Mission 12: Homecoming

[19:58] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day after Slash's poisoning
[19:59] Slasher 's shape forms from nowhere
[19:59] [DeathStar] Location: Rec Room
[19:59] Lithanoath walks in
[19:59] DeathStar the TV is playing in the corner.
[19:59] [Lithanoath] Hey Slasher, bet ya cant chug this beer!
[19:59] [Blackjack] Poker, anyone?
[19:59] Slasher grabs it and gulps it down
[19:59] [Slasher] What beer
[19:59] [Lithanoath] chug chug chug!
[19:59] DeathStar hits a button for the trainingbot
[19:59] Blackjack is being ignored. 1"I bet I could..."
[19:59] Chronobot [Chronobot@dial33.planters.net] has joined #TAW
[20:00] [DeathStar] !train
[20:00] [Blackjack] Am I the only person that likes cards!?
[20:00] [Chronobot] training mode: activated! Just attack normally, if i dont have some moves Tell Shadowstorm which moves and he will add them
[20:00] [Lithanoath] I'll play poker
[20:00] DeathStar punches Chrono
[20:00] Chronobot Grabs DeathStar's hand and crushes his hand before kicking him in the chest (25 AP)
[20:00] Slasher stumbles towards the bot
[20:00] [DeathStar] OUF!
[20:00] [DeathStar] HEY!
[20:00] [Blackjack] Cool. *sits, and deals out the cards*
[20:00] Slasher swings at the bot
[20:00] DeathStar grabs sabre and slashes
[20:00] Chronobot blocks the sabre with a graceful swing and kicks DeathStar back and follows it up with a slash (45 AP)
[20:00] Slasher rams the bot
[20:00] Chronobot OUF!! *takes the damage but rams Slasher's head into the wall*
[20:00] Slasher gets up and grabs his head
[20:00] Blackjack stands and fires across the room at the trainer
[20:00] [Lithanoath] acotually, I like BlackJa------ nevrmind I think you know where thats going..
[20:00] DeathStar blocks the slash
[20:00] Chronobot "Blocking?" *channels a powerful WAVE BLAST at DeathStar* (50 AP)
[20:00] Blackjack sits back down
[20:01] [DeathStar] WHOA!
[20:01] [DeathStar] OUF!!
[20:01] DeathStar stumbles back
[20:01] [DeathStar] You...
[20:01] [Blackjack] Uh, yeah.
[20:01] Slasher pokes the bots eyes out
[20:01] Chronobot "I CAN'T SEE!!!"
[20:01] DeathStar suddenly the TV begins to flash
[20:01] DeathStar looks over at it and hits the !off switch
[20:01] Chronobot recoils back. "GACK!"
[20:01] Blackjack looks at the TV. 1"I was watching that!"
[20:01] [DeathStar] !off
[20:01] [Chronobot] training mode: deactivated!
[20:01] [Slasher] Yeah you better run
[20:01] [DeathStar] There, lets see what the TV has to say.
[20:01] DeathStar hits the !die button and sends it up
[20:01] [Lithanoath] huh? Tv.....
[20:01] Chronobot [Chronobot@dial33.planters.net] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[20:02] Slasher goes over to the tv sovering up
[20:02] DeathStar turns it up as a newscaster appears on it
[20:02] Blackjack turns over his cards, revealing a ten-ace straight, and walks to the TV
[20:02] [Slasher] He looks like a rock i found
[20:02] [Lithanoath] hey, you cheated
[20:02] Lithanoath watches the tv
[20:03] Lithanoath runs off
[20:03] Blackjack ignores Lith's comment and looks at the TV
[20:03] [Slasher] What the
[20:03] DeathStar plops down on the couch
[20:03] [Lithanoath] I left my lights on the car!
[20:03] Lithanoath [UOmega@ip145.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net] has left #TAW
[20:03] newscaster [UOmega@ip145.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net] has joined #TAW
[20:03] [DeathStar] Eh, loco Hunter...
[20:03] Slasher plops down on the floor
[20:03] [DeathStar] Damn new rookies..
[20:03] [newscaster] I'm Cindy Bowler here at Rapanew Housings reporting
[20:04] DeathStar boos
[20:04] [newscaster] Right now as we speak the Mavericks are attacking and destroying hommes
[20:04] Slasher throws a pillow at DS
[20:04] DeathStar stops booing and leans forward.
[20:04] [DeathStar] Wwwwhat?
[20:04] newscaster gets a peice of paper
[20:04] Slasher gets up and listens
[20:05] [newscaster] this just in! EarthGov hav sent the 17th unit to dissapate these matters
[20:05] [Slasher] 17th unite hah
[20:05] [newscaster] It will take at least 30 minuyes for them to arrive.
[20:05] [DeathStar] Oh, the wonderful 17th...
[20:05] DeathStar snickers
[20:05] [DeathStar] Remember how much they helped us LAST time...
[20:05] [Slasher] No sorry i wasn't there i don't think
[20:06] [DeathStar] No, you weren't..
[20:06] [newscaster] However, we've had reports that a young boy it appears is holding the Mavericks off!
[20:06] [Slasher] Maybe we should pay a visit 
[20:06] Blackjack [speedblad@max1-22.dial.accucomm.net] has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by OmegaHunterZ)))
[20:06] [Slasher] Young bot
[20:06] [newscaster] How or why this child is doing this is still unknown at the moment
[20:06] [Slasher] i know of only one that could do that....DS...
[20:06] Blackjack [speedblad@max7-15.dial.accucomm.net] has joined #TAW
[20:07] [Slasher] DS....could it...b..e.be..Garland
[20:07] [newscaster] lets goto the battle ground to see....
[20:07] [Slasher] please don't be plz don't be
[20:07] [DeathStar] OF course!  Who ELSE can it be?
[20:07] newscaster the camera goes to see a 10 year old yelling at a group of mavs
[20:07] [Slasher] A midget??
[20:07] [DeathStar] ......Damn, that's Garland...
[20:07] [Slasher] i thought he was 8
[20:07] [Blackjack] Garland!?
[20:07] [Slasher] Lets go
[20:08] DeathStar stands up
[20:08] Cross walks in
[20:08] [newscaster] This brave young boy is standing up to this menace
[20:08] Slasher flips up and checks his weapons
[20:08] [Cross] What I miss ??
[20:08] [DeathStar] Well, BJ, you're the leader..*glances over at Cross but says nothing*
[20:08] [newscaster] oh no! they're comming our way! lets get out of here!
[20:08] [Slasher] BJ we gots to go help him
[20:08] newscaster goes static
[20:08] [Blackjack] Right. Let's go.
[20:08] newscaster is now known as Null
[20:08] [Blackjack] Great, the TV's gone.
[20:08] DeathStar blinks
[20:08] [DeathStar] ...
[20:08] [Slasher] hurry to the docking bay
[20:08] [DeathStar] Someone should stay here to get Dom and the others
[20:09] [Slasher] Doms not here so im going 
[20:09] [Cross] I will, 
[20:09] [Blackjack] Yeah. Cross, you stick around and gather them.
[20:09] Slasher phases out
[20:09] Cross sighs a breath of relief 
[20:09] DeathStar heads down to the dockingbayt
[20:09] [Blackjack] Ok, DS, let's go...
[20:09] Blackjack runs to the docking bay
[20:09] DeathStar leaps into a shuttle and begins to turn it on
[20:09] Slasher appears in the docking bay
[20:10] [Slasher] Shuttle will take to long we need somthing faster
[20:10] [DeathStar] Nothing faster
[20:10] [Slasher] Damn
[20:10] Slasher loads a ice blue jetbike onto the shuttle
[20:10] [DeathStar] Not with those damn mercenaries blasting away..
[20:10] [Slasher] Just incase
[20:10] Slasher hooks it up so it doens't fly around the shuttle
[20:10] Blackjack yells to the shuttle from outside, 1"I think I'll stay here. I'll send Cross back here."
[20:11] [DeathStar] WHAT!?
[20:11] Slasher goes to the front of the shuttle and helps start it up
[20:11] DeathStar flips some switches
[20:11] [Slasher] we don't have much time...
[20:11] Dominator [ryan_cros@TC1-8.intercomm.com] has joined #TAW
[20:11] Slasher checks the stats
[20:11] [Blackjack] I don't feel right going, with Slash injured and all. DS, I place you in charge of the mission.
[20:11] [Slasher] Dom your here
[20:11] [DeathStar] Time to start this baby...
[20:12] Blackjack sprints away, and meets Cross and Dom on the way out
[20:12] [Cross] Dom
[20:12] [DeathStar] WHAT AGAIN!?
[20:12] [Slasher] Did u here the new Dom
[20:12] [Dominator] Greetings
[20:12] [Blackjack] Cross, you're going on the mission after all.
[20:12] [Blackjack] Have fun.
[20:12] [Cross] We need to get you down to a shuttle, Garlands in trouble
[20:12] [Cross] ME ???
[20:12] [Cross] Ok
[20:12] [Dominator] What? What's going on?
[20:12] [Cross] I err, um guess
[20:12] DeathStar hovers the shuttle on the spacedock
[20:12] [Slasher] Hurry up
[20:12] Cross geads toward space dock 
[20:12] Blackjack walks away from the hangar, headed for the Med Bay
[20:12] [Slasher] Garlands fighting off soem mavs
[20:12] [DeathStar] Now or never, all aboard!
[20:12] [Cross] Walk and talk lets go
[20:13] Blackjack [speedblad@max7-15.dial.accucomm.net] has left #TAW (Going to the Med Bay)
[20:13] Dominator follow DS to the spacedock
[20:13] Cross hops on the shuttle 
[20:13] Slasher starts the thrusters
[20:13] DeathStar shuttle begins to go forward
[20:13] [Slasher] everything go
[20:13] Slasher buckles himself in
[20:13] DeathStar begins to close the hatch
[20:13] [Dominator] DS, what's the situation?
[20:13] [DeathStar] GET ON DOM!!!
[20:13] [Slasher] How fast can this baby go
[20:14] DeathStar the shuttle begins to go off the ramp
[20:14] Cross sits down and buckles up
[20:14] [Cross] Dom you comming ??
[20:14] Dominator is in
[20:14] Dominator enters the ship
[20:14] [DeathStar] Oh well, we can't wait for him...
[20:14] [DeathStar] NRP:  No, he's on the spacedoc
[20:14] Dominator and buckles in
[20:14] DeathStar takes off
[20:14] [Cross] NRP: Who is on space doc ??
[20:15] DeathStar hits Hyperspace even though it's reckless and dangerous to do it this close to Earth
[20:15] [Dominator] NRP: I know, I forgot to have him go in...
[20:15] [Dominator] NRP: No one now
[20:15] [DeathStar] YEEEEEHAWWW!
[20:15] [Slasher] lets hope this baby works
[20:15] [DeathStar] So, leader boy, what do you plan on doing?
[20:15] [Slasher] Wooooooooh
[20:15] [Dominator] Whoa!!
[20:15] [Slasher] This be one hell of a rollercoaster
[20:15] DeathStar hits the hyperspace off switch and they crash into Earth's atsmophere
[20:15] DeathStar shuttle shakes, cracking up from the slam of impact
[20:16] [Slasher] ahh crap
[20:16] [DeathStar] ...Damn...waited a second to late...
[20:16] [Dominator] You sure this thing can handle this punishment??
[20:16] Slasher works on strengthening the shields
[20:16] [DeathStar] No..
[20:16] [DeathStar] We're going down!!
[20:16] [Slasher] crap....
[20:16] [Cross] AHH
[20:16] DeathStar lands the shuttle
[20:16] [DeathStar] Ha, tricked you all...
[20:16] Slasher punches DS
[20:16] Cross slaps DS up side the head 
[20:16] DeathStar smirks as he gets up, opening the ramp
[20:17] Null is now known as newsreporter
[20:17] Slasher jumps on his Jetbike and rides out
[20:17] DeathStar hops outside
[20:17] newsreporter runs up to DS
[20:17] [Slasher] Sure glad i grabbed this
[20:17] [DeathStar] Eeek!  The news!!
[20:17] [Dominator] NRP: I need to connect to another server. BRB
[20:17] [newsreporter] I'm Cindy Bowler news reporter, are you from the 17th, sir?
[20:17] Dominator [ryan_cros@TC1-8.intercomm.com] has left #TAW (gets off and follows them)
[20:17] [DeathStar] No...we're from the Hunter's Main Force...
[20:17] DeathStar salutes
[20:17] [Slasher] Im Slasher
[20:17] Slasher salutes
[20:17] [DeathStar] The REDNECKS...um, er..
[20:17] Cross Salutes
[20:17] Slasher lets out a chuckle
[20:17] [newsreporter] Sir, any idea why the mavericks would attack?
[20:18] [Cross] Hehehe :P
[20:18] [DeathStar] Because they are insane, vicious creatures?
[20:18] Dominator [ryan_cross@TC1-8.intercomm.com] has joined #TAW
[20:18] Slasher restarts the engine on his jetbike
[20:18] [newsreporter] Do you think you can stop them?
[20:18] DeathStar leans back on the shuttle, enjoying talking
[20:18] Dominator looks at the reporter
[20:18] [DeathStar] Well, of course.  We're the Red-er, Main Force...
[20:18] Slasher goes over to DS
[20:18] [Cross] Sure why not.
[20:18] Dominator walks over to DS
[20:18] [Slasher] With us here everythings ok
[20:19] [newsreporter] Thank you Sir!
[20:19] [DeathStar] By the way.  Hello mom!!
[20:19] [newsreporter] *to camera man* Let's get out of here!!
[20:19] [Slasher] You best get out of here you might get hurt
[20:19] [Dominator] NRP: Who's logging this?
[20:19] DeathStar waves madly at the camera
[20:19] [DeathStar] HEY!!
[20:19] [DeathStar] WAIT!!
[20:19] [DeathStar] COME BACK!!
[20:19] Slasher lets out another chuckle
[20:19] [DeathStar] I'm not done!!
[20:19] newsreporter [UOmega@ip145.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net] has left #TAW
[20:19] [Dominator] Uh... DS.. lets get on with it?
[20:19] [DeathStar] DAmn...
[20:19] Slasher slaps him again
[20:19] DeathStar looks at Dom
[20:19] [Dominator] You said Garland was in trouble, explain...
[20:19] Garland_fighting [UOmega@ip145.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net] has joined #TAW
[20:19] Slasher checks all the stats on his Jetbike
[20:20] [Garland_fighting] Yah!!!! *blasts mavs*
[20:20] [DeathStar] So, what's the plan?
[20:20] Slasher uses scanner and searches for Garland
[20:20] [Cross] Well, hes fighting off a bunch of mavs, or at least yelling at em.
[20:20] Garland_fighting is on the other side of the subdivision
[20:20] DeathStar glances at Garland
[20:20] [Slasher] HEs on the other side of the Subdivision DS
[20:20] Cross looks around for Garland
[20:20] DeathStar races over toward Garland
[20:20] Cross follows DS
[20:20] [Slasher] DS thats way over there
[20:20] Dominator runs toward Garland
[20:20] Slasher speeds off towards Garland
[20:21] Garland_fighting a kiama is seen blasting into the air
[20:21] Dominator charges his weapons
[20:21] Slasher is now known as Slasher_On_Jetbike
[20:21] DeathStar races over and stops by Garland, blowing up a Maverick
[20:21] [Dominator] Garland!
[20:21] [DeathStar] Why, it's the 10 year old wonder...
[20:21] Cross catches up with them
[20:21] Slasher_On_Jetbike rams into a bunch of mavs
[20:21] Garland_fighting ignores Dom and runs at a mav, slicing it in half
[20:21] Dominator fires a charged thunder bolt into the mavericks (100AP)
[20:21] Garland_fighting is now known as Garland
[20:22] [Dominator] 10 year-old?
[20:22] DeathStar slashes another to bits, and knocks one's head off
[20:22] Slasher_On_Jetbike jumps off his bike
[20:22] [DeathStar] I know, he should be 4....don't ask me
[20:22] Slasher_On_Jetbike is now known as Slasher
[20:22] Cross starts fighting the mavs (I don't have any idea what weapons he has :P)
[20:22] Dominator takes out Rune Sword and slashes forward into the mavericks (100AP)
[20:22] Garland slices several mavs to peices in a rampage
[20:22] Slasher blasts missles at them
[20:22] DeathStar throws the headless body at a few Mavericks
[20:23] [DeathStar] HIIIYAAA!!!  *destroys another one*
[20:23] [Slasher] Wow you've sure grown up since the last time i say you Garlan
[20:23] Garland takes on the maverick that appears tobe the leader of the group
[20:23] Cross starts kciking and punching mavs
[20:23] Dominator grabs a maverick and crushes him with Enemy Ensnare then throws his lifeless body into the mavericks
[20:23] [Garland] Heh heh heh......
[20:23] DeathStar notices that there are more Mavericks appearing
[20:23] [DeathStar] Uh, O-Glorious Leader...no what?
[20:23] [Slasher] Maybe we shoud run
[20:23] Garland runs at it and slashes/kiama's the mav
[20:23] DeathStar does a spin slash and destroys some more
[20:23] [Dominator] Well, do you seea ny point to staying here?
[20:24] [DeathStar] Yeah, to talk to Garland!
[20:24] Dominator continues fighting, and tries to see if they'll be overwhelmed
[20:24] DeathStar leaps up and piledrives another one
[20:24] Slasher phase shifts through a bunch of them blowing them apart
[20:24] [Dominator] I assumed he'd come back with u
[20:24] [Dominator] u=us
[20:24] [DeathStar] He didn't last time, did he?
[20:24] Cross is still fighting hard
[20:24] [DeathStar] HIIIYAAA! *punches through one's head*
[20:24] Garland flies up and fires multiple kiama's in a few second's span
[20:24] [Dominator] Well... Garland, are you planning to come back?
[20:24] Dominator uppercuts a maverick with RS and slashes through them
[20:24] [Slasher] GARLAND....
[20:24] [DeathStar] CROSS, FIRE YOUR 300 AP ATTACK!!!
[20:24] [Slasher] watch out behind you
[20:25] Cross Fires his 300AP attack at the mavs 
[20:25] [Garland] yah!!! *drops and kicks a mav in the head multiple times*
[20:25] DeathStar ten Mavericks slowly sneak up on him as he destroys two in front of him
[20:25] Slasher turns his head
[20:25] Dominator absorbs some shots from the mavericks and slashes through them with Rune Sword's charged energy
[20:25] Garland jumps and slices another mav in half
[20:25] Slasher kills two that were sneaking up on Garland
[20:25] DeathStar all ten blast him with a stunray, causing him to slump to the ground
[20:25] DeathStar is now known as Mavericks
[20:25] Cross slams his hand through a mavs gut and then slams that mav into 2 more
[20:25] Mavericks blasts Dom
[20:25] [Slasher] Always watch your back Garland
[20:26] Dominator slases through several blocking his path
[20:26] Garland cross-slashes a larger mav
[20:26] Slasher cloaks
[20:26] Mavericks some sneak up on Slasher and bash in his head
[20:26] Dominator absorbs blast with RS and slashes through them with the energy
[20:26] [Dominator] NRP: Who got knocked out?
[20:26] [Mavericks] NRP:  DS
[20:26] [Dominator] DS!
[20:26] Slasher gets knocked out because he couldn't cloaks fast enough
[20:26] [Cross] DS !!!
[20:26] Mavericks blasts Dom while he's yelling
[20:26] [Slasher] NRP:ME
[20:26] Dominator goes by DS's side and fights off the mavs there
[20:26] [Dominator] ARGH!
[20:26] Mavericks they all tackle Dom
[20:26] Garland runs after the mavs firing on dom
[20:26] Cross helps dom out with fighting em off 
[20:26] [Garland] grrrrrrr.........!!!!!
[20:26] [Slasher] NRP:IM still cloaked  tho
[20:27] Mavericks begin to beat on Dom
[20:27] Slasher body slowly uncloaks
[20:27] Dominator uses Ebony Crystal to double Thuner Bolt's power and blows them off (200AP)
[20:27] [Mavericks] 100 AP dealt to Dom
[20:27] [Mavericks] ARRGHHH
[20:27] Garland slashes in an even more ruthless fasion
[20:27] [Dominator] AARGH!
[20:27] [Cross] Ahhh
[20:27] Mavericks no more Mavericks left
[20:27] Dominator activates Silver Crystal on himself
[20:27] Mavericks is now known as DeathStar
[20:27] [Cross] We need to run, and we need to run quick !!
[20:27] Dominator looks at all the maverick corpses
[20:27] Dominator uses SC on DS
[20:27] Garland slices the last mav and falls landing into a fighting stance
[20:27] [Cross] There will be more.
[20:27] DeathStar stands up
[20:27] [DeathStar] Errr...
[20:27] [Dominator] Welcome back, DS.
[20:28] Slasher slowly gets up holding his head
[20:28] DeathStar grumbles
[20:28] [Dominator] There might be more coming. I see no point to stay here.
[20:28] [Dominator] Lets at least move to cover...
[20:28] [Slasher] Did someone get the number of the bus that hit me
[20:28] DeathStar turns and sees a bus heading for them
[20:28] [Cross] yeah 1800-look-out
[20:28] [DeathStar] I think it's right there!!
[20:28] [Dominator] What the?!
[20:28] [Slasher] Ahh crap
[20:28] [Dominator] Get to cover...
[20:28] [Garland] ......*sheiths sword*
[20:28] DeathStar on board Mavericks fire at them, and the bus as rocket launchers on it
[20:28] Cross dives to side
[20:28] Slasher freezes in terror
[20:28] Dominator charges weapons and dives for cover (free dodge)
[20:28] Garland turns and Kiama's the bus
[20:28] DeathStar two rockets go off, heading for the Hunters
[20:29] DeathStar leaps out of the way
[20:29] Cross leaps to the side again
[20:29] DeathStar the bus catches on fire, but still goes
[20:29] Dominator fires at the wheels with Thunder Bolt
[20:29] DeathStar rockets hit, blowing everyone back (100 AP)
[20:29] Slasher stands there in the buses path
[20:29] Garland jumps ontop of the bus and slices through the top
[20:29] DeathStar bus stops moving, but the Mavericks pour out of ti, firing
[20:29] Dominator quickly fires wih Thunder Bolt at the windows
[20:29] DeathStar slashes one Maverick to bits
[20:29] Slasher snaps out of it and cloaks
[20:29] Dominator is hit, but slashes madly with RS
[20:29] [DeathStar] TIME FOR THE PARTY TO BEGIN!!!
[20:29] Garland wastes some mavs very brutally (not see) from inside the bus
[20:29] DeathStar smashes one to bits with Blitz
[20:30] Slasher 's missles starts flying out of nowhere at the mavs
[20:30] Cross gets back up and starts punching and kicking mavericks
[20:30] DeathStar suddenly sees the bus explode
[20:30] [DeathStar] GARLAND!!!!
[20:30] Dominator guts several maverick's then fires at approaching one
[20:30] [Dominator] ... Garland!!!!
[20:30] DeathStar rest of Mavericks scatter
[20:30] Garland jumps out of the flames
[20:30] Slasher cloak shield disapears
[20:30] [Slasher] Ahh crap....
[20:30] Garland 's new clothes slightly burnt
[20:30] Dominator fires TB another time to pick off some of the running mavs
[20:30] [Cross] Garland !!
[20:31] [Slasher] My Cloaking field its not working
[20:31] Dominator winces and wipes battery fluid away from his eyes
[20:31] [Garland] ......
[20:31] [DeathStar] Are you okay, kid?
[20:31] [Dominator] I see... Lets not waste anytime, to cover!
[20:31] DeathStar glances at Dom
[20:31] [Slasher] Yeah how you doing kid
[20:31] [DeathStar] Whatever you say..
[20:31] [Dominator] NRP: Surroundings?
[20:31] Garland doesnt even look there he fires the next kiama, wasitng another mav
[20:31] [Cross] Yeah
[20:31] [DeathStar] NRP:  Ask Garland
[20:31] [Slasher] Crap this kids gained alot of power 
[20:31] [Cross] Kid, you seem a little POed 
[20:31] [Dominator] Garland....
[20:32] [Garland] NRP: a now mostly destroyed subdivision
[20:32] [DeathStar] ....
[20:32] Slasher falls down on one knee and grabs his head
[20:32] DeathStar glances at Slasher
[20:32] [DeathStar] Slasher...?
[20:32] [Dominator] Why don;t we head back to the shuttle
[20:32] Garland runs after some mavs
[20:32] [Dominator] Slasher? You okay?
[20:32] [Cross] Slash you ok ??
[20:32] [Cross] Garland ??!!!!??!?!?!
[20:32] [Slasher] Not really...
[20:32] [Slasher] my cloaking field doens't work 
[20:32] DeathStar turns to Garland
[20:32] [DeathStar] Dang kid...
[20:32] [Slasher] i got bashed in the head
[20:32] [Dominator] Garland! .... I guess he's not coming with us.
[20:32] [Cross] Ahck, everyones either runing off or getting hurt. 
[20:32] [Slasher] Dom go after him
[20:32] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[20:33] [Dominator] What's the point, Slasher? He'll just ignore me.
[20:33] DeathStar is now known as Inferno
[20:33] [Dominator] DS?!
[20:33] Inferno appears
[20:33] [Dominator] Who the...?!
[20:33] [Inferno] Mwahahahaha
[20:33] [Cross] Ahhh
[20:33] [Inferno] Time for some fun!
[20:33] [Slasher] you should at least ry
[20:33] Garland smiles and goes after the new mav
[20:33] Inferno is now known as Inferno^
[20:33] [Dominator] Damn...
[20:33] Inferno^ fires a blast at Dom (200 AP)
[20:33] [Cross] Who in the world are you ??
[20:33] Slasher is in no condition to fight
[20:33] [Garland] Yah!!!!!! *kiamas Inferno*
[20:33] Dominator abosrbs with SC
[20:34] Cross tackles Inferno 
[20:34] [Dominator] Ha!
[20:34] DeathStar [death_star@dial33.planters.net] has joined #TAW
[20:34] DeathStar reappears
[20:34] Garland goes into a kicking frenzy on inferno
[20:34] Dominator teleports and slams RS into Inferno (100AP)
[20:34] Slasher tries a couple of his missiles on Inferno
[20:34] [Inferno^] ARGHHH
[20:34] Cross is rolling on the ground with Intferno trying to over power him 
[20:34] [Inferno^] BACK!!!
[20:34] Inferno^ throws Cross at Garland
[20:34] [Cross] ahhhhhhh
[20:34] Slasher leaps on Inferno and holds him
[20:34] DeathStar slashes Inferno
[20:34] [DeathStar] DIE!!
[20:34] Inferno^ burns DS and throws him into the ground
[20:35] [Slasher] Shoot now
[20:35] Garland is hit by cross, is pushed back a step or two
[20:35] Cross falls to the ground next to garland
[20:35] Inferno^ blasts Slasher bacvk
[20:35] Dominator tries to grab inferno with Enemy Ensnare while slasher has him (-30AP per second)
[20:35] [Cross] You ok  ??
[20:35] Inferno^ burns Ensnare off
[20:35] [Dominator] Damn...
[20:35] Garland is bleeding from the arm
[20:35] DeathStar stands up
[20:35] Inferno^ smirks
[20:35] [Inferno^] ULTIMATE INFERNO!!!!!!!
[20:35] Slasher is still on but is k'oed
[20:35] Dominator activates Ebony Crystal's ability to lessen Inferno's attacks by half
[20:35] Garland runs up and stabs Inferno
[20:35] Dominator for two minutes
[20:35] Inferno^ shoots a firewave from him, (300 AP to the closest 100 AP to the furthest)
[20:35] DeathStar takes 300 AP damage
[20:36] [DeathStar] ARGHHHH...
[20:36] [Dominator] NRP: Did my reduction succeed?
[20:36] [Cross] Everyone, we gotta run get outa here, Garlands hurt !!
[20:36] Slasher takes 300 AP and is almost dead
[20:36] Dominator redirects the blast back with Force Shield, but flies back
[20:36] [DeathStar] NRP:  Yes
[20:36] [Cross] We gotta get him back up to the base
[20:36] [Dominator] NRP: Whoa...
[20:36] Blackjack [speedblad@max7-43.dial.accucomm.net] has joined #TAW
[20:36] Garland is running at him , but is a bit away 150 AP
[20:36] Dominator systems short shorting out a bit
[20:36] [Inferno^] Hee hee
[20:36] Cross takes 100AP
[20:36] [Dominator] Too strong...
[20:36] DeathStar blasts Infenro with all his weapons
[20:36] [Inferno^] ARGHH!!!
[20:36] [Inferno^] ARRGHHH!
[20:36] Inferno^ stumbles back
[20:36] Dominator blasts Inferno with all ahis as well
[20:36] Slasher doesnt move
[20:36] Blackjack rushes into the battle. 1"I got your call."
[20:36] Garland 's eyes are gleaming blue, enjoying the battle
[20:36] [Inferno^] ARRGGHHHH
[20:36] Cross runs up to inferno and blasts him with everything he's got
[20:37] Dominator entangles Inferno while he's stuned
[20:37] Inferno^ teleports away, smoking
[20:37] [Garland] I will kill you before I leave this place!
[20:37] [Dominator] You have that 300AP attack handy, Cross?
[20:37] [DeathStar] Damn, he's gone....
[20:37] Garland looks for inferno
[20:37] [DeathStar] Garland, what's this all about?
[20:37] [Dominator] ....
[20:37] DeathStar looks at the kid
[20:37] Dominator turns to Garland
[20:37] [Blackjack] Garland!
[20:37] [Dominator] What is it about?
[20:37] [Cross] Yeah I got it, but to use it against who is the question.
[20:37] Garland just now notices the MH
[20:37] Slasher is almost dead
[20:37] [Garland] Oh..... you.......
[20:38] [Cross] Garland, you ok ??
[20:38] Dominator turns and uses Silver Crystal on Slasher (+100HP)
[20:38] Garland nods
[20:38] Blackjack throws the king of hearts at Slasher (50 LP)
[20:38] DeathStar steps forward.
[20:38] Slasher slowly gets up couging
[20:38] [DeathStar] Do you know what's going on?
[20:38] [Dominator] Garland, answer me!
[20:38] [Blackjack] Something tells me I'm a little late...
[20:38] [Cross] yeah a little :P
[20:38] [Slasher] Oooh... a little spicy for my appetite
[20:38] Inferno^ reappears and grabs BJ. "Not late enough..."
[20:38] [Dominator] Damn...
[20:39] [Inferno^] NO ONE MOVES OR I'LL MELT HIM!!!
[20:39] Slasher walks over to Dom
[20:39] Inferno^ hand turns to fire
[20:39] [Blackjack] Gyagh! PUT ME DOWN!
[20:39] DeathStar whips around
[20:39] Slasher tries to cloak
[20:39] [Garland] heheh......
[20:39] [Dominator] What do you want Inferno?!
[20:39] [Cross] He's human he wont melt he will, uh oh ...
[20:39] [Inferno^] I want you all DEAD
[20:39] Slasher 's field works
[20:39] Blackjack stops thrashing
[20:39] [Garland] your pathetic....
[20:39] [Cross] Ahck
[20:39] Slasher sneaks behind Inferno
[20:39] Inferno^ glares at Garland
[20:39] [Inferno^] Oh yeah, kid?
[20:39] Dominator quietly askes, 1"ANyone got a tlepathic attack?"
[20:39] [Garland] picking on the wounded?
[20:39] [Cross] Garland don't make him angery. 
[20:39] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[20:39] DeathStar appears behind Infenro and stabs him in the back and throws him off BJ
[20:39] [Inferno^] HEY!!!
[20:39] Slasher throws one ion blade at Infernos hand and the other in his back
[20:39] [Garland] Hah hah hah... I've learned a lot....
[20:39] Dominator teleports behind Infern and stabs him in in the side
[20:40] Cross tackles inferno
[20:40] [DeathStar] You are pathetic..
[20:40] DeathStar stabs Inferno in the chest
[20:40] Dominator stabs Inferno with RS while Cross holds him
[20:40] Garland kicks Inferno in the face
[20:40] [Inferno^] ARGGHHHHH
[20:40] Slasher 's cloaking field stops working
[20:40] [Dominator] Your very foolish to try and take the Maverick Hunters!
[20:40] [Slasher] Oh crap
[20:40] Inferno^ tries to use his super weapo again
[20:40] Garland then puts hand in inferno's face
[20:40] [Garland] kiama......
[20:40] [Dominator] We're not anywhere near full power
[20:40] Slasher ducks behind a roc
[20:40] Garland blasts inferno
[20:40] Cross gets out of way 
[20:40] [Inferno^] aRRGGHHH
[20:40] Inferno^ explodes
[20:41] Inferno^ [death_star@dial33.planters.net] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[20:41] DeathStar grabs Inferno's weapon chip
[20:41] [Slasher] Oh god ithought i was dead
[20:41] Garland is singed by the blast
[20:41] [Dominator] .... Garland... good work...
[20:41] [Slasher] Hey can i have it
[20:41] [Cross] Garland you ok ??
[20:41] Garland grins
[20:41] DeathStar pockets it
[20:41] [Garland] ...I'm fine.
[20:41] [Blackjack] You came to your senses, Garland...
[20:41] Slasher stumbles over to Dom
[20:41] [Dominator] You okay, Slasher?
[20:41] [Slasher] Kinda
[20:41] Garland blurs out and helps slasher up
[20:41] DeathStar looks around
[20:42] Slasher grabs his ion blades