Mission 15: Crossroads Part 1 - Expect the Impossible

DeathStar] Time Chart
[DeathStar] : 1 week after Training Bot goes nuts
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room on MHHQ
* Garland walks in with a coke
* DeathStar sits down in the Command Chair
[DeathStar] I got some news for you guys.  *hold up Command Badge* I'm back in charge
* Slash^ is typing on the computer, trying to get access to files he shouldnt be able to
* Slash^ looks up
[Slash^] good for you DS
* Garland 's face ebrightens up
[Garland] yay!
* Slash^ gets up and shuts down before anyone can see what he was doing
* DeathStar pockets it up and stands up
[Blackjack] Good...
* Garland runs up and gives DS a coke
[DeathStar] Uhhh....errr...thanks Garland....You're looking..older...
[Cross] Yeah
* Blackjack leans back in his chair, sipping a Sprite
[Slash^] coke rots your gut..
[Blackjack] No kidding, DS.
* Garland back flips to his chair
[Blackjack] I don't care.
* DeathStar turns around and hits a button on the Command Computer when it beeps
[Slash^] neither, just saying it dows
[Garland] Hmmm?
* Blackjack leans back too far and flips the chair
[Slash^] ??
[Slash^] whats up now?
* Slash^ powers his scyths up
* Blackjack gets up, rubbing the back of his head. "What's that, DS?"
[DeathStar] Okay, I didn't tell you this, but I have had spies tracking a Reploid Scientist named Palanx...
[Blackjack] Palanx? Weird name.
[DeathStar] He's a MAVERICK Reploid
[Slash^] whoa!
[DeathStar] Working directly under the command of Sigma.
[Slash^] Sigma.. theres a name i havent heard in a long time..
[Blackjack] First Crucifixtion, now this guy... Who next?
[Cross] That doesn't sound good...
* Garland works on an sheet or origami
[DeathStar] It seems Sigma believes there's great power in some....Dimensional travel.  Of course, it's impossible.
* Slash^ inhales sharply
[Slash^] ....
[Garland] Where's Mr. Wiendi---errr... Where's Wiendigo?
[Blackjack] Yeah! How could anyone travel over dimensions? We're not even sure that there are any other dimensions...
[DeathStar] But, EarthGov is getting worried about it.  BIG time.  So, we're heading to the desert where Palanx's base is.  So far, all my spies haven't reported in.  I fear they may be cpatured...or worse...
[Cross] Uh, yeah, impossible *Runs over some schematics on the comp*
[Blackjack] It's just as impossible as time travel...
[Slash^] if he could, imagine what we would be up against..
[DeathStar] Well, I learned to EXCEPT the Impossible
[Garland] Um.... I guess he's doing weindigo stuff? *sheepish look* I'll shut up now.
[DeathStar] EXPECT
[Slash^] aint it the truth..
[DeathStar] Lets head to the shuttles.  You guys got 5 minutes to get your affairs in order
[Blackjack] Let's get moving, I guess...
* DeathStar teleports down to the shuttle bay
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle and begins to power it up
* Slash^ warps down to the shuttle bay
* Blackjack runs to the shuttle bay
* Garland runs to Wiendigo's room, runs in, and is thrown out "OUF!"
* Cross gets some health packs Just In case they get into trouble and heads toward the shuttle
* Garland runs off to the shuttle
[DeathStar] Poor kid...
[Slash^] ....
* Blackjack arrives in the shuttle bay, and leaps into the shuttle
* DeathStar finishes checking the shuttle
* Cross is working on a small laptop
[Blackjack] Yeah, poor kid, he goes to Wien for comfort...
[DeathStar] Time to head out...
* DeathStar looks around for Garland
* Garland gets on the ship
[DeathStar] There he is
* Slash^ shudders at that thought
* Garland does pushups
* DeathStar flies out of the hanger quickly and heads for Earth
[Cross] Uh oh.....
* DeathStar MHHQ Tower yells at him for his reckless move
[Slash^] heh, nice flying DS
[Cross] Guys I was running some calculations.....
* DeathStar glances at Cross
[DeathStar] ...And?
* Blackjack laughs. "Come on DS, I can fly better than that!"
[Garland] Should I stop using "Mr." for every one?
[DeathStar] Mr. Garland, that would be nice...
[Blackjack] Doesn't matter to me, Garland.
[DeathStar] EST....4 minutes
[Cross] If he does have dimension jumping capability, well, it could be very bad in a big way, it could lead to massive energy weapons, based on riping time and space apart ....
[Blackjack] It makes me feel old, though. Just call me Blackjack.
[Garland] ...... I'm old enough to know when I'm beign mocked Commander Star
[DeathStar] Sorry, Ensign..
* DeathStar tries to ignore what Cross said
* Garland kicks at the air
* DeathStar begins to enter Earth's gravity and heads for the desert, the shuttle rocking
[DeathStar] Now, this Reploid is not only a GENIUS, but he's a VERY powerful Reploid
[DeathStar] So that makes him DOUBLE the TROUBLE.
[Slash^] oy..
[Blackjack] Don't remind me, DS... This will be difficult...
[Garland] As Strong as that Crucifixion guy I saw at the mall?
[DeathStar] Scan for the base, Cross...
[Slash^] ../
[DeathStar] Weaker.  Crux and Vile are one of a kind.
* Blackjack shivers at the mention of the mall
* Slash^ grips his warp blades tighther
* Blackjack grips his katana tightly
[Blackjack] This could be our toughest battle yet...
* DeathStar looks around and sees a giant structure up ahead
* Garland draws kinship sword and trains
[DeathStar] Landing...*a huge cannon appears and fires a blast at them, ripping the side off of the shuttle
* Cross is studying some diagrams on the space time continium
[DeathStar] ...Or CRASH landing...
[Slash^] AHH!!
* DeathStar grabs the controls and struggles to keep the shuttle level
[Slash^] what in the hell whas that?
[Garland] .....
[Cross] Uh oh
[DeathStar] I was...told....not to lose anymore shuttles!!!!
[Slash^] good job DS, they are gonna be Pissed now..
* DeathStar they crash into the sand, half-burying the shuttle in the front
* Cross starts examining gaping whole in side of shuttle
* DeathStar is buried
[Slash^] ACK! DS!!
[Blackjack] Looks... like you just lost another shuttle, DS...
* Garland jumps out of one of the holes
* Slash^ warps sand away from DS
[Garland] It's not your fault Commander
[Garland] EEE!
* DeathStar eyes flutter open and he spits out sand
* Garland jumps back in
[DeathStar] Thanks...Slash..
[Garland] Oh... he's ok...
[Slash^] nice flying...
* Garland jumps back out
* Slash^ helps DS up
* DeathStar stands up and rubs his chest, in pain
[DeathStar] Time to continue...
[Blackjack] You ok, DS?
* DeathStar steps out the shuttle with Slash's help
[DeathStar] Fine...
[Cross] Yeah, you ok DS ??
* DeathStar points at the huge, towering structure
* Blackjack shrugs and climbs out of the shuttle
* Cross gets out of shuttle
[Blackjack] I guess that's our target...
[DeathStar] They're not trying to be hidden, I see...]
[Garland] Shall we dance?
* Slash^ climbs out and looks at the structure
[Slash^] ..
[Slash^] i see, they like to have us welcome..
* Garland gets ready to sprint for the building
[DeathStar] This field of sand is probably full of traps...
[Cross] They don't need to be the way they shot us down....
[Blackjack] Good thinking, DS...
[Garland] Well.... let's go?
[DeathStar] Hrm....is that cannon that shot us earlier pointing at us again??
[Blackjack] So what do we do?
[DeathStar] OUT OF THE WAY!!!!
[Slash^] AHH!!
* Blackjack looks at the building
* Slash^ jumps and rolls
* Blackjack dives out of the way
* Cross grabs comp and dives to side
[Slash^] out of the way..
* DeathStar dives out of the sand as another cannon blast comes swiping at them and blows the shuttle up to bits
* Garland sprints for the building
* DeathStar Garland lands on a mine and is blown upward (100 AP)
* Blackjack aims his rifle at the cannon and fires rapidly
[Slash^] BLACKJAC!
[Cross] Garland ?!?!?!?!
[Garland] AH!!!!
* Slash^ calls to Blackjack "Mix me up a fastball special!"
* Slash^ pops his psi scyths out and prepares to be thrown at the enemy
* DeathStar cannon is too far away to hit
[Slash^] rats..
[Blackjack] Forget is, Slash! It's too far away!
[Slash^] DAMN
[DeathStar] .....I say we have two minutes before it fires again..
* DeathStar walks over to Garland and helps him up
[Slash^] then i say get out of range..
[Blackjack] I say we do something in those two minutes...
[DeathStar] Becareful...
* Garland flips over, unable to stop on the nonsolid sand turrain and is rolling around
[Cross] Well then we had better do something quick ....
* DeathStar activates Jetpack
[Blackjack] Like what, Lieutenant?
[Slash^] ..
* DeathStar flies over the sand at top speed
[Cross] No idea
[DeathStar] X-Lieutenant
[Garland] Dig?
[Blackjack] Whatever.
* DeathStar causes the mines to explodes behind him
[DeathStar] Hmmm....maybe this wasn't a good idea...
* Cross follows behind DS
* Blackjack mumbles, "Nice thinking..."
* Slash^ follows DS, more sure footed on Sand then thought possible
[Slash^] way to go..
* DeathStar turns his hand around to see explodes following him, getting closer
* Garland flys over the sand instead of runnning
[Slash^] BACK HERE DS!
* Cross attaches his comp to his part of his circutry
* Blackjack follows closely behind Slash
[DeathStar] At least it clears the way for you guys...
* Slash^ arms his lockdown cannon
[Cross] Got an idea..
[Blackjack] DS! UP!!!
[Slash^] i say stop these buggers in their trackes
* DeathStar flies over the sand and jerks up at the last second
* DeathStar only cleared a path half-way through the field of sand
* Garland flys around over the sand, not plowing up mines, no fire
* Cross 's scaning area with comp
[Slash^] i got the rest of the wya
[Garland] good idea DeathStar
[Blackjack] I hope so... Those mines pack a punch...
* Slash^ walks up to the last place of the explosion and fires a lockdown blast at the ground
[Slash^] that should disable them for a while GO GOGOGOGO!
* DeathStar hovers and then takes off again
* Garland sprints/flys twards the building, but stops this time
* Blackjack sprints across the sand behind Garland
* DeathStar notices cannon aiming at them
[Garland] RUN!
[Blackjack] Not again...
* Slash^ continues on his way firing lockdown at ground moving steadly toward the base, not notising the Cannon
[DeathStar] Hrm..
* Garland uses speed adrenaline and RUNS LIKE HELL
[DeathStar] I'm 30 yards away from it...
[DeathStar] SLASH!!!
* Cross still runing
* DeathStar flips around and flies toward him as the cannon fires
* Slash^ looks up
[Slash^] AHHH!!
* DeathStar picks up speedc
* Blackjack dives backwards
[DeathStar] NOO!!!
* Garland flys into a dune, feet kicking
* DeathStar watches Slash get hit
* Slash^ flys back with the force of the blast
* DeathStar force of the explosion sends him back
* Slash^ lands his chest smoking\
* DeathStar crashes into the ground
[Blackjack] Slash! DS!
* DeathStar stands up, panting
* Blackjack feels the shockwaves from the blast
* DeathStar jetpack vanishes
* DeathStar large crater is in the ground
[DeathStar] SLASH!!!!!!!
[Blackjack] THAT was powerful...
[Cross] Uh oh .... this aint good
* Garland struggles to get out of the dune
* DeathStar rushes to the spot he saw Slash fly to.
* Slash^ a small red light appears on his arm
* Blackjack runs to Slash
* Cross spits some sand out of his mouth
[Blackjack] Damn it!
* DeathStar stops next to him
* Garland 's head pokes out, find he's a bout a mile away from the others
[DeathStar] Guys, get to that base.
[DeathStar] You only got 2 minutes...
[Blackjack] But...!
[DeathStar] GO!
[Cross] Why is it all villans always pick the hardest places to walk around in. 
* Slash^ arm reaches up and grabs DS by the neck
[Blackjack] It's your call. *salutes*
* Cross starts runing to the base.
[DeathStar] URK..
* Slash^ pulls himself up
[DeathStar] C'mon Slash....time to go..
* Slash^ releases DS
[Slash^] ugh, that hurt..
[Garland] ......why me?!
* Slash^ armor can be seen healing
* Garland flys twards the base
* Blackjack doesn't see it, but hears DS
[Blackjack] Huh?
* Blackjack turns to DS and Slash
* DeathStar throws Slash's arm arond his back
[DeathStar] Time to move out...
* Cross is running and tryping on that little lab top at the same time
[Cross] NRP : BRB
[Blackjack] Oh.
* Blackjack turns and resumes running to the base
* DeathStar begins to run for the base
[DeathStar] 30 seconds people...
[Blackjack] We gotta move...
* DeathStar uses comm. to say this
[Blackjack] NRP: Also over comm
* DeathStar blinks, and looks at Slash
[Slash^] Go..
* Slash^ walks as fast as he can
* Garland sees the others
* DeathStar BJ arrives at the base wall
[Blackjack] Comm] How's Slash holding up, DS?
* Garland goes faster and catches up
[Garland] Hey!
[DeathStar] Comm ] Fine...find a way inside
[DeathStar] 12 seconds..
[Blackjack] Right, sir.
[Slash^] crapp
* DeathStar begins to move faster
* Slash^ eyes blaze red and he disappears in a warp field
[DeathStar] 3 seconds..
* Blackjack runs along the wall, searching for an entrance, running his hand along the wall
* Slash^ reappears on the top of the cannon
* Garland runs into the wall
[DeathStar] 1 second...
[DeathStar] 0 seconds
[Blackjack] Gotta find something... fast...
* DeathStar cannon fires at DS
* Slash^ fires all his weaponry at it melting a hole in its top
[Slash^] DS!!
[Garland] Ummmm through the wall?
* Blackjack hears the cannon fire, and looks back. "Damn it!"
[Blackjack] DS!
* DeathStar steps back
* DeathStar sees the huge blast coming, his jetpack is useless
[DeathStar] 3 seconds....
[DeathStar] 2 seconds....
[Blackjack] DIVE!
[Slash^] DS!!!
[DeathStar] 1 second....
* DeathStar leaps to the side
* Slash^ warps DS away at the moment the blast comes
* DeathStar blast hits the spot, a huge crater forming, bigger than the last
[Slash^] ugh.. *eyes start to roll back in his head*
* DeathStar pats Slash on the back
[Cross] NRP: BAck what I mis msg me :P
[DeathStar] T-Too close...
[Blackjack] Comm] What's going on!?
[DeathStar] SLASH?!
[Slash^] take...it out...
[DeathStar] Comm] Scale the wall and come up here
* Slash^ fights it and eyes go back to normal
* DeathStar points at the cannon
* Blackjack finds handholds on the wall and begins climbing
[DeathStar] That?
* Cross is following the team and typing
* Garland flies around behind DS
* Cross sees something say Link Astablished
[Cross] Got it
* Slash^ fires his plasma cannons at the Cannon
* Blackjack gets near the cannon. "Why are these things so freakin' tall..."
* Cross disables cannon for about 4 min
[Slash^] they like having the weapons..
* DeathStar smaller cannon arm as Cross gets closer to the base
* DeathStar it explodes
[Slash^] Big...
[Slash^] ACK!
* DeathStar cannon begins to fall off the wall, with Slash and DS with it
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Slash^] CRAP HANG ON!
* Blackjack is knocked from his hold, and flies to the sand
* DeathStar grips the cannon's remains
* Slash^ drives his blades into the wall holding there
[Garland] Whats wrong with being tall? *flys up*
[DeathStar] We're going down...
* Blackjack thrashes wildly for a handhold
[Slash^] not..if i have anything to say about it
* DeathStar holds onto the cannon, scanning for a way off
* DeathStar cannon smashes into sand, causing a huge sand wave
[Slash^] AHH!!
* DeathStar brings the sand all the way up to the wall's top level
* Blackjack can't find one and ends up buried by the wave
* Slash^ spits out sand
* Cross gets more sand in his mouth
* Slash^ claws to get BJ out of the sand
* Cross spits it out
* Garland watches the cannon fall
* DeathStar explodes out of the sand, thrust to safety from the cannon's collaspe
[Cross] I hate sand *gahcks*
[DeathStar] Everyone alright???
* Blackjack spits out a good bit of sand
[Blackjack] I'm... fine.
* Slash^ cough
* Slash^ hack hack hack
[Cross] I'm ok
* DeathStar looks into the base's complex and sees dozens of Mavericks launching from the buildings in it
[Blackjack] Great... Guards.
[Slash^] bleh.. i hate sand..
[Cross] Gonna need an oil job when this is all done hehehe :P
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
* DeathStar draws sabrwe
[Garland] I ok
[Slash^] Yo blackjack you up for a little Fastball special?
* Blackjack 's grip on his rifle tightens
* DeathStar stabs one
* Slash^ calls to Blackjack "Mix me up a fastball special!"
* Slash^ pops his psi scyths out and prepares to be thrown at the enemy
* DeathStar throws a Maverick at Garland to kill
* Cross Drop Kicks a gaurd
* Garland kiama's a lot of them
* DeathStar slashes another one in half
[Blackjack] yep, let's do it
[Garland] Wheeeeee!
* Blackjack calls back, "One fastball special, comin' right up!"
* Blackjack runs over to Slash, picks him up, and throws him at guard. "I suggest you fold! The odds are against you!"
* Slash^ flys at guard with his scyths extended. He plunges them deep into guard gutting him, slash backflips off and deactivates his scyths and his warp blades appear in his hand
* Garland ki powers his fists
[Slash^] lets have some fun
* Slash^ wades into the battle nad hacks a few open
[Blackjack] One down...
* DeathStar punches one's head off
* Blackjack rapid fires at a group of guards
* Garland punches a lot of them in the stomache
[DeathStar] Twelve to go...
* DeathStar fires his cannon at a bunch of them
* Blackjack rushes into the group, slashing with katana
* Slash^ goes crazy and his blade is a blur of motion gutting anything that comes within range
* Cross Takes 2 gaurds and bashes em into each other while one of em trips him
[Cross] Ugh
[Cross] Hey !!
* DeathStar all of them leap on Cross
* Garland slices 1 of them in half
[DeathStar] CROSS!!!
[Blackjack] Cross!
* Cross is trying to fight em off
* DeathStar blasts three off
* Blackjack fires at the group
[Blackjack] Leave him alone...
* Slash^ keeps slashing and hacking in themiddle of them
[Slash^] ACK! CROSS!
* Slash^ fires his PPC's at the group of Guards
[Garland] whats-his-name?
[DeathStar] That's the last of them...
* Cross Does a 100AP attack into one of the Gaurds
* DeathStar notices the alarms going off
[Slash^] owch..
[Blackjack] They're dead, Cross...
[Slash^] alarms.. not good
[Blackjack] Great. We've been discovered.
* Garland doesn realize what slash is doing and gets near him
[Cross] Oh, ok, well, we showed em :P
[Garland] Um they stopeed
[Blackjack] BIG surprise there.
[DeathStar] ...
* Slash^ swipes at Garland before he can stop himself
[DeathStar] Lets enter that big building right there
[Slash^] ACK!
* Cross walks up to a comp terminall and hacks up a map
* Slash^ pulls back in time
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, Commander.
* DeathStar points at the one that towers up into the sky
[Cross] I got a partial map of the building...\
[Garland] AH!!! *flys back into a wall
[Blackjack] They're usually in the tall ones, aren't they? *laughs*
[DeathStar] NRP:  No computer terminals
[Cross] NRP: Ok then forget that hehehe :P
[DeathStar] SLASH!
[Slash^] heh, unless they are undergound..
[Slash^] NRP ACK LAG!!
[DeathStar] I thought of that too...
[Blackjack] Well, let's go...
* DeathStar scans around and sees a little hut
[DeathStar] Hmm...
* Garland sits there, bleeding, out cold
* Slash^ helps Garland up
[Slash^] NRP: read above, i pulled back before i hit you..
[DeathStar] ...What happened to him Slash??
*** ChanServ changes topic to 'Mega Man X: the Alien Wars - Maverick Hunter | ISN'T killed by Garland | Killed Garland (DeathStar)'
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Blackjack
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DeathStar
* Slash^ snickers
[DeathStar] So, what's the vote?  The hut or the towering building?
[Cross] What the ??
[Cross] I say hut
[Slash^] NRP: they reactivated chanserv and nickserv..
[Blackjack] I say the hut.
[Slash^] the hut
[DeathStar] Smart laddies.
[Cross] NRP: Dang them whoever they are hehehe :P
[Blackjack] NRP: Everyone reidentify with nickserv.
* DeathStar walks over to the hut and throws the door open and sees a elevator pad
-] *chanserv* identify #mmxchrono doom
-] *chanserv* op #mmxchrono Shadowstorm
-] *nickserv* identify doom2
*** Slash^ is now known as Shadowstorm
*** Shadowstorm is now known as Slash^
[Garland] NRP: I was trying to get Garland Knocked out, I needed to leave, for soem reason, my mom wants it
-] *nickserv* identify doom2
[Slash^] NRP: sorry, i hit you then..
[DeathStar] Garland, scout out that tall building for me
[Slash^] NRP: whatever..
[DeathStar] NRP:  I'm giving him an out..
* DeathStar steps onto the elevator pad
[DeathStar] C'mon on everyone...
[Blackjack] Let's go, guys.
* Slash^ steps on the elevator pat
[Slash^] d
* Blackjack steps onto the pad
* Cross does down the elevator
*** Garland has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com)
* DeathStar the elevator pad goes down
[Blackjack] What next, I wonder...
* DeathStar a screeching noice stops the elevator
[Slash^] i hope nothing bad..
[Slash^] nevermind.
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
* DeathStar it causes everyone to jerk forward
* Blackjack looks around. "Huh?"
[DeathStar] WHOA!!
[Slash^] AHH!!
* DeathStar slams into the wall
[Cross] It's never anything good....
* Blackjack flies forwards into a wall
* Slash^ stops himself before he hits a wall
* DeathStar suddenly the elevator pad vanishes and they all start falling
* Cross braces himself 
[Slash^] this is gonna hurt..
[Blackjack] YEAGH!!!
[Cross] uh oh
[DeathStar] WHOAAA!!!!!
* Cross drops like a lead brick
* Slash^ me tries to stop himself by plunging his blades into the shaft wall
* DeathStar grabs sabre and drives it into the wall as he falls 6 stories down
* Blackjack draws his katana and tries to jam it into the wall, only to discover that it is metal
* Cross while falling "Why do we always pick these areas ??"
[Slash^] ...
* DeathStar looks up and sees the Hunters about to crash into him
[Slash^] we are either crazy or stupid..
[Slash^] AHH
[DeathStar] Uh oh...
* Slash^ warps to the bottom missing DS
* Blackjack succeeds in stabbing the wall just before hitting DS
[DeathStar] Shewwww...
* Slash^ looks up
[Blackjack] I hate close calls...
* DeathStar looks down
[Slash^] there is still cross..
[DeathStar] 5 more stories down...
* Slash^ calls up from the bottom
* DeathStar begins to climb downward, noticing the wall getting slicker
[DeathStar] Uh oh......again
* DeathStar sword slides out and he falls downward toward Slash
[Slash^] DS! hurry up!
[DeathStar] SLASSSSHHHH!!!!
[Slash^] uh oh..
[Slash^] this is gonna hurt..
[Cross] I hate falls
* Blackjack tries to climb downwards using his katana and dagger as holds
* Slash^ double jumps off a wall and catches DS as he falls
[DeathStar] Thanks...
* DeathStar looks up and sees Cross heading for them
[Slash^] uh oh..
* Cross jams fist into wall
[Cross] NRP: 300AP
* DeathStar slides off of the wall
[Cross] There
* DeathStar sees CROSS slide off the wall
[Cross] Only problem now will be getting my fist out hehehe :P
* Blackjack is hit by Cross, knocking his weapons from the wall
[Slash^] uhh cross.. i hate to break it to you... you are falling again..
* DeathStar points at wall and oil is pouring off of them
* DeathStar looks down and sees they are knee-deep in oilk
[Blackjack] NO!!!
[Slash^] oh crap...
* Blackjack tries to flip where he'll land feet first
* DeathStar grabs BJ
[Slash^] NRP: a match anyone?
[Cross] No no no no no ahhhhhhh
[Blackjack] Thanks, DS...
* DeathStar leaps back as Cross falls downward
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DeathStar
* DeathStar Cross smashes into the oil
* Slash^ jumps off the wall slipping once again but manages to catch Cross
[Cross] NRP: So am I knee deep in oil hehehe :P
[Blackjack] What now? We're knee deep in oil, with no apparent way out...
* DeathStar sees that his leg is completely submerged in oil
[Slash^] well, you wanted an oil bath..
* DeathStar points to a dark hallway that's behind a oil waterfall
[Slash^] we better hurry
[Blackjack] Do we have a choice?
[Blackjack] Let's go.
* DeathStar notices torches on the wall, high up
* Slash^ follows the way DS pointed out
[Cross] Yeah not this way though. 
[Blackjack] Maybe I could...
[Slash^] I really think this could hurt..
* Blackjack throws his katana at one of the torches
* DeathStar begins to sludge through the oil as the oil level reaches 2 feet below the oild
[Blackjack] ...cut one down.
[DeathStar] below the torches
* Cross follows DS
[DeathStar] Just 20 more to go...
* DeathStar keeps rushing along
* DeathStar stops a metal door
* Slash^ tosses his Warp blades at 2 of em
[DeathStar] 1 foot left guys...
* Slash^ they warp back to me
* Blackjack suddenly realizes how stupid that was, and dives for the torch
* Cross notices that Lap top is broken "Why does this always happen to me"
* Slash^ puts out the torch with his blade
* DeathStar bangs on door, seeing the door locked
[Slash^] stand back.
[DeathStar] 2 inches..
* DeathStar flames lick toward the oil
* Slash^ warps the door handle away and unlocks it
[DeathStar] 1 inch...
[Blackjack] Damn it...
[Slash^] NRP: i meant, door lock..
* Blackjack sees his katana land nearby, and grabs it
* DeathStar opens the door and leaps through, oil pouring into the room
* Blackjack leaps through the door
* Slash^ jumps through
[Blackjack] We're not out of it yet...
* Cross follows behind DS
* DeathStar the flames touch the oil and it comes rushing toward them
[Slash^] NRP: away, updating bio
* DeathStar the force of the oil keeps from shutting the door
[Blackjack] Damn!
* DeathStar struggles against it as a fire wall heads for them
[Slash^] AHHH!!
[Slash^] I HATE FIRE!!!
[DeathStar] HELP ME!!!!
* Blackjack helps DS to close the door
* Cross helps DS
[Blackjack] NRP: ATTEMPT to close the door
* DeathStar struggles, the flames get closer
* DeathStar the door shuts
[DeathStar] LEAP BACK!!!
* Slash^ helps DS to attempt close the door
* Slash^ leaps back
* Blackjack jumps backwards
* DeathStar dives back as the door explodes in fire
* Cross jumps back
[Slash^] AHH BURNY!!
* DeathStar heads for a ramp
[Blackjack] HOW!?
* Blackjack follows DS
* Slash^ follows DS
* DeathStar leaps up on it, above the oil as the oil in this room catches on fire
* Cross heads for ramp
* Blackjack leaps up behind DS
[Slash^] toasty..
[DeathStar] CROSS!!
[DeathStar] SLASH!!
[Cross] NRP: The oil will actually smuther the fire in about 10 sec after it catches on fire :P
* Slash^ warps cross out with himself smoking
* DeathStar suddenly water comes pouring down from the ceiling on the fire
[Slash^] ugh... that sucker is hot..
[DeathStar] Hrm...
* DeathStar walks along the ramp, getting soaked in water
* Slash^ is almost dead, limps along
* Blackjack follows DS. "Damn it... There goes my hair..."
* DeathStar faces another door and sees a switch to turn off the oil flow. Flips it off.
[DeathStar] SLASH!
[Slash^] what...
* Cross starts carrying slash
* DeathStar vents in the floor appear and the fire falls down
[Slash^] get your grubby mitts off me!
* Blackjack looks at Slash, aims his rifle, and fires Cure Ray at him (90 LP)
* Slash^ jumps back off of Cross
[Slash^] thanks BJ, i needed that..
* DeathStar shakes head and opens the door and steps into a room with a staircase bending upward
* DeathStar looks up
[Cross] Well you looked like you where about to die and didn't want you to get left behind !!
* Blackjack spins his rifle. "Anytime."
[DeathStar] IT leads up to the tower that we saw on the big building...looks like this place ISN'T connected to the big building
[Blackjack] I hope these don't go like the elevator...
[Slash^] ..
* DeathStar glances upward
[DeathStar] Soooo, who wants to run up the stairs first?
[Blackjack] Great. So if we took the tower, we'd be a helluva lot better off...
[Slash^] i guess i will
[Blackjack] How about one of you Reploids going first? YOu'd be more likely to survive the fall...
[DeathStar] No, we took the right one.  The TOWER isn't connected
[DeathStar] No you won't Slash
* Slash^ hobbles up the stairs
[DeathStar] I'll go
[Blackjack] Oh, misunderstood you.
* Slash^ lets DS pass him
[Slash^] Take this DS
* Slash^ tosses one of his warp blades at DS
* Blackjack hesitantly starts walking up the steps
[Cross] NRP: I hope that ment to him, not at him :P
* DeathStar grabs it
[DeathStar] Thanks
* Cross follows along
* DeathStar runs up the stairs quickly
* DeathStar poisoned arrows fly out of the walls behind him as he moves in Blitz speed
* Blackjack shakes his head and starts sprinting up the stairs
* Slash^ follows as fast as he can go with his cannons online and his weapons armed
* DeathStar begins to climb higher and higher
* Slash^ follows
* DeathStar blocks a pair of spikes coming from the roof of the stairs above him with the warp blade
[Blackjack] *looks up* Whoa! Glad those were fired before I got up there...
* DeathStar crawls under them and quickly continues up
* Blackjack continues upwards, meeting virtually no opposition
[Slash^] ack..
* Slash^ follows closely behind BJ
* DeathStar suddenly the stairs begin to crumble in front of him, causing him to leap over them
[DeathStar] Half-way up...
[Slash^] Crap..
[Slash^] DS! Wait up, lets see if i cant make this quicker