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Rank: Sergeant

Experiance Level (Power Level) 7: 35%

Organization: Hunters

5620 HP


Position: Sergeant

Agility and Speed: Level 3

Alertness: Level 2

Sharpness: Level 1


Skill: Durability Skill: Combat Proficency Skill: Mechanic Skills Skill: Enhanced Senses
Skill: Agility and Speed Skill: Pilot Compulsion (to ride in anything he hasn't built) Major Enemy (Dr. Zameus)


Missile/Torpedo Launcher Description: Just what the name is. Torpedo's for under water. Missiles for not in water. Shot from a launcher that raises out of his back around his dorsal fin. Starting
Attack: Launch a Missile/Torpedo at enemy. 130AP
Counter-Attack: Counter a Missile/Torpedo with a Missile/Torpedo 130AP


2 Mini Chain guns Description: Come out of Ridge's forearm area. Starting
Attack: Fire at the enemy about 50 shells a second. 120AP


Plasma Bo Staff Descripiton: Held in the center and 2 plasma beams projct out from either side of the middle part. Starting
Attack: General attacks with the weapon. 110AP
Attack: The energy parts of the Bo turn to Red (gives a fire property). 120AP
Counter: Parry other melee weapons. Parry


Cyberjack Description: When Ridge took over Netryz he learned to use the Cyberjack. Starting
Attack: Ridge jams the CJ into the enemy and attempts to digitize into them and do serious damage. 100AP + Digitize


"Redwings" Mech Description: Since ridge doesn't ride in things he hasn't built he built this little mech before joining the hunters. It stands about 4 ft. tall and is about 7 ft long. Stands on all 4's and can fly fast enough to keep up with most ships. (Ridge will get in all his mechs via Cyberjack. pic available) Starting
Attack: A missile laucher. 150AP
Attack: A machine gun. 140AP



Special Weapon Description: Since Netryz kept Ridge locked up for so long Ridge turned the tables and now makes Netryx do what he wants him to do. Starting
Attack/Counter: Used for Hacking and Camoflauge, Ridge may bring him out once in a while to be humanitary and let Netryx talk to his friends Special



Description: A very sociable kinda guy gets a long with most people and very energetic. Standing 7'2" he stands over most other reploids. Has entirely Black Armor and a silver stripe running down both arms coming to a point on top of his wrist.
Background: Ridge was a rep built by a scientest who made him do work and lots of it, very hard work. even though he always did it the scientest always called him a slacker... Ridge never got to much sleep. eventually the doc got sick and tired of him so he downloaded Ridge's memory into cyberspace.

Ridge became somewhat of a virus killer inside cyberspace (like bob from reboot) He spent most of his time fighting viruses made by a man called Dr. Zameus who was trying to crash the Internet causing chaos and take over the world. Ridge always was destroying his puny viruses and going about daily life in cyberspace. eventually after about 8 years managed to get out but the body he built was taken over by the machine that built it... it called it's self Netryx.

Ridge became trapped inside of Net hopeing and waiting for the day he could get out and when that day comes he would kill net by shattering his body and making his own original body when he finally came back to the real world.

When Ridge finally came out of Net he reversed what had happened before... he could make net do what he wanted.. Ridge could change into Net for certain tasks he may not have been able to do himself (special weapon) it would be the only time net could socialize again but it never lasts for long. Also when he shattered net he learned how to use his cyberjack making it quite easy for him to go back into cyberspace when needed to fight