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Garland Hianule

"My friends are my most valueable possesion, if they were to be taken from me, I would just as well die."

Garland Hianule UO E-mail:
Rank: Commander Experience Level (Power Level) 23: 60% Organization: Maverick Hunters
6000 HP (Durability) Cheire (Human/Alien) Position: Priest/Warrior 
Agility and Speed: Level 6 Alertness: Level 3 Sharpness: Level 1


Combat Proficiency Agility and Speed Higher Purpose Durability Medical Skills Enhanced Senses Naive Major Enemy (Crucifixion)


Healing  Holy HP restoration earned
Holy Healing Restores HP Full Restore (7 times)

Holy Prowess  Causes Armour like UO's to appear on Garland, Nullifies all Holy Damage into healing. Adds Holy damage to any weapon. Garland causes damage to any evil creature, simply by touching it (50 AP/Sec)

Holy Kiama Holy attack nullified by Holy armour or Unholy armor, reguardless if you block or not. Attained
Attack Holy attack 750 AP 

Hijikar A powerful holy attack, takes a moment to 5 minutes to charge. If hit while charging, must be recharged. Attained with training
Attack Major Holy damage 900 AP + Holy (if weak to holy +? AP GM discretionary)

Xvash A long object resembling a quarterstaff. It has spikes around it, except on the space for the handle. At each edge is a curved and spiked blade. One faces inwards, the other outwards. This is made of weaker alloys than the orginal, which is locked up in HQ. Earned
Attack: Slash/stab/etc. Not only harms the user, but they are posioned. 630 AP plus 10 AP per attack afterwards
Counter-Attack: Blocks sabres/swords/plasma blasts. Defense

Gospel Sword Garland's sword, He has yet to disperce any knowledge of it. Starting
Attack 1 Slash 750 AP (+ Holy)
Attack 2 Holy Swipe- Holy beam attack 780 AP (+ Holy)
Counter Attack 1 Basic counter swipe : Nullifies the attackers slash Block/Defense
Counter Attack 2 Absorbs Holy Attacks Block/Defense

Typhoon Wave Allows one's weapon to fire a huge water wave into the enemy, possibly shorting them out along with damaging them. 13 times
Attack Fires a huge water wave into the enemy, damaging them and possibly shorting them out. 195 AP

Splash Shield A powerful water shield forms around the user. 10 times
Attack: Can ram a person with the shield, causing it to vanish 205 AP
Counter 1: Forms a protective shield around the person that can only be destroyed by anti-water attacks on the first shot 150 AP
Counter 2: Can destroy fire attacks or Reploids Defense
Counter 3: For humans only: Allows them to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes + Ability

Hand to Hand  Hands and Feet Starting
Attack 1 Basic Punch/Kick 670 AP (+Holy)
Attack 2 Ki powered Punch/Kick 700 AP (+Holy)
Counter Attack Catch a punch with hands Defense
Counter Attack Kick the other kickers foot and deflect the kick Defense

Ka'Kiama  Draws power from the earth, himself, inanimate objects ect; the only true (proven to exist) constant source of power in the universe. Earned
Attack 1 Ka'Kiama (3 foot wide energy blast from hands) 730 AP
Counter Attack 1 energy Shield, when attacked with Ki powered attacks, a shield goes up right before it hits. Block
Counter Attack 2 Converts Damage to Ki to form a super Kiama Absorb/435 AP

Flight Uses ki to fly in the air with out extra equipment.

Super Ka'Kiama Powerful NON Energy attack, it is uncertain WHAT this blast is made of. Learned
Attack 1 Super Ka'Kiama 870 AP
Attack 2 Sizable Ka'Kiama (can fire a Kiama from fingers, or any size from 3 feet (max) to a millimeter.  830 AP
Counter 1 Blast back (Fires a counter blasts to nullify and fire his own attack chances depend on power of the other blast (GM calls it) 520 AP(if hit)
Counter 2 bat away (Causes minimal damage, by "batting" the blast away with arm, works more often than blast back.) Defence

Shielding Abnormally Strong skin (feels normal though) can repel most types of regular gun ammunition. (which bullet types GM discretionary)

Teleporting Garland has developed a form of teleporting using ki. Unable to dampen by the technological means

Flame is able to flare up with ki that looks like fire and hit people with balls of fire, also ram or fly at them and puchpthem while flaming adding the Ki Damage 540


Limit 1:  Electric Ball (500 AP)
Limit 2: The Damned One's Hell (2000 AP)
Limit 3:  Holy Destruction (5000 AP)


Speed Tech: 
Increases speed a good 10 fold, adds the effect of teleporting, but in truth it's just super speed. at the expense of making younger users very hungry and tired. which interrupts battle. (speed and agility lv 60)


About 7ft, heavily built. He is not only tall but he equals it out in width, witch makes him one of the tallest hunters. Spikey Brown hair, Blue eyes, blue Gi, but usually wears a priests robe.  A nice person in general, Has the ability to make armour extreemly like his fathers appear. Has a few scars all over his face, but they are healing.
Garland loves his friends, and hates his enemies. People who knew Kilath before he lost his memory see him as the spitting image of him. Kilath was a brilliant scientist. Garland, when reminded of his father/Crux/his first coldblooded kill will lash out or become extreemly depressed.


Found in transport during Mission 3, presumed to be UO's son, UO, who is now deceased, killed him self in battle in hopes of killing Crucifixion, but failed. Garland grew up to the age of about 20 in 9 months, He joined CorSec, left Earth, and rejoined the hunters. He has seen a lot of sadness in his life, some question his real motives as to why he came back, much more, He has been married while he was away. 
       He has had 3 swords to date, the Kinship, the DarkBlood Revenge, and now the Gospel. He uses the Gospel Sword in his career as a Preist. He's  a Ninaule. He once mentiond that he was from a fairly important family, but he hasnt explained it yet.
      Though Garland has returned to Earth alone he has said that he got married while on Parnel, through prechosen marriage by his mother. Although some speculate if they really love each other, as she let him stay on Earth. Another question is if he really likes the hunters, he rejoined, but he hasn't shown any reminants of the old Garland to the hunters.
      It was later realized that Garland was being controlled by Di'Mantha. He also has a daughter, Sharlena. Many of the hunters feel they had a part in raising Garland.