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"I'll find my life, and my family, somehow... all I have are friends to guide me... what else does anyone need?"

Seraphna ? E-mail:
Rank: Officer 2nd Class Experiance Level (Power Level) 13: 15% Organization: Hunters
5620 HP Reploid Position: Elementalist
Agility and Speed: Level 3 Alertness: Level 3 Sharpness: Level 1

Enhanced Senses Description: This character's senses are enhanced and therefore are better than others senses. Their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These heightened senses can be put to many uses. Game Effects: This character's senses are all enhanced, and are stronger than normal. This can be put to a variety of uses. It will increase is ALERTNESS Level by 2.
Agility and Speed Description: This character has heightened agility and speed which can be put to use in dodging enemy blows, delivering their blows faster, and being faster than normal.  Game Effects: This allows the character advantages in combat (mainly defensive) in dodging blows without a weapon, attacking foes quicker and faster, and being faster. Note: This will add 2 Levels up on your Agility/Speed Box and will give you a Level 3 Agility and Speed.
Pilot Description: The character is an excellent pilot (for starships, planes, car, land vehicles, sea vehicles, ect.). Game Effects: The character can out fly any character with less skill in this area. They can drive almost all types of vehicles. The starship/vehicle the character is piloting gets +5 starting APX to all of that vehicle's weapons.
Computer Skills Description: This character has excellent computer skills. This is mainly software skills, as they can create, update, or upgrade programs, decipher codes, and use computers extremely well.  Game Effect: This character is has excellent computer skills (relating to software/programs)
Psionics L1 Description: The character has power in psionics (physic attacks). This allows them to use psionic weapons, gives them a mind shield, and allows them to sense incoming enemies. Game Effects: The character can now use psionic weapons which are undodgable without a mind shield, this character has a level 2 mindshield, this character can sense incoming enemies usually.
Psionics L2 Description: The character has high power in psionics. This allows them to use powerful psionic weapons, have a power mindshield, and allows them to sense incoming enemies almost always. Game Effects: The character can now use psionic weapons which are undodgable (those weapons get +5AP or the like in effect), the character has a level 3 mindshield, the character can sense incoming enemies almost always.
Compulsion Description: The character has a compulsion about something (must be fairly broad), that will freeze them in fear and make them refuse to follow orders pertaining to it. This compulsion may influence their judgment.  Game Effect: The character has a compulsion about something (must be fairly broad). 
Combat Poor Description: This character is worse than normal characters in combat for one reason or another. Their weapons start off with -5AP. They are also worse in combat situations. Game Effect: The character starts off with -5AP for all weapons, and is bad in combat. (Cannot be used if you choose Combat Skills 1/2/3. Cannot be used in combination with those skill [example: Combat Skills 1 +2 and Combat Poor, means they get Combat 1 is NOT allowed and is illegal]).


Teeth Uses teeth for attacking Starting
Attack: Bite 300
Attack: Lunge 310
Counter: Snap
Counter: Bite-back

Claws Uses Claws for attack Starting
Attack: Slash 350
Attack: Scratch 330
Counter: Cut 320
Counter: Maim Wound

Psionics Uses powerful Psionics to attack or defend Starting:
Attack 1: PSI blast 380
Attack 2: PSI beam 400
Counter: PSI Block
Counter: PSI Toss(throw enemy away) Depends on GM
Counter: Psychic Shield

Dali Beam No description given Starting:
Attack: Blast 380
Attack: Wave 390
Counter 1: Explosive Blast 370
Counter 2: G-Bomb 350

Time Stopper A device that can stop time for brief periods Starting:
Counter: Freeze time Use: 3 per mission, Lasts 60 seconds

Flame Fire Attack Earned
Fire Blast Fire attack: Blaze 420 AP
Blaze2 Super Inferno Engulfs Enemies 430 AP
Counter: Flame Shield, Ignite Weapon (Give any weapon Flame Elemental Abilities) added effect (+ 50 AP to weapon)

TRANSFORMATION Transformation Ability Use each attack 3x a session
Human become human for 2 hours Form Change
Cat become a cat for 2 hours Form Change

Human Skills attacks used while in Human form Earned
Quater Staff:  Normal Hit 400 AP
Slam  (2x Normal) 420 AP
Counters Quater Staff: Block, Sweer, Back-hit Block/Block/300 AP

Elementalist Mastery/Advocate/powers Magic Earned
Ultima Strong magic attack 380 AP
Quake Earth Elemental Attack 390 AP
Dark Bomb Darkness attack 400 AP
Dark Matter Darknes attack 410 AP
Bolt Electric elemental 400 AP
Ice Ice elemental 410 AP
Counters: Raijin (Lightning3), Katon (Blaze4), and Calling (Calls Elemental Being to do battle) 350 AP
Counters: Drain, Teleport, Earth-Shield +20LP/Defence/Defence

Psionics Mind attacks Earned
Pounder Enemy feels pain all over 400 AP
Psy-Break Dome of Psionic power crushes everything in itís path the Sera wants destroyed 415 AP
Counter: Mind-Shield Increase (Makes Mind-Shield Lvl 4) Defence
Counter: Numb-Pain (Numbs someones pain away) +300 LP
Counter: Scan (allows group to know stats of enemies) Scan

Lunatist Powers Magic powers earned
Moon Beam Lunar attack 380 AP
Moon Healing +400 LP
Counter: Moon Upgrade  AP for all attacks increases 20% for 15 minutes), Holy Shield, Time Gate (used only when the GM says and where, this is for plot twists. Defence


Wings Allows her to fly + Defense


An excellent computer user when built this little dragon likes to use her brains to defeat her enemies. She is fun loving and always on the lookout for adventure, she likes to hang around Ariel a lot and thinks of her as her owner. Desciption: Seraphna is a female dragon. With metal making this creature appear to have red and purple fur. Starting at the neck and ending at the waist a tuft of the stuff characterizes this dragon.


Created on Earth (duh!), this Reploid worked with Ariel for sometime before the exile. Eager to leave her boring life behind she was more than eager to join the team. She had a minor case of amnesia causing her to forget her maker. She forgot her true name and who her maker was. She now is attached to Ariel who renamed her to Seraphna when they re-met.