Mission 16: Crossroads Part 3 - Reality Changed

Previously in TAW:
The Hunters traveled to a desert base to capture a Reploid Scientist named Palanx who was working on Interdimensional technology for Sigma. Upon arriving, they were met by heavy resistance and had to fight their way through tons of Mavericks and traps to reach Palanx, who merely escaped through the portal which closed after him. Death Star had the Hunters return to HQ to regroup and open the portal.

Then, in TCT: Crossroads Part 2 - Dimensions 'R' Us
Speedblade, Shadowstorm, Jordus, and Proto Man X were shopping at Delta Auto's shop when they reached a tower and had to go through a series of traps similiar to the one in TAW's universe. Upon reaching the top, however, they were attacked by a mysterous Reploid called Palanx who killed Proto Man X and escaped them.

Now, two worlds are about to crash together....

Session Start: Fri Jan 29 22:58:07 1999
* Logging #TAW to '#TAW.log'
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 23 hours after last mission
[DeathStar] Location: Palanx's Base
* Garland runs in screaming like a fool and laughs
[Blackjack] Garland... Shut up...
* Slasher phases in
* DeathStar standing over computers beside X1 and the Science Team
* Dominator looks around
[Slasher] Sorry i wasn't here i had my own problems
* Garland gives a dirty look at BJ
* Slash holds side as he looks around
[Slash] What are we doing back here?
* Wiendigo pitches a beer can across the room
[Dominator] .... What's going on?
[DeathStar] We're hear to figure out this THING
[Blackjack] So, can we do anything? About Palanx...
[DeathStar] We're about to find out
*** X1 (scoutx1@rc-118.netonecom.net) has joined #taw 
[DeathStar] X1, can you make anything out of this thing?
* Garland walks up to weindigo
[Slasher] DS if im not up to par excuse me its just that im not im still bummed out about what you told me
* Slash steps up to X1 and grins
[Slash] That thing sure as hell packs a doosie
[X1] Well, there's a lot fo static, anyone ever try turing the atenea?
[DeathStar] I'm sorry to hear that slasher
[Slasher] But ill do my best
* DeathStar blinks
[Blackjack] DO you ever stop joking around, X1?
[DeathStar] What???
* Dominator walks up to DS
* Blackjack shrugs.  1"We need comic relief with this crowd..." 
[X1] Who's joking?
[Garland] Long time to talk to Wiendigo.....
* Slasher pulls out his ion blades and slashes a rock in half
* Wiendigo stares at Garland
* DeathStar bang head on the thing and is blown back into a wall
[DeathStar] ARRGGHHH
[Slash] DS!
[Dominator] DS....
[Slasher] DS...
* DeathStar curses as he steps over to X1 again
[X1] That was...kinda cool actually...
[DeathStar] Try to get that damn thing on.  We need to capture Palanx's memory chip
[Dominator] I see...
* Garland stares back at Wien
[Slasher] ok well which way do we go
* X1 shrugs and switches it on
* DeathStar thinks about kicking it
* DeathStar the portal turns on but X1 is blown back into the wall
* Slasher sits down
[Blackjack] Maybe hitting it would work...
[Slash] Whoa!!!
[Dominator] ...!
[Blackjack] Or that might.
[X1] GAAA!
[DeathStar] X1?!
[Slasher] Hug
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DeathStar
[Slasher] Huh
[Wiendigo] Is there some reason you annoy me with your presence?
*** Slash is now known as Slash^^
* Slasher stands up
[X1] ...ow....
* DeathStar looks at the open portal
[DeathStar] Do, we, like, go through...?
[Dominator] DS.. what is that thing?
[Blackjack] Let's go...
[Garland] Whys that? *pulls the coldest stare he can on Wiendigo
* Slash^^ steps up to it
[Slash^^] Lets rock.
[Blackjack] This is suicide, but let's go
* Wiendigo pushes DS through
[Slasher] Hmm one way to find out
[DeathStar] WHATTT?!?!?!?!
* DeathStar disappears
[Dominator] I guess I should be glad I don't know what the hell is happening...
[Dominator] ...DS!
* Slasher jumps through
* Blackjack leaps through yelling  1"DS!!!" 
* Slasher dissapears
* Dominator leaps through
[Wiendigo] The only way anything's ever going to get done around here...
* Wiendigo strides through


[Flame] ...
[Shadowstorm^] It does seem impossible...
[Flame] Anyone can die... Any of us could, just as easily.
[Myst^] Who died?
[Speedblade] Proto Man X...
[Linanoath] ....
[Shadowstorm^] Killed by Palanx...
[Flame] Palanx...?
[Myst^] ...I'm new here.  Sorry...I wasn't here to help
* Myst^ fades into the myst some
[Speedblade] Some Maverick from an unknown time period. There was something... different about the portal, though...
* Flame looks Myst over
[Flame] Which was?
[Speedblade] It looked different. Red, for one thing.
[Flame] I see...
[Shadowstorm^] We don't know what's going on, but we do know he left here via teleportation.
[Flame] What's the mission then?
[Linanoath] I dont care about portals..... it's all time....
[Myst^] Revenge?
[Speedblade] Revenge.
[Shadowstorm^] Revenge.
* Flame grins a bit
[Linanoath] Mission, to me it's all the same
[Speedblade] Let's go. Don't let vengeance cloud your minds, though.
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Speedblade
[Flame] Sure things. They'll  4burn 
* Speedblade heads for the door, motioning for everyone to follow
* Flame follows
* Myst^ begins to follow
* Speedblade hears something loud and turns
[Speedblade] What the hell!?
* Flame turns
[Myst^] Hmm?
* Linanoath follows
* Wiendigo bounces across the ground
* Garland looks around
* Speedblade sees the forms leap from the warp
* DeathStar looks around
* Flame flies through the portal
* Speedblade draws his staff
[DeathStar] What the hell??
[Speedblade] Who are you!?
* DeathStar leaps up
[DeathStar] Who are YOU?
[Flame] flies through=looks at
[Flame] What the hell?!
* Slash^^ steps through and peers strangly at Shadowstorm
[Garland] What the @@#$#$ is that smell?
* Dominator enters from the portal
[Dominator] ....
* Blackjack draws his rifle quickly
[Myst^] Enemies???
[Blackjack] Friends or enemies!?
* Myst^ grabs his sword
* Flame activates Flame Sword
* Linanoath stares at Garland
[DeathStar] Looks like enemies...
[Speedblade] Hunters or Mavericks?
[Wiendigo] Great, just what we need, competition...
[Flame] Damn, the mavericks are pulling a sneak attack?
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
[Wiendigo] What's it to ya?
[DeathStar] THE Maverick Hunters
[DeathStar] Who are YOU?
* Speedblade starts to lunge at Wien, but stops at DS's words
* Slash^^ draws warp blades
[Flame] The Maverick Hunters...
* Linanoath aims hand at Garland
[Myst^] The Maverick Hunters???
[Speedblade] What do you mean, THE Maverick Hunters?
* DeathStar smirks
* Wiendigo takes out Energon Katana
[Speedblade] WE'RE THE Maverick Hunters...
[Dominator] That's who we are.
[Linanoath] What the #$%& are they doing here?
[DeathStar] The one and only.
[DeathStar] I don't trust them...
[Garland] * to linanoath* Pewwwww you stink!
[Wiendigo] Some of us don't admit to it so openly though
[Flame] Wrong, we're the MH.
* DeathStar draws sabre
* Speedblade glares at DS.  1"If you're in MH, what Unit are you?" 
[DeathStar] Dominator...what's our chances of winning?
[DeathStar] Um..er...The Rednecks...
[Myst^] The what???
* Linanoath forms a ball of ki
[Dominator] Well, DS....
* Wiendigo smacks DS along side the head
[Garland] W-whater you doin' Mr?
[Speedblade] Rednecks? What kind of crappy side Unit is that?
* Speedblade readies his staff
[Dominator] We out number them by a little...
[DeathStar] WIENDIGO
[Wiendigo] Not the time for jokes dipstick.
[DeathStar] Sure....I know that...
[Speedblade] I'm a Commander, and I've never heard of the Rednecks...
* Linanoath blasts Garland
[Speedblade] LITH!
[Garland] Ouf!
* Garland flys back
* Myst^ turns to Garland and Linanoath
* Flame charegs Inferno Flame,  1"You will  4burn  for your introtion!"
[Myst^] What the hell?
[DeathStar] GET THEM!!
[Dominator] Garland!
[Dominator] You bastard...!
* Garland draws sword and rund at Lith
[Wiendigo] Finally...
* DeathStar draws sabre and slashes at Speedblade
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt at all TCT members
* Myst^ blasts Slash
* Garland slashes Lith
* Speedblade parries the blow with his staff
[Slash^^] HEY!!!
[Speedblade] You want a piece of me...
* Linanoath punches garland
* Slash^^ slashes at Myst with warpblade
* Flame redirects it Fire Shield
[DeathStar] Try it, pal
* Wiendigo leans against the wall
* Garland runs outside
* Dominator slashes Rune Sword into Linanoath
* DeathStar blasts him with his cannon
* Shadowstorm^ lunges at Wiendigo, slashing with a warp blade
[Wiendigo] Morons...ALL of them
* Speedblade absorbs DS's shot into his staff and redirects it at DS
* Myst^ launches at Slash and stabs him through the chest
* Wiendigo slams SS down
* Flame teleports being Dominator and slashes with Flame Sword
[Slash^^] URK!!!
* Linanoath ignores every one and runs after Garland
[Dominator] Ah!
* DeathStar reflicts with sabre and slashes twice
[Linanoath] C'omme you little freak!
* Dominator slashes back with Rune Sword rapidly
[Garland] AH!!!
* Slash^^ smashes Myst into the wall, stabbing him repeatedly
* Speedblade takes one hit and blocks the other
[Myst^] KOed
* Garland runs around outside the builiding
* DeathStar goes into Blitz and punches the hell out of Speed
* Linanoath blasts Garland
[Flame] Your pretty good.... *keeps slashing*
* DeathStar charges fist and powerdrives him
* Speedblade flies back into the wall.  1"You'll pay for that..." 
[Flame] But not good enough!
* Garland stops and looks at Lith
[Slash^^] Who's next?
* Flame fires a charged Inferno Flame into Dominator
* Slash^^ looks up and sees the roof fall on him, Koing him
* Speedblade forms an arm cannon and lets a ball of plasma fly at Blackjack
[Blackjack] HEY!
* Dominator blocks with Rune Sword and absorbs the fire
* Blackjack leaps out of the way of the blast, returning fire
* Garland flys up and fires LOTS of Kiama's onto Lith
* DeathStar rushes Speedblade
* DeathStar stabs at him
[Linanoath] Ouf!
* Dominator slashes at Flame with charged energy in Rune Sword
* Linanoath has smoke go ever where engulfing him
[DeathStar] They work for Palanx, no doubt....
* Flame tries to block but stumbles back, then rapidly fires fire at Dom
* Speedblade looks at DS after dodging the shots
* Garland stops firing
[Speedblade] Palanx? That's that guy that came through here and killed Proto!
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
* Dominator dodges the shots and fires Surreptious Ensnare
* DeathStar grabs second sabre
* DeathStar panting
* Linanoath flys out of the smoke and stabs Garland in the lag
* Speedblade replaces his staff
[DeathStar] You expect us to believe THAT line?
*** Wiendigo (scoutx1@rc-118.netonecom.net) has joined #mmxchrono
[DeathStar] After YOUR man attacked Garland?
[Garland] AHrrrgg!!!!!!!!!!!
* Flame fires a Flame blast of fire which singes the ensnare, and he dodges
* Speedblade points to PMX's corpse, then the symbol of MH on his chest armor
* Garland kiama's Lith's head
* DeathStar glances
* Linanoath punches garland
[DeathStar] A fake...Obviously Palanx is smarter than I thought
* DeathStar turns back to the portal as it closes
[DeathStar] DAMN....can't contact HQ..
* Garland catches the punch and twists liths' hand
[Flame] You'll  4burn ...
[Speedblade] Look! We're on the same side. Together, maybe, we can take out Palanx...
* DeathStar glances at Flame and fires Typhoon Wave at him
[DeathStar] Burn OUT.
* Garland the both falldown to the ground panting and bleeding
* Flame teleports to dodge and slashes DS with Flame Sword
* DeathStar turns to Speedblade
[DeathStar] CAll your men of then
* Blackjack replaces his rifle.  1"I trust him, DS..." 
[Dominator] DS!
* DeathStar blocks with his sabre
* DeathStar blasts him in the face with cannon
* Speedblade whistles.  1"46th Unit! Retreat and regroup!" 
* Linanoath is bleeding and panting the sma blood Garland is
* Flame redirects it back at DS with Flame Shield
[DeathStar] Hunters.  Back off.
[Dominator] ... What?
* DeathStar leaps out of the way
[Linanoath] you bastard..... why did you.. have ot be here?!
[Flame] Surrending?
[DeathStar] After you, asshole
* Garland runs after lith with kinship sword
[Speedblade] No. Proving we're on the same side.
[Flame] ....
[DeathStar] I don't know what some "dimension" this is, but this reality is totally confused
* Flame steps back towards Speedblade
[Dominator]  I'm  totally confused as well.
* Linanoath grabs the sword
[Linanoath] Ohhhhhh no you dont!
[DeathStar] We're only here for Palanx's memory chip.  You can go on in your...world.  
[Speedblade] And like I said, we're out for revenge on Palanx for killing Proto...
[Flame] Chip?
[DeathStar] Now, lets go Hunters.
* Linanoath wrenches the sword from garland
* DeathStar sidesteps Speedblade and walks out the Tower's door
[Dominator] All right, DS...
[Flame] Linanoath, get your ass back here! Speedblade ordered us to stand down you idiot...
* Garland tries to punch it loose
[Speedblade] Hold up!
[Dominator] Garland...!
[DeathStar] Garland, back off
[Linanoath] NOT ugh... NOW!
[Speedblade] This place is full of traps. Good luck on the way down without us...
* Garland kicks lith in the chest
[DeathStar] I'm sure we have enough, luck, "Hunters".
[Linanoath] not..... while this scum lives!
[DeathStar] ......Dom, do something about your kid over there
[DeathStar] He can totally BLOW this mission...
* Blackjack says quietly to DS (TAW members only hear it),  1"This layout looks like the tower in our... dimension. Maybe the traps are the same..." 
[Dominator] NRP: What is happening to Garland?
* Myst^ groans as he wakes up
* Garland kiamas Lith
[Dominator] All right...
[Myst^] Waht got me...
* Slash^^ throws the roof off
[Speedblade] I'm not really sure, Myst...
[DeathStar] Probably
[DeathStar] I say we chance it
[Dominator] Garland, get back here! That's an  order .
[Blackjack] Same here. I don't trust those Reploids...
[Myst^] Should we take them down, sir?
[Speedblade] No.
[Myst^] But...
* Flame glares at the MH members
* Linanoath stabs garland in the gut with garland's sword, but misses and goes through his shoulder
* Slash^^ steps up to Death Star
* Dominator fires a Thunder Bolt at Linanoath
* Garland ylls in pain
[Dominator] Lay off him you asshole!
[DeathStar] GARLAND!!!
[Speedblade] Lith! Knock it off!
* DeathStar grabs Garland and turns his bck to Linanoath
[Blackjack] GARLAND!!!!
[Linanoath] ^ groans as he wakes up
[Linanoath] * Blackjack says quietly to DS (TAW members only hear it), "This layout looks like the tower in our... dimension. Maybe the traps are the same..."
[DeathStar] Lay off, pal
[Flame] ....
* Myst^ keeps his sword armed
[Speedblade] Let's get back to HQ and gather more fighters. Palanx is tough, believe me. We could use their help if they're Hunters, but they don't look willing...
[Dominator] I suggest you get back to your "hunters". Or I'll destroy you, regardless of what my orders are!
[Flame] Whatever you say, Speedblade.
* DeathStar holds onto Garland
* DeathStar suddenly the entire tower begins to shake
* Garland pulls sowrd out of shoulder screaming as he does it
* Dominator golden crystal shimmers a bit
[Speedblade] Lith, let's go, or you'll be promoted to trainee faster than they'll be defeated by Palanx...
[Myst^] What the--?
* Dominator uses Silver Crystal on Garland, to heal him
[Slash^^] Waht';s that?
[Dominator] Garland... are you okay?
[Speedblade] Whoa! What's goin' on?
[Dominator] Huh...
* Flame looks up
[Shadowstorm^] Whoa!
* DeathStar stumbles and lets Garland go
* DeathStar the tower begins to fall downward, slowly being destroyed from the bottom on up
* Linanoath gets up and punches garland in the face and walks off
[Slash^^] I don't like this
[Speedblade] Who here has teleporters? We need to get out of here!
[Linanoath] Your lucky, Ninaule..... this time
[Myst^] For once, I agree with him
* Dominator strugles not to blast Linanoath
[DeathStar] Teleporter jammers on...
[Shadowstorm^] Perfect...
[Dominator] That Palanx guy..?
[Blackjack] So what do we do now?
* Myst^ fades in the Myst
[DeathStar] We get the hell off of here
* DeathStar glances around
[Flame] Speedblade?
[Speedblade] Sounds good to me. But how? Unless you guys can RUN...
* Slash^^ warp blades glow as he scans the area, staring at Shadowstorm
* DeathStar the tower gets lower
[DeathStar] I say jump off...
[Dominator] Where's the exit?
* DeathStar activates his jetpack and fires a blast at a wall, blowing a hole in it
* Linanoath walks away from the people, bleeding severely and ignoring every one
*** Linanoath (Jojo@ip236.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has left #mmxchrono
[Slash^^] ......Alright, here goes nothing
[DeathStar] Those who can fly, grab those who can't
* Speedblade goes into bipedal form and leaps out of the hole
* Myst^ fades into the mists all together
* Blackjack grabs on to DS
* Dominator activates Azure Crystal, which shines with energy and gives Dominator the ability to fly
* Garland flys up, wavers and falls 5 feet back to the ground
* Shadowstorm^ leaps out of the window, grabbing SB
* DeathStar flies out with BJ and lands on the ground
[Dominator] Need a lift? *to Flame*
* Speedblade activates his legs jets just before landing
[Flame] .... Sure....
* Slash^^ leaps out
* DeathStar flies up and grabs Slash and lands
* Dominator grabs Flame's hand and flies out
* DeathStar causes Jetpack to vanish as the tower explodes to bits
[DeathStar] WHAO!!
[Speedblade] We made it out... Nice thinking... what was your name?
* DeathStar shields eyes
[DeathStar] Death Star
[DeathStar] Commander Death Star
* Garland limps up to dom's side
* Myst^ appears from the mists
[Speedblade] Ok, nice thinking, Com. DS.
[Dominator] NRP: My rank is Cpatain DS?
[DeathStar] NRP: Right
[Dominator] I'm Captain Dominator.
[Slash^^] Now what?
[Speedblade] Commander Speedblade.
[Shadowstorm^] Admiral Shadowstorm.
[Flame] Call me Flame.
[DeathStar] .
* Myst^ stands there, silently
[Dominator] So, where to now DS?
* Blackjack walks over to Speedblade.  1"I don't really trust any Reploids, but you seem all right." 
[DeathStar] Well, I don't know this place...
[DeathStar] But he's got to be somewhere around this place
* Flame lets go of Dom and walks around
[Speedblade] At least the card shark and Dominator realize that we need to work together...
* Garland looks around looks at his wounds and wiped his own blood off of his sword
*** Palanx (death_star@dial38.planters.net) has joined #mmxchrono -  4 Clones  - DeathStar,Myst^,Palanx,Slash^^ (F7 for details)
[Blackjack] Sergeant Jared Carter... Blackjack to the Hunters and CorSec.
[Dominator] So.... this is another dimension for us, right? I mean, Earth hasn't been attacked by the aliens are anything?
* Speedblade decides not to ask about CorSec
[Myst^] Aliens?
[Speedblade] CorSec? Aliens?
[Flame] ... aliens...
[Speedblade] What are you talking about?
* DeathStar whips around
[Flame] NRP: No one said CorSec...
[DeathStar] YOU!
[Speedblade] NRP: BJ did
[Flame] .... Finally, a real enemy.
* Speedblade turns at DS's yell
[Flame] NRP: He, thought about ti
[Speedblade] YOU!
[Speedblade] NRP: No, he said it.
* Dominator turns and grab's RS's hilt
[Flame] NRP: Sorry, my mistake
[Dominator] This is that Palanx guy right?
[Garland] *mutters* I'm always the abused one.......
* Flame charges Inferno Flame
[Speedblade] You dare to show your face again!!!
[Dominator] NRP: What' sup with Palanx?
[DeathStar] Hello?
[Garland] NRP: Me thinks Slasher and Wiendigo need voices
[Speedblade] NRP: How'd they get devoiced?
[Dominator] NRP: What's devoice and voice mean?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Huh?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Huh?
*** Slasher has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Flame] NRP: Uh....
[DeathStar] NRP: *sighs loudly*
[Garland] NRP: ryan, I'll explain later
[Flame] NRP: Where'd Palanx go?
[Speedblade] I doubt Palanx is in this time. We'll have to hit the transchronological scanners back at HQ...
*** Slasher (dragonmast@ has joined #mmxchrono
*** Speedblade sets mode: +v Slasher
* Dominator looks at SB and blinks
[Wiendigo] How convienent...
* Speedblade draws a strange looking device
[DeathStar] I don't like taht idea
[Slasher] mmm
* Speedblade activates it, and a blue warp forms in front of the group
[Dominator] (Flame did that)
* Slash^^ looks around
[Garland] Mr. Dominator, do you happen to havea few bandages?
* Slasher uncloaks
[Speedblade] I trust them, Flame.
[Flame] All right...
[Slasher] Yeah Dom..do u im kinda in a little pain
[Dominator] Are you wounded, Garland?
[Speedblade] Let's go. We'll get Garland to medbay at HQ
* Wiendigo turns to DS. " 1Mind if I push you through again?"
[Dominator] I can heal either of you with Silver Crystall if you need it.
* Garland blatently had a sword THROUGH his shoulder
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo
* Slasher jumps the warp
* Speedblade hears something
[Dominator] NRP: I healed you though...
[Speedblade] Stop...
[Dominator] Eh?
[DeathStar] What now???
* DeathStar is annoyed as hell
[Speedblade] I don't like what I just heard...
* Slasher phases before he goes through
*** Palanx (speedblade@max7-37.dial.accucomm.net) has joined #mmxchrono -  4 Clones  - Blackjack,Palanx,Speedblade,Shadowstorm^ (F7 for details)
* Slash^^ looks around
[Slash^^] I heard it too
[Myst^] He's back...
* Slasher appears next to Dom
[Flame] SB, do I kill him?
[Palanx] Well, well, well! I'm surprised you're still here!
* DeathStar draws both sabre and twirls them
[DeathStar] Party time
[Slasher] I dont like this 
*** Speedblade sets mode: +v Palanx
* Dominator charges
[Speedblade] Of course!
* Slasher pulls out Ion Blades
* Blackjack rapid fires rifle at Palanx
* Slash^^ warp blades gleam as he grins
[Flame]  4BURN! !!
[Slasher] Palanx where are u
* Shadowstorm^ lunges at Palanx, warp blades in a blur
* DeathStar leaps up and slashes Palanx
* Flame activates Fire Soul to double his power, and fires a doubled charged blast at Palanx
* Wiendigo lights a cigar and watches them all fight
* Dominator fires a charged thunder Bolt at Palanx
* Palanx takes the hits, actually laughing
* Garland yells and fires a Kiama at Phalanx
[Dominator] .....?!!
* Myst^ leaps up and stabs him
* Slasher phases behind Palanx and shoves his Ion blades through his back
[Palanx] Your pathetic attempts to hurt me won't work!
* Slash^^ stabs him repeatedly
[DeathStar] --The hell?
* Palanx dodges SLasher and Slash, blasting them with arm cannons
[Wiendigo] That much is obvious...
[Wiendigo] That much is obvious...
[Slash^^] aRGHH
[Slasher] oog
[Flame] ... He's pretty strong.
* DeathStar grabs Wiendigo and throws him at Palanx
[Palanx] I don't have time for this.
* Slasher flies through the air
* Palanx juggles Wien back to DS
* Palanx sidesteps Slasher
* Flame slashes at Palanx with doubled Fire Sword
* DeathStar ducks Wiendigo
* Garland grins and jumps up and slashes Phalanx
* Dominator stabs at Palanx with Rune Sword
* Wiendigo lands on his feet
* Slasher rams into a tree
[Palanx]  I  have a time machine! You can't touch me!
* Slash^^ slashes at Planax
[Slasher] What
[DeathStar] A WHAT?
[Dominator] What's that supposed to mean?!
* Myst^ fades in the mists
[Slasher] They don't exist there impossible to make
[Flame] The MH has a time machine too you know, DS...
* Wiendigo kicks DS in the back. " 1Bastard."
* Myst^ slight mist appears behind Palanx
* DeathStar dodges Wiendigo
* Palanx draws a strange looking device
[Dominator] NRP: Are our moves hitting him?
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
* Slasher fires a barage of missiles at Palanx's hamd
[Palanx] Later, suckers!
* DeathStar aims his blaster at the device and fires at it
[Dominator] NRP: Is he reacting to them? Or do they just bounce off?
[Garland] Wiendigo, why;d you just kick Mr. Star?
* Palanx forms a warp and leaps through, the device destroyed
[DeathStar] NRP: What do you tihnk?
* Slasher jumps throught the warp
[Wiendigo] Garland, shut up, or I'll kiick 
* Myst^ leaps after him
*** Palanx (speedblade@max7-37.dial.accucomm.net) has left #mmxchrono (The warp closes before anyone can get through )
[Dominator] Go through that warp?
[Wiendigo] YOU in the back..
[DeathStar] .......
* Slasher falls on the ground eating dirt
[Speedblade] Great.
* Flame looks at SB
* Myst^ lands on feet
[Myst^] How do we beat HIM?
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* DeathStar teeth grind each other
[Garland] You wouldn't, I'm you friend!
[Speedblade] Bring X and Zero in, I guess.
[Slasher] Well he can't time hop anymore i hope
[DeathStar] X and Zero????
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* DeathStar turns around
[Wiendigo] So, "Hunters", got anymore bright ideas?
* DeathStar turns around
[DeathStar] X and ZERO??
[Slasher] There dead 
[Speedblade] Yeah. Why? Something wrong with them?
[Speedblade] Zero's our best Hunter! He's not dead!
* DeathStar eyes narrow at Zero
[DeathStar] 's name
[Wiendigo] Excuse me? Who? Are these names suppose to mean sometihng to me?
[Myst^] Heh heh.
[Flame] ....
[Speedblade] You got something wrong with Zero, DS?
[Slash^^] Zero???
* Slasher legs collages beneath him
[Slasher] ZEro
[DeathStar] It's all HIS fault...
[Blackjack] Zero!?!? BUT...!
* DeathStar tightens his grip on his sabre
[Garland] Who's Zero?
[Slasher] Butt...but....
[Blackjack] That bastard's been dead since before I was born!
[DeathStar] ....I don't like this place....let's get the hell out of here...
[Slasher] he...he...i...thought...he..died
[Speedblade] And how do you presume you do that, DS?
[Flame] .....
[Slasher] Lets leave
* DeathStar grabs Comm. to contact X1 but just gets static
[Speedblade] You're stuck here, I hate to say it.
[Slash^^] We'r
[Slasher] Damnt
[Slash^^] e what??/
[Wiendigo] Then we get UNstuck.
[Myst^] Heh heh heh
[Speedblade] Good luck, Wiendigo.
[DeathStar] Then we force a portal open
[DeathStar] WITH Palanx's knowledge
[Slasher] How
[Blackjack] Hold on DS. We need to stop Palanx first...
* Myst^ head bends over some
[Myst^] I got some things to check out
* Slasher picks up the destroyed machine
* Myst^ vanishes in the mists
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[Flame] Myst...
* Speedblade draws a device similar to the one Palanx had
[Wiendigo] Then lets stop him instead of this meaningless dribble!
* Slasher looks at it and gives it to DS
* DeathStar looks over it
[Speedblade] Throw that piece of trash away.
[Flame] NRP: I can't say anything as Dom...
*** Speedblade sets mode: +v Dominator
* DeathStar crushes after looking it over
* Speedblade opens a warp
[Dominator] ....
[Speedblade] After you.
* Slasher jumps through
[Slash^^] ....
[Slash^^] I don't like this, but..
[Blackjack] Do we trust them, DS?
* Slash^^ leaps through
* Wiendigo pushes his into it
[Blackjack] This is still a suicide mission...
[DeathStar] We have little to no choice
* Blackjack leaps through the warp
* Garland looks at the portal
[DeathStar] Aye.  Either they'll kill us or Palanx...
[Dominator] Come on Garland...
* Flame goes through the warp
* Dominator leaps through the warp
* Speedblade and Shadow run through the warp
[Garland] I..... I don wanna
* DeathStar stares at Speedbade as he goes
[DeathStar] ....
[DeathStar] C'mon on Garland
[DeathStar] Only us left
[Garland] but...
* DeathStar holds out hand
[DeathStar] C'mon, Ensign Garland.  You can't be afraid
[Garland] that thing scares me....
[Slasher] NRP: Ahh..how touching
[DeathStar] ....After all that you faced?  Hardly.
* Garland 's eyes stern up and galre at DS
[DeathStar] NRP: *whackes Slasher*
* DeathStar slowly steps into the portal, watching Garland
* Garland walks up and sticks hand through
* DeathStar Garland is pulled in
[Garland] AH!
[Speedblade] Time Chart: End of Time, Maverick Hunter Headquarters
[Blackjack] Whoa! W... where are we?
* DeathStar steps in and blinks
[DeathStar] The hell??
[Slasher] Where in lucifers
[Garland] pretty!
* Speedblade points forward.  1"There's HQ. Let's go." 
* Wiendigo scans the area
[DeathStar] What can you get, Wiendigo?
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[Wiendigo] This...this is...
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[DeathStar] ..Is?  *Grows annoyed*
[Wiendigo] It's different then anything I've ever scanned.
[Slasher] This is....oh my....DS we should borrow ther technology to further increase our chance in the War against the Aliens
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[DeathStar] ....
* Garland flys around looking at things
[Garland] Oooooo
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[DeathStar] No.... I won't EVER do that
[Wiendigo] Shit, now THIS I could get sued to...
[Slasher] But it could turn the tide in our favore and we could win
[DeathStar] The consequences could be....sever
* DeathStar holds out hands
[Slasher] I guess....well there goes out chance off a sure victory
* Speedblade starts walking to HQ, followed by SS