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Arono Alenthese

Rank: Cadet Human Class: Warrior
5280 HP Lv 5 Position: Hunter
Agility and Speed: Lv. 3 Alertness: Lv 1 Sharpness: Lv 1


Agility and Speed Combat Proficiency Enhanced Senses Invulnerability Stealth and Disguise Leadership Intelligence Low Fury

The DarkBlade Starting
thrust/slash/stab/ect.... Has electrical energy that Arono can use at his will. 270 AP
block obsorbs Elemental energy for a stronger attack Block

Gem of Gol`dar Starting
Ice rain,fire storm,bolt....ect uses elemental magic to help arono in his fights 280 (weak to attack), 230 (normal), 70 (strong to element)
keeps Arono from being cursed Defence
if your skilled you can disapere! Counter

Crossbow /W Lazer Arrows Starting
shoot and hit lazer blade into enamy 190 AP
does light damadge 175 AP

upgraded DOOMERANG Starting
light bladed boomerang 210 AP
cut things up 200 AP

Arono stands 6"7' and has nice long blond hair that just runs down his back.his armor is a nice silver color that could only be that shiny as if it were polished evryday,ithe chestplate made out of some of the worlds strongest metals.and his steel shin guards have a strip of gold down the middle.weres blue tight pants abouve them,his arms a straped down with the metal only known as:AIRYSTEEL,the steel created bye the god of war himself.Arono acts like there not evan there becouse its so light.has a nice shade of blue green eyes.and a long blue tunic that flows out under the chestplate.under the spots that mis armor,a chain mail can be seen.Straped to his back is a mysterious Sabrethat has a black blade and 2 dionamnds decoraiting the sword,it has electrical energy dancing on it wen its unsheethed.only known as TheDarkSabre.on the other side a arow poutch is straped.Arono has nice lazer tiped arows in it.Too his side hangs a crossbow designed with symbles of the Great city Camalot(his home town!:)around his neck hangs a green orb like glows and if you look closer you see its the gem of Gol`dar,a migic gem that gives its holder ALMOSTE all power of all elements!his personality is very arogent.he doesnt know much about what he is doing becouse he is from the mideavil times!his intelegance is only lemited but is smart for such a long time ago.Arono thinks he has no match for his skills and is probly true.he always thinks he cant be killed becouse he held the title of "the warrior of warriors"that might not be the case but he always finds his way back to life!

Arono was born back in the mideaval times.he was the grandson of lancelot!his swordsman ship is is almoste unmatched!he was trained to be a guard but his skills said otherwise.onetime wile he was in Camalot he got into a fight with the master swordsman.he chalanged him and without a should i say this?..wiped his @$$ to the floor.auther was stunned and decided to make him the Master swordsman.1 day his brother tyleron and him were sent on a jurney to find the diomond of gold`dar.on his way he found a cave with a lost dragon.he adopted the dragon since his parents were dead and in exchange....the dragon showed them were the mystic sword the"DARKBLADE"sleped.arono also found out about a mage named:Maginick,was destroing the world.he fought maginic until he died.maginick's lastwords were:your a greater warrior than i.......i will make your sword the strongest ther is for your great tallents!before the mage dies he enchanted the sword to make it evan more powerfull and tolled him were a map to the gem they were looking for.after retreaving the gem arono left and disobayd the king.he went to antarttica wen exploring he was frozen in an avoulanch and him and his dragon were frozen and in suspended animation untill the hunters found out.he joined them just becouse there was nothing else to do in this new world....or was it just becouse he specialized in the arts of war?