The Day After...

Time Chart: These events take place directly after Mission 25.

Chapter 1: Rainy Days Are Here Again...

Death was something the Reploid was use to. How could he not be use to it after all his life was built on it. Even his name was held in Death's open palm and he was Death.

It had been a handful of hours after the deaths of Ebony and Shadow Knight. The latter struck him deeper, however. Shadow Knight, however distant from the Reploid, seemed SO familiar. Now, however, the connection, and whoever Shadow Knight was to the Reploid, had been brutally and prematurally cut off.

Death had struck the halls of the HQ before. The first Hunter to fall was Ultra Omega - Kilath - the father of Garland. The burial had been short, since the Hunters had not known who he was. Not many bothered to show, except those who had worked with him. The Reploid was there, feeling guilty for himself over having failed Kilath. And now, he had to watch his son grow up never knowing the truth.

Death struck again with Lightning Strike. A goodhearted, yet insane, Reploid who had saved the Hunters from doom my risking his life to destroy the cages. His burial was also short, yet more people had attended than did Kilath's funeral.

The Reploid shifted some, as if moving through a dream. It was time to wake up from his shutting down. The nightmares he was having was far worse these days, haunting him. He had made a wrong judgment...sent the Hunters almost to what was there death, and two Hunters paid for it with their lives, and two more were crippled.

Standing up, the Reploid sighed and turned to look at the mirror. He didn't recognise the reflection anymore.

Beep. Beep. Beep. X1 sighed noisly as he leaned against the Medical Lab's wall and looked at the sleeping form of Blackjack, Jared Carter, in the medical tank, which was slowly reforming him. The entire day had been a nightmare to him the moment Death Star crashed dived into the hanger. He really needed to teach him how to fly while he was at it.

Turning, X1 walked over to the form of Slash. Slash was recovering much quicker thankfully, due to X1's removing of the poison. He continued on over to the form of Shadow Knight, covered in a blanket. And, for an instant, X1 wondered 'What if?'.

Death Star walked down the hallways of the station and walked by Dominator, who turned and began to walk beside him. "You really should get that chest of yours checked out, Death Star.." he pleaded.

"No. And if you use that shot Monty gave you I will personally break your arm off and beat you shitless with it." Dominator nodded and flicked the needle to the floor as he continued.

"So, what do you plan doing now?" Dominator asked.

"Bury the dead; patch up the living....and try to find some reason not go wipe out everything in my path. But, first, I'm going to take Shadow Knight's things, like he asked, and bury it in New York. We'll bury him in Mega City, though, probably. It'd be the best place to put him, I guess. I just don't feel right shooting him out into space..." Death Star said.

"I know what you mean, but what's Mega City?" Dominator asked.

"The city built on the location where Mega Man and Bass died fighting each other. The city is built where Doctor Light's lab use to be. For some reason, I find it fitting to put Knight there. Maybe it'll make a statment of some sort."


"Anyway, I need to get going. I'm going down to New York right now to drop the stuff off. Talk to you later, Dominator," Death Star said and walked off.

Hodges walked slowly up to the President of CorSec, Mr. Cran, still alive somehow over seventy years and not a day older than he was back then. The man didn't bother to hide his face anymore, since the Hunters had seen it when he was battling them. With THAT and the fact Hodges lost The Ultimate Weapon because he self-destructed it, he was in for it.

"Tell me again how the Ultimate Weapon was destroyed...."

"Sir, I was doing as you ordered and the Hunters managed to blow it up. I watched it from my shuttle. They moved swiftly and went right for the kill right as it was firing," Hodges lied.

"I see. ... Some reason I doubt that answer Hodges. And for that, I will be putting you in MORE contact with the Hunters. And I'll be watching you very, very carefully. You make a mistake...well, you know what happens then..." Cran said cooly.

"Yes, President..."

Death Star piled the stuff of Shadow Knight's into the bag and slung it over his shoulder as Monty stood in front of him, chiding him. "Sir! I insist you let me and X1 work on you! You obviously are in pain!" Monty damanded Reaching out, Death Star grabbed the Hunter by the throat.

"Never ever do what you did again, Monty. I will NEVER forget what you caused me to loose. And if you ever cross my path again in that way, I swear, you'll never forget it EITHER," Death Star snarled and dropped Monty and turned to step on the teleporter. "And drop the needle." Monty frowned and put the needle up. Before Monty could respond, Death Star teleported away.

Vile laughed evilly as he walked around the ruins of the Maverick Base. Turning to Crucifixtion. "He's dead. I can't believe the idiot allowed himself to be killed. What an IDIOT..." Vile muttered in disbelief. "And now I'm in charge of the armies of Mavericks."

"So you think," Crucifixtion muttered and turned to face Vile.

"I'm the 1st in Command to Sigma, so I'm the leader. The armies will follow me and there's nothing you can do about. And now I can finally dispose of you like I wished. But then, to do that, would make some of the Mavericks disloyal. No, expect to be put on the front lines alot now, Crucifixtion," Vile told him.

Snarling, Crucifixtion turned away. 'One day Vile, this power struggle between us will be over and I will rule the Mavericks. But enjoy your time, sweep up the pieces of the broke imagine of Sigma's rule and try it for yourself. But, sooner or later, I will be the leader.'

Chapter Two: A Dark Age Begins Here

Death Star stood there, a few days after Shadow Knight and his things had been buried, in a the bar of the HQ. It was a wake for Ebony and Shadow Knight. He had been drinking alot, and even HIS systems, being a Reploid after all, were beginning to feel sluggish.

Turning, he spied Wiendigo there, not part of the session, but just drinking and talking to Nova. Death Star almost couldn't believe he was talking to someone. But then, Nova tried to smash a bottle of his head so he knew that was the same old Wiendigo.

Dominator and Garland stood together in one corner, exchanging words. The kid seemed a little darker to Death Star after the incidents, and with everything on Death Star's mind, he had been feeling more resistment towards Garland. He needed to cool down some and think before he acted like had been the last few days. He knew that his leadership was beginning to cause a rift between the Hunters and himself these days.

Walking around, he stood next to Cross. Cross turned to him. "What's up fearless leader?" he asked.

Death Star glanced at him. "Nothing. What are you doing anyway?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm paying my respects," Cross told him. Death Star nodded and continued on, stopped in front of the viewport. He swore, one day he would avenge the fallen. And until he did, he would never forgive himself of their deaths. As his name stated.

Xevil laughed when he heard the news of Xi'tra's defeat. He felt joyous almost. The Elder, however, was moody and walking around, casting his vibes at everyone. That's why it was strange Xevil was in a good mood. He immediately lost his smile when the Elder came, as not to set him off. ["Yes, Elder?"] he asked.

["We must begin to prepare Quad 7 for an upcoming invansion. Lately I've been having my men research into Earth's past, and I'm finding lots of interesting weapons I will want you to begin for me. Yes, you're in control now on the assualt on Earth, until I find someone to replace you."] the Elder said.

["Yes, Elder. I'm sure your research will help me greatly. I will crush Earth for the Empire...."] Xevil said, smirking slightly. For the Empire, and for himself.

With the Hunter's crippled, and morality low, a defecting Hunter threatens to strike the very heart of the Hunters. Next in: A Betryal Most Bitter.

Author's Note: Hey, I know it's short, but I'm sick and needed to get this blasted thing done. Yes, there is a few other things that happened that aren't listed here, but no, you don't need them. And if you think this story isn't good, then YOU rewrite it. I'm going to go now and feel sick. Later