Mission 11: Shadows of the Past

[16:39] [DeathStar] Session Begins
[16:39] [Cross] DS: for that session Cross is the New learder of MH
[16:39] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 days after Garland's absence
[16:39] [DeathStar] Location: Control Room in the HQ
[16:40] DeathStar is now known as GM
[16:40] LightningStrike is checking some computer read outs as ussuall
[16:40] Slash^ watches Blackjack
[16:40] Blackjack is playing solitare
[16:41] Slash^ wonders about his friends, why they leave so suddenly..
[16:41] [Cross] So...... With DS gone.... and Dominator not here at the moment, I'm in charge.
[16:41] [Slash^] What??
[16:41] [LightningStrike] Now isn't that a scary though ??
[16:41] [Slash^] *absently* yes.. it is..
[16:41] [Cross] Hey....
[16:41] [Blackjack] I still don't get why when you first join, you go straight to lieutenant...
[16:41] LightningStrike chuckles a little and continues working
[16:42] [Blackjack] And I had to work hard just to get sergeant...
[16:42] [Cross] Um......... I'm special...
[16:42] Blackjack sneers, and turns back to his game
[16:42] [Slash^] probably a relative of Ds's
[16:42] GM the entire station suddenly shakes
[16:42] LightningStrike looks at Cross, snickers and starts working on the comp
[16:42] [Slash^] WHAT was that??!
[16:42] [Blackjack] WHOA!
[16:42] GM computer beeps
[16:42] [LightningStrike] What the ??
[16:42] [Cross] What the F*ck!?
[16:42] Slash^ checks it out
[16:42] [Slash^] what is it??
[16:42] Cross runs to the comp
[16:42] [Cross] what?
[16:42] [GM] Computer: Class A Pulse Mine
[16:43] Blackjack gathers his cards and runs to the comp
[16:43] [Blackjack] What's going on?
[16:43] [Slash^] Crapppppppp
[16:43] [LightningStrike] Class A pulse mine
[16:43] [Cross] thats bad right? *looks at slash*
[16:43] Slash^ mumbles 1"only one group i know of that uses pulsemines..
[16:43] GM suddenly a large ship uncloaks in front of the hangerbay
[16:43] [Blackjack] A pulse mine? Who sent it?
[16:43] [Slash^] not now..... 
[16:43] [Cross] What?
[16:43] [Blackjack] What is it, Slash?
[16:43] Slash^ arms all his weapons
[16:44] [Cross] Slash.... "not now"?
[16:44] [Slash^] GET YOUR ASSES ARMED!!
[16:44] [GM] Computer: Our shields in the dockingbay are lowering..
[16:44] [LightningStrike] Uh oh ??
[16:44] [GM] Computer:  Ship is docking
[16:44] Slash^ warp blades instantly appear in his hands
[16:44] LightningStrike goes to Attack mode (aka all weps armed, armor is on)
[16:44] GM is now known as DeathStar
[16:44] [Cross] oooooooh crap
[16:44] Blackjack grips his katana hesitantly
[16:44] DeathStar comes skidding into the room
[16:44] [Slash^] lets go meet our guests, shall we??
[16:44] [Blackjack] DS!
[16:44] [DeathStar] What the hell is that??
[16:44] [LightningStrike] A ship
[16:44] [LightningStrike] Docking with us
[16:44] [Slash^] Pulse mine
[16:44] [Cross] Hi Comm----- Ensign DeathStar
[16:45] [Slash^] Class A
[16:45] [Blackjack] No shit, Sherlock. But whose is it?
[16:45] [Blackjack] Doesn't look like CorSec...
[16:45] DeathStar glares at Cross
[16:45] LightningStrike scans for bio materials
[16:45] [Slash^] NRP: ARRGH
[16:45] [Cross] Arm your weapons people.... this is not a good week for us......
[16:45] [Slash^] NRP: hang on, trying to get mirc to work properly
[16:45] [Blackjack] That's an understatement, Cross...
[16:45] DeathStar heads down to the Docking bay
[16:46] DeathStar pats BJ on the back
[16:46] LightningStrike follows behind DS
[16:46] [DeathStar] How you holding up?  VERY sorry about that mall thing
[16:46] [Cross] .....oh you know it
[16:46] DeathStar looks a little nervous and scoots away
[16:46] [Blackjack] I've seen worse, DS
[16:46] Cross head for the docking bay
[16:46] Blackjack runs behind Cross
[16:46] Turbo^ [Eatmine@spyker16.sk.sympatico.ca] has joined #TAW
[16:46] DeathStar stops in front of the ship
[16:46] Turbo^ appears on comstations
[16:47] [Turbo^] Mwahahah Hunters! We have come for you!
[16:47] [Slash^] TURBO!
[16:47] [Blackjack] Who the hell are you?
[16:47] [LightningStrike] Oh god, oh god
[16:47] [DeathStar] So, glorious leader, now what?  *looking at Cross*
[16:47] [Cross] huh? oh right! *draws saber*
[16:47] [Slash^] Crap crap crap crap.....
[16:47] [Cross] Um.... attack? yeah attack!
[16:47] LightningStrike Looks a little worried
[16:47] DeathStar twirls sabres
[16:47] [DeathStar] ATTACK?
[16:47] Turbo^ suddenly 4 people appear from a warp field
[16:47] [Cross] uh.... yeah!
[16:47] DeathStar mutters about second thoughts
[16:47] [LightningStrike] Hold up oh trigger happy leader 
[16:47] Blackjack grips his katana tightly. 1"I think I'm more suited for leadership than he is. Hold back..."
[16:47] [Turbo^] Mwahahha
[16:48] [Turbo^] I suggest you hold your fire..
[16:48] [LightningStrike] Don't worry I hadn't planed on anything else !!
[16:48] [Cross] Uh.... hold fire? yeah do that people!
[16:48] Turbo^ all 4 lock weapons on The group, class A plama cannons
[16:48] DeathStar slaps forehead
[16:48] [Slash^] .... Why turbo..?
[16:48] [DeathStar] WHERE IS DOM??
[16:48] LightningStrike sees Cross loosing his cool
[16:48] [Blackjack] Somewhere, but he's not here, and that's what matters...
[16:48] [Turbo^] Because you fool, we were paid
[16:48] Turbo^ fires a warning shot at BJ 50 AP
[16:49] [Slash^] NO!
[16:49] [Cross] .......it's hard being leader!!
[16:49] LightningStrike jumps in the way 
[16:49] [LightningStrike] Shoot him again, and you pay.
[16:49] Slash^ eyes start to glow
[16:49] [Slash^] Why did you come now?
[16:49] [Slash^] I had friends?
[16:49] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[16:49] Turbo^ another in the band teleports DS back
[16:49] [Blackjack] Ow... I wouldn't try that again... You'll be sorry if you do...
[16:50] [Turbo^] [Vertigo] You silly fool
[16:50] [DeathStar] Err..
[16:50] DeathStar slams Vertigo into a wall
[16:50] [Cross] Attack!!!
[16:50] X1 [scoutx1@rc-69.netonecom.net] has joined #TAW
[16:50] Cross runs at Turbo
[16:50] X1 is now known as Wiendigo
[16:50] Turbo^ allthe group lock on with plasma cannons and fire 200 AP total
[16:50] [DeathStar] CROSS YOU IDIOT!
[16:51] [Blackjack] CROSS! STOP!
[16:51] DeathStar dodges
[16:51] Wiendigo comes up on the group
[16:51] [Cross] E!!!
[16:51] Turbo^ catches Cross and starts crushing the neck
[16:51] [DeathStar] WHY DID I HAVE TO SAY, "I RESIGN"???
[16:51] [Wiendigo] Can't you asses do anything right?
[16:51] LightningStrike dodges to the side and jumps at turbo throwing lightning at him 
[16:51] [Slash^] I dont know!! JUST FIGHT!
[16:51] DeathStar slashes Turbo
[16:51] [LightningStrike] Wiendigo, man I'm glad to see you here.
[16:51] Blackjack dodges the shots, and draws his katana. 1"That does it. Everybody, listen to Cross!"
[16:51] Turbo^ Blade appears and absorbs the lightning
[16:51] Wiendigo jumps on Turbo's bakc and starts hacking his head
[16:51] [LightningStrike] I can't belive I said that.
[16:52] [Cross] Um..... let's hold back now?
[16:52] Turbo^ tosses Wein off and throws Cross at wein
[16:52] Blackjack lunges at Turbo and thrusts his katana forward (70 AP)
[16:52] [Cross] ack!
[16:52] [Wiendigo] Can't believe I got out of my static nap to help you idiots....
[16:52] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[16:52] Wiendigo lands on his feet
[16:52] Turbo^ the group fires energy nets that saps all power from enemy, at the group
[16:52] [Slash^] ARRGH
[16:52] DeathStar reappears behind
[16:52] Wiendigo catches Cross
[16:52] LightningStrike ahhh
[16:52] [Blackjack] NO!
[16:52] [DeathStar] Turbo and slashes him
[16:52] LightningStrike is caught in a net 
[16:52] [DeathStar] Missed me!
[16:53] DeathStar kicks Turbo in the head
[16:53] Turbo^ jumps and lands on DS's head firing the net again
[16:53] Blackjack thrashes under the net, but the thrashing gradually grows weaker
[16:53] Slash^ tries to warp out but it doesnt work
[16:53] Cross slashes Turbo
[16:53] Wiendigo throws his dark Sai at Turbo
[16:53] [LightningStrike] NRP: I thought turbo was bigger than DS :P
[16:53] DeathStar uses Myst Sword to attempt a block
[16:53] Turbo^ vertigo stuns Wein with a psi wave
[16:53] [Wiendigo] ARRRRGGHHH!
[16:53] LightningStrike is trying to get out but can't seem to 
[16:53] Turbo^ fires a net at wein
[16:53] Wiendigo tries to regain his senses
[16:54] Wiendigo tries to roll out of the way
[16:54] Turbo^ nets start sucking all power from all they touch
[16:54] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[16:54] DeathStar reappears to Turbo's left and kicks him
[16:54] DeathStar uses cannon at Turbo (100 AP)
[16:54] [Wiendigo] Neeeeeerrrrrr.......must......phase........
[16:54] LightningStrike takes out his disc and cuts through net 
[16:54] Cross punches Turbo
[16:54] Turbo^ Blade catches DS's foot before he can teleport agagin, firing a plasma shot to the head
[16:54] Wiendigo phases through the floor to get away from Turbo
[16:54] [DeathStar] ARGh
[16:54] LightningStrike is out of net and drained extensively
[16:54] DeathStar stumbles back
[16:55] Slash^ blacks out from lack ofpower
[16:55] Turbo^ fires nets at everyone again
[16:55] [DeathStar] OH SHIT
[16:55] Wiendigo comes back out and tackles Turbo
[16:55] DeathStar leaps back
[16:55] LightningStrike stumbles toward where DS is yelling "Leav him alone, ya hunk of scrap 
[16:55] Cross jumps up
[16:55] Turbo^ punches Wein with turbofist
[16:55] LightningStrike dodges to the side
[16:55] Blackjack [speedblade@max1-26.dial.accucomm.net] has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by OmegaHunterZ)))
[16:55] [Wiendigo] OUF!
[16:55] Blackjack [speedblade@max1-22.dial.accucomm.net] has joined #TAW
[16:56] [DeathStar] Errrr
[16:56] Cross misses the net, comes down, kicks Turbo in the head a few times
[16:56] [DeathStar] THAT'S IT!
[16:56] Turbo^ fires one at Cross(net)
[16:56] Wiendigo grabs Trubo's legs and yanks them off the floor
[16:56] LightningStrike fires a few more lightning blasts at turbos legs 
[16:56] Turbo^ fires turbo cannons as he falls at Wein
[16:56] [DeathStar] GM: Cross is caught
[16:56] Blackjack throws the net off and holds back, firing rifle repeatedly
[16:56] Cross tries to slash out of the net
[16:56] Wiendigo rolls out of the way
[16:56] Turbo^ fires another net at DS
[16:56] Wiendigo jumps up and takes out his katana
[16:56] Turbo^ stomps on Wein as he rolls
[16:56] LightningStrike dives in the way and gets neted instead 
[16:56] Wiendigo catches his foot
[16:56] [DeathStar] OUF!@
[16:56] DeathStar slumps down, caught
[16:56] Cross slashes at the net as fast he can (which isnt that fast)
[16:56] Blackjack continues his assault, changing the element to fire laser
[16:57] Turbo^ a dark glow appears aroudn the net cannon
[16:57] [DeathStar] GM: ERveryone is captured
[16:57] [LightningStrike] NRP: I took the net for ya DS
[16:57] Wiendigo twists it and takes Turbo down
[16:57] [LightningStrike] NRP: n/m
[16:57] Blackjack thrashes under the net, trying to fire from inside it
[16:57] [Turbo^] Mwahahha
[16:57] Wiendigo stabs Turbo in the leg
[16:57] LightningStrike is getting drained big time 
[16:57] [DeathStar] GM: EVERYONE IS CAUGHT
[16:57] Turbo^ stomps on Wein a few times and kicks him whial on the ground
[16:57] [Wiendigo] NRP: WHAT? When? Where? Huh?
[16:57] DeathStar fist unballs as he slumps
[16:58] [LightningStrike] NRP: That means all of us, every single one of us 
[16:58] Slash^ eyes flicker as he wakes up 1"why turbo...?"
[16:58] [Wiendigo] NRP: I know that, but where? I don't see it
[16:58] LightningStrike slumps down
[16:58] [LightningStrike] NRP: When his net cannon glowed
[16:58] Blackjack falls to one knee, very weak
[16:58] Turbo^ laughs1" You fool, CorSec will pay greatly for you hunters, but first we have a few... suprises for you.."
[16:59] [Wiendigo] NRP: Think I missed sometihng, cause I sure didn't see an attack there
[16:59] [DeathStar] NrP: Shut up Wiendigo 
[16:59] [Slash^] NRP: DS hit it early, i was about to to an ultranet...
[17:00] [Slash^] where... wehere are you taking us....
[17:00] Wiendigo tries to tear his way out of the net
[17:00] Turbo^ laughs again and picks up the hunters and throws them into their ship
[17:00] Cross falls over passed out
[17:00] Turbo^ punches wein in the head to stop his struggles
[17:00] [DeathStar] Errrr.
[17:00] Blackjack manages to stay awake, despite being so weak. 1"W... where are you... taking us...?"
[17:00] [DeathStar] I...swear...I'll...kill...you
[17:00] Wiendigo catches Turbo's hand in his mouth and bites down
[17:01] [Turbo^] OW!
[17:01] [Turbo^] youll pay for that wein... i know your past...
[17:01] [DeathStar] GM: The ship starts up and takes off from the HQ
[17:01] [LightningStrike] I..... hate ..... space tr i ps
[17:01] Wiendigo spits at Turbo. 1"Screw you."
[17:01] [DeathStar] GM: HQ begins to fire ion cannons at the ship since the Pulse Mine has worn off
[17:02] [Turbo^] What? Blade get us out of here!!
[17:02] [Turbo^] FAST!
[17:02] DeathStar attack fighters begin to pour out
[17:02] Turbo^ Blade cloaks the ship and disappears
[17:02] [Blackjack] Here... comes the.... cavalry...
[17:02] Wiendigo tosses himself around in the net
[17:02] [Turbo^] foolish hunters
[17:02] [Wiendigo] WHen I get out of this, you're dead!
[17:02] Turbo^ charges his turbocannon and aims it at weins head
[17:02] Cross gets up and blasts the net
[17:02] [Turbo^] I would not think so..
[17:02] Turbo^ fires at cross
[17:03] [Cross] ouf!!
[17:03] Cross falls down, still shooting the net
[17:03] [DeathStar] Late...as usual
[17:03] Wiendigo sweeps his legs into Turbo
[17:03] Turbo^ flys to the hidden base
[17:03] [LightningStrike] Nooo
[17:03] [Turbo^] ....
[17:03] Blackjack swings his katana wildly, trying to cut a hole in the net
[17:03] DeathStar manages to stand up
[17:03] [Wiendigo] NRP: From within the net, you know...
[17:03] [DeathStar] NRP: Right
[17:04] Cross gets up and keeps firing/slashing the net
[17:04] Turbo^ energy net sucks BJ's strenght
[17:04] [LightningStrike] NRP: Man you must got one heck of a back up generator Wiendigo :P
[17:04] [Blackjack] aargh... *passes out*
[17:04] Turbo^ the net keeps sucking all enerty you put into it and uses it to keep itself powered
[17:04] Cross slumps over after a few slashes
[17:04] [Wiendigo] Alright....fearless leader...any bright ideas?...
[17:05] [Slash^] Ugh...
[17:05] Turbo^ laughs and turns to blade 1" Home
[17:05] DeathStar glances at Cross
[17:05] DeathStar slumps down agian
[17:05] [Slash^] ARRGH
[17:05] [DeathStar] Remind...me...to...have....second....thoughts....on....the...leadership...thing...
[17:06] [Wiendigo] You WILL die for this, Turbo...
[17:06] [LightningStrike] DS ... conserve..... your...... ener  ..... enre *Passes out*
[17:06] Cross heard what Turbo said and diverts all his power to his battery
[17:07] Blackjack stirs
[17:07] DeathStar leans against the wall, glaring the entire time, never letting himself passout
[17:07] [LightningStrike] NRP: You heard what he thought ??
[17:07] Cross slumps over turning all non life essential systems off
[17:08] Wiendigo tries to slip his sai out so as to not be noticed
[17:08] Turbo^ [Eatmine@spyker16.sk.sympatico.ca] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:08] Cross is hoping that by not suppliying himself with energy for a time will stop the net
[17:08] Slash^ [Eatmine@spyker16.sk.sympatico.ca] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:08] [DeathStar] NRP: PAUSE
[17:08] [Cross] I figured that
[17:09] Slash^ [Eatmine@bulldog37.sk.sympatico.ca] has joined #TAW
[17:09] Turbo^ [Eatmine@bulldog37.sk.sympatico.ca] has joined #TAW
[17:09] [Slash^] NRP: back
[17:09] [DeathStar] NRP: UNPAUSE
[17:09] Cross is hoping that by not suppliying himself with energy for a time will stop the net
[17:10] [Slash^] NRP: forvive me if i disappear dad is PO'd at me for tying up phone line
[17:10] [Blackjack] R... remind me not to... let Cross order us... around... He sucks... as a leader...
[17:10] Wiendigo slowly tries to cut the net with his sai
[17:10] Turbo^ the net has its own powersource also
[17:10] LightningStrike is waking up again
[17:10] [Slash^] Let.... me out turbo.......
[17:11] [Slash^] I was your allie once... trust me
[17:11] Wiendigo decides to take a cue from Cross
[17:11] Wiendigo starts trying to absorb the net's power supply
[17:11] [Turbo^] There is a price on your head Hunter... I would like to but i cant, you understand mercinaries
[17:11] Turbo^ sees wein
[17:11] [Turbo^] STOP THAT!~
[17:11] Turbo^ fires a few turbo shots at wein
[17:11] DeathStar smirks
[17:11] Cross resotres systems and looks for the power source of the net, not seeing anything, slashes the net at the top and spiraling down
[17:12] [Slash^] yes.... i do.....
[17:12] [Wiendigo] Why Turbo, am I ruining your shitty plan?
[17:12] Wiendigo rolls out of the way
[17:12] [Blackjack] Mercenaries, huh? Who are... you working for?
[17:12] [Turbo^] Who do you think corsec boy.
[17:12] DeathStar the shuttle shakes as it lands
[17:12] [Turbo^] Good were here
[17:12] Wiendigo starts trying to tear out of the net
[17:13] Turbo^ puts all the nets in stasis pods
[17:13] [Cross] Is.......it me...........or...is ...everyone.....joining.... Corsec??
[17:13] [Turbo^] We plan to.... eradicate you.... at a price of course..
[17:13] [Slash^] W...what.. was your p...price..?
[17:13] [Wiendigo] Like some of us HAD achoice?
[17:14] DeathStar silently watches
[17:14] Turbo^ pushes wein into a holding cell
[17:14] Turbo^ does so with the others also
[17:14] [LightningStrike] NRP: No nets ??
[17:14] [Turbo^] NRP: all powers are dampened in the cells, so why nets?
[17:15] [LightningStrike] NRP: Hehehe well, I can recharge my batteries now :P
[17:15] Wiendigo jump kicks the cell
[17:15] DeathStar stands up
[17:15] LightningStrike starts recharging 
[17:15] [LightningStrike] Ah that feels good
[17:15] Cross slashes the cell
[17:15] DeathStar fires cannon at walls of the cell
[17:15] LightningStrike is gaining 10LP per sec 
[17:15] [Wiendigo] This will not hold me for long Turbo! Count on u
[17:15] [Wiendigo] it
[17:15] [Turbo^] Dont think you will be staying here long hunters. CorSec will be here shortly
[17:15] [Slash^] You scum
[17:16] Slash^ flips up his autocannons and tries firing at the door
[17:16] Blackjack mumbles something, no one understands him
[17:16] [LightningStrike] You wont get away with this, oh how cliche that was...
[17:16] Turbo^ it bounces off and reflects back at Slash
[17:16] [Turbo^] Mwahwhaha
[17:16] [Cross] I hate being leader.....
[17:16] Turbo^ walks away
[17:16] Wiendigo takes out Katana and places it between the bars, trying to pry them apart
[17:16] LightningStrike is at full health now and has weapons fully charged 
[17:16] Turbo^ [Eatmine@bulldog37.sk.sympatico.ca] has left #TAW (walks into command center)
[17:16] DeathStar stands there, thinking
[17:17] Blackjack looks at Cross. 1"I can take over... if you wish..."
[17:17] [Slash^] There is no way out.... i know, i built these cells myself...
[17:17] [Cross] .......
[17:17] DeathStar eyes narrow as he scans around
[17:17] [Wiendigo] Then wouldn't YOU know the weakness to them?
[17:17] [DeathStar] Where there is a will, there is a way
[17:17] [Slash^] I do know the weaknesses to them.. there are none
[17:18] [LightningStrike] I know a way out
[17:18] Slash^ thinks 1"except power....
[17:18] Blackjack looks at Slash, catching his breath. 1"Great. So we're stuck here until whoever it is from CorSec comes and gets us..."
[17:18] [Wiendigo] There is always a weakness, just look for one!
[17:18] [LightningStrike] These are energy cells 
[17:18] [Slash^] exactly, but dont try sucking it... it will destroy you if you do...
[17:18] Wiendigo lets out his Shadow Claws
[17:18] [LightningStrike] If they get hit by an extensively large amount of energy it will cause a back feed
[17:19] Slash^ pulls out a peice of metal from his cannon barrels
[17:19] Wiendigo starts trying to pick the lock
[17:19] LightningStrike starts charging up his batteries
[17:19] Slash^ the lock shocks Wein
[17:19] [Wiendigo] ARGH!
[17:19] [DeathStar] LS...you'll kill yourself doing this...
[17:19] Blackjack strikes the bars with his katana
[17:19] [Slash^] Dont LS!!, its madness!
[17:19] [Wiendigo] Damn fine time for me to lose my powers...
[17:19] Blackjack is thrown backwards from an electric shock
[17:19] [LightningStrike] I know, use this chance to get out, the cells will be useless for about 20 seconds.
[17:20] Blackjack gets up. 1"LS! Don't..."
[17:20] [Slash^] NO!!!
[17:20] DeathStar steps forward
[17:20] LightningStrike is charged to max capacity
[17:20] [Cross] ......
[17:20] [DeathStar] I don't plan on having you die..
[17:20] [Blackjack] LS, I command you to stop. *knows it's pointless*
[17:20] [Cross] LS.... no..
[17:20] [LightningStrike] For my friends !!!!!!
[17:20] [Slash^] DOnt you dare...
[17:20] LightningStrike explodes in a ball of pure lightning
[17:20] [DeathStar] DON'T!!!!
[17:20] DeathStar falls back from the force of the blow
[17:21] Wiendigo blocks his face
[17:21] Slash^ All electricity in hte place goes out immediatly
[17:21] Blackjack is thrown into the bars adjacent to him
[17:21] You are now known as Empty
[17:21] Slash^ flys back into a wall
[17:21] You are now known as EmptyShell
[17:21] [Slash^] WAHHHHH
[17:21] [DeathStar] ERRRR...
[17:21] [Wiendigo] Well...holy....
[17:21] DeathStar stands up, shieling eyes
[17:21] [Slash^] GET OUT NOW! it takes 2 min to reboot all systems!!
[17:21] [Blackjack] LS... damn it, stupid son of a...
[17:21] [Cross] can you even say that word Wien?
[17:21] Blackjack kicks his door down. 1"Let's go..."
[17:21] Slash^ blows open the doors and continues with all of everyones
[17:21] DeathStar stands there, glancing at the spot where LS was
[17:21] Wiendigo goes through
[17:21] Cross walks out
[17:21] [DeathStar] Damn..
[17:22] DeathStar turns and runs out the cell
[17:22] Wiendigo glances to DS
[17:22] Slash^ picks up some ashes of LS whispering 1"they will pay
[17:22] [Wiendigo] He died with honor
[17:22] [Blackjack] It's ok, DS. I know what it's like to lose a friend... *sprints after everyone*
[17:22] [Slash^] yes he did.
[17:22] [DeathStar] Something you'll never have, Wiendigo
[17:22] [Cross] I say again, "can you even say that word wien?"
[17:22] Slash^ pulls out his warp blades and eyes glow mad red
[17:23] Slash^ screams at the top of his lungs 1" TURBO!!!!!!!!"
[17:23] Turbo^ [Eatmine@bulldog37.sk.sympatico.ca] has joined #TAW
[17:23] Turbo^ enters through a door
[17:23] Blackjack grips his katana. 1"CorSec will pay for this... I've lost too much... I won't lose anything else!"
[17:23] [DeathStar] Oooo, it's Turbo Time..
[17:23] [Turbo^] Soo, we have lost one. too bad, he will have made a nice payment
[17:23] [Slash^] THis is my fight
[17:23] Wiendigo immediately takles Trubo
[17:23] [Slash^] BACK OFF
[17:23] Slash^ glares at wein with a glare that could melt stone
[17:23] Blackjack replaces his katana. 1"Your call."
[17:24] DeathStar nods slowly
[17:24] Turbo^ tosses wein away
[17:24] [Wiendigo] I'm getting my shots in first! You want some, join in!
[17:24] Wiendigo bounces off the wall and kicks Turbo in the side
[17:24] Turbo^ a shield appears enclosing slash and turbo
[17:24] [Blackjack] *decides to use his rank* Wiendigo, stop.
[17:24] Cross mutters 1"Is it me or is every one stronger than us too?"
[17:25] [Slash^] Its just you and me
[17:25] Wiendigo kicks shield. 1DAMN YOU!
[17:25] [Turbo^] So it is. Let the battle begin
[17:25] DeathStar glances around and sees CorSec men appearing
[17:25] [Wiendigo] Back off human
[17:25] [DeathStar] Oh damn..
[17:25] Turbo^ fires some turbo shots at Slash not expecting to hit
[17:25] Blackjack looks at the guys from CorSec
[17:25] DeathStar draws sabres and slashes at one
[17:25] [Wiendigo] Ah...hoar durves.....
[17:26] Wiendigo starts cutting up the guards
[17:26] Slash^ backflips and fires his PPC's at Turbo
[17:26] DeathStar leaps on one's head, kicking it back
[17:26] Cross slicessome guards
[17:26] [Turbo^] just like old times eh?*throws a dark blade at Slash 70 AP*
[17:26] Blackjack lunges at the guards, slashing madly
[17:26] Slash^ takes the hit and blood streams from the wound
[17:26] Wiendigo tears the face off of one guard
[17:26] [Slash^] No kidding
[17:26] Slash^ fires his autocannons at Turbo 48 AP
[17:27] DeathStar slams his fist into one's nose, breaking it
[17:27] [Cross] ewwwwwww......
[17:27] Turbo^ takes the hit nad flys back into the shield getting a shock
[17:27] Cross slashes more
[17:27] Wiendigo palces gaurd's over over his own. 1Look, it's Halloween!
[17:27] Blackjack stops slashing, and kicks upwards at one of the guards' crotch
[17:27] Slash^ fires more as he sees Turbo weakening
[17:27] [DeathStar] Remind me to kick yer ass, Mask
[17:27] [Slash^] I was always the best!
[17:27] Blackjack uppercuts the guard's face, throwing him into a wall
[17:27] [Cross] If I had a stomache wien..... I would puek
[17:27] DeathStar slams his fist into one's head, knocking it back
[17:27] [Turbo^] You...*gasps* Never had the guts to kill..
[17:28] Blackjack looks at Wien, and fights the urge to vomit
[17:28] [Slash^] OF course not!
[17:28] [Slash^] I AM A HUNTER
[17:28] Wiendigo jump kicks a cople guards
[17:28] Slash^ pulls out both warp blades and jams them inot
[17:28] Blackjack turns to watch Slash for a minute, and is tackled by a guard
[17:28] Slash^ Turbos stomach
[17:28] [Turbo^] ARRGH
[17:28] Cross disembowels a few gaurds
[17:28] DeathStar uppercuts another one
[17:28] Blackjack gets up, flinging the guard at DS. 1"STAB HIM!"
[17:28] [DeathStar] 5 more left...
[17:28] Turbo^ pulls them out and clutches his stomach
[17:28] DeathStar uppercuts the guard thrown at him in the gut
[17:29] Wiendigo grabs two guards and slams teir heads together
[17:29] [Turbo^] You havent seen the last of me Slash
[17:29] [Blackjack] Great teamwork! Maybe we're finally getting this together...
[17:29] [Slash^] Oh yes i have!!!!
[17:29] [Cross] Eh........
[17:29] DeathStar throws one at Cross
[17:29] [DeathStar] Catch Leader
[17:29] DeathStar slams his fist into the next one
[17:29] [DeathStar] 1 more left
[17:29] Cross catches the gaurd
[17:29] Blackjack slams his rifle into a guard's head, smashing his nose
[17:29] Cross throws it at the one left
[17:29] Slash^ a dark look crosses his face as he slashes at Turbos head with his blades.
[17:30] [DeathStar] That's it
[17:30] Wiendigo takes the face off and holds it up, forcing it into a smile
[17:30] [DeathStar] ..
[17:30] Blackjack spins his rifle over his head. 1"We're finally getting it together..."
[17:30] Turbo^ laughs as he catrches the blade 1" Mwahahhaaha, Foolish hunter"
[17:30] [DeathStar] ..
[17:30] Wiendigo starts using it like a puppet
[17:30] Slash^ slashes with the other one and succeds in hitting Turbos neck
[17:30] [DeathStar] Wiendigo...you got some serious problems...
[17:30] [Cross] Wein... you know that your face has blood all over it now dont you?
[17:31] DeathStar turns to watch Slash fight
[17:31] Blackjack fires at the shield, and watches his plasma shot spark against the electricity
[17:31] [Wiendigo] "I'm a weakling human, fear me, I'm so big and tough."
[17:31] [Blackjack] Damn it...
[17:31] Turbo^ blood gushes from the neck wound
[17:31] [Wiendigo] All the better to glare at you with, Cross
[17:31] [Turbo^] Finish me!!
[17:31] DeathStar throws a rock at Wien's head
[17:31] [DeathStar] Knock it off...
[17:31] Wiendigo lets it bounce off the face
[17:31] [Slash^] No, i would rather watch you suffer
[17:31] [DeathStar] ...
[17:32] [Cross] I dont care if you glare as my dashing looks
[17:32] [DeathStar] ....Slash....?
[17:32] [Blackjack] Slash! That's... not like you...
[17:32] Wiendigo takes the face and tosses it on the shield
[17:32] Wiendigo wipes bloob off on trencoat
[17:32] [Turbo^] You... never... could...finish what we started....*plunges a poisoned dagger into Slashes chest
[17:32] DeathStar ignores the flesh sizzling on the shield
[17:32] Blackjack sees the face, and turns, vomiting
[17:32] [DeathStar] SLASH!
[17:32] Turbo^ teleports away laughing and the base starts to chake
[17:33] Slash^ grabs chest
[17:33] [Slash^] argh
[17:33] Blackjack finishes. 1"SLASH!"
[17:33] DeathStar rushes at Slash
[17:33] Turbo^ the shield drops
[17:33] DeathStar grabs his friend
[17:33] Slash^ drops to his knees
[17:33] [DeathStar] YOU OKAY?!
[17:33] [Slash^] ugh... nothing a little... down time... wont cure..
[17:33] Slash^ eyes stop glowing and start fading slowly
[17:33] [DeathStar] We need to get out of here..
[17:34] Blackjack runs at Slash, firing Cure Beam (50 AP)
[17:34] DeathStar picks Slash up in his arms
[17:34] [Wiendigo] Good, you didn't get yourself killed, like some others on this team
[17:34] Slash^ falls limply
[17:34] DeathStar base continues to shake and the roof begins to fall in
[17:34] [Slash^] NRP: in case you didnt see, i am dying because of the poision...
[17:34] DeathStar rushes for the direction he thinks is the exit
[17:34] [Blackjack] Let's get out of here! *follows DS*
[17:34] Wiendigo follows DS
[17:34] [DeathStar] We need to get him somewhere wher ethey can get rid of the posion
[17:34] Turbo^ laugsh echo through out the base once more Foolish hunters