Mission 18: Contact

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 days later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Garland walks in
[Slash^] .....
* DeathStar twirls around in his command chair, humming
* Blackjack shuffles a deck of cards idly
[Blackjack] Bored...
* Slash^ watches stuff
[DeathStar] We COULD train if you like Blackjack
[Garland] ...... aye....
[Blackjack] No thank you, DS...
[DeathStar] We could drop another wall on you too
* Blackjack deals out a game of solitare
* Slash^ leans on the wall
* Garland watches Brady Bunch
[Slash^] AHHH
[Garland] Why are they mowing astroturf?
* DeathStar sits up and turns around to the computer as it beeps
* Blackjack ignores the beeping, moving a few cards around
* DeathStar types idly for a few seconds and prints something out
[Slash^] shut that thing off.... its giving me a headache..
* DeathStar flips alarm off
[DeathStar] Since WHEN did you become such a bunch of complainers?
[Blackjack] Since the training... We need a break
* Monty is working on flight schematics on comp
* DeathStar grumbles loudly as he sits up
[Slash^] since i have been feeling like something is burning at my insides..
[DeathStar] Well, I'm going to go check something out down at Earth.  A strange distrubance keeps flickering over the "Wastelands"....
[DeathStar] Eh?
* DeathStar heads down to the hanger, sighing loudly
[Blackjack] The Wastelands... I hate that place... Too many bad memories...
[Monty] I'll go with ya k ??
[DeathStar] Fine, Ensign.  c'mon along
* Monty heads down after DS
* Slash^ follows to the hanger
[Garland] ....
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle and powers it up
[DeathStar] Remember, if we loose this shuttle, it comes out of our pockets..
[Monty] May I do the honors of piloting ?? 
* DeathStar glances at Monty
[DeathStar] Sure, why not?
[Garland] what? we get PAID for this job!?
* DeathStar sits in the co-pilot seat
[Slash^] ....
[DeathStar] Yeah, but the government takes it before you get it...
[Slash^] oy.....
* Monty starts up engiens and flips a few switches
[Slash^] i didnt know we did, else i would have upgraded some of my weapons..
* Blackjack leaps into the shuttle
* Slash^ does a double flip in
* Monty looks behind him "everybody got your seat belts fastend ??"
* DeathStar leans back and closes his eyes
[Blackjack] Yep, let's go
* Garland stands there not buckles up
[Garland] huh? no.
* Monty seems to be taking them out slowley then all the sudden punches the hyperdrive 
[Monty] Hehehe 
* DeathStar flips forward
* Slash^ doesnt care
[DeathStar] WHAT THE HELL!?
[Slash^] AHHH!!
* Blackjack flies backwards
* Garland is still standing there
* DeathStar everyone is jerked forward, including Garlanda little
* Slash^ flys into the seat infront of him
* Monty hers someone yelling on the comm from MHHQ
[DeathStar] YOU IDIOT?!
[DeathStar] Did you SET THE CORSE?1
[Monty] Shut that off I can't concentrate
* DeathStar hates to see what happened to the hanger bay
[Blackjack] NRP: Wouldn't we be going backwards?
[Monty] Sure did 
[Garland] .....
[DeathStar] NRP:  Yes
[DeathStar] .....
[Slash^] uhhh......
[Monty] NRP: I set a course
[Slash^] can you pilot monty?
[DeathStar] God I'll kill you for this one day...
* Monty has them heading toward earth btw
* DeathStar straights his hair and folds arms, glaring at Monty
[Slash^] I have first dibbs on his spleen..
* Blackjack peels himself off of the wall. 1"Learn to fly, asshole..."
[Slash^] why did i say that...
[Monty] Would you rather pilot BJ ??
* DeathStar glances at Slash
[Blackjack] I might be better at it...
[DeathStar] Slash...?
[Garland] I got his face, it'd make a nice birthday present to Wien.
[Slash^] what?
* Monty brings them outside of hyperspace outside the atmosphere
[DeathStar] Nevermind
* Blackjack snickers at Garland, then looks at Slash
[Slash^] .....
* DeathStar turns back around and watches the Earth
* Blackjack shakes his head, and concentrates on the upcoming battle
[DeathStar] ......
[Monty] Ok I will set us down nice and smoth.
[DeathStar] Wait, hand over control to me
[Blackjack] Don't talk like that, it usually is just the opposite...
* Monty begins the landing procedure
[Slash^] ... Dont scratch the paint job, or the tech boys will kill us..
[DeathStar] I want to investagate something
[Monty] What ok 
* Monty sets controlls to copilot mode
* DeathStar reaches over to the co-pilot and takes the controls and flies over the wastelands
* DeathStar they fly over the ruins of the Wastelands
[Blackjack] What're you looking for, DS?
[Garland] Oooooo whats this place?
[DeathStar] ....I don't know....*looks over the area, a haunted look in his eyes*
[Slash^] yea, there is NOTHING around here....
* Blackjack shakes his head, and shivers
[Slash^] ....
* Monty looks at DS
[DeathStar] ....
[Monty] Ya spooked oh fearless leader ??
[DeathStar] Alright, lets head for that spot..
[DeathStar] Me?
[DeathStar] Get real.
* Slash^ armor slowly shifts as he thinks
[Slash^] .... the first battle eh ds?
* DeathStar flies toward where the distrubances were seen and up ahead is a huge airship hovering over there
[DeathStar] ...It was here, wasn't it?
[Monty] Ok good, can't have a spooked pearson in the drivers seat, MMHQ regs ya know hehehe 
[Blackjack] Monty, shut up.
[Slash^] what the.....
* DeathStar snaps out of it and hits the shields button
[DeathStar] Alrightttt, that must be it
[Slash^] ....
* DeathStar brings it around to the right of the airship
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
[Slash^] what the heck is that?
[DeathStar] Someone scan that...
* Garland looks at it
* DeathStar flies around it
* Monty looks over at BJ "WOuld you like to take the co-pilot seat instead, I did read up on your record"
[Garland] NRP: could it be...... *gasp* THE HIGHWIND!
[DeathStar] For once I wish we had CROSS here....
* Blackjack glares at Monty. 1"W... what did you find...?"
[DeathStar] NRP:  Groans
[Slash^] ....
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Blackjack] He's better than Monty, anyway
* DeathStar flies up above it
[Slash^] lets hack our way in...
[DeathStar] Seems like they are transporting stuff down there...
[DeathStar] But what?
[DeathStar] And why HERE?
[Monty] Nothing much BJ something about not letting you pilot a shuttle again....
[Blackjack] Damn, you're violent today, Slash!
* DeathStar alarms go off indicating a lock on to them
[Monty] Lock 
[DeathStar] Heads up people
[Slash^] uhhh not good?
[Monty] !!!
* Blackjack remembers that self-destruct incident
* DeathStar flips it up
[Monty] 4 o'clock high
[Garland] Uh.... can we go kill something?
[Blackjack] Great, missile lock...
* Slash^ a warp field shimmers into exsistance around him
* DeathStar brings it around the airship
[Blackjack] From where?
[DeathStar] They fire a missile?
[Slash^] lets see if i cant warp these suckers away..
* Monty starts tracking locks
* DeathStar glances around
[Slash^] NRP: can i see the missiles?
[DeathStar] NRP:  Out the right window
[Slash^] NRP: tell me when i can..
* Monty is checking radar
[DeathStar] Damn, bringing her around
[Monty] AHHH
* Slash^ tries creating a warp field infront of a few of them getting them out of the way
[Slash^] I... cant...hold..this..
* DeathStar pulls back and heads toward the airship and lasers fly at them
[Slash^] Blow the airlock!
[DeathStar] What!?
[Blackjack] AGH!
* DeathStar looks back
[Monty] This thing got weps ??
* Slash^ visor slides into place
[DeathStar] It seems so
[Blackjack] I preffered training, at least that wasn't real!
[Monty] No I mean this shuttle 
[DeathStar] Evasive action, we're landing
* Slash^ stands ready at the airlock
[Slash^] or not..
* DeathStar flips past the missiles
[Blackjack] How about blowing the airlock?
[DeathStar] YES IT DOES
* Garland is sittinging in "his" seat watching everyone
[Monty] I'll handle the evasive action you handle the landing 
* DeathStar flies along the right edge of the airship, lasers hitting the ship, rocking it
[Blackjack] Whoa!
* Blackjack stumbles and falls to the floor
[Garland] Can we just leave the shuttle and get on with the mission?
* DeathStar bumps up
[Monty] LAND on the air ship !!!
* Slash^ tries to keep his balance
* DeathStar flies around and sees a little pad on it and quickly flies onto
[DeathStar] Shields...*BOOM* gone...
* DeathStar lands on it in time
[Blackjack] Do something!
[Garland] Oy......
* Monty adjust attitude thrusters giving them a somewhat smoother ride for the landing
[Slash^] ....
* DeathStar leaps out of his seat
* Garland opens the door to the shuttle and hops out
* DeathStar leaps over Garland onto the landing pad, looking out over the sky
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
[DeathStar] GM:  They are outside the ship, on a landing pad.  The wind is blowing harshly as the aircraft moves around in circles
* Blackjack leaps out of the shuttle
* Slash^ leaps out of hte shuttle
* DeathStar steps to the edge and looks over the wastelands
* Blackjack is almost knocked over by the winds
* Garland 's hair whips in the wind
[DeathStar] GAAA
* Monty leaps out after setting security lock so no one can steal it 
* DeathStar holds his footing and looks around, his hair flipping around
[Monty] Dang windy 
* Slash^ armor blows slightly back from the wind
[DeathStar] Anyone see a door?
* Blackjack walks to the edge next to DS, hair whipping in the wind
[Blackjack] Didn't see one on the way in
[Monty] I don't, not yet at least 
[Garland] Lets make one......
[Slash^] i thought i saw one as we were landing over that way.
* Slash^ points
[Blackjack] Wasn't really paying attention, though
* Garland looks at a wall
* DeathStar steps away and heads in the direction Slash points, along the edge of the craft
[DeathStar] Lets go
* Blackjack walks after DS, nearly losing his balance a couple of times
[Garland] I'm gonna make a door.
* Slash^ heads that direction
[Blackjack] Garland, we know where a door is
* Monty runs after them
* DeathStar hunches and keeps going
[Garland] But I wanna!!!!
[DeathStar] ...This ship isn't human built, Garland...
[Blackjack] ...come on, Garland...
[DeathStar] I wouldn't try it
[Garland] *rolls eyes* Fine.....
* DeathStar the ship is like nothing any of them have seen befor
[Blackjack] You might draw attention to us, anyway
[Monty] Alien built ?? *glances over at ds*
* Slash^ looks around
[Slash^] nice tech work..
* DeathStar walks along a platform and sees a small crack in the wall. Goes over and sees another crack two feet away
* DeathStar looks up
[DeathStar] Another crack
[DeathStar] Door perhaps?
[Blackjack] Maybe the Tsivrixsh decided to make an appearence...
[Monty] Yeah I'll agree with that, they did a good job on it. 
[Monty] Not any kind we are use to, but at least we can pound through it if we can't open it....
[Slash^] could be..
[Garland] .....
* DeathStar contacts the HQ
[DeathStar] I don't like this...
[Slash^] want to try muscling it open?
[DeathStar] HQ, can you send me some back up?
[Blackjack] Not me...
[DeathStar] Teleport someone to this location...
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD3.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Dominator teleports in
* DeathStar shields eyes from the teleport
* DeathStar they are standing on a airship flying over the Wastelands
* Monty looks over at slash "THought you'd never ask"
[Garland] Mr. Dominator!
[Slash^] Dom! good..
[DeathStar] That was QUICK.....
[Blackjack] Hey Captain
[Dominator] What's going on here?
[Garland] *runs to doms's side*
* DeathStar the wind almost knocks Dom off balance
[Monty] Captain, good to see ya.
[Dominator] Whoa!
[DeathStar] Garland, blast that door open, please...
[Slash^] remind me to call for help often...
* DeathStar hunches over more and glances at it
[Blackjack] I forgot to say something, Dom. Watch your step.
[Dominator] DS, what's the mission...?
* Garland smiles an almost sinister smile as he blasts where DS told him to
* Monty stands back
* DeathStar a slight rain begins to pour down, it's thick and slimy almost
* DeathStar the wall bends in some
[DeathStar] We're here checking out disturbances and found THIS thing
[Monty] What the ?!?!?!
[DeathStar] IT's not built by humans, I tell you
[Garland] ......
* Blackjack sheilds his eye
[DeathStar] That door is strong...
[Dominator] Who then...?
[Garland] HEY! that was suposed to make more than a dent!
[Blackjack] What kind of rain is this?
[DeathStar] Better hurry, this platform will be getting slippery....
[Monty] Only a dent, I read about this kinda material once, were gonna need to make a group effort to blow this thing 
[Slash^] whoa...
* Garland runs at it and kicks/punches it a lot
* Monty chargest blaster 
[DeathStar] Acid rain perhaps?  That nuclear blast...
[Dominator] We've trying to...?
* Slash^ fires his Ion cannon at the Door
* DeathStar it begins to dent more
* DeathStar it blows in
* DeathStar the door begins to reform
* Monty fires blaster
[Slash^] Holy crap..
* Dominator charges his weapon
[Slash^] it reforms...
* Garland jumps through the reforming door
[Monty] What the
* DeathStar leaps in
* Blackjack leaps through the door
* Slash^ charges his Ion cannon, PPc's and Plasma cannons
* Monty uses Speed suit to run through the opening
* Dominator leaps through, following them
* Slash^ runs at full speed into the door
* DeathStar door closes
* DeathStar the hallway is dark, a low hum can be heard
[Slash^] NRP: did i make it?
[Monty] Alien technology, I'll bet ya any money that this entire thing is a bio organic air ship !!
* Dominator glances around
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
[DeathStar] ....
[Blackjack] Can't see...
[DeathStar] Lets head out...
[Slash^] .. hang on
[Slash^] i got flashlight here
* DeathStar steps forward cautiously
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
* Dominator follows DS slowly
[Slash^] there, a nice purple glow
[Blackjack] Can see...
* Monty follows Dominator
[DeathStar] ....
* DeathStar stops and looks around, rubbing chest slightly
[Garland] Commander Star says I have a salary, but aint seen a dime, how much you wanna bet, Monty?
* Blackjack follows everyone, adding to the light by igniting his fire dagger
[Dominator] What's wrong DS?
[DeathStar] Nothing...
[Blackjack] You ok, DS?
* DeathStar kneels and looks at the floor
* Monty looks at DS perturbed a little, and a little worried
[Slash^] DS..?
[Slash^] what is wrong.,,
[DeathStar] I don't see any traps...either they didn't expect us to get in or their traps are well wrong
* Dominator continues moving, charging Thunder Bolt and the enhancement
[DeathStar] hidden
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar stands up and steps in front of the group and continues
* Blackjack grips the Diamond Edge tightly
* Slash^ continues on
[Monty] I'd bet on em being hidden, if they even need traps, this is an air ship after all, I wouldn't expect alot of traps :P
* DeathStar suddenly a klank goes off and an arrow flies out of the wall and stabs DS in the neck, knocking him down (200 AP, Poison)
[Dominator] Death Star!!!
[Blackjack] DS!
[DeathStar] ARGH
[Monty] Death Star !!!!!
* DeathStar crashes into the wall
[Slash^] DS!!
* Dominator jumps to attentivness, aiming his Thunder Bolt to wear DS was attacked
[Garland] ....!?
[DeathStar] ...I...vote....for...hidden...no?
* Monty walks up to him
* Blackjack quickly hits DS with Cure Ray (125 LP)
* Monty pulls out his healing equipment
* Slash^ rushes to DS's side
[Monty] Allow me :)
[Slash^] you ok man?
* DeathStar rups out the arrow
* Monty begins repairing him 
[DeathStar] ...Fine
[DeathStar] rips
* DeathStar snaps arrow in two
[Blackjack] I was going to suggest I look ahead (scouting), but not now...
[Dominator] Need me to heal you too DS?
[Slash^] ...
[DeathStar] No, thanks....you'll done enough.  Lets move on....
* Dominator continues movining, activating Force Shield in case
[Monty] Ok, but I'm sticking close by you, in case you get hit again.
* DeathStar looks around and sees if he tripped anything...sees a small thing in the wall, like a sensor
* Blackjack walks along the path more cautiously, ready to take evasive maneuvers
[Dominator] Sensor? ....
[DeathStar] Yes...
[Slash^] wha...
* DeathStar continues on and looks both ways
* Monty is healing DS at 10LP per second
[DeathStar] I don't like this...
[Garland] ...
[DeathStar] GM Note: His LP might change later
* Dominator slows down, watching his step, 1"The only way this could seem more like a trap is if the mavericks hung a big banner on the wall saying 'This is a Trap'..."
[Slash^] ... this is not a good sign..
[Blackjack] No kidding, Dom...
* DeathStar they step forward and suddenly everyone is hit by something, knocking them all out instantly
[Slash^] NRP: *points down the hall* whats that? *they see a banner saying "this is a trap"
[Blackjack] Gyargh!
* Blackjack slumps to the ground
[Monty] Ugh
* DeathStar crashes to the ground
[Dominator] EH-ARGh!
[Slash^] Umph..
[Garland] .......OW!
[Slash^] thats...gonna...sting...
* Monty falls back saying "why you" then faints  
* Dominator falls down, cursing as Force Shield shorts out and his Thunder bolt fflashes off
[DeathStar] Location: Prison Area
[DeathStar] Time Chart: ????
[DeathStar] GM:  Everyone wakes up
[Monty] Uh well
* Slash^ shudders
[Blackjack] urgh...
[Monty] Dang, what a head ache
* Blackjack stands slowly
[Slash^] ugh.. what hit us...
[DeathStar] Gm: They are all behind an energy wall, seperate ones.  Very little room to move
* Dominator gets up rubbing the back of his head, 1"I think they hung that banner..."
[Blackjack] NRP: HPs?
[Monty] NRP: They took our weapons right
[DeathStar] NRP:  None loss, DS lost 100 HP from the poison
* Slash^ touches the energy wall experimentally very softly
[Blackjack] Great... What now?
[DeathStar] NRP:  Weapons are stil there
[Monty] DS !!
[Monty] Your hurt
* Blackjack reaches for his rifle, gripping it tightly
[Dominator] NRP: Can we hear each other?
* Garland kiama's the enegy wall
[DeathStar] NRP:  Yes
[Garland] LEMME OUT!
[Dominator] We have our weapons... odd...
* Monty goes to run forward but sees energy wall
[Monty] Uh hu, hmm.
[DeathStar] Voice, translated:  Welcome...Hunters...
[DeathStar] Who the?
* Slash^ looks around at the walls seeing??
[Dominator] These is too remenisent of that drill we had... Who the hell?
[Dominator] NRP: Translated?
[Garland] Uh..... hi?
[Slash^] Who the hell are you?
[DeathStar] Voice: ...The reason...you weren't...kill....is because....we want....to know who you are.
[DeathStar] NRP:  Machines twriling and a comm. clacking
[Dominator] You said 'hunters', sounds like you already have made your own assumptions!
[Blackjack] Who are you!?
[Slash^] We are the"baret uth mathar" teh bringers of death
[Monty] So you can't fight us without your technology whoever you are, that is good news, or else your chicken to come out and face us which is better.
[DeathStar] Voice:  Your badges...look like them
[Blackjack] Monty, ssshh!!
[DeathStar] Voice:  We want to know how you got on our ship....
[Slash^] Dont try to get us killed..*to monty*
* DeathStar glances around, holding chest, thinking
[Slash^] ....
[Monty] Easy, we will tell you, if you will heal our friend of the poison
* Dominator looks over at DS
[DeathStar] Voice:  You are in no position to bargin...tell us now.
[Garland] We blasted a wall.
[DeathStar] Voice:  You did?  You must be very strong then, boy...
[Garland] Sorry if we broke it!
[Monty] We are in no position to bargin, your the one with security hole !!
* Blackjack wonders if water will short out the energy walls
[DeathStar] Voice:  Thank you for answering...we will now kill you all...*comm. clicks off*
[Blackjack] Great.
[Garland] Well, he was nice!
* DeathStar energy fields hum. Slash is began to get shocked
[DeathStar] SLASH!!
[Slash^] this is nice..
[Monty] Uh oh
[Slash^] AHHHH!!!!!!!
* Slash^ armor begins writhing in pain
* Monty uses Energy Reflectors
* DeathStar others began to hum, but only slash is shocked right now
* Blackjack quickly fires a Typhoon Wave at the edge of his cell, trying to get out
[Dominator] SLASH!
* DeathStar BJ shorts it some, but nothing happens
[DeathStar] SLASSSHHH!!!
[Blackjack] Damn it!
[Monty] Let him alone, he is more good to you alive, we all are !!
* Slash^ continues fighting the shock, but armor is receading from his body
* DeathStar rams the field
* Dominator draws Rune Sword, the sword of ages, and slashes at the energy in front of him
[Blackjack] Slash!
* Slash^ all can see the small gaping holes left by the armor
* Blackjack fires everything he's got at the cell wall (one use of everything except Typhoon Wave and Splash Shield)
[Monty] SLASH !!!!
[Garland] Um.... Person on the Comm are you still there?
* DeathStar Dom is reflected back
* DeathStar BJ is reflected back
* Blackjack ducks his own reflected shots
* Slash^ armor keeps receding
[Dominator] Ahh! Damn.... Slash!
[DeathStar] SLASH!!!!
* DeathStar keeps ramming the field
[Blackjack] Slash, you asshole! You can't die!
* Dominator switches to ice enhancement and charges
* DeathStar slumps from damage
* Blackjack opens fire on the edges of his cell with rapid plasma shots
[Garland] Ok, your mean, hurting my friends!!!!
* Slash^ more holes appear on his body
* DeathStar field's field gets stronger
* Dominator lets loose a blast of ice (100AP) then a blast of fire (100AP)
* DeathStar the field absorbs it
[Dominator] Damn....
* Dominator tries to teleport through the field
* Blackjack stops firing, and leaps at the field, performing a flying kick
* Garland punches his hand at the wall, and keeps pushing, trying to go through (very painfully though)
* DeathStar it is blocked
[Dominator] NRP: Could I heal Slash with my crystal from here?
* Monty pulls out crystal Dagger 
[Garland] I've had enough of this!!!!
* Dominator sparks and whinces
* DeathStar Garland's field begins to hum to life now
* Slash^ armor keeps receding
* Blackjack rushes forwards, katana extended
* Garland keeps pushing trying to get out
[DeathStar] NRP:  No
* DeathStar draws sabres and slashes
* Slash^ screams
[DeathStar] LET ME THROUGH!!
[Dominator] Hang on Slash!
[Monty] Initiates Dagger reflect
* Dominator madly slashes the field
* Monty Initiates Dagger reflect
[Blackjack] Slash! Hang on! DON'T DIE!
[Slash^] I...*grits teeth* WONT DIE!
* Blackjack hits the edge of the field with all of his close range weaponry
* Slash^ stands up slowly fighting the shock
* DeathStar Monty's field begins to shock him now
* Garland is huffing and puffing while trying to go through the energy wall
* Monty is trying to push his field into the closest one near him with his dager 
[Blackjack] DAMN IT!
* Dominator continues slashing as the energy sizzles around him
[Dominator] You can't die! DAMMIT!
* DeathStar Garland's field begins to shock him
*** ShadowKnight (shadezader@ts009d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] ....
* Slash^ the holes can be seen more clearly, blood oozing out of them
[Slash^] M..Monty....
[Blackjack] Slash! NO!
* DeathStar Dominator's field begins to shock him
* Slash^ continues fighting the shock
[Garland] Urg...................!
[Dominator] Argh...!
* DeathStar Death Star's field begins to shock him
* Blackjack gets a running start, and rushes at the edge of his cell, shoulder forward
[Slash^] I WONT DIE!!!!!!
* Monty is fighting the shock the crystal dager not reflecting it all 
* DeathStar BJ is shocked back
* Dominator holds stomach, and tries to keep slashing, hiss sword starting to slump
* Blackjack flies backwards
* Garland stops hitting the walls and remains silent, obviously in massive pain
[Dominator] Ahhh...
* DeathStar the intensity increases with the energy field cells
* Slash^ tries firing his lockdown cannon at the energy wall
* ShadowKnight blasts a hole into the door
* DeathStar slumps over
* Blackjack activates a Splash Shield
* DeathStar looks at the door
[DeathStar] Shadow Knight?!
* Slash^ is holding on to conciousness by a thread
[Slash^] SK!!!~
[ShadowKnight] So, what'd I miss?
[Blackjack] SK! Good timing...
[DeathStar] Our...deaths...if you don't turn these fields off...
[Slash^] HELP US!!!
[DeathStar] ARRGGHHH
* Dominator starts doubling over, using Rune Sword to support him
[Blackjack] How about deactivating these damned fields!!!
[Blackjack] It won't be long before me and Garland get it!
* Slash^ shudders and starts slumping to the floor again
[DeathStar] (100 AP dealt to all)
[Blackjack] We can't take it as long as they can!
[DeathStar] (200 to Slash)
* Garland already IS being electricuted
[Blackjack] NRP: oops
* Dominator his right eye starts sparking
* ShadowKnight goes over to the computer and tries to shut them down
[Monty] Ahhh
* DeathStar the fields shut down
* ShadowKnight uses Nanos to take over the field systems
* Garland cant take it any more
[Garland] AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Monty falls to the ground from pain
* Slash^ slumps over armor almost totally receded, most of the body can be seen with large gaping holes in the flesh
* DeathStar slumps over
* Dominator falls to one knee, with his hand using RS to support him, coughing up battery fluid
* DeathStar hand twitches, 100 ap in the poison dealt to him again
[ShadowKnight] HQ said you hadn't signed in
[Slash^] Hurry...
* Blackjack falls to the ground inside his Splash Shield, coughing up blood
* Garland is in MASSIVE amounts of pain
* DeathStar pulls himself and looks at SK
* Slash^ coughs up blood/battery fluid
[DeathStar] We've been gone THAT long?
* ShadowKnight goes over to DS and uses his construction to repair the poisen
* Dominator battery fluid from the scar over his eye drips onto his face, and he grips the handle of Rune Sword tightly
* Slash^ reaches for his warp blade
[ShadowKnight] Yep
[Dominator] Hurry...
[DeathStar] Thanks SK....been awhile since I've seen you in action
* Monty regains conciousness and begins healing DS
[Dominator] NRP: We're free?
* Blackjack grips his rifle, weakly hitting Slash with Cure Ray (125 LP), then slumps over, unconscious
[DeathStar] NRP:  for the cells
* ShadowKnight goes to heal Dominator
* DeathStar glances at the door
[DeathStar] How'd you get into the prison level?
* Monty now that DS is healed starts healing himself 
* Slash^ armor is totally receded and all the wounds can be seen
[Garland] Ughhhhh........*muscles tence up, falls to knees*
[Monty] Garland !!
* Dominator once he's healed a bit he uses Silver Crystal on himself, 1"Thanks SK, heal the others now."
* Slash^ they are gaping holes
[Dominator] Garland!
* Monty runs over to him
* Slash^ armor begins coming back
[DeathStar] Garland!?
* DeathStar looks at slash
[Slash^] Ughh.... the pain....
* ShadowKnight goes to help Blackjack
[DeathStar] Damn, we're too weak to continue this mission
* Monty starts healing garland
[DeathStar] We gotta get off this ship
* Garland is gasping for air
[DeathStar] Abort the mission
* Slash^ walks over to BJ
* Dominator runs over and uses SC on Garland (+130HP), 1"Garland!"
[Slash^] NRP: correct that, Crawls."
[DeathStar] Voice:  .... You escaped I see....this is unfortantly
[Monty] DS, you get them out of here in the shuttle, I will provide cover fire with my mini jet when we get out ok ??
[DeathStar] Alright, but we don't know WHERE in the ship we are....
* Slash^ gets up on his feet slowly
[DeathStar] We've been out for hours, according to Shadow Knight
* Dominator wipes the battery fluid out of his eyes; he looks battered even after the healing
* Blackjack blinks madly, waking up
* ShadowKnight uses reconstruction on Blackjack (20 per uses)
* Garland struggles to feet, in insane ammounts of pain even though healed some
* Slash^ armor is almost fully back
[Dominator] Hours... We have to get out... Can we move freely in the ship?
* DeathStar holds chest, panting, another 10 AP lost
[DeathStar] Yes, we'll just leave through SK's entrance
[Dominator] Damn... We need to get you to the med bay...
[ShadowKnight] So, what was the mission...?
[Dominator] That could be what they expect us to do.
* Slash^ armor begins healing the damage done
[DeathStar] To see what the distrubance was over the Wastelands.  We found THIS airship....
[Blackjack] Great... this mission was a COMPLETE failure...
* Slash^ eyes blaze
[DeathStar] I think it's  Tsivrixsh in origin
[Dominator] At least we aren't dead...
[Slash^] now im pissed....
[Monty] No a complete sucess if no one dies on us BJ 
* Garland falls back to his knees, electricity jutting off of his wounds
[Dominator] Tsivrixsh.... bastards... *recalls what Venerator told him about them*
* DeathStar glances around
[DeathStar] Shadow Knight
* Blackjack removes his patch, the scar over his eye a bright crimson
* Dominator clentches fist
[DeathStar] You lead us through the path in which you got on this ship...
[Dominator] Shadow Knight... Stay by DS and lead the way...
[DeathStar] We need to get outside, we got our shuttle on the landing pad outside
[ShadowKnight] Is everybody back up to functional levels?