Erevis the Progenitor

 Stuck within a loop in time ...

... will lead a woman to find her race's terrifying origin.

Erevis the Progenitor was a spin-off RPG that ran concurrently with The Alien Wars 4's 14-20 seasons. Erevis, a character introduced in Season 5 of TAW4, inhabited the body of Katrina McCormick, whom she killed when taking it over during a ritual by the people of the planet she was sealed away. However, with her newfound humanity, she felt guilt for her actions and allowed herself, after being defeated by the group, to be taught Xanatos Durran, Katrina's lover. Searching for the meaning of humanity she now had and other things, Erevis grew to develop a deep honorable code - she refused to tell lies and fought hard to protect her friends that she grew close to over the years.

When a a timeloop occurred and Erevis was sent into the future, and her future self sent back into her place, she led a group to L.A. to look into the mystery of Legion. From there, she would work hard to perserve the timeline, even at her own life, and would slowly bring in a few Progenitors who were also loyal. In the end, after starting a family with Megumi Zhenmei, she would learn the truth behind her race - they were the first race in the previous Prime Reality, and the Dark Ones were a branch that took things into their own hands. However, the Progenitors were far from clean and they planned to rule the Multiverse as well, with logic and order. Erevis, of royal blood, was meant to usher in this era. She instead rebelled against it with her humanity and friends, leading to a conflict that would take her through time itself and back, and onto a ship that would change the fate of the universe.

Erevis the Progenitor lasted 125 sessions and after it's finale, it was merged back into The Alien Wars 4's last two seasons where the stories were brought together and resolved. Many crossovers occurred during this period, so for more information on them, check the tab on the left to see the TAW4 area of the site.

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