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Player: Ryan N. Cross Email: Timezone: Pacific Standard
Name: Dominator Species Reploid Creator: Dr. James Namar
Creation Date: 2108 Affiliation: Maverick Hunters Rank: Captain
Position: Team XO HP: 5860 Experience Level 19: 20%
Agility and Speed: 4 Alterness: 4 Sharpness: 2


Type- Name Description Starting/Earned
Skill-Leadership Dominator is a natural leader and was programmed to be one. However, much of this has been buried inside him for many decades now. Starting
Skill-Strategy Dominator is an excellent strategist. He was programmed to be one and has a large database on manuevers. Starting
Skill-Combat Proficiency Dominator has become powerful in combat under the hardship he has experienced. +5AP per weapon. Starting
Skill-Durability The years of struggle where every day could mean life or death, Dominator's has become very strong. +40HP. Starting
Skill-Higher Purpose Dominator works toward the higher purpose of a making a world were reploids and humans live in peace, with CorSec abolished. Dominator gains Exp. faster. Starting
Skill-Agilty and Speed Dominator has become swift and agile from training and hardship. Starting
Drawback-Major Enemy Dominator has a major enemy in CorSec, who he hates and is hated by highly. Starting
Drawback-Compulsion Dominator has compulsion against imprisonment or exile. He would rather die than be imprisoned or exiled for long periods of time. He can manage short peroids, but he isn't himself during them Starting
Skill: Psionics 1 Dominator has developed power psionic attacks. Earned
Skill: Pilot Dominator has become an expert pilot. Earned


Xvash A long object resembling a quarterstaff. It has spikes around it, except on the space for the handle. At each edge is a curved and spiked blade. One faces inwards, the other outwards. This is made of weaker alloys than the orginal, which is locked up in HQ. Earned
Attack: Slash/stab/etc. Not only harms the user, but they are posioned. 580 AP plus 10 AP per attack afterwards
Counter-Attack: Blocks sabres/swords/plasma blasts. Defense


Name: Rune Sword Description: The powerful Rune Sword, the sword of ages, is wielded by Dominator. It is made of an unknown but extremely durable substance. It is a strong close-range weapon. There are 8 spaces for crystals on Rune Sword (9 counting the center Golden Crystal). Two on the left and right of the front of Rune Sword's handle, and two on the left and right; for a total of 4 on the front and 4 on the back. There is a stain of battery fluid on the handle, which came from Dominator's hand. Starting
Attack: Charge Level 1. Rune Sword glows and surges with charged energy. 580 AP
Attack: Charge Level 2. Dominator holds Rune Sword in front of him and it charges with energy, before releases a dazzling slash. Absorb
Counter: Rune Sword blocks a blast and glows as it absorbs the energy. Absorbs a blast's AP, and adds it to storage. The close-range slash is bonused by the amount of AP currently stored. Absorb


Name: Silver Crystal Description: Dominator's Silver Crystal is embedded into Rune Sword. There are several other places where jems could be embedded as well. It possesses powerful healing capabilities. Starting
Counter: Silver Crystal glows with a white light and engulfs Dominator or another teammate, healing them. +500HP
Counter: Silver Crystal creates a circular shield around Dominator channeling the energy to Dominator as life. Dominator gains HP equal to the attack's AP. Redirect to HP


Azure Crystal Description: Dominator's Azure Crystal is embedded into Rune Sword. It gives Dominator powerful abilities. It occupies the bottom left space on the front of Rune Sword's handle. Usage:
Counter: Dominator is engulfed by azure light for a moment, then his armor turns light blue. Dominator can now fly at speeds of up to 220 MPH. He is shielded from the heat produced by this speed. Flight/Defense
Counter: Dominator is engulfed by azure light for a moment, then his armor turns dark blue. Dominator can now operate underwater and swim at speeds of up to 220 MPH. He is shielded from deep sea pressure (to an extent) and can manuever easy. Swim/Defense


Ebony Cystal Description: Dominator's Ebony Crystal is embedded into Rune Sword. It possesses powerful offensive capabilities. It occupies the higher right space on the front of Rune Sword's handle. Usage:
Attack: Ebony Crystal engulfs a target with jet black darkness and their next attack's AP is doubled. AP Double


Crimson Cyrstal Description: Dominator's Crimson Crystal isembedded into Rune Sword. It gives Dominator amazing speed and agility.It occupies the top left space on the back of Rune Sword's handle. Earned
Attack: Dominator is engulfed by crimson light and he attacks and movesthree times as fast as normal in a crimson blur. He can attack threetimes at once with this sensational speed. Times 3 speed


Name: Grey Crystal Description: Dominator's Grey Crystal is embedded into Rune Sword. It gives Dominator stealth, disguise abilities, and the ability to move through objects. It also supplies half the power to create Dominator's Spectral Shield. It occupies the top right space on the back of Rune Sword. Earned
Counter: Dominator is engulfed by grey darkness and becomes invisible to sight, hearing, radar, ect. and can move through objects and walls (that he chooses to). Stealth
Counter: Dominator is engulfed by grey darkness and takes on the appearence and voice of an enemy, and gains 1 weapon that enemy had (he gains any abilities that enemy). Disguise
Counter: If it is combined with Emerald Crystal, it can generate Dominator's Spectral Shield (see Emerald Crystal). Combo


Name: Emerald Crystal Description: Dominator's Emerald Crystal is embedded into Rune Sword. It gives Dominator the ability to control his surroundings. It occupies the bottom left space on the back of Rune Sword. Earned
Attack/ Counter: Dominator is engulfed by an emerald light and can control and alter his surroundings for several minutes. This can be for offensive or defensive purposes. Control
Counter: Combined with Grey Crystal, Dominator is surrounded by a Spectral Shield that has incredible strength. Base HP Doubled
Counter: Dominator can influence a target's judgment and/or cause hallucinations. Special


Name: Thunder Bolt Description: This version of a X-Buster is mounted on top of Dominator's arm. It has the ability to devestate enemies with an amazing blast. Starting
Attack: Charge Level 1. A circular blast of green energy emanates from Thunder Bolt and damages all enemies and barriers. 580AP
Attack: Charge Level 2. A gigantic blast of circular, purple energy emanates from Thunder Bolt and damages all enemies and barriers. 600AP


Thunder Bolt Enhancement Description: This formidable enhancement to Thunder Bolt, allows it to fire various attacks. This way, Dominator can pinpoint an enemy's weakness or overcome an invulnerability. It can also charge to increase Thunder Bolt's power. Usage:
Attack: Fires a blast, that is either: Fire (heat type), Lightning (Electricity), or Ice (cold type) 560 AP
Counter-Attack: Charges to slowly increase Thunder Bolt's power (+10AP per minute). Defense


Name: Force Shield Description: Dominator's armor creates an invisible energy shield around Dominator to protect him. The shield becomes visible only momentarily when hit. Starting
Attack: If a blast hits Dominator, force shield can redirect the attack directly back at the attacker. Redirect
Counter: All damage against Dominator is reduced by 1/4. Reduce


Name: Enemy Ensnare Description: Mounted on the opposite arm than Thunder Bolt, is a small mounted weapon similar to Thunder Bolt. This weapon fires six long energized ropes at an opponent which Dominator can control. Starting
Attack/Counter: Dominator ensnares an enemy with the ropes, electricuting them and trapping them. They cannot perform any action and continuously looses HP while trapped. -50HP per second/ Trap


Typhoon Wave Allows one's weapon to fire a huge water wave into the enemy, possibly shorting them out along with damaging them. 13 times
Attack Fires a huge water wave into the enemy, damaging them and possibly shorting them out. 600AP


Splash Shield A powerful watershield forms around the user. 10 times
Attack: Can ram a person with the shield, causing it to vanish 600 AP
Counter 1: Forms a protective shield around the person that can only be destroyed by anti-water attacks on the first shot 555 AP
Counter 2: Can destroy fire attacks or Reploids Defense
Counter 3: For humans only: Allows them to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes + Ability


Name: Battle Fury Mode Description: This internal enhancement allows Dominator to becomesurrounded by electric energy, to enhance his physical prowess. It wasinstalled when Dominator received repairs to his eye. Though it is onlya prototype, it shows great potential. Earned
Attack: Upon activation, Dominator's other attacks (Rune Sword, ThunderBolt, etc.) are electrified and enhanced (+100AP). Electric attacks areenhanced double. +100AP
Counter: Upon activation, not only is Force Shield's powerenhanced, but Dominator's electrified body harms any who hit him by anyclose-range means (punch, sword, etc.). 100AP


Name: Psionic Daggers Description: Powerful psionic energy daggers that can come out of Dominator's fists. They damage the target mentally, and can read their minds or gather information about them. Earned
Attack: Dominator physically stabs the enemy with a dagger, and they are mentally damaged. May not be blocked with a mind shield. 580AP
Attack:: Destroys one level of a mindshield if the target is hit by it. Destroy
Counter-Attack: Scan target's mind and gains information about their stats and possibly reads their minds, if they are stabbed by a dagger. Amount of information gained depends on how long the dagger remains lodged into them. Read Mind


Name: Fire Spear Description: The edge of this spear burning with unnatural emerald fire/energy (immunity to heat does not block this weapon), that when thrust into an enemy, can slow eat away their life. 10 uses
Attack: Thrust into target. Target is stabbed and slowly the unnatural "fire" burns the target from inside. However, the spears' energy weakens after use and must recharge. -50AP after each use. When it reaches 450AP, it does not go any lower. 750AP
Counter: Fire Spear shimmers a green flash of light that blinds an enemy for 5 to 10 minutes (2 to on bosses). This also gives them a massive headache and causes dizziness. (especially for humans). Blind
Counter: Fire Spear can be thrown at a target, and it will disappear after hitting them, and reappear in Dominator's hands. The spear is almost indestructable. Special


Name: Majestic Shield Description: A circular shield, held in the hand. In the center of the shield, a large silver gem forms a spike. This shield possesses great defensive capability, as well as offensive power. It is slung over Dominator's shoulder when he is not in combat. Earned
Attack: The shield aids Dominator's close-range weapons, increasing their strength, and accuracy. +100AP per close-range weapon
Attack: The shield is either rammed or thrust into something, or it surges with energy to protect Dominator from an approaching foe. 580AP
Counter: Protects Dominator from an attack. It is almost indestructable. Block
Counter: Using the shield to protect him, Dominator can break through energy barriers, shields around enemies, incoming blasts, etc. to attack the enemy. Special


Name: Sword of the Ages Attack Description: Silver Crystal, Ebony Crystal,and Azure Crystal are combined with Rune Sword for this amazing attack.Azure Crystal supplies blinding speed and accuracy by allowingDominatorto fly at the opponent. Ebony Crystal gives the sensational raw powertothe attack. Silver Crystal heals Dominator during the attack. These are all channeled through Rune Sword make a massive attack against anopponent. Its possible to do this in Golden Prowess mode, but it couldhave devastating effects on Dominator. Limit Level 1
Attack: Golden Crystal combines Silver Crystal, Ebony Crystal, AzureCrystal, and Rune Sword for this attack. Dominator flies toward theenemy at 220MPH. He performs an amazing slash with Rune Sword combinedwith Ebony Crystal's energy. Dominator then gains HP equal to 1/3 this attack's AP. 500AP


Name: Raging Thunder Description: All of Dominator's power is combined into Thunder Bolt, which realises a massive, giagantic, circular energy attack of amazing power and energy. The energy from this attack heals Dominator. Limit Level 2
Attack: Thunder Bolt fires a massive, circular energy blast into all enemies within 400 meters. The energy from the attack heals Dominator. 2,500AP/ Dominator + half HP


Name: Golden Fury Description: Dominator's Rune Crystals combine their energy to unleash a sensational blast of golden energy at a target. In an instant, Dominator is at the enemy and slashes with a dazzling slash. This highly damages the enemy. Dominator is surrounded by energy and is invincible for 5 minutes. Limit Level 3
Attack: A blast of Golden Energy is fired at the target, then Dominator slashes them. Dominator gains invulnerability for 5 minutes. 5,000AP/ Hits all enemies/ 5 minute invincibility


Name: Allies Lost Description: Summoning all his strength, Dominator unleashes an amazing attack for all the friends he has lost. His whole body is engulfed in energy and he flies forward directly at the target. Rune Sword surges with energy and Dominator stabs the target. All of Dominator's attacks for the next 10 minutes are doubled. Limit Breaker 4
Attack: Dominator's limit is executed as described above. 7,000AP/ All Attacks Double for 10 minutes


Name: Valiant Strike Description: Drawing his Fire Spear and raising his Majestic Shield, Dominator charges up. His Rune Crystals provide him with amazing energy, and he launches a massive blast from Thunder Bolt into the target. Then, he dashes with shield raised and spear pointed, directly at the opponent. As the blast hits them, Dominator thrusts his spear into them at times 3 speed. He pulls it out and teleports back, as they are subseqently engulfed by energy. The power that surges through Dominator heals him half HP and makes him invulnerable for 10 minutes, as a combination of the last two limit breakers. Limit Breaker 5
Attack: Dominator's amazing limit breaker is executed as described above. 10,000AP/ Half HP/ Invulnerable for 10 minutes


Name: Golden Crystal Description: Dominator's Golden Crystal is embedded into the crystal of Rune Sword's handle, and is visible from front or back. It contains massive power, and it is also said that when all the other crystal spaces are filled, that it can unleash an even stronger attack. Starting
Special: "Golden Prowess." Golden Crystal engulfs Dominator with energy and his power is highly increased, but at a price since he is wounded by his own attacks as well (to a lesser extent then the target). Dominator can charge to Golden Prowess times 2, Golden Prowess times 3, or Golden Prowess times 4 (this is all his body can handle currently).

Dominator's strength, speed, skills, and weapon's power are all increased. This ability allows Dominator to become a formidable warrior. However, the more he pushes his ability the more HP he looses. It is possible that Dominator could go past Golden Prowess times 4, but this would be extremely dangerous to him. It is said that Golden Crystal has even greater power if all the Crystals are embedded into Rune Sword.

At level 2, Dominator's AP and counters are multiplied by 2 (at level 3, by 3; and at level 4, by 4). However, if Dominator is using Golden Prowess, he looses HP equal to his attack's AP (or counter's ability) divided by 5. When Dominator activates Golden Prowess, Rune Sword unleashes an attack of 300 times X AP (where X is the level of Golden Prowess). Level 1 is Dominator's normal power and he can unleash a 100AP attack with no HP loss on his part, by concentrating his energy.



Full Background

(Note: This background is unknown to his teammates. It is highly unlikely that some events could be discovered, though other might be known if appropriate to the character [a reploid who was exiled might have heard of Dominator. He would know Dominator fairly well if he lived in Dusktown.])

Dominator was created in 2108, during the maverick wars, by Dr. James Namar. He joined the Maverick Hunters and fought during MMX3. Whenever he could he talked with Namar, who was like a father to him. Dominator continued service during MMX4 and then Zero went maverick in 2110. Dominator reluctantly stayed with the Hunters to try and crush Zero's movement. The death of X and Zero hit him hard, and he took a leave of absence from the MH to think about the future. He stayed with Dr. Namar, who was worried about the ramifications as well. When they returned to Washington DC from Namar's summer retreat in 2111, they found their fears were relized.

Finding a reploid being stoned to death, Dr. Namar quickly intervened with a speech against civil violence. He argued that this reploid hadn't done any damage, it was Zero. He said that it was immoral to hold a member of a species responcible for his species crimes, and asked if they were responcible for any human criminals crimes. His arguement was trenchant enough to stop the mob, but more newcomers came and rallied the mob. The mob began to close in and one human shot Dr. Namar, wounding him. Dominator, filled with rage, attacked the sniper and fended off the humans with all his might. Dominator wounded several and killed others, as they overcame him and killed Namar. Dominator went berserk and fought the mob with all his might. They attacked him violently and badly damaged him. During this time, the human who shot Namar was trampled to death. Dominator was captured by human authorities, who suceeded in breaking the mob up after 20 minutes.

Dominator was tried for murder and assault against humans. He was quickly moved through the "justice" system, and convicted of all crimes. Previously, Dominator's status as a law-abiding member of the MH would allowed him to keep all his rights. Now, he was sentenced to exile in the "wasteland", the land that Zero's missles had destroyed. He was taken to one of the camps outside the wasteland, after several attempts against the guards which he did to try and force them to kill him. He journeyed with a group of reploids, on the other side of the "Iron Gate".

Dominator collasped from his wounds, which were untreated by either Dominator or any other. Another reploid tried to convence him to continue, right before Dominator fell unconcious. He wakes up later, finding himself healed. The reploid who saved him introduces himself as Venerator. Dominator protests against the reploids "wasting" their precious resources on him, but soon finds he must throw away his regrets and past. He becomes friends with Venerator, who soon has to leave. Venerator is going to unite the exiled reploids, so they can all join in to provide for their needs. He leaves Dominator in charge of "Dusktown", the name of their city.

Dominator's life is hard, and every day may mean life or death. The reploids must work all the time, drilling for elusive oil and other minerals in the wasteland, so they can survive. CorSec, the new military group, attacks other cities and maverick groups. Dusktown remains unharmed and the saga of life under harship continues.

By 2125, the reploids have exhausted all their resources and the end may be soon. Venerator returns with news that they are being supplied by a group called REBEL. Though he doesn't agree with its purposes, he has gladly excepted its support. After a party for the return of Venerator and their good fortune, Venerator must leave once again after spending time with Dominator.

In 2134, during CorSec's attempts to destroy REBEL and all supposed Mavericks, Dusktown is attacked. Dominator defends his home valiantly, but fails and the town is destroyed. Dominator somehow survived, and moves on towards the next city. After years of wandering, Dominator finally joins a maverick group in 2141, his hatred of CorSec at its peak. He is a member for 20 years, and his group becomes the strongest current group since REBEL was long since beaten. He discovers that he had been captured by CorSec after the Dusktown battle, when he looses control of himself. Under this control he gives the location of his maverick base to CorSec. He rips out the implants later, and rushes to warn the others, but it is to late. The maverick group is decimated and Dominator survives, though he regrets he did.

Dominator begins to wander and becomes reclusive. Dominator wanders from 2161 to 2179. In 2179, he returns to Dusktown to mourn, as he annually does. There he is found by Venerator, who tells him of the alien attack on Earth and the reformation of the Maverick Hunters. Venerator convinces Dominator that they must save Earth, since its their planet too, and help make reploids accepted once more. They agree to try to get CorSec to be dibanded. Dominator leaves the wasteland with Venerator, after 60 long, hard years.

Venerator is named the leader of the MH by EarthGov, and CorSec's plea to disallowed the new Maverick Hunters is denied by EarthGov. Venerator appoints Dominator his second in command. Dominator finally finds happiness for a short time, as he and Venerator plan out their new team. As their space station around one of the moons of Jupiter, Venerator sends Dominator to find Death Star. Dominator finds DS and convinces him to join. Dominator realizes DS was the leader of REBEL soon after.

However, as a cargo shuttle approaches the docking bay, Venerator is touring the newly finished station. The shuttle accelerates at the last moment and rams the docking bay, exploding with the might of exlposives which it was most-likely carrying, unknown to the station. Venerator is killed in the explosion, since he was close to that area. Dominator is greatly saddened by this, as well as angered at CorSec, who he suspects orchestrated the crash, with renewed rage.

EarthGov now deliberates on whether or not to give Dominator command. When CorSec lobbies that Dominator was a dangerous maverick, EarthGov decides to have him become second-in-command. Death Star is given command of the MH, with Dominator as his second-in-command.

Dominator has lived through much sadness and loss, but refuses to let Earth fall. He has been given renewed hope in peace, by Venerator, and will continue toward this goal with all his might.


Looks: Dominator is 6'3" in height. He has dark green eyes. His faced is lined and rough from his life in the wasteland. Dominator has a scar which goes across from the bottom of his right cheek and to his eye, it then continues at the top of his eye mid-way up his forehead. This was from a wound that took his right eye out (during the mob attack), and he the scar was left when his eye was fixed (due to resources), and Dominator has left it this way ever since. Dominator has dark black hair, that is trimmed but fairly thick. His skin has a dark tan to it from the decades he was in the sun.

Dominator wears armor that has the basic color of jet black. Emerald green is located in the center and several other areas. He had worn a black helmet, which he recieved when he went into service of the MH again. It was destroyed in mission 1 (the Hypertrap, part 1), and he hasn't bothered to replace it, so he no longer wears a helmet.

Dominator has a mounted blaster on each arm. On his right arm, Thunder Bolt is mounted. On his left arm, Enemy Ensnare is mounted. This allows him use of his hands while not forgoing a blaster. Since he is a reploid, he has equal ability with both his right and left hand.

Dominator has a commanding presence, and a powerful voice that seems to convey authority. The trials he has under gone can be seen, but he hasn't lost his strength and will to go on.

Personality: As said before, Dominator has a commanding presence. He is a no-nonsense officer, and takes duty very seriously. He feels his duty is to Earth, and won't fight blindly for the goals of others. He very intelligent, and he has much experience. He is difficult to talk to, if its not about the mission or the team. He doesn't wish to talk about his past, but doesn't try to bury it either. With the loss of Venerator, Dominator is sure his goals (which were Venerator's as well) are correct. He will let history judge him as it will, for he feels that his path is set.

He feels strongly about all his officers making it out of the mission alive, unless the goal and stakes are high enough. He wouldn't leave a soldier behind, for he knows what loss feels like. He is a good leader, but often grows tired of those who take their job cavalierly and without seriousness. He despises loners, and feels that if a soldier won't protect his teammates and work together then he is a danger to the team, and hurts them more than he helps.

Dominator's ideals are that of the past. From a time when it looked like humans and reploids would live together in peace and Earth would finally be free of war. His hatred for the loss of the life that should have been his, is directed at CorSec and not human's in general. He feels that hating all humans for CorSec's deeds, is the same as hating all reploids for Zero's deeds.

Other Information

Rune Sword: Created many centuries ago, it is thought that Rune Sword is a mystical blade. Its maker is unknown, as is the time it was created. It is a powerful sword, that is made of an unknown metal. It is thought to be unbreakable. It possesses great power, and can unite with the Rune Crystals (see Rune Crystals Information). It is thought that it was once barried by a magnificant warrior who gathered all the Rune Crystals and achieved his full power on a daring quest to save everything. It isn't known whether or not this is simply a myth though.

Dominator was given Rune Sword by Dr. Namar, who had it passed down the family line since James's great-grandfather who had recieved it from his friend who was an archaeologist who had found it on a dig. Dominator greatly values this sword, and relies on it in combat.

Rune Sword is supposedly the blade of good, and has the power to unite the Rune Crystals.

Rune Crystals: On Rune Sword there are 8 spots on the handle for crytals (see Rune Sword Weapon Description). The Rune Crystals go there. The Rune Crystals are powerful gems that give Dominator additional power. They only work when embedded into Rune Sword (or Dark Sabre). The Rune Crystal are: Silver Crystal, Ebony Crystal, Azure Crystal, Purple Cyrstal, Crimson Crystal, Grey Crystal, Emerald Crystal, and Teal Crystal, plus the Golden Crystal which goes in the center.

Dominator was given Silver Crystal by Namar, who had discovered its power when united with Rune Sword. Sometime when Dominator was exiled in the wasteland, he found the Golden Crystal on a dig for oil. Upon touching it and drawing Rune Sword, it merged into the middle of the hilt. Dominator then knew what the crystals were and that he must look for them as his days progress.

Dominator is currently looking for the others as he performs his duty. He seems to feel that he will find them all in time eventually. There power together supposedly exceeds any power ever seen, but at what price? This is not yet known, and may not be known until Dominator gathers them all. Dominator posses one of the eight crystals, plus the Golden Crystal.

Dark Sabre: Dark Sabre is supposedly the blade of evil, and has the power to unite the Rune Crystals. It is said that Dark Sabre and Rune Sword are the foils of each other. It is not known whether or not this blade really exists, and if so who (if anyone) has it.


Name Description Author
Notes: These are stories which have a strong effect or importance around Dominator. n/a
n/a: No stories are currently available. The first story is being written by Ryan N. Cross, and will be posted and linked once a few chapters are done. n/a

Dominator is Copyright (C): 1998 by Ryan N. Cross. All rights reserved. No part of Dominator's bio, Dominator, Dominator's weapons, or other traits may be used without PRIOR permission from Ryan N. Cross. Dominator is a character in the MMX TAW RPG, which is co-owned by Ryan N. Cross. Email Ryan N. Cross at