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Lightning Strike

Name: Lightning Strike (dead)
Type: Reploid
Class: Warrior
Power Level 3: 70%
HP: 440
Combat Proficiency
Agility and Speed
Code of Honor
Torn Allegiance
DESCRIPTION: (Invulnerability is to Lightning.) A bit cocky, he is a very nice person normally, and helpfull. He is a bit too sure of himself. He seems a bit perturbed when discussing CorSec and is normally not one to discuss it with people he doesn't know.
HISTORY:He was an Exterminator for CorSec, and was one of the few reploids that was in CorSec. His memory of that experiance is not found to say the least. He hated it, but it was the only way to stay free at the time. He joined up with MH:HQ when it was recreated. He now hates CorSec, but not it's members. He has a mortall hatred of it though and will probably be hard to keep from destroying it if he gets a chance to. CorSec was happy to see him go though, odd since he was an Exterminator with the only "Honor" of terminating over 235 Escaped reploids, a new number. He still feels shame for that.

Weapon 1: Lightning Striker - Looks very similar to a blasma buster but no noticable outlet port, and is squared off slightly. Lightning Bolt - Fires a bolt of lightning at an enemy, may not be absorbed due to speed. 45 AP Lightning Ball - Fires a slow moving ball of lightning. -50 AP Counter : Lightning Shield: Destroy Solid Projectiles.
Weapon 2: Lightning Bolt Disk - Small disc that rests at like a side arm Lightning Charge - Does no AP but recharges energy batteries at a rate of 5Ap per sec and recharges Lightning batteries at a rate of 10LP per sec. Recharge Occurs in it's own battery which has a constant residual charge of 10AP and a max charge of 50 but during a charge up begins at 0) Lightning Bolt - Turns into a bolt of lightning doing the damadge of the charge in the internall batteries. Unabsorbable by nature cause it is technically still solid. Will return to user. Counters all solid objects. -60 AP
Weapon 3: Lightning Charge Lightning Ram : Rams enemy at high speed, during this phase he is coverd in lightning and does the damage of what is stored in the batterys - 45 AP Refule: Built in refule by having a lightning bolt hit him, this refules batteries to or full if there is or more.
Weapon 4: Enhanced Lightning Techniques: All energy from battery is drained and all people targeted will take that energy damadge. Below 1/2 is - 30 AP. 1/2 - 40 AP. Full - 50 AP Lightning Bolt Flood: One enemy is struck by a 2AP lightning bolts every second until either called off or they are Koed or dead (Deepending on weather it is an NPC or a Player)
Weapon 5: Limit Weapon: All of his batteries (Disc and built in) must be at a full charge. He turns into a lightning bolt and does damage to his specified target and short circuts it if it is a reploid or robot if it is human, they will be unconcious (depends on GM). This move may not be blocked even by lightning users and people invincable to lightning (depends on GM). Obviously the speed is to high for absorbtion to occur. - 70 AP.
SPECIAL=Ability 1: Battery Energy May be dumped into weapons increasing Max AP. Ability 2: Flight by turning into a lightning bolt.
Special item: Energy Battery at with a max Charge rate of 100AP