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Justin Adams the II

Justin Adams II Player's Name: Unknown
Rank: Ensign Experience Level 4: 50% Organization: Hunters
HP: 5280 Human Position:
Agility & Speed: Level 3 Alertness: Level 3 Sharpness: Level 1


Durability Description: The character has enhanced durability, and their HP will start out higher than normal. They will be more resistant to effects that would harm their species (example: a human with durability wouldn't be harmed asmuch by freezing water as a normal human). Game Effects: Starting + 40 HP
Agility and Speed Description: This character has heightened agility and speed which can be put to use in dodging enemy blows, delivering their blows faster, and being faster than normal. Game Effects: This allows the character advantages in combat (mainly defensive) in dodging blows without a weapon, attacking foes quicker and faster, and being faster. Note: This will add 2 Levels up on your Agility/Speed Box and will give you a Level 3 Agility and Speed.
Computer Skills Description: This character has excellent computer skills. This is mainly software skills, as they can create, update, or upgrade programs, decipher codes, and use computers extremely well. Game Effect: This character is has excellent computer skills (relating to software/programs)
Scouting Description: This character has is trained to be a scout. They can move through terrain quickly, silently, a nd under cover. They can gain information, and spy excellently as well. These skills can be combined with Stealth andDisguise and/or Agility and Speed. This allows your character to put these skills to many uses. Game Effects: This character can move twice as fast through terrain as normal characters can, they can move through silently and concealed, and they can spy well.
Invulnerability Description: Your character is not harmed by one of the 6 damage types, though your character may be harmed a small bit by enemies exceptionally strong in this field (rare). The 6 are: Light (attacks used by good wielders), Dark (attacks used by evil wielders), Heat (fire, lava, heat, ect.), Cold (ice, water, cold, ect.), Electricity (lightning, electricity, ect.), and Telepathic/Telekinetic (mental attacks). Game Effects: The character has invulnerability to one of the following types: Light, Dark, Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Psionic. ONLY 1 INVULNERIBILTY IS ALLOWED PER CHARACTER AT ANY TIME. This invulnerability is halved if their HP is below 80, it is lost if their HP is below 40.
Leadership Description: The character is a natural leader, and can take charge of situations naturally. They are very good at combining their skills to lead a team. Game Effects: The  character can lead the team well, with his/her skills amplified. The characters may ask  you something about the situation which his character "figures out" (since the player doesn't have to be an amazingly strong leader).

Major Enemy Description: The character and this enemy will stop at nothing to destroy each other. If they meet they will burst into combat regardless of their orders. (example: Mega Man X and Sigma). Game Effect: The character has a major enemy, and is a major enemy of that enemy. (you may choose this drawback twice if you have two major enemies)

Fury Description: The character is unstable and may burst out in rage during combat, often argues with teammates, doesn't except "no" for an answer on their ideas, and may even attack their allies. This makes them unstable in combat, since their rage makes them much more vulnerable then before. Game Effects: The character has uncontrollable fury, especially in battle (making them twice an vulnerable)


Weapon: Z-19 a rapid fire laser wepon that looks like a Z-14 but is white and lighter.can shoot 14 rounds a second. AP:
Attack: shoots a lazer that cuts throgh the body not just damages it 140
Counter: it can cut throgh things with the lazer. Defense (Depends on GM)
Weapon: beam sabre a beam wepon that was his fathers in combat before he died. AP:
Attack: stab/slash/cut/swing 160
Counter: block some close range wepons Block
Weapon: granades mini explosevs that his friend let him have to help in his journey for vengance. AP:
Attack: explode and damadge anything near 170
Counter: can be used to clear blocking things in the way example:a cave in Defense
Weapon: energy buster a black gun that shoots a dart with a cord still conected with the gun. AP:
Attack: shoots poison dart 130
Attack: it can release energy into a human (shock) 140
Counter: drains energy from a reploid to make even stronger energy in the attack 2 +
+ Defense


justin is 6'7" has black hair and weres ARMOR! he has a hitech version of a mideavil vest. its red and gold and weres a reploid helmet of the same coler.weres combat boots and has a sabre straped across his back.a holester with his fathers Z-19 in it. and a belt with 8 granades on it.

he is always eger to meet battle he will engage some times without permision. he tries to stay in line but its hard for him to. his major enemy is the leader of the alians. he attacked earth and now justin's father is dead.justin will not stop till he is dead or he avenges his father.


he was born into a small famley made evan smaler win the alians first attacked.his father was in one of those ships as a captain.justin was outraged and snuck out one night with his father's gun and sabre.he is about 14.he stoped at his freinds house to tell him about what hapened.his freind couled only help him on his jurney of vengance by giving him acces to his wepon room. from there he picked some granades and energy buster and ran off to join the hunters in fight for the freedom of the world and vengance for his father

the rest is yet to be written............