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Code Name: Blackjack

Character's Name: Jared Carter


Rank: Commander

Experience Level 21 (Power Level): 0%

Organization: Maverick Hunters

5970 HP (Duriablity)


Postion: Spy

Agility and Speed: Level 4

Alertness: Level 4

Sharpness: Level 2

Enhanced Senses Description: This character's senses are enhanced and therefore are better than others senses. Their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These heightened senses can be put to many uses. Game Effects: This character's senses are all enhanced, and are stronger than normal. This can be put to a variety of uses. It will increase is ALERTNESS Level by 2.
Agility and Speed Description: This character has heightened agility and speed which can be put to use in dodging enemy blows, delivering their blows faster, and being faster than normal. Game Effects: This allows the character advantages in combat (mainly defensive) in dodging blows without a weapon, attacking foes quicker and faster, and being faster. Note: This will add 2 Levels up on your Agility/Speed Box and will give you a Level 3 Agility and Speed.
Durability Description: The character has enhanced durability, and their HP will start out higher than normal. They will be more resistant to effects that would harm their species (example: a human with durability wouldn't be harmed as much by freezing water as a normal human). Game Effect: +40 starting HP.
Stealth and Disguise Description: The character has the ability to move stealthy and undetected. They can also disguise themselves as others. Their stealth allows them to be almost invisible through a combination of invisibility, hiding, anti-radar, and more. Game Effect: The character can move stealthy and undetected by sensors, enemies, ect until they attack. They can also disguise themselves.
Strategy Description: The character is an excellent strategist, and can devious excellent tactical plans at ease. They are great at figuring out an enemy's tactics, and guessing their next move. Game Effect: The character can create and analyze strategies at ease. The player may ask about the opponents' tactical plan after observing them a little and you can reveal things to him. You can also allow their plan to work fairly well.
Scouting Description: This character has is trained to be a scout. They can move through terrain quickly, silently, and under cover. They can gain information, and spy excellently as well. These skills can be combined with Stealth and Disguise and/or Agility and Speed. This allows your character to put these skills to many uses. Game Effects: This character can move twice as fast through terrain as normal characters can, they can move through silently and concealed, and they can spy well.
Loner Description: The character is a loner at heart, and this influences his willingness to follow orders and work as a member of the team. This often puts them at odds will their teammates and angers their leaders. Game Effect: The character is a loner at heart and might not follow orders are work with his/her teammates.
Torn Allegiance Description: The character's allegiance and loyalty is torn between the MH and another group. They are not completely loyal to either side, and may betray the other (or they may be a double agent or turn traitor). This will highly influence their judgment and actions, as well as their teammates' and leaders' trust and opinions on them. Game Effect: Trust toward person low
Lycanthropy: An ancient curse carried down through Blackjack's family, allows Blackjack to assume either a partial or complete form of a wolf. (This was found to be a coverup. Blackjack earned this ability through a CorSec experiment not long after Blackjack joined.) Attack: Crinos: Blackjack assumes the form of the classic werewolf. Attack with close range weapons, defense, and speed go up. Attack: Lupus: Blackjack assumes the form of a wolf. He cannot use his weapons in this form, but his clawed paws become his weaponry. Defense goes down slightly, but attack and speed go farther up than in crinos form.

Kinetic Staff A staff that is charged with kinetic energy Earned
Attack: Hit enemy, burning humans, possibly shorts out Reploids 400 AP
Counter Attack: Absorbs plasma or Electric attacks Defense

Energy Stars Throwing stars charged with electric energy Unlimited
Attack: When thrown at enemy, they stick to them and explode 420 AP
Counter Attack: Counters most solid projectiles Defense

Xvash A long object resembling a quarterstaff. It has spikes around it, except on the space for the handle. At each edge is a curved and spiked blade. One faces inwards, the other outwards. This is made of weaker alloys than the orginal, which is locked up in HQ. Earned
Attack: Slash/stab/etc. Not only harms the user, but they are posioned. 450 AP plus 10 AP per attack afterwards
Counter-Attack: Blocks sabres/swords/plasma blasts. Defense

Sniper Plasma Rifle No Description Starting:
Attack: fires small plasma shots with almost no sound generated, like a silencer 430 AP
Counter Attack: counters some solid projectiles, such as smaller missiles Block/Dodge

Cure Shot A blue ray fired from plasma rifle Earned
Attack: Cure ally 420LP
Attack: Cure light wounds (sprained ankle, broken bone) +
Counter-attack: counter dark attack Block/Defense

Name: Myollnir Crash Description: A setting for the plasma rifle, allowing for firing of electrically charged shots. Usage: 20
Attack: Fire electric attack at target. 420 AP
Attack: Attempt to short circuit/disable electronic equipment or Reploids. Shock
Counter attack: Counter plasma or solid projectile attack. Block

Cryo Blast Description: A setting for the plasma rifle, allowing for firing of ice elemental blasts. Usage: 20
Attack: Fire an ice elemental blast 415AP
Counter Attack: Counter a fire elemental or plasma attack Block/Defense

Homing Missiles A setting for the plasma rifle, fires small missiles that home in on a target Unlimited
Attack: Missiles hit targets and explode 420 AP
Counter Attack: Destroy equipment (computers, etc.) Etc.
Counter Attack: Counter most solid projectiles Countering

Gambler's Cards A deck of cards held in Blackjack's jeans pocket. Use: 13 per card
Diamonds Target is slashed with a razor sharp card. 440 AP
Clubs Card explodes on contact with anything. 440AP
Spades A card is thrown, which lights on fire in mid-air 415AP
Hearts Target is healed. 420 LP

Typhoon Wave Allows one's weapon to fire a huge water wave into the enemy, possibly shorting them out along with damaging them. 13 times
Attack Fires a huge water wave into the enemy, damaging them and possibly shorting them out. 440 AP

Splash Shield A powerful watershield forms around the user. 10 times
Attack: Can ram a person with the shield, causing it to vanish 420 AP
Counter 1: Forms a protective shield around the person that can only be destroyed by anti-water attacks on the first shot 355 AP
Counter 2: Can destroy fire attacks or Reploids Defense
Counter 3: For humans only: Allows them to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes + Ability

Fire Dagger Description None Starting
Attack Stab something with a fire elemental attack 455 AP
Counter Attack melt smaller amounts of ice, not ice attacks Defense

Fire Laser No description Starting
Attack Fires a thin beam of fire 450 AP
Counter Attack Melt ice Defense/Aid

Diamond Edge Katana No Description Starting:
Attack slash at target 460 AP
Counter Attack Stop slash attack, counter some solid projectiles Block/Dodge/Defense

Flame Sabre An addition to the Diamond Edge Katana, charges the blade with fire energy Unlimited
Attack: Slash enemy 450 AP
Counter Attack: Absorb fire or plasma attacks Defense

Cryo Sabre An addition to the Diamond Edge Katana, charges the blade with cryogenic energy Unlimited
Attack: Slash target 450 AP
Counter Attack: Absorb ice or plasma attacks Defense

Flash Sabre An addition to the Diamond Edge Katana, charges the blade with electric energy Unlimited
Attack: Slash target 450 AP
Counter Attack: Absorb electric or plasma attacks Defense

Stryker Cards Razor sharp, metal cards held in Blackjack's pocket. Usually are used more than
one at the time.
Usage: 52
Attack: Cards are thrown at target, possibly (and probably) cutting it 400 AP per card
Counter Attack: Chance of slicing apart solid projectiles, such as missiles Defense

Bestial Rage Blackjack is able to summon forth an incredible power from within, increasing power and
speed. However, this leaves Blackjack as a wild animal, and he is liable to turn on the Hunters while in this state.
Attack: APs and speed are doubled, but Blackjack partially loses control of his mind. This state lasts for five minutes or until Blackjack wills himself out of it, which is quite difficult. Attack/Speed

Remote Mine Mk. 2 Only carries a few, around seven or eight. A small explosive that, when thrown, attaches to anything it touches. Explosive is triggered by a hand trigger. 455 AP

Crossover Combos
Fastball Special Blackjack picks up Slash and throws him at a target, Slash with his warp
blade extended.
700 AP

Rock'em Sock'em Slash throws Blackjack his ion cannon. Blackjack fires both that and
his rifle while Slash slashes with his warp blades.
1130 AP

Berzerker Rampage Blackjack and Slash assault a target with their close range weaponry. Blackjack/Slash
5045 AP

Tornado Slash Slash gives Blackjack a warp blade and pick Blackjack up, spinning
in a wild circle while Blackjack extends his warp blade and katana.
4350 AP

Ion Splash Slash fires high above a target. Blackjack leaps up, absorbing the energy into his
katana, and strikes the target's head, damaging them and causing an explosion.
3200 AP

Limit 1:
Royal Flush
Blackjack forms 52 cards with psychic energy and pummels his target with
the energy/ 0 damage done while like this
500 AP/Invincible 2 minutes

Limit 2:
Fury of the Lycanthrope
Blackjack changes into crinos form, and launches himself at a target, slashing with his bare clawed hands and feet at incredible speeds. 2,500 AP /
Bestial Rage activated

Limit 3:
Rage of the
Canis Lupus
Blackjack changes into crinos form, activates Bestial Fury, and leaps at a
target. He quickly circles the target, drawing, hitting with, and replacing all of
his close range weapons at incredible speeds.
5,000 AP /
Bestial Rage activated

Blackjack has a very calm personality, and although he prefers to do his fighting from a distance with his plasma rifle, the dagger strapped to his waist and the sword on his back prove that he isn't afraid of battle. Blackjack stands at 5'11", has black hair, which is kept short, and fair skin color. He is usually seen wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Lately, a suggestion from his sister, Foxfire, has added a brown trenchcoat to his normal outfit. In Twenty-one, a gash over his right eye earned Blackjack an eyepatch to cover the scar. The patch is occasionally switched out for a pair of shades.

Formerly a spy for CorSec, Blackjack began feeling sorry for the Reploids of the Wastelands not long before the Tsivrixsh attack. Using his incredible stealth techniques, he delivered supplies to the Reploids. When the aliens attacked, Blackjack, though loyal to CorSec, was the only person in CorSec that was for releasing the Reploids to fight the Tsivrixsh. After the release of the Reploids, Blackjack began to fear death at the hands of CorSec, so he left CorSec to join Maverick Hunter. However, his loyalty to CorSec still shows in many ways.