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Death Star

" ....Details" --- Death Star

Death Star

Kevin Bell


Rank: General

Experiance Level (Power Level) 28: 0%

Organization: Hunters

6620 HP (Duriablity + weapon)


Position: Leader of the Hunters

Agility and Speed: Level 6

Alertness: Level 4

Sharpness: Level 4



HP Special Description: This ability gives Death Star + 500 HP and constantly repairs his damaged systems at a rate of 5 HP per 10 seconds. This is a great way to constantly repair the damage inflicted upon him. Game Effect: + 500 HP / 5 HP per 10 seconds
Combat Proficiency Description: The character is more formidable than normal in combat, since they have trained fairly heavily in the combat arts. This is fighting skill, not sear strength or speed however. Game Effect: The character's weapons have plus 5 starting AP on all weapons. The character is better in combat than characters with less skill.
Pilot The character is an excellent pilot (for starships, planes, car, land vehicles, sea vehicles, ect.). Game Effects: The character can out fly any character with less skill in this area. They can drive almost all types of vehicles. The starship/vehicle the character is piloting gets +5 starting APX to all of that vehicle's weapons.
Leadership Description: The character is a natural leader, and can take charge of situations naturally. They are very good at combining their skills to lead a team. Game Effects: The character can lead the team well, with his/her skills amplified. The characters may ask you something about the situation which his character "figures out" (since the player doesn't have to be an amazingly strong leader).
Agility and Speed Description: This character has heightened agility and speed which can be put to use in dodging enemy blows, delivering their blows faster, and being faster than normal. Game Effects: This allows the character advantages in combat (mainly defensive) in dodging blows without a weapon, attacking foes quicker and faster, and being faster. Note: This will add 2 Levels up on your Agility/Speed Box and will give you a Level 3 Agility and Speed.
Code of Honor Description: The character has a code of honor and ethics he/she won't go against under any circumstances, this keeps them from compromising. The character will gain experience faster than normal on the Exp. Level with this skill. Game Effects: The character does not compromise under any circumstances. The character gains experience at an enhanced rate.
Duriability Description: The character has enhanced durability, and their HP will start out higher than normal. They will be more resistant to effects that would harm their species (example: a human with durability wouldn't be harmed as much by freezing water as a normal human). Game Effect: +40 starting HP
Stealth and Disguise Description: The character has the ability to move stealthy and undetected. They can also disguise themselves as others. Their stealth allows them to be almost invisible through a combination of invisibility, hiding, anti-radar, and more. Game Effect: The character can move stealthy and undetected by sensors, enemies, ect until they attack. They can also disguise themselves.
Major Enemy Description: The character and this enemy will stop at nothing to destroy each other. If they meet they will burst into combat regardless of their orders. (example: Mega Man X and Sigma). Game Effect: The character has a major enemy, and is a major enemy of that enemy. (you may choose this drawback twice if you have two major enemies) Special: CorSec has become Death Star's top enemy at the moment, seeing as CorSec has put a 1,000,000 gil bounty on his head
Vulnerability Description: Your character is harmed twice as much by one of the 6 damage types. The 6 are: Light (attacks used by good wielders), Dark (attacks used by evil wielders), Heat (fire, lava, heat, ect.), Cold (ice, water, cold, ect.), Electricity (lightning, electricity, ect.), and Telepathic/Telekinetic (mental attacks). Game Effects: The character is vulnerability to one of the following types: Light, Dark, Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Psionics. The character receives twice as much damage or bad effects from the attack (or good effects) [AP times 2]. Special:Ice/Snow



Turbo Sabre Discription: One sabre that rest on his back, crisscrossed. Unlimited
Attack 1/Turbo 3 Can slice, cut, through most metals 1,000 AP
Attack 2 Can charge the sabre firing a super charged blast at the enemy. 675 AP
Counter Attack 1 Can block any protectile blast in the form of: plasma, fire, ice, or ion blasts Block
Counter Attack 2 Can block any kinda sword/sabre Block
Turbo 1: Creates a pulse field around it than can slice through any shield and hit the target Defense
Turbo 2: Can slice phased targets and deal them damage Defense


Xvash A long object resembling a quarterstaff. It has spikes around it, except on the space for the handle. At each edge is a curved and spiked blade. One faces inwards, the other outwards. This is made of weaker alloys than the orginal, which is locked up in HQ. Earned
Attack: Slash/stab/etc. Not only harms the user, but they are posioned. 580 AP plus 10 AP per attack afterwards
Counter-Attack: Blocks sabres/swords/plasma blasts. Defense


Starlight Reburst A special attack inside Death Star that cannot be shut down Special Use
Attack 1 After taking 250 HP worth of damage, DS can create a Super Charged G-Crush attack within 12 feet of him 675 AP
Attack 2 Can charge his entire body and fire deadly attacks from within (draining his power). This is a powerful attack. Drains twice the amount of HP (100 HP = 100 AP)
Counter Attack 1 Can teleport out of the way of an attack Block/Defense
Counter Attack 2 A shield is appears after he is hit for 10 seconds; however, it can be destroyed in one hit Block/Defense


Death Wish A special cannon that appears on his shoulder when activated (probably is inside him, small, when not used) Unlimited
Attack 1 Fires off an ion cannon disabler, disabling anyone who doesn't have a weapon to block ion blasts 0 AP (Stun)
Attack 2 Fires off a super cannon reburst shot that covers a small area, 10 feet, hitting multiple people at once, causing sever damage. 660 AP
Counter Attack 1 Can fire a blast to block most attacks in blast form Block
Counter Attack 2 Can generate enough power to make Death Star vanish, hiding easily from any radar. Defense


Ancient Myst Sword A powerful old sword from many ages back, DS keeps on his back, going down between his two sabres. Unlimited
Attack 1 When pointed at a person, Death Star can fire a super charged ball of darkness at the person, hitting them and shutting them down for 30 seconds. 0 AP (Stun)
Attack 2 Sword works on an autopilot type system and Death Star can throw the sword, it embeding into the attacker and delevering an attack in both darkness and light, making sure to hurt the person. The sword can not be grabbed and used against DS, for it will simply vanish and return to DS. 680 AP (Stuns target)
Counter Attack 1 Can block any type of sabre or blast that isn't a special type. (aka. X-buster)Block
Counter Attack 2 When pointed in the sky, the sword will create a super shield around Death Star that can take 100 HP worth of damage before the shield is destroyed. 2 uses per mission. Defense


Hellish Chaos A super weapon. 10 times
Attack 1 Fires 10 missilies and 5 super nova blasts at once at the attacker, no way of dodging possible. 675 AP
Attack 2 Sends off a high pitched ring that racks the person's brain and sends them chaotic, doing whatever DS wants them to do. 665 AP
Counter Attack Protects him from all mind attacks and mind probes. Defense


Lightning Blitz A special leg and arm modification that allows DS to move at speeds so fast it seems he is moving as a blur Unlimited
Attack 1 Super Punches and Kicks - Is able to punch, his hands glowing with energy, at people with punches that would take the damage of a X-buster. 635 AP
Attack 2 Charging ability to charge the Punches and Kicks to a Level 3 blast from an X-buster, tripling damage dealt. 645 AP
Counter Attack 1 Can block any kinds of punches and kicks by blocking at top speed. Block
Counter Attack 2 Can block blasts like X-buster attacks. Block


HP Rain Can regenerate HP at a quick pace, filling his half of his life up each time. (Can only use 3 times per mission) 3 times
Attack 1 Can restore half of his life Half HP
Attack 2 Can restore half of the life of a team mate HALF HP


Typhoon Wave Allows one's weapon to fire a huge water wave into the enemy, possibly shorting them out along with damaging them. 13 times
Attack Fires a huge water wave into the enemy, damaging them and possibly shorting them out. 550 AP


Splash Shield A powerful watershield forms around the user. 10 times
Attack: Can ram a person with the shield, causing it to vanish 650 AP
Counter 1: Forms a protective shield around the person that can only be destroyed by anti-water attacks on the first shot 420 AP
Counter 2: Can destroy fire attacks or Reploids Defense
Counter 3: For humans only: Allows them to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes + Ability


Draco Star Enchancement 1 of 5 enchancements that fit to Death Star's body and increase his strength and weapons. He found this one shortly after Mission 2 while scouting a planet for a mysterous distrubance. Earned
Attack 1: A Fire Shield forms around Death Star and makes him a living inferno that has the power of the strongest form of fire. He can melt objects and armor and inflict a huge amount of AP damage when he attacks someone 630 AP
Attack 2: Jetpack forms into a Falcon Battle Suit that allows Death Star to fly around at high speeds and attack with fire missiles. He takes no HP damage while in this and it will only vanish when it has taken enough AP damage. 630 AP/ Destroyed at 440 AP
Counter 1: Immune to ice Defense


Gemini Star Enchancement 2 of 5 enchancements. Death Star gained this shortly after the interdimensional travel mission. Usage: 5 times
Attack 1: Can create two duplicates of himself that have 200 HP each. They have all of his abilites and have Half the AP on the weapons he has Added Defense
Attack 2: Can go transparent (phazing) for a short amount of time and can travel through energy blasts and swords. He can stay like this for five minutes. Added Defense
Counter 1: Instead of using his attacks, Death Star can channel his energy into a huge blast and fire double of it at the person, inveitably having one of them hit his target 630 AP


Polaris Star Enchancement 3 of 5 enchancements, Death Star automatically taught himself this over the entire time of TAW to channel his powers into magnetic abilites. Usage: 3 times
Attack 1: Can control magnetic abilties. He can destroy most kinds of metal easily by destroying them with his will. Destroys metals
Attack 2: Can use metal to hit people or trap them. 490 AP
Counter 1: Can create a magnetic field around him that will last for two minutes and protect him from all dangerous that can't counter magnetic attacks Defense
Counter 2: Can throw back metal objects (Reploids included) and keep them at a distance. Defense


Nova Star Enchancement 4 of 5 enchancements. Usage: 7
Attack: Creates a powerful energy within him that he can fire at the attacker. 600 AP
Life Shield: Forms a shield around him that last for ten seconds. When anything is fired at him, the AP on the weapon turns to LP for him and he gains it. Defense
Absorbance: Can absorb energy type weapons and create LP that he can either take or transfer to another person who needs it. Defense
Stealer: Death Star can steal an attack from an enemy or a friend and use it ONCE only to fire back at them with the same amount of AP. Defense


Zodiac Star Enchancement 5 of 5 enchacements. Usage: Unlimited
Attack 1: Channels energies from the Psi Field around him and can create a Psi Level 2 shield around himself to protect himself against all Psi based attacks. Defense
Attack 2: Channeling enough energy around him, Death Star can create a Psi Spike that he can launch at someone. 550 AP
Counter 1: Hightens senses. Defense


Gold Star Enchancement Final Star Enchancement Usage: Varies
Description: Learning the final enchancement, Zodiac, Death Star's body progressed to the final limits it can with the enchancments. By channeling the Star Enchancments across his body he can create a powerful attack. Perhaps his most powerful one. AP:
Level 1: This is the level he runs on continuously. All his attacks are the same and nothing varies within him. Normal
Level 2: This level begins to put a strain on his systems as he increases the level of energy following through him. It affects multiple systems. Gold Fire Lv. 2 - 425 AP Golden Sabre - 660 AP Xvash - 570 AP Cannon - 660 AP
Level 3: More strain is placed on Death Star's body now. Previous weapons remain the same. Gold Fire Lv. 3 - 570 AP Sword - 660 AP Chaos - 820 AP Blitz - 760 AP HP RAIN - Full HP Restored
Level 4: This is the final level Death Star can achieve. On this level he gains new attacks and abilities while keeping the old AP values from Limit 2-3 Gold Fire Lv.4 - 760 AP Shooting Star: - 660 AP


Resistance Armor Death Star has a new armor around him that is tougher than before. Earned
Ability 1: Can resistant any kind of Ki and Chi attacks or mystcal stuff Defense
Ability 2: More durablity against falls, explosions, buildings crashing, etc. Defense
Ability 3: Two slots for upgrades for weapons Added


Blitz Speed Enchancment An enchancment AP:
Attack 1: Can create a force field around him after any kind of physical attack hits him that will last for twenty seconds Defense
Attack 2: Can increase his speed to counter attacks and if someone punches or kicks him they will be blasted back 420 AP


Combo Elite Enchancment Death Star is able to make 3 different combos Usage: Varies
Elite 1: Charging his sabre to the max, Death Star slashes and then immediately follows up with a cannonblast and hits the person with Hellish Chaos before they can react. 2,650 AP
Elite 2: Charging his sabre, Death Star fires off a charged blast from a distance and follows it up with going Gold Lv.4 and firing his Gold Fire into the person, then blasting them with Starlight Reburst 2,170 AP
Elite 3: Slashing the person with his sword, he can stun/damage them long enough to go into Polaris Enhancment and begin to damage them to bits by crushing the person with his attacking and follow it up with a miniture version of Shards of Destruction 3,060 AP
Scanner A scanner appears before Death Star's left eye and he can anything with it. Earned
Ability 1: Can scan the target's HP, weakness, and known weapon effects + Ability
Enchanced Weaponary This increased the AP on his weapons + Defense
Attack 1: Doubles the AP on all his weapons but drains his HP by 20 per minute he stays in the mode + AP
Attack 2: Tripes the AP on all his weapons but drains HP by 40 per minute he is in use. + AP
Life Shield Turns 1/3 AP dealt to him into HP Usage: 5 times; Lasts: 5 minutes
Attack 1: Turns 1/3 of the AP dealt to him into HP so he only loses 1/3 the amount of AP dealt to him. Defense
Special 1: Usage: 7 times; Lasts: 10 seconds. Turns all AP dealt to him into HP. + HP
Charge: Charges weapons up to higher levels Earned
Level 2: Increases all weapons by + 200 AP +
Level 3: Increases all weapons by + 500 AP +
Level 4: Increases all weapons by + 1000 AP +