Part Two: When the Hunter is Hunted

Dakota pushed a button on the control panel of the shuttle, just outside the field that would undoubtly shut it down if he got any closer. 'Hard to believe, just a few days ago, I killed X'aid. And the next question long do I stick around with the Hunters?' he wondered to himself as he scanned the Lost Armada. According to the shuttle's readings, which were sketchy as hell, it would be impossible to get to them without some kind of special ship designed to withstand the area.

Finishing his readings, he turned the shuttle around and hit the hyperspace button and sent himself flying back to HQ. Leaning back in his chair, he thought silently to himself until the alarms warned him he was dropping out. He did so and almost crashed head first into a CorSec ship hovering around the area the base was suppose to be. "What the hell!?" he shouted to himself as he pulled the shuttle out of the way and headed to the supposed location of the HQ. Unfortantly, it was no longer there....

Entering some cordnets into his computer, he hyperspaced towards Earth in a panic flight to figure out what had just happened...

* * * *

Death Star was thrown down hard onto the ground, his face hitting the shining floor, sending battery fluid out of it, splashing around. "ARGH!" he screamed. He was kicked hard in the gut and rolled over. As his eyes focused, he saw CorSec Leader Cran standing before him, smirking. "Well, well, Commander Death long I've waited for this day..." he hissed.

Death Star spit battery fluid onto his face and watched as it burned his flesh some. "Go to hell!" he shot at the man and struggled t get up but a kick in the back of the head by some unknown person sent him crashing head first into the floor again. He rolled over to see Jared Carter standing before him. "Blackjack!?"

Jared kicked Death Star in the head again and sent the Hunter back a few feet. "Stuff it, Death Star. I don't really care to hear what you have to say..." he hissed at the Reploid and stood there, arms folded, incase the President wanted him to dish out another beating.

"As you can see, Death Star, your pathetic little world that you soooo created around yourself, the Hunters, is over. You're over. I'm taking you personally to Washington DC where you will be executed before thousands. Even on the holovid. As you can see, in the end, I got the last laugh. My revenge for you has lasted 70 years...and now, I can finally put it to rest. Isn't that just jiffy?" asked Cran.

"Like a demented monkey." Blackjack delivered another blow into the back of Death Star's head, knocking him out.

* * * *

Dakota landed the shuttle in a hidden spot, barely managing to avoid EarthGov vessels flying around, tracking him. He didn't know what was going on, but was he tuned into the comm. channels, he learned everything....Worldwide extinction of the Reploids was everywhere and hundreds where dying. The Hunters HQ had been self-destructed and the Hunters themself were captured in Doomsday base. Bringing up a map of the area, Dakota pin-pointed the spot of Doomsday base. "I'm heading there."

"Not without me." Dakota turned around to see a doctor standing there, a smile on his face. "It's me, Genji Man. I was never with the Hunters on their flight to Earth. I went to some ol' pirate friends of mine. Now, lets move out."

"Uh huh..." Dakota muttered and powered the shuttle and flew towards the Doomsday base. Unknown to him, he was being tracked by some ships.

* * * *

X1 was pushed off a hovercarrier onto the ground before EarthGov Headquaters and led inside by two guards. They dropped him off inside a room and then left. A few minute later Senator Kyle walked in and sat down. "Hello X1."

"Hello Senorita!" said X1 happily. Kyle looked a little devestated.

"This is no time for GAMES X1..." he said to him as he leaned forward some. "I'm here to help you get out."

"Out? Out of what, your clothes? I would rather not..." X1 chirped and caused Kyle to smash his head onto the table.

"This is going to take awhile...." Kyle muttered. A few moments later he came walking out holding a huge blanket that had X1 written on the side of it, lugged over his shoulder. The guards blinked in surprise.

"What is that, Senator?" one asked.

"Oh, his blankie. He asked to have it washed..." Kyle told them. Suddenly a voice said, "You forgot my rubber ducky!" Both guards glanced at the blanket and at each other. "Uh, he can throw his voice. He's really in there still...hee hee..let me go in and get his rubber ducky." He walked back in and came right back out and walked off, smiling.

Outside the building, Kyle dropped the blanket on the ground hard. "Owie!! You dropped me daddy!! How abusive...I'm telling..." X1 moaned from within the blanket and came rolling out, standing back up.

"Oh, if I ever met your mother, I'd THRASH her. Now, lets get out of here and track down the rest of your Hunter friends. I tell you, this is gotta be the dumbest thing I ever did..." Kyle muttered.

"Probably being born was..." X1 told him innocently. Kyle glared, grabbed X1's arm, and walked off towards his car.

"Hey! Hey! I bruise easily!"

* * * *

Dakota roared in anger as the shuttle rocked from a blast from a CorSec ship. Flipping it around, he watched GM man the weapons counsel and blast away at it, blowing the wings off of it and causing it to crash. "Whoo hoo!! Chalk one up for the rookies!" he shouted. Two more ships came flying in and blast the shuttle too, rocking it violently.

GenjiMan locked onto them and fired away, blowing one up to bits and wounding the one ship a little, causing it to fly out of control and crash, but not explode. "The rookies? Bah, we should run the place," he joked.

"Another thirty minutes before we arrive at Doomsday Base. We're coming, team..." Dakota said.

To Be Continued...