Session Start: Thu Sep 04 02:42:00 2008
Session Ident: #erevis
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[20:00] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[20:00] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: Immediately Thereafter
[20:00] <13@DeathStar> Location: Progenitor Ship. Underwater. Planet Unknown
[20:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien crosses his arms as he stares at a bewildered Erevis, who doesn't bother to disguise the expression of it on her face.
15[20:01] * 13Chad`Winters runs his hand through his hair as he studies Erevis.
[20:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks over from inspecting the consoles, and Zephyr studies Erevis now, head rolled back slightly.
15[20:02] * 13@Drasek rubs his shoulder carefully, standing there. 1Well luv. Even if you don't remember, it seems this place was waiting on you.
09[20:02] <13@Sam> "It's just... does anyone else feel like we've been routed here?"
[20:03] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Routed here?
09[20:03] <13@Sam> "Led here, tricked into coming here. Something about all this just... it just seems too convienent."
[20:03] <13Chad`Winters> Any options other than the obvious? 6He looks at Darien
[20:04] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Mmm. 6* Darien peers at the computer controls. "Well, maybe we need to find out what we can here, at least."
04[20:04] * 13@Drasek eyes Sam and then looks around at everyone. 1Yeah, maybe we can at least find a way to escape the hyperspace trio.
[20:05] <13Chad`Winters> Erevis. Can you bring up any sort of information?
[20:05] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Well, we have Megumi waiting with a light engine. We just have to reach the surface.
[20:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, then looks at the computer. "I do not know how to use it."
15[20:05] * 13@Sam frowns a bit more and walks over to the computers, "Well, unless this somehow adapts to our language, we'll need Drasek's knowledge to work much of anything."
[20:06] <13Chad`Winters> Well this is a ship, right?
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> The machines are very interesting. 6* She looks around the metal casing for a way to look inside one
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is a fact.
15[20:06] * 13@Drasek gets a smirk and glances around. 1That's the working theory, mate. Could be a submarine, could be a motorboat. Who knows.
[20:06] <13Chad`Winters> Than let's fly it out of here.
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Could be a house.
[20:07] <13@Drasek> Bloody hell, it could even be a space station. Eh?
[20:07] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> A regular death star, maybe.
[20:07] <13@Drasek> Right so. Let's turn the baby on. 6He claps his hands together and looks around for some type of control.
[20:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya opens a panel and peers inside at the innard workings. "Wow, this is like those pieces of Centerpoint that Dad was telling me about."
15[20:07] * 13@Sam looks over the controls, trying to figure things out as she inspects things.
15[20:08] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow and moves over to Aya, peering over her shoulder.
[20:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* The control terminals seem to have no noticeable buttons or anything. Just a place for a hand.
[20:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* The inside is made of crystals.
[20:08] <13Chad`Winters> Interesting.
15[20:09] * 13@Drasek moves over to the place for a hand and peers at it. 1Revi. Since you're the captain of this car, maybe you should place your hand here?
[20:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, and moves over, doing so. The terminals light up, but nothing else happens.
[20:10] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I wonder how it works with just crystals. I wonder if there's an interface inside.
09[20:10] <13@Sam> "Mmm..."
[20:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr watches Aya getting all excited, so she turns to watch guard. Darien crosses his arms, watching right now, then taps his comm
09[20:10] <13@Sam> "Erevis, try to think about activating systems, turning this place on."
15[20:10] * 13@Drasek shifts to peer at the terminals. He glances around. 1Bloody hell it's been so long...I wonder if I can remember.
[20:10] <13Chad`Winters> All the information could be stored within them. Kind of like a memory chip but in a crystal form.
[20:10] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You still on standby, Meg?
[20:11] <13Kit> <Megumi> <C> Hai.
04[20:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Sam, then closes her eyes, trying to do so. Again, nothing happens.
[20:11] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hi back at you.
09[20:11] <13@Sam> "Mmm... well it was worth a try without an interface."
[20:11] <13Kit> <Megumi> <C> ... ... ...Yes, Darien. I am.
15[20:11] * 13@Sam looks around for other panels and had-putting-places.
[20:11] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It's possible, and this is just me, that maybe since she doesn't think in Progenitor, it might not work.
[20:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods at Chad, then seems to resist pulling one out to study it
[20:12] <13@Drasek> Maybe I could give it a go, then?
09[20:12] <13@Sam> "You mean thinking in their language? I suppose..."
[20:12] <13Chad`Winters> They probably store a lot...6He studies inside, clearly having the same look as his daughter at this moment.
[20:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Drasek, then steps back.
15[20:12] * 13@Drasek reaches out to place his hand on the spot.
[20:13] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> It's hard to guess how much they could store in a crystal. More than any Earth technology
[20:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Before Drasek does, everything powers down, and it doesn't power back up.
[20:13] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Oh, look, Drasek isn't a princess.
[20:13] <13@Drasek> Well that's just bloody depressing. 6He steps back and motions Erevis to place her hand back on it.
[20:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hear that, Meg, you married royality.
[20:14] <13Chad`Winters> Yeah. 6He runs his hand through his hair and looks over at Drasek. 1"Try teaching her the words for power up, shields, engines on, stuff like that.
[20:14] <13Kit> <Megumi> <C> Pardon?
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis bows her head, placing her hand back on it and powering it back up.
[20:14] <13@Drasek> Or you she could look into my mind, it would probably be faster, right luv?
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Drasek, I have a few questions, I'd like to ask you, but I guess escaping first would be important.
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'll tell you later. Hee
09[20:14] <13@Sam> "Drasek, can you speak the langauge alloud? Perhaps if Ervis echoes your words in her mind..."
[20:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, then looks at Drasek. "I could look into your mind, if you trust me to do so."
15[20:15] * 13@Drasek glances at Darien and nods, then looks to Erevis. 1I have nothing to hide from you, luv.
[20:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods, then closes her eyes, working to read his mind carefully. The machine seems to activate even more, screens turning on, as she does so, which causes her to pause. <Erevis> ... I did not even look up words et.
[20:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* The screens show schematics of the vessel, 70% of it flashing red.
15[20:16] * 13Chad`Winters stands up to look at the schematics screen.
[20:16] <13@Drasek> Yeah? I'm not sure, luv. But that looks bad.
09[20:16] <13@Sam> "Hmmm... that tends to be bad."
[20:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks up at the screen.
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If I am correct and this was a protocol written into the universe, why is the ship damaged?
[20:17] <13@Drasek> From the war with the Dark Ones, maybe?
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> There was never a war in the universe.
[20:17] <13Chad`Winters> Or someone found it first.
[20:17] <13Chad`Winters> Couldn't activate it or destroy it completely so they just wrecked as much as possible.
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gestures. "I don't really get what you mean by protocols. Does anyone else?"
15[20:18] * 13@Drasek glances at Erevis and pauses. "Hmm. I get it now."
09[20:18] <13@Sam> "I think I get it."
[20:18] <13Chad`Winters> I think she's referring to how that staff was made to bring the Progenitors back.
09[20:18] <13@Sam> "She means why would Wind write a ruined Progenitor ship into his universe."
[20:18] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm.
09[20:18] <13@Sam> "...Staff?"
[20:19] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Correct. Wind himself would not do it - it would have been a hidden protocol in the universe he was unknown about. Much like Atheos and Theos was in the previous universe he was from was written in by Dark Ones.
[20:19] <13Kit> <Megumi> Excuse me. ...I might mention that if you are disregarding the existence of foreign entities at this point-- then the presence of the two new progenitors ceases to make sense as well.
[20:19] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Well, lets ask this, then. How did Wind and Erevis come to be in the previous universe?
[20:20] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> The war was long over by then.
09[20:20] <13@Sam> "Someone put them there?"
15[20:20] * 13@Drasek crosses his arms, saying nothing more at this point.
[20:20] <13Chad`Winters> Erevis, care to explain.
[20:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, thinking. "I do not know where I came from. I only know that Wind found me. I do not remember anything before that, and Wind said he never knew how he came to be."
[20:21] <13Chad`Winters> This ship was made for Erevis as far as we can tell, right?
[20:21] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Seems that way.
15[20:21] * 13@Drasek glances up, closing his eyes as he thinks.
09[20:21] <13@Sam> "So it was all with purpose."
[20:21] <13Chad`Winters> Than it stands to be correct that this could be partly why they want Erevis so bad.
[20:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr rubs her head, headache. Aya busies herself working on the crystals.
09[20:22] <13@Sam> "Not some cosmic accident."
[20:22] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Who's to say that Erevis isn't some protocol herself, then? She doesn't know how she came to be, and I don't see any Progens around to make babies.
[20:23] <13@Drasek> Technicaly now that the girl is around, there is one to conceive with.
[20:23] <13Chad`Winters> If that's the case, than what kind of protocol was she designed for?
[20:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes Darien, then the controls, clearly troubled by questions she can't answer right now.
15[20:23] * 13@Sam frowns a bit. "Something has bothered me about the other Progenitors."
[20:23] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I don't know. Drasek, you said Erevis was like some sort of princess, right?
[20:23] <13@Drasek> It's what the the thing said. Higher Being. Even more so than me, obviously.
[20:24] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> The Vapaads acted like she was some sort of ancient being back on PAX, I remember that. Maybe she was meant to get rid of the Dark Ones.
[20:24] <13Chad`Winters> Than mission complete as far as we can tell.
[20:24] <13@Drasek> But she didn't, not alone.
[20:24] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If that was my 'mission', they would not be after me now, would they?
[20:25] <13Chad`Winters> Legion is still around.
09[20:25] <13@Sam> "The other two progenitors... what do they look like?"
[20:25] <13@Drasek> As far as i'm concerned, the Dark Ones are not dead. They won't be until both Progenitors and Dark Ones alike are all gone.
[20:25] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Something tells me that Legion isn't a concern on their list, not the way they let him run back at the church
15[20:26] * 13@Sam frowns, crossing her arms.
[20:26] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Maybe they want Erevis because she's a princess and can access Progenitor tech for them.
[20:26] <13Chad`Winters> Ok than here's a question. If these two have been running around. Why wait until now?
[20:26] <13@Drasek> Wind said he needed her to control the multiverse. Maybe you're a key luv?
[20:26] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Unlikely.
[20:26] <13@Drasek> You were the first one of us to make it to this reality, maybe they can't access a reality until you do?
[20:27] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Why not use the machine at the executive building if they wished to do so?
[20:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Chad, thinking about his question
[20:27] <13Chad`Winters> Because than they'd be stuck in one universe.
15[20:27] * 13Chad`Winters glances down at the crystals again.
[20:27] <13@Drasek> Hmm. I dunno, luv. And I guess Wind was here before...if you think about it.
09[20:28] <13@Sam> "Why take this long to do anything? Their power is immense, they could have taken you at a weaker point and brought you here at any time."
[20:28] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Why. Why. Why indeed. 6* He steps into the room casually, as if he was listening all along.
[20:28] <13@Drasek> Maybe something happened, a protocol to trigger their release. Like say, the death of the dark ones?
15[20:28] * 13@Drasek pauses and glances towards Wind, eyeing him.
15[20:28] * 13@Sam turns and looks at Wind, she frowns a little, but doesn't look as panicked as she does with the other two.
09[20:28] <13@Sam> "Wind..."
[20:29] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis turns, narrowing her eyes, and Zephyr forms her guns. Aya slides behind a terminal
[20:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien turns around, eyeing the man
[20:29] <13Kit> <Megumi> <C> Wind, right? Please tell me you have located a hangar or something...
15[20:30] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his hand onto Ebony, eyeing Wind.
[20:30] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Oh, if you want to come, too, little Famfrit. 6* He snaps his fingers, sending Megumi a hanger coordinate. "Come and play."
[20:30] <13@Drasek> Here's something that gets under my skin. You created this reality, mate. Yet you're taking orders from a bunch of gits. What's the deal?
15[20:30] * 13@Sam flinches a little, getting nervous again.
[20:31] <13Chad`Winters> They want to take over the multiverse, don't they. 6He eyes Wind
[20:31] <13Kit> 6Megumi grinds her teeth over the comm. 1"S-Smart ass..."
[20:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind shakes his head at the team. "That's a long term goal. But you're not thinking in the right details."
[20:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind smiles toward Drasek.
09[20:32] <13@Sam> "The Progenitors?"
[20:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien checks his sword, preparing it, and Zephyr waits for the wrong move to fire
15[20:32] * 13@Drasek crosses his arms. 1So tell me, then. Did you die before, were you really gone and they brought you back, so you owe them? Or was this all part of the plan?
15[20:33] * 13Chad`Winters slowly unholsters Ebony, flicking the safety off.
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind spreads his hands out slowly. "There is no plan." 6* He notes casually, his voice a bit eerie, then calms.
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Wind. "Then what is going on here?"
[20:33] <13Kit> <Megumi> <C> Going to lose contact for a few moments, Darien. Zephy will notice...
[20:33] <13@Drasek> Yeah? Then the lot of you can leave Revi alone and go home then? Since you have nothign planned, then.
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind puts a finger to his forehead, continuing. "Tell me, Drasek. In all your 10,000 years, have you ever wondered why you don't know anything substanial about your race other than you wanting to get them back?"
[20:35] <13Chad`Winters> Let me guess, another protocol designed into the universe.
15[20:35] * 13@Sam frowns, looking at Drasek, then at Wind. "He was planted here?"
[20:35] <13@Drasek> I ask myself daily.
[20:36] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Amazing, isn't it, the games that gods play? 6* He points his finger against his temple. "A man appears with a ring that makes him look human; he acts like no other Progenitor. Has a barely used accent. He watches casually all that plays out. And then makes a move to get close to Erevis one day and wants his race bac."
[20:37] <13@Drasek> Kind of makes a git feel real nice and lame. Boring even.
[20:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Drasek now, and Erevis tilts her head, clearly taking it all in slowly.
[20:38] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> If you follow the pieces, it's a script. A very detailed script. And we're all playing our parts.
[20:38] <13Chad`Winters> A pawn and a queen. What piece does that make yourself and your friends then?"
09[20:38] <13@Sam> "...Like... this was all some program jsut playing out a sequence...?"
[20:38] <13@Drasek> So then does that mean that even Progenitor's, even the gods, are nothing but pieces? There has to be something greater, then.
[20:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind waves his hand out from Chad to Drasek. "Exactly. You and the other two came from this universe and appeared when you were needed to appear."
09[20:39] <13@Sam> "The question is who is moving the pieces around then. Who put it all here..."
[20:39] <13@Drasek> But you and Revi. You're different. But if YOU created this world. Who created you?
[20:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind puts a finger to his forehead, smiling. "Oh, I was the biggest pawn of them all. Unleashing the wave that destroyed a multiverse, bringing about Atheos and Theos with my allies, and then making a new reality where the Dark Ones would play their hand and try to come back, only to be eradicated for good."
[20:41] <13Chad`Winters> Leaving a reality ripe for the picking for the Progenitors return.
[20:41] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Bingo.
[20:41] <13Chad`Winters> And after that's done, onto the next reality and so forth.
[20:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind nods. "And you ask who set this all up. Well. You know her very well."
15[20:42] * 13@Sam blinks a little.
[20:42] <13Chad`Winters> The queen.
15[20:42] * 13@Drasek glances at Erevis at the mention of her. 1You're joking.
[20:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks as well.
[20:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stares, confused, and startled.
15[20:42] * 13@Sam slowly looks at Erevis.
[20:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind shakes his head. "No. Those other two are coming to bring out Erevis' true self. Royal blood. And from there, bring back the Progenitors."
[20:43] <13@Drasek> The goddess. That is her true self?
15[20:43] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue. 1"And this ship, this is the vessel that will herald the end of this reality and the rest, correct?"
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> You must be lying. 6* She notes harshly of Wind.
09[20:43] <13@Sam> "That is why she feels so important..."
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind glances around the ship. "No."
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> This was just the other two luring in Erevis. Calling to her true self.
[20:44] <13Chad`Winters> Explains why it's so damaged than.
[20:44] <13Kit> <Megumi> <...Zephy..?>
09[20:44] <13@Sam> "So we were routed here."
[20:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <.... .... Meg.>
15[20:44] * 13@Drasek crosses his arms. Hmphing. 1You know this, mate. And you go along with it? Why?
[20:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind unsheathes the rune blade, holding it to the side. "Ask yourself. Wind erased himself."
15[20:45] * 13@Sam frowns a bit.
09[20:45] <13@Sam> "You just referred to yourself in the third person."
[20:45] <13@Drasek> Then you are not Wind.
09[20:45] <13@Sam> "Are you really Wind?"
[20:45] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> I'm just remnants of his will left behind at Centerpoint. Trigged by Angela Bennet when she was dying for love.
15[20:45] * 13@Sam blinks and looks at Drasek, then back at Wind.
[20:45] <13Kit> <Megumi> <...Coming. I am coming.>
[20:45] <13@Drasek> Angie did that? Hmm. Interesting.
15[20:46] * 13@Sam stares at him.
09[20:46] <13@Sam> "So it was you that I dreamt of...?"
04[20:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Sam, slowly.
15[20:46] * 13Chad`Winters smirks slightly. 1"The question now is, what roll are you trying to play."
[20:46] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Yes. I put Angela's dying feelings into the body of a dying girl, so that both may live. Only, now she's just as much a pawn as me.
[20:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis closes her eyes, her fingers pressed against her forehead tightly, looking like she might throw up.
[20:47] <13Chad`Winters> Except you seem capable to moving backwards.
15[20:47] * 13@Sam looks at him, then slowly looks at Darien.
[20:47] <13@Drasek> Why not get yourself to the end of the board, mate. Make yourself a king? You know the game.
04[20:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien studies Sam, his jaw set, then looks ahead.
15[20:48] * 13@Sam looks back at Wind, answers sometimes seem to come a lot easier then thought.
15[20:48] * 13@Drasek glances at Erevis and reaches out to place his hand on her shoulder.
[20:48] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Maybe I do have an endgame. But until then, I'm being controlled by those who's will is stronger than you all. After all. One of the two coming to restore you, Erevis, is more than just a Progenitor as well.
15[20:48] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow at that.
[20:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind points the Rune Blade out. "So, lets see if you can keep me at bay, shall we?"
15[20:49] * 13@Sam frowns. "Wait... red hair..."
[20:49] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis looks ta Drasek
[20:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I..did not know...
[20:49] <13@Drasek> It's ok, luv. I believe you.
15[20:50] * 13Chad`Winters flicks his wrist and slides a small blade into his right hand.
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once. "Thank you..."
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr forms a bigger gun, stepping back and getting ready. Darien activates his own energy sword.
[20:51] <13Chad`Winters> Aya, stay behind cover for now.
[20:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, using the terminal right now.
15[20:51] * 13@Sam draws her gun slowly, taking a step back.
15[20:51] * 13@Drasek gives her a slight nod and takes a step forward, unleashing his blades from their resting place. 1So tell me then. Do I have a chance?
[20:51] <13@Drasek> Not against you. Against them. Against the makers.
[20:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pulls out her own Rune Blade now.
[20:52] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> There's always a chance to defy the odds. After all, the odds are only numbers people make up when they're afraid of trying something.
[20:52] <13@Drasek> That answers my next question. Does it even matter? If you have a chance why not take it? What is there to lose, really?
04[20:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind motions out, peering at Sam. "There's always something to lose, isn't there?" 6* He looks at her.
15[20:53] * 13@Sam frowns at Wind, nodding. "Always."
15[20:54] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his feet, taking a defensive stance
09[20:54] <13@Sam> "I... do not wish to lose."
[20:54] <13@Drasek> Hmmm. Then I guess i'd have to ask myself if losing it all in a failed attempt would still be worth it.
04[20:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances back at Sam, then at Wind.
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind nods at everyone around Drasek. "Only those close to you measure any worth in the universe."
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* He begins to approach now, the Rune Blade glowing.
[20:56] <13@Drasek> You're right mate. Revi, Zephyr. All of them. As long as I have them in my life, i'm doing pretty well, aren't I? Since you're trying to change that, then you've got to be stopped, it's that simple/.
[20:56] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> It's that simple.
[20:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind dashes in at Drasek and the others.
15[20:57] * 13@Sam leaps backwards to keep her distance, not favorign melee at all.
[20:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks at Drasek, giving him a smile, and Erevis nods once at Drasek, gripping her sword tightly. She then toses it to Drasek. "Here."
15[20:57] * 13Chad`Winters tenses as he waits.
15[20:57] * 13@Drasek pauses and reaches out to catch it, the blade on that arm retracting, he turns quickly toward Wind and moves in, swinging the blade out for him.
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings his own glowing blade into Drasek's, then unleashes a wave of wind from the sword at him and his own.
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pulls out her sphere, forming an emerald scythe.
15[20:59] * 13Chad`Winters steps forward throwing the blade low at Wind, his other hand snapping out and firing Ebony at the blade to ricochet a shot up at Wind's side
15[20:59] * 13@Drasek pulls his blade up to bring out a wave of fire to negate it.
[20:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind blurs out of the way of Chad's attacks, appearing above Drasek, swinging down at him, unleashing a holy beam as well.
15[21:00] * 13@Sam fires a shot up at Wind as he appears over Drasek.
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien puts his comm on his belt, never having turned it off, so that Megumi could hear Wind's talk.
15[21:00] * 13@Drasek jerks his head upward and pulls the blade upward in a guarding position, even as he shifts to roll to the left.
15[21:00] * 13Chad`Winters swings his aim above Wind and waits.
15[21:01] * 13@Sam moves closer to Darien, staying at his side. "If I get another mental attack, put me down love."
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I'll keep it in mind, but lets see if you can beat it, first.
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind lands, smashing a hole in the floor from his attack.
09[21:02] <13@Sam> "A-Alright."
15[21:02] * 13Chad`Winters drops his aim and fires at Wind as he smashes into the floor
15[21:02] * 13@Sam takes another shot at Wind as well.
04[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind is shot. He rises as he's shot again by Sam.
[21:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr charges energy, not firing right now. Erevis circles
15[21:03] * 13@Drasek shifts the blade around in a circular motion and moves towards Wind again, leaping to push off of a console to jump toward Wind, slashing out horizontally.
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind holds up his blade, parrying and sliding backwards along the floor, his demeanor remaining completely calm.
15[21:04] * 13@Sam frowns and fires along his path as he slides back.
15[21:04] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his aim for behind Drasek
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind rotates his shoulders, as if loosening a muscle, even as he's shot again
15[21:05] * 13@Drasek presses against him, his jaw set and eyes narrowed. His blade would begins to crackle with electricity, moving into Wind's blade.
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind unleashes a holy blast from his sword as DRasek does this, aiming to just knock him away.
15[21:06] * 13@Sam charges a shot, waiting.
15[21:06] * 13@Drasek tchs and using the sword and holy rune of his own to defend himself with a shield, but it knocked back.
[21:06] <13@Drasek> NRP: is*
[21:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings his sword, unleashing a fire wave after Drasek.
15[21:07] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his aim back at Wind and fires a shot for the blade itself
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind spins the sword, to use the fire to stop the attack
15[21:08] * 13@Drasek shifts to stab the sword into the floor, using the connection to create a wall of ice. Then he would leap upward and swing his sword forward, sending a beam of dark energy towards Wind.
15[21:08] * 13Chad`Winters fires another shot at Wind's blade
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind just rolls to the side to avoid both moves
15[21:08] * 13@Sam whips up her gun and fires a blast at Wind's opposite side from the blade with a charged shot.
04[21:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Since Wind is rolling still, Sam's attack is a miss.
15[21:09] * 13@Sam frowns and charges up again.
15[21:09] * 13@Drasek lands and moves to take a step around what is left of the melted ice wall. 1So how long will it be this time. Until they arrive? You delay us long enough for them to find this place.
15[21:10] * 13Chad`Winters unholsters his modified gun and raises it.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien seems to be staying out of it now, as is Zephyr/Erevis.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Yes.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind rises again.
[21:11] <13@Drasek> Hmm. Well in that case. I'm done.
15[21:11] * 13@Sam looks at Darien slightly, then at his comms.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind nods once, then warps behind Erevis, wrapping an arm around her throat
15[21:12] * 13Chad`Winters eyes dart around and he quickly shifts to aim at Wind again
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis jerks, twisting her body as he tightens, her eyes widening at her throat being squeezed by the arm.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr takes aim now, getting ready to blast him, and Darien tenses.
15[21:13] * 13@Drasek jerks around towards her and narrows his eyes. 1Let her go. When I said I was done, I meant I was done fighting you. I can wait, I can fight them.
15[21:13] * 13@Sam raises her gun at Wind. "P-Put her down!"
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> My orders are to take her. If I'm not being stalled, then I should complete the orders.
[21:14] <13Chad`Winters> Aya, look at the schematics and try to find what appears to be a hanger and the fastest way to them.
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, glancing at the screens
15[21:14] * 13@Drasek makes a face. 1You'll have to kill me first, mate.
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis forms an emerald dagger and drives it back into Wind's side, causing him to let go in actual surprise. She psionically throws him back.
09[21:15] <13@Sam> "Then we stall him."
15[21:15] * 13@Sam fires a shot at Wind as he gets thrown.
[21:15] <13@Drasek> Or Revi could kick your ass. Nice one, luv.
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Ha .... ha... 6* He is shot again, rising.
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis psionically grabs him again, twisting and hurtling him into another wall.
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> Erevis go into Draseks mind again and try to see if you can learn if there's anything we can use on this ship.
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I cannot attack and do that as well
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> Than it's up to Drasek to keep him busy.
15[21:16] * 13@Sam lowers her gun, watching a little dumbfounded.
15[21:16] * 13@Drasek tilts his head and then takes a step forward. "Right. Can do."
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> He cannot attack as well, if I am to read his mind.
15[21:17] * 13@Drasek pauses. 1Whoa now. There's no way the lot of them can keep him busy.
[21:17] <13Chad`Winters> Convenient.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Your mind will be difficult to read if it is focused on battle.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> And I may slow your reaction time down
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind stands up again
15[21:17] * 13@Drasek hmms and nods once and moves over to Darien, reaching out the Rune Blade.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien takes the blade, then Wind.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> *Eyes
15[21:18] * 13Chad`Winters reaches behind his back and pull out a small hilt and flicks it on, forming a short energy blade. He starts moving towards Wind
15[21:18] * 13@Sam starts charging another shot.
[21:18] <13@Drasek> You're better than me with that, mate. Just keep him busy. *he nods to Erevis to do her thing*
15[21:18] * 13Chad`Winters quickly holsters Ebony and pulls out a second hilt, igniting it.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya watches Chad, frowning now. Zephyr readies her blaster. <Zephyr> I got you covered, Chad.
[21:19] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Nice. I do the dangerous part, and you just get your mind read.
[21:19] <13@Drasek> Psch. I've fought him twice already. You're just scared.
[21:19] <13Chad`Winters> If you can keep your eyes off my ass. 6He hops forward and sprints towards Wind
[21:19] <13Kit> <Megumi> Then perhaps you would prefer to leave it... to me...
[21:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks at Megumi, then shrugs. "Done."
[21:19] <13Kit> 6Megumi leans on her knees, heaving at the entry.
[21:20] <13Kit> <Megumi> Tch... ...My hero...
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gives a lopsided grin, then approaches Wind. Erevis peers at Megumi, hiding her injured hands behind her back on instinct.
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Kitten....
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind waits on Chad and Darien, not pressing his attack
15[21:20] * 13Chad`Winters kicks off at Wind, coming in low, swinging his right blade in low, while holding the left blade infront of him.
[21:21] <13@Drasek> Revi. They might not last long. 6* He warns, to take her mind off of Megumi.
15[21:21] * 13@Sam waits for a clean shot.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, then nods once, closing her eyes to go through Drasek's mind, grabbing Progenitor related words and details.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings his sword just once - to unleash a wave of wind at Chad.
15[21:21] * 13@Drasek closes his eyes, helping her pick up key words if she can.
[21:21] <13Kit> 6Megumi reaches back, inhaling deeply to shake off her shortness of breath. 1"Chad."
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves in, switching it's blade to a dark glow, moving in around the wind wave
15[21:22] * 13Chad`Winters tenses as he's hit, causing him to get sent backwards.
04[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam's head begins to pound. Someone, not Wind, is beginning to take control, and order her to grab Erevis
[21:22] <13Kit> 6Megumi holds out her free hand to slow and steady Chad, then tosses him her emerald weapon with the other.
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr fires at Wind, causing him to parry the shot.
15[21:23] * 13@Sam puts a hand to her head, growling a little as attempts to resist the control.
09[21:23] <13@Sam> "No... more..."
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves in and slashes at Wind, the two locking blades. They begin to trade blows, with Wind casually toying with him.
15[21:23] * 13Chad`Winters plants his foot as he stumbles back now, tossing his left hand up to get rid of his blade and grab the emerald weapon with it, forming another short blade. He takes a deep breath and sprints back in at Wind
09[21:23] <13@Sam> "Th-THEY'RE GETTING CLOSE!"
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind unleashes an ice block at DArien, sending him backwards.
[21:24] <13Kit> <Megumi> Of course they are.
15[21:25] * 13Chad`Winters hops forward at Wind, swinging the emerald blade in at him.
[21:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings up to parry it. "Ah, Emerald Sword. I wonder if you can even unlock it's real power."
[21:26] <13Chad`Winters> Probably not. 6He swings in with the his short energy blade
[21:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind unleashes lightning from the rune blade at Chad's own blade, to try to knock him away.
04[21:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* The fingers continue to dig into Sam's mind, layer by layer. Unless she can find someting specific to fight it, they'll win
15[21:27] * 13@Sam focuses her thoughts on Darien, she tries to push them away and latch onto what she wants.
04[21:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* The control lessens on Sam
15[21:28] * 13Chad`Winters hand swings back from the repulse and he swings upwards with the emerald blade
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind blurs behind Chad, stepping back and stabbing backwards at his spine
15[21:29] * 13@Sam closes her eyes, concentrating, every ounce of possession she has in her own mind focused on it, on her own desires. "Darien..."
15[21:29] * 13Chad`Winters eyes go wide as Wind blurs and he twists around, swinging the emerald blade horizontally and his energy blade upwards to cover.
[21:30] <13Kit> 6Megumi reaches up, rubbing an ear. 1"True power, huh..?"
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves in at Wind, slashing into his back and unleashing holy energy into him. Wind, busy with his attack being parried, howls and stumbles away from the both
[21:30] <13Kit> <Megumi> Worked best for me when I gave up on my will and just focused on tearing Legion apart. Coincidence, maybe.
15[21:30] * 13@Sam lists her gun, her eyes opening wide as she fires a charged shot at Wind as he stumbles back.
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis finishes finally, panting, exhausted.
15[21:31] * 13@Drasek shifts over to provide Erevis support if she needs it.
15[21:31] * 13Chad`Winters takes several deep breathes as he steps back to recover.
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind is shot again. He straightens up, then focuses, floating up into the air, the runes surrounding him as the exit the blade.
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> *They
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Wind now, tensing
[21:31] <13Kit> 6Megumi reaches up, focusing entirely on the fire run that's been seperated, trying to draw it to herself.
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* IT doesn't budge.
[21:31] <13Kit> <Megumi> Damn.
[21:32] <13Chad`Winters> Erevis, now would be a good time to figure out what you can use on this ship.
15[21:32] * 13@Drasek glances up, eyeing the runes and Wind. 1....
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* The lightning rune flashes, and Wind raises the rune blade. Lightning begins to smash down around the room
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I will ... attempt to find out. 6* She moves to the terminal.
15[21:32] * 13Chad`Winters tenses and begins to leap around to try and avoid getting hit.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr throws herself back and away to avoid a blast, and Darien parries with the blade.
[21:33] <13Kit> 6Megumi dashes forward quickly and springs, apparently going to try 'manual ownership reassignment' the old-fashioned way
15[21:33] * 13@Drasek jerks to the side, trying to avoid being hit.
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* The ice rune flashes and Megumi springs into an ice wall.
[21:33] <13Kit> 6Megumi smacks her elbows against and falls, but shifts to strafe sideways and find another point to leap in at
15[21:34] * 13@Sam charges again, keeping on her new center of focus.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* The dark rune flashes, and a blackhole begins to open, that begins to pull things toward it.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis blinks, gripping the terminal as support. Aya does the same.
15[21:34] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue and tries to move away from it.
[21:34] <13Kit> 6Megumi leans back, wincing. 1"Damn it! Who has the sword? Give it to me!"
15[21:34] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes and reaches out crasp onto something.
[21:35] <13@Drasek> NRP: grasp*
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien uses the Rune Blade to hold ground.
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr slides by and grabs Drasek's leg.
15[21:35] * 13@Sam grabs onto a terminal and holds on.
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis twists, and psionically grabs Wind suddenly, then hurls him with all her might into his own black hole. The hole closes, leaving the room empty.
15[21:36] * 13Chad`Winters falls to his knees, panting.
[21:36] <13Kit> 6Megumi stares, leaning around the icewall. 1"..."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien falls as well, exhausted.
[21:36] <13Chad`Winters> Good thinking.
15[21:36] * 13@Drasek pauses and coughs, standing up. 1Brilliant, even.
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis holds her face, blood running down her nose from all the effort she's using
15[21:36] * 13@Sam stands slowly, walking over to help Darien up. "We need to leave."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr lets go now, sitting up. She checks on Aya
15[21:36] * 13@Drasek eyes Revi and then nods. 1"You're right. Megumi, take us to the ship you used to get here."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Voice> Fufufufu
[21:37] <13Kit> <Megumi> Too late.
09[21:37] <13@Sam> "Never too late to run."
[21:37] <13Kit> 6Megumi gets up and rubs her neck. 1"Can I have the sword now? There is a reason I have been conserving energy."
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Blocking the exit, is one small female Progenitor, and one large, brute one.
15[21:37] * 13Chad`Winters closes his for a moment and he grunts as he pushes himself up.
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks up, weary. Her hair has a lot of white strands now.
15[21:38] * 13@Drasek glances at Erevis. 1Just stay back, luv. We'll protect you.
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stands up weakly, holding it up in front of him.
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr charges her blaster again, sliding in front of Aya.
[21:38] <13Kit> <Megumi> You should know where it is, Zephy, I contacted you as soon as I awoke there.
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> <Girl> Come with us, Erevis, and no one has to die here today.
15[21:38] * 13Chad`Winters turns to face the two, taking breathes to control his breathing.
[21:38] <13Kit> 6Megumi starts sidestepping toward Darien.
15[21:39] * 13@Sam studies the girl with care now, something on her mind about her.
[21:39] <13@Drasek> Ao was it?
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> No. 6* She states.
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* The girl looks at Drasek. "Yes. And you are Drasek."
[21:39] <13@Drasek> And the big ponce. He got a name, or can I call him Jumbo?
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> I call him Berk.
[21:40] <13Kit> 6Megumi waves a hand at Chad, 1"Chad. The emerald?"
15[21:40] * 13@Drasek winces and looks off to the side. "Dunno, luv. Jumbo seem to suit him."
[21:40] <13@Drasek> NRP: seems*
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks at Megumi, then the Rune.
15[21:40] * 13Chad`Winters grants holding it behind him.
[21:40] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: Grunts
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao looks at Erevis now, then Drasek. "Bring Erevis over here, Drasek, and you can have your proper place in the new order."
[21:41] <13Kit> 6Megumi eyes Darien, though wanting that, not having anything to trade now. She grumbles, and takes up stance with her hands.
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien just holds out out to Megumi
15[21:42] * 13@Sam stays by Darien's side, she watches quietly.
[21:42] <13@Drasek> My proper place, is it? And this new order, just what is it?
[21:43] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> The Progenitors are coming back. 6* She holds a hand up to her mouth, amusedly sly.
[21:43] <13@Drasek> Oh yeah? Brilliant. Then I guess my job is done. I should probably give up, right?
15[21:43] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue. 1"Yeah, that's where the problem lies.
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao seems to get bored, so she aims her finger at Aya, who Zephyr shifts in front of.
[21:44] <13Kit> 6Megumi winces, then takes it from Darien, waving for him to go to Chad, while she steps forward, whistling at Ao aims at Aya
15[21:44] * 13Chad`Winters eye's go wide and he moves to get infront of Zephyr and Aya.
15[21:44] * 13@Drasek hmms and takes a step forward. "Tell you what. I'll take Jumbo, while Megumi, you take the little kid."
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao fires a beam of hyperspace from her finger at Chad
[21:45] <13Kit> <Megumi> Fine with me. She reminds me of someone cute, but with a worse attitude.
[21:45] <13Kit> 6Megumi moves quickly to swing the rune blade in the way by extending it, leaving herself a bit open
15[21:45] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his right shoulder into it's way.
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Megumi barely saves all three, but Ao then fires one at Megumi's kneecap.
15[21:46] * 13@Drasek shifts and takes a run forward, moving for the two, more specifically the big guy.
15[21:46] * 13Chad`Winters twists and hurls his plasma blade past Megumi and towards Ao.
[21:46] <13Kit> 6Megumi grins grimly, having predicted something of the like and formed a crystal sword from her right hand pulled down to shield it, unable to dodge it without moving the rune blade
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* The beam pierces the crystal instantly
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao dodges by leaning back
[21:47] <13Kit> 6Megumi just hopes it gave her the flinch time needed to block the beam for the three and still jerk her knee up
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* MEgumi barely saves her leg.
15[21:48] * 13@Drasek slows down to a stop a good 10 feet from the two, he tilts his head. Does he even talk?
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes her emerald scythe, eyeing Ao dangerously, moving in
[21:48] <13@Drasek> NRP: That does he even talk is supposed to be black.
[21:48] <13Kit> 6Megumi relaxes and holds up her crystal sword, eyeing the perfect hole in it. 1"...You know, this reminds me of fighting Mama Knight in a way."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo fires a hand wide beam of hyperspace energy at Drasek's head
[21:49] <13Kit> <Megumi> Stay back, beloved. It would defeat the point if you were harmed or taken...
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien grabs Aya, picking her up, then nudges Zephyr to follow them ot hte hanger while Ao and Jumbo are distracted. Zephyr frowns, but does so
15[21:49] * 13@Sam heads off with Darien.
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> And allow them to kill you...? I will not.
15[21:49] * 13@Drasek jerks to lean backward, the beam soaring over him. 1Bloody hell! I think i've got my answer. Well then, Jumbo uh, put em up?
15[21:49] * 13Chad`Winters takes in several breathes aand he looks back at Darien, nodding to him.
[21:49] <13Kit> <Megumi> Heh. No faith in me? Yeesh.
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis frowns. She nods once, stpeping back for Megumi
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao eyes Megumi with a frown. "The princess with something like you. Sickening."
[21:50] <13Kit> 6Megumi swings the rune blade around a bit, perhaps put off by the change in weight. 1"You are one to talk. You are remarkably like myself, you know. Just a different point in time."
[21:51] <13Kit> 6Megumi adopts a stance hand held toward Ao, feet apart and the other hand holding the sword precariously over her hand, more like a dance. 1"I take it you want her, if I am so sickening, but I had her first, so back off."
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao just fires another beam at Megumi's forehead.
15[21:51] * 13Chad`Winters shifts to the side so he's not in line of fire.
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute charges Drasek
[21:52] <13Kit> 6Megumi sweeps and spins low, the sword brought around in an arc and letting off a wave of wind, then a diagonal line of fire as she brings it back up, charging off to the side of the two to close distance.
15[21:52] * 13@Drasek takes a few steps back. 1Alright mate, no hyperspace, one free shot. Show me how tough you are.
[21:52] <13Chad`Winters> Erevis, it looked like Wind used hyperspace to reform the Rune blade.
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Perhaps
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo raises his bruteish fists to try to smash Drasek down
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao flickers to the side of the shots.
[21:53] <13Chad`Winters> Can the Emerald Blades hold upto a hyperspace blast?
15[21:53] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes and jerks to roll to the left. 1One fist, mate. One fist!
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> The Emerald Sword is capable of manipulating reality, if the user focuses hard enough. I believe it is possible.
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo grabs a terminal, ripping it out of the ground, and throws it after Drasek
[21:54] <13Chad`Winters> Maybe my OCD will be useful. 6He eyes Ao as he twirls the blade in his hand.
15[21:55] * 13@Drasek makes a noise as the teminal comes in, her jerks to kneel down and jump, sliding his legs out wide in order to clear the terminal.
[21:55] <13Kit> 6Megumi's ears twitch, one focusing on finding Ao as she shifts locations too fast for her to see, the other picking up the conversations in the room. She gets a smirk and wonders if Erevis just figured out why she's not using the emerald weapon this time. kicking off the ground with a mid-height flying kick, the sword poised in her hands to counter a counterstrike.
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao stands there, rings around her arm jingling a bit as she stands there, a hand to her face, amusemed all over her expression. She tenses her body, then blinks from side to the side of Megumi's attacks, always stopping again within striking distance to bait her to strike again
[21:57] <13Chad`Winters> She's just going to tire Megumi out.
15[21:57] * 13@Drasek lands and then springs forward, moving towards the big guy. 1Sorry mate, you just lost your free shot. 6He pulls his blade out to the side and then cuts upward, diagnolly for the big guy's chest.
[21:57] <13Kit> <Megumi> Yes. A lot like me. Even my own strategy.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo eyes Drasek dodge his attack, which seems to annoy him more, as he approaches Drasek again. As Drasek moves in to strike him, he reaches out to grab at his arm, securing it in his meaty grasp, and then attempts to swing Drasek into a wall.
[21:58] <13Kit> 6Megumi backs off, sighing. 1'But back then I could strike Ariel from three places at argumentatively the same time."
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao comes to a stop herself, then raises her finger to fire a hyperspace bolt, when her hand is wretched into her own face, and she fires into her own head. She stumbles from this one.
15[21:59] * 13Chad`Winters glances over at Drasek. 1"Erevis, keep Megumi alive." 6He starts moving towards Drasek and Jumbo
15[21:59] * 13@Drasek lets out an oh no type of noice, except more british but quickly turns the section of his arm grasped into hyperspace so that he may get burned and let go.
[21:59] <13Kit> 6Megumi holds the sword in both hands, activating an effect on the sword that causes it to glower red for a moment but end, taking advantage of the pause. 1"Thank you, beloved."
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo seems to care little, as he makes himself hyperspace there, too
[22:00] <13@Drasek> Bugger. 6He's smashed into the wall, letting out a groan.
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once tiredly. Ao flickers toward Erevis, reaching out to grab at her.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo charges the wall, hyperspaced all over, aiming to run him over
15[22:01] * 13Chad`Winters pauses, eyeing the all hyperspace part.
[22:01] <13Kit> 6Megumi focuses on Ao while she's paying attention to Erevis-- now attempting a deadly combo she hadn't in the past due to a lack of concentration and motivation-- she attempts to psychically pull her toward herself while simulatneously dashing and performing a slash-by style attack.
15[22:02] * 13@Drasek widens his eyes and tries to dive to the right, if he isn't still pinned of course.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Jumbo charges through the wall and creates a gaping hole - water begins to pour in now, rapidly. Ao is pulled into Megumi right as this happens, which means she only gets off a few slashes before the water hits them.
[22:04] <13@Drasek> Oh fuck me.
14[22:04] * Chii (Kit@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
15[22:04] * 13Chad`Winters eyes the water coming in and turns, to move out of the room and into the hallway his hand moving to his comm. 1"Darien, we're going to need directions.
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* There's no response. What has happened?!
[22:04] <13@Drasek> Revi! Get Megumi, we're hittin the road! 6He jerks back from the water, sliding around, trying to get control of himself.
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao rises in the water, dripping wet. She scowls and blinks toward Erevis, tackling her into the water.
[22:05] <13Kit> 6Megumi already grabs at Erevis, hoping her psychic slash move was good enough to dig into Ao-- only apparently not so she frantically looks for her, the blade growing black and preparing another of her own focus.
15[22:05] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his hand. 1"MEGUMI. WHICH WAY TO THE HANGER?!"
15[22:05] * 13@Drasek pulls himself up and moves towards them quickly, or as quick as one can in water.
[22:06] <13Kit> <Megumi> South three halls, east, south two, east, south, east four.
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis rises, dripping wet, as Ao splashes up again behind her to grab at her
15[22:06] * 13Chad`Winters nods and turns, making his way to the hanger
[22:06] <13Kit> 6Megumi activates her focus, attempting to yank Ao again and perform another finisher-style slash with the dark energy along the blade.
[22:06] <13Kit> <Megumi> We need to go, beloved. Now.
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao is yanked, but goes hyperspace, the blade passing through
[22:07] <13Kit> <Megumi> Shit..
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao returns to normal behind Megumi, turning to fire a beam at her shoulder
[22:07] <13@Drasek> Damn right we need to go!
[22:07] <13Kit> 6Megumi expends her focus for her dismal use all-around expel defense.
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods, lifting her already damaged hands to blast Ao back a bit, then struggles to move forward, but the water seems to be in more control of her than her it
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Due to the wetness, Erevis' breasts can be seen. Mmmm
15[22:08] * 13@Drasek tries to move along after her, probably planning on being a shielf or something for her from behind.
15[22:08] * 13Kit winces, since even her defense wouldn't stand up to hyperspace beams, taking a nice wound to the shoulder that's only lessened. She grabs Erevis hand with her free one and focuses on her memory, foresaking sight to get them back into the halls and toward the hangar.
[22:08] <13Kit> NRP: Megumi
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis hisses as her hand is grabbed, but moves with MEgumi
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
04[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien and Sam arrive at the hanger with Zephyr and Aya. The shuttle is indeed there waiting. As is Wind, standing on the shuttle.
15[22:10] * 13@Sam lets out a sighs as they spot Wind.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Aya, Zeph, get inside and get the shuttle ready. 6* Aya nods and moves with Zephyr, who frowns at the idea, but listens
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien reaches into his suit and dramatically pulls out an -- energy sword
15[22:11] * 13@Sam pulls her gun back out and starts to charge it.
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> ... Hm. 6 *He leaps off and down from the shuttle. "So you managed to free yourself from Ao's control. Good work."
09[22:11] <13@Sam> "It was thanks to you."
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind moves in, slashing at Darien, who parries, but is knocked backwards. "Then lets see if you can stand up for yourself."
15[22:12] * 13@Sam doesn't hesitate, retaliating with a charged shot at Wind.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind holds out his hand to let it hit. "Your gun isn't going to be enough."
15[22:13] * 13@Sam nods and throws up her hand, firing Hyperspace at him.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind uses the rune blade to take the hit, shifting to rebalance himself.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Better.
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* There's a roaring sound, even as Darien gets to his feet.
15[22:14] * 13@Sam shifts into a ready postion, facing Wind. "I will never give up what I love."
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien goes to say something as water comes rushing in. Wind smiles slightly, adjusting his shades, then leaps on top of the shuttle.
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien staggers as the water hits him, sliding him along the hanger into a wall.
15[22:16] * 13@Sam frowns and fires another Hyperspace beam at Wind as he reappears, before staggering herself.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind uses the rune blade to reflect it, into the shuttle engines.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Whoops.
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* As this happens, the others come floating in, or swimming, on the water tide, as it fills the room quickly.
15[22:17] * 13Chad`Winters coughs up water as he eyes Wind and the smoking shuttle
15[22:17] * 13@Sam goes after Darien, grumbling.
15[22:18] * 13@Drasek flops about like a fish, trying to get himself situated.
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis seems to be on the verge of passing out by the time Megumi gets her there.
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* The shuttle powers up
15[22:18] * 13Chad`Winters makes a break to swim for the shuttle
15[22:19] * 13@Sam checks on Darien, helping him up against the water.
[22:19] <13Kit> 6Megumi chokes as she attempts to basically drag herself and Erevis-- as likely as that is
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien sloshes through the water into the shuttle, which is getting water in it, too.
15[22:19] * 13@Sam sloshes with him into the shuttle, supporting him if he's injured.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr slides out and grabs Megumi, helping her in
15[22:19] * 13@Drasek moves to swim for the shuttle, or walk if it's not deep enough, to get in the shuttle, he tries to help Megumi with Erevis, but Zephyr's there.
15[22:19] * 13Chad`Winters pulls himself and onto thue shuttle with Darien, taking several breathes. 1"The engines looked damaged."
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods, moving to the seat, dripping water every where.
15[22:20] * 13@Sam moves to her normal seat as well, dripping wet.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* He closes the ramp while they still can, and activates the shields.
[22:20] <13Chad`Winters> Aya. 6He looks around for her.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind fires a beam at the hanger doors, busting a hole in them. He then vanishes
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya is strapping in already
15[22:21] * 13Chad`Winters lets out a sigh of relief and looks at Darien. 1"See if you can fly us out."
09[22:21] <13@Sam> "They are running, we can leave."
[22:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien checks the engines and finds only the light engine is out. He shifts the controls, aiming at the hole. "I don't know if we can reach the surface in our shape."
15[22:21] * 13@Drasek pulls himself up and moves to inspect Erevis.
[22:22] <13Chad`Winters> Would you rather stay here?
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes shallow breaths, her hands injured, and dried blood from her nose. She seems unconscious right now
09[22:22] <13@Sam> "We must try."
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien considers, then flies them forward out into the ocean area. The engines begin to choke
15[22:22] * 13@Sam opens a panel to see what she can do to keep the engines going.
15[22:22] * 13@Drasek pulls out a cloth and reaches up to wipe away the dried blood, frowning slightly.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Get rid of the ocean
15[22:23] * 13@Sam finds this task vexxings.
04[22:23] <13@DeathStar> <Darien >Hook the light engine power, Sam, into the main engines, and we'll see if we can get out
15[22:23] * 13@Sam nods and begins rerouting the power.
[22:23] <13Kit> <Megumi> Would we not lose the ability to leave?
15[22:24] * 13Chad`Winters moves over to check on Zephyr.
09[22:24] <13@Sam> "One obstacle at a time."
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Light Engine is already toasted.
[22:24] <13Kit> 6Megumi kneels, doing what she can to help Erevis, but it's limited after how many times she's done so in the past.
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits there, patiently waiting
[22:24] <13Chad`Winters> Might as well tap as much power from it as we still can.
04[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Once Sam hooks it up, Darien begins to draw power it into the main engines, then aims them straight up as they go
15[22:24] * 13@Drasek places a hand on Megumi's shoulder. "Just let her rest. We'll get her treated when we get back."
15[22:25] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face. 1"We could've used the Light engine to by-pass the annoying traffic in hyperspace."
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Alarms go off as the engines begin to go critical.
15[22:26] * 13@Sam tries to stablize them as best she can.
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* To successfully stablize, PREPARE YOURSELF
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 1
09[22:26] <13@Sam> rllrudruldu
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* The engines stablize.
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* The shuttle exits the ocean and flies straight up into the sky, the alarms going off after a moment
[22:28] <13Kit> <Megumi> Now what..?
15[22:28] * 13@Sam smiles and sits up. "We try to go home."
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Head for home. 6* He begins to input coordinates as they reach the atmosphere
15[22:29] * 13Chad`Winters slumps against the side of a chair. 1"Can we trust Hyperspace right now?"
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien enters hyperspace after pulling the lever, then leans back, rubbing his wet face. "No choice."
[22:30] <13@Drasek> You know. I find of all of this to be annoying. A man can't sit about and drink his beer in peace.
15[22:30] * 13@Sam sits back in her chair and looks at Darien, smiling a little. "We made it."
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr wrings out her hair now, then speaks up. "So. What are we going to do now - in general?" 6* Referring the news about Erevis
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya checks on Chad quietly.
09[22:30] <13@Sam> "We have to see it through to the end... do everything we can to try and stop the Progenitors from succeeding."
15[22:31] * 13Chad`Winters runs his hand through his hair.
[22:31] <13@Drasek> Here I thought we should all join them and throw a big party while we rule the world.
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> They might would let us join - Erevis is a goddess princess.
[22:32] <13@Drasek> Wonder if they'd heal my poison? If so, i'm in.
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Sure they would if you gave him the sleeping beauty.
15[22:32] * 13Chad`Winters eyes the two.
[22:32] <13@Drasek> Course, we give them Revi, we might cause the timeline to implode and all that.
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> There is that.
[22:33] <13Chad`Winters> Maybe that's part of the reason why she goes back in time. 6He notes.
[22:33] <13@Drasek> Unless we're supposed too. Yeah?
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien considers things. "Well, if Erevis was behind all this from the start, it means she's dangerous."
[22:34] <13Chad`Winters> Than we need to keep her goddess side from surfacing.
[22:34] <13@Drasek> That mean you're back to the anti-Revi camp, then?
09[22:34] <13@Sam> "The Erevis she was in the past is. This Erevis seems quite harmless to me."
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No, just we have to do what Chad suggested.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> But that Ao girl will keep going after her, and if they succeed, I hate to see what Erevis can really do.
[22:35] <13Chad`Winters> Remember that Soul collecting planet? 6He eyes Darien
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Then we'll have Meg kiss her back to normal. 6* She grins
[22:35] <13Kit> <Megumi> What is Ao?
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No.
[22:35] <13@Drasek> Psch. If only kisses were that amazing.
[22:35] <13Kit> 6Megumi tilts her head and peers at Drasek. 1"The three of you, Wind said."
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You just suck at kissing
15[22:36] * 13@Drasek eyes her, then glances down.
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm kidding.
15[22:36] * 13Chad`Winters motions to Zephyr than sighs. 1"Right, not all there." 6He blinks, glancing at Zephyr
[22:36] <13Kit> <Megumi> Protocols, beloved called them. Is that what the three remaining 'progenitors' are..?
15[22:36] * 13@Drasek smirks at Zephyr, before looking to Megumi.
[22:37] <13@Drasek> We are Progenitors. Or perhaps relics of who they once were. I imagine they are far greater now. Or will be, I should say.
09[22:38] <13@Sam> "Might be."
15[22:38] * 13@Sam speaks in a correcting tone.
[22:39] <13@Drasek> Regardless, we know they can die. It just might be a bit harder, sooo, we'll just work hard an then it'll all work out.
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face. "Well, we'll just need to find a way to stop the three for good, and not let Erevis become who she was once, or intended to be."
15[22:39] * 13Chad`Winters closes his eyes now.
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr eyes her own hands now, frowning, thinking about the blood in her now.
[22:40] <13Kit> <Megumi> Mm. I was referring to the three as per Wind included Drasek. If you mean three as in including Wind..." 6She peers at Darien.
15[22:40] * 13Chad`Winters stands up and moves to a window seat and sits down, leaning back against the seat
[22:40] <13Kit> <Megumi> I suppose I find it hard to believe he would return from that rift he created, but then, having returned from being erased...
[22:40] <13@Drasek> It's a good thing Revi doesn't realize how much you idolize that git, luv. It's a bit odd.
09[22:41] <13@Sam> "He didn't fully return... this is an echo of Wind... the remnants of his Will personified."
04[22:41] <13Kit> <Megumi> Mmm, I was lost once, Sam. Even the remnants can be put back together. That is the progenitor aim, after all.
09[22:42] <13@Sam> "I suppose."
15[22:42] * 13@Drasek shakes his head slightly and stands. 1Yeah you have no idea how it works, luv. Don't even think that you do. You were a whole person, you just needed someone to connect too. These people aren't. They are gone."
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> And do you think of yourself that way, Drasek?
[22:43] <13@Drasek> What way, exactly?
04[22:43] <13Kit> 6Megumi rests her chin on her hand, staring at Sam blankly. 1"That is not my belief. Mine rests on the will that remains to echo."
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You're just like them. Maybe not Wind, but the other two, at least. Wind said as much
[22:44] <13@Drasek> Indeed. Except i'm weaker.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Well, you're a whole person. You're too annoying not to be
15[22:45] * 13@Sam frowns. "You are afflicted with a poison that makes you limited in battle, that does not make you weaker by any means."
14[22:45] * Chad`Winters ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
09[22:45] <13@Sam> "It makes you stronger... having the ability to still fight despite such a burden."
[22:45] <13@Drasek> Ah, I was talking about those two, mate. I was talking about the race. The race of Progenitor's are essentially gone. But with Revi, they can be brought back, how? Who knows, I can't even begin to understand, but I know it's something I need to stop. I have too.
[22:46] <13@Drasek> NRP; wasn't the first time.
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm. You've changed.
[22:46] <13Kit> 6Megumi laughs softly. 1"...Huh. Less than a year ago it was always "I will bring them back."" 6She grins at Darien.
15[22:47] * 13@Sam smiles a little. "Proof that you're real. You can make real change."
03[22:47] * Chad`Winters ( has joined #erevis
[22:47] <13@Drasek> Two directives. Protect Revi, revive the race. Whose to say i'm not just following one over the other?
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm.
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans against the wall, closing her eyes now
09[22:48] <13@Sam> "I think you're making a choice here."
[22:48] <13@Drasek> You can think whatever you like. I won't stop you.
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-590.3.10
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Three days later, and after having gotten Isis back, Erevis sits with her outside, near her garden, the child in her lap. She is watching Isis silently.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits in her room, doing book reading, Zephyr lays in her bed, sleeping, to forget about the Legion blood, and Fiore putters about cleaning and serving
15[22:51] * 13@Drasek stand by the window that looks out from the living room to the front lawn. He drinks a beer silently, and has been relatively quiet since their return.
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore dusts Drasek
[22:51] <13Kit> 6Dawn knocks at Aya's door, still looking quite razed and uncertain considering he hasn't got a chance to ask about what happened.
15[22:52] * 13Chad`Winters steps up from behind Drasek, his arms crossed. 1"This changes things."
[22:52] <13Kit> <Megumi> Something on your mind, beloved?" 6She sits beside Erevis.
15[22:52] * 13@Drasek peers at Fiore and tilts his head, then looks over his shoulder at Chad. 1Come again?
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Many things.
15[22:52] * 13@Sam steps out of her room, talking to her datapad. " we're alright, everyone is safe and there's nothing to worry about, I told you I'd call."
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya glances up. "Come in?"
[22:52] <13Kit> 6Dawn opens the door quietly, peering in.
[22:53] <13Chad`Winters> If you were following protocol, than it means you had no real choice behind your actions before.
[22:53] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Hi, Dawn. 6* She smiles.
[22:53] <13Kit> <Dawn> Won... dering." 6He says seriously.
[22:53] <13@Drasek> That's what they tell me, mate.
[22:54] <13Chad`Winters> That's good enough for me. 6He turns, moving off.
15[22:54] * 13@Sam walks down the hall. "I'll call again soon, love you." *She grins at the answers and then signs off, stepping into the living room and sitting on the couch*
[22:54] <13Kit> <Megumi> Mmm.." 6She leans against Erevis, reaching out to tickle at the kid's sides. 1"Anything you would like to share?"
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Wondering? About?
[22:55] <13Kit> 6Dawn coughs behind a hand. 1"Acc-- pany. Water. Park."
15[22:55] * 13@Drasek watches him go and then peers at Fiore. Think he realizes I don't care if he forgives me or not?
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am just thinking of who I may be really. And what I may be capable of doing, if Wind is correct about myself. 6* Isis wiggles now as she's tickled, making baby noises
[22:55] <13@Drasek> NRP: Damn me and my not hitting the 1 button!
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> ... 6* She stares after Chad, then at Drasek. "Don't. Know.
15[22:56] * 13Chad`Winters steps upt his room, glancing at Dawn briefly before opening his door and stepping inside.
[22:56] <13@Drasek> So, luv. Movie later? We missed our usual day since I was off fighting the fight and getting beat up on.
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Water Park? I'll have to ask Dad, but if he says yes, I'm okay with it.
15[22:57] * 13@Sam quietly watches Drasek and Fiore, smiling.
[22:57] <13Kit> 6Dawn nods obediently.
04[22:57] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Yes. 6* She ndos at Drasek, then casually shakes her duster so dust flies at Sam's face
[22:57] <13Kit> <Dawn> In... vite. O... neesama. And.... Dra... sek. While... Ayahime asks.
15[22:57] * 13@Sam whips her hand to blow it all back, smiling at Fiore.
[22:58] <13Kit> <Megumi> Does it matter...? What do you want to do..?
04[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam's whipping just makes it float around her more.
15[22:58] * 13@Drasek holds up two hands. 1Your choice then. Actiony explosive thing, or romantic kissy face?
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> ... Neither.
15[22:58] * 13@Sam gets up and dusts off a little, sighing.
15[22:58] * 13@Drasek frowns. 1Anime...again?
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Megumi. "I desire to defeat them so you and Isis will be safe."
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Hm. Comedy. 6* She notes, then moves off to clean
[22:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> Silly. I mean-- do you want things to change or not. Are you happy?
15[22:59] * 13@Sam watches Fiore go with a slight frown.
[22:59] <13Kit> 6Dawn bumps into Fiore as he rounds the corner from the hall
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am happy, yes.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore studies Dawn, then bows once and moves to clean.
[22:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> Would the revival make you happy?
[23:00] <13Kit> <Dawn> Oneesama. ...
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> No.
04[23:00] * 13@Drasek brightens up at the prospect of not needing to watch another anime and glances at Sam. 1Jeez, luv. You might want to take a bath every now and again.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore looks at Dawn. "Yes?"
[23:00] <13Kit> 6Dawn tags her like a puppy. 1"... Water... park. Oneesama and... Dra... sek. With. Us?"
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Movie.
15[23:00] * 13@Sam frowns at him and crosses her arms. "Fiore's doing, I'll have to now."
[23:00] <13Kit> <Dawn> ... ...Both?
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> No time. No.
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore moves on to finish cleaning so she has free time later.
[23:01] <13@Drasek> She might not like you, actually.
[23:01] <13Kit> 6Dawn pauses, sulking, then fumes. 1"...H-Hey..!
[23:01] <13Kit> <Dawn> Clean... ing... not always... necess...ary!!
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> ... 6* She patiently looks at Dawn. "Not a good maid. Oniichan." 6* She moves on now.
[23:02] <13Kit> <Megumi> Then remember that. Even if you 'recall' who you 'are.'
09[23:02] <13@Sam> "I figured that out a while ago."
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis inclines her head once in a nod, then leans against Megumi, placing her head on her shoulder
15[23:03] * 13@Sam rubs the back of her head and sighs. "Not entirely sure why."
[23:03] <13@Drasek> It's what you get for going about snatching up a maid's boss. Now there won't be anymore late night flings on the kitchen counter.
[23:03] <13Kit> 6Dawn pouts more. 1"Oneesama..! Oneesama..!" 6He follows.
15[23:03] * 13@Sam frowns a little. "We haven't done it on the counter..."
15[23:04] * 13@Drasek eyes her, then shakes his head slightly, making a flying motion over his head. He then turns to take a step outside.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> -END-
03[23:05] * DeathStar changes topic to 'Erevis the Progenitor | Season 4 (Progenitors): 15 of 20 complete | Session #76 | Episode Sixteen: Cat Scratch Fever  | 1 of 1 | Sessions will be RPed on M/W at 9 EST | Please visit our brother RPG at #taw'