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Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight

Loren Colestock


Rank: Ensign

Experiance Level 4: 40%

Organization: Hunters

420 HP


Position: Ensign

Agility and Speed: Level 1

Alertness: Level 3

Sharpness: Level 1



Medical Skills 1 This character has medium medical skills. They have first aid skills, the ability to aid skilled medics, the ability to fix low to moderate wounds, ect. Note that these skills apply to humans and not reploids. Note that to successfully aid a cyborg with require both medical and mechanic skills. Game Effect: This character has the ability to heal low to moderate skills, aid skilled medics, ect. These abilities mearly inhanses the ability of the Nanos.
Computer Skills Description: This character has excellent computer skills. This is mainly software skills, as they can create, update, or upgrade programs, decipher codes, and use computers extremely well. Game Effect: This character is has excellent computer skills (relating to software/programs)
Mechanic Skills Description: The character is a excellent mechanic, and can fix or upgrade weapons/vehicles/ect. They can even create their own new weapons/vehicles/devises in time. Game Effect: The character can fix or upgrade weapons/vehicles/devises.
Enhanced Senses Description: This character's senses are enhanced and therefore are better than others senses. Their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These heightened senses can be put to many uses. Game Effects: This character's senses are all enhanced, and are stronger than normal. This can be put to a variety of uses. It will increase is ALERTNESS Level by 2.  
Psionics 1 Description: The character has power in psionics (physic attacks). This allows them to use psionic weapons, gives them a mind shield, and allows them to sense incoming enemies. Game Effects: The character can now use psionic weapons which are undodgable without a mind shield, this character has a level 2 mindshield, this character can sense incoming enemies usually.
Auto-Charger Automatically charges up at all times. Max Charge 3. This charge can be transfered to any weapon. The Auto Charger allows all weapons in the character's posession to be chargable to level 3.
Invulnerability Your character is not harmed by one of the 6 damage types, though your character may be harmed a small bit by enemies exceptionally strong in this field (rare). The 6 are: Light (attacks used by good wielders), Dark (attacks used by evil wielders), Heat (fire, lava, heat, ect.), Cold (ice, water, cold, ect.), Electricity (lightning, electricity, ect.), and Telepathic/Telekinetic (mental attacks). Game Effects: The character has invulnerability to one of the following types: Light, Dark, Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Psionic. ONLY 1 INVULNERIBILTY IS ALLOWED PER CHARACTER AT ANY TIME. This invulnerability is halved if their HP is below 80, it is lost if their HP is below 40. Special: Electricity - It is immediaty absorbed by the Nanos
Major Enemy Description: The character and this enemy will stop at nothing to destroy each other. If they meet they will burst into combat regardless of their orders. (example: Mega Man X and Sigma). Game Effect: The character has a major enemy, and is a major enemy of that enemy. (you may choose this drawback twice if you have two major enemies) Special: Although he knows he has an enemy, it is a mystery to him.
Compulsion Description: The character has a compulsion about something (must be fairly broad), that will freeze them in fear and make them refuse to follow orders pertaining to it. This compulsion may influence their judgment. Game Effect: The character has a compulsion about something (must be fairly broad). Special: Compulsion to steal. (He even has a sensor stealthed internal storage for it.



Xvash A long object resembling a quarterstaff. It has spikes around it, except on the space for the handle. At each edge is a curved and spiked blade. One faces inwards, the other outwards. This is made of weaker alloys than the orginal, which is locked up in HQ. Earned
Attack: Slash/stab/etc. Not only harms the user, but they are posioned. 150 AP plus 10 AP per attack afterwards
Counter-Attack: Blocks sabres/swords/plasma blasts. Defense


Bo A long staff that can increase it's size with the touch of a button on it or decrease it Earned
Attack: Can grow longer or shorter +
Attack: Has a powerful orb at the end of each side that allows an extra WHACK to the hit 110 AP
Counter: Makes a strange noice to confuse enemies. Defense


Cloak of Invisiblity A long cloak that the user wears on his back. It causes huge amounts of electricty that will shock the user to death if they are not immune to it. The electricity causes the cloaking. Usage: 3 times / 5 mins. use
Attack: Cloaks the user from everyone or thing that doesn't have a scanner or Enchanced Senses to detect him Defense
Counter: Can create a small pulse field around the user to deflect 1/2 of attacks Defense


Wrist Bats Takes up 2 weapons. The Wrist Bats are Shadow Knight's primary weapon. As such when he gains new weapons, they are usually installed in the bats. Shadow Knight can generate more if they are destroyed (up to 2 at once). Starting:
Attack: Plasma Blade - The Bat can generate a energy blade out of its mouth. This Blade can be fired if choosen. 90 AP
Attack: Blade Wings - The wings of the bats have sharp blades on them. 80 AP
Counter: Parry - When the energy blade is being used in short range combat, it can block. Block
Counter: Intercept - It can intercept enemy attacks Block
Counter: Autonomous Flight - They can fly off and work on their own. Shadow Knight can see through their eyes and control them telepaticly.


Machine Gun Claws   Starting:
Attack: Claw - Often used with Active Nano-Immune Systems. 65 AP
Attack: Rapid Fire System - By constantly generating and firing claws, he can to heavy damage. 60 AP


Active Nano-Immune Systems The Nanos are a part of Shadow Knight's system. They can be present on any surface of his body. Even when morphed he can use these. Starting:
Attack: Deconstruction attack - The Nanos "infect" the target and beginning taking it apart piece by piece. 45 AP per target's attack
Attack: Slicer Beam - The excess damage energy that the Nanos repair has to go somewhere. That is this weapon. It slices through things in a ways similar to the Shadow Beam (Babylon 5). The damage is dependant on how much the Nanos have repaired since the last firing. 1/2 Damage repaired
Counter: Reconstruction - The Nanos can repair the target, including himself. Shadow Knight must concentrate to control the process. 20 HP per attack


Wings Allows Water / Ground Level / Air / Space manuevering. Starting:
Attack: HyperBoost Attack - Shadow Knight activates his internal hyperdrive allowing him to move along a pre-set path (generally a strait line). Can be used to smash into his opponent. 75 AP



Foe Morph This allows him to take on the abilities, powers, and appearance of any foe he had defeated or been programmed in with a full technical diagram. The morph overrides all his weapons except the Nanos. The morph lasts about 10 minutes and he can use it 5 times per mission.



Knight was a Maverick who lived in the Wastelands. He lived by stealing for so long that he almost forgot living any other way. On occasion he joined a miscelaneous group forming to try escape. He had to luck to survive these attempts, but never accomplished much. When the government began calling for assistance for the war against the aliens, however, Knight's personallity did a 180 degree turn. He began calling himself Shadow Knight and tried to join up. It is unknown whether he still is a maverick, but testing of his "brain" seem to indicate that his change of heart was honest. Recent tests also show that his abilities dramaticly overshadow his original design stats, but it is assumed he must have picked up the technology in the Wastelands. Another interesting fact is that his origonal design stats showed him to be a warrior, but present testing seems to indicate that he is a mechanic. He has offered no reason for these anomallies.