Epilogue: On the Brink of Godhood

After Mission 54
Mega City, CorSec HQ

Cran raised his wine glass to the air, aimed at the dark, cloudy sky thundering over Mega City. He was standing in his office, looking out the huge windows that overl looked the city, and a small snarl was on his face as he did so. "To my greatness! It might have taken seventy years to finally start all this, but I have begun it. Reploids in the next two weeks will all but be gone, I am now in position to start taking over EarthGov again, and the Maverick Hunters are finished. So they won a few victories, like escaping Doomsday Base and destroying Hell, plus resucing Death Star...but they have no chance of repairing. It's impossible. They are in shambles while I remain in a state of godhood. Infact, I am a god..." Cran spoke to himself and the sky. "And Earth is my playground..."

He slowly sipped his glass of wine and set it down on his desk as he turned to look over a hologram image of the world. "So...some Reploids have survived the first strike of this war against them. Well, I assure you, Earth, that they will not survive the afterstrike. And no one cares if they die or not. With my guarentees of defeating the aliens, they care not of the Reploids...and the funny thing is they fell right into my trap. I wanted them to do what they did, and they did it so well. Now Reploids have no chance for survival because they are hated...Even Death Star saving that crowd will not change that. Nothing will...and this time tomorrow, I will have risen to higher levels of power...and the Hunters to even lower levels of power..." Cran continued as he sat down and smiled evilly.

Hitting the comm. he ordered his secretary to bring in Jared Carter again. He didn't know why Jared was back in CorSec, but he had come back and proven himself to him so far. But he still didn't trust 'Blackjack'. 'Infact, it might be wiser to kill him after he has used up his usefullness. I cannot have him rejoin the Hunters...wait, that's it...I will not kill him, but instead use him to get to the more ways than one....' he thought to himself as Jared stepped in. "Lieutenant Carter, how nice to see you...."


"I want to transfer you to the Europe HQ so you can begin to track down remaining Reploids with your spying abilities. Also, there is some projects that will begin there soon that the Hunters might learn about and they could head there. If they do, kill them. If you discover the Hunters' location, destroy it and them. You are dismissed." Jared gave a slight nod and left. Cran chuckled to himself. "On the brink of godhood..."

Venice, Italy

Senator Kyle lowered his hat some as he sat in the boat and paddled through the busy market of the city Venice. It was amazing how the city had never bothered to change over the past two hundred years. And maybe that's why the city was a main attraction for seeing the 'Ancient World'....

X1 looked into the water, quiet for once (though it took a whole day of yelling at him on Kyle's part just to shut him up) and was looking for fish to catch. "Here fishy fishy fishy..." he muttered to himself, stealing a glare at Kyle for making him shut up. Kyle was amazed he even bothered to listen.

Kyle stopped the boat on the side of a building and climbed out, turning to X1. "Lets go inside."

"But I want to catch Jaws."

"Jaws is in the ocean, you're in a stream."

"Oh, yeah? What's that then?!" asked X1 and a giant shark leaped at Kyle. Screaming, Kyle crashed to the ground and scooted back against the wall of the building. Suddenly the shark vanished and X1 was standing there laughing madly as he climbed out. Kyle then realised he had used his hologram projector again. Cursing the robot, he half-wondered why he was even bothering to save it, but then remembered how Death Star was shot down and X1 came to save him.

"Be thankful for your connection to Death Star..." muttered Kyle.

"What? We're connected like Simese Twins?"


* * * *

The man tipped his hat up to the sun and overlooked the boats in the rivers around and in the city of Venice. He turned to the group of men behind him. "Yesterday X-Senator Kyle freed a known accomplish of the Hunters, X1. We're to capture Kyle and bring him back to EarthGov to be tried and convicted for this. As for the robot, destroy it," the man ordered, his eyes glowing evilly.

"B-But sir....the robot was created by Dr. Light..." one of the men studdered.

"And your point?" asked the man as he turned to face him, giving him such a look the man shut up immediately. "Good. Find them, now. The Hunters have made EarthGov and CorSec look like a fool long enough..." the man ordered and the men scattered out to find the two. Grabbing his comm. he clicked it on and Cran's face appeared on it. "Spade here. We'll find the two in no time, sir."

* * * * *

Kyle shut the door behind him and turned to face his old friend, Thomas Adison. "Tom!! Good to see you again!!" said Kyle and panted the man on the back as the two hugged. X1 watched them with a smirk on his face but said nothing, for the time being. "We need your help, Tom..."

"Oh yeah? What do you need bud?" asked Tom and offered the two a seat. X1 picked his seat up and took it out to the boat, leaving a confused Tom staring at him. Kyle sat down and shook his head scornfully.

"Ignore him. But what I need is for you two locate the Maverick Hunters for me. And then get me some kind of transport there. I can't use the airports anymore because by now, they will be looking for me," Kyle told him.

"I see...well, I got a shuttle you can use," Tom muttered to himself and pulled out a password and the location of the shuttle and handed them to Kyle. "As for finding the Maverick Hunters, that will be harder. The last I heard from them was that they were in Washington D.C. Their HQ has been destroyed so it'd be impossible to find them. But..."


"I do know someone who can help you. This guy is REAL good at locating stuff..." Tom said and handed Kyle the man's address. "Just tell 'em ol' Tom sent ya, okay? IT--" Tom began when suddenly the entire building shook and the room was instantly buried in rubble.

* * * *

X1 hummed and threw the chair into the boat and caused it to bob some. He looked up and saw a group of men pointing at him and he waved back at them. The men then grabbed their weapons. "Uh oh.." he said as they fired at him. Diving out of the way, the blasts hit the building and caused it to be buried instantly. "Kyley!" shouted X1.

The robot ran over to the rubble and threw it off, ducking some more blasts. He found Kyle, out of it, and Tom, dead. Sadly, he grabbed Kyle and ran away from the blasting and dived into the water, swimming under the boats and quickly losing the attackers.

Prison 346

Justin was shoved forward and he crashed headfirst into the ground, hitting his head hard. Crying out in pain, he looked up and spit at the guards that shoved him in here. "Bast.." he started only was hit in the head by one. The guards walked off and left Justin groggy and wondering how he got here. Last thing he remembered was the shuttle crashing and the others being captured. He had jumped out quickly and landed wrong, hurting his arm and leg pretty bad.

Barely standing up, Justin looked around and suddenly his room exploded and he went crashing against the door, hitting his head, almost causing him to black out from the pain. Standing there was a fimiliar Reploid, Azuls. Azuls nodded at Justin and picked him up. "Let go, Hunter.." he said and leaped out the prison and landed on the huge wall surronding the prison, teleporting into a beam of light and vanishing.

MHHQ (X-Hunter's HQ)

Death Star folded his arms as he looked at the computer screen flickering over the world, showing the trials all Reploids were going through. He frowned angerily, but knew it was beyond his power. Plus he was thinking of his position, the leader of the X-Hunters. He knew he didn't have it in him anymore to lead the team. But neither could he just walk away from it. So, he had decided he would stick around until the team was back on it's feet and turn it over to Dominator. He then planned on going on a long vacation with Iceheart, possibly returning one day.

He turned as he heard Iceheart enter quietly. "Hi luv..." he said silently.

"Hi. Thinking about what you're going to do again?" she asked.

"Yes...we're not going to last a week...we have no supplies. Only thing we have is a shuttle, this base, and that alien ship we got during 'War'. We're seriously outgunned. The only thing we got going for us is hiding these days..." he told her.

"..." Suddenly the room filled with a teleporting beam and Azuls appeared with Justin. He nodded at the two and before Death Star could speak, he vanished in the same light.

"And as you can see, we're not to hard to find..." Death Star muttered as Iceheart ran Justin to the MedRoom. He watched her go and turned back to the computer screen. "And where's friend?"

"Right here, chief!" came a voice. Turning around, he saw X1 and Kyle standing there.

"Man, how'd you get here?"

"Ruby slippers?"

The Afterstrike Begins!