Mission 1: The Hyper Trap (Part 1)

DeathStar> Location:  MHHQ Space Station, Orbiting one of Jupiter's moons
DeathStar> Location:  The Command Room of the Station........
DeathStar> (is sitting at the command chair at the computer, letting
- everyone get to know each other)
[Dominator] (surveys the members)
[UltraOmega] I'm here to fight. not take orders
[SK] (stands in a corner)
[X1] Man, lookit all them stars, if you tilt your head, I think you can see
- Elvis....
[Dominator] Then I suppose you'd better relize, that if you're here you take
- orders from us. Uo, right?
DeathStar> (rubs head)  I pray every mission doesn't start off like
- this.....
[X1]  *apears next to Dom in an apron and a paper hat* Welcome to Maverick
- Hunters, amy I take your order?
[UltraOmega] [brow rises slightsly] who's Elvis?
[Dominator] (raises eyebrow)
[Dominator] NRP: Yay! Someone who finally decides that in the future we
- don't all know the 20th century. What's the year anyway?
DeathStar> (chuckles at X1 but says nothing, turning chair around to face
- everyone)
[Dominator] All right, DS. Brief us on the mission, so we can begin.
[X1] Fat rock and roll signer from mid 20th century, died on the can you
- know, eating a box of Ding Dongs
DeathStar> (cocks head at Dom)  Well, that's jumping into it kinda fast. 
- First, I'll tell everyone about everyone so you'll know who you're working
- with
[Dominator] I wise idea.
[X1]  *stands up* Hi, i'm X1, and I've been sober for 21 weeks now...
[Dominator] (raises eyebrow)
DeathStar> X1.....tell them some REAL info...
[X1] Alright, alright, 19 months, so sue me...
[UltraOmega] I'm UltraOmega , Call me UO, I dont care who you are, I'm here
- to fight
DeathStar> Touching.  Shadow Knight?
[X1] Just no ear biting, okay?
[ShadowKnight] Ex-Mav
DeathStar> Two words.  Getting better here folks.  Dom?
[X1]  *plops his arm on SK's shoulder* Ex-Mav huh? Boy, bet you've got some
- stories to tell.
[Dominator] I am known as Dominator. The second in command of the MH
[Dominator] After the exile or before, SK?
[UltraOmega] If you ask me, Mavericks are the smart ones.
[ShadowKnight] Both
[Dominator] I don't think anyone did, UO.
[X1] If you ask me, someone in this room's a real sourpuss
[Dominator] (narrows his glaze at SK's responce) I see.
DeathStar> Okay.  On with the mission...
DeathStar> (rolling eyes at Dom and turns back to the screen and presses a
- button)
[X1] And if you ask my Unlce Glan, he'll tell you about the accident in his
- pie factory.
[UltraOmega] Dont push me Dominator........
DeathStar> (in the middle of the room a holo screen appears)
[UltraOmega] Dpnt think I'll only kill the opposing force.
DeathStar> That is QUITE enough UO.
[Dominator] Well, UO, then don't push me. You can fight, but relize that you
- follow our orders when you join this team.
[X1]  *slides inbetween UO and Dom* Now now boys, if you can't paly nice,
- you're going to your rooms
[UltraOmega] I follow my own orders.
[Dominator] Go join the mavs, or fight on some damn personal crusade if you
- want, but as long as you're here....
DeathStar> (taps fingures on the computer and mutters)  I'm telling
- you...this group is going to fall apart...
[ShadowKnight] (moves over to the holo-projector)
[ShadowKnight] (shrugs)
[Dominator] Now, continue the briefing Death Star.
[UltraOmega] [sits in a chair]
[X1] That's it! I'm going to fix this once and for all
DeathStar> (galres at Dom)
[X1] GROUP HUG! *holds his arms wide open* C'mon, I know you guys want to be
- friends, hug and make up. C'mon, go for it, you know you want to....
DeathStar> Okay......we've been getting reports from numerous alien races of
- someone attacking their ships.  All ships.  But that's not the strange thing
- folks, its while they're in HYPERSPACE.  When you're safe from such attacks
[UltraOmega] X1, see a theapest.
[ShadowKnight] Then how do we know about the attacks?
[X1]  *takes out a diploma* I AM a therapist...
[Dominator] All ships, eh? That sounds like a good way to get a lot of
- enemies.
DeathStar> EarthGov considers this a test of our abilities.  Just go in and
- blow up about these base.
DeathStar> Good point Shadow Knight.  It seems the base has let many of the
- ships GO.  Only wounding them serverly
[UltraOmega] the thing money can buy
[Dominator] Base?
DeathStar> That's what EarthGov thinks it is.  A Base.  Personally it's
- impossible to build such a base.
[Dominator] We know the location?
[UltraOmega] Skip the caladeral, when do we fight?
DeathStar> We know the general locaiton
[Dominator] Have they attacked our ships?
[X1]  *sits next to UO* Boy, you're just the little peace amker, aren't you?
[ShadowKnight] So, what do you think it is DS?
DeathStar> No.
[UltraOmega] [gets up and walks away from X1, looks out a window]
[Dominator] Relitive proximity to Earth?
DeathStar> (turns to SK)  I don't know.  I think it sounds too easy. 
- Espcially the part of letting ships go.
DeathStar> No far Dom.....extremely too close
[X1] I think SOMEONE needs a hug...
[Dominator] Then, we should take it down. Send a message that we won't
- tolerate intruders. We'll be carried by ship, and slip in, I presume?
[UltraOmega] I think someone needs a new layernx
[ShadowKnight] Trap?
DeathStar> It seems we're going on this with only 4 men.  All other Hunters
- are on stand-by at Alpha 12.  A mysterous ship has been seen around there. 
- Nothing too important, though
[X1]  *jumps up next to UO* Really? I could fix that for you, you know, I am
- the medical doctor as welll
>> ShadowKnight has left channel #battleground
[Dominator] There are five men in this room, DS. Who's excluded?
[X1]  *raises hand*
DeathStar> Correct Dom.  X1 is.  He's not in this.
[UltraOmega] [punches X1 on the stomach]
DeathStar> Dom, go prepare the ship
[X1] Me. I'm a lover, not a fighter
[X1]  *X1's stomach morphs and grabs UO's fist*
[Dominator] All right. I can't help but wonder if the ship and base are
- related though. (walks off)
>> Dominator has left channel #battleground
DeathStar> (turns to SK)  That's what I think it is....but..
DeathStar> Okay, X1.....leave please.  We three are going to be going to
- head down and join Dom in the hangers..
[UltraOmega] [now thta X1 is attached to hand, punches wall]
[X1]  *pats Dom on the shoulder* If it makes you feel any better, if you
- don't come ack ,I'll take care of your goldfish
[X1] Yeah yeah, always kicking me out when things get good....

Vile entered the dark room and turned to Sigma, who was standing there, grinning. "The Hunters have fallen for my trap." Vile nodded. He knew of the trap himself. The base in the Hyperspace was to lure the Hunters into it and destroy them before they could get stronger and more people join. They were going to finish the Hunters before they started.


"I want you to join the Maverick Commander already there. You can easily destroy ALL of them. Don't fail me," Sigma ordered.

"Of course. This will be as easy as defeating X was when I first met him when he had no power ups," Vile said, laughing as he walked off to head for the base.

DeathStar> Location:  Hanger Bay.  At the ship
[Dominator] The ships ready to go.
>> Ebony has joined channel #battleground
[ShadowKnight] (gets inside)
[UltraOmega] WO!OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo-----------oh.........
[Dominator] (enters fighter)
[Dominator] They say the one who longs for combat the most, is the one who
- longs for suffering the most.
DeathStar> ((walks up into the fighter)
DeathStar> (sits at the controls)
[Ebony] I've decided to stay behind on this one.
DeathStar> (powers it up, the roar drowning out Ebony's voice who is outside
- the ship)
[Dominator] (sits in the auto-pilot seat) You're not coming, Ebony?
[Ebony] 'Fraid not sir, headquaters told me to stay behind on this one
DeathStar> (turns to Dom)  Ebony?  He's suppose to be with the away team
- after the SHIP....
[ShadowKnight] (finds a seat)
[Dominator] (barely hears him, then shouts) Acknowledged!
[Dominator] I see. I believe everyone's ready. You've all been in space
- before, right?
[UltraOmega] [sleeps in the ship]
[ShadowKnight] Yes, I'm not trained as a pilot, though
DeathStar> (closing the ramp)
[Ebony]  *runs aboard*
DeathStar> Okay....we're off..
[ShadowKnight] I'll watch you guys to see how it's done
DeathStar> (ship flies out of the hanger into space)
DeathStar> (to Dom) You know how to fly?
[Dominator] My piloting skills are not very good either. I recieved brief
- training from-..... Well, I recieved training, but not enough to give me
- much skill.
DeathStar> Too bad ground boys...(does a barrell roll to jerk everyone
- around
[UltraOmega] (stays in seat even through barrel roll)
[Dominator] I could manage.
[ShadowKnight] (manages to stay unmoved)
DeathStar> (heads for the location of the attacks)
[Ebony]  *hovers off the floor so he doesn't spill over*
[ShadowKnight] Just because I don't pilot doesn't mean I've never been in
- space
[UltraOmega] [snores]
[Dominator] Ebony, you may want to considr strapping in.
[ShadowKnight] So, who are you Ebony?
[Ebony]  *glances over to UO* Can someone shut him up?
DeathStar> (heads into Hyperspace)
[Ebony] Ensign, first class
[Ebony]  *buckles up*
[UltraOmega] [arms whips up and aims balster at Ebony]
DeathStar> Dom, scan for ANYTHING unusal...
[Dominator] (scans)
[Ebony] Is that pea shooter supposed to scare me?
[Dominator] NRP: Does he find anything?
DeathStar> (groans and looks for a radio)
[ShadowKnight] (continues watching DS at the controls)
DeathStar> NRP: I'll tell you when you do.
[Ebony] And I wouldn't consider shooting me in here, because if you did,
- you'd rupture the hull, and the pressure would crush us all
DeathStar> Gawd, just GIVE him ideas...
[ShadowKnight] Don't thinks, so I can survive on my own in Hyperspace
[Ebony] Sorry sir, just stating the facts
[Dominator] ETA to destination?
[UltraOmega] really?
[UltraOmega] (charges blaster)
DeathStar> We're at it believe it or not.  Told you it was close
[Ebony]  *grabs UO's arm and holds it in his face* If you want some major
- plastic surgery, I suggest you power down
[ShadowKnight] Looks as if it is taken care of
[UltraOmega] [lifts up Ebony]
DeathStar> (turns to Dom)  I don't know why you weren't put in charge of
- this.....
[Dominator] (glares at UO) Power down.
[UltraOmega] I dont think so.
DeathStar> (scanners beep)
[Dominator] (turns to DS) Well, I suppose EarthGov decided that it would be
- more fun for you.
[Dominator] Then save your fire for the enemies....
DeathStar> They hate me...I know it....
[Dominator] I've picked up something.
DeathStar> (dives downward, causing UO to crash up front and DS glares at
- him)  STOP IT!!
[Ebony]  *kicks out UO's knee, and hold him on the floor with a knife to his
- neck* Power down NOW sir.
[UltraOmega] [eyes narrow] I CRAVE THE BATTLE!
DeathStar> NRP:  A large metalic thing
[ShadowKnight] (moves out of his seat and to the airlock)
[Dominator] Then wait five damn minutes.
[UltraOmega] Ugh..... Damn..... where's the gravity room and the work out
- room?
[Dominator] NRP: Nice scientific description.
DeathStar> NRP:  We got no fundings
[Dominator] Large metal object is close to us.
[Ebony] Down the hall, on your right
[Ebony] I know, it's the garbage jetison tube, just wanted him gone.
[UltraOmega] [goes into the workout room, get two 200 pund weights, goes
- into the gravity room, sets it to 4 times earth gravity]
DeathStar> (sees something up in front of him)  HOLY....
[UltraOmega] um..... then....{eyes widen} where'd I get these weights??
[Dominator] NRP: Ask DS if there is a room before you go in it.
[ShadowKnight] So how are we supposed to get on that thing?
[Dominator] What's wrong DS?
DeathStar> I hear the space pressure plays tricks on the mind....
[UltraOmega] {looks at the weights} oh they're droid arms!
DeathStar> (the thing shoots at them)
DeathStar> WE FOUND IT!!!1
[UltraOmega] PAUSE
[UltraOmega] back
[Dominator] Nice stealth entrance. Lets get in.
DeathStar> So frackin' sue me!
DeathStar> (dodges)
DeathStar> Coming up on it...that thing is huge....too bad our scanners are
- scrambled  (points to them)
DeathStar> (dodges more turbo cannon blasts and flies up and sees a hanger
- bay)  Go for it?
[Ebony]  *drops the radio headset* Radio communications too sir
[Dominator] Well, your the pilot. Try and find a way to get us in. We don't
- stand a chance in ship-to-ship combat.
[Dominator] Seems suspiciously like a trap, but its safer there than out
- here. Lets go
DeathStar> (flies toward it, dodging the blasts)
[UltraOmega] if I might make a sugestion
DeathStar> Make it quick
[UltraOmega] SHOOOT BACK!
[Ebony] What about our transportation units? Or are they scrambled too?
[ShadowKnight] (grabs on to something firmly attacked to the hull)
DeathStar> I'm not at the weapons counsel!
[Dominator] Without sensors, we'd might teleport ourselves into walls or the
- floor.
DeathStar> (gets closer)  100 more meters..
[UltraOmega] Oh fine do it your way! [runs to the closet, gets a space suit]
[Dominator] (puts power to the shields)
[Ebony] Sounds kinky
[UltraOmega] [puts it on]
DeathStar> UO!!
DeathStar> If you go out into Hyperspace you'll be ripped to pieces!
DeathStar> I don't know what technology is keeping that base here, but we
- don't have it!
[UltraOmega] I'll distract them! dont worry about me! I'll be
- back.....hehehe
DeathStar> NRP:  You'll die
[Dominator] UO, I'd suggest you stop.
[Dominator] Teleporting in hyperspace has never been tested, also.
DeathStar> 50 meters...(ship takes a hit)  DAMN!
DeathStar> 20...
[Dominator] (shield power goes down) Hurry...
[UltraOmega] {runs through a few corridors of the ship, a space suit is seen
- outside the ship}
DeathStar> (dodges the last barrier of blasts and lands on the hanger bay)
DeathStar> (suit is blasted to bits)
[UltraOmega] (another suit is seen)
DeathStar> Shewww.....we're on "it"....and they know we're here...
[UltraOmega] (comes back) I said I'd be back
[Dominator] Are we in the docking bay?
DeathStar> Yes.
[Ebony]  *readies blaster* Sounds like fun
DeathStar> Everyone okay?
[Ebony] Afrimative sir
[UltraOmega] I sugest you all get space suits too
[Dominator] I'm fine.
[UltraOmega] ya'know, *JUST IN CASE*
[ShadowKnight] (readies both of his wrist bats, forming them into energy
- swords) Yes
DeathStar> We won't need it....we're in hyperspace.  Either way, we'll die
[Dominator] I'm ready to begin, when you are.
[ShadowKnight] I'm the only one who can survive out there
[UltraOmega] You never know.... what if we run into a compression chamber
- hmmmm?
[Ebony] After you sirs
DeathStar> (opens ramp)
DeathStar> Then you'll live.
[UltraOmega] I need oxygen you know thats why I'm taking one.
DeathStar> (blasts come flying in, hitting the things)
[UltraOmega] YEAH!!!!!!
DeathStar> (inside the ship)
[Dominator] (arms Thunder Bolt and draws sword)
[Ebony]  *ducks*
[UltraOmega] [runs out of the ship to fight]
DeathStar> damn
[ShadowKnight] (dives put the ramp, fire blasts from his bat-swords)
DeathStar> UO!
DeathStar> Err...
[Ebony] There goes the pysco....
DeathStar> (dives out and blasts two Mavs to bits)
[UltraOmega] (slashes 3 mavs)
DeathStar> (fire blasts kill some Mavs)
DeathStar> (4 are left)
[Dominator] (jumps up and slashes a maveric, then flips around peircing
- another maverick's back)
DeathStar> 2 more.
[UltraOmega] (jumps REALLY high and fire multiple shots)
[Ebony]  *fires from inside the ship*
DeathStar> 0 more.
DeathStar> Okay...
[UltraOmega] (lands, panting) TOO EASY!
[Dominator] Where are we headed for? Energy Core?
[Ebony] Death Star sir, I suggest I stay behind with the ship to amke sure
- it stays safe
DeathStar> (glares at Ebony)  Fine.  (turns to the others.)  I think we
- should go to the command room first and rip this technology
DeathStar> off then blow up the Energy Core
[Dominator] Ebony, take cover if you're being overwhelmed
[Ebony] Acknowledged
[Dominator] Do we have any idea where the command bay is?
[ShadowKnight] Which way would the command center is?
[UltraOmega] I say we kill everything till we find it!
DeathStar> (looks around)  Most ships have them in the center of the them. 
- I would suggest the same for this place
[UltraOmega] any more baddies in the area?
[Dominator] Lets continue, and try and find a computer consule. If we stay
- here, we're sitting ducks...
DeathStar> duh UO.
DeathStar> (alarms go off)
DeathStar> I agree..
[UltraOmega] I mean that we can  see-------- oh ok
DeathStar> (heads out)
[ShadowKnight] (moves to the door and fires from behind the cover of the
- frame)
[UltraOmega] (arms Power fists)
DeathStar> (looks down a hallway and sees a group of Mavericks marching down
- their way)  We got company
[Dominator] (follows, Rune Sword raised and Thunder Bolt charging)
[ShadowKnight] (Begins firing sword blasts)
DeathStar> (fires Death Wish at them)
DeathStar> That has to be about 30 of them..
DeathStar> (points to the room SK was at a second ago)  In there!
DeathStar> (enters the room)
[Dominator] I can take many out with thunder bolt, but we're close to the
- hulll... I don/;t want to risk it.
[ShadowKnight] (goes back to the room)
[Dominator] (follows DS)
[UltraOmega] (fazes out of sight, moving so fast, punches all the mav's
- multiple times)
DeathStar> He'll die..
DeathStar> (Mavericks blast UO with a 30 AP attack)
[UltraOmega] (draws sword, slashes wildy)
DeathStar> DAMN!!
[Dominator] Probably.... If he survives, he may be stronger than we thought.
DeathStar> (runs out of the room and goes to the Mavericks, slashing two of
- them)
[UltraOmega] (silverish blood dripping from wounds) DAMN!!!!!
DeathStar> (others tackle UO, draining his life by 10 AP per second)
[UltraOmega] (gets REALLY POed)
[ShadowKnight] (Provides fire support, fireing off blades left and right)
DeathStar> (turns to UO)  I'm going to make you pay...
[UltraOmega] (stabs sword through 5 mavs)
[Dominator] He should have listened to us... do we save him?
[UltraOmega] (throws off the mavs)
DeathStar> (blows up 6 more Mavericks with Death Wish and his sabre)
DeathStar> UO, you lost 50 AP with that tackle thing..
DeathStar> HP.
DeathStar> (blasts another Mav in the head)
DeathStar> We got another 15...
[ShadowKnight] (Continues blasting through maves from the door of the room)
[UltraOmega] I LOVE THIS!
DeathStar> (SK takes down 4 of them)
DeathStar> 11 more
DeathStar> (blasts 4 of them in the heads)
DeathStar> 7 more..
[Dominator] (fires a charged Thunder Bolt which slams into mmost the
- mavericks)
[UltraOmega] [blasts like a maniac]
DeathStar> (5 die)(
DeathStar> (the rest die)
[Dominator] I'd suggest you follow orders next time, UO.
DeathStar> (holds his side which is bleeding)  I lost 70 HP with that fool
- hardy thing.....you lost 80 UO.  Don't do that AGAIN
[UltraOmega] NRP: BRB
[Dominator] (turns to DS) Can you heal yourself?
[ShadowKnight] (Moves over to DS, touches the wound and begins reconstruting
- him)
[Dominator] (turns over a corpse and looks for a computer of some sort)
DeathStar> (shakes head)  Later...wait a minute....
DeathStar> (looks at SK)  How'd you do that?
[Dominator] (gives up the search) Lets go, we have to continue on.
[ShadowKnight] Little trick I picked up recently.. you should see the
- reverse effect
DeathStar> (shakes head)  I don't think I do...
[UO] 80? hah, that mean I have at least........ 40 left right?
DeathStar> More like 320..
DeathStar> Lets move on..
[ShadowKnight] (continues recontructing DS)
[UO] (a pudle of fluid is forming under UO, looks pale)
[UO] Oh? ok
DeathStar> That is truly amazing...
[UO] [feels a little dizzy]
[Dominator] NRP: I've calculated my HP at 540 (counting a Durability skill)
DeathStar> Are...you...*gag*  okay UO?  (mutters about saying that)
[UO] n-never better!
>> Ebony has left channel #battleground
[ShadowKnight] (when he finishes recontructing DS, he moves to UO)
[Dominator] (activates Silver Crystal which shines and light goes over UO
- healing him) No need SK.
[UO] [gets serious] TIME TO FIGHT!
DeathStar> (looks around)
[Dominator] Lead on, DS.
DeathStar> (heads to the end of the hallway and looks at an elevator shaft)
[UO] {jumps down the shaft}
DeathStar> UO!
DeathStar> Damn it....
[ShadowKnight] You think that would be a trap?
[UO] (climbs the wall) comming?
DeathStar> (the shaft explodes and caves in) I t's a trap...
[UO] (rubble falls on UO)
[Dominator] Damn it... He's going to kill himself and deserve it. Its his
- problem though.
DeathStar> (heads to the blocked entrace to the shaft)
[UO] NRP: HP dammage?
DeathStar> We'll have to waste precious time digging him out!)
DeathStar> NRP: 50
[UO] (fires a high level blast straight up, jumps out)
[Dominator] Its your call DS. Personally this is testing my patience.
DeathStar> (helps him out some)
DeathStar> Next time WAIT, you got IT?!
[Dominator] Then maybe, you should stay with us.
[UO] (is already out)
[UO] uh......ok
[UO] party pooper
DeathStar> Lets go down the left hallway...
DeathStar> (heads down that way)
[Dominator] (follows DS)
[UO] (has losts of open wounds)
[ShadowKnight] (follows DS, looking at the walls for traps)
[UO] I have a bad felling about this....
DeathStar> See any SK?
[ShadowKnight] NRP: Do I?  I have enhanced sences
DeathStar> NRP:  Your call.  I don't mind
[ShadowKnight] Not yet
[UO] NRP: I have 2 Psionics
[Dominator] (a drop of battery fluid trickles down from Dominator's scar,
- and falls on Dominator eye. Dominator grips RuneSword harded)
DeathStar> (reaches the end of it)
DeathStar> (glances at Dom but says nothing)
[ShadowKnight] Are you OK, Dom?
DeathStar> We can either go left or right now...
[Dominator] I'm fine... Its just.... I'm fine.
[UO] NRP: I think I have enhanced sences too....... I cant remember, hanvt
- seen my bio.
[ShadowKnight] Which way do you want to go, UO?
[UO] any one got a grenade?
[UO] I'll answer that in a minut
[UO] e
DeathStar> NRP: I sent it to you e-mail
[Dominator] Would it be wise to give away our position like that?
DeathStar> No it wouldn't....
[UO] NRP: I see it
DeathStar> I got it!
[UO] geive me a grenade
DeathStar> How thick do you think the roof is?
[Dominator] I suppose we just randomly pick a way, unless anyone can sense
- something
[Dominator] I can't tell...
DeathStar> Okay, everyone...stand back and blast that roof...
[UO] DS: this is my old bio before I fixed the agility and speed thing.
DeathStar> (I know....whoops...you did pick it)
[ShadowKnight] (Opens fire with his swords)
DeathStar> (blasts with all his powerful weapons)
[ShadowKnight] What are you going to do with it?  Eat it?
[UO] DS: so it's enchanced sences, and another psionics.
[UO] just give it to me
DeathStar> UO: Right
[Dominator] (blasts as well with DS) I'm not sure what your doing, but.
[ShadowKnight] Don't got one
DeathStar> (the roof explodes and blocks both hallways)
[ShadowKnight] (flies up)
DeathStar> Now we go up through the roof and block any trouble coming by..
[UO] that was dumb, I'd have said the left, and thrown the grenade to the
- right.
[Dominator] (slashes a rock in half that would have hit him)
DeathStar> (leaps up and lands on the roof)
[UO] (jumps to the top)
[Dominator] (leaps up to the top and looks around)
DeathStar> (in a huge room complex)
[ShadowKnight] (begins covering fire to stop any opponents)
DeathStar> (one entrance on the far side of the room)
[UO] ooooooooooooo........cool
DeathStar> This smells like a trap...
[Dominator] Yes it does.
[UO] allow me........
[Dominator] Unfortunetly, we have no other choice.
[UO] (gets ready to run)
[ShadowKnight] (activates Hyperboost to ram the door on the far side)
DeathStar> SK!!!!  You go across the room and you'll get yourself killed
- probably!
[Dominator] Perhaps we could just try and open the door first?
[UO] (runs extreemly fast to the other side of the room, busts open whats
- left of the door)
DeathStar> (the rooms explodes into fire, which stops UO in his tracks)
[ShadowKnight] (powers down his hyperdrive)
[Dominator] UO!
[Dominator] Well, I think that about says its  a trap.
DeathStar> (blasts and other traps fly around the room)
[UO] (turns and runs the other way)
[ShadowKnight] (activates hyperboost set on evasive manuvers)
DeathStar> (UO gets hit by a charged blast 60 AP)
>> Ebony has joined channel #battleground
[Dominator] (blasts Thunder Bolt, which slams into the walls of the room in
- hopes to destroy the fire systems)
DeathStar> Oh hell...
[Dominator] (looks down at the way they came in) Perhaps we should go back?
[UO] (after getting hit and going so fast....tumbles over, armour cracked)
DeathStar> (takes off across the room)
[ShadowKnight] (sets them manuvers to end with ramming the door)
DeathStar> (gets smashed into the a wall 80 AP)
DeathStar> ARGH
DeathStar> (gets back up and dives out of the way of a blast and takes off
- again)
[UO] (grabs chest) ahaha-------aHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[UO] (eyes glow white)
[Dominator] Maybe not.... (follows DS)
[Dominator] (grabs UO) Are you allright?!
DeathStar> (rolls under some blast but floor exploded into blast and is hit
- again, sending him upward and smashing onto the ground 60 AP)
DeathStar> ARRGHHH.
[UO] LET GO OF ME!!!!!!!!
[Dominator] Death Star, you're going to kill yourself!
[Dominator] (lets go) I suppose you are, then.
DeathStar> (dives forward and reaches the door and blows up a control pnael,
- the attacks stop)
[ShadowKnight] (continues his evasive Hyperboost flying toward the door)
[UO] (jumps across the room blsting wildly)
[UO] (repeats across the other side)
[UO] (repeats)
[Dominator] (meets up with DS) That was very dangerous.
DeathStar> (pants)  So sue me when we get back...ouch...
[Dominator] UO, the attack has stopped.
DeathStar> I should use my HP RAin but....
[Dominator] But?
[ShadowKnight] (stops for breath)
[UO] ([ants heavily) I need a vacation......
DeathStar> I think the system was damaged...
[UO] (is very pale)
DeathStar> (slumps onto the ground, panting)
[Dominator] I have energy left in Silver Crystal... How much damage did you
- take?
DeathStar> Someone help him....he took damage...
[Dominator] Speak for yourself as well.... SK, can you heal UO?
[ShadowKnight] (goes over to UO and reconstructs him)
[ShadowKnight] Check
[UO] help DS before me.... (jumps away)
DeathStar> 200 AP..
[Dominator] (Silver Crystal glows from RS and engulfs DS in light) That
- won't heal all your wounds, but around half.
[UO] great 200 ap stonger.... should have heald DS first, he's stronger
[Dominator] You would be stronger, too, UO if you didn't rush into fights.
[UO] dont tempt me.
DeathStar> (gets up)  Lets continue...before....more come...
[ShadowKnight] (now reconstructs UO)
[Dominator] What's your HP total, DS?
[UO] I welcome the challege.
DeathStar> Normally 600, now 500, thanks to you...
[ShadowKnight] (his palm glows as he finsishes reconstructing UO)
[Dominator] All right, but be carefull. Lets go.
DeathStar> (opens the door and looks around, sees no one)
[UO] whats my current hp?
[Dominator] Careful, the last room was "empty" too.
DeathStar> You're healed up to about 380
[ShadowKnight] Fully repaired
[UO] aww..... is that all the bad guys?
DeathStar> Whoops...around there.
DeathStar> (steps into the room and nothing happens)
[ShadowKnight] Fires a bat into the next room to scout it out)
[Dominator] (cautiously follows DS)
DeathStar> (finds a computer monitor showing a layout of the base)  Hey,
- guys....the Control Room is on this floor, only about 20 minutes north!
[ShadowKnight] (Follows DS and catches his wrist bat as it returns)
[UO] thats what 5 for me?
[Dominator] How can we be certain, that they haven't rigged that computer?
DeathStar> We can't, unless you got a better idea...
[UO] either way, I say we make it go boom!
[ShadowKnight] (Goes to the north wall and begins deconstructing the wall)
[Dominator] Unfortunetly, I don't.
DeathStar> Well, this is a closed room...
[UO] I have an idea.
[ShadowKnight] (Continues deconstructing the wall)
[Dominator] Good idea, SK. Stealth is allways a good idea.
[UO] get me a straight run to the control room and a grenade, and you guys
- fall back, and when they come after me when I run back, heheheh
[ShadowKnight] (where SK's hands touch, the wall is eaten away
DeathStar> Bravo SK...
DeathStar> (joins SK)
[ShadowKnight] (to UO) We're trying to capture technology, not destroy it
[Dominator] We have no choice, but to continue on.
[UO] oh....
[ShadowKnight] I think we're almost through
[Dominator] (walks to the destroyed wall)
DeathStar> (arms weapons)
[UO] (readys fists)
[ShadowKnight] (spins his swords)
DeathStar> Is it done?
[ShadowKnight] Yes
[Dominator] (narrows his gaze and holds RS)
DeathStar> (leaps through and blasts a Maverick he sees)
[UO] lets
[ShadowKnight] (walks through, firing)