Session Time: Mon Sep 08 00:00:01 2008
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 2
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 1
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-590.3.13
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
[21:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits outside in the massive yard territory, leaning on a tree. Aya sits at the table, reading a science book, and Erevis seems to be sitting in the living room, playing with Isis by letting her tug on her finger.
[21:04] <13@Xanatos> 6 * Drasek steps up by the tree peering down at Zephyr.
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She doesn't say anything right now
15[21:05] * 13@Sam sits in the living room, quietly working on her datapad as she looks over at Erevis and Isis, smiling a little at the sight.
15[21:05] * 13Chad`Winters steps out of his room wearing a black hoodie. He moves down the hallway into the living room
[21:05] <13@Xanatos> 6 Drasek slides a hand into his coat pocket and then pulls out a can of beer, he holds it out towards Zephyr. 1Have a cold one, bit.
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No thanks. 6* She says after a moment, peering at Drasek now.
15[21:06] * 13@Sam looks up over at Chad as he enters the room and smiles at him, before returning to her datapad.
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once at Chad. "Hello, Chad Winters." 6* She returns her focus back to Isis
15[21:06] * 13Chad`Winters nods to them both and moves into the kitchen.
[21:07] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek puts it back into his pocket. 1Fair enough luv. You been alright?
[21:07] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm alive. 6* She notes with a shrug, peering back out at nothing
[21:08] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Alive, are yah? You'd think you'd be a bit chipper, something got you down?
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I don't really want to talk about it. 6* She notes.
15[21:09] * 13Chad`Winters moves the fridge and opens it, pulling out a bottle of water.
15[21:09] * 13@Sam sets the datapad aside and leans over, a little closer to Erevis and Isis, "And how is the little one today?"
[21:09] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Right, well I don't really want to make you, so I guess we're good then. Mind if I sit, luv? Or is this an alone sort of thing?
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Wanting my company? 6* She notes, glancing at Drasek with a wry smile.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> She is well and healthy.
09[21:10] <13@Sam> "That is good. Mmm, I'm going to get something to drink, can I get you anything Erevis?"
[21:10] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Ah well it's not everyday that I get to spend time with my favorite girl. She's a busy one. That or I stay too drunk these days. 6He offers her a smile.
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am fine.
[21:11] <13Kit> 6Megumi stomps out into the living room and flails her datapad at Erevis. 1"I got it!"
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Megumi, blinking a few times. "You have got 'what'?"
15[21:11] * 13Chad`Winters steps out of the kitchen and moves by Aya, squeezing her shoulder gently as he passes by.
15[21:11] * 13@Sam blinks and looks up at the charging feline, reeling back.
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well, if you want to sit, I won't stop you.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks up, blinking, then gives Chad a smile.
[21:12] <13Kit> <Megumi> I have managed to compress the first volume to twelve hundred pages in standard print.
[21:12] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Fancy that. You won't do that high school thing where you get up and walk off after I sit will yah? Might hurt a bloke's pride if you do. 6 He shifts beside her to sit down and lean against the tree.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. This is good news.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'd just shoot you
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis gives Megumi a smile.
09[21:13] <13@Sam> "The first volume of what?"
[21:13] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Ouch. Don't think I would enjoy that too much. That's a painful business.
[21:14] <13Kit> <Megumi> By projection it seems I can have a trilogy in under four thousand pages.
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis begins to cry suddenly, and Erevis blinks, leaning over and picking her up, rocking her, a concerned look.
15[21:14] * 13Chad`Winters sits down in the living room in a chair and pulls his datapad out, looking over it
04[21:14] <13Kit> 6Megumi goes to answer Sam, then blinks and peers at Isis. 1"Isis..? Shh, shh..."
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, then touches Isis' forehead with the back of her hand quickly, due to her touch being strange. "I believe she is running a fever."
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. 6* She leans back against her tree, silent again
15[21:15] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his datapad and looks over at Erevis.
15[21:15] * 13@Sam looks over at Isis worriedly as well. "A fever...? Should I call a doctor?"
[21:15] <13Kit> 6Megumi tilts her head, then kneels, putting her own across Isis' forehead, her other to her own to combare.
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis indeed seems to be warm.
[21:16] <13Kit> <Megumi> You are right... hmm." 6She frowns.
[21:16] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek adjusts his coat slightly, then crosses his arms, leaning his head back. 1Think the toxins in the beer are finally starting to get past my systems. Found myself a bit wobbly the other night.
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh? Shouldn't you develop a tolerance?
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis bites her lip, then seems to panic somewhat. "What should I do?"
[21:17] <13Chad`Winters> How high is her temp?
[21:17] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Not sure. Might be the worse my poison gets the more things affect me like a normal human. Just a theory i've been working out.
[21:17] <13Kit> <Megumi> Not too high, but enough to be abnormal.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm
15[21:18] * 13@Sam runs her datapad over the baby, checking her temperature.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* The temp comes out to be 101
[21:18] <13Kit> <Megumi> I will admit I am unsure. As if she is similar to myself, our body temperature runs lower than a typical humans naturally, or if she takes after Erevis.
[21:18] <13Chad`Winters> Right. Take her into the ER than.
[21:18] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Course me drinking so much, coulda been something else.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> My temp is usually higher than a normal human's.
[21:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe.
15[21:19] * 13@Sam tilts her head, then scans Erevis just to see.
[21:19] <13Kit> <Megumi> Then... I have no idea. However, if she is unhappy, then we should have her examined.
[21:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* She indeed seems to be 100
09[21:20] <13@Sam> "The baby is a very slightly higher temperature then you... perhaps we should take her to the ER just to play it safe?"
04[21:20] <13Kit> 6Megumi peers at Sam, having said that already.
[21:20] <13Chad`Winters> This is out of my area, she has both your DNA so I have no clue what's going to be considered normal
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once, then rises. She adjusts her white blouse with a free hand, then moves for the door promptly. Aya peers over now, watching
15[21:20] * 13@Sam was repeating it on purpose.
[21:20] <13Kit> 6Megumi leaves to get her keys and follow
[21:20] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> So how're you and old man Winters? 6He asks after a long while of silence.
15[21:21] * 13@Sam gets up to go with them.
[21:21] <13Kit> <Megumi> <Isis seems to be ill. Going to center.>
[21:21] <13Chad`Winters> Keep us up to date. 6He looks at the two.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> We're okay, I guess. 6* She notes, her tone lathergic. She pauses, almost as if she barely heard Megumi. <Want me to come?>
09[21:21] <13@Sam> "Is it alright that I come along?"
[21:21] <13Kit> <Megumi> <Appreciated, but up to you.>
[21:22] <13Kit> 6Megumi shrugs and exits quickly.
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands finally, sliding her hands into her trench coat. "Isis is sick. I'm going to go to the hospital with Meg." 6* She tells Drasek, then begins to move for the house at a quick speed, but managing to make it look casual
15[21:22] * 13@Sam follows at that.
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves to Megumi's vehicle and gets into the back with Isis, holding her. She looks extremely worried, perhaps even afraid
[21:23] <13@Xanatos> 6 * Drasek widens his eyes and rises, moving after her, a worried look on his face.
15[21:23] * 13Chad`Winters sighs and glances over at Aya. 1"Did you want to go too?"
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya shakes her head slightly. "I don't like hospitals. Especially ERs."
15[21:24] * 13@Sam gets into the back on the opposite side, leaving shotgun open for once.
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr tenses and jumps on top of the house, moving along the roof top and then hops down at the front, bouncing over to the car and gets into the passenger front seat.
[21:24] <13Kit> 6Megumi gets in and starts the car, but seems to wait for something-- then glances over at Zephyr and nods.
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Drasek's following. Give him a moment.
[21:25] <13Kit> <Megumi> Alright.
[21:25] <13@Xanatos> 6 Drasek goes the long way sadly, but emerges and gets in the car finally.
15[21:25] * 13Chad`Winters stands up and moves out for his car.
[21:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks up at Drasek, then back down at Isis. She tries to comfort the girl, rocking her, then begins to sing softly to the baby, since she has a good singing voice.
[21:25] <13Chad`Winters> I'll let you know what's going on, Aya.
[21:26] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Aya nods. "Alright. Thank you."
[21:26] <13Kit> 6Megumi immediately begins to move-- shortly before Drasek gets the door shut and moves quickly but with subtleness in stopping and turning so as not to jostle people, probably Isis especially, about
[21:26] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek peers down at Isis and reaches out his hand to touch her head gently while Erevis rocks her. Probably getting a feel for her temperature himself.
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis quiets a bit finally, but still seems to be running a tempature.
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr glances back at Isis, then ahead. She eyes her own hands after a moment.
15[21:28] * 13Chad`Winters get's in his car and follows after.
[21:28] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek makes a face and leans back slightly. 1Could just be a infection that can be treated with antibiotics.
15[21:29] * 13@Sam silently watches Isis, looking deeply worried.
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis keeps singing, not responding. <Zephyr> I'm sure Drasek is right
[21:31] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Probably should keep a lot of them about the house, never know when you'll need them.
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* They arrive at the hospital after a bit.
[21:31] <13Kit> 6Megumi parks the car and gets out, waiting on the others
04[21:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis waits as well, being in the middle of Sam and Drasek
[21:32] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek slides out quickly.
15[21:32] * 13@Sam gets out quickly and moves to help Erevis out.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gets out, sliding her hands into her pockets again. She watches Erevis get out on Drasek's side
15[21:32] * 13@Sam shrugs and moves around the car to join them after closing the car door.
[21:33] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek watches Erevis gets out and moves with her towards the hospital.
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well, here we go.
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* After Isis is checked and examed, she is admitted into the hospital for a doctor to see. Currently the group is outside, as Erevis and Megumi are with the doctor as he does his tests with a scanner.
15[21:34] * 13@Sam is on her datapad, letting Darien know what's going on. She paces worriedly.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts and sits upside down in her chair, peering out at a wall as she does so.
[21:35] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek peers at Zephyr oddly, a worried look on his face as he resumes looking out at nothing. 1Could be a thousand different things, hopefully the doctors will catch whatever it is.
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* The doctor finishes, peering at the results. He seems slightly troubled. "Her tempature is 101.9 now. She appears to have a virus." 6* He tells Megumi. Erevis moves over to pick up Isis again, rocking her.
[21:35] <13Kit> <Megumi> A virus...? From what? Doing what..?
15[21:36] * 13Chad`Winters sits near Zephyr, his eyes closed and his arms crossed as he waits.
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> I don't know. We really haven't seen this virus before. I ran a comparison and it doesn't match any viruses we have on record from EarthGov, or any of it's allies."
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* The doctor motions. "May I take a blood sample from you two, to see if you have the virus as well?"
[21:37] <13Kit> <Megumi> To her benefit, of course.
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once. The doctor takes a sample of each, then moves to run a scan of their blood.
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts again to sit up right.
15[21:39] * 13@Sam sighs and sits back in her seat, looking at her datapad, frowning at it.
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr tilts her chair a bit so it's slightly off balanced, sitting there
[21:39] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, and he eyes the ground. 1Taking a while, aren't they?
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> Ah. It would seem... 6* He motions at Megumi. "That you have antibodies to the virus, as if you've had it before. Where you on any planets as a child that you may have gotten sick before?"
[21:40] <13Chad`Winters> There's a lot of viruses out there.
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She shifts to go upside down again
[21:41] <13Kit> <Megumi> I am of a distant moon, and also spent time on a planet of similar composition to Earth called Kilek.
[21:41] <13Kit> <Megumi> It is quite possible that I have immunities she does not, but the question to me would be why she would catch something that is not on this planet...
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> It might be that somehow Isis got the virus from you, then. I'm not really sure how, though.
[21:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head now, listening quietly.
[21:44] <13Kit> <Megumi> ...Be that as it may, can the antibodies be given to her?
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> We'll work on making the antibodies to suit her. Just leave her with us over night.
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien walks into the area with the others, slightly grim looking. He peers at them.
15[21:45] * 13Chad`Winters opens his eyes and glances at Darien. 1"Tell me you ran out of coffee."
15[21:45] * 13@Sam offers him a smile, looking up at Darien, she gets up and moves over to him.
[21:45] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek glances up at Darien's expression and sits up now, eyeing him.
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No. Where's Megumi?
[21:46] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Talking to the doctor.
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pauses, then moves over, opening the door to the room with the doctor. "Megumi."
[21:46] <13Kit> <Megumi> Then I should stay as we--" 6She glances over at Darien. 1"...Huh?"
15[21:46] * 13@Sam blinks and watches Darien.
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis turns as well, then frowns at Darien, not like his emotions. She sits by Isis protectively.
15[21:47] * 13Chad`Winters glances at Drasek. 1"This won't be good." 6He stands up now
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Your fellow Famfrit has escaped the prison that was holding him. And several of the guards have come down with a fever.
[21:47] <13Kit> <Megumi> Ah!
[21:48] <13Kit> 6Megumi's eyes widen. 1"But why would he..?"
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> That's what I'd like to know. Did you do anything to anger him during your visits?
15[21:48] * 13@Sam frowns a bit at that, she's only ever heard of the other Famfrit.
[21:48] <13Kit> <Megumi> Not to a point of physical aggression..
[21:48] <13Kit> <Megumi> Beloved always went with me.
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Then why would he suddenly make a move to leave the prison?
[21:49] <13Kit> <Megumi> I do not know. He always made it a point that he had nothing outside the walls to attend to. I was trying to encourage him to move beyond it and he insisted he stay.
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Erevis. "Did you go see him when you were showing your pregnancy?"
15[21:50] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue.
15[21:50] * 13@Sam moves over to Darien and the door, getting curiouser by the moment.
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, then glances downward, quietly thinking now.
[21:50] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek stands up now, rubbing his shoulder slowly.
04[21:50] <13Kit> 6Megumi eyes Sam. 1"Not now."
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Is it possible he'd want to get Isis, then?
15[21:51] * 13@Sam blinks a little and looks at Megumi in confusion, but takes a few steps back from the door.
[21:51] <13Kit> <Megumi> I could not root it out completely. However, if he is responsible for this illness, then he was already close enough to do so and has not.
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm. We need to find him. Can you track him, Megumi, if we start at the cell?
[21:52] <13Kit> <Megumi> Given that there are only two of us now, it is possible he could have been persuaded or given incentive if one of the four got to him.
09[21:52] <13@Sam> "The four...?"
04[21:52] <13Kit> 6Megumi glares at Sam not listening.
04[21:52] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien waves Sam off. "Stop interrupting."
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks at Megumi again. "Can you?"
15[21:53] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms again, listening quietly
[21:53] <13Kit> <Megumi> To be honest, I am unsure how you would expect me to. I can identify manifests he could make, but I doubt he would leave a conclusive trail.
15[21:53] * 13@Sam looks down and walks back over to a chair to sit in it quietly.
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Right now we need to find him. We should see if there are any clues before down right dismissing them.
[21:54] <13Kit> 6Megumi nods slowly.
[21:54] <13Chad`Winters> He may have slipped up.
[21:54] <13Chad`Winters> Or left a trail.
[21:54] <13Kit> 6Megumi turns back to Erevis and Isis. 1"Perhaps you should stay here with Isis, beloved. You are most necessary to her. ..."
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods at Chad once. "Alright, lets go to the cell, then. Erevis stay with Isis."
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once. "I would not leave her for anything."
[21:54] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> I agree. No point in giving up just yet.
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hops up now, putting her hands in her pockets.
[21:55] <13Chad`Winters> Darien, you have a spare comm for Erevis?
[21:55] <13Kit> 6Megumi turns and joins Darien.
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pauses, then shakes his head.
15[21:55] * 13@Sam gets up, remaining quiet, she walks over and pulls out a second datapad, holding it out.
04[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, then takes the datapad, nodding oce to Sam in thanks
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Lets go. 6* He turns and begins to move out, rigidly.
15[21:56] * 13@Sam nods back, a bit stiffly, then retreats a bit, following Darien.
[21:56] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek steps out after him.
15[21:56] * 13Chad`Winters turns and moves out after Darien
04[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien steps into an elevator. He peers at Sam, but makes no move to apologize yet.
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr follows as well.
[21:57] <13Kit> <Megumi> ..." 6She follows silently, frowning away.
[21:57] <13Chad`Winters> You bring any supplies from the mansion?
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <You okay?>
15[21:57] * 13@Sam doesn't look up at him, but she looks clearly ashamed.
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I haven't been at the mansion today.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien taps a button to go down to the ground floor.
15[21:58] * 13Chad`Winters nods.
09[21:58] <13@Sam> "I'm sorry for interrupting..."
04[21:58] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It's alright, Sam.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien gives her a slight smile.
15[21:59] * 13@Sam returns it weakly.
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Once the doors open, Darien moves through the reception area and outside, moving to his vehicle. He opens the door and gets in.
15[22:00] * 13Chad`Winters moves to his car and get's inside, opening the glove box and pulling out a pistol.
[22:00] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek isn't far behind, getting in the back seat.
15[22:00] * 13@Sam moves with him and gets in the passenger side.
[22:00] <13Kit> 6Megumi aims to get in back. <I cannot discern a reason for this. Nameless escaped after stating he had no interest to.>
15[22:00] * 13@Sam moves with Darien, that is.
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gets in as well in the back.
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <Maybe he wants Isis so he can bring back his race? As sick as that may be.>
[22:02] <13Kit> <Megumi> <Would it not be simpler and more effective to use me...?>
[22:02] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <You fight back>
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien drives along now, picking up speeds as he moves onto the highway.
15[22:03] * 13@Sam seems to relax as they drive along, eyes closed as she pushes the thoughts from her mind, eventually letting out a sigh.
15[22:03] * 13Chad`Winters follows behind Darien.
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* They arrive outside the prison in record time, and Darien turns off his vehicle. He steps out and begins to approach the guards at the doors, showing his ID as he does so
15[22:05] * 13Chad`Winters pulls up beside Darien's car and gets out, shutting his door and moving to catch up with Darien.
15[22:05] * 13@Sam gets out and walks alongside Darien.
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gets out and walks along now
[22:05] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek moves after them, hands in his coat pockets at he walks.
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* When they move in, a man in a suit walks in. <Warden> We're still trying to figure out how he got out - the security system is a mess, as if someone scrambled it. We're trying to get some computer specialists in there to repair it.
[22:06] <13Chad`Winters> He was in a cell that negated his powers, right?
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> <Warden> Of course.
[22:07] <13Chad`Winters> And you've never had a problem with it, right?
04[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pauses, then looks at Chad and Sam. "Perhaps we should try to repair the computer, too. Think you two can manage it?"
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> <Warden> What sort of prison do you think we run here? Of course not.
09[22:07] <13@Sam> "Should be easy enough..."
15[22:07] * 13Chad`Winters nots to Darien. 1"Either he found a way around it or he had help."
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods. "Then I leave the computer to you two, while the rest of us look at the cell."
[22:08] <13Kit> 6Megumi rubs behind an ear, scowling as she moves up beside Darien
04[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Warden motions for Chad and Sam to follow, going down an opposite hallway, and Darien begins to head for where Fam's cell was located.
15[22:08] * 13@Sam nods and follows the Warden.
15[22:08] * 13Chad`Winters follows after the Warden
[22:08] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek watches the warden walk off and follows Darien. 1Having help, eh? Who'd help that bloke?
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Megumi
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* The camera moves with Darien's group
[22:10] <13Kit> <Megumi> If they wished to inconvenience or get as us-- The progenitors or even Legion.
[22:10] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Don't quite see how the lot of them would risk Isis' life for some sick game, luv.
[22:10] <13@Xanatos> NRP: why not how*
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* They reach the cell, which looks undamaged. "Something tells me No Name would hurt Isis."
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> *would not
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> 6 Darien studies the cell area, then peers about. "No sign of forced entry."
[22:11] <13Kit> <Megumi> Now that we have unravelled some of their purpose, I do not see what the progenitors would care for Isis over. Noname is different..."
[22:11] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Wouldn't be a point to it. He gains nothing. 6Drasek moves to step into the cell, peering about it slowly.
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm. They could have promised No Name that he would get Isis if he helped them, maybe.
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> That or he's just out to get at Megumi again.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks at Megumi. "So, do your thing and see if you can find anything that would let us track him."
[22:14] <13Kit> 6Megumi raises an eyebrow at Darien. 1"My ... thing?"
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You know what I mean.
[22:14] <13Kit> <Megumi> No, I do not.
[22:14] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Try to find his bloody signature, you ponce.
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pinches the bridge of his nose. Zephyr leans over Meg's shoulder. <Zephyr> See if you can find any sign of his crystal stuff, I think.
[22:16] <13Kit> 6Megumi eyes the two, then begins to walk around and examine floors, walls and corners.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* As Megumi walks around, she would be able to pick up on faint crystal signatures left on the floor, like dust that leads out of the cell and into the hallway.
[22:17] <13Kit> <Megumi> ... ..." 6She slowly turns to eye Darien and narrow her eyes.
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pauses, then raises a brow. "What?"
[22:18] <13Kit> <Megumi> ...I have never been able to 'pick up signatures' before. How did you know I would be able to?
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> So there is something?
[22:18] <13Kit> <Megumi> Yes. Bread crumbs.
[22:18] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Well huh, maybe we should follow em, eh?
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien considers this now carefully. Zephyr shoves her hands in her pockets.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> That smart?
[22:19] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> We don't and we find out nothing.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Wouldn't it be smarter to just wait for him t oattack, then to rush into a trap? Who leaves bread crumbs?
[22:20] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Depends on if he left willingly or not, right?
[22:20] <13Kit> <Megumi> Like I said, this is not something I could do before. It must stem from working with beloved to develop. Would he set a trap for something I was incapable?
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm. That or he knows you better than you know yourself.
[22:21] <13Kit> <Megumi> Possible. He was raised entirely on Famfrit, after all. It is a known fact to even I that we are naturally gifted with matter manipulation over what you would consider ESP type of psychic ability, though.
[22:21] <13Kit> <Megumi> Either way, as you said, we will get nowhere if we ignore it.
[22:21] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Then lets follow it.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien motions Megumi to lead the way.
[22:22] <13Kit> 6Megumi rubs her forehead, then begins to saunter along, as if following an invisible thread.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
04[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad and Sam are left in front of a computer, with datapad ports available.
15[22:23] * 13@Sam jacks her datapad in and gets to work on trying to fix the thing.
15[22:23] * 13Chad`Winters unhooks his datapad as he reaches upto tap his comm. 1"Aya. The other famfrit escaped so I want you to be a little cautious for awhile."
[22:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya on comm. "Alright."
15[22:23] * 13Chad`Winters hooks his datapd upto the computer and gets to work
04[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam reaches the damaged data. As does Chad . PREPARE YOURSELF SAM
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, LEft, Right, Up, Down, Left
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 1
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> -0-
09[22:24] <13@Sam> rllrrlldu
[22:24] <13Chad`Winters> rllrrlldurldurldur
04[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam fails and the data becomes more corrupted. Chad's turn is now. PREPARE YOURSELF CHAD
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Left, Right, Up, Down, LEft, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:25] <13Chad`Winters> rldurldurldurldurldur
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad repairs the damaged data.
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* There's still another level. Who will try?
04[22:26] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Sam.
15[22:26] * 13@Sam sighs and gives it a try.
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, LEft, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> 1
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> -0-
04[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam corrupts the data more again
15[22:27] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue and does his thing
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 1
[22:27] <13Chad`Winters> durldurldurldurldudurl
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad finishes and the security feed becomes available.
15[22:28] * 13Chad`Winters doesn't say anything as he brings up the security feed and begins searching it for the a little before the break out
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* As he does so, there's a spike of energy and a familiar man in a suit stands in front of No Name's cell.
15[22:29] * 13Chad`Winters reaches up for his comm. 1"Darien."
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien responds. "Yeah?"
09[22:30] <13@Sam> "Huh..."
[22:30] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> You develop super powers lately?
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* The two seem to be having a conversation of sorts, then Wind sticks his hand into the energy field and it shuts off.
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> <Darien on comm> No.
09[22:30] <13@Sam> "It was Wind..."
[22:30] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> Than it was Wind that let him out. 6He rewinds it to see if he can either read one or both of their lips
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* He can't. Not at the angle.
09[22:31] <13@Sam> "They don't record sound...?"
15[22:31] * 13@Sam looks around a bit to check.
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Apparantly not.
[22:32] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> Sound must've been the first that went and I can't read their lips at this angle. 6He keeps watching to see what happens next
15[22:32] * 13@Sam frowns and looks at Chad. "Doesn't look like they even record sound..."
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind lowers his hand, and turns back to eye the camera now, the shades covering his eyes as usual. He then vanishes in a flash. The camera then goes out
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> <Darien on Comm> Interesting.
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> <Darien on comm> Megumi picked up a trail. Meet us at the entrance.
[22:33] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> And he knew to look at the camera. He's expecting us to follow. 6He stands up.
09[22:33] <13@Sam> "...So he left this as a calling card for us..."
15[22:33] * 13@Sam unhooks her datapad.
15[22:33] * 13Chad`Winters unhooks his datapad and turns, moving to rejoin the others. 1"Which means Erevis is easily accessible right now."
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> <Aya on Comm> Dad, there's something you should know - that, um, Famfrit is here.
15[22:34] * 13@Sam slaps her forehead and groans. "So much for tracking..."
15[22:34] * 13Chad`Winters eyes go wide. 1"What's he want?" He starts running now
15[22:34] * 13@Sam runs after him.
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien lowers his hand from his comm. "Wind let him out." 6* Zephyr blinks
[22:35] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek's eyes widen slightly and then his eyes narrow quickly. 1Revi.
[22:36] <13Kit> <Megumi> As I feared.
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Yeah, it seems that's the case. 6* He moves after Megumi, where the trail leads to the entrance area. Chad arrives a moment later, going "What's he want?"
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks at Chad now, squinting at his expression
15[22:36] * 13@Sam comes out after him, gasping for breath.
15[22:37] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the front door opening it quickly and begins running towards his car.
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Aya on Comm> I don't know. The defenses are holding him off.
[22:37] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> He's attacking?
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Aya on Comm> Um, yeah. The defenses
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien watches Chad. "Who's attacking who?"
15[22:38] * 13@Sam looks at Darien.
04[22:38] <13@Xanatos> 6 Drasek snaps his fingers quickly and then points to Sam. 1Message Revi or whatever you have to do and make sure she is alright.
15[22:38] * 13Chad`Winters glances back at Darien, lowering his hand. 1"Her friend, your defenses. Sounds like a diversion." 6He slides upto his car and opens the door
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Who's friend?
15[22:39] * 13@Sam dials up her other datapad that she gave to Erevis. "Ere?"
[22:39] <13Chad`Winters> The famfrit. 6He get's in and starts the car up
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> The Famfrit is attacking my defenses?
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* The comm is staticy with no response.
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves to his car now, and Zephyr's eyes widen. She leaps out and gets in Chad's car.
15[22:40] * 13@Sam frowns and opens up a program to locate the datapad, getting into Darien's car.
15[22:40] * 13Chad`Winters rolls his window down as he backs up to the others. 1"Yeah. So if anyone's coming..." He looks at Zephyr and nods to her. 1"Get in, the others go after Erevis."
09[22:40] <13@Sam> "Erevis is not responding."
[22:40] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek moves to get into Darien's car, more worried about Erevis.
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien frowns, then gets into his own car.
[22:40] <13Kit> 6Megumi runst o get in with Darien
15[22:40] * 13@Sam buckles herself in the passenger side and cotninues to track her datapad.
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* The datapad is at the hospital.
[22:41] <13Chad`Winters> Good enough. 6He puts the car in drive and takes off for Darien's mansion
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien backs up and moves for the hospital.
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya watches, with Fiore beside her, as the famfrit destroys another gun weapon that was firing at him from outside.
[22:42] <13Kit> 6Dawn returns with one of his rifles in tow. 1"...Should.. I..?"
[22:42] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Noisey. Shoot.
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit finally moves ahead now at the back door
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya frowns, readying herself.
[22:44] <13Kit> <Dawn> Defenses. Down...
[22:44] <13Kit> 6Dawn moves to set himself up with slight cover behind the furniture and a clear vantage to the back door, resting the rifle on the couch end.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit touches the glass, separating it's properties, so a hole is made. He steps in
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore pulls out her fan now
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit moves in a bit, eyeing Fiore and Aya, who are still in the open.
[22:46] <13Kit> 6Dawn fires a shot now for the head, taking no chances.
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit is struck in his head and falls backwards
[22:47] <13Kit> 6Dawn drops the weapon rather than reloading and slips two energy knives into his hands, moving over swiftly, but slightly out of a melee strike distance.
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore moves over, peering at the blood pooling at the FAmfrit's head area. Aya blinks and hurries over, too
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit begins to sit up now, shaking his head, as if trying to clear it. "Where is the female and her child?"
[22:48] <13Kit> <Dawn> ... ... ..." 6He jerks. 1"How..?!"
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit begins to heal his head wound slowly, and looks like he'll be back in full shape in mere moments.
[22:49] <13Kit> 6Dawn holds up the blades, but seeing as how he asked a question rather than just outright counterattacking. 1"...What... want with... them?"
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Tell me where they are at. Now. 6* He snarls out
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore holds back her hand, preparing to hit with the fan. Aya watches for now, hands to her mouth
[22:50] <13Kit> <Dawn> Not. Here-- ...Famfrit. Con... vict.
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit begins to stand up now
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* A car can be heard pulling up outside.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hops out of the car and forms two guns, her head pounding as she moves for the house
[22:52] <13Kit> 6Dawn moves to shift in sending a foot for the Famfrit's chest and a knife to the neck to pin
15[22:52] * 13Chad`Winters hops out after her, pulling his pistol out as he moves
[22:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit steps aside Dawn's kick and just force knocks him at a wall, then steps forward and hits FIore in the throat as she moves in with her fan. He eyes Aya, but since she does nothing, ignores her
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr kicks in the front door and moves in, aiming at the Famfrit, who turns to face her.
15[22:54] * 13Chad`Winters moves inside after her, aiming the gun at the famfrit. 1"What's your game?"
[22:54] <13Kit> 6Dawn coughs, then slides to the ground, tensing a bit and trying to get up, more bothered by Fiore being hurt and Aya vulnerable
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> 'Game'?
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore holds her throat, kneeling down as she strains to breathe, eyeing the Famfrit.
[22:54] <13Chad`Winters> Wind let you out, why?
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> He told me about the child, and how people were going to take it, and kill Megumi. Where are they?
15[22:55] * 13Chad`Winters raises an eyebrow first. 1"And I should trust you?"
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Tell me, or I'll make you tell me.
[22:56] <13Chad`Winters> I'm stubborn. But I'll make a fair trade. You tell me why I should trust you and I'll bring you to them."
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> I will not let the child be taken by anyone else. She is part of my race. 6* He notes snidely. "And I won't let anyone kill Megumi. She is a female who can make more children, after all."
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves to help Fiore up, touching her throat to help her breathe easier.
[22:57] <13Chad`Winters> Rational. 6He nods, lowering his gun.
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Where is their location, human?
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes Chad. <Meg?> 6* She tries, despite their distance.
[22:58] <13Chad`Winters> Hospital last I checked.
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit turns and moves for the front door now, wiping dried blood from his head as he does so.
[22:58] <13Kit> 6Dawn gets up, sighing a bit. 1"...So... rry. Famfrit."
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr deforms her guns.
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> I'll drive. 6He glances at Zephyr. 1"Coming?"
[22:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> <... Zephy... ? Weak.>
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah. 6* She sees Aya is okay, then turns to follow Chad.
[22:59] <13Kit> 6Dawn moves to check on Fiore and Aya.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <He's heading for the hospital. Apparantly to protect you.>
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> We'll be back Aya. 6He moves out and to his car
[22:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> <...See.>
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore seems fine now that her throat is healed, and eyes the glass door. She sighs, and makes notes to fix it
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Alright. Becareful.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <Should I kill him?>
15[23:00] * 13Chad`Winters gets into his car.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit eyes the car, then sits down in the back.
[23:00] <13Kit> <Megumi> <... ... N-No..!>
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr slides into the passenger seat.
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* She puts a hand to her eye as she sits there, putting pressure
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Lets go.
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> Location: Hospital
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* When they arrive, they can see lots of people outside the hospital, looking confused, and some still injured and sick. Smoke rises from the hospital in several places.
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes it and steps out of the car, not shutting it off yet. "Looks like the Famfrit was a diversion."
[23:02] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek eyes widen at first when he sees the scene. Though that quickly shifts to determination. 1Revi. 6He gets out of the car and begins to move towards the hospital quickly.
15[23:02] * 13@Sam gets out as well, looking around. "Think we're too late...?"
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* A man in a suit stands on the roof, ten stories up, peering down at them. He adjusts his sunglasses, and leaps down from the roof, falling toward the ground. He pulls out a rune blade as he comes down
09[23:03] <13@Sam> "Wind..."
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes his datapad. "The military is already sending people here, due to the attack. But they might not be here in time."
[23:04] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek pulls his arms out wide, the blade ejecting from their compartment and he braces himself, tensing up to outright parry Wind.
15[23:04] * 13@Sam reaches into her blouse and pulls out a gun from her side. "They're not here in time."
[23:04] <13Kit> 6Megumi twitches her ears a bit then grinds her teeth and reaches back, then sends her hand forward, aiming to just redirect Wind's windfall into the side of the building on his descent.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances up. Wind lands on the ground hard, but seems unphased; the ground cracks slightly. He stands up fully; it seems he came up short of Drasek somehow, so he didn't land near his blades.
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* And it would seem, too, Megumi's attack missed him.
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> Hello.
[23:05] <13Kit> 6Megumi starts to move in an arc to outright ignore Wind and get inside
[23:05] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek's face shifts to that of anger as he rushes in towards Wind.
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind casually holds up the rune blade, letting Megumi pass him. "See you later, little one."
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Wind, then pulls out his own energy sword.
15[23:06] * 13@Sam remains back, charging the gun.
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind begins to approach Drasek as he rushes in at him, holding the rune blade up still.
[23:07] <13Kit> 6Megumi just huffs at Wind and goes inside to search for Erevis and Isis
[23:07] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek brings one balde around in a wide arc towards Wind's left side. 1Don't just stand there you gits, go help Megumi find Revi.
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> As if you can beat Wind by yourself.
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind shifts the rune blade to parry, not moving his body any yet.
15[23:08] * 13@Sam looks to Darien, then she starts making her way around to follow Meg.
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> You really should listen. Erevis has been avoiding three progenitors for close to an hour now. Even she will fall soone or later.
[23:09] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek pulls his other hand around for Wind's right side now. 1And Megumi can't take on two of the lot of em by herself.
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind hops backwards to let it miss, holding the rune blade lazily still.
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien tchs. He moves to the side of Wind. "WE stop him, we take down their main weapon."
15[23:10] * 13@Sam keeps moving around to follow after Megumi.
[23:10] <13@Xanatos> 6* Draseks hmphs and shifts forward, bringing one blade upward in an uppercut like motion, though slashing, and follows up with the other blade right behind it.
[23:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind appears behind Drasek in a flash, leaning against his back.
15[23:11] * 13@Xanatos clenches his jaw. 1He's just here to slow us down, mate. Do what you will with him. I'm going to help Revi. 6He shifts and begins to dash towards the hospital now.
[23:11] <13@Xanatos> NRP: Drasek overall.
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings the sword once behind him, unleashing a torrent of wind after Drasek that increases in height to make it unavoidable.
15[23:13] * 13@Xanatos pulls his arms around and brings his hand down made of hyperspace attempting to cut himself a slot through it at the last moment possible.
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* The wind nails Drasek - hyperspace having no effect
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves in and swings at Wind, who parries, looking almost cheerful. The two begin to trade blows at each other, with Wind clearly having the upper hand.
[23:13] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek is knocked back then, soaring towards the hospital?
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drasek is cut up by the window, then smashes through glass into the lobby area.
[23:15] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek lands on the ground and slides across it for a big, bumping into a few chairs, slowly he would pull himself up.
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
04[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Megumi and Sam are in the hospital
15[23:16] * 13@Sam looks to Megumi for finding Erevis. "Where to?"
[23:16] <13Kit> 6Megumi scours hallways that aren't destroyed
15[23:17] * 13@Sam moves with her, pulling out her datapad and checking the tracker again, as though just remembering it.
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* As Megumi moves down one hallway, she can see the brute Progenitor walking down it, smashing walls with his fists
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* The datapad seems to be upstairs, not moving
15[23:17] * 13@Sam puts hers away for now and looks over at the brute.
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute finally notices them, since they're just there.
[23:19] <13Kit> <Megumi> Greetings.
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* He charges at them, gathering hyperspace energy in his hands.
15[23:19] * 13@Sam finds a place to duck out of the way.
[23:19] <13Kit> 6Megumi slides to a halt and shoves her palm forward, trying to push him back.
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute doesn't even slow.
04[23:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* He raises his hands and unleashes a large beam of hyperspace that covers 70% of the hallway. Sam would find many rooms - hospital after all
15[23:20] * 13@Sam ducks into one of them to avoid the blast.
[23:20] <13Kit> <Megumi> Figures." 6She twists and leaps for the wall to leap up and sideways near the top right corner of it to get out of the way in the same method of getting closer, sending a hand with focused force behind it for a shoulder.
[23:20] <13Kit> <Megumi> Leave us alone!
[23:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute's shoulder is moved very slightly. It seems his mass is almost impossible to influence with Megumi's current power level
[23:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Above them, the sounds of more blasts can be heard. The brute looks up a moment
15[23:22] * 13@Sam frowns and moves, heading for the nearest set of stairs.
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Arriving in this hallway is none other than an injured Drasek, since he didn't let anyone slow him down.
[23:22] <13Kit> 6Megumi kicks off from his shoulder and runs behind to find a staircase and ascend toward the noise.
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute fires a beam at the staircase, which will arrive before the two girls do
[23:23] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek sees the giant and pulls his hand up to fire a beam at Brute's to intercept it.
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* The two beams collide and cause an explosion, knocking the girls back
[23:23] <13Kit> 6Megumi spins quickly and makes for another leap and attack at Jumbo, but less power and careful now to injure herself physically
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Which interrupts Megumi's leap
15[23:23] * 13@Sam hits a wall and growns a bit, pulling herself up and heading for the stairs again.
[23:23] <13Kit> 6Megumi bounces off the wall and collapses for a moment, sighing, straining to get back up
[23:24] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek doesn't even glance towards them as he begins to dash towards Berk, clenching his fists.
04[23:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute fires a beam after Sam again, which will hit her if she just keeps running
15[23:24] * 13@Sam fires a beam at the brute's beam.
04[23:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam's hyperspace is just eaten up by the brute's beam, instead of an explosion, and slams into her chest, burning away her clothing and injuring her chest
[23:25] <13Kit> 6Megumi gets back up, growling audibly. 1"Fine."
15[23:25] * 13@Sam flies back and moans in pain as she lands against a wall, shuddering. "Too strong..."
[23:25] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek comes forward and pulls a blade upward for JumboBerk's gut.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* The blade hits the gut, and breaks.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* He throws a fist at Drasek's face.
[23:26] <13Kit> <Megumi> Drasek! It is of no use without this." 6She bounces the emerald weapon down between Jumbo's legs toward Drasek, holding a hand back, concentrating
15[23:26] * 13@Sam pulls out a nanite pack and injects herself, pulling herself up to stand.
15[23:27] * 13@Xanatos drops his body quickly, the other blade dissappearing, and he reaches out to catch the emerald weapon.
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute aims at the floor and fires a hyperspace beam attack, blowing the floor out from under Drasek
[23:28] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek widens his eyes and pulls his arms out wide to try and grasp onto something to keep himself from falling below.
15[23:28] * 13@Sam goes for the stairs when he fires at the floor.
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drasek catches nothing
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute turns toward Megumi now
[23:28] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek goes bye bye.
[23:28] <13Kit> 6Megumi starts to form the singularity-inspired attack, wincing as she grabs her wrist to brace, fingers trembling. 1"Gh... See how... thick-skinned you really are."
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute raises his hands and fires a beam at Megumi
[23:29] <13Kit> 6Megumi throws herself to the left, then runs along the wall toward Drasek's side, only concentrating on evasion and the single attack
15[23:29] * 13@Sam uses this time to try and get up the stairs.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* The brute pauses, eyeing the attack, then -- retreats by vanishing in a beam trail through the ceiling, leaving a hole.
[23:30] <13Kit> 6Megumi whirls around, grinning. 1"Thanks. I needed a way up." 6She peers down the other hole.
[23:30] <13Kit> <Megumi> Oyyy. You still alive?
15[23:30] * 13@Sam stops and looks at Megumi as she starts to climb the steps.
[23:30] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek just motions Megumi ahead, throwing up the Emerald Sphere.
[23:31] <13Kit> 6Megumi blinks wobbles her body catching it on her chest, oddly enough, since her hands are busy. 1"..."
15[23:31] * 13@Sam starts heading upstairs now.
[23:32] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek disappears from view, obviously working to make his way upward.
[23:32] <13Kit> <Megumi> They are regrouping. May want to hurry if you were not.
[23:32] <13Kit> 6Megumi nudges the emerald sphere into her kimono, then eyes the hole upward and springs to bound off the wall to the formed edge of the opening and to the next floor-- repeating as possible
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> Location: Outside
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad arrives to see a bloodied Darien kneeling before Wind, who looks completely unwinded.
15[23:33] * 13Chad`Winters stops the car and gets out quickly, raising his gun at Wind.
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* at that moment, attack shuttles and soldier people arrive as well, surrounding the building. Wind sheathes the sword, pushing his sunglasses up with a finger. <Wind> Well, seems we're out numbered.
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit gets out, forming a crystal spear, and Zephyr hops out, a hand to her eye as the other forms her gun, much bigger than normal, and aims.
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind turns his back to them, walking casually away from the hospital together. "Stragetic retreat it is."
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien groans a bit in pain, but doesn't move to stop Wind, unable to do so.
15[23:35] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue as he slowly lowers his gun, glancing at Zephyr. 1"You going to be ok?"
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She just runs for the hospital instead of answering, moving through the broken glass windows
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit follows as well
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind teleports once away a bit.
15[23:36] * 13Chad`Winters holds a stoic face and dashes after the two
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT-
04[23:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sam reaches a hallway, to find the back of Ao to her; Ao looks ruffled a bit, like she's taken a slight beating
15[23:37] * 13@Sam errs on the side of caution and ducks out of sight, watching for now to see what's going on.
04[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao snaps her fingers as Sam goes to duck, and her body stops moving
04[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao turns to face Sam now. "Fufufufufu."
15[23:38] * 13@Sam freezes and tries to focus, to break free.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Behind them, the brute smashes through the floor and lands behind Ao, staring at them
04[23:39] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> Our failed little experiment. 6* She moves forward toward Sam, wrapping her arms around Sam's neck and leans her face in close.
15[23:39] * 13@Sam stares at her, unable to move, and continues desperately to overcome the control again, focusing all her thoughts on what she wants and cares for.
04[23:40] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> Fufufufu. 6* She pats Sam's head as nothing happens. "Bad puppy."
15[23:40] * 13@Sam tries to growl as she tries harder, not giving up.
04[23:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao gets bored after a moment and snaps her fingers, so Sam drops like a sack of potatos, offline again.
15[23:41] * 13@Sam is out of it.
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> Ra, she's on this floor. Lets get the princess and end this
[23:42] <13Kit> 6Megumi sails up out of Berk's man-made elevator shaft, poised to strike on her downward arc. 1"Agreed!!"
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* The man nods , turning to face Megumi slowly. He raises his arms to block her attack
[23:42] <13Kit> 6Megumi brings her other hand down full of the spiralling darkness, having concentrated it further and never let it go considering the amount of energy it wastes
04[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* The attack strikes the man's arms and the force sends him flying backwards. Ao steps aside and lets the brute land on top of Sam, crushing her
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> <Ao> ...
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* She eyes Megumi now, her green eyes narrowing slightly.
15[23:43] * 13Kit lands roughly, barely remaining standing and pants, huffing. 1"... N-Next."
15[23:43] * 13@Sam can't even let out a scream of pain, since she's offline.
[23:43] <13Kit> NRP: Megumi
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ao lifts her hand, gathering her energy. Suddenly Famfrit leaps up in front of Megumi, holding a zanbato and a spear weapon.
[23:44] <13Kit> 6Megumi jerks slightly. 1"N-Noname..!"
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leaps up after him, her hand lowering to reveal one red colored eye in comparison to her normal eye. She aims her gun. Ao stops, eyeing them both
[23:45] <13Kit> <Megumi> Zephy..!
15[23:45] * 13Chad`Winters comes running up the steps, aiming his gun at Ao's backside.
04[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* The large brute sits up on top of Sam, then gets to his feet. The sound of attack shuttles can be heard outside now, so Ao crosses her arms. <Ao> We retreat for now.
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* The two vanish after a moment.
15[23:46] * 13@Sam lays there, heavily damaged and unmoving.
[23:46] <13Kit> <Megumi> I-Insane... he... c-can even still use... that arm after... that attack." 6She falls to her knees, then hands, gasping.
04[23:46] * 13Chad`Winters glances down at Sam than over at Megumi and than Zephyr, a concerned look appearing on his face now
[23:46] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek moves up immediately after Chad, having met him on his way, but a bit slower what with his wounds.
[23:46] <13Kit> <Megumi> At least... they are... fine for now.
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit lets his crystal weapons vanish except for the zanbato. He turns to face Megumi now.
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr lets her weapon aim at the Famfrit.
[23:47] <13Chad`Winters> Zeph, you're eye. 6He aims his gun at the Famfrit now
[23:47] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek hears Chad and glances over towards Zephyr.
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit dashes forward, attempting to grab Megumi with one arm and grasp her to his side as he runs forward at the window at the far end
15[23:47] * 13Chad`Winters tries to get a bead on the Famfrits leg and fires a shot for it if he can.
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr narrows her eyes as he does this, aiming her gun at his back
[23:47] <13Kit> 6Megumi lets out an alarmed sound, a bit worse for wear to be dodging or fighting at this point
[23:48] <13Kit> <Megumi> Wh... at are... you doing?
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit leaps up over the shot and uses force projection to smash the window out and leap out of it.
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Goddammit. 6 *She hurries to the window, to peer out.
[23:48] <13Kit> 6Megumi lets out a shrill scream, only natural when flying out a window
[23:48] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek arches a brow. 1Why the hell did he take Megumi?
15[23:48] * 13Chad`Winters quickly moves ot the window beside Zephyr, eyeing out it
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit lands on top of a flying shuttle, holding Megumi still.
04[23:48] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek moves over to kneel beside Sam, peering at her with a frown.
15[23:49] * 13@Sam lays there battered, brusied, and in the same state shew as in last time they turned her off.
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis hears the scream and moves out from her hiding spot, holding Isis in her arms. She's bruised and cut all her body, and her hands seem slightly damaged.
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Kitten...
15[23:49] * 13Chad`Winters raises his gun, trying to see if he can get a clear shot
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit reaches out and yanks out some strands of Megumi's hair, then lets her go
15[23:50] * 13@Xanatos lets out a breath and just makes sure she's not dead for now, probably not enough energy to turn her back on right now at this point.
[23:50] <13Kit> 6Megumi lets out an exasperated huff, then eyes him before crying slightly, jerking. 1"Wh-What was that for..?"
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Well, woman. You have had a child with the human woman.
15[23:51] * 13@Sam is breathing at least, she'll need heavy medical attention after being sat on by the juggernaut.
[23:51] <13Kit> <Megumi> Why are you pulling out hairs..? That hurts, you know!
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> ... 6* He eyes her. "So, if I was to say I am going to take your child, what will you do?"
[23:52] <13Kit> <Megumi> What would you do if I took yours? I would kill you. Would you expect any less?
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves Isis to Zephyr's hands, who blinks and the gun vanishes. She moves to the edge of the window, preparing to jump out, despite her injuries.
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Then I suggest you kill me.
[23:52] <13Chad`Winters> You think you can make it Erevis? 6He shifts out of her way
[23:53] <13Kit> <Megumi> Wh-Why..!? Why can we not settle it any other way?
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Then will you bare me children so our race can continue? 6* He notes with a dry tone
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis nods once, and simply focuses on her psionics to launch herself out and for the shuttle, looking as if she were flying almost
[23:54] <13Kit> <Megumi> ...I cannot. Not now.
15[23:54] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his gun. 1"The eye you were holding turned red." 6He notes to Zephyr
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> Then I will take your child. Unless you stop me now. The fall would be enough to kill me.
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... Lets focus on them right now. 6* She says without looking away from the window
04[23:54] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek raises now, after satisfied that Sam won't die and rises to move toward the window's edge.
[23:55] <13Kit> <Megumi> Whether you believe me or not, every life I take in turn takes its toll on me. You will have me bear another just because you cannot accept life the way it is?!
15[23:55] * 13Chad`Winters glances at her than looks back out again
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis lands on the shuttle, then falls to one knee, holding her injured arm.
[23:55] <13Kit> <Megumi> So it is not perfect, but is she not part of your race as it is? You should be grateful we are not extinct. That there is still something to protect.
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit spreads his arms. "I do not care about your tolls. Stop me now, or I will continue to try to take your child."
[23:56] <13Kit> 6Megumi twitches slightly then moves forward like she's going to shove him off.
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit waits casually.
[23:57] <13Kit> 6Megumi sweeps her leg for his shins to fell him forward, turning and shoving her elbow back to turn him onto his back in a full motion
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Megumi's aim is suddenly knocked off aim and she would stumble about. The Famfrit smiles coldly.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> I've changed my mind. I won't die here today. 6* He shifts to the edge of the shuttle
[23:58] <13Kit> 6Megumi's eyes widen and she tries to steady herself, wincing. 1".."
[23:58] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek holds up his hands and forms a 'gun' with his finger, aiming towards the Famfrit now.
15[23:59] * 13Chad`Winters raises hig gun again, taking aim
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> <Famfrit> I'll just make you mine and take your child later. 6* He notes with a cocky smile. Erevis rises, frowning
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* The famfrit steps off and falls.
[23:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> ...You cannot have her. But I ...will not kill you. I will not care if you do not understand.
[23:59] <13Kit> 6Megumi kneels down and peers over after him.
13[00:00] * Day changed to Tuesday, September 9th 2008.
Session Time: Tue Sep 09 00:00:01 2008
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Famfrit uses force projections and manifestions to soften his impact. He then runs off around the building to get out of aim sight
15[00:00] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue, lowering his gun
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ......
[00:00] <13Kit> <Megumi> What the ... hell does he want... with it..?
04[00:00] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Still say we shoulda killed the git when we had a chance. 6* He shifts away from the window, moving to lift up Sam.
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis lets out her breath in relief, then moves to sit, apparantly weaker than she let on
[00:01] <13Chad`Winters> Probably right.
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ......
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
04[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* After everyone is back, and Sam rebooted, the team has some down time. Darien is busy ordering repairs with his comm, sitting in his office
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis lays on her bed. And Isis' fever seems to be gone, having gotten taken care
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits by her tree, leaning against it
15[00:03] * 13@Sam sits in the office with him, resting back in a chair, still recovering from the damage she took.
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore sits by Drasek, handing him beers as he needs it
15[00:03] * 13Chad`Winters steps up to Zephyr, his arms in his hoodie pocket.
[00:03] <13Kit> 6Megumi secludes herself in one of the studies without even her datapad
[00:03] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek lays on the couch weakly, taking drinks of beer, smiling at Fiore lightly.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis rolls onto her side, touching Isis quietly. She seems depressed with Meg not around
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks up. "Chad."
15[00:04] * 13@Sam watches Darien silently, having been getting progressively quieter as time's gone by.
04[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien finishes the calls and hangs up, turning to look at Sam, evaluating her quietly.
[00:05] <13Kit> 6Dawn exits the kitchen with a tray of madelines for Aya
[00:05] <13Chad`Winters> So when are you going to tell me what's wrong? 6He looks down at her, a soft look on his face.
15[00:05] * 13@Sam offers a weak little smile. "I rushed in without thinking... I was lucky."
[00:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs. Her brown eyes are now one red eye, one brown. "As if I know."
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You were.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I think next time they show up, you should just stay as far away from it as you can.
[00:06] <13Chad`Winters> You seem distant Zephyr, ever since we woke you back up.
09[00:06] <13@Sam> "Agreed."
[00:06] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Well luv. 6He winces slightly. 1Think that was about the last of my energy.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans her head back against the tree. "I guess."
09[00:06] <13@Sam> "I... thought I could resist them... it was dumb of me."
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Sleep. Eat. Drink. Get more energy.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien offers her a smile, touching her cheek softly. "We all think we can do more than we can. All of us."
[00:07] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Doesn't work like that. Least not completely. Least it means i'll get plenty more of make-out time with Revi. 6He jokes with a slight laugh, then a hiss and a wince, dropping his head back completely.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Ah. Aha.
15[00:07] * 13@Sam smiles a bit more. "I... I overcame the mind control by thinking about you, by wanting you. I thought maybe I could do the same... I need to learn my limits."
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis hugs Isis to herself, closing her eyes now
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien kisses her forehead. "I'll help you as best as I can."
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks at Chad. "There's a lot going on inside me I don't get right now, Chad. Things I just need to ... figure out. Until I do, I think it might be best if ... we took a break on the dating thing, and just stayed friends."
[00:09] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek lets out a breath. 1Thanks for the help luv, it means alot.
15[00:09] * 13@Sam smiles and gently puts a hand to the side of his face, looking up at him. "I know we can get through this, wishes aren't always perfectly fulfilled... but we can make do."
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> It is. Nothing.
[00:09] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> So modest. 6He notes, eyeing her with a smirk.
15[00:09] * 13Chad`Winters pulls a hand out, running it through his hair. 1"I..." He pauses, looking down at her now, his face showing mixed emotions. 1"see."
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm sorry. 6* She stands up, rubbing her hand over her eye. "But right now I'm not in a good place."
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore just hands him a plate of sushi she made up
15[00:11] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his hand. 1"If it's what you want."
[00:11] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek's eyes brighten slightly and he eats a piece whole, chewing it up. 1Brilliant. Delicious.
[00:11] <13Kit> 6Megumi arrives out of the study, her hair rather... wild, for her. Not tied or braided, dishevled at best. She peers toward the two at the couch. 1"...Drasek."
[00:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods and stands up, sliding her hands into her coat pockets. "Yeah." 6* She just begins to walk off in a direction not the house.
[00:12] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek jerks slightly, but can't do much that lay there. 1Megumi?
15[00:12] * 13@Sam groans a bit as she shifts. "Remind me not to lay under any elephants again."
[00:12] <13Kit> <Megumi> He wants me to kill him.
[00:12] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I'll do that. 6* He says with a slight laugh
[00:12] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> Then you should kill him, luv.
[00:12] <13Kit> <Megumi> Very well.
[00:13] <13Kit> 6Megumi moves toward the bedrooms.
15[00:13] * 13@Sam gives up on getting up and sits back. "How about dinner in here?"
15[00:13] * 13Chad`Winters puts his hand back away, not hiding a hurt look. He turns and moves back inside.
[00:13] <13@Xanatos> <Drasek> You tried reason, right? Not sure what else you can do. 6He says as she begins to move.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I'll talk to Fiore about getting something made.
09[00:13] <13@Sam> "Mmm... I need to figure out how to get off her bad side."
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Good luck
[00:14] <13Kit> 6Megumi leans into the bedroom, eyeing the two at the bed.
15[00:14] * 13@Sam sighs, "The things a blast of hyperspace can't solve..."
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis is laying there, holding Isis, her eyes closed, breathing softly.
[00:14] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek goes back to eating his sushi, a delighted look on his face.
[00:14] <13Kit> 6Megumi goes to silently close the door again. <I will be heading out.>
15[00:15] * 13Chad`Winters steps inside, a neutral look on his face as he moves towards the hallway to his room
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr doesn't respond to Megumi's mental note.
09[00:15] <13@Sam> "I still don't get it... why do you think she seems to dislike me so much?" *she seems to be striking up conversation to take her mind off her immobility*
[00:16] <13Kit> 6Megumi moves back down the hall, not bothering with her keys as she heads for the front door.
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No idea.
[00:17] <13@Xanatos> 6* Drasek gobbles up the sushi and lets out a gasp for air, indicating it filled him up. 1Well luv. Let's see if I can make it to my bed.
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore nods once, moving to assist him
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> -END-
15[00:18] * 13Chad`Winters opens the door to his room and moves inside, shutting it behind him
03[00:18] * DeathStar changes topic to 'Erevis the Progenitor | Season 4 (Progenitors): 16 of 20 complete | Session #77 | Episode Seventeen: Not As We  | 1 of 1 | Sessions will be RPed on M/W at 9 EST | Please visit our brother RPG at #taw'