Mission 17: Vacation

Session Start: Thu Feb 04 20:05:16 1999
* Logging #TAW to '#TAW.log'
[DeathStar] Location: Shuttle Class B heading for the Planet Kirahi
[Slash^] nice place..
* DeathStar flies the shuttle
[Blackjack] I hate shuttles...
[Slash^] DS.. how long till we get there?]
[DeathStar] I decided after all our "adventures" to go vacation.  And with our last mission after Palanx, we all NEED one...
[Slasher^] not this shuttle again
[DeathStar] ......10 minutes
* Garland does pushups
[Slasher^] Whats the planet like..
[Slash^] oy..
[Slash^] as long as its warm, with lots of stuff to kill
[Blackjack] Finally, a vacation...
[DeathStar] It's got some of the world's prettiest beaches and waterfalls and views ever I hear...
[Blackjack] I'm with DS, we  really  need a break.
[Slash^] good
[DeathStar] ....And all paid for by EarthGov.  Gotta love them
[Slash^] anything to attack?
[Slasher^] Hope there are some women there
[DeathStar] I hear they have training buildings so you can KILL stuff...
[Slash^] good.. i have a lot of stress to get rid of..
[Blackjack] A little bloodthirsty, aren't you Slash?
[Garland] Vacation..?
[Slash^] bloodthirsty?
[Slash^] i dont think so..
[Slash^] just stressed..
[DeathStar] Why?  Because we..*names everything they've done since MH opened*
[Slasher^] Vacation is where you get to relax and maybe meet some hot girls
[Blackjack] Me? I'm going to take it easy. NO fighting.
[Slash^] ... do you think i like having to fight?
* DeathStar planet alarm goes off as they leave Hyperspace and a beautiful planet looms in front of them
[Slash^] .....
* Garland smiles at what Slasher said
[Blackjack] And maybe pick up some babes... *laughs*
[Slasher^] Slash i was meaning to ask you what did you learn from that Scientist
[Slash^] ... *whispers*.. i am one..
* Blackjack looks ahead at the planet.  1"Nice..." 
* DeathStar yawns tiredly as they come closer, shuttles and ships flying all over the place
[DeathStar] Busy little alien world, eh?
[Blackjack] No kidding...
[Slasher^] Am one what
* DeathStar grabs comm. and talks to the planet's secerity, getting permission to land
[DeathStar] I hear they have a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon
* Slasher^ is a little eager to try out his new Combo Attack system
[Slasher^] Slash your one of what
[Slash^] .. slasher... you know what DS told you.... put one and one togeather..
* DeathStar begins to ascend into the planet and lands in a hangerbay close to a beach
[Blackjack] Isn't the saying "two and two," Slash?
[Slasher^] OH......what did you learn about me
[Slash^] .... trust me...
[Slasher^] No its put one and two together
[Slash^] you.. you are.... also one..
* DeathStar sighs
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Slasher^] WHAT?!
[Slash^] let me see your arms
[Slash^] right arm
[Slasher^] Show him his right arm
[Blackjack] Why do you two always have to bring seriousness into everything?
* DeathStar opens the shuttle door and steps out, a warm breeze blowing his hair
* Garland jumps out of the shuttle
[Slash^] Why? because i am
[DeathStar] I say leave them in there for a few hours.  Do them good
* Slash^ jumps out into the fresh air
* Blackjack walks out of the shuttle, running his hand through his hair and removing his eyepatch
* Slasher^ jumos out
[Slash^] nope..
* DeathStar walks out of the hanger, dodging some strange looking aliens
[Slash^] i want a good tan
[Blackjack] Slash, you're a Reploid. How can you get a tan?
* DeathStar bumps into a huge alien and the creature picks him up and shakes him
* Slasher^ pushes aside what he learned
[DeathStar] YIKES!!!
[Blackjack] DS!
[Slasher^] I can get a tan tho
* Garland looks around
[Slash^] .. not very easily...
* DeathStar alien curses at him in a strange lanuage
[Blackjack] Maybe you should have picked a better vacation spot, DS...
* Slasher^ walks over to Garland
* DeathStar is shaken around and then dropped on the ground
[Slasher^] What the heck
[Slash^] wha...
* DeathStar flips the alien off as he continues outside the hanger bay into a huge area.
[Blackjack] Mean-ass aliens here...
[Slasher^] What was that about an old girlfriend of his
[Slash^] ....
[Slash^] oh well.
[DeathStar] See that huge resort type building?  That's where we're staying.  
* Slash^ walks away
[Slasher^] Not to shabb
[Slash^] oooo nice..
* Blackjack looks at it, then looks up.  1"Big enough?" 
* DeathStar knees Slasher
[Slasher^] ouch
* Garland walks off
* Slasher^ jogs off to it
* DeathStar points to the beach where tons of HUMAN girls are walking by
[DeathStar] Those are MY type of aliens
* Slasher^ turns around runs towards the girls
* Blackjack looks at the beach too
[Blackjack] DAMN!
[Slash^] Hey BJ, lets have a quick round of drinks before we head out..
[Blackjack] Be right there.
* Blackjack goes back into the shuttle, grabbing what clothes, sports equipment, etc. that he brought
[Slasher^] Bye be back at tomorow
* Slash^ turns a bit more
[Slash^] or not..
* DeathStar sees a bar nearby and then looks around and sees another building with someone waving towards him. Nods at the Hunters and leaves
* Slasher^ yells out to Garland "Garl. come on and join me"
[Blackjack] Later DS. I'll go pick up the keys for the rooms...
* Blackjack walks off in the direction of the hotel
[Garland] who's Garl?
* Garland looks around
[Slasher^] Garl-Garland
[Slash^] ..
* DeathStar music is playing and everything seems very peaceful
* Slash^ picks up my key
* Garland glares at Shlasher
* Blackjack gets his key and heads for the elevators
[Blackjack] This place isn't too bad, eh, Slash?
* Slasher^ goes and grabs his key which is to a Luxury Suite Room
*** Titan (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - DeathStar,Titan (F7 for details)
* Slasher^ jumps in the Elevator and goes up to his room
* Blackjack snickers.  1"You're paying for the room, Slasher." 
* Titan huge Reploid walks around in the resort
* Garland looks at titan
[Slash^] not bat at all..
* Blackjack hears loud footsteps and turns around
[Slasher^] No im not...Corsec is...*reveals a corsec credit card*
* Slash^ relaxes in his hot tub
[Slash^] where did you get that??
* Titan stomps up stands there
[Blackjack] Whoa... BIG...
* Titan glares at Blackjack
[Garland] Hi MR. Big person!
[Blackjack] Uh, hey Mr. Big Person...
[Slasher^] I thought that since they put me through hell ild repay them for there hospitaltiy
[Titan] I am NOT big....Just abnormally LARGE
* Slasher^ phases down to Garland
* Slash^ warps down to Garland
* Slash^ looks up
[Slasher^] Umm...hi...Im Slasher what would be your name
[Slash^] whoa.. aint you a little big?
[Blackjack] Whatever.
* Titan rumbles his name
[Garland] I'm sorry Mr...... whats your name?
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] yes.. i see...
* Titan opens the door to his room, right next to the Hunters, and steps inside
* Titan closes the door
* Blackjack unlocks his door.  1"I don't like the looks of him... Oh well, we're here on vacation! No worries!" 
* Blackjack enters his room
*** Titan has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Slasher^] Titan...after...damn
[Slasher^] I don't trust him
*** Hodges (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - DeathStar,Hodges (F7 for details)
[Slasher^] Garland want to go pratice our skills in the training room
* Hodges the human walks around on the beach
[Garland] well bye. *runs off*
[Slasher^] Then after that go Cruising for some chicks
[Garland] Ok
* Slash^ lounges in the lobby
* Blackjack comes back into the hallway, and walks for the elevator.  1"Come on Slasher! Let's hit the beach!" 
* Slash^ warps to the beach
[Slash^] heh Sucker.. beat you there.;
[Slasher^] Hmm....lets skip the workout and go straight towards the beach
* Hodges sits down at a booth and sips a drink he buys at it
* Slasher^ tires to phase there but somethign jams it
[Slasher^] Hmm wierd
* Slasher^ runs down there
* Blackjack races to the beach
[Slasher^] Man am i thirsty..hmm 
* Slasher^ sees a bar and goes there
* Hodges talks to a few men there dressed in business suits and then heads in the opposite direction, down to the water, sipping his drink
* Garland runs to the beach
* Blackjack heads to the bar that he sees, and orders a strawberry daiquari
* Slash^ calls to slasher  1"HEY SLASHER! get me a vodka!
[Slasher^] K
* DeathStar leaves the building a few minutes later and walks over to the bar and sits down, watching the news
* Garland stops in a skid
* Slasher^ orders a Tropical punch and a Vodka
[Garland] Vodka? I remember that stuff!
* Blackjack heads to the beach, drink in hand
* Slasher^ runs towards Slasher gives it to him
* Hodges finishes and enters the bar and throws his drink away and seats himself across from the Hunters
* Garland runs up to the bar
* Slasher^ buys a surf board with his
* Slasher^ Corsec Credit card
[Garland] Can I have a vodka? I remember I had one one time
* Slash^ drinks his vodka slowly
[Blackjack] To hell with that, Slasher! I'm goin' after the girls!
* DeathStar watches the news and finishes and looks at the Hunters
* Slasher^ swims out and comes flying back in on a huge wave
[DeathStar] I'm heading up to the room
* DeathStar heads for the Hotel
[Blackjack] So soon, DS?
* Hodges stands up and follows DS out the door
* Blackjack shrugs.  1"Your loss!" 
* Slasher^ notices a hot momma and falls of his surfboard
* Slash^ laughs at Slasher
* Blackjack points at Slasher and laughs
[Slash^] you always were the surf king..
* DeathStar frowns slightly at Hodges and enters the Hotel quickly
* Slash^ laughs more
* Slasher^ gets up and runs to the girl
[DeathStar] Bartender: Scram Kid!!
* Slasher^ starts to talk with her and they walk off towards a building
* Hodges walks down to the beach and stands next to Blackjack
[Blackjack] Uh, you want something?
* Hodges glances at Blackjack.
[Hodges] Nothing, Mr. Carter.
* Garland grubles and cusses the bartender out, walking away
[Hodges] Just...enjoying the view.
* Slash^ looks at Hodges
[Blackjack] How'd you know my name...?
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] dont i know you?
* Hodges talks with a thick alienish accent
* Slasher^ and the girl leave the building and go walk along the beach together
[Hodges] I don't believe ya do, good sir.
* Hodges turns to Blackjack
[Hodges] I make it my business to know everyone's names
[Slash^] ..
[Blackjack] Well, I make it MY business to know who I'm talking too's names. Who are you?
* Garland runs up to Bj and the others at the beach
[Hodges] The name's Hodges
* Hodges holds out hand
[Hodges] Pleased ta meet ya.
* Blackjack faintly recognizes the name, but shrugs it off, shaking Hodges's hand
* Slasher^ hands the girl a piece of paper and gives her a kiss and walks towards the others
[Slash^] The names Slash
* Slash^ shakes Hodges hand
[Slasher^] Hi Im Slasher..who are you
[Hodges] You guys plan on visiting ta planet's bar?
* Garland looks at hodges
[Hodges] Hodges.
[Blackjack] I was just there. I think I saw you.
[Slash^] yes, why do you ask?
[Hodges] I'm talkin' 'bout the bar/casino
[Hodges] Win some money.
[Garland] casino?
[Blackjack] Casino? Where?
[Slash^] ....
[Garland] money? thats like a credit card right?
[Hodges] Aye, kid.  Ya can probably get in
* Slasher^ flips out his Corsec Credit card
[Slash^] what??!!
[Slasher^] I got some money to spend
[Slash^] him? in casino?
[Hodges] That's nice to know, my friend
* Slasher^ mutters "and a date"
[Slash^] whoa...
[Hodges] The casino is right next to your hotel...
[Blackjack] Hey, I LIVE for gambling, Hodges!
[Slasher^] Good...
[Hodges] On the other side of it, of course
[Blackjack] How do you think I earned my nickname, Blackjack?
[Hodges] A few minutes down
[Garland] I used Commander Star's card once!
[Hodges] We'll see if you're good, "Blackjack".  I'm a pretty good card player ma'self ya know
[Blackjack] We'll see...
[Hodges] 'Xcuse me.  I need ta be going.  Hope ta see you tonight.
* Slash^ plays with his holocard, the best credit card out
* Hodges walks off
[Slasher^] I haven't played much but i got lots o money to learn
[Blackjack] See you there.
*** Hodges has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Blackjack] DS hasn't even beaten me yet... I can't wait to see if he's any good.
* Garland flies strait up from the beach
[Slash^] who was that BJ?, i thought i recognized him. but cant remember where..
[Slasher^] That girl i met was awesome, we have so much in common
[DeathStar] Time Chart:  It's sundown now
[Slasher^] Me too..something click in my head but nothing
* Blackjack steps into the casino
[DeathStar] Time Chart: Humans are probably hungry by now
* Garland flys as fast as he can into the water
[Slasher^] Hmm....gotta go my Dates most likely waiting
* Blackjack looks around, noticing a small restaurant-type thing
* Slasher^ tries to phases to his room but it doens't work
* Slash^ stretches out in his room
[Slasher^] What the...
[Blackjack] You date, I'm hungry...
* DeathStar steps out from the resort
* Slash^ looks down and sees the casino
* DeathStar watches the sun setting
* Slasher^ runs off to the elevator and goes to his room where his date is waiting
[Slash^] meh, im outta here...
* Garland wanders around the place
[DeathStar] Well, the beach will be closed in less than a hour.
[Blackjack] Your call! You're missing out, though, Slash!
* Slash^ warps to the entrence to the casino
[DeathStar] Something to do with the planet's code.  But the casino and other buildings are still open for action
* Blackjack orders a hamburger, fries, and a strawberry daiquari
[Slash^] good, i wanna win and win big..
* DeathStar heads for the casino, carrying his earnings since joining the Hunters
[Blackjack] YOu don't know how lucky you are that you don't have to eat, Slash... *bites into the burger*
* DeathStar enters the casino and sits down a table for poker
* Slash^ enters and flips his holocard onto the counter
[Slash^] keeps me trim..
* Blackjack walks for the craps table
* DeathStar they give Slash the coins needed
* Garland pulls out a wallet, not showing *whos* it is, obviously not garlands
* Slash^ eyes garland
[Slash^] garland...
* Slasher^ phases Garland his Corsec credit card with a note attached "i want this back got it"
[Slash^] what are you doing here?
* DeathStar they give Garland the chips
* DeathStar begins to play against a bunch of aliens and humans, winning
* Blackjack shuffles his chips around in his pocket
* Slash^ walks to the craps table next to DS
* DeathStar puffs on a cigar as he plays
[Slash^] well, whats up DS?
* Slasher^ puts a do not disturb sign on the front of his door
[Blackjack] Think I'll play poker before craps... *walks for the table DS is playing at*
[DeathStar] My money.
[Garland] Ooohh.... *plays the slots*
[Blackjack] Deal another hand, DS... I'm in for this one.
* DeathStar puffs the cigar and pushes a ton of chips up
[Slash^] seems you draw a crowd DS
[Slash^] deal me in
[DeathStar] Aye
* DeathStar flips Blackjack some cards
* DeathStar notices the alien sweating in fear
[DeathStar] Hrm..
* DeathStar looks at his cards and smiles
* Blackjack looks at the cards. He shoves some chips forward, taking no replacement cards.
* DeathStar pushes some more chips forward and glances at BJ
* Garland walks up to the poker games
* DeathStar notices everyone else giving up already
* Slasher^ orders some food and his date and him eat
* Blackjack glances back, raising 200 gil
[Slash^] .
* DeathStar only BJ and him are left
* Slash^ watches
* Garland walks up to DS's game
[Garland] can I play?
* DeathStar matches that
[DeathStar] Next hand, Garland...
*** Hodges (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - DeathStar,Hodges (F7 for details)
* Hodges enters the casino holding a bag of chips and walks up to Blackjack
* Blackjack matches and raises another 100 gil
[Hodges] How's it going?
* DeathStar grins
[Slash^] deal me in the next game DS, i will be back
[Blackjack] I'm busy. We'll talk in a minute...
* Slash^ heads off to the baccratt table
[DeathStar] You better have one damn magically hand
* DeathStar matches and raises the last of his gil
* Blackjack matches, and calls
* DeathStar calls
* Blackjack places his cards on the table.  1"Royal flush. Hearts." 
[Garland] my turn?
* Slash^ walks back carrying a pile of gil
* DeathStar places his cards down. "Royal Flush. Spades."
* Blackjack throws his cards across the table.  1"DAMN IT!" 
* DeathStar blinks
[DeathStar] You los?
[Slash^] ...
[Hodges] That was an interesting game
* DeathStar takes all the gil and quickly puts it into a bag
[DeathStar] That was a good game there, Blackjack
[DeathStar] We should play again
* Blackjack slams his fist into the table.  1"I can't believe you beat me... The odds are incredible... Two royal flushes in one game... Impossible!" 
* Slasher^ comes walking down in to the Casino smoking a pipe
* DeathStar grabs half of the gil and hands it to Blackjack
[Slasher^] Garland wheres my Corsec card
* DeathStar watches the next hand being dealt in and he leaves the table
[Blackjack] At least I didn't run myself broke on that one... *accepts the gil*
* Hodges nods at Blackjack
[Slash^] heh not entirly
[Blackjack] Now we'll talk, Hodges. To the blackjack table!
[Slash^] deal me in
* Slasher^ grabs his Corsec card and pockets it
* Slash^ sits down
* Hodges follows Blackjack
* Slasher^ gest some chips and sits down next to Slash
* Blackjack looks over his shoulder.  1"That's the first time I've EVER lost to him..." 
[Slash^] you feel like loosing cash Slasher?
[Hodges] How often have you played him?
[Blackjack] Quite often.
* DeathStar appears next to Slash a few moments alter
[DeathStar] Anyone seen Garland?
* Slash^ lights up his cuban cigar
[Slash^] hes over there...
[Garland] my turn?
[Garland] NRP: I must go gag mysefl...
[Slasher^] What we gonna play Crazy 8's, Go fish
* Slash^ points
[Slash^] no... Poker, vegas rules
* Blackjack hears Slasher's comment and ignores him
* DeathStar looks at Slasher
[Slasher^] just trying to liven this up
[Hodges] So, what are you and your friends doing down here on our fair planet?
* Blackjack bribes the blackjack dealer into letting him deal
* Slasher^ antees up
[Garland] NRP: BRB
* Slash^ shuffles the cards like a profesinal
*** Titan (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw -  3 Clones  - DeathStar,Hodges,Titan (F7 for details)
* Titan comes stomping in, sending everything shaking
[Slash^] WTF??
* Slash^ whirls around looking at Titan
* Blackjack shuffles the cards, some being knocked loose due to the shaking
* Hodges sits down at the table
[Blackjack] What the hell?
[Slasher^] Its Titan.I know that rumbling
[Slash^] what do you want?
[Hodges] Hrrrm.....big fellow 'ore there, ain't it?
* Titan stomps up to Slash
[Titan] YOU BAST! *punches Slash into a slot
* DeathStar leaps back from the flying Slash
[Slash^] AHHHH!!
[Blackjack] What does that *quietly* big bastard *normal volume* want?
[DeathStar] WhoaA!!!
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Slash^] you wanna die?
[Slasher^] What ya do that for 
* Slash^ eyes blaze red
[Hodges] Looks like to fight...
* Blackjack leaps up
[Titan] YOU THIEF!!!
* Slasher^ jumps in front of Titan
[Slasher^] WHO
[Blackjack] Our game has been put on hold...
* Titan punches Slash again into another slot
[Slash^] what the hell was that for?
* Slash^ flys back
* Hodges watchers
* Slash^ laughs
[Blackjack] I've got to help Slash...
* Slash^ warps behind Titan
* Slasher^ use s Fukei on Titan
* DeathStar stands up
* DeathStar kicks Titan and his foot just clangs
* Slash^ stabs him once in the back
* Titan grabs Slash in a bearhug, crushing him as secerity comes rushing in
[Slash^] What Money??!!
* Blackjack walks up to Titan, deciding to play negotiator.  1"What the hell is going on!?" 
* Slash^ warps out
[Slasher^] Oh whew thought I stole your Girlfriend 
[Slash^] WHAT MONEY!
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
[Slasher^] Titan stop stop
[Slasher^] Ill give you some money ok
* Titan punches Slasher
[Blackjack] Titan, we've been down here since 5!
[Slash^] ...
[DeathStar] Hrm..
[Slasher^] ooooof
* DeathStar tackles Titan and is thrown into a slot machine, knocking it over
[Slasher^] I wasbt
* Slash^ tries to implant a suggestion that someone else took it in Titans head
[Slasher^] I was in my room with my Date
* Titan secerity tackles him and drags Titan out of the room
*** Titan has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Slasher^] Somethings wrong...
[Slash^] Who took his money..
* Blackjack curses the security quietly for taking so long
[Slasher^] GARLAND
* Slash^ holds chest where he took the punches
[Slash^] that hurt...
* DeathStar grabs a notebook after pulling himself up and glances at it, then back at Titan who is being dragged away
* Garland looks at titan
* Blackjack shakes his head, rubbing his scarred eye
[DeathStar] Just what I thought...
[Slash^] ...
[Slasher^] For a minute there i thought he mistaked me for Slash...cuz the date i had was going out with him before
* Slash^ picks garland up, and shakes him
* Blackjack looks at DS
[Blackjack] What?
[DeathStar] That's a Maverick Command there...
[Slasher^] Slash stop
* Slash^ stops
[Slasher^] Leave the kid alone
[Blackjack] Great. Anything to bust up a good vacation...
* Slasher^ turns to Hodge...
[Slash^] ...
* Slash^ sets garland down
[DeathStar] .....The REAL reason we're here was to find him and take him out.  But, I wasn't sure who it was until he came in here.  He probably planted a beacon on you, Slash, so his gang can get us.
[Slash^] sorry.. dont know what came into me..
[Slasher^] Do you know anything about this
* Hodges is still sitting there, holding his cards
[Blackjack] WHAT!!!!
[Slasher^] You tricked us...
[Slash^] beacon..
[DeathStar] You REALLY think we would get a FREE vacation???
[Slash^] lets see if he can follow me in HELL
[DeathStar] We still have two weeks.
* Blackjack fights the urge to strangle DS, then the guys at EarthGov
[DeathStar] We just had to take him out on the side
* Slasher^ prepars to use Kakei on DS
[Blackjack] Go *curses* figure...
[DeathStar] That's what I was working on this morning
[Slash^] ...
* DeathStar shakes himself off and looks at everyone staring at them
* Slasher^ s;
* Slasher^ stops
[Blackjack] How about saying something next time!?
* DeathStar everyone immediately begins to gamble again
[Slasher^] I don't gamble 
* Blackjack walks back to the blackjack table
[DeathStar] Didn't want to spoil your time.
[Slash^] ....
[Blackjack] Sorry about that interruption...
[Slash^] well its a little late now...
* DeathStar turns to Slash
[Blackjack] Shall we continue?
[Slash^] DS...
*** Garland has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com )
[DeathStar] Well, you want to step outside and see if we can lure Titan out?
[Slash^] lets..
[Slasher^] I hope Elly will contact me after this damn mission
[Hodges] Lets.
[Slash^] i want to take his head for a trophy..
* Slasher^ looks at Hodges
* Slash^ walks out
[Slasher^] hmm
* Blackjack deals two cards to himself and Hodges
[Slasher^] Im coming yto
* DeathStar steps outside, grabbing a new cigar to puff
* Slasher^ walks out
[Blackjack] ...I should go... Let's finish this game.
[Slasher^] DS.. ive been having probs with my Phasing i can't phase my body to places
[Hodges] Take your time.
* Blackjack looks at his downcard
[Hodges] Your friends seem like they can ahandle that thing
* Hodges glances at his cards and draws another one
* Slash^ shuddres and laughs
[Blackjack] I'll stay.
[DeathStar] Why is that Slasher?
* DeathStar looks around for Titan
[Slasher^] I don't know..maybe Titan has a jammer
[Hodges] Me too
[Hodges] 19
[Slasher^] I can't wait to try my Combo Attack System
* DeathStar looks around
* Blackjack flips his downcard over.  2"20. Dealer wins." 
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] where is he
*** Titan (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw -  3 Clones  - DeathStar,Hodges,Titan (F7 for details)
[Slash^] there he is..
[Slasher^] So Slash your warp might not wark
* Titan appears with twenty Mavericks
[Titan] GET HIM!!
[Slash^] BRING IT ON@!
[Hodges] That's good...
* Blackjack stands.  1"I've got to go help them. I can't help but feel something's wrong..." 
* Slash^ fires plasma cannons at The mav forces
[Slasher^] Here goes nothing.....FUKEI
* Hodges hands BJ some money for winning
*** Garland (Jojo@ip40.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[Hodges] Which is?
[Garland] NRP: Ping problems
* DeathStar grabs sabres and slashes at Titan
* Titan punches the Hunter into the wall
* Slasher^ fires a bunch of Chi balls at all the Mavs then throws a Large Chi Ball at Titan
* Slash^ kneels and takes aim at Titan
* Titan the twenty Mavericks all fire at Slash and Slasher
[Blackjack] I don't know. We know that Titan's a Maverick, but... he may have backup.
[Slash^] who wants some?
[Slasher^] oof
[Hodges] Probably..
* Slash^ charges and fires his Ion cannon at Titan
* Hodges stands up
[Slasher^] atleast it works
[Slash^] AHHH!!
[Hodges] Talk to you later.
* Slash^ flys back
* Hodges walks off
[Slash^] NRP: 110 ap
* Slasher^ fires his Disruptor cannon at the Mavs
* DeathStar stands up and slashes Titan
* Blackjack shrugs, and runs in the direction of the Hunters
[Slasher^] NRP:How many left
* Titan punches DS (200 AP)
[DeathStar] ARGGHHHH
[Slash^] DS!!
* Blackjack arrives at the battle scene
[DeathStar] NRP: keep it up
[Slasher^] DS
* Slash^ runs over to his side
[Blackjack] WHAT!?
[DeathStar] ARGHHH
* DeathStar flips over
* DeathStar  1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey.  1"Let's rock...."
[Slasher^] hmmm
[Slash^] that will do it..
* DeathStar fires a fire ball at Titan and knocks him back
* DeathStar fires it at the MAavericks
[Slash^] lets rock..
* Titan five Mavericks jump BJ
* Slash^ charges his PPC
[Slash^] 's
[Slash^] its ROCK TIME!!
[Slasher^] ........CHIKEI!!!!!!!
* Titan grabs DS and throws him into Slash
[DeathStar] WHHHOOAA!!
* Blackjack is tackled, attempting to fling them off
[Slash^] AHH!!
* Slasher^ charges his fist and slams it into the ground causing the ground to fly up knocking down all the mavs.. the ground then returns back to normal
* Slash^ catches DS
* Hodges appears behind Titan and raises hand a huge fire ball hits Titan in the back, sending him smashing into the sidewalk
* Slash^ fires all the plasma weapons he has at the mav forces 330 AP (all attack)
* Garland jumps up and fires on Titan
* DeathStar slashes the remaining Mavericks
*** Garland has quit IRC (Client exited )
* Slash^ jumps on Titan and hacks at him with his warp blades 120 AP
[DeathStar] That's the last of them
* Slasher^ turns to see Titan
* DeathStar sees Titan on the ground
[Slash^] you wanna see how much i hate to do this??!!
*** Garland (Jojo@ip40.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
* Titan struggles to get his massive body up
[Blackjack] This was actually EASY...
[DeathStar] DON'T LET TITAN UP!!!
* Slash^ goes into a rage hacking and slashing almost faster then the eye can see
* DeathStar stabs Titan int he back, turning back to normal
[Slash^] Blood rage!
* Garland jumps up and hits titan in the base of his neck
* Titan outer layer explodes into a brillant light
*** Titan has quit IRC (Leaving )
* Slash^ flys back from teh explosion
* Hodges stands over Titan, smirking
[Slash^] AHHH!!
* Slash^ is 100 feet in the air and falling
[Slasher^] Damn coudlnt even use my Kakei attack
[Slash^] this is gonna hurt...
* DeathStar grabs Slash
[Slash^] thanks for hte save..
*** Titanic (death_star@dial43.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Titanic appears from Titan's remains
[Slasher^] WHAT THE?!?!?
[Slasher^] TIme to use KAKEi
[Slash^] HOLY CRAP!
[Garland] oh pooh!
[Slash^] what is your name?
* Titanic is small at first but then grows twice the size of Titan
[Slash^] Bismark?
* Hodges frowns
[Slash^] titanic..
[Slash^] oy..
[Hodges] I wasn't expecting this..
* DeathStar grabs another sabre and twirls them both
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
* DeathStar leaps at Titanic and slashes madly
* Garland kicks titanics head multiple times
* Titanic rams DS (100 AP)
* Slash^ fires his plasma cannons at Titanics head
* Slasher^ charges up KAKEI Slasher flies up into the air and comes flyign down with such force it creates a small fire tornado where he contacts Titanic
[Slash^] DS!!
* Slasher^ flips back
* Slash^ catches him
* Titanic reflects the attack and rams Slasher
[Slasher^] ooof
[DeathStar] THAT HURT!!!
* Slasher^ falls to his knees
* Slash^ eyes begin to glow evilly
* Hodges stands there, watching them
[Slasher^] Ho...how....th..at....was..my...strongest..attack...
[Slash^] alright, you want some, you got some.