Mission 14: Trained to Death

[DeathStar] GM: Location - MHHQ, the Rec Room
* Garland jumps around fliping, in an odd form of excersize
[DeathStar] GM: Time Chart - 3 days after Last Mission
* Blackjack hits a punching bag with a three hit combo
* DeathStar walks around and hits a button
*** Chronobot (Chronobot@dial48.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Chronobot,DeathStar (F7 for details)
* Garland humms a song along with his walkman
* Dominator strectches
* Blackjack looks at DS. 1"I hope that's not... no!"
* DeathStar hits the !commands button
* Chronobot recoils back. "GACK!"
* Garland grins evily at the bot
[DeathStar] Hmmmm....I thought X1 told me he had the kinks out...
[DeathStar] !commands
* Dominator looks strangely at the bot
[Dominator] I belive this is the first time I've seen it...
* Blackjack shakes his head. 1"That thing'll never work right with X1 doing the work..."
[DeathStar] Really?
[DeathStar] Heh heh
* Garland jams elbow into the bots stomache
[Dominator] Well, I've been busy with all our missions you know...
* Chronobot groans
[Dominator] He's not on yet, Garland
* Chronobot "Garland? You expect that kid to beat me?"
[Blackjack] Knowing him, the bot'll throw a pie as a counterattack...
[Dominator] Oh, strange.. he is...
[DeathStar] !train
[Chronobot] training mode: activated!
* Garland grins evily at the bot AGAIN
[Dominator] Well, kill the bot!
* Chronobot snickers
* Garland kiama
* Chronobot "WHOAAA!!" *blocks and takes half the damage*
* Dominator hits the bot with his fist
* Chronobot recoils back. "GACK!"
* Dominator laughs
* Chronobot "Just keep chuckling you smuck!"
* DeathStar grabs sabre and slashes
* Chronobot blocks the sabre with a graceful swing and kicks DeathStar back and follows it up with a slash (45 AP)
* Blackjack swings his katana at the bot
* Chronobot swings his own sabre and blocks the attack, quickly slashing (45 AP)
[DeathStar] Errr.
* Dominator slashes with RSword
* Chronobot oh no you dont! *jumps back and thrusts his sabre at Dominator*
* Dominator flips back to dodge
* Chronobot grabs Dominator's leg in mid flip and causes them to come crashing to the floor
* Garland hits bot with the heel of his shoe
* Chronobot recoils back. "GACK!"
[Dominator] Oof!
[Dominator] This guy is pretty good..
* Blackjack whacks the bot with the butt of his rifle
* Chronobot teleports out of the way of the shot and appears behind BJ, hitting him in the head. (25 AP)
[Blackjack] ow!
[DeathStar] I know....X1 has settings on it
* Garland smiles as he prepairs another kiama
* Chronobot "WHOAAA!!" *blocks and takes half the damage*
[DeathStar] 'Course, it won't work outside the MHHQ
* Dominator slams the bot into the wall
* Chronobot "HEY!" *catches Dominator and slams his knee into his face*
[Dominator] Ouch!
* DeathStar blasts Chrono and kicks him back
[Garland] Um..... Mr. Bot.. I didn't hit you yet
* Chronobot Grabs DeathStar's ankle and flips him backwards, firing his cannon while he flips (50 AP)
* Blackjack throws the bot over his shoulder
* Dominator grabs a chair and slams it into the bot
* Chronobot "HEY!" *catches Dominator and slams his knee into his face*
* Chronobot 1) *is hit by the thrown object* 2) *counter throws someone throwing him and smashes them into a wall*
* Dominator uses the chair again
* Chronobot crashes to the ground.
* Blackjack smashes a bottle over CHronobot's head
* Chronobot back explodes and smoke starts coming out
[Blackjack] Oops...
[DeathStar] Uh...errr...
* Garland fires his charged kiama
[DeathStar] I think we broke it...
[Blackjack] No shit, Sherlock...
[Dominator] I think so too...
[Dominator] I guess your not calling me "sir" anymore..
[DeathStar] Guess we should call X1...
[Blackjack] Whatever.
*** Mechanic (death_star@dial48.planters.net) has joined #taw - 3 Clones - Chronobot,DeathStar,Mechanic (F7 for details)
* Garland goes into a kicking frezy on one of the peices of the bot
[Mechanic] I see there's a problem..
[Blackjack] Garland!
[Dominator] Stop Garland!
* Garland takes a peice of the bot and walks off
[Dominator] You'll break him! We just fight him to train. He's not a bad guy
[Blackjack (speedblade@max7-24.dial.accucomm.net)] PING
* Dominator goes to Garland
[Dominator] Put that back, now.
* Mechanic begins to work on the Chronobot
[Blackjack] I don't think he cares, Dom...
* DeathStar eyes narrow at the Mechanic
* Garland takes out kinship sword and shishcabobs the peice
* Dominator turns back to DS, 1"What's wrong?"
* Mechanic closes the robot's back up and stands up
[DeathStar] ...Nothing
[Mechanic] It's all fixed
[Dominator] Garland, if your going to break the equipment then maybe you shouldn't train...
* Mechanic nods and leaves
[Blackjack] ...
[Dominator] That was quick.
*** Mechanic has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Garland beats the sword with the peice on the wall
* Chronobot stands up
[Blackjack] Stop, Garland...
* Chronobot "Garland? You expect that kid to beat me?"
[Chronobot] Care to try again?  *eyes sparkle*
[Dominator] So, should we turn him on? Er... he still is.
[Dominator] Hold on Bot.
* Garland looks at Chronobot, narrows eyes
[DeathStar] Ehhh?  *turns back to the Bot*
[Garland] Yeah....
[DeathStar] Since when did it talk like THATY?
[Blackjack] Something's not right...
[Chronobot] You do, Garland?
* Garland rushes at the bot and stabs it with kinship sword
* Chronobot blasts Garland into the wall
[Chronobot] Didnt your mother tell you never to play with anything Sharp!! *jumps back and punches Garland in the face
[Dominator] Hey!
* Chronobot kicks Garland in the head
[DeathStar] HE SHOULD BE OFF!!
* Garland kiama
* Dominator uses his sword on the bot
[Blackjack] I thought we turned him off!
* Chronobot "WHOAAA!!" *blocks and takes half the damage*
* DeathStar draws sabre
* Garland is pissed
* Dominator slashes the bot rapidly
* Chronobot blocks the sabre with a graceful swing and kicks DeathStar back and follows it up with a slash (45 AP)
* Chronobot oh no you dont! *jumps back and thrusts his sabre at Dominator*
* Blackjack thrusts his katana at the bot
* Chronobot swings his own sabre and blocks the attack, quickly slashing (45 AP)
[Blackjack] ACK!
* Garland kinship2
* Chronobot "You expect THAT sword to hurt me???" *blocks with ease*
* Dominator blocks with Rune Sword
* Chronobot Quit running so I can BLAST ya!
* DeathStar hits the off switch
* Chronobot recoils back. "GACK!"
* Chronobot stands there, not moving
* Garland kinship3
[Blackjack] Glad that's over...
* Chronobot sparks as Garland hits him
[Dominator] Yeah.
[Blackjack] I'd like to give that mechanic a piece of my mind...
* DeathStar hits the button to make the Bot vanish but it doesn't work
* Garland kicks the bot to the ground
[Dominator] Garland, I think he's deactivated.
[Garland] scrap metal....
* Garland walks off
[DeathStar] Oh well, lets leave it that way.  I'm heading to the bar....
* Blackjack shrugs
* DeathStar glances around and begins to walk away
[Blackjack] He can't do any damage like this.
* Garland follows DS
[Blackjack] I'm going to the bar.
* Blackjack walks to the bar behind DS
[DeathStar] So, Dominator, any missions signed up?
* Garland starts yelling something about the bar
[Dominator] Actually, there aren't.
* Dominator walks with DS
* DeathStar sits down on the bar stool
* Dominator sits down by DS
* Chronobot eyes turn back on, spark, and he vanishes
*** Chronobot has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dominator] Death Star... when are you going to take command back?
* Blackjack sits at a bar stool near DS. 1"Hey Nova! Give me the usual..."
[Garland] Mr. Bar keeper, gimme something!
* Blackjack looks at DS. 1"Something's up with that bot... I'm actually worried..."
*** Nova^ (Chronobot@dial48.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - DeathStar,Nova^ (F7 for details)
[Dominator] No achohal, Garland.
*** Nova^ is now known as Barbot
*** DeathStar is now known as Nova^
*** Nova^ is now known as DeathStar
*** Barbot is now known as Nova^
[Garland] whatever Mr. Dominator
* Blackjack sips on his daiquari
[Dominator] NRP: *** Dominator is now known as Confused
[Garland] gimme something now!
* DeathStar blinks
[DeathStar] I don't know
[Nova^] What can I get you?
[Garland] anything!
* Nova^ hands Garland coke
[Dominator] Anything with no acohal that is.
* Garland drinks in quickly
* Dominator doesn't really want anything to drink, and looks at dS
[DeathStar] I want !beer
[Nova^] what kind of beer would you like 4,2 !Coors , 8,3 !Molson, 7,2 !Budweiser?
*** X1 (scoutx1@rc-34.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] I would like !Molson please...
* Nova^ hands DeathStar a cold can of8,3 Molson 1,15"Enjoy!"
[X1] Ta-da!
* DeathStar sips it and turns around to face X!
[Dominator] Hello, X1...
[DeathStar] You!!!
* Blackjack takes another sip from the daiquari
[DeathStar] You're Chronobot is insane!!
[Garland] Hi Mr. X1
* Dominator decides he is thirsty
[Blackjack] X1? Your Chronobot is crazy! And we can't make it disappear...
* Garland goes and asks Dom for a quarter for pinball
[Dominator] Give me a !vodka...
* Nova^ hands Dominator a cold shooter of 14,2 vodka 1,15"Enjoy!"
[X1] Well, let's see, crazy inventor, crazy invention, hmmmm....
* Dominator hands Garland the quarter
* DeathStar rolls eyes
* DeathStar alarms suddenly go off
[Dominator] What the?
* Blackjack jumps up
[DeathStar] Ehhh?
* Garland plays pinball
[X1] Eh? Wha?
[Blackjack] What the hell...?
* Dominator drinks all his vodka at once
[Garland] to alarms: did I break it?!?
[DeathStar] Comm System: Hunters, Report to Level 4 in the Control Room
* Blackjack dashes for the Control Room
* DeathStar leaves his drink and heads for the Control Room
*** Nova^ has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Dominator dashes towrd the control room
* X1 teleports there
* DeathStar walks in and the computer screen flickers
* Blackjack runs in behind DS
* Dominator enters and looks at the screen
[Dominator] Wht's going on?
[Blackjack] Wha...?
[DeathStar] Well, Dominator sir, will you answer it?  *said with a touch of sarcasm*
* Dominator answers it
* Garland uses speed adrenaline (speed and agility level : 30) and blurs to the comm room
[Dominator] LIke I said, DS, when are you taking command back?
[X1] Don't tell me it's the phone company again, I did NOT make those calls!
[DeathStar] I don't know, you seem to be enjoying it...
* Dominator narrows eyes as he reads
[Dominator] What the-...?
* Blackjack mumbles something
[DeathStar] What is it Dom?
* Blackjack looks up. 1"What's up, Dom?"
[Dominator] The Chronobot is down in the engine room...
[Blackjack] Huh? CHronobot?
* Blackjack looks at X1
[Dominator] That's what it says.
[Blackjack] I know the inventor is crazy, but the invention is apparently insane...
[X1] What? Why's it down there?
[DeathStar] What?
[Blackjack] Explanation, X1!
[DeathStar] X1!!!
* Dominator continues looking for more information
[X1] How should I know??? I just make the damn things, not control them!
[Blackjack] Great...
[Garland] Chonobot bad!? I knew it!
[Dominator] What the hell?!
[DeathStar] Now I know why we don't build an army of these to fight Sigma...
[Garland] I never like bot!
[Dominator] He's about to plant a mine in one of the cores!!!
[Blackjack] WHAT!?
[X1] GACK!
* Dominator dashes toward the core
* Blackjack runs for the engine room
* Garland blurs down there
[DeathStar] Great...
* DeathStar tries to teleport but a field is up stopping him
[DeathStar] DAMN!!
[Garland] Baaaaaaaad bot!
[X1] That's the LAST time I give one of those things legs!
* DeathStar runs quickly after the others
* DeathStar suddenly all doors to the Engine Room close
* Blackjack slams into a door
[Blackjack] Ow...
* Garland sees the doors
* DeathStar appears a few seconds later...
[Garland] oooooooooooo crap
* Dominator stops at the door
[DeathStar] He's got control of the computer systems in there, I see...
* Blackjack rubs his nose. 1"What now?"
[X1] I'll see what I can do
[Dominator] No time to override it... Blow it up!
* Blackjack draws his rifle. 1"Maybe I can blast it down..."
* X1 morphs through some pipes
[DeathStar] You can't....
* Blackjack opens fire on the door, to no avail
[Dominator] Why not?
[DeathStar] It's indestructable almost...
[Dominator] Damn...
[Dominator] Where'd X1 go?
[DeathStar] Venerator did a REAL good job at building this place...
* Blackjack slams his rifle into the door. 1"Damn it! OPEN!!!"
[Dominator] Someone try and override it.
* X1 gets lost and ends up in the septic system
* Garland cups hands
* Dominator appears thoughtful for a moment at the mention of Venerator, then returns to normal
[Garland] Kiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa!
[Dominator] He planned for alot...
* Blackjack knows what's coming, and moves
* Garland blasts the door
* DeathStar looks at the vents
* DeathStar the door takes the damage
* DeathStar it still stands
* Dominator looks toward DS
[Blackjack] Damn...
* Blackjack looks at DS, then to the vents
[Dominator] Any ideas?
* Garland keeps the blast going
* X1 slides back to the group, covered in sewage
[DeathStar] Well, Commander...
[X1] Well, that was fun...
[DeathStar] We could try to go through the vents and get there, but...
[Dominator] But?
[Blackjack] But...?
* Garland is sweating heavily, but keeps it going
* DeathStar steps back from X1
[Blackjack] Garland, give it up.
[Dominator] Blasting it is useless, guys..
[DeathStar] If he can control the doors, what else can he control?
[Dominator] Garland, don't exhaust yourself
[Dominator] THat's very true...
[DeathStar] Oh well.
* X1 smacks head
* DeathStar blasts the vent door
* Dominator wishes DS had answered when he asked when DS would become the leader again, but starts thinking
* DeathStar leaps inside
[Blackjack] Let's hope he can't control the air conditioner...
[X1] What about the override commands?
[Dominator] DS...!
[X1] Or that, taht works too....
* Garland closes eyes, strain can defanently be seen in ever muscle in his body
* DeathStar calls from down there
[Dominator] I think I already said to get workin on overriding it.
[DeathStar] How do you expect to override him when he controls the computers?
* Blackjack leaps into the vents. 1"We really have no choice..."
* Dominator yells to DS, 1"This could be a trap!"
* Garland falls down, and lays up against the doors
* DeathStar begins to slide along
[DeathStar] Then stay behind!!!
[Dominator] Someone should stay outside in case.
[X1] Because, he can't get to all the overrides this quick
[Dominator] Well, X1, you made him, you'd better come.
[X1] I'll stay, you go
* Blackjack crawls along the vents
* Dominator starts through the pipes
[Garland] ACK! *me jumps up, the door being hot from the blast
[Dominator] We'll need you to stop him though...
[Dominator] Garland?
* DeathStar sees a vent going down and leaps over it
[DeathStar] We're above the Engine 
[X1] Hey, there's not much I can help with, there's nothing special about him. Well, that I know of...
* Dominator follows BJ and DS
[DeathStar] Room now..
* Blackjack sees the same vent and jumps over it
* Dominator jumps down and looks around
* Garland runs around screaming from being burnt
[Dominator] Someone scan for the Bot
[Blackjack] I can't. DS?
* DeathStar runs to a dead end and looks up. Sees it going up and begins to climb
[DeathStar] Cross has a scanner...but...he's not here...
[Blackjack] Great... We actually need his sorry ass and he isn't here...
[Dominator] Amazing
* Blackjack can't think of anything else, and follows DS
[DeathStar] ...Someone want to call the pipsqueak?
* Garland runs around the base crying like a 3 year old
[Dominator] All right, we need to stay together.
* Dominator walks up to DS and the others
[Blackjack] Not really... We can do this...
* DeathStar continues climbing and suddenly the fan over head turns on, sucking them upward
[Dominator] Ahh!
[DeathStar] Ooooo shitttt....
* DeathStar flies towards it and draws sabre
* Blackjack grabs a piece of metal jutting from the side of the vent
[Blackjack] WHOA!
[DeathStar] KIYYYYYAAAA!!!!  *slams sabre into the fan's middle and tries to leap back
* Dominator slams Rune Sword into the wall to hold on
[Dominator] DS!
* DeathStar loses sabre in the fan
[DeathStar] SHIT!
* Garland hears DS scream, stop running around like a fool and runs back to the door
* Dominator fires Ensnare to grab DS
* DeathStar jerks hand back as not to lose it and then heads up again, stopping thanks to Dom
[Garland] where ya'll go?
* Blackjack grabs his rifle with one hand and fires upwards, trying to hit the fan
[Dominator] Damn... this reminds me off our firstmission? Remember DS?
[DeathStar] NRP:  Try your comm. garland
[DeathStar] That..I do...
* Dominator tries to reel DS in, and Rune Sword starts coming out a bit
* DeathStar the bullet hits the fan and shatters one of the blades
[Garland] comm] where are you guys?
* Blackjack fires again
* DeathStar grabs Comm. "Vents."
[Dominator] DS... I'm going to destroy it with Thunder Bolt...
[Blackjack] Do it, DOm!
* DeathStar switches over to X1
[DeathStar] X1, how goes the overriding?
[Dominator] Try and grab onto the wal so your out of the way..
[Garland] Oh.....
[DeathStar] Oooooo greattt...
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt and pulls DS toward the wall
* Garland flys up the only open vent he sees
* DeathStar dives figures into wall
[DeathStar] DO IT!!
* Dominator fires a charged Thunder Bolt into the fan (100AP)
* X1 keeps getting zapped
* DeathStar fan shatters
[X1] Oh, just peachy....ZAAST!
* DeathStar falling pieces crash down on them
[DeathStar] INCOMING!!!
[Blackjack] OW!!!
* DeathStar the pieces ram into him and send him crashing down into the others and all three hit the bottom of the vent, going through it into the control room
[Dominator] Oof!
[DeathStar] Control Room = Engine Room
[Blackjack] Get off of me!
* Garland starts head up the vent and is hit by the falling hunters
[DeathStar] ARGH
* DeathStar pulls himself up, picking up his sabre
[Garland] OUF!
* Blackjack grabs his arm in pain
[DeathStar] Looks...like...we made...it
* Dominator looks around
[Dominator] For now...
[Dominator] My question is, why is the Chronobot of all things doing this?
[Dominator] Are you all right Blackjack?
[DeathStar] That...Mechanic...perhaps?
[DeathStar] Jared?
[Blackjack] F... fine...
* Garland gets up
[Garland] I'm a little..... tea.. pot.....
*** Chronobot (Chronobot@dial48.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Chronobot,DeathStar (F7 for details)
[Dominator] Who was he, anyway?
* Chronobot appears
[Chronobot] HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
[DeathStar] Beats me...
[Dominator] Damn...
* DeathStar turns around to face the incoming villianous robot
[Dominator] You looked at him strange though...
[DeathStar] ..Seemed...CorSecish
[Dominator] I order you to deactivate Bot!
* Chronobot laughs
[Dominator] CorSec...
* DeathStar draws his sabre and swings
* Chronobot blocks the sabre with a graceful swing and kicks DeathStar back and follows it up with a slash (45 AP)
[Garland] BOT!
[Blackjack] I should've seen it!
* DeathStar holds side
* Garland rushes at the bot
* Chronobot AHHHHH!!!! *gets hit and tosses Garland off*
* Dominator fires a blast at the bot
[DeathStar] This thing is unstopabale...
* Chronobot reflects the attack at Dominator
* Dominator absorbs it with Rune Sword
[Dominator] Wait a second!
[Chronobot] Errr
[Dominator] Give me the com...
* Chronobot fires a WAVE BLAST at Dominator
* Garland goes into a rampage of punches on bot
* DeathStar flips Dom a Comm
* Blackjack tosses the ace and jack of clubs at Chronobot (130 AP, explosion)
* Chronobot blocks Garland and throws him into a wall
[Chronobot] I wouldn't be so much worried about ME as I would be worried about the Core that will explode in...1 minute...
[DeathStar] WHAT!?
* Garland stops himself in flight
* Chronobot teleports out of the way
* Dominator calls X1, 1"Can you turn the holo technology power off? So, that the bot iwth dissapear?"
[Chronobot] I'll just have to hold you guys off, I guess..
* Garland flys back and hits bot h3
* Chronobot teleports
* DeathStar stabs Chrono through the back
[X1] I'm givin' 'er all she's got cap'n, and she ain't respondin'!
[Blackjack] Great...
[Chronobot] aCCCK!!!
* Dominator shoots at the bot
[Chronobot] 30 seconds...
* Blackjack rapid fires at the bot
* Chronobot vanishes
*** Chronobot has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dominator] Damn!
[Blackjack] Damn it...
[Dominator] We've got to find the bomb!
[Blackjack] Now, for the BOMB!!!
* DeathStar runs toward the Core
* Blackjack rushes for the core and starts looking around
[X1] Wait, did that do anything? Should I keep trying wires?
* DeathStar leaps onto a railing and looks over the Core
* Blackjack yells, 1"Anybody got a scanner!?"
[Garland] Oooooo pretty
* DeathStar sees it and leaps over the edge
* Dominator rushes for the core and starts looking
* DeathStar starts falling
* Garland looks at the core
[Dominator] Garland, there's a mine in there!
[Dominator] Not me!
[Blackjack] Now that was intelligent, DS...
[Garland] Me find?
* DeathStar uses Jetpack and flies downwarsd
[DeathStar] TOO FAST!!
* DeathStar grabs mine off the edge
[Dominator] Uh... DS!
* DeathStar turns himself around and flies back up and lands next to them
[DeathStar] 10 seconds..
[Blackjack] Ok, we have the mine. WHAT NOW!?
* Garland flys down to the core
[DeathStar] Anyone know how to stop this thing?
[Blackjack] Not me...
[Dominator] Uh... teleport it out???
* DeathStar deactivates Jetpack
[DeathStar] Teleport dampers on...
[DeathStar] 5 seconds...
[Blackjack] Perfect...
[Blackjack] Somebody do something!
[Dominator] Shit... We have to do something....
[DeathStar] 4..
[DeathStar] 3..
[Garland] Umm... inside the reactor?
[DeathStar] 22...
[DeathStar] 1...
* Blackjack shoots the mine
* DeathStar it explodes in DS's hand, sending him off the edge
[Blackjack] DS!
[DeathStar] (300 AP damage(
[Dominator] DS!!!
* DeathStar falls back, KOed
[Blackjack] Enemy Ensnare, Dom!
* Dominator fires enemy ensnare trying to catch DS
[Dominator] I'm already on it!
* DeathStar it catches him
* Dominator runs toward the edge and pulls DS up
[Blackjack] So much for MY solution...
* Dominator activates SC on DS (+100HP)
[DeathStar] NRP:  At least you saved the station
[Dominator] We're still got the bot to worry about...
[Dominator] Anyone else got healing weapons?
* Dominator looks at Blackjack
[Blackjack] Yeah.
[Garland] I know how, but no equipment
* Blackjack fires Cure Shot at DS with one hand (95 LP)
[Garland] NRP: BRB
[Blackjack] NRP: 90
* DeathStar his armor is chipped and broken
[Dominator] Get ready to face that Bot again.
[X1] Guys, the Bot's heading to the Control Room!
* Dominator shouts in the COM, 1"X1! Can you shut the holo technology down?!"
[Dominator] NRP: DS's HP is?
[Blackjack] Don't remind me... *fires Cure Shot at himself (cure light wounds (broken arm))*
[DeathStar] NRP: It's fine.  Now.
[Blackjack] Where the hell IS X1?
[Dominator] X1! Are you there?!
[Garland] NRP: back
* DeathStar shallowly breaths as he lays on the floor
[X1] I'm outside the Engine room, I'm working on it!
* Dominator looks toward DS
* Blackjack grabs the comm from Dom. 1"X1!!! Get your lazy ass to the comm!"
* DeathStar alarms go off and on
[X1] I just did!
[Dominator] What the?
* DeathStar the lights in the Engine Room suddenly go off
[Blackjack] I didn't do it!
* Dominator grabs com, 1"Is the bot off then?"
[Dominator] What the?
[Blackjack] Aw man...
*** Garland (Jojo@ip3.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has left #taw
[X1] No! I don't know how or why, but he's on his own energy supply!
[Dominator] Great...!
[Blackjack] It's that CorSec mechanic...
* DeathStar suddenly the entire area changes into a jungle
[Dominator] X1, try and build us something to deactivate it...
[Dominator] What the...?!
[Blackjack] Huh? At least we can see again...
[X1] Roger.
* X1 heads off to his workshop
* DeathStar comm. crackles, dead
[Blackjack] Perfect.
[Dominator] Com's out now..
* DeathStar there's a roar off in the background
[Blackjack] I don't want to think about what THAT was...
[Dominator] We're got to put a mine on him or something, that w-... What's that?
* DeathStar wakes uo
[DeathStar] W-What??
[Blackjack] Welcome back to the land of the living, DS...
* DeathStar stands up
[DeathStar] Where ARE we???
[Blackjack] Got me...
* Dominator looks at Garland by him, who's voicing that he wonders what happening
[Dominator] Apparently, the holo technology has been activated.
* DeathStar steps forward and begins to fall through the ground
[Blackjack] That's obvious, Dom...
[Blackjack] DS!
* Blackjack grabs DS's wrists, trying to pull him out
* DeathStar grabs edge of the ground
* DeathStar pulls himself out thanks to BJ
[Dominator] DS!
[DeathStar] Thanks..
[Blackjack] Anytime, DS...
[Dominator] What's going on arund here?
[DeathStar] We're...still acceptable to the traps of the Engine Room
[DeathStar] One wrong move...
[DeathStar] And...
*** Garland (ryan_cross@bttyD37.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Dominator,Garland (F7 for details)
[Dominator] Oh yeah...
[Blackjack] I don't want to think about that either...
[Garland] Bad technology...
* DeathStar suddenly a tiger leaps out of nowhere on BJ
[DeathStar] JARED!!!!
[Blackjack] OW!
[Dominator] Ah!
* Dominator fires at the target with TB
* DeathStar blasts the tiger off
[Blackjack] Urgh... Thanks DS...
*** Garland (ryan_cross@bttyD37.redding.snowcrest.net) has left #taw
* Blackjack flips up and fires his rifle at the tiger
[DeathStar] This isn't good
* DeathStar tiger dies
* Blackjack rubs the cuts from the tiger's claws. 1"I hope we don't run into any more of THEM..."
[Dominator] Who knows what could be here...
* DeathStar looks around
[DeathStar] What can we do????
[Blackjack] Good question...
[DeathStar] That BOT can be destroying the station!!!!
[Dominator] We have to get out.
[Blackjack] But how, Dom?
[Dominator] Well, we're sitll in the engine room aren't we?
[DeathStar] Yeah, leader...
[DeathStar] Yes, we are...
[Blackjack] Does anybody have the engine room layout memorized?
[Dominator] Well, everything around is an illusion right?
[DeathStar] Only X1 probably...
[DeathStar] Right Dominator
[Blackjack] I asked, anyway...
[Blackjack] Yeah.
*** Crucifixion (death_star@dial48.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Crucifixion,DeathStar (F7 for details)
[Dominator] Well, if we close are eyes, we can go through using our knowledge of the layout
* Crucifixion appears
[Blackjack] Huh? Damn it...
[Crucifixion] Welcome to the Maverick HQ
* DeathStar the area changes to the cold chambers of a base
[Blackjack] You of all people/Reploids...
[Dominator] Is he a simulation or real?
* Blackjack whispers something to DS
[Crucifixion] Your bot friend brought you here....Now, I'll take great pleasure in killing you all
[DeathStar] Can't tell...
* Dominator really wishes someone had a scanner
* Crucifixion fires a balst at Dom (200 aP)
* Dominator sees Garland get mad
* Dominator teleports to dodge
[Dominator] Shit! He's strong
* Crucifixion teleport fails
[Crucifixion] Mwahahahahaha
[Crucifixion] GM: Dom takes 200 aP
* Dominator stands and concentrates, as golden energy slowly encompasses over his body. 1"Golden Prowess... times 3!" The energy engulfs his body momentarily, then it is entirely absorbed into his body. He flashes gold for a moment. Dominator slowly takes a few steps forward, then holds Rune Sword high. He points Rune Sword forward and a giant blast fires forward from his sword sas golden energy circles his body (300AP).
[DeathStar] DOMINATOR!!!
[Dominator] ARGHHHHHH!
* Dominator flies back.
* DeathStar 1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!"6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey. 1"Let's rock...."
* DeathStar Battle Suit forms around him
[Crucifixion] What the---?
[Blackjack] Am I the only one in here without enhancements? Damn!
* Crucifixion flickers
* Dominator activates Silver Crystal on himself (+300HP)
[Blackjack] I knew it!
* DeathStar fires blast (100 AP)
[Blackjack] He's an illusion!
* Crucifixion rams Blackjack
* Blackjack rapid fires at Crux
* Dominator changes back to normal
[Blackjack] NRP: Ignore that.
* Blackjack flies backwards
* Dominator slashes with Rune Sword
[Blackjack] Whoa!
* DeathStar keeps blasting
* Crucifixion fires a 500 AP blast at DS, blowing his suit up
* Blackjack slides along the floor/ground, gets up, and rapid fires at Crux (120 AP)
* DeathStar suit vanishes in an awesome explosion and he returns to normal
* Dominator abosrbs it with Silver Crystal
[Crucifixion] ARGHHH
* Crucifixion explodes in a brillant light
*** Crucifixion has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] Yatta!
* Dominator staggers back from the amount of energy he just absorbed
*** X1 has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] Too bad that was an illusion... I would have enjoyed killing the real thing...
[Dominator] Garland: "Bad man gone..."
* DeathStar area turns into a huge area full of snow. It blinds the members