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Dakota Vanguard



E-mail: N/A

Rank: Captain

Experiance Level (Power Level) 13: 0%

Organization: Hunters

5780 HP (Duriablity)


Position: 2nd Captain

Agility and Speed: Level 1

Alertness: Level 1

Sharpness: Level 1



Combat Proficiency Description: The character is more formidable than normal in combat, since they have trained fairly heavily in the combat arts. This is fighting skill, not sear strength or speed however. Game Effect: The character's weapons have plus 5 starting AP on all weapons. The character is better in combat than characters with less skill.
Pilot The character is an excellent pilot (for starships, planes, car, land vehicles, sea vehicles, ect.). Game Effects: The character can out fly any character with less skill in this area. They can drive almost all types of vehicles. The starship/vehicle the character is piloting gets +5 starting APX to all of that vehicle's weapons.
Leadership Description: The character is a natural leader, and can take charge of situations naturally. They are very good at combining their skills to lead a team. Game Effects: The character can lead the team well, with his/her skills amplified. The characters may ask you something about the situation which his character "figures out" (since the player doesn't have to be an amazingly strong leader).
Duriability Description: The character has enhanced durability, and their HP will start out higher than normal. They will be more resistant to effects that would harm their species (example: a human with durability wouldn't be harmed as much by freezing water as a normal human). Game Effect: +40 starting HP
Medical Skills 1 Description: This character has medium medical skills. They have first aid skills, the ability to aid skilled medics, the ability to fix low to moderate wounds, ect. Note that these skills apply to humans and not reploids. Note that to successfully aid a cyborg with require both medical and mechanic skills. Game Effect: This character has the ability to heal low to moderate skills, aid skilled medics, ect.
Scouting Description: This character has is trained to be a scout. They can move through terrain quickly, silently, and under cover. They can gain information, and spy excellently as well. These skills can be combined with Stealth and Disguise and/or Agility and Speed. This allows your character to put these skills to many uses. Game Effects: This character can move twice as fast through terrain as normal characters can, they can move through silently and concealed, and they can spy well.
Major Enemy Description: The character and this enemy will stop at nothing to destroy each other. If they meet they will burst into combat regardless of their orders. (example: Mega Man X and Sigma). Game Effect: The character has a major enemy, and is a major enemy of that enemy. (you may choose this drawback twice if you have two major enemies)
Loner Description: The character is a loner at heart, and this influences his willingness to follow orders and work as a member of the team. This often puts them at odds will their teammates and angers their leaders. Game Effect: The character is a loner at heart and might not follow orders are work with his/her teammates.



Shoulder Cannon Discription: None Unlimited
Attack 1 Napalm bomb 260 AP
Attack 2 Crash bomb 270 AP
Counter Attack 1 Vortex Absorbs Fire Attacks Block


Beam Sabre None Unlimited
Attack 1: Fire Attack 280 AP
Attack 2: Electric Omnislash 280 AP
Counter-Attack: Sword Spin (Reflects some objects) Defense


Arm Cannon None Unlimited
Attack 1 Rapid Fire Shots 230 AP
Attack 2 Charged Shots 280 AP


Hand to Hand Combat None Unlimited
Attack 1 Round House Kicks 230 AP
Attack 2 Punches 220 AP
Counter Attack 1 Blocks other punches/kicks Block


Montana Description: Read Background Red tank on wheels with a large cannon Usage: 5 uses; 5 minutes
Attack 1: Normal shot, just a general energy charged shell launced at the enemy 270 AP
Attack 2: Hyper shot, Pretty much a charged shot of the former 290 AP
Tank Stats: Defense: Just being inside Montana pretty much he is a tank after all! Tank's Life: 1,000 HP


Kasier Vanguard None Usage: 2
Attack 1: Stage 1 Transformation, all of dakota's attack ap's are doubled AP Doubled
Attack 2: Stage 2, Anything physical (punch kick scratch bite...) 280 AP
Attack 3: Kaiser Beam, Intense beam of Fire energy is shot at the enemy 270 AP


Dakota's Jets Unlimited
Attack 1 Super Flying Kick 280 AP


Jets for Montana Recently installed jets in the back of Montana now allow this Tank to turn into virtually a flying fortress. They are in the back and come out of a panel that slides up aided by wings that slide out the sides (Yes people a flying tank figure that out!) Montana uses them
Attack 1 Just firing from the air what he has already  
Ability Flight need I say more?  


Limit Breakers

Level Description of the Limit Breaker How much damage Dealt
Level 1 Kaiser Turns Black and rushes at the enemy dealing to elemental based slashes to the enemy 500 DP


Likes to be alone but will work with people if they can get to know him well, or get's enough money...(usually not an option though...) 6'2" 220lbs. Red armor white trim, Black saber, shoulder cannon,dragoons upper body Zero's legs with Dragoons feet.



In the year 21XX a quiet scientist watched the miserable failure of Magma Dragoon to Mega Man X. Inspired by Dragoon’s design though, He created two reploids similar to Dragoon. That is when the alien wars began… Both Units were medical units, (one even had a dog that turned into a stretcher) designed to help out injured soldiers from the front lines. Their names were Dakota, his dog Arsenal, and Montana. Then in a surprise attack the aliens attacked the medical facility destroying it. The falling debris instantly killed the doc who created the reploids. Dakota and Arsenal suffered serious energy loss while Montana’s head was almost completely cut off by the collapsing building. Another Doctor sent to search the debris of the fallen building was a scientist named David Vanguard. He found the three reploids and took them back to his laboratory. He managed to save Dakota and Arsenal but more drastic measures were to be taken to save Montana. Dr. Vanguard had recently built a tank based on a prototype the U.S. government had built which was lost in an underground cataclysm (play Blaster Master). Vanguard had gotten hold of the blue prints and reconstructed the tank (or should I say sports tank…just look at it) The tank was built for one pilot, a passenger, and an artificial intelligence program. Seeing the only way to save Montana was to upload him into the tank’s AI program he did so…it saved Montana’s life. The doctor then fitted Dakota with a variety of weapons, and Arsenal with the ammo to these weapons. Montana got used to his new form and the three Reploids became a independent, yet elite strike force attacking the aliens at any time they could and adopting Vanguard for their last names. The team was very successful they disrupted the Denturi attacks on neighboring planets, sometimes working with the hunters without the hunters knowing it. Finally the Denturi sent one of their better warriors named X’aid Sellena to destroy the team. X’aid caught them off guard and killed Dr. Vanguard and kidnapped Arsenal, Dakota and Montana swore revenge. Shortly there after they joined up with the hunters… Dakota left Montana near by as he entered the HQ. No sooner did he enter then that he was put on a shuttle and sent to the planet Airsmith, leaving Montana back at the HQ. Now his quest begins to find X’aid and destroy his evil race…