Mission 19: Inflitration

[Dominator] Time Chart: 1 day after Mission 18.
[Dominator] Location: Control Room
* Garland looks around and grabs a coke
* Cross sits on the couch and watches the HoloVid
* Slash^ walks around holding his arm
[Dominator] NRP: We are in the Control Room Gar.
[Cross] NRP:  There's a cokemachine in there
* Monty Is running through some flight schematics
* Dominator sits down in the command chair, since DS is absent, going over reports
[Cross] News news news with no US in it..I tell you...
[Dominator] NRP: A couch though? A Holovid?
[Cross] NRP:  It's a relaxing area too.  DS designed it to be like that
* Dominator looks inquiringly at Cross
[Monty] You ok Cross ??
[Cross] I'm fine rookie
* Cross watches the news, listening to pointless politics
* Slash^ looks over some comptuer fieles
[Dominator] Death Star went to talk with EarthGov... Hmm...
[Garland] why did he do that?
[Slash^] ....
* Monty whispers over to Garland  1 " I think he is a bit nutty"
[Dominator] I'm not entirely sure, Garland.
[Slash^] i hope he gets back in one peice
[Cross] Newscaster:  "Today at the Counsel Meeting, an assianation attempt was attempted against Death Star.  Right now further reports are scarce."
[Garland] Um... Monty? I wouldnt talk that way about Mr. Star
[Cross] ...
[Cross] Death Star?
* Dominator eyes widen and he looks at the holovid,  1"What the..?!"
[Dominator] He went there to talk about ships... Assaniations attempts?
[Slash^] what the...
[Cross] Newscater: "Reports seem to indicate when Death Star began to turn against the counsel on past matters on Reploids, calling them on what some quote: "Stupid idiotic prejudice idiots", things turned nasty."
[Garland] Kill Mr. Star? Wien would love this.
[Slash^] whoa....
* Dominator listens intently
* Slash^ turns to watch
[Cross] Newscater: "Reports also indicate that Death Star was killed.  But, of course, reports of been scarce as EarthGov is trying to keep this undercover.  We'll report more at a later date."
[Dominator] Killed?!
[Slash^] NRP: DAMN mon wants me to get off
*** Slash^ (Eatmine@piper17.sk.sympatico.ca) has left #taw
* Monty looks up at TV, and mouth opens up in a gasp
[Cross] Killed?  Can that be right?!
* Dominator sees Slash exit since he was called to help with another unit
[Garland] Wien would LOVE this!
[GM] GM: The COM starts beeping.
[Monty] My god
* Monty checks com
[Cross] ..
* Cross flips it off
[Dominator] [Dominator] Quiet everyone....
[Dominator] *** GM is now known as Midnight
[Dominator] * Garland glances at Cross
[Dominator] * Midnight appears ont he COM
[Dominator] *** Midnight is now known as Midnight^
[Dominator] [Garland] *wispering* what?
[Dominator] *** Slash^^ has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dominator] [Midnight^] Dominator? Is that you?
[Dominator] [Dominator] Midnight?! How'd you get this frequency...?
[Cross] Huh?
[Dominator] [Midnight^] I have ways, Dominator... *looks behind at something* Dominator, I don't have much time... I need to warn you about something...
[Cross] Just start over...
[Cross] Please
[Cross] At the comm. beeping
-] [Cross] PING
[Dominator] *** Cross has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dominator] [Dominator]
[Dominator] I see....
[Dominator] Jeeze.... lets just start the whole thing over....
[Cross] No no no
[Garland] Ok!
[Cross] AT the comm.
* Cross ignores Garland
[Dominator] Well, I typed a whole LOT.... And this log is dead so...
* Garland snickers
* Cross slams head hard
[Cross] FINE
[Dominator] GM: BACK when Dom answered the COM everyone.
* #taw is being logged
* Midnight^ appears on the COM screen,  1"Dominator... Is that you?"
* Cross turns around to face Midnight
[Cross] THAT guy again?
[Cross] He was on my first mission
[Dominator] Midnight? HOw'd you get this frequency?
* Garland flops in a chair
[Dominator] Yeah, its Midnight Cross...
[Cross] ...Also the mission DS went insane
[Midnight^] I have ways Dominator.... I know your the second in command of the MH, so I decided you'd find this... interesting....
* Monty . o O ( Hmm maybe I should get some tape for across crosses mouth before Dominator destroys him for talking when he told him to shut up )
[Dominator] He got the Maverick Virus, Cross...
[Cross] So?  He's still unstable if you ask me
[Midnight^] That's preciously why I'm calling you, Dominator.
* Dominator looks at Midnight,  1"What do you mean...?"
[Monty] No one asked you if I recall
[Garland] Cross, shut up
* Cross glances at them both and sighs loudly
[Midnight^] You know that Liberator is leading a maverick unit? Well, his unit has a starship which is planning to spread the Maverick Virus across the Earth to al lreploids.
[Dominator] What?!
[Dominator] Wait, Cross...
* Garland grabs cross and yells at him "SHUT UP ALREADY!"
* Cross flips Garland into a wall easly
[Cross] Back off Officer...
[Midnight^] Maybe I'm mistrusting my confidence in your team, Dominator... Looks like you and I would do better alone maybe...
* Cross glances at Midnight
[Cross] Oh go away you bugger.  We're still under orders to capture your sorry ass
[Dominator] Garland, I order you to stop that.
[Monty] Leave the kid alone....
* Dominator looks at Midnight,  1"I think we'll manage, but you can come Midnight..."
* Monty looks at Cross  1 "You sure your not a maverick ??"
* Garland is kinda lying there at the ground, deciding he likes being proped upsidown on a wall
[Midnight^] Well Cross. Your team can stop this maverick ship or not. I'm busy at the moment. Here are the co-ordinance.
* Cross glances at Monty
[Dominator] Midnight, wait....
* Midnight^ the COM flicks off
*** Midnight^ is now known as GM
[Dominator] Midnight!
[Cross] ...
[Cross] Oh well, whose for a drink?
* Dominator looks over the co-ordinances,  1"Do we go after them?"
[Monty] Yes
[Monty] no other choice
[Dominator] CorSec could spread alot of propaganda of this, so we'd better. We need to stop them...
[Cross] ...
* Dominator looks thoughtful and mutters,  1"Midnight seemed strange...."
[Cross] Aye aye, Captain Ahab...
[Dominator] Lets go! To the shuttle...
[Cross] Probably a trap.
* Cross teleports down there and sits down in his usual seat on the shuttle
* Garland gets up, dusts himself off and gets a coke
[Dominator] Midnight isn't a maverick. He's Liberator's enemy as am I...
[Monty] Good I love traps
* Monty heads to shutle
* Dominator walks over to the shuttle, muttering something inaudible
* Cross straps in.
[Cross] Whose a pilot?
[Garland] huh? *goes to the shuttle bay
[Monty] May I pilot sir ?? *directed to Dom*
[Dominator] Yeah.
* Monty hops in the pilots seat
* Dominator sits by Monty,  1"I've been working on my piloting skills, but need more work still..."
[Monty] I am
[Dominator] Monty's flying.
* Garland does his usualy standing in the middle of the room
[Dominator] Everyone in?
* Cross glares at Monty
[Monty] Everybody ready and comfortable ??
[Dominator] Okay, Monty, take us to these co-ordinates. Maximum speed. *hands him the co-ordinance*
* Monty looks em over and plugs em in taking them out of the bay slowely
[Monty] Everyone buckle up.
[Cross] Hunter Tower:  SLOWLY Monty
* Dominator rubs the patch over his damaged right eye, which hasn't been fully fixedyet,  1"Midnight didn't comment on it...." Continues muttering something then trails off
* Garland hums a song no one can recognize
* Monty gets shuttle clear of base and shoots it off like a rocket toward destination 
[Monty] NRP: Note we are in Hyperspace in other words
[Cross] Where we going Captain Ahab?
[GM] COMPUTER: 4.5 minutes to destination.
[Dominator] The maverick ship.
* Monty looks at Cross  1 "Can't we throw that guy overboard ??"
* Cross glares back but says nothing else
[Dominator] No Cross....
[Dominator] NRP: BRB
[Dominator] PAUSE
Session Close: Fri Feb 19 21:52:57 1999

Session Start: Fri Feb 19 21:53:46 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[Cross] ....
* Cross looks at watch
[Cross] Wait, I don't have one...
[Monty] Ahab is a guy who chased after a whale, cross is indicating that our leader has the brain power equal to,.... Cross, what an insult
[Cross] Lets hope his determination is the same.  *smirks*
[GM] COMPUTER: Warning, ship will overshoot mark if you do not come out of hyperspace immiedatly.
* Monty brings them out of HS
[Garland] Just HOW did he get such a high rank anway? *to Monty*
[Dominator] I'm not Ahab, Cross.... What's with you being like this?
[Cross] I got Ensign now..
[Cross] I'm in a bad mood due to THESE two.
[GM] GM: A large maverick ship is seen in the dinstance.
* Cross leans forward
[Dominator] Okay, Monty, take us steathly toward the ship...
* Monty looks over at Garland  1 "You mean ahab, well it was more or less a wahling ship so he was the best for the job, but he was also a loon"
* Monty Starts using small debries to cover and using only thrusters
[Monty] Cutting most power people
[Garland] I was talking about Cross..
* Monty cuts about 50% of the power to the ship to leave no signatures
[Cross] ...
[Monty] Oh well cross, he is uh, like wiendigo
[Cross] So, now what?
[GM] GM: Several maverick fighters can be seen around the ship, which is moving towrad Earth
[Garland] Wien is still Ensign
[Dominator] We try and get on without being shot down...
[GM] GM: A fighter is moving toward their location
[Monty] Uh oh
[Cross] .....Wish we had more Hunters with us..I don't like having small groups.
[Garland] ....
* Monty sets course for a small asteroid to hide in
[Dominator] Damn... All right, arm weapons and punch it toward the ship. We'll try and break in quickly...
[Monty] No way Sir, that thing has to manny friends
[Monty] We gotta play it safe 
[Dominator] We have to get in though....
[Monty] Trust me
[GM] GM: Is very close now.
[Cross] Diobeying orders Monty now?
[Dominator] All right.... hurry
* Cross sees Garland fall asleep and whacks him
[Dominator] He's got my permission, Cross. He's explanation is sound.
* Monty has shuttle right next to asteroid and fires up the energy to 100% (that shoudl attract every fighter in a 20 mile radiaus
[GM] GM: The fighter increases course toward the asteroid, as do three other from a distance
[Dominator] Uh... I hope you know what your doing....
[Garland] Egya! *blasts Cross reflexivly*
[Cross] Monty's suicidal!  I want that in the -- URH!
* Monty then cuts power to 20% and uses jets to get them out of there (this will make em think it was a random power surge
[Cross] YOU!
* Cross charges blaster
[GM] Fighter Alpha: *swoops by the asteroid, missing the hunter shuttle barely*
* Cross fires a blast at Garland (12 AP)
* Garland runs around the shuttle
[Dominator] Cross!!!
* Monty is now heading toward there capital ship
* Cross trips Garland and causes him to go against the hull door
[Monty] Ready to make a forced entry ??
[Garland] E!!! *is running about scared to death*
[Dominator] Yeah...
[Monty] Ok then
[Cross] Heh heh heh
[Garland] ouf! (.1 AP)
[GM] GM: Another fighter changes course and starts to tail them, increasing speed
* Cross turns back to the others
[Dominator] We've been spotted....
* Monty locks weapons onto the bay dorrs (closed) and blows em to bits letting the shuttle land inside
[Cross] Tell me again why we got kids coming along with us?
[GM] GM: They are almost in, when the engine is hit by the fighter, causing them to crash in the docking bay
* Monty lands shuttle
* Cross glances around
[Cross] So, we landed.  Now the fun begins.  *opens the shuttle door and steps out*
[Dominator] WHOA!
[Monty] Ok eveyone into space suits if you need air and lets get going
* Garland looks at cross with a sinister look "You'll see, you'll see why a KID is on the mission......"
* Monty has jet pack and Jet Board on right now 
* Dominator arms weapons and gets up, "He's a member Cross."
[Monty] I'm gonna start overiding there system (mechanics) ok ??
* Cross looks at Dominator
[Cross] Whose the idiot who let him on the team?
[GM] GM: The emergency shield covers the penetrated area, and the air comes back in. Guards can be seen rushing in.
[Monty] I think we should comendeer some of there shuttles for the ride home 
[Monty] uh oh
[Dominator] I think, we should get going to cover first though.
* Monty chargest blaster
* Cross fires a 300 AP blast at one
[Monty] Agreed
[Garland] That would be Captain Dominator..... Cross
* Dominator starts down the ramp seeing a hall at the other end of the bay
*** GM is now known as Guards
* Monty is standing on top the shuttle firing at maverick gaurds 
* Guards one is killed and the others fire (150 total AP, bad aim)
* Cross channels energies and fires a static blast at five of them (300 AP each)
* Monty side steps out of the way
* Garland uses speed tech and blurs around slicing the Guards
[Monty] Pathetic
* Dominator starts running to the hall
* Cross reflects with shield
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (120AP)
* Cross grins evilly
[Cross] I've been practicing...
* Monty pulls out his beam saber and charges into the crowed 
* Guards 4 dead, the others slash Garland (55AP)
[Dominator] C'mon guys!
* Cross leaps to the side and vanishes, landing next to a guard across the room and blasts him (100 aP)
[Monty] Ahck
[Garland] He--eeeeeyyyyyyy!
[Monty] Garland you ok ??
* Garland blasts the guards
* Guards all are dead
*** Guards is now known as AutoDefenses
* Cross leaps back and vanishes appearing next to Dom, panting due to using energy
* AutoDefenses start to fire from all around (60AP, undodgable)
[Cross] Now what, O' Fearless Leader?
* Cross absorbs and fires it back (30 AP)
* Garland kicks the courps of a few mavs
[Dominator] Argh...!
* Monty takes the hit 
[Monty] Ahhh
[Dominator] Down the hall...!
* Monty follows dominator on his Hoverboard
* Cross runs down the hall
* Dominator dashes down the hall, fire Thunder Bolt at the defenses
* Garland runs beside dom
* AutoDefenses some explode, the others continue firing (45AP)
* Cross glances at Garland and goes faster
* Dominator jumps forward to dodge and slashes several with Rune Sword
* Monty spins out his staff reflecting the shots back 
[Cross] Long hall...
* AutoDefenses more explode
* Garland unoticinglu trips Cross
[Cross] WHOAAA
[AutoDefenses] GM: A turn-off is ahead, but they can go straight still
* Cross rolls as he hits the ground and stands back up, glaring
* Cross keeps running
* AutoDefenses by now they are off
[Garland] Cross, watch your step!
[Cross] Same to you, kid...
* Dominator sees a terminal,  1"Monty, come here!"
* Garland is now flyinf rather than running
[Monty] Yeah
* Monty runs up to terminall
* Cross stops next to the terminal
[Monty] I'll hotwire this bad boy 
[Dominator] Try and get me a schematic and map of this ship...
* Garland teleports to the terminal
* Cross leans against a wall
[Dominator] Cross, shoot any guards if they come by...
*** AutoDefenses is now known as GM
* Monty starts opening the thing up and switching ships around till he cracks the security code 
[Cross] ...So, we're just going to wait here to get caught?
[Cross] Yes, sir.
* Cross walks down the hall and goes right
[Monty] NRP: Ship = Chips
[Dominator] Just to get the map, Cross.
* Monty gets the map up
[Dominator] bring the map read-out up.
[Monty] Here we go 
[GM] GM: Cross runs into a guard who blasts (50AP)
* Cross walks down to the end of the right hall, out of sight, and turns back aroun
* Dominator reads it over
[Cross] OUF!
* Cross blasts him (100 AP)
* Cross kicks him back into the wall and smashes him in the gut
* Garland laughs at Cross
[Dominator] Okay, lets head to the command area...
* Dominator hears stomping in the distance
* GM the guard explodes
[Dominator] Cross, where are you?!
[Cross] Too easy....
* Monty takes the chips out and carries them with him 
[Monty] Could be usefull
* Cross looks up at the voices calling, eyes narrow for a second before getting bigger and walks back to the group
[Cross] Here I am
* Garland teleports out of the way, but teleports in mis blast, comes out of the teleport screaming in pain (the blast was inside of him
*** GM is now known as RideArmorGuard
* Cross turns
[Cross] Trouble...
* RideArmorGuard stomps up behind Cross and rapidly fires at him (100AP)
[Dominator] Cross!
* Dominator pushes Cross out of the way and take sthe blast
[Monty] Uh oh 
[Cross] Dom?!
* Cross rolls
* Monty pulls out staff and sword
* Cross rams into the guard and fires a 300 AP at point blank range
[Cross] DIE!!
* Cross vanishes and appears behind it, cannon appearing on right shoulder that fires a huge blast into the carrier (500 AP) and then vanishes
* Cross lands on the ground, panting, recharging energy
[Garland] NRP: stike that teleport thing
[Dominator] Argh...!
[Monty] Dominator !!
* RideArmorGuard slams Monty into a wall (55AP)
* Monty dives to side
[Monty] Mised me 
* Dominator points Rune Sword at himself, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf himself and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but himself is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
* RideArmorGuard reflects it back at Cross
* Monty jams staf into the things gut then sword immediatly after 
* Garland kicks RAG
* RideArmorGuard grabs the sword as he tries to stab and crushes it, then blasts Monty (240AP)
[Garland] Cant take the heat cross?
* Dominator swipes at Ride Armor Guard with Rune Sword (130AP)
* Monty flys agains the wall
* Cross unreflectable
* RideArmorGuard doubles over from all the attacks
[Monty] NRP: He grabed a plasma swrod I feel sorry for him
[Garland] KIAMA! *blasts*
[Cross] NRP:  Unreflectable
* RideArmorGuard the armor explodes and the guard falls out, making a run for it
[Cross] I can take it just find, Kid...
* Cross grabs Garland and throws him at the guard
[Cross] GO GET HIM!
* Dominator fires his Enemy Ensnare at Guard and tries to grab him with it; Enemy Ensnare slowly electricutes them and traps them (-30HP per second, trap)
* Garland kicks the guard in the back
* Monty gets back up limping in pain (I got like only 100HP or so left )
* RideArmorGuard explodes
[Dominator] Monty, you need me to heal you?
* Garland flys back and kicks Cross in the head
[Monty] Yeah
* Dominator points Rune Sword at Monty, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf Monty and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but Monty is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
* Cross dodges
* Monty sounds like he was hit by a truck
[Monty] Thanks 
[Cross] Kid, waste your energy on the enemy
[Dominator] Okay, everyone, come on. We have to hurry
* Monty is now walking normally
* Dominator starts down toward an elevator
*** RideArmorGuard is now known as GM
* Monty follows Dominator on his goverboard still 
* Cross follows slowlty
* Garland laughs at Cross "Dodging the "Kid" huh?"
[GM] GM: 3 more ride armor guards can be heard in the distance.
[Monty] Oh god not more of them
* Monty comes to a stand still
[Dominator] Damn... Lets hurry.
[Garland] I can take'em
[Monty] Ok
* Dominator points to the elevator down the hall
* Cross steps up to the elevator
* Monty accelerates faster almost passing up dominator but slowing down to make sure the team is near by
[Cross] I heard this joke...the sixth one rihgt?
* Garland speeds for the elevator
* Dominator continues to dash (speed and agility)
[GM] GM: They arrive at it and it opens; empty. The armored guards are getting louder
[Garland] no, it's the third, you dolt
* Cross smirks, obviously having read DS' training sessions
*** Garland has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com )
* Cross steps in
[Dominator] Only one... Lets go....
[Monty] NRP:  PAuse please ??
[Monty] NRP: Wait for garland to come back right ??
Session Close: Fri Feb 19 22:16:42 1999

Session Start: Fri Feb 19 22:16:48 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
* Dominator enters the elevator motioning for Gar too
* Cross pushes a button on the counsel
* Garland jumps in
*** GM is now known as RideArmorGuard
* RideArmorGuard turns a corner and sees them get in
[Dominator] Top level...
* Monty presses the close door button
[Garland] HEY MAV!
[Cross] Ooooo....looks like Mr. Ugly is coming
[RideArmorGuard] GM: Door closes and they start up
* Garland fires a goodbye kiama as the door closes
[RideArmorGuard] GM: Loud noises are heard by them and several explosions seeming to follow them
* Monty is charging blaster as they go up 
[Dominator] What the hell...?
[Cross] Uh oh..
[Monty] I bet there following us
[RideArmorGuard] GM: The explosions now grow faiter and pass them.
[Cross] ....
* Cross looks up and then around the little room
[RideArmorGuard] GM: Suddenly a blasts is heard and blasts through the elevator side
* RideArmorGuard flies in firing (both blasts total 95AP)
[Cross] YIKES
[Monty] Ahck
* Cross hits the floor
* Dominator redirects the blast back at him as the elevator starts to fall
[Dominator] Everyone OUT!
* Cross rolls back and fires a 300 AP blast at the thing
[Cross] GET OUT!!!
[Cross] I'll HOLD HIM!!
* Cross tackles the guard
* Monty uses deflection staff to reflect it back out side
[Garland] AH! *blasts the ragS
* RideArmorGuard dodges the reflected ones, and follows as they fall down three floors
* Monty gets out really quickely
* Cross kicks it
[Dominator] NO! We can't get seperated! On the count of three everyone out! 1
* Cross begins to drain energy
[Cross] I could use your energy...
* Cross refills his almost empty tanks
* Garland teleports out
[Dominator] 2, 3!
* Dominator teleports out by Garland
* RideArmorGuard slashes Cross (100AP)
[Cross] ARGH
[RideArmorGuard] Die!
[Cross] You first snacky!
* Monty flys down to the level there at with jetpack
[Monty] Howdy fellows
* Cross leaps up with the guard and smashes him into the ground
* Garland mumbles something about a wonderul childhood
* RideArmorGuard grabs Cross and starts choking him (20AP per second0
[Dominator] Where's Cross?
* Cross vanisheds and appears next to it
* Monty looks down at plumeting elecator
* Cross cannon forms and fires 500 AP blast and vanishes
[Cross] Time for my exit!
* Cross leaps out
[Garland] Cross go down the hole......
[Monty] Yup
* RideArmorGuard growls, and blasts throw the top of the elevator toward them, then in horror he hits the blast and his pieces fall down
[Monty] Big time
* Cross climbs up the elevator shaft
*** RideArmorGuard is now known as GM
[Dominator] That takes care of him...
* Monty flys down level by level searching for cross
* Cross leaps up next to Dom
[Dominator] Monty, he's here!
[Dominator] You okay?
[Garland] I should hope not
[Cross] Anyone call for some Crossing services?
[Cross] ....
* Cross ignores Garland
[Dominator] Lets scale the elevator shaft... they won't expect that
[Monty] Yeah, can you do that to this ship for us ??
* Garland ignores Cross
[Cross] I doubt it....might kill myself.  Wouldn't want that
[GM] GM: Footsteps are heard in the distance, as they are on a busy deck.
* Monty deactivates rocket pack and hoverboard to cut the energy signature that he is realeasing and grabs ahold of the wall
[Dominator] Eh?
[Cross] .....*Thinks about blasting door down but decides against it
[Garland] Monty, there is a floor.
* Dominator activates Azure Crystal to fly and speeds up the shaft a bit
[Monty] Uh, dominator, they can scan everyones energy signatures but Garlands I'd imagine since most of us are reploids ??
[Cross] .....
* Cross leaps up one level at a time to follow Dom
* Dominator calls back,  1"Your poinnt being?"
* Dominator suddenly stops and gets off on a floor, grinning
[Cross] Oooo, the leader has a darkened side for fighting
[Dominator] Come on, I've got an idea.
* Cross follows Dom and rolls around
* Monty Calls up  1 " They know where and when we are"
* Cross stands up
* Monty uses jets to scale up extremly fast
[GM] GM: They are on a shuttle bay.
[Cross] Who cares WHEN we are...
[Dominator] Lets go into one of those shuttles.
[Cross] ......
* Cross gets into one and sits down
* Garland kinda morbidly floats with the groub
[Dominator] We'll hit the boosters and blow our way to the command bay.
[Monty] Well, I do, I'd rather bee at this exact location probably any time but now :P
* Monty gets into the pilots seat of the shuttle
* Cross leans back in chair
* Dominator gts in beside Monty,  1"Will the plan work?"
[Monty] Uh well yes and no
[Cross] No, because we're unlucky
[Monty] Yes it will blow this ship up, no it will take us with it 
[Monty] Unless we can modify the shields
[Dominator] We're just going to jet to the command bay, not blow this ship up thogh
[Cross] .....
* Cross scans around
[Cross] We got company coming
[Monty] FTL or STL ??
[Monty] It might work
[Dominator] Lets go then...
*** GM is now known as Maverick
* Monty begins liftoff procedures  1 "Better than waiting around here to be blown up "
* Monty blasts through the door
* Cross charges blaster energy
* Garland thinks he sees a mav on a dark wall and blasts it, it turns out to be a console, there is now a hole in the wall, and the female rep shower room is shown
[Dominator] There are mavericks in here!
* Maverick gets up behind Cross and stabs him (65AP)
[Cross] Oh momma!
* Cross looks out the viewport
* Maverick slashes at Dominator (45AP)
[Monty] Uh oh
* Dominator stabs Rune Sword forward into Maverick (130AP)
* Cross fires it early (200 AP)
[Dominator] Take off, I got him!
* Garland glares around the rooms
* Monty gets the ship outside 
* Maverick staggers back from the hit and flies into the roof as they fly
* Maverick explodes
[Cross] What a....uh oh
[Dominator] Okay, a little further, then blast into that deck...
[Cross] Damn, we HAD to leave that shower room, didn't we?
* Monty Sees targeting scanners hit where he needs em to, to get through the deck and firest a varashe of plasma from the shuttles main guns
[Maverick] GM: Monty succeeds in opening the deck up.
* Monty takes them into the Main Command Area 
[Cross] Honey, we're home to wreck your doomsday plot!
[Monty] Ok everybody, want me to blow this thing with weapons or should we procede on foot  ??
* Cross dives out a view port and onto the deck
[Maverick] GM: They are on the same deck as the main command area. The ship's shield come up behind them, and they are in a large room that used to be the mapping area
[Maverick] GM: All the mavericks were sucked out.
* Monty lands the shuttle
[Cross] Aw, where the hell is the fun in THAY
[Cross] ....
[Dominator] Lets conitnue... The actually Command area is only a little up... I think....
[Cross] ....
[Cross] Why don't we wait HERE to be attacked?
* Cross glances hopefully at Dom
[Garland] ...
* Monty takes to command chips out of the shuttle
[Monty] Ok lets go
* Monty follows dominator
* Dominator gets out and start down opens the door, continue on down a hall
* Cross follows Dominator
[Cross] Damn physco leader....worse than the late Death Star..
[Dominator] COme on Garland
* Garland is following Dom
[Dominator] Hey, my plan's working isn't it?
[Maverick] GM: Suddenly, sirens blaze and the halls walls seal themself. A large figure is seen approaching at the edge.
[Cross] For now...
*** Maverick is now known as GiantRobot
[Cross] ...I take that back
* GiantRobot thumps toward them, firing (100AP)
[Cross] DOWN!!
* Cross shoves Dom down
[Dominator] Damn!
* Monty dives out of the way and activates hoverboard 
* Garland blasts the robot
* GiantRobot jets forward and slashes Cross in the back (120AP)
* Cross bounces off wall and kicks robot
[Cross] KIYA!
* Cross punches it twice and fires 300 AP blast
[Dominator] CROSS!
* Monty is now flying around the robot shoot his charged plasma buster 
* Cross cannon forms and fires 500 AP blast and vanishes
* Cross grabs him and drains energy
* GiantRobot Cross's kick does nothing
[Cross] I'm fine!
* Monty retreats out of the way 
* GiantRobot blasts rapidly at all (90AP)
* Cross refilling drained tanks
[Cross] ARGH
* Cross keeps draining
[Monty] Cross, blast that wall 
[Garland] Hey Robot! Thanks for hitting Cross! But I still have to hurt you! *kicks GR*
* Cross grabs the robot and hikes him at Garland
* GiantRobot is sparking, but still working
* Monty reflects with staff
[Cross] Damn kid!
* Cross only partially refilled tanks
* GiantRobot dashes toward Monty and picks him up, throwing him into Cross
[Cross] I'm low on power...can't keep this super attacks.
[Cross] YIKES!!!
* Cross catches Monty and they both smash into a wall
[Monty] Ahhh
* Garland uppercuts GR
[Cross] You heavy junkpile!
* Dominator slashes Rune Sword into Giant Robot (130AP)
[Monty] Thanks
* Monty gets back up
* Cross stands up
* GiantRobot slashes Dominator back (100AP)
[Cross] Double team him?
* Dominator points Rune Sword at Giant Robot, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf Giant and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but Giant Robot is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)