Session Time: Mon Sep 15 00:00:01 2008
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> 1
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> Stardare: 10-590.3.20
[21:05] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis has spent most of the day at the HQ with Freyja, discussing planting and what not. Dressed in a casual blouse and jeans, Erevis has her hair done up in a ponytail today, going for relaxed than her typical wear. "Perhaps later this week you and I can get together to work on the garden some more."
[21:08] <13Megumi> <Freyja> I should like that, I imagine.
[21:08] <13Megumi> 6Freyja smiles a little. 1"How are things with little Isis nowadays?"
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> She is well and healthy. 6* She seems to brighten up a bit at the mention of Isis. "She is currently with Megumi Zhenmei." 6* She pauses, then pulls out a datapad she had with her in case something went wrong. "It seems Chad Winters is picking me up to discuss something." 6* She puts the datapad back up, then bows at Freyja. "I will see you in a few days."
[21:10] <13Megumi> <Freyja> Very well. Take care, Erevis-dono." 6She bows, then smiles, opening the door to her room for Erevis to leave.
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis steps out of Freyja's room, moving down the hallway to exit the base. She pauses a moment, then moves to walk to the road side where a vehicle is waiting for her. As she steps up, she suddenly stumbles forward from something hitting her mind, and blacks out completely, bumping against the car side
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> -SCENE SHIFT/TIME JUMP-
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Being 30 minutes late to arrive back, Erevis has yet to make an appearance, which is unusual for her. Darien sits at his computer with his datapad, doing work as usual.
15[21:12] * 13Chad`Winters sits in his room still, working on something.
15[21:12] * 13@Sammael keeps herself occupied on her own datapad, sitting nearby Darien, doing something for her remote classes.
15[21:13] * 13@Drasek sits in the living room, guitar in hand, strumming casually, doing a chord progression.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore dusts the living room, doing things as she typically does.
15[21:13] * 13Megumi walks to the living room, holding Isis and cups a hand. 1"Drasek!"
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Isis reels as if her ears are hurt
15[21:14] * 13@Drasek pauses and eyes Megumi oddly, he glances at her, stopping his strumming. 1Luv?
[21:14] <13Megumi> Have you heard from beloved?
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien slides his chair to the doorway to peer into the living room, unable to not notice Megumi's loud voice.
[21:14] <13@Drasek> No. Should I?
[21:14] <13Megumi> She is late...
15[21:14] * 13@Sammael looks up a bit and listens.
15[21:15] * 13@Drasek hmms and glances glances up slightly. 1Oh. You think somethings happened, then?
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> She went to HQ, right? Just call them and ask if she was delayef.
[21:16] <13Megumi> I hope not... however, it is not like her, right?
15[21:16] * 13Megumi nods and pulls out her comm to do so.
15[21:16] * 13@Drasek nods once to Megumi, then glances from her to Darien, he watches her quietly.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien shifts and takes his datapad, looking over any military/police channels.
15[21:17] * 13@Sammael closes her project and looks over at Darien curiously.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* After going through the channels on her comm, she would get the information that Erevis left the base an hour ago, hence why she's 30 minutes late.
15[21:18] * 13Chad`Winters rubs the bridge of his nose as he leans back from his table
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks up after getting nothing. "Well, Megumi?"
15[21:20] * 13@Sammael looks over at Meg. "Is everything alright?"
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore pauses in her dusting for now, probably not really in the mood to dust with people talking about missing people.
15[21:21] * 13@Drasek glances at Fiore and pats the couch beside him, his eyes moving back to Megumi for a reaction.
[21:21] <13Megumi> Nothing at all. She left an hour ago.
09[21:21] <13@Sammael> "So she's just late..."
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien leans back. "Or she was taken after she left."
15[21:22] * 13Megumi jumps and glares toward Darien
15[21:22] * 13@Drasek frowns. 1No point in glaring. Mate has a point.
09[21:22] <13@Sammael> "Mmm... always a possibility."
[21:22] <13@Drasek> NRP: no sense*
09[21:22] <13@Sammael> "No one went with her after all."
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> She was suppose to get a ride with one of us when she was done. I'm guessing no one got the call to pick her up?
[21:23] <13Megumi> Then we should be looking for her!!
[21:23] <13@Drasek> Not me. I don't think. 6He pauses and checks his datapad.
15[21:24] * 13@Sammael looks at the others. She checks her datapad in case, despite not being much of a driver.
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore, who has remained standing, peers down at Drasek. None of their datapads have a message from Erevis
09[21:25] <13@Sammael> "She left an hour ago, and not with one of us... Legion or the Two Progenitors?"
[21:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien leans back now, running a hand through his hair. "One of them, at least."
15[21:25] * 13@Drasek sets his guitar aside and rubs his face slowly, then moves to stand. 1Well then. Where would we even begin to look?
[21:26] <13Megumi> The base is the only place to start.
[21:26] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I have no idea. 6* Darien sends Chad a message through the datapad to meet them in the living room.
15[21:26] * 13Chad`Winters glances down at his datapad, eyeing it. He grabs it and moves, heading to and into the living room.
[21:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gets to his feet as Chad enters. "Erevis is missing. We need to find out what happened to her."
15[21:27] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow. 1"How late?"
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> 38 minutes now. She left the HQ 30 more than that.
09[21:29] <13@Sammael> "We should then start at the base, unless someone has attached some sort of tracking device to her." *sounds almost as if she's considering it*
15[21:29] * 13@Drasek puts his hands together. 1Well, Megumi is right, we should start at the HQ and go from there.
[21:29] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I'll get the car ready. 6* He shifts to go outside
[21:29] <13Chad`Winters> Well we could see if the HQ will let us look at their security feeds.
15[21:29] * 13@Sammael sighs a bit, pockets her datapad and heads out after him.
15[21:29] * 13@Drasek glances to Fiore. 1Message me and let me know if she comes back while we're gone?
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Will do.
15[21:30] * 13@Drasek nods his head toward her and gives her a half smile before turning to step outside.
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien slides into his car and powers it up
15[21:31] * 13@Sammael gets into the passenger side and yawns a bit.
15[21:31] * 13Chad`Winters pulls out his datapad, sending a message to Aya. He moves out, heading outside and to Darien's car.
15[21:31] * 13Megumi runs after Darien, still holding Isis.
15[21:32] * 13@Drasek gets into the back, sad that he'll be inbetween Chad and Megumi.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin motions at the security feeds, which show Erevis exiting, but not what happens after she reaches a blind spot at the road. "Can't see anything, I'm afraid."
[21:34] <13Chad`Winters> There has to be a camera feed of all vehicles leaving and entering, right?
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> The vehicle was at the road. It never entered.
15[21:34] * 13@Sammael watches the monitors, one hand holding her other arm gently.
15[21:35] * 13@Drasek rubs his face and shakes his head. 1Wouldn't guess there'd be a camera aimed at the road.
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs the bridge of his nose, leaning back. "Well, they knew us enough to pick a blind spot."
15[21:36] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms. 1"Doesn't seem like something Legion or the two progenitors would do."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I can't see anyone else out there wanting Erevis
09[21:36] <13@Sammael> "Someone who knows the base functions and Erevis' behavior...?"
[21:37] <13@Drasek> Well she's pretty attractive. But why would Revi go out to the road and not call one of us, eh?
09[21:37] <13@Sammael> "Perhaps she simply forgot... did she bring her comms with her?"
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Lets see if Freyja knows anything. 6* He glances at Paladin, who nods and takes his comm, asking Freyja to his office.
[21:37] <13Chad`Winters> It means she trusted the person at the vehicle.
15[21:38] * 13@Drasek crosses his arms and has a perplexed look of thought on his face.
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Chad. "Not many people she trusts that much."
[21:39] <13Chad`Winters> Than it means it was someone she thought she could trust.
[21:39] <13Megumi> I hate to say this however, I can think of one other person... or supposed person, who might, Darien.
09[21:39] <13@Sammael> "Who...?"
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Megumi now
[21:39] <13Megumi> One who knows of latent psychic abilities. And would now know she has them?
15[21:40] * 13@Drasek eyes Megumi, not sure who she is talking about.
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You thinking Dawn?
09[21:40] <13@Sammael> "But... Erevis knows Dawn's been taken... doesn't she?"
15[21:40] * 13@Drasek arches a brow. 1There's not way that git could take out Revi, anyway. It's not possible.
[21:41] <13Megumi> He would not need to 'take her out' if she did not expect him to attack.
[21:41] <13Megumi> He is a sniper, is he not?
[21:41] <13Megumi> He has been stationed on this base and would likely know, as a technical astute, its weaknesses and systems. He has also been close to Erevis for some time now, and whomever got ahold of him might want to study Erevis for her own potential.
15[21:41] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms now, studying Megumi for a second. 1"You really think he'd fall that quickly?"
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien crosses his arms. "Can't deny the possibility."
15[21:42] * 13@Sammael frowns and touches her forehead. "It does make sense..."
[21:42] <13@Drasek> I know. That's what pisses me off. 6He notes to Darien, making a face.
[21:42] <13Megumi> I have no idea what the people who took him are capable of-- or what kind of mental state he was or is in.
15[21:43] * 13Megumi looks to Paladin. 1"Did Dawn Allighieri have any access to places on this base? Clearance for any sort of projects or duties?"
[21:43] <13Megumi> 6Freyja arrives now, looking confused at the gathering of people.
09[21:43] <13@Sammael> "It isn't too hard to scope out external cameras or detect security ssytems from the outside... reguardless."
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> Nothing special. He gave us plans for an assault craft.
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Freyja. "Did Erevis tell you who she was meeting at the road?"
[21:44] <13Megumi> <Freyja> Meeting... at the road?
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Apparantly she went out to the road to a vehicle. We got people who noticed it, but nothing on the feeds.
15[21:44] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Freyja now, studying her, listening
15[21:45] * 13@Drasek moves his eyes over to Freyja, hoping it's not Dawn.
09[21:45] <13@Sammael> "She knew to call us, didn't, then meets someone else on the road and vanishes... this is... strange to say the least."
[21:45] <13Megumi> <Freyja> No, I did not hear anything. She said Chad Winters was picking her up. She looked like she was being summoned on her datapad."
15[21:46] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow.
15[21:46] * 13@Sammael looks over at Chad now.
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances at Chad now. "Well, he's here, so that's a fake lead."
[21:46] <13Megumi> <Freyja> Something has happened...?!
[21:46] <13Chad`Winters> See? Exploited her trust of someone.
15[21:46] * 13@Drasek moves his eyes to Chad, and arches a brow. 1Yeah, she's missing, luv.
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face. "Alright, lets assume Dawn did it. How do we find him?"
[21:48] <13@Drasek> It's a question i've been asking for a bit of time now, haven't I?
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> And one we have no answer.
[21:48] <13Chad`Winters> You gotta ask yourself why? Why would he? There's better people to grab besides her.
[21:49] <13Megumi> Whom else would he grab, Chad?
09[21:49] <13@Sammael> "Fiore?"
[21:49] <13Chad`Winters> I don't know. Aya, his sister.
[21:49] <13Chad`Winters> You.
[21:49] <13@Drasek> Yeah you'd think the git and his pa would want their little sis. 6He pauses and pulls up his datapad, sending out a message to Fiore to see if she's alright.
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien crosses his arms. "Who do you think did it, then, Chad?"
15[21:50] * 13@Sammael slowly looks over to Drasek. "...A distraction?"
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore responds she's fine
15[21:51] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face, thinking. 1"There's only so many ways out of here, right?"
[21:51] <13Megumi> If he had an interest in psionics, I would think he has seen her demonstrate plenty of times.
15[21:51] * 13@Drasek relaxes slightly and shakes his head. 1Fiore is ok. Must've been someone other than Dawn, I would think.
[21:52] <13Megumi> I am a dud, if you are interested in telepaths...
15[21:52] * 13@Sammael sighs and leans near Darien, trying to come up with ideas.
09[21:52] <13@Sammael> "Are you sure all of those... VI people who tried to kidnap her before are gone?"
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It makes no sense.
15[21:53] * 13@Sammael shrugs, "Just... trying to think of anything."
[21:53] <13@Drasek> Most likely, it was Wind. It had to be.
[21:53] <13Chad`Winters> Let's try to time the stop light cameras with how much time it would take them to leave the base from here to reach them.
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien taps his forehead at Chad's suggestion. "This could take a while."
09[21:54] <13@Sammael> "Most sound idea I've heard..."
[21:54] <13Megumi> <Freyja> I could try to divine her location! Seeing as she is one I care for it makes it easier..
[21:55] <13Chad`Winters> I thought you lost your powers. 6He eyes Freyja
[21:55] <13Megumi> 6Freyja sighs slightly. 1"Though not being kitsune it could take... a lot... longer..."
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Well, while you try to divine, we'll look at the light cameras like Chad suggested.
09[21:55] <13@Sammael> "It doesn't seem like Wind though, he could just pop in, grab her and pop out at any time, this was too elaborate."
[21:55] <13@Drasek> Least we'll be trying to find her on two fronts, then.
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods to Paladin and steps out
15[21:55] * 13Chad`Winters steps out after Darien.
15[21:55] * 13@Sammael gets up and follows after Darien and Chad.
15[21:55] * 13@Drasek steps out after Chad. A frown on his face.
[21:55] <13Megumi> <Freyja> I have lost the abilities to being a kitsune as Legion stole my heritage-- however, those of a priestess I still maintain without as much power." 6She nods to Darien and leaves to do so.
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> Location: City Management Buildnig
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* After going through the video logs, they get an image of the vehicle that is most likely the suspect - since it's the only one. It's a car that could pass as Chad's indeed, with only one driver - a male - barely visible. He is not recognizeable.
09[21:57] <13@Sammael> "Too elaborate."
[21:57] <13Chad`Winters> I think we have a match.
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Not Dawn.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien jots down the license plate, and begins to run a search on the computers.
[21:58] <13@Drasek> Not foofy enough. 6He notes in agreement.
09[21:58] <13@Sammael> "What about one of his father's henchmen?"
[21:58] <13Chad`Winters> We can use a matching program to try and follow the vehicle along.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> So we think henchmen can take down ERevis now?
[21:58] <13@Drasek> Obviously mate.
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien motions at Chad to try as he does his search
09[21:59] <13@Sammael> "I don't know what they are capable of... sorry..."
15[21:59] * 13Chad`Winters pulls out his datapad and starts running a program to do the same thing. 1"Could've caught her off guard with one an anti-psionic device."
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Maybe.
[22:00] <13Megumi> 6Megumi sighs restlessly, pacing in the background with Isis, trying to remain calm for her sake.
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Alright, got a name and an address. 6* He notes, finding the license easily.
[22:00] <13@Drasek> Brilliant. Let's go there.
[22:00] <13Chad`Winters> Who do you got?
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No one we'd know.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stands up, picking up his own datapad, and moves for the door again.
15[22:01] * 13@Drasek goes with him.
15[22:01] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow as he glances at Darien. He grabs his datapad and moves after Darien.
15[22:01] * 13@Sammael follows Darien.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[22:02] <13@DeathStar> Location: Suburbs
[22:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stops the car outside a house. So far now Erevis has been missing 4 hours.
15[22:02] * 13@Drasek eyes the House and he steps out of the car, adjusting his suit, preparing to hit someone.
15[22:03] * 13Chad`Winters steps out himself, eyeing the house than his datapad.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chad's system would indicate the car went straight here, practically
15[22:03] * 13Megumi gets out, rubbing her forehead anxiously. She would have left Isis with Freyja and/or Cheryl and Chii.
15[22:03] * 13@Sammael gets out and adjusts the strap under her blouse before walking over to join Darien.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves forward, peering around the yard. Inside a garage is the car
15[22:04] * 13@Sammael moves with him, looking around warily.
15[22:04] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his datapad. 1"They brought her here."
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves forward slowly to the front door, then raps on it with his knuckles, motioning for the others to be ready
15[22:05] * 13@Drasek tightens his fist, standing by Darien.
15[22:05] * 13@Sammael gets ready, hand near her hidden gun.
15[22:05] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the otherside of the door, waiting.
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* The door opens and a middle aged man stands there, peering at them with confusion. "Hello...?"
[22:05] <13Megumi> Manipulation. Smoke and mirrors.
15[22:06] * 13@Drasek eyes the man, then glances at Darien.
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* The man looks at Megumi with no comprehension. "Can I ... help you people?"
15[22:07] * 13@Sammael frowns a bit, looking at Chad.
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien leans forward. "Were you at a military base today and met with a red haired woman?"
[22:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* The man stares, his face going blank, as if he can't remember something, then speaks. "No...I've been home all day."
15[22:08] * 13Chad`Winters eyes the man, studying him.
15[22:08] * 13@Drasek eyes the man's expression and then glances at Darien again. 1Could've had his noggin messed with.
[22:08] <13Megumi> Manipulation." 6She nods.
15[22:08] * 13@Sammael looks over at the man and frowns, knowing that look too well. "Are you sure?"
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face a bit, then turns to look back at the street. "Yeah." 6* He says to Drasek and Meg.
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> <Man> Yes
[22:08] <13Chad`Winters> You live here alone?
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> <Man> Of course. 6* He seems wary, as if he thinks they'll hurt him
15[22:09] * 13@Sammael stands at ease, to show the man they won't hurt him. "Could they have switched out here?"
15[22:09] * 13Megumi looks up at him and smiles very softly, 1"Please do not worry. The woman we speak of is very dear to me and is missing."
15[22:10] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue as he turns, glancing back at their vehicle.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Now what do we do?
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Try to read his mind?
[22:10] <13Megumi> ...How would we do that?
15[22:10] * 13@Drasek shakes his head once. 1With who, then? Fiore?
15[22:10] * 13@Sammael looks around. "We're a bit short on psions."
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> We could take him to Fiore. 6* He nods.
15[22:11] * 13Chad`Winters walks over to the garage, eyeing the car.
15[22:11] * 13@Sammael watches Chad.
[22:11] <13@Drasek> Dunno, mate. Don't thinks he's got quite the grip of her abilities, does she?
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien turns to talk to the man, holding up his military ID, explaining what they need.
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> We'll find out.
15[22:12] * 13Chad`Winters moves upto the car, eyeing the interior
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Nothing odd.
15[22:12] * 13Megumi bows before the man, thanking him profusely for any cooperation.
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of D
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> Time: Erevis has been missing almost 5 hours.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* The man sits in front of Fiore, his eyes closed. She looks at him, sittin in her own chair. Nearby, Zephyr leans on a wall, apparantly popping back up, probably due to MEg's worry.
15[22:13] * 13@Sammael watches carefully, remaining nearby Darien.
15[22:13] * 13@Drasek stand behind Fiore and a bit to the right side of her, to provide moral support, essentially.
15[22:14] * 13Chad`Winters leans against the wall, his arms crossed as he watches them all, his eyes glancing at Zephyr once in awhile.
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Creatures in biological suits. Made man help. Erased memory. Teleported with her.
[22:14] <13Megumi> Them!?
[22:14] <13Megumi> Vapaads...
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face. "Figures."
15[22:15] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue.
[22:15] <13@Drasek> Vapaads? 6He looks a bit confused, then arches a brow. 1What'll they want her for, then?
[22:15] <13Megumi> They were key in orchestrating the endgame last ... 'cycle.'
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> To get her ready for time travel, a bit. MAybe remove the whole Xanatos bit from her memory.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr frowns, closing her left eye. "Think the Eve clone could help us find them? Can't be many on the planet."
[22:16] <13@Drasek> Ah those gits. I remember the lot of you mentioning them once.
[22:16] <13Megumi> You think they could..? I could call Eve directly..
15[22:16] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Megumi at that
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You have Eve's direct line?
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances over at Megumi.
15[22:17] * 13Megumi jerks slightly, then rubs behind an ear, glancing away.
15[22:17] * 13@Sammael frowns a bit and looks at Meg.
[22:17] <13Megumi> I have my reasons..
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Whatever. Call her, then. The longer we wait, the more programming they'll do to her.
15[22:18] * 13@Drasek frowns and then pats Fiore on the shoulder. 1Thanks, luv.
15[22:18] * 13Megumi nods and pulls out her ever handy comm, stepping away to make the call.
09[22:19] <13@Sammael> "This is... part of what we already knew was going to happen correct?"
[22:19] <13Chad`Winters> Interesting. 6He doesn't sound like it tho. 1"Atleast we can bet that they stayed earth side.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien sits down, peering at Megumi. Zephyr shoves her hands into her pockets.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve answers her comm. "Yes, Mrs. Zhenmei?"
15[22:20] * 13Megumi glances back at the others, winces and looks back forward and squints. 1"Hello, Miss Summers... I hate to ask, but ... I need another favor. Not related to work."
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> What do you need?
[22:21] <13Megumi> We have reason to believe vapaads have abducted beloved on one of her visits to the military base general Paladin oversees. ...Is there any way we might locate them?"
[22:21] <13Chad`Winters> I'll get my gear. 6He turns, moving towards his room now.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> Wouldn't it be more prudent to ask Winters were they're at?
[22:22] <13Megumi> Why Chad?
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> He sent information about the Vapaads and their plan to take Erevis to help make sure the timeline stay true. He said he wanted no more part ni it, but gave us the information in case we wanted to help the Vapaads. We decided not to.
09[22:23] <13@Sammael> "Why... are the Vapaads so keenly interested in controlling all of this?" *she looks at the others*
[22:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore quietly sits there, peering back at Drasek once, then ahead. The man seems to wait for permission to go
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No idea.
[22:24] <13Megumi> While I ...might have reason to believe that is true and very disturbing... this is the second time I have heard Chad Winters being used in relation to her missing... it seems... off.
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> Maybe they stuck to their plan when Chad was still helping them, then
15[22:25] * 13Megumi blinks a few times and glances back to Darien. 1"..."
03[22:25] * Dias-Work ( has joined #erevis
[22:25] <13Megumi> I... was not aware, Miss Summers.
03[22:25] * Dias-Work is now known as Chad`Winters`
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> Anyway, if they're following the plan, Chad should know their location.
13[22:26] * These users have been split from #erevis: Drasek, Chad`Winters - check netsplits window for details!
09[22:26] <13@Sammael> "Hmm... it just seems so odd, the Progenitors have an ultimate goal of reviving thier race... Legion jsut seems to have an odd fascination with her... but what do the Vapaads have to gain from all of this?"
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I never got their intentions.
[22:26] <13Megumi> Thank you, Miss Summers. I am sorry to disturb you.
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve clicks off after saying goodbye
04[22:27] * 13Megumi puts her comm away. 1"My wrath, Sammael. That is all they will get."
15[22:27] * 13@Sammael looks to Megumi and nods.
03[22:27] * Chad`Winters` is now known as Chad`Winters
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes Chad now, frowning. "So you knew all along?"
13[22:28] * These users have rejoined #erevis: Drasek - check netsplits window for details!
15[22:28] * 13Megumi looks over as Chad re-emerges?
15[22:29] * 13Chad`Winters glances at Zephyr. 1"Yes. But I wiped my hands clean of it when I told Eve and Alex that if they wanted it to succeed it was in their hands."
[22:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Wiped your hands clean of it? You helped plan this, then think that absolves you? Why not speak the fuck up when we were looking for her if you wanted your hands clean, Chad?"
15[22:30] * 13@Sammael puts her head in her hands and just listens, clearly upset with the yelling.
[22:31] <13Chad`Winters> Because I wasn't sure if they'd follow the original plan since I could cut them off.
15[22:31] * 13Drasek eyes Chad, arms crossed and tense, looking like he's about to punch someone(Chad).
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien smirks a bit, clicking his tongue once like Chad does. "Hah."
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr slaps her hand over her left eye, turning away right now
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Well, you got an idea where they're at, then?
[22:33] <13Chad`Winters> If they're still following the original plan. Yeah.
09[22:33] <13@Sammael> "It's the best we have to go on."
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Vapaads don't strike me as the type to improvise. I'll get the shuttle ready.
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* The front door opens and Aya hurries in, setting her bag down
15[22:33] * 13Megumi jerks, looking to Aya. 1"A-Aya..?"
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stands up and moves to his office briefly.
15[22:33] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Aya and her rushing.
15[22:34] * 13@Sammael gets up to join Darien, stretching, she looks over to Aya.
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I came as soon as school ended. Did you find her?
[22:34] <13Chad`Winters> We're about to.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods . "Can I go, too?"
15[22:35] * 13Drasek shakes his head and closes his eyes. Probably trying to keep calm.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just remains quiet, hand over her eye right now.
15[22:35] * 13@Sammael steps into the office after Darien.
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien uses his datapad to get the shuttle ready, then taps a few keys on his computers to set up defenses
15[22:36] * 13Megumi sighs and looks back to Zephyr. 1"Zephyr...?"
15[22:36] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face.
[22:37] <13Chad`Winters> We'll be dealing with Vapaads or worse right now.
[22:38] <13Drasek> Bloody fine, as long as I get to hurt something.
15[22:38] * 13@Sammael looks over at Darien. "I'm still not familiar with these things, is there anything I should watch out for?"
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... yes? 6* She turns to look at Meg.
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I'll get my tactical suit ready. 6* She moves to her orom
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> No idea.
15[22:38] * 13Chad`Winters watches his daughter walk off, without getting a definite yes.
09[22:39] <13@Sammael> "Ah, sounds like an average day then."
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Basically.
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien steps back out. "Any thing else you can tell us, Chad?"
[22:40] <13Drasek> Like how you're completely not part of it. I'd like to hear that part again.
[22:40] <13Chad`Winters> The Vapaads were going to do this irregardless. The only thing we have going for us, is we know where to go to find hopefully find Erevis. 6He eyes Drasek.
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just steps outside after Chad says that, probably to wait for them to get the shuttle ready
[22:41] <13Drasek> If you knew. You should have told us. So we could've been prepared. Course I'm not so sure you wanted them to be stopped, did you mate? 6He shakes his head and moves for the front door.
[22:42] <13Chad`Winters> It had to be done Drasek.
[22:42] <13Chad`Winters> If she didn't go back, everything would've ended.
15[22:42] * 13@Sammael steps out of the office, standing behind Darien a bit.
15[22:42] * 13Megumi goes to wait with Zephyr, sighing a bit.
[22:42] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> What's done is done. Just like I did what I thought was right, Chad did the same at the time.
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands outside, hand pressed to her eye, a black veil of dark thoughts blocking any real bond talk
[22:43] <13Drasek> Like hell is had to be done. She was going back. She knew what she had to do. The whole lot of you are a bunch of ponces. Fucking gits. 6He grumbles, stepping out.
09[22:43] <13@Sammael> "Cannot change the past... you can only look to the future."
[22:43] <13Chad`Winters> She lost her resolve because it was Xanatos.
15[22:44] * 13Drasek justs gives a light laugh at that as he leaves.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien watches Drasek step out, then looks at Chad. "I'm just worried what else the Vapaads will put in her head." 6* He follows after Drasek. Aya hurries back out, tact suit on
15[22:44] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face. 1"Yeah..."
15[22:44] * 13@Sammael follows behind Darien, she frowns deeply, apparently very unhappy with all this talk of programming people.
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You alright? 6* She asks Meg, glancing
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I'm ready. 6* She tells Chad, moving at his pace.
15[22:45] * 13Drasek moves over to the car and gets in, not saying much else now.
[22:45] <13Chad`Winters> Right. 6He responds, his face shifting to a neutral one as he moves outside
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gets in the car and sits down. "You going to be able to restrain yourself?" 6* He asks Drasek
[22:46] <13Drasek> I've not hit anyone yet, have I?
15[22:46] * 13@Sammael gets in her usual seat and sighs a bit.
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Yet being the operative word.
15[22:46] * 13Chad`Winters moves to his car and get's in.
[22:46] <13Drasek> Well let's hope for the best then, mate.
09[22:46] <13@Sammael> "Hit the Vapaads and we should be fine... at least in theory."
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr peers at Megumi's silence, then gets in the car, closing both eyes
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya gets in Chad's car. Fiore watches them go, then prepares to enjoy the house to herself.
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> Location: Siberia
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Down below is a Vapaad shuttle that has been parked, only instead of being in one piece, it looks to be in many pieces, with smoke rising. Darien peers down from the shuttle window as he flies over
15[22:48] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his face as he eyes the pieces.
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Wonder if Erevis got pissed.
09[22:48] <13@Sammael> "Or if someone else came for Erevis."
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien frowns, then brings the shuttle down to land near the Vapaad's shuttle.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands up as they land, shifting her coat as she moves for the back. Aya frowns a bit, glancing at Chad over and over, as if worried
09[22:50] <13@Sammael> "If so we can only hope they Vapaad are strong... if not I will resume hoping they are weak and can be beaten up easily."
15[22:50] * 13Drasek pulls himself to his feet, adjusting his suit as he moves towards the back, glancing at Zephyr.
15[22:50] * 13Chad`Winters unholsters Ebony and moves and hits the button to lower the ramp, not looking at Zephyr
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> An interesting philosophy.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gives her a smile, kissing her cheek, then gets up.
09[22:50] <13@Sammael> "Careful optimism."
15[22:51] * 13@Sammael smiles and gets up with him, giggling a bit.
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps down as the ramp lowers, shifting to move the distance to the ruined Vapaad shuttle.
15[22:51] * 13Chad`Winters moves after Zephyr now, his eyes trained ahead
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya remains behind on the shuttle to watch over it, as Darien steps down the ramp as well.
15[22:52] * 13Drasek walks alongside her, giving no visible reaction tho the cold of syberia.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr presses her hand to the Vapaad shuttle outer wall, then puts her back to it, sliding along the side of the shuttle to a part that has a hole in it, then peers in
15[22:52] * 13@Sammael steps down the ramp with Darien, looking around cautiously for whatever reduced the Vapaad shuttle into spare parts.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ew.
09[22:52] <13@Sammael> "Ew?"
[22:52] <13Chad`Winters> They're dead.
15[22:52] * 13Chad`Winters flicks both safetys off.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe. 6* She motions at Chad to look.
15[22:53] * 13Drasek adjusts the sleeves on his coat. 1Too dead too kill? This day just gets worse.
15[22:53] * 13Chad`Winters shifts towards the hole, aiming both his guns inside the hole
[22:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Inside are two Vapaads. One is in scattered pieces, the other is a smoking hole in it's chest as it lays on it's back
15[22:54] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue and quickly holsters his guns, moving to the one with the smoking hole in it's chest. He kneels down by it. 1"Where did they take Erevis?"
09[22:54] <13@Sammael> "And who are they...?"
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien steps in after Chad, peering about. There appears to be medical equipment, or what remains of it.
15[22:55] * 13@Sammael eyes the medical equipment, then starts to work it out, seeing what she can do for the Vapaad.
15[22:55] * 13Drasek steps in and peers around and eyes the Vapaad scattered to pieces, eyeing the wounds to see just how he was scattered. Hyperspace or physically ripped?
[22:55] <13Chad`Winters> Their not stupid enough to not leave a clue. 6He glances around now, his eyes darting around
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Vapaad's motorized speech whirls to life. "Progenitors. Overpowered us. Took her. Talked about taking her an ancient ruin to unlock her true potiental...and attain the Progenitor weapons."
15[22:55] * 13Chad`Winters looks down now. 1"Where?"
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* IT would seem, judging by the pieces, it was blown apart by hyperspace beams.
[22:55] <13Megumi> Progenitor weapons..?
15[22:56] * 13Megumi laughs creepily. 1"As if... we did not have enough problems.
15[22:56] * 13Drasek stands up and his face goes grim. 1Revi...
09[22:56] <13@Sammael> "Ancient ruins... did they mention anything about them? A location?"
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr kneels down as she listens. The Vapaad's tentacle slides out and grabs a device, handing it to Chad. It seems to be a device with the area marked. "One left this."
15[22:56] * 13Drasek closes his eyes and tries to think about distinct Progenitor locations that could be considered ancient ruins, but he is just a protocol after all, he probabaly wouldn't know.
15[22:57] * 13Chad`Winters grabs the device, eyeing it. 1"...Wind."
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien crosses his arms. "It seems they took advantage of a doped up Erevis. Cowards."
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Vapaads's suit shuts down after a moment, with a hiss. PRobably whatever was inside is dead.
15[22:58] * 13Drasek snorts. 1Cowards? Really? They could take her anytime that Wind wanted. You realize that, eh?
15[22:58] * 13@Sammael sighs softly.
09[22:58] <13@Sammael> "It's dead..."
[22:58] <13Chad`Winters> There's only one way we can catch up. 6He stands up now.
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Yet they didn't.
[22:58] <13Megumi> Wind did not want to.
[22:58] <13Drasek> Obviously he couldn't put it off anymore, which he's been trying to do don't you think? The loop is drawing near.
09[22:58] <13@Sammael> "We should have asked if they'd already started to work on her mind."
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> They had more than the four hours they'd need to do it. 6He steps out, moving back towards their shuttle.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands up. "IF they make her all PRogenitory, the loop will fail, right?"
09[22:59] <13@Sammael> "Then let's assume for now that they succeeded."
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien peers about once more, then shifts to follow Chad.
15[22:59] * 13@Sammael frowns. "Will it?"
[22:59] <13Drasek> That's the idea, luv. 6He moves to step ou.
[22:59] <13Drasek> NRP: out*
15[23:00] * 13@Sammael heads back for the shuttle.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts to peer about. "I think we're being watched."
15[23:00] * 13Megumi seems to be staring at her hands, twisted into a slight sneer, but dark. 1"Not enough time for the finished calculations..."
09[23:00] <13@Sammael> "Then moving fast would be an optimal choice."
[23:00] <13Chad`Winters> Legion? 6He stops now, charging up his guns.
15[23:00] * 13Megumi shakes her head and glances to Zephyr. 1"Where?"
15[23:00] * 13Drasek slows to a stop and then looks around slowly.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I don't know. Not sure how I even feel them. 6* She touches her hand, but adds. "But they feel like Megumi."
[23:01] <13Chad`Winters> Famfrits?
[23:01] <13Drasek> More than one?
09[23:01] <13@Sammael> "Bonded?"
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Just one.
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It seems a secret admirer is here. 6* He notes.
[23:01] <13Megumi> Hm. Noname?
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs.
09[23:02] <13@Sammael> "Mmm.."
[23:02] <13Chad`Winters> We can't be delayed. 6He reaches upto his comm piece and taps it, opening up a channel to Eve Summers
15[23:03] * 13@Sammael looks about slowly. "He's right, this is costing us what little time we may have left."
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* After a moment, the comm channel opens. <Eve> Yes, Chad?
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien hmms a moment, but focuses on Chad again. Zephyr keeps peering about
15[23:03] * 13Drasek keeps looking about, more so for any attacks than anything else.
[23:04] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> The progenitors took Erevis and we're going to need a Light Engine equipped shuttle to catch upto them.
[23:04] <13Megumi> Noname!?
15[23:04] * 13Megumi calls loudly. 1"You are there, are you not..?!"
09[23:04] <13@Sammael> "Eh, if he's here we should just invite him along."
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> Alright. We'll have one ready in 20 minutes.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> That would be --- a bad idea, I think.
[23:05] <13Chad`Winters> <Comm> Thanks. 6He clicks the comm off and moves over to Darien's shuttle and up the ramp.
09[23:05] <13@Sammael> "You think he'd help them?"
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Chad as he comes back.
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I think he'd take Megumi. 6* He follows Chad.
[23:05] <13Drasek> I agree. Let's go on, then. Leave him here. 6He moves to get onto the shuttle.
15[23:05] * 13@Sammael shrugs. "Yeah... probably." She follows Darien onto the shuttle and moves to the copilot's seat.
15[23:05] * 13Chad`Winters looks at Aya. 1"I don't think I feel comfortable with you coming along with us anymore.
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blows out some air, then moves to walk back to the shuttle.
15[23:06] * 13Megumi stays near Zephyr, perhaps a bit consciencious about the fact noname might be near
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> ... 6* She looks down. "I want to help."
04[23:07] <13Megumi> Sammael.
[23:07] <13Chad`Winters> These Progenitors are dangerous Aya. They won't hesitate to kill you or any one of us.
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps up the ramp
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I know, but...
15[23:07] * 13@Sammael blinks and looks at Megumi, "Yes?"
[23:07] <13Megumi> What do you plan to do?
15[23:07] * 13@Sammael frowns, "What do you mean?"
15[23:07] * 13Drasek walks to a seat and then sits down, rubbing his face slowly.
[23:07] <13Megumi> What will you to do to help?
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I think she means it's best if you stayed here, Sam.
15[23:08] * 13@Sammael blinks a bit. "...She's right."
09[23:08] <13@Sammael> "They could turn me off or control me again..."
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods. "They could." 6* He powers the controls and lifts up the shuttle, flying back for Tokyo
15[23:08] * 13@Sammael looks at Darien, considering. "What do you think I should do?"
04[23:09] <13Drasek> An i'm not wasting anymore energy on bringing you back luv. Not until this is all over. 6He adds from his seat to the Sammael situation.
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It's probably best if you remain in Tokyo.
15[23:09] * 13Chad`Winters closes his eyes then opens then, grabbing Aya's hand with both of his. 1"Aya, I could never live with myself if something happened to you."
15[23:09] * 13@Sammael nods slowly. "Very well... may I assist in watching over Isis while you're gone?" *she looks to Megumi*
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> ... Alright, I'll stay. 6* She frowns unhappily.
[23:10] <13Chad`Winters> I don't doubt your abilities, Aya.
15[23:10] * 13@Sammael looks to Aya. "We can defend Isis in case someone attempts to come after her while the others are gone."
[23:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya just nods to Chad
[23:12] <13Chad`Winters> This just isn't something that's easy for me. The thought of you having to hurt someone or worse.
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I understand, Dad.
04[23:12] * 13Megumi rubs her face and looks to Sammael.
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his face a bit, then focuses on flying.
15[23:12] * 13@Sammael frowns and looks down, she's trying not to feel useless, more then likely.
15[23:12] * 13Drasek leans back and closes his eyes. He seems to be exhausted, though not physically.
04[23:12] <13Megumi> Fine. I am counting on you, Sammael. Isis is with Freyja, who should have returned to the base by now.
[23:13] <13Chad`Winters> I promise that I will bring everyone back.
09[23:13] <13@Sammael> "I will stay at the base until you've returned then."
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I'll be waiting for you
04[23:13] <13Megumi> And I am counting on you, Aya. Watch Sammael.
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods once to Megumi, awkwardly.
15[23:13] * 13Megumi closes her eyes and rubs behind an ear. 1"Step on her toes or something, if they try to turn her off."
[23:13] <13Megumi> Cannot have her dozing off on the job." 6She mumbles, turning to enter the shuttle.
15[23:14] * 13@Sammael blinks a bit and smiles, it's better then what she originally thought.
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> -TIME JUMP-
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> Location: Executive Hanger
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Eve stands by the light engine shuttle when they exit Darien's shuttle. "It's ready."
15[23:15] * 13Drasek nods his heads towards Eve. 1Thanks, luv.
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gives Sam a hug. "Stay safe."
15[23:16] * 13Chad`Winters hugs his daughter tightly.
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya hugs Chad back. "Becareful."
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr walks past Eve and gets onto the new shuttle, taking a seat
[23:17] <13Chad`Winters> I promise. 6He kisses the top of his daughters head. 1"You'll stay the HQ for now until we get back."
15[23:17] * 13@Sammael hugs him back, kissing him softly. "You too... come back you hear?"
[23:17] <13Megumi> 6Megumi bows to eve as they pass. 1"I am sorry, Eve."
15[23:17] * 13Drasek walks up the ramp and takes a seat glancing towards Zephyr. 1Been alright, luv?
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I plan on it.
09[23:17] <13@Sammael> "I'll be very upset if you don't." *she smiles*
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm fine. 6* She closes her left eye
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Eve> It's alright. Good luck, Megumi
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, and moves off to watch them.
15[23:18] * 13Chad`Winters turns and moves to the shuttle, nodding at Eve as he passes by
15[23:18] * 13Megumi bows again to Eve, then moves along and leans in to whisper at Darien. 1"You would not like her when she is angry."
15[23:18] * 13Drasek nods once, looking ahead. 1Miss hanging out with you, bit. Maybe after all this you'll grab a beer with me, eh?
15[23:18] * 13@Sammael very reluctantly lets Darien go and steps back to move near Aya.
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Megumi oddly, then moves to the shuttle.
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe.
15[23:18] * 13Megumi smirks at Darien. 1"Perhaps you should have Fiore move so she is not left completely alone?"
15[23:19] * 13Drasek nods again, accepting that at face value.
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I doubt she'd go to the HQ
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien takes a seat in the pilot's seat.
[23:19] <13Megumi> Is she not in danger alone?
15[23:19] * 13Chad`Winters steps onto the shuttle and into the co-pilots seat.
15[23:20] * 13Drasek glances at Megumi when she suggests that, then looks to Darien. 1We don't have much choice, Megumi. Unless we could convince her to come along.
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Probabl, but you can't make people do what they don't want to do
15[23:20] * 13Megumi sulks slightly. 1"It would be dangerous to ask her to come along."
15[23:21] * 13Drasek tilts his head slightly and then shrugs and looks ahead, he doesn't believe it'll be dangerous but doesn't argue.
[23:22] <13Chad`Winters> Got the Rune Blade? 6He glances at Darien.
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Yeah. 6* He nods.
15[23:23] * 13Chad`Winters nods back and starts to program the coordinates. 1"We want to drop in near the planet or a ways off?"
[23:24] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Hm. What do you think, Drasek?
[23:24] <13Drasek> We'll all be unconcious wouldn't we?
[23:25] <13Chad`Winters> For a brief amount of time.
[23:25] <13Drasek> Means it's riskier the closer we get. So it's up to you on that.
[23:25] <13Drasek> But with time, it might be worth the risk, right?
[23:25] <13Chad`Winters> Depends on if they can pick us up or not.
[23:26] <13Drasek> I'm sure they'll be expecting.
[23:26] <13Drasek> NRP: expecting us.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> We'll take the risk. 6* He inputs info
[23:27] <13Chad`Winters> We'll be out for fifteen seconds.
[23:27] <13Chad`Winters> Roughly.
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Lets hope for the best, then
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien shifts the controls and flies upward
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans back now, closing her eyes
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I imagine they won't let us get away this time. So everyone be ready
[23:29] <13Chad`Winters> They probably used Wind to transport her.
15[23:29] * 13Drasek tenses up slightly. 1Can't be any more ready I guess, eh?
[23:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien puts his hand on the lever. "Ready, everyone?"
[23:30] <13Megumi> Yes.
15[23:30] * 13Chad`Winters grunts as he grabs the co-pilots seat tightly
[23:30] <13@DeathStar> 6 Zephyr nods once.
[23:30] <13Drasek> Aye, mate.
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Once they reach space, Darien yanks the lever once. The world goes dark for everyone as they pass out
15[23:32] * 13Drasek slumps slightly, but doesn't move in any immediate direction.
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Once they reawaken, they would find themselves plunging through a white, fluffy cloud
15[23:32] * 13Chad`Winters groans as he shakes his head. 1"Darien..." He reaches to grab the co-pilots controls
15[23:32] * 13Drasek stirs and opens his eyes groggily, he blinks them a few times, then looks ahead. 1Ah bloody hell.
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pens his eyes painfully, sitting up
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr opens her eyes, gripping the seat
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> We made it.
15[23:33] * 13Megumi doesn't awaken as per usual, sliding away from her seat slowly
[23:33] <13Chad`Winters> And we're plunging. 6He tries to regain control of the shuttle
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien grabs the controls, and once they emerge from the clouds, they can see a ruined palace down below
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Let us plunge for now
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts to grab Megumi
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien taps a few switches, shutting off warning alarms.
[23:35] <13Chad`Winters> Yes, plunging is fun. 6He says boringly
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Crashing is fun. 6* He corrects.
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods at Chad. "On three, we pull up."
15[23:35] * 13Megumi groans, nuzzling up to Zephyr.
[23:36] <13Chad`Winters> On three?
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien glances ahead. "Odd numbers are the best. One."
15[23:36] * 13Drasek tightens his grip on his seat. Watching the quietly.
[23:37] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Two.
03[23:37] * Chad`Winters` ( has joined #erevis
[23:37] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Three.
15[23:37] * 13Chad`Winters` pulls up with Darien.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien does the same thing, and flicks off the engines, so they go gliding in roughly next to the ruined palace, sliding along the ground and stopping
15[23:38] * 13Chad`Winters` bounces around as he holds the controls tightly
15[23:38] * 13Drasek jerks in his seat, holding on. 1...So will we even be able to fly this thing out of here?
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Yeah.
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien lets go now
14[23:39] * Chad`Winters ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[23:39] <13Drasek> Works for me then. Brilliant idea, mate. 6He stands up after the sliding stops.
15[23:39] * 13Chad`Winters` let's go of the controls, and unhooks himself, standing up.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shakes Megumi
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Up.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien stands up, peering up ahead at the ruined palace, rising up into the cliff side, so that it spirals upward.
03[23:41] * Chad`Winters ( has joined #erevis
[23:41] <13Drasek> Progenitor's have a niche for spiffy places, eh?
15[23:41] * 13Megumi groans again, then slowly sits up, clutching her head
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Must be why they're gods.
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> We're here.
15[23:42] * 13Megumi shakes her head some, then nods to Zephyr, blinking her eyes a few times.
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien opens the shuttle ramp.
15[23:42] * 13Chad`Winters moves to the ramp and down it, glancing around.
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* The sounds of a nearby ocean can be heard, a bit out sight from their landing position, but probably part of the curving palace faces it
14[23:43] * Chad`Winters` ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
15[23:43] * 13Drasek walks down the ramp, peering up at the Palace. 1I hope we're not too late. 6He notes oddly, obviously worried about Erevis.
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr helps Megumi out of the shuttle.
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> <Voice> Not too late.
[23:44] <13Chad`Winters> Apparently they enjoy setting the mood. 6He pauses as he turns to try and find the voice
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind emerges from the broken doors of the entrance of the palace, the Rune Blade on his back, sheathed. He's dressed in his sunglasses/suit attire.
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien frowns, getting his own Rune Blade ready
[23:44] <13Megumi> W-Wind..
15[23:45] * 13Drasek shifts to eye Wind, his eyes narrow and his fists tighten.
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind comes to a stop a bit away from the group, between them and the palace. He shrugs his shoulders. "Hello, Megumi."
15[23:45] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue as he pulls the clip out and grabs a new one.
[23:45] <13Megumi> Is this the last act?
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> I guess that's to be determined. Either way, I think my role is about to end today.
15[23:46] * 13Megumi holds her head, supporting herself now. 1"Hee. I am glad you did not say 'yes.'"
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien looks at Megumi oddly now
[23:47] <13Drasek> Just stand aside, mate. No point in slowing us down.
15[23:47] * 13Chad`Winters glances at Megumi than at Darien. 1"And I'm the one who get's all the evil looks."
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> I'm afraid I can't do that. 6* He unsheathes the sword. "I've been ordered to hold you all here at all costs."
[23:47] <13Drasek> Well that stinks for you then, mate. We won't be stopped here.
[23:48] <13Megumi> How do I break your fetter?
[23:48] <13Chad`Winters> By beating him. 6He slides his right hand along his belt.
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind holds up the sword in front of him. "Slasher is right."
15[23:48] * 13Chad`Winters blinks. 1"Why the hell do you and Angela call me that?"
[23:49] <13Megumi> I do not want to beat him. I want to set him free." 6She huffs.
04[23:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind begins to walk towards them, the sword getting a firey hue. "Because of who you were in another life. And I see that Sammael is here. Too bad."
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> *isn't
[23:49] <13Drasek> Yeah? Why's that?
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> She'll never be free if she doesn't win it.
[23:50] <13Chad`Winters> I only care about the life I live in now. 6He plays with the fingers on his right hand.
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr forms her guns and DArien holds up the sword
[23:51] <13Drasek> Poor Sam, then. 6He holds up his arms, in a defensive stance. 1Well then. It was good to know you, mate.
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind hops forward in two quick bounces, then swings the sword, unleashing a fire wave at them.
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rolls to the side, and Zephyr ducks under it.
15[23:51] * 13Chad`Winters drops down below it.
15[23:52] * 13Drasek takes a few steps back and then rolls back when it gets dangerously close, to avoid it.
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr yanks Megumi down before she becomes roast cat
15[23:52] * 13Megumi holds her hand forward and manipulates the air pressure before her, dropping it considerably to create a vacuum, drowning out flame, then groans as she hits the ground
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind smirks somewhat now.
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oops, sorry.
15[23:53] * 13Chad`Winters stands up now.
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gets back up.
[23:53] <13Megumi> It is fine. I would prefer you help than assume and get hurt..
15[23:53] * 13Megumi pushes her hand to the ground to get back up, offering a hand to her.
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr takes it, getting back up.
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind points the sword up, and a lightning strikes comes down at Drasek
15[23:54] * 13Chad`Winters turns his body sideways and fires a shot for the Runeblade
15[23:54] * 13Drasek rolls back up to his feet from the fire and then takes a step back, then rolls to the left, all attempting to avoid being electrocuted.
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind holds the sword as it's knocked a bit by Chad's shot.
15[23:55] * 13Megumi takes Zephyr with her, seeing if she can make a break around like she did last time
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind pushes up his sunglasses a bit as Megumi rushes by with Zephyr.
15[23:55] * 13Chad`Winters eyes the two dashing by, cringing slightly.
15[23:56] * 13Drasek tightens his fists and then glances at Darien. 1You going to use that mate? Or just stand there with it?. 6He says in reference to the Rune Blade.
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Not wanting to use it's energy up on just a guy who's heart isn't in killing us
[23:56] <13Megumi> If she cannot command you, then you cannot be commanded, right?
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind swings the sword once in Megumi's direction, raising a spiked wall up in front of her
15[23:57] * 13Drasek tchs and shakes his head, eyes going from Darien to Megumi and then to Wind. 1Don't think you'll have much choice mate. He won't let us by.
15[23:57] * 13Chad`Winters reaims, firing a shot as Wind swings the sword.
[23:57] <13Chad`Winters> 6For the blade again
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind holds the sword again as it's knocked about again, though the magic still works the same
15[23:57] * 13Megumi brings her free hand back, taking a deep breath, then lets go of Zephyr for a moment to brace, swinging her hand forward to twist her whole body into it, slamming augmented force into the strike to try and shatter it-- not pulling stops on the after effects of her body.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> It's possible if we all rush him, some of us would get by
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* The spiked wall is destroyed, and Zephyr hurries forward
[23:58] <13Drasek> Right. Well then. Let's go. 6He dashes forward for Wind.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind shifts the sword around in his hand, hopping forward a bit. Darien runs for him
15[23:59] * 13Megumi pushes up her own glasses, smiling back at Wind. 1"I have done my research, Wind. It will not be 'stalemate' this time." 6She moves to hurry after Zephyr.
15[23:59] * 13Chad`Winters kicks off after Wind.
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind watches them coming in, then smirks a bit, hopping twice, then ramming into Drasek with high speeds, sending them both flying past Chad and DArien
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien twists to avoid being clipped.
15[23:59] * 13Chad`Winters jerks in an attempt to avoid being hit
13[00:00] * Day changed to Tuesday, September 16th 2008.
Session Time: Tue Sep 16 00:00:00 2008
15[00:00] * 13Drasek grunts from the stike but grips onto Wind as he's being carried for the moment.
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind rolls with Drasek as he's held on to, then shifts his body to elbow at Drasek's face once they slow down, aiming to get him off
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien hurries forward.
15[00:01] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue and moves after Darien. 1"Sure he can handle Wind?"
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Maybe.
15[00:01] * 13Drasek would attempt to dig his feet into the ground during the midst of their roll, the elbow strike his face and knocks his head back slightly, but he tenses and attempts to dig his heel into the ground to throw Wind towards the ground.
[00:01] <13Chad`Winters> I think Megumi has something up her sleeve.
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind just twists his body, bouncing off the ground with his feet, hopping up into the air above Drasek, then swings the Rune Blade at Drasek's head from above
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Megumi would reach the palace entrance with Zephyr.
[00:02] <13Megumi> Careful, Zephy. I imagine our next obstacle will be the walking wall of hyperspace...
15[00:03] * 13Megumi keeps her ears open, panting as she tries to catch up without winding herself.
15[00:03] * 13Drasek jerks his arm to parry, using the sheathed blade to do so. If by chance his arm isn't cut off, he would attempt to push forward into Wind, sliding along the blade to slam his free hand forward for his stomach.
[00:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wind is hit in the stomach and he hops back, sliding along on his feet. "Well, Drasek, lets see how strong you've become in your convictions." 6* He spins the Rune blade once, then shifts his stance into a serious one
[00:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods, peering inside the palace as Darien catches up with Chad. It would seem the stairway is the way to go for now
15[00:06] * 13Drasek shifts the blades out of their sheaths and then flicks his wrist to slide them back in, for dramatci effect. 1Don't hold it against me if I kill you before Megumi saves you mate.
[00:06] <13Drasek> NRP: dramatic
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Wind> If you can kill me. 6* The sword glows with a dark hue.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> -TO BE CONTINUED-
03[00:07] * DeathStar changes topic to 'Erevis the Progenitor | Season 4 (Progenitors): 18 of 20 complete | Session #79 | Episode Nineteen: Rise of the Progenitors Part II  | 2 of 3 | Sessions will be RPed on M/W at 9 EST | Please visit our brother RPG at #taw'