:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Caduceus, then Chad
15[00:34] * 13Chad`Winters looks at Darien innocently
15[00:35] * 13@Sam doesn't looks up at that, either completely absorbed in what she's doing or just not caring.
[00:35] <13@Kit> <Megumi> F-F-Five months!?
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Unless I get a team as smart as me, probably.
[00:35] <13@Kit> <Chii> ...Phinee's out of commission for half a year..?" 6She rubs her head, bandaged from bouncing off a wall.
[00:35] <13Chad`Winters> Well I can't ask Alex.
15[00:36] * 13@Drasek lets out a huge sigh. "Fine, mate. I'll help." He notes with a nod.
[00:36] <13@Kit> <Chii> Tch. You can't. I can.
09[00:36] <13@Sam> "Perhaps Megumi could ask Mister Cran."
[00:36] <13Chad`Winters> No. I mean I literally can't. Eve black listed me.
[00:36] <13@Kit> <Chii> I know. But not me.
15[00:36] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Chii. 1"How do you know that?"
09[00:36] <13@Sam> "She is after all... bonded... is the terminology?"
[00:36] <13@Kit> 6Chii puts her hands behind her head. 1"We may not be best friends. But I think I understood him first, eh?"
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'd love to see what he wants in return from Chii
[00:37] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes Cheryl a moment. 1"He'd want something..?"
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Oh, he always want something
[00:37] <13@Kit> <Chii> Huh. I offered him friendship last time. I'd say with that, he still owes me for giving up Ben's locale."
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> We'll see.
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> Location: Executive Building
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander taps his fingers together. "I'll agree to help, with Eve, for one thing." 6* He holds up a finger, eyeing Chii
[00:38] <13@Kit> 6Chii headtilts a bit, then frowns, pouting.
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Friday night dinners with you, Cherly, and Ben. Every Friday.
[00:38] <13@Kit> <Chii> Damn, and hear I was telling them you were different.
[00:39] <13@Kit> <Chii> Look. I said I believed you just wanted some real connections, you know. I can understand that better than anyone-- but I can't speak for Cherry. I'm not opposed, but... it's still her call, you know.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Then I guess there's nothing I can do. 6* He shrugs.
[00:40] <13@Kit> 6Chii lifts a hand and points, scowling. 1"Don't condemn Phinee like that just because you can't get your way."
[00:40] <13@Kit> <Chii> That totally proves I was wrong, after all.
[00:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander leans back, shrugging. "Oh well. After all, Caduceus will succeed. I'm not condeming her."
[00:41] <13@Kit> 6Chii crosses her arms. 1"No, you're just taking time out of her precious life."
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> She doesn't age.
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> In stasis
[00:41] <13@Kit> <Chii> We do.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander holds up a finger. "Ah. So denying you all a few months is your problem.'
[00:42] <13@Kit> <Chii> We're going to miss our little sister the whole time. That's not going to score you points if you're trying to make some bonds with Cheryl.
[00:42] <13@Kit> 6Chii gazes off slightly. 1"Or Chad especially for that matter."
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Actually, I'm not. With either. I wanted to see how you'd react.
[00:42] <13@Kit> <Chii> Hrmph. How cruel.
[00:43] <13@Kit> 6Chii runs a finger along her lips, peering up at Eve.
[00:43] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Perhaps so. I've come to some startling revelations over the last nine months. That I don't need to do favors for people who despise me.
[00:43] <13@Kit> <Chii> What's that have to do with me?
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> You want it done for them.
[00:45] <13@Kit> <Chii> They benefit from it, but Phinee's still my concern. It'd be pretty boring without her picking on me now and then.
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> You're young. She'll still probably die before you do. Five months won't matter. 6* He waves his hand at the door.
[00:45] <13@Kit> 6Chii puts a hand to her hip. 1"It affects Cherry, it affects me."
03[00:46] * Drasek is now known as Xan|Gone
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Consider this - if Cheryl really cared, she'd have come here personally to ask me.
[00:46] <13@Kit> 6Chii narrows her eyes a bit. 1"And what little family I have, affects me."
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> She'd rather wait the 5 months than make any sort of relationship with me. And that speaks volumes.
[00:48] <13@Kit> <Chii> Hey. Are you asking me to be a guidance counselor, here..?
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> No. I'm telling you that your so called affected family doesn't want me involved in their lives, and I'm not going to be. So you can go now with that information.
[00:49] <13@Kit> 6Chii puts a hand to her forehead, sighing. 1"Okami. I came here for a favor on my own behalf. If you're not going to help me on a friendly basis, then whom do I have to shoot, huh?"
[00:49] <13@Kit> <Chii> I'm just fine with business transactions. But I'm still asking.
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> And what would you offer me as far as business transactions go?
[00:50] <13@Kit> <Chii> How the hell should I know. I obviously misguaged you as a person and what you wanted out of life.
[00:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander manages a thin smile. "Obviously. I'll tell you what. I'll help Zephyr by sending Eve over to the base to aid Caduceus."
[00:51] <13@Kit> <Chii> Uh. Okay? I never would have had a problem with that to begin with. She's a bright cookie, isn't she? That's what Caduceus needs in the first place.
[00:52] <13@Kit> 6Chii crosses her arms again. 1"Between her, Deuce, Chad, Aya, Megumi and Freyja, should be able to get something worked out, right?"
[00:52] <13@Kit> <Chii> Chad has a problem with it he can choke on his tongue. It's for Zephyr.
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alexander motions at the door. "In return, you don't tell anyone I did it for free. YOu make them think I did it for a favor. Something glamorously evil or something. Now go."
[00:53] <13@Kit> 6Chad blinks. 1"You want me to let them think that?"
[00:53] <13@Kit> 6Chii stares. Yes, that was Chii not Chad.
[00:53] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Yes.
[00:53] <13@Kit> <Chii> Nandatou? What the hell?
[00:54] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes Eve again, now.
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> I don't want to be in their lives. I'd rather they just go on thinking what they think.
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve remains silent.
[00:54] <13@Kit> <Chii> So what's her take on this?
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> Now, I have work to do. Eve will be by tomorrow.
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve looks at Chii. "I'll see you out." 6* She moves to open the door for Chii
[00:55] <13@Kit> 6Chii stares at Eve with a disappointed lull in her eyes. 1"...You have a boring aura, lady. But you don't seem too bad." 6She moves along to follow her to the door.
[00:55] <13@Kit> 6Chii pauses at the door and glances back. 1"...If you change your mind about dinner or whatever. Call me. Tch."
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> <Alexander> I won't.
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve closes the door after they exit, and Eve moves and calls up the elevator for Chii
[00:56] <13@Kit> 6Chii sticks out her tongue. 1"Jeez, see if I be friends." 6She sniffles, putting on a kid's act.
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Chii after she announces Eve will be coming to help. She eyes Chad, then Chii. "What did you have to offer ? Your soul?"
15[00:58] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms as he leans against a wall. 1"She just got hers, I doubt she'd give it up already."
[00:58] <13@Kit> <Chii> I tried.
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Well, I hope it didn't cost you too much
[00:58] <13@Kit> <Chii> Offered both of yours, too, but he said it wasn't enough.
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> So what did he want?
[00:58] <13Chad`Winters> Cute. 6He glances up at the ceiling
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis lets Freyja hold Isis again, who's pulling her hair
[00:59] <13@Kit> 6Chii crosses her arms stubbornly. 1"Oh, just a pure maiden."
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> And where will you find such a thing?
[00:59] <13@Kit> 6Freyja winces and jerks, but forces a smile.
[00:59] <13Chad`Winters> ...Right. Well whatever it is, thank you.
[00:59] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes Chad, tilting her head a bit, but looks a bit depressed as she does. 1"Don't mention it.."
[01:00] <13Chad`Winters> I'm gonna get some notes from Caduceus to try and get an idea where I can start learning to help him.
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I guess I'll do extra kinky sex with you tonight to balance whatever you have to do for him
[01:00] <13@Kit> <Chii> Nah, don't bother...
15[01:00] * 13Chad`Winters groans, shaking his head.
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> What, you're rejecting my sex now?
[01:01] <13@Kit> 6Chii rubs her head a bit, then sighs, turning to leave the room. 1"...That's not it, Cherry. Sorry."
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes her. "Hey, what is it, then?"
15[01:01] * 13Chad`Winters moves off to talk to Caduceus
[01:02] <13@Kit> 6Freyja giggles and pokes at Isis, a bit easily amused with the child.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis smiles at Freyja. "She likes you."
[01:02] <13@Kit> <Freyja> O-Oh, I doubt it...
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya is with Caduceus, listening to him lecture about things. They seem to get along.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Her mind is quite happy being with you
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl stalks after Chii, trying to get a straight answer
15[01:03] * 13Chad`Winters slides his hands behind his back as he walks upto the two. 1"Cad, if you can get me all the information I'll need to help you, it'll be appreciated."
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus nods once. "Alright."
15[01:04] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Aya. 1"Did you want to give us a hand?"
[01:04] <13@Kit> <Freyja> Is that so..?
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods.
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is a fact.
[01:05] <13Chad`Winters> Alright. We'll both go over the information so we both can help.
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Wonderful. 6* He notes dryly.
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> -END-
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> Minis are open, since obviously the Zephyr bit won't be resolved for a while
03[01:05] * DeathStar changes topic to 'Erevis the Progenitor | Season 4 (Progenitors): 11 of 20 complete | Session #72 | Episode Twelve: It Is Always Darkest Before Dawn | 1 of 1 | Sessions will be RPed on M/W at 9 EST | Please visit our brother RPG at #taw'
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> Well, sorry for the slowness, but I was tired through 2 hours of it, and could barely think