Mission 10: Bloodlines

[18:28] [GM] Session Begins:
[18:28] [GM] Time Chart: Day 6 after DS's Maverick Attack
[18:28] [GM] Location: HQ - Control Room.  It has been rebuilt
[18:28] Garland sits there reading book
[18:29] [GM] (any one logging?)
[18:29] LightningStrike is checking through some computer records on power levels and some martial arts techniques
[18:29] [LightningStrike] NRP: I am, but get someone else to also 
[18:30] [GM] The Hunters are there gathered around.  So far Death Star has only been seen once and awhile and Wien is still missing
[18:30] Garland closes book
[18:30] Blackjack is sitting around, a cigarette in his mouth
[18:30] LightningStrike looks like he finds something, then looks like he is depressed again and continues reading.
[18:31] [Blackjack] What are you two doing, anyway?
[18:31] [LightningStrike] Me ?? Studying for the biggest test of my life.
[18:31] Garland walks into his room, comes back out with a napsac of sorts , and a couple cokes he looted earlier
[18:31] [Blackjack] That was more to Garland than you...
[18:31] [Garland] .....
[18:31] LightningStrike Takes a look at this screen and punches the screen with his right hand
[18:32] Garland starts for the door
[18:32] GM is now known as Cross
[18:32] Cross walks into the room, humming
[18:32] [Cross] Gooodddd morning
[18:32] [LightningStrike] Hey cross
[18:32] Blackjack removes his cigarette. 1"What's up, Cross?" He takes a drag on the cigarette.
[18:32] [LightningStrike] Not so god for me but still. 
[18:32] Garland leaves
[18:32] Cross glances at Garland. "What is he doing?"
[18:33] Garland heads past the security doors and leaves the base
[18:33] Blackjack casts a sideways glance at Garland. 1"Got me. I never can understand how his mind works..."
[18:33] [Cross] Uh, is he trying to leave the space station??
[18:33] [Blackjack] Hmm... Maybe we'd better go see what he's up to...
[18:34] [LightningStrike] I'll bet he is up to something that is completely harmless that will get everyone mad at him *glances at BJ then back at his screen*
[18:34] [Cross] Well, he can't fly a shuttle.  Guess there's nothing to be worried about
[18:34] Garland walks around the catacombs of the station
[18:34] Blackjack glares at Lightning Strike. 1"Sorry, I just don't know with him..."
[18:34] Garland thats in the quarters area (not the base) area of the ship
[18:34] [Blackjack] You're right, Cross. What harm could he do?
[18:34] Cross sits down and plays cards
[18:35] Garland heads for the emergincy escape pods
[18:35] [Blackjack] Hey! Playing cards and leaving me out?
[18:35] [LightningStrike] If I where him after the way you yelled at him BJ I'd be trying to find out how you knock someone sensless
[18:35] Cross glances around at a viewscreen and sees Garland
[18:35] [Cross] WHAT THE HELL?!
[18:35] LightningStrike sees it to
[18:35] [LightningStrike] Uh oh
[18:35] Blackjack whirls in the direction of the viewscreen. 1"HUH!?"
[18:35] Garland gets in and sets it to leave in 20 secs
[18:35] [LightningStrike] Better get a zappen to see what is a happnen with the kid 
[18:35] Cross dashes down to the elevator
[18:35] Cross rides to the escape pod floor
[18:35] LightningStrike zaps into the shuttle sitting next to garland
[18:35] Garland closes the door and straps in
[18:36] Cross gets out and runs for the pods at top speed
[18:36] Blackjack rushes to the shuttle base. 1"Since when could that kid fly a shuttle!?"
[18:36] [Cross] THAT'S A POD!!!
[18:36] [Cross] HE'LL FLOAT IN SPACE!!
[18:36] [Blackjack] Or a pod...
[18:36] LightningStrike is in the pod 
[18:36] [Blackjack] NRP: Sorry, misunderstood.
[18:36] [Garland] *the pod launches
[18:36] Blackjack arrives in time to see it leave
[18:36] Cross runs up behind BJ
[18:36] [LightningStrike] I wish you wouldn't do things like this Garland
[18:36] [Cross] Damn!
[18:36] [Blackjack] Shit...
[18:36] [Cross] Should I call Commander Death Star?
[18:36] [Garland] ......go away
[18:36] [Blackjack] Yeah. He needs to know about this...
[18:37] LightningStrike taps Com
[18:37] Cross grabs comm.
[18:37] [Cross] .....Having trouble getting through..
[18:37] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Uh guys, how do you retrieve one of these things ??
[18:37] Cross keeps trying to get through
[18:37] [Blackjack] Great...
[18:37] Garland 's pod is caught in earths gravity and starts to fall
[18:37] [Cross] We got to get a shuttle.
[18:37] [Cross] NRP:  Pod will have to take longer
[18:37] [Cross] NRP:  About 15 minutes
[18:37] [Blackjack] Right. Let's get to the shuttle bay...
[18:37] [Cross] But, sir, we can't pilot!
[18:37] Cross glances at watch.
[18:38] [Cross] We now have 14 minutes, sir...
[18:38] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Hello ??
[18:38] [Cross] LS, we're coming!
[18:38] Garland sips a coke
[18:38] Cross to BJ
[18:38] [Cross] We need a pilot!!
[18:38] Cross thinks of DS
[18:38] [Blackjack] We have to do something...
[18:38] [Cross] He can fly...
[18:38] [LightningStrike] Uh garland, why did you decided to hurl yourself toward the earth in an escape pod ??
[18:38] [Cross] But...
[18:38] [Blackjack] That wacko? Forget it!
[18:38] Cross runs into the shuttlebay
[18:38] [Cross] We got 12 minutes
[18:38] Blackjack rushes to the shuttle bay. 1"I know a little about flying... I can try to get us there."
[18:38] Cross leaps into a shuttle
[18:39] [Garland] Didn't you hear me!? GO AWAY
[18:39] [Cross] Well, BJ, it's up to you
[18:39] Blackjack leaps into the shuttle behind Cross. 1"Don't remind me..."
[18:39] [Cross] 10 minutes...
[18:39] Blackjack sits in the pilot's seat
[18:39] [Blackjack] Let's go...
[18:39] Blackjack activates the shuttle, and the two head for earth
[18:39] [Garland] *the pod is falling faster*
[18:39] [Cross] 5 minutes....
[18:39] Cross looks for turbo boosters
[18:39] [Cross] Damn...damn....damn
[18:40] [LightningStrike] Hmm, I'm in a shuttle with a little kid about ready to get killed, and you want me to go away ??
[18:40] [Blackjack] Maybe this is it! *hits a random switch*
[18:40] Cross shuttle's Self-Destruct begins
[18:40] Garland raises hand to LS, and prepairs a Kiama
[18:40] [Cross] SD: 30 seconds.
[18:40] [Blackjack] Damn!
[18:40] [Cross] DAMN IT NO!!!!
[18:40] [Cross] SD: 25 seconds
[18:40] [Garland] yes....leave
[18:40] [Cross] SD: 20 seconds
[18:40] Cross begins to pray
[18:40] Blackjack tries not to panic. 1"I think there are escape pods on this thing..."
[18:40] LightningStrike thinks about it for a second
[18:40] [Cross] SD: 15
[18:40] Cross leaps into one
[18:41] [LightningStrike] No way
[18:41] Blackjack leaps into another
[18:41] [Cross] SD: 10 seconods
[18:41] [LightningStrike] You go down I come with you !
[18:41] Cross ejects out
[18:41] Garland fires on LS
[18:41] [Cross] SD: 5
[18:41] [Blackjack] I knew I shouldn't have tried... *engages the pod*
[18:41] [Cross] 4
[18:41] [Cross] 2
[18:41] [Cross] 1
[18:41] [Cross] 0
[18:41] Blackjack leaves the shuttle
[18:41] Cross shuttle explodes
[18:41] Cross Garland's pod enters the astmophere
[18:41] Blackjack mutters, 1"I need to stop these close escapes..."
[18:41] Cross his pod rockets towards Earth
[18:42] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Uh guys it's getting hot in here where are you at ??
[18:42] Blackjack 's pod flies towards Earth slightly behind Cross
[18:42] Garland 's coke is splattered all over the place
[18:42] [Cross] Comm]] Three minutes behind you
[18:42] [Blackjack] Comm]] The shuttle's toast, though...
[18:42] Cross Garland's pod is roasting now, as it flies down
[18:42] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Rmind me to not ask where your at from now on
[18:42] Cross his pod jerks as he enters the astmophere
[18:43] Blackjack enters right behind Cross, pod jerking wildly
[18:43] Cross Garland's shuttle crashlands
[18:43] [Cross] Heatshields are failing on mine...
[18:43] [Cross] Must be a crack in it....
[18:43] LightningStrike makes sure that he takes the worst of the landing rather than garland
[18:44] Garland is safe in the crash, he wore his straps
[18:44] [Blackjack] Comm]] Let's hope it can make it through, mine seems to be working fine...
[18:44] [Cross] Comm]] HOT!!!
[18:44] Garland leaves the pod
[18:44] Cross his crash lands
[18:44] LightningStrike follows garland
[18:44] [Blackjack] Comm]] It's not my fault, is it!?
[18:44] [LightningStrike] Kid you seem a little angery.
[18:44] Blackjack 's pod crash lands near Cross's
[18:44] Cross leaps out
[18:44] Garland uses speed adrenaline and runs off
[18:44] Cross runs around, waving hands
[18:44] Blackjack stumbles out, somewhat disoriented
[18:44] [Cross] HOT HOT HOT!!
[18:45] Cross sees Garland
[18:45] LightningStrike zaps to be in front of him 
[18:45] Garland runs faster
[18:45] Blackjack shakes his head, clearing it
[18:45] Cross activates Speedboots and speds after Garland
[18:45] Garland runs over LS
[18:45] [Blackjack] Garland!
[18:45] [Cross] Sorry, kid, but you can't get past me!!
[18:45] Cross comes up behind Garland
[18:45] Blackjack runs after Garland, hopelessly outdistanced
[18:45] LightningStrike looks at the 2 of em
[18:45] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Anyone ever here of Road Runner ??
[18:45] Garland jumps off a cliff he sees, fires a kiama, flys back up, lands on the other side
[18:46] [Cross] WHOA HOO!!
[18:46] Cross runs off the side
[18:46] Garland speeds off
[18:46] [Blackjack] CROSS! *catches up, but stops at the edge*
[18:46] Cross activates his tornado blow and spins through the air and lands on the other side of the cliff
[18:46] [Cross] HEY!!
[18:46] Cross takes off after Garland again
[18:46] [Blackjack] Great... I'm stuck...
[18:46] LightningStrike Zaps to where  BJ is and zaps em back to the other side
[18:46] Blackjack clears his head again. 1"Thinks... I think..."
[18:47] [Blackjack] NRP: Thanks...
[18:47] Garland heads for the city, citizens gawk at the fast child
[18:47] [LightningStrike] Bj, I'm gonna have the bikes teleport down here k
[18:47] Cross runs behind Garland, catching up
[18:47] [Cross] S-Should...have....skipped...this...
[18:47] Blackjack starts to run, but decides to wait on the bikes
[18:47] [LightningStrike] Comm]] Initiallize Bike drop 2 now
[18:48] LightningStrike sees bikes teleport down
[18:48] [LightningStrike] Ok lets ride
[18:48] [Blackjack] At least you got the right ones...
[18:48] LightningStrike hops on his bike
[18:48] Garland runs around alleys and corners trying to lose everyone
[18:48] Blackjack leaps onto his, and hits the jets
[18:48] [Cross] *puff* *puff*
[18:48] Cross keeps up with Garland
[18:48] [Cross] Yo, kid, lets talk!!!
[18:48] [Garland] NO!
[18:48] [Cross] PLEASE!!
[18:48] Garland keeps pace
[18:48] Cross flips in front of Garland, still running
[18:48] Blackjack arrives in the city, looking for the two, but unable to find them. 1"Damn it..."
[18:48] LightningStrike Goes into jet/morphed mode and turns him and the bike into lightning bolts (about 2x faster than normall now)
[18:49] Garland runs into a mall
[18:49] Cross is right beside Garland as they run
[18:49] [Cross] Can we stop now!
[18:49] Garland has people staring at him
[18:49] LightningStrike is in front of garland again
[18:49] [LightningStrike] STOP
[18:49] LightningStrike holds his ground this time
[18:49] Cross fires a freeze cannon at Garland
[18:49] [Cross] STOP LAD!
[18:50] Garland kiama's the freeze cannon
[18:50] [Cross] Damn...
[18:50] Cross tackles Garland
[18:50] Blackjack parks his bike outside, and runs into the mall, thinking he saw Cross go in
[18:50] [Cross] THAT'S QUITE ENOUGH!!!
[18:50] [Blackjack] CROSS! GARLAND!
[18:50] Garland is running faster
[18:50] LightningStrike deactivates morph/fusion
[18:50] Cloaked_person [UOmega@ip88.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net] has joined #TAW
[18:50] [LightningStrike] Power drain
[18:50] Cloaked_person looks at Garland
[18:51] Blackjack sees Cross attempt the tackle, and sprints after them
[18:51] LightningStrike regroups with Cross and BJ
[18:51] [Cross] STOP CHASING HIM!!
[18:51] Cross grins evilly
[18:51] [LightningStrike] Ok we need a better plan
[18:51] Cloaked_person jumps
[18:51] Cross whispers what he did to Garland
[18:51] Blackjack stops. 1"What're you talking about?
[18:51] Cloaked_person blurs infront of Cross and the others
[18:51] [Cloaked_person] Leave the kid alone
[18:51] [Cross] I but a beacon on him
[18:51] [Blackjack] Who the hell are you!?
[18:51] Cross brings out scanner and watches Garland run
[18:52] Cross ignores the person
[18:52] Cloaked_person draws a BIG sowrd
[18:52] [Cross] He's...damn he's going fast
[18:52] LightningStrike bolts next to the pearson and is keeping pace relatively easily in lightning form 
[18:52] [Cross] Scanner can hardly keep up with him
[18:52] Cloaked_person slashes Cross
[18:52] [Cross] ARGHH
[18:52] [LightningStrike] I wouldn't hurt that kid if I where you 
[18:52] Cross leaps into the air
[18:52] Blackjack leaps backwards. 1"WHOA! Cross!"
[18:52] Garland hides in a store
[18:52] Cross blasts the person with Freeze Cannon
[18:52] LightningStrike grabs cloaked pearson and throws him 
[18:52] Cloaked_person is not frozen
[18:52] [Cross] Should....we like call for backup?!
[18:53] Cross looks at scanner and runs
[18:53] Blackjack draws his rifle and fires. The battle is drawing attention from the shoppers.
[18:53] Cross runs into the store Garland went into
[18:53] LightningStrike is sparking a little bit now 
[18:53] [Cross] KID, WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!
[18:53] Cloaked_person runs for Cross
[18:53] [Blackjack] HEY!
[18:53] LightningStrike zaps in front of cloaked paerson
[18:53] Blackjack aims at the person and shoots, hoping to stop him
[18:53] [Cloaked_person] He obviously does not wish to be bothered.....
[18:53] Cross glances at scanner and looks at the spot Garland is hiding
[18:53] [LightningStrike] Listen you cloaked nut case LAY OFF !!
[18:53] Cross shoppers are running, screaming, in fear
[18:53] Cloaked_person raises hand twards cross
[18:54] [Cross] Uh oh....
[18:54] Cross grabs Garland
[18:54] LightningStrike Fires a slow moving ball of lightning at enemy. (50 AP)
[18:54] Cross leaps through the glass window and down to the first floor
[18:54] [Cloaked_person] Linka *blasts cross* LET HIM GO!
[18:54] Cross blast misses
[18:54] Blackjack catches up
[18:54] Garland blasts cross
[18:54] [Cross] Damn that was close.  you know this person Garland?
[18:54] [Blackjack] JUST WHO ARE YOU!
[18:54] [Cross] ARGGHH!!
[18:54] Cross stumbles
[18:54] [Garland] lemme go!!
[18:54] Cross lets go
[18:54] [Cross] OW!!
[18:54] Cross falls
[18:54] Garland reares back upper lip exposing large kanines
[18:54] Cross stands up and grabs Garland again
[18:55] Cloaked_person holds sword to cross's neck
[18:55] [Blackjack] CROSS! Knock it off!
[18:55] [Cross] WHOA!!
[18:55] Cross raises hands in the air
[18:55] Garland runs off again
[18:55] [Cross] S-Sir...we like now backup...
[18:55] [Cross] need
[18:55] Cloaked_person uncloaks head
[18:55] Blackjack quietly grabs his comm
[18:55] [Blackjack] Quietly Into Comm]] We need backup... NOW!
[18:55] Cloaked_person reveals to be a woman, with many scars of cheacks
[18:56] Cross leaps into the air and teleports
[18:56] Cross appears behind the woman
[18:56] [Cross] Can we talk, lady?
[18:56] Cloaked_person grabs cross by the neck
[18:56] [Cloaked_person] I'd rather not...
[18:56] [Cross] HQ]] We have no availble people right now but..
[18:56] [Cross] URK!
[18:56] LightningStrike grabs her hand and presses down 
[18:56] [Cross] C'mon mi'lady...
[18:56] [Blackjack] Comm]] BUT WHAT!? This is urgent!
[18:56] [LightningStrike] Let him go
[18:56] [Cloaked_person] ......hmph
[18:57] [Cross] Comm]]Forget it....we'll send help when we can reach some of the Hunters
[18:57] [Cloaked_person] Your the one chasing a child
[18:57] [Blackjack] Comm]] 10-4...
[18:57] [Cross] UURL...PL*gasps*EASE..
[18:57] [LightningStrike] yes cause if a maverik found him they would kill him !!!
[18:57] Cloaked_person squesses Crosses neck
[18:57] [Cross] URKK..
[18:57] [Blackjack] Why don't you explain who you are, lady?
[18:57] Blackjack snaps his rifle into position
[18:57] Cross sensors are blacking out
[18:57] [Cloaked_person] I need no explaining
[18:57] LightningStrike sends a small shock down his arm making her let go 
[18:57] [Cloaked_person] You explain!
[18:58] Cross collaspes to the ground
[18:58] Cloaked_person is not affected
[18:58] Cross gasps
[18:58] [Cross] Damn that's a grip
[18:58] Cloaked_person kicks LS
[18:58] [LightningStrike] I did, if a maverik gets that kid they will kill him, I wont let that happen *zaps to the side avoiding hte kick*
[18:58] [Cross] NRP:  Damn, I'm still caught. HELP!!
[18:58] Garland watches from around a corner
[18:58] [LightningStrike] Your his mother aren't you ??
[18:58] Cross kicks the lady
[18:59] [Cross] LEMME...GO!
[18:59] [Cloaked_person] ? *laughs* No I'm not
[18:59] Blackjack shoots at the lady's wrist, hoping to knock Cross loose
[18:59] [LightningStrike] Oh well then, I wont feel bad about blasting you 
[18:59] LightningStrike Throws his disc at full charge like a lightning bolt doing (60AP)
[18:59] Cloaked_person keeps grip
[18:59] [Cross] GACKCK...
[18:59] Cross goes limp finally
[18:59] [Blackjack] Damn it!
[18:59] LightningStrike starts doing a full power blast at her hand
[18:59] Blackjack kicks upwards at the lady's wrist
[18:59] Cloaked_person throws cross across the mall
[19:00] [Blackjack] Cross!!!
[19:00] Cross skips off the ground, not moving
[19:00] Cloaked_person punches BJ
[19:00] [LightningStrike] Well, your not his mother who are you ??
[19:00] [Blackjack] OW!
[19:00] [Cloaked_person] My name is Di'Mantha
[19:00] Cloaked_person is now known as DiMantha
[19:00] [Blackjack] DiMantha?
[19:00] [LightningStrike] Ok, now why are you trying to keep us from making sure he is safe ??
[19:00] Garland watches intently
[19:00] [Blackjack] Explain yourself, lady. What do you want with Garland?
[19:01] [DiMantha] He doesn not need YOUR help! hah, weaklings!
[19:01] [LightningStrike] Hmph
[19:01] [Blackjack] ANSWER ME!
[19:01] [LightningStrike] So far your powers seem pretty weak to me, so depends on your definition.
[19:01] DiMantha kicks LS, faster than he can zap from pace to place
[19:01] DiMantha laughs
[19:01] LightningStrike zaps away cause that aint possible or her atoms would split
[19:01] [DiMantha] I havnt had this much fun in a whil!
[19:02] [LightningStrike] NRP: E=Mc2
[19:02] [DiMantha] {you'd be surprized}
[19:02] DiMantha smiles exposing the same large kanines that Garland has
[19:02] [LightningStrike] NRP: No I wouldn't, fastest you could go would keep most from seeing you, I move however at the speed of light :)
[19:02] [Blackjack] Lightning Strike, knock it off.
[19:02] [Blackjack] NRP: RP and NRP
[19:03] DiMantha blasts LS with a Light attack
[19:03] [Blackjack] Those teeth... You're not vampires, are you...?
[19:03] Ryu-Dragonsbane [FamilyAli@1Cust251.tnt4.phl1.da.uu.net] has joined #TAW
[19:03] [Ryu-Dragonsbane] hello
[19:03] LightningStrike gets knocked back
[19:03] Cross has kicked Ryu-Dragonsbane from #TAW (Cross)
[19:03] [DiMantha] *laugh* forbid the thought!
[19:04] [LightningStrike] Nice move
[19:04] DiMantha trips BJ
[19:04] [Blackjack] A reasonable guess, anyway... *is knocked to the floor*
[19:04] [LightningStrike] You a relative of the kid ??
[19:04] [Blackjack] What did I do wrong, anyway? I'm just trying to take care of the kid...
[19:04] [DiMantha] I know a lot more...... *blurs behind LS and kicks him*
[19:04] LightningStrike Zaps behind her
[19:04] [LightningStrike] Not when I'm expecting it you don't
[19:04] [DiMantha] So tell me.... where is Kilath?
[19:05] [LightningStrike] Kilath ??
[19:05] [LightningStrike] Who ??
[19:05] [Blackjack] So tell me.... WHO is Kilath?
[19:05] Cross stabs DiMantha in the back
[19:05] [Cross] Forget me?
[19:05] DiMantha doesnt even wince at the gash
[19:05] DiMantha backhands Cross
[19:05] Cross holds his ground
[19:05] [Cross] Sorry!
[19:05] Cross kicks her
[19:05] [DiMantha] Then what are you doing with Garland?!
[19:05] [LightningStrike] Cross, don't attack her she is a loose cannon
[19:06] [Cross] Noted
[19:06] Cross leaps back
[19:06] Blackjack is only interested in what DiMantha has to say. 1"Hold on... maybe Garland's father was Kilath..."
[19:06] [Cross] I thought the records said it was UO..
[19:06] [Blackjack] Am I right?
[19:06] [LightningStrike] I think BJ is on to something. 
[19:06] [DiMantha] Ah... the family crest I see!
[19:06] DiMantha kicks BJ across the mall
[19:06] [Cross] Family crest?
[19:06] [Blackjack] YEAAAAH!
[19:07] Blackjack crash lands in a china shop
[19:07] Cross notes there is no one else in the mall anymore
[19:07] [DiMantha] They leave when I'm happy, for battle......
[19:07] DiMantha pushes/blasts cross
[19:07] Blackjack notes, 1"If no one knows I broke it, I don't have to pay for it..." He quickly runs from the shop.
[19:07] Cross dodges
[19:08] [Cross] WHOA!
[19:08] Cross blasts DiMantha back
[19:08] DiMantha ignores it
[19:08] LightningStrike grabs her arm and gets upercuts her 
[19:08] [DiMantha] now where is Kilath!?
[19:08] [Cross] Is he UO??
[19:08] Cross leaps around
[19:08] Garland walks out
[19:08] [Garland] Daddy?
[19:09] [Cross] Is UO really Kilath?
[19:09] DiMantha is standing there, bearly scratched
[19:09] Blackjack stays a good distance from DiMantha, and says, 1"Kilath is Garland's father... We don't know who or where he is, unless Cross is right..."
[19:09] LightningStrike lets go of her arm and zaps a good distance away
[19:09] [DiMantha] you mean the Omega crest, if that, yes.....
[19:10] [Cross] Then...Kilath...according to records, is dead...
[19:10] [Blackjack] Wait a minute... remember what UO stands for? Ultra Omega...
[19:10] Garland over hears that
[19:10] [Garland] W-w-what!!!????????
[19:10] [Cross] Oh damn..
[19:10] LightningStrike slaps Cross upside the head
[19:10] [Blackjack] I'd get down if I were you, Cross...
[19:10] [Cross] OW!
[19:10] [DiMantha] He's DEAD!!!????
[19:10] [Cross] D-Down?
[19:11] [LightningStrike] You didn't tell the kid ??
[19:11] [Blackjack] Uh, yeah. Something tells me a few kiamas are coming our way...
[19:11] DiMantha 's eyes glow white, and growls
[19:11] DeathStar [death_star@dial11.planters.net] has joined #TAW
[19:11] Garland does what Di'Mantha does
[19:11] DeathStar crashes through skyglass
[19:11] [Blackjack] I didn't know...! I didn't know that UO was Kilath!
[19:11] [Blackjack] DS!?
[19:11] [LightningStrike] Oh dang
[19:11] [DeathStar] Got your distress call...
[19:11] Garland fires multiple Kiamas at them
[19:12] [Blackjack] Told ya! DUCK!!!
[19:12] [LightningStrike] Oh, DS, your not mav now ?? Ok
[19:12] DeathStar lands smoothly, frowning sadly at them and turns to DiMantha
[19:12] [DeathStar] What's going on?
[19:12] LightningStrike does a Zap so fast it leaves an after image
[19:12] [DeathStar] WAHT?!
[19:12] Cross ducks
[19:12] [Blackjack] /me drops to the ground, dodging the kiamas. 1"GET DOWN, DS!"
[19:12] DeathStar jumps over them
[19:12] [Blackjack] Or that'll work...
[19:12] LightningStrike is moving so fast he's leaving like 4 or 5 after images
[19:12] DeathStar grabs sabre, arms shaking some
[19:12] [LightningStrike] I think I broke my record :)
[19:12] DiMantha turns hand over "lunca" blasts every one but garland
[19:13] [Blackjack] AAAHHH!!! NO!
[19:13] [Cross] ARGHH
[19:13] Cross smashes into the wall
[19:13] DeathStar bats it with his sabre
[19:13] LightningStrike shoots up into the air out of range
[19:13] Blackjack flies into a wall
[19:13] [LightningStrike] Listen you 2 energy wielding looneys, stop it !!
[19:13] DeathStar leaps up to the second floor
[19:13] DeathStar lands behind DiMantha and wacks her with the butt end of his sabre
[19:14] DiMantha grabs LS before he zaps, and then punches him in the jaw
[19:14] Cross stands up
[19:14] LightningStrike falls to the ground
[19:14] [Cross] ENOUGH!!!
[19:14] Blackjack gets up
[19:14] Cross rushes them
[19:14] DiMantha blasts Cross
[19:14] [LightningStrike] I think she broke my jaw
[19:14] [Cross] OUF!
[19:14] Cross smashes into wall
[19:14] Blackjack reaches into his pocket
[19:14] DeathStar hits Dimantha again
[19:14] LightningStrike gets back up
[19:14] DiMantha backhands DS
[19:14] Garland blasts DS witha Kiama
[19:15] DeathStar grabs the hand and punches Dimantha
[19:15] [DeathStar] ARGH!
[19:15] Blackjack throws the three of clubs at the ground in front of DiMantha, causing an explosion
[19:15] DeathStar slunks some, looks at Garland
[19:15] [DeathStar] Please, kid!!
[19:15] [LightningStrike] Garland what are you doing ??!!??
[19:15] Garland is pissed at DS
[19:15] [DeathStar] I'm...sorry...kid...
[19:15] Garland kicks him
[19:15] [DeathStar] About...
[19:15] [DeathStar] OUF
[19:15] DeathStar stands ground
[19:15] [DeathStar] Kid..
[19:15] Cross stands up, watching
[19:15] Blackjack gapes at DiMantha, who stood her ground after the explosion
[19:15] [Garland] Mr. Wiendigo! you can come back now!!! *crying*
[19:15] LightningStrike starts charging in all senses of the words
[19:15] Garland keeps kicking DS
[19:16] DeathStar begins to rapidly block
[19:16] [DiMantha] .....
[19:16] DiMantha smiles
[19:16] Cross rushes again
[19:16] DiMantha blasts BJ'
[19:16] Cross bum rushes Di
[19:16] Blackjack flies into another shop
[19:16] [Blackjack] ARGH!
[19:16] [Cross] ENOUGH LADY!
[19:16] [LightningStrike] Listen laddy, that little kid has a good heart unlike you, smile about him getting angery will you !!!
[19:16] DiMantha jumps over cross and kicks him in the spine
[19:16] LightningStrike starts charging till he is sparking
[19:16] [Cross] ARGH
[19:16] Cross slumps to the ground
[19:17] [Cross] ENOUGH!1
[19:17] Cross blasts DiMantha (100 AP)
[19:17] Blackjack flips up, and runs at DiMantha, driving his katana forwards (70 AP)
[19:17] Garland keeps kicking DS
[19:17] [LightningStrike] LAY OFF THE THE ONES WHO CAN'T FIGHT YOU !!
[19:17] DeathStar keeps blocking
[19:17] [DeathStar] KID!!
[19:17] [Cross] I HAD ENOUGH!!
[19:17] DiMantha grabs the katana and flips BJ
[19:17] LightningStrike flys at DiMantha throwing punches  at lightning speed 
[19:17] Cross fires a 200 AP blast at DiMantha
[19:17] Blackjack flies into a wall. 1"Ungh..."
[19:17] DiMantha is still holding ground
[19:17] LightningStrike reversises direction
[19:18] [Cross] ERRRRRR
[19:18] [LightningStrike] No choice now
[19:18] LightningStrike does a lightning bolt flood doing 2AP damadge to his target until the target is dead, or the weapon called off.
[19:18] Cross charges again
[19:18] Blackjack stands up, facing Di's back
[19:18] Garland blasts DS
[19:18] [Cross] KI!!!!  *blasts Dimantha
[19:18] [LightningStrike] That thing will hunt you down till I call it off, and you can't survive it forever !!
[19:18] DeathStar reflects it with sabre
[19:18] [DeathStar] Garland!
[19:18] [LightningStrike] Garland if DS was maveric he would have attacked you by now.
[19:18] Garland kicks DS's head
[19:18] [Cross] ARGH
[19:19] [DeathStar] ARGH
[19:19] [LightningStrike] It's not the same DS !!!
[19:19] DeathStar breathing heavily
[19:19] [DeathStar] Too much..energy in him..
[19:19] LightningStrike zaps DS out of the battle ground to the outside of the mall
[19:19] LightningStrike is outside of the mall
[19:19] [DeathStar] LS!!!
[19:19] [DeathStar] WHY?!
[19:19] [Blackjack] LS, you idiot! He was actually helping!
[19:19] [LightningStrike] Man DS you really make some enemys
[19:19] [DeathStar] I GOTTA HELP HIM!!
[19:19] DeathStar shoves LS away
[19:19] [Garland] hhahah
[19:19] DeathStar dices into the mall
[19:20] [LightningStrike] He will kill you !!
[19:20] [DeathStar] I won't let him down twice
[19:20] Blackjack tries to jump kick Di in the back of her head
[19:20] DeathStar rushes at super speed
[19:20] [DeathStar] SO BE IT!
[19:20] Garland slices DS's gut
[19:20] [DeathStar] OUF!
[19:20] LightningStrike zaps in 
[19:20] [LightningStrike] Garland, listen to me 
[19:20] [Garland] you... bastard!!!!
[19:20] DeathStar stops, looking at Garland.
[19:20] [DeathStar] ....Kid....listen...to....me...I wouldn't...hurt you..
[19:20] DeathStar yanks Garland's sword form him
[19:20] LightningStrike looks around
[19:20] [DiMantha] seems he's a Jikar! hahah!!!!!
[19:20] [Cross] Whoa..he took at gut wound...
[19:20] Cross blasts Di
[19:21] [DeathStar] We're...friends..
[19:21] DeathStar slumps to his knees
[19:21] DiMantha is ignoring the pitiful blasts
[19:21] [Cross] ENOUGH!!
[19:21] Garland growls
[19:21] Cross blasts DiMantha so hard the ground vaporise around her
[19:21] Garland kicks DS down to the ground
[19:21] DeathStar stands his ground
[19:21] DeathStar hands Garland his sword back
[19:21] [LightningStrike] NRP: 360AP of damadge has been delt by the Lightning Flood 
[19:21] [DeathStar] Here.  I trust you to make the right hoice
[19:22] [Blackjack] Garland...
[19:22] DiMantha jumps out of the hole
[19:22] [Cross] WHOA..
[19:22] DiMantha has smoke seeping off of her
[19:22] [DiMantha] hahah
[19:22] DeathStar stands there
[19:22] [Blackjack] Huh? Smoke?
[19:22] [DeathStar] Garland...*holds hand out*  Come on..
[19:22] [Blackjack] Then she isn't human!
[19:22] LightningStrike charges up and does a 140AP blast (that is 1 40AP blast and the 100 in my batteries)
[19:23] [Cross] ....