Mission 13: Truth Hurts

DeathStar] Location: MedBay
* Slasher opens eyes
[Garland] How many pages did we get today?
* Dominator looks toward Slasher
[Dominator] Pages?
* Slash^ groans and sits up
* Slasher is starlte
* Blackjack looks around from his bed. "Uungh..."
[Slash^] did someone get the license of that starship that hit me...
[Slasher] h..ey..slas..h..
* Slasher is kinda pale
* DeathStar sits in his chair, watching everyone
[Slash^] ...*blinks* what.....in...the sam hell... happened to you...
* Slasher finds the remote for his bed
[Slasher] woohoo
[Slash^] ....
[Dominator] Jupiter happened to him and us... That's what.
[Slasher] Bed goes up bed goes down
[Slash^] fill me in... i was Knocked out....
* Slasher 's bed goes up and down
* Blackjack looks at DS. "That last mission... Agh..." He touches burn mark on his arm. "It's a miracle we... survived..."
* Slash^ grasps chest
[DeathStar] True.
[DeathStar] Thank Dominator for that.
[Dominator] Slash?!
[Dominator] Thank me?
* DeathStar tries not to let the spotlight focus on his flying
[Slash^] its...*gasps*nothing..... just had a runin... with an.. old friend.....
* Garland wakes up
[Slasher] Sorry...
[Garland] Hi!
[Slasher] Now bring on the nurses
[Slash^] its good to hear you helped.....
[Dominator] Hello, Ensign Garland.
[Slasher] Hey Garland bor
[Slash^] shut up bro..
* Slash^ smacks slasher
[Slasher] sorry
* Garland smiles
[Blackjack] Remind me not to play the hero again... *holds his shoulder*
[DeathStar] What's up kid?
* DeathStar smokes a cigar
* Garland notices the IV and screams!
[Slasher] No smoking in the med bay
* Dominator looks at DS
[Garland] AHHH!!!!!!!!
[Slash^] ......
* Slash^ tries to get up
* DeathStar scrubs it out
[Garland] get it out get it out!!!
[Blackjack] DS... no smoking... around me... when I can't... have one... *snickers*
[Dominator] Don't worry Garland! Its helping you!
*** UglyNurse (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
* Garland rips the IV off
[UglyNurse] Hello there puddings
[Slash^] .....
[DeathStar] Oh gawd..
[Dominator] Its, like energy... Since you can't eat when your sick.
[Blackjack] *muttering* damn... she's ugly...
[Slash^] oy, slasher sure can pick em...
[Slasher] ma..maa..mommy
[UglyNurse] No smoking 
[Slash^] ......
* UglyNurse slaps DS
* Dominator turns to DS and grins, "Maybe we should let the guys relax and get some sleep
[DeathStar] OUF!
* Blackjack rolls his eye at Slasher. "I... idiot..."
[Slash^] I hate hospital food...
[Slash^] im outta here../.
* UglyNurse puts the iv back in Garland
* Slash^ tries to get up again
[Garland] Mr. Star! guess what!
[UglyNurse] Oh really mr *checks sheets* Slash
[Dominator] Slash... should you be leaving yet?
[Garland] ACK! *gives the nurse a mean look*
[Slasher] DS im feeling pretty good can i go now
[Slash^] I...*gasps in pain* will tough it out..
[Garland] Me too! lemme goo!!!!
[UglyNurse] You ain't going anywhere...cutey
* Blackjack sits up in bed. "It may be rough... But I think I'm up to a mission..." He coughs.
* Slasher hides under blankets
* DeathStar smirks
[Slash^] .....
[Garland] uh... Mr. Star guess what!
[Dominator] Blackjack...
[UglyNurse] So how are my patients doing
[Slasher] Good
[DeathStar] Just bad...keep them in here for 2 more weeks..
* Garland smiles
[Slash^] Im going, and i dont care if i die, i want to get as FAR away from her as possible..
[Garland] I'm hungry!
* DeathStar groans in pain and grabs chest but then shuts up
[Blackjack] Don't even think... about telling me... to stay. I'm up to anything... even as I am...
[Garland] Mr. Star Guess what!
[UglyNurse] then let me get you some food pudding
* Dominator looks at DS
[DeathStar] What?
[Garland] I joined the MH!
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow. "What's up... DS?"
* UglyNurse gives Garland some food
* Slash^ uses his warp blades to stand
[Dominator] Are you okay DS?
[DeathStar] Nothing..
[DeathStar] Fine..
[Dominator] Slash...
* Garland stuffs his face
* Slash^ glares at dom
[Slash^] what are you gonna say?
[UglyNurse] well since nonones listening to me im gonna leave bye
*** UglyNurse (dragonmast@ has left #TAW
[Blackjack] Good riddance...
[DeathStar] Thank gawd..
[Slash^] shew...
[Slasher] ME and my big mouth
[Garland] I'm an Ensign now!
[Blackjack] Maybe the next one... will have a nice body... at least... *snickers*
[Slasher] Man all i had were bad dreams 
* Dominator looks at DS
[Dominator] Are you sure you're all right?
* Slash^ plays [AngelOfDeath.mp3] - 1986k - [iČ]
* Garland rips out the IV again
[DeathStar] FFINE
[Dominator] Garland, you need it..
[Garland] yeah!
* DeathStar alarms go off when Garland does this
[Slash^] DS... I dont want YOU dying on me now....
[Dominator] Okay, I'm just hoping that the cure I gave you got rid of the maverick virus...
[Dominator] The hospital has alarms?
[Slasher] DS I wanna no about my past
[Blackjack] Aw man... here she comes...
* Garland gives Dom a strange look
[Slash^] ....
* Slash^ hides
*** UglyNurse (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[Dominator] She'll keep coming back, Garland...
* Blackjack throws his sheet over his head
*** UglyNurse is now known as GoodlookingNurse
* Slash^ disguises himself as a coatrack
[GoodlookingNurse] Hello there 
[Slasher] Woh
* Slash^ looks up and sees her
* Blackjack notices the voice is different, and looks out. "HOT DAMN!"
[DeathStar] Oh good..
[Slash^] meh...
* Garland sees her coming and jumps away
* Slash^ jumps in bed
[Dominator] Garland...
[GoodlookingNurse] Mr. Garland plz leave the IV in your arm
[Garland] No! *crying* dont put it back...
[Dominator] Garland, it won't hurt you... Its helps you...
[GoodlookingNurse] well since you can eat...
* Slash^ pulls himself up to his full hight
* DeathStar silently tries to get out of the room before choas begins
* GoodlookingNurse takes out all the IV's and gives them all food
[Slash^] ...
* Slasher gets up and stumbles after DS
* Garland stuff face again
[DeathStar] Say, lets all go down to the Rec Rom!
[Dominator] Slasher...
[Slasher] No leave me alone
* Slash^ throws the food away "what are you trying to do?? poison me AGAIN?!
[Dominator] All right... Haven't been there since...
[Slasher] I need to talk to him
[Dominator] ... Wait... I've never been there...
[GoodlookingNurse] Now now mr. Slash
* Blackjack takes a bite of the food, and the food ends up on Dom's face. "This food sucks!"
[GoodlookingNurse] YOur gonna stay here
[Slash^] thats Slash to you.... 
* DeathStar quickly runs down there
* Garland rips off the paper gown and put of his homade gi
* Dominator wipes the food off
[GoodlookingNurse] Oh yeah..
[Dominator] Err...
* GoodlookingNurse cracks knuckles
* Garland 's gi is burnt
[Dominator] Well, see you guys later...
* DeathStar sits on the couch, resting
* Dominator waves and follows DS
[Garland] I think I need new cloths
[Blackjack] *Garland's actions remind him of something* Where are... my clothes...?
* Slash^ follows Dom out, slowly
[GoodlookingNurse] Thats it, you guys are imposible
*** GoodlookingNurse (dragonmast@ has left #TAW
* Dominator looks behind to see Slash
[Blackjack] Damn it, she left... *snickers*
[Slash^] wait up dom..
[Slasher] DS.... what can you tell me about my past
[Dominator] Even the good-lookng nurse can't keep you...
[Slash^] you are not leaving me
* DeathStar looks at Slasher
[Slash^] I am a fighter
[Slash^] i dont leave
[Slasher] I have this tatoo...wierd dreams
[Dominator] I don't thiink you should be fighting.
[DeathStar] I really don't remember much about CorSec's projects
[Slasher] You were even in them
* Slash^ eyes flash red "and why not?"
[DeathStar] I do know they were trying to make the ultimate weapon
[Garland] Mr Domin--- errr XO Dominator do you think we could get me some new clothes?
* Blackjack stumbles up behind the group
[Slasher] COuld it be me??
[Garland] heh heh
[DeathStar] Perhaps
* Dominator goes back toward Garland, still listening to DS and SLash though
[DeathStar] Here, everyone sit down and shut up
[Slasher] I'm worried
[Dominator] What kind of clothes?
[Garland] like these!
* Slash^ tosses his IOn cannon at BJ " you look like you need it more then i do"
[Dominator] Like your gi?
[Garland] only my old gi is gone, it out grew me
* DeathStar claps hadns
[DeathStar] Everyone, PLEASE
[Slasher] I have this feeling i've killed many ppl and i've almost killed you
* Blackjack catches it. "Thanks, I think..."
[Dominator] I'll see what I can do, Garland. I'll try and have a new and bigger one made up for you. Kay?
* Dominator looks at DS
[DeathStar] You're...right Slasher
[Dominator] Yes?
[Garland] okay!
[Slasher] I am...
[DeathStar] You were designed not only for killing but for spying
* Dominator looks at Slasher
* Garland goes off to a corner and does pushups
* Blackjack looks at his toasted blue jeans. "I need... a new outfit... myself..."
* Slasher eyes open wide
[Dominator] Slasher=Slash
[DeathStar] Seeing as I was the top ranking CorSec Reploid, they naturally had you watch me, and to kill me if I stepped out of line
[Slasher] Im sorry
[DeathStar] Which I did, in the Battle of CorSEc
* Dominator listens to them, and thinks about his history with CorSec angrily
[DeathStar] You, did confront me....
[Slasher] PLz continue i must know
* Slash^ recalls memories about corsec
* Garland mumbles at corsec's actions twards people
[Blackjack] I remember the spying bit. You were under my command...
[Slasher] I was
[DeathStar] ...Well, I don't want to tell anyone what I did, but I will tell everyone what happened that day
[Slash^] But who was spying on the spy?
* Garland switches to one handes pushups
[Slasher] Plz do
[Dominator] ....
* Slasher listens
[Blackjack] Yeah... We were commanded... to watch over DS...
[DeathStar] Good question.  Who was spying on Slasher at the time
[Slash^] Thats why i was in corsec
[DeathStar] Blackjack.  *nods at him*  Was one of the people
[Slash^] ...
[DeathStar] CorSec didn't have all their little faith in their Ultimate Bio-Weapon project...
[Blackjack] It's true... We watched you, to keep you... in line.
[Slasher] ...
[Garland] What's that?
[DeathStar] There was dozens like you, Slasher, if I recall.  All "failures".
[Slasher] So I'm this Ultimate Weapon
* Dominator listens
[Slasher] Failure??
[Blackjack] Yes...
[DeathStar] Right
[Dominator] Slasher's an ultimate weapon?
[Slash^] because you dont follow orders....
[DeathStar] They...I don't know what happened to them
* Garland has no idea what they're talking about
[Slasher] But what happened...Why am in not still killing you
[DeathStar] And I can't say you're their weapon, Slasher.  If so, you're a failure too.
[DeathStar] That's the point I'm making
[Blackjack] You... came to your senses... Like me. Maybe the other... failures... are still around...
[Slasher] Well I guess its for the good that i am a failure
[Slash^] if you werent a failure, you would be killing us...
[DeathStar] You confronted my, during the Battle of CorSec.  That was when CorSec was falling apart and the aliens were destroying them in the sky.
[Blackjack] I don't want... to think about that...
* DeathStar grins
[Slash^] ........ it brings back memories..... chilling memories...
* Slasher turns to Slash....Than i can't be your true borther
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] I'm glad that happened, even though CorSec seems to be back, and stronger than EVER
[DeathStar] Not all that true
* Slash^ recalls what he did as part of Turbos group
[Blackjack] That was my... last fight with CorSec...
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@AS3-89.intercomm.com) has joined #taw
* Slasher pounds his fist and runs off to his room
[DeathStar] SLASHER!
* Dominator watches Slasher
[Slash^] Slasher!
[Blackjack] S...SLASHER!!!
[DeathStar] His memory...scattered
[DeathStar] He doesn't even remember that night...
[Slash^] ......
* Blackjack shakes his head, unable to think of anything to say
[Dominator] ......
[DeathStar] NRP:  Whose logging?
* Garland walks up to dominator
[Slash^] NRP i got one
[Blackjack] NRP: Me.
[Dominator] Yes, Garland?
[DeathStar] NRP:  Thanks
[Garland] what am i? am I an experiment of CorSec?
[DeathStar] Alright
[Garland] you all say I'm human, but..
[DeathStar] No, Garland, no
[Dominator] An experiment of CorSec's? No, I don't think so.
[DeathStar] You are from an...alien race I believe
[Slash^] ....
[Blackjack] No, Garland. Unless you're something I don't know about... which is doubtful.
[Slash^] i hope not....
[Dominator] We really don't know well, Garland. It could be as DS says thogh..
* Garland takes kinship sword and cut a small cut in arm, silver fluid comes
* Garland out
* DeathStar computer beeps
[Dominator] What  are you doing Garland?
* Dominator looks toward the computer
* Slash^ looks at computer
[Slash^] ?
[DeathStar] Mission alarm..
* Blackjack glances at the computer
[Garland] Well I KNOW I'm not a human...
[Dominator] Mission...
[Blackjack] It's possible that you're from an alien race, Garland. That's what I think.
* Slash^ pulls out his warp blades, cep the on hes using as a crutch and they glisten a dark blue
[Garland] huh? My First real mission yay!
[DeathStar] Go check it out Dom
[Dominator] Of course.
[Slash^] If the need is there, i will be ready
* Dominator goes toward the computer and looks up the data on the mission
[DeathStar] Computer:  Mission Data Uploading
* Blackjack crosses the Ion Cannon on his back alongside his rifle and katana. "Great, just what I wanted, another mission..."
* Slash^ stands upright finally without the aid of his blade
[DeathStar] Computer:  Turn on voicespeaker?
[Dominator] Affirmative, turn on the voicespeaker
*** Slasher is now known as Roc
[DeathStar] Computer: A small band of Mavericks are attacking a plane in the air.  
* Roc comes running
* Dominator suddenly regrest saying that a bit cause it might make the injured guys want to come
[Roc] Ensign Roc reporting for duty sir
[DeathStar] Computer: It is holding Top EarthGov members.  They are being attacked in the air
[Dominator] Greetings, Roc.
* Blackjack looks at the newcomer. "Who are you?"
[Slash^] ??
[Dominator] Specify location
[DeathStar] Another damn rooky
[Blackjack] Never seen you before...
[DeathStar] Computer:  Over North America
[Roc] I am Ensign Roc of the 23rd Air Forces Sir
[Slash^] i dont want to have to peel your body off my blades Roc... so stay out of my way
* Garland notices he's getting pretty muscular
[Garland] I'm ready!
[Blackjack] We can't hesitate. We... must take a.. *shivers* shuttle to Earth and saves their asses...
[Roc] Yes Sir
* Slash^ wonders what came over him
* DeathStar stands, glances in the direction of Slasher, hesitates, and takes off for the shuttle bay
[Dominator] Right, but osme of you are wounded
* Dominator follows DS
[Blackjack] I can handle it...
* Slash^ warps to the shuttle bay
[DeathStar] So, Commander, what's your plan?
[Roc] Do not worry sir besides being an expert pilot i am also a fields medic
* Roc runs ofto the shuttle sbay
[Dominator] Well, we go in and break them out
* DeathStar sits down in the pilot seat
[DeathStar] ARghh.
* Blackjack runs awkwardly to the shuttle bay, and gets into the shuttle
[Dominator] DS?
* DeathStar rubs chest some, and then flips some switches
[Blackjack] I hate these things...
[DeathStar] Nothing..
* Roc take co-pilot seat
* Garland hops in
* Dominator sits done
[Dominator] done=down
[Slash^] ...
[Blackjack] DS... You should stay here... I don't like the way you keep doing that...
* Slash^ sits down
[Garland] I feel a lot better than from last night!
* DeathStar begins to start it up
[DeathStar] I'm fine, Jared..
* Roc flips some switches
* Slash^ pulls up his schematics for his latest weapon
* Blackjack shrugs. "Your call. I just don't feel right."
[Dominator] DS... remember, we don't want to tear this shuttle apart. I don't want to repeat it..
[Garland] Jared? who's Jared?
* DeathStar pulls out of the hanger
[Dominator] it=last mission
[DeathStar] Rightyo, sir
[Blackjack] That's my real name, Garland. Jared Carter.
* Roc turns on boosters
* DeathStar listens to heroic music
[Garland] Do I still call you Mr. Jack?
[DeathStar] Who turned on the radio??
[Roc] That was me Sir
[Blackjack] Call me whatever you want, Garland.
[Roc] It calms me odwn
* DeathStar they pull it off into space, heading for Earth
[DeathStar] Anyone want to pull that Hyperspace move again?
[Garland] I dont think I should call you what Mr. Wiendigo calls you.
[Blackjack] NO!
[Roc] What move
* Dominator checks the computer for any specifics on the missions
[DeathStar] Didn't think so...

After locking himself in his room, Slasher, in hopes to piece together what memory and sanity he had left, wrote down everything he dreamed about. Realising that he didn't know much, he decided to hack into old CorSec files on the Ultimate Weapon Project.

Sadly, he didn't find enough to bridge the gap of his memories.

[DeathStar] EST: 6 mins..
* Dominator tries to find out the hostiges names
[Roc] 5min 24.67 second
* DeathStar some useless names run by.
* Blackjack turns to Wien. "I'm not sure I want to know what Wien calls me..." He snickers.
* Garland walks up to DS
[Slash^] ....
[Blackjack] NRP: turns to Garland
* Dominator stops looking for data since there isn't anything usefull
[Dominator] Slash, Blackjack, you sure your up to this?
[DeathStar] EST: 3 mins..
[Blackjack] Yes, Commander...
[Blackjack] I'm positive... Ow!
* DeathStar sees one of the names
[DeathStar] WHAT THE HELLL?!
[Roc] 2 minutes acutally
[Dominator] All right.
[Slash^] Im up to this
* Blackjack grips his arm
[Dominator] What DS?
* Roc grabs controll
[Garland] Mr. Star, whater we doing this time?
* Blackjack looks at DS. "What?"
[DeathStar] One of them is a scientist...for CorSec....
* Slash^ powers his new weapons PSI scyths up and they appear from his arm jutting 6 feet out
[Dominator] CorSec...
[Blackjack] Damn it...
[Slash^] thats teh way i like it
[Dominator] This is where we differ from CorSec. They wouldn't save one of us, but we have to save one of them.
* Roc starts to enter earths atmonspher
* DeathStar nod at Roc
* Blackjack nods at Dom
* Slash^ turns them off
[Blackjack] How true...
[Roc] Where is our Destination Sir
[Slash^] ass kicking central
[DeathStar] Over  Kansas...
* Garland floats off the ground a few feet to meet everyone eye to eye
[Dominator] All right.
* Roc plots course for Kansas
[Dominator] Try and take us without being seen by the mavs, DS.
[Roc] Auto Pilot engages ETA in 5 minutes
[Roc] Show me a map Sor
[DeathStar] Rightyo
[Blackjack] This should be interesting...
* DeathStar hits a button and a map appears
[Slash^] Lets kick some ass.....
* Dominator looks over the map, deciding their course of action
* Roc points to a few spots and then points to the sot where were gonna land
[DeathStar] So, leader....what's the plan?
[Dominator] Remember, everything. The most important thing is teamwork.
[Roc] Right in the corn fields
[DeathStar] Oh, we do alright these days...
[DeathStar] We can't land
[Dominator] We have to work together. If it got us through last mission, it can get us through this one.
[DeathStar] This is an air attack
[Slash^] .....
[Roc] OH sorry Sir
* Blackjack is silent
[Dominator] Well, we go in and try and find the diplomats as soon as possible.
* Garland pulls out a walkman and listens to some loud music
* DeathStar radar shows multiple ships up ahead
[Roc] The we will attack from behind
[Dominator] We'll try and blow the station if possible. 
* DeathStar tries to ignore Dom
[Roc] OK...Sir plz take the control... im not an attacker
[Slash^] Point to one of the enemy ships and as soon as we get with in weapons range tell me
[Dominator] You asked me DS....
[Dominator] Have we been detected?
* DeathStar takes ocer
[DeathStar] Not yet, sir
* Dominator notices the added "sir"
[Roc] Were below there radar sight
[Blackjack] Let's hope the engine doesn't overheat this time...
* DeathStar blinks at Dom
[Dominator] All right, well if we, try and hold the mavs offf.
[Slash^] Tell me when we are in range. im going in
* Roc goes to one of the battle pods
* Slash^ a warp field appears shimmering around him
[Dominator] Then get us in range of the station, so we can teleport on.
[Dominator] If needed, we can steal a maverick shuttle.
[DeathStar] We're in range...
* DeathStar ships appear up ahead
[Roc] Tell me when to fire
[DeathStar] Someone, man the weaponary stations...
[Slash^] Hope i dont wind up dead
* Roc aims the cannons
[Blackjack] Not me...
* Slash^ fades out and appears in one of the mav control rooms
* Blackjack remembers what happened last time he took control of something in a shuttle
* DeathStar brings them in closer
[Garland] Stealing is wrong.... I had to steal the cloth and needles to make my homade Gi though when I was alone.
[Dominator] DS, can you set the auto-pilot to fight and land us in the docking bay? We could teleport in and throw the mavs off guard..
* Slash^ fires everythign he has at the pilots
* Slash^ warps back
* Blackjack clears his throat. "I can't teleport..."
* DeathStar points out 5 Maverick ships blasting away at a little cruiser
* Roc fires off all the cannons
[Slash^] I got it 
[Dominator] I can take you with me.
* Slash^ creates a warp field in front of BJ
[DeathStar] We...have to split up then
[Slash^] hop in
[Dominator] Damage report?
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, sir.
* Roc aims cannons at them and fires
[DeathStar] None so *ship rocks* far...
[Dominator] Split up? Why?
* DeathStar one of the ships pull off and begin to blast at them
[Dominator] Spoke to soon...
* Garland gets ready to fight
* Roc sets cannons on auto fire
[Slash^] they found us...
* Roc runs to Slash
* DeathStar it sends out many little fighters after the shuttle
[Dominator] Can everyone else telepot?
[Slash^] IN NOW!
* Blackjack rubs his shoulder. "Let's do this..."
[Garland] .....*half-grin* nope.
* Roc runs in the portal
[Dominator] Engage the auto-pilot to head for their docking bay. Lets all teleport in!
* Blackjack dashes through the portal
* Slash^ creates a warp field and teleports to the base
* DeathStar the shuttle shakes again
* Garland jumps into the portal
[DeathStar] And the other 4 ships
* Dominator holds onto Blackjack and prepares to teleport
[DeathStar] I...need to stay and try to take them out
[DeathStar] Sir.
[Slash^] NRP: he already jumped in my portal..you are a little late..
[Dominator] No, DS.. That's not our goal.
[DeathStar] We're in range of teleportation
[Dominator] Your more valuble to us inside there
[DeathStar] ...But sir!
[DeathStar] Someone needs to fly this..
*** Light (hehright@massillon-157-216.sssnet.com) has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] Only Roc has flyingh kills
[Light] damn he aint here
[Dominator] You guys, you can call me Dominator you know.
[Roc] I'll fly then
[Slash^] ....
*** Light (hehright@massillon-157-216.sssnet.com) has left #TAW
* Roc grabs the helm
[Garland] Mr. Star, there's auto pilot
[Dominator] No, no one needs to fly.. Have the auto-pilot do it!
[Slash^] ....
* DeathStar steps away
[Slash^] Dont do it DS!
[DeathStar] Roc...take them bas-- down
[Dominator] Lets all teleport in, all right?
* Blackjack voice is heard from the other side of the warp. "DO SOMETHING, AND HURRY!"
[DeathStar] Sirr...they can take out our ship them
[DeathStar] Trust me..
[Slash^] COME ON!!!
* DeathStar shuttle rocks again
* Slash^ activates warp blades
[Dominator] Everyone teleport in!
[DeathStar] DAMN!
* DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
* Slash^ voice "already there"
[Dominator] Roc, teleport in before the shuttle' s is destroyed!
[Dominator] Garland, everyone else, can you teleport?
[DeathStar] Comm]]Roc....listen to him, not me..I'm not the leader..
[Garland] I dont know how.....
* DeathStar lands onboard the ship
[Slash^] Garland jump into the shimmering portal!!
* Blackjack looks at DS. "About time you got here..."
* Slash^ creates one in front of garland
[Dominator] Go into the portal with Slash!
[Garland] ok! *jumps in*
* DeathStar points at incoming Mavericks
[DeathStar] Damn...
* Dominator teleports in with Blackjack
[Slash^] MOVE
[Blackjack] Great...
[Slash^] BJ, mix me up a fastball special!
* Garland flies out of the other side
[Dominator] NRP: I have to go. DS is going to play as me.
[Blackjack] Huh? You're kidding!
* Blackjack picks up Slash and throws him at the Mavs
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@AS3-89.intercomm.com) has left #taw
* DeathStar blasts the Mavericks
*** Phoenix (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[Slash^] YEE HA
*** Roc has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Phoenix] NRP: got disconected
*** Phoenix is now known as Roc
* Slash^ slashes at the mavs as he flys by
* Garland gets a cold look in eyes
*** Dominator (death_star@dial33.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Dominator] Heads up people!
[Blackjack] Yeah!
[Slash^] YEE HA
* Blackjack looks up
* Garland runs into his fury again
* Slash^ straufs them with plasma shots
[Garland] YAH!!!!!!!!!
* DeathStar slashes one to bits
[Garland] To think I used to pity you mavericks!
* Blackjack returns his attention to the fight, and fires Cryo Blast at the Mavericks
* Dominator uses Rune Sword and stabs one in the chest
* Slash^ picks one up by the neck and laughs
[Slash^] YOu fool!
* Slash^ guts him
* Blackjack draws Slash's Ion Cannon and fires at a few Mavs
[DeathStar] Comm]]Get on here, now!
* Roc flies off
[Roc] oh ok
* Garland cuts off a mav's arm and beats mavs with it
* Slash^ jumps on another one and rips him to shred
[DeathStar] Damn, I know he should stay and fly...but...
[Garland] C'mon!
* Roc turn around and rams the jet into the docking bay
[Dominator] No time now, Death star!!
* Dominator blasts another one with RS
* Blackjack rushes into the group and slashes wildly at the Mavericks
[DeathStar] ROC!!
* Roc comes running down the halls
* DeathStar sees the shuttle coming in at them
[Garland] Kiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaammma!!!!
[Garland] *blasts*
[DeathStar] We'rE IN THE DOCKING BAY!!!
[Roc] Oh ok
[Roc] What a ride
* DeathStar sees Roc flying the thing right at them
* Blackjack tears a Mavericks arm out of the socket and beats him over the head with it
[DeathStar] That's the last of the Mavs...
* Roc slams the ship into the some other shuttles
[Blackjack] I love a creative finish...
* Roc jumps out
* Garland floats next to Dom
[Slash^] NRP: gone
[Dominator] Now, lets head up to the control room
[Roc] What Did I Miss Sir
[DeathStar] .....
[DeathStar] Nothing
[Blackjack] Nothing important, Roc...
[DeathStar] The EarthGov vessle is being destroyed!!
* DeathStar looking out viewport
[Dominator] What!?
[Blackjack] What are we supposed to do!?
* Roc pulls out a LaserPistol
[Blackjack] You make the call, Dom. YOU'RE the commander, I'm a lowly Sergeant...
* Roc looks around
[Slash^] ...
[Roc] Ah hah
* Slash^ looks around
* Roc runs toward a ship
[Dominator] We need to take over this ship...
[Roc] Perfect Sir
[DeathStar] ...And use it to attack the others!  Right!
[Blackjack] Good call, even if Roc came up with the idea...
[Roc] This Ship is one of theres I'll fly it, attack them and they won't know hte differnce
[Garland] ........Maybe I still do pity them...... a little
* Dominator heads upstairs
* Blackjack starts to say something, but decides against it
[DeathStar] You do that, Roc.  We'll take over this monster...
* Garland follows Dom closly
* Blackjack runs after Dom
* Slash^ follows them
* DeathStar begins to follow Dom
[Roc] I"ll Be back........Sir
* Roc jumps in the ship
[Dominator] Time to show them who the Hunters ARE
* Roc open the hanger doors and flies out
* DeathStar ten Mavericks block they path
[DeathStar] Uh oh..
* DeathStar blasts one to bits
[Blackjack] Ten? That's all? *snickers*
[DeathStar] Nine.
* Dominator blasts another one
* Blackjack impales one on his katana
[Dominator] Eight
[Blackjack] Seven.
[Garland] *smiling somewhat evily* awaiting orders...
* Roc flips some switches and he goes blasting out
* Blackjack throws him at another
[Dominator] Attack them, Garland!
[Blackjack] Six.
* Garland goes postal
* DeathStar blows another up with his fist
[DeathStar] Five
* Garland slices ones head off
* Dominator uses Rune Sword and slices two
* Roc heads for the other
* Slash^ impales one
* Blackjack fires Cryo Blast at one
[Blackjack] None.
* DeathStar kills naother
* Roc stops behind them
[DeathStar] That's the last of them
* Roc waves and then
* Garland floats ominously
[Blackjack] Let's proceed
[Dominator] The bridge should be right ahead
* DeathStar follows Dom down the halls
* Roc fires a barrage of missles at them
* Garland ready's sword
[DeathStar] This seems....too easy
* Blackjack follows Dom
[Blackjack] Doesn't it, though...
[Blackjack] They didn't even attack us...
* Dominator suddenly weapons appear in the walls and fire at them
[Dominator] DOWN!!!
* Dominator shoves Garland to the ground
* Slash^ ducks
* Blackjack drops to the ground
* DeathStar ducks
[Blackjack] I should have seen it coming...
[Garland] ouf!
[Roc] Hmm atleast 5 moer left
* Blackjack aims his rifle at the weapons and fires
[DeathStar] We gotta crawl under it..