Mission 2: The Hyper Trap (Part 2)


The Hunters were split in half as some went to investagate a ship flying around and causing trouble while the other half, led by Commander Death Star, leader of the Hunters, went to check out what is attacking ships in Hyperspace. But unknown to them Sigma has devised a clever trap there to ultimately destroy them all.

Discovering a station in Hyperspace, Death Star, Shadow Knight, Dominator, UO, and Ebony land on the station, not only to destroy it but to steal the technology keeping it in Hyperspace, which is impossible. Upon entering the the station, though, they find themselves in a deadly trap which Sigma has put all efforts into it.

Amazingly the Hunters surive and arrive in the Command Room to steal the technology when two Reploids step onto the gangplank, one of them being Vile...who is powerful enough to wipe them all out with ease....

And now for the conclusion to The Hyper Trap......

[Vile] *steps out onto the gangplank and smirks at the Hunters*
[UO] AH!!!!!!!!
[Dominator] VILE!
[Vile] Welcome, Hunters....and the fun's JUST beginning...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
DeathStar> Vile?!
[UO] [draws sowrd]
[Dominator]  *draws Runesword*
[ShadowKnight] (fires both his wrist bats at Vile)
[UO] C"mon VILIE!
DeathStar> (grabs both sabres)
[UO] (runs behind Vile and slahes, then runs off, REALLY fast)
Vile> My, my, my....right into the battle....no talking these days?
Vile> (is above UO on a gangplank thingy)
[UO] Only the weak talk in batle!
[UO] [I jumped]
Vile> (aims at UO and blasts him)
Vile> Do shut up!
[ShadowKnight] Guess not (the wrist bats fire at Vile (60 AP each))
Vile> (turns to the others and fires at blast at the computer)
Vile> ARGH
[UO] how about no?
Vile> (turns to the other Reploid and mutters something and vanishes)
>> Hyper has joined channel #battleground
The topic is: (No topic set)
[UO] oooooooowwwww........
Hyper> (Steps up)  The name's Hyper and this is MY station...prepare for
- destruction!!
[UO] Vilie hurt me.
[UO] wait a sec.
[UO] Hyper?
[Dominator]  Why do these villains always have cliched speaches?
[UO] What the hell kinda name is that? [giggles at Hypers name]
[Dominator]  *fires a blast of energy from Sword*
Hyper> (vanishes and appears behind UO and punches the hell out of him)
[UO] hahah
Hyper> (moves a lightning speed over to Dom and blasts him, dodging the
- blast)
[Dominator] UO! DUCK!
[UO] what you named after sugar?
[ShadowKnight] (activates his Hyper attack to up his speed)
Hyper> (moves over toward SK and grabs him, shocking him with 100 AP loss)
[Dominator]  ARGH!
[UO] [is ignoring every one, laughing]
[Dominator]  *throws Runesword at H*
[UO] w-w-what?
[UO] oh yeah!
Hyper> (Grabs UO and throws him into wall, taking 30 AP.  UO now has 20 AP)
[UO] E!!!!!!
Hyper> (grabs Runesword in mid run)
[ShadowKnight] (immune to electricity... Nanos attack Hyper when he touched
- SK)
Hyper> (hits Dom with it, 50 AP)
[Dominator] DS! Take care of UO!
Hyper> ARGh
[Dominator] ARGH!
[Dominator]  *doubles back*
Hyper> (destroys nanons with defense systems)
[UO] well..... Ive got 1 last stand I'v taken enough damage...
[DeathStar] Sure...
[DeathStar] (blasts Hyper)
Hyper> (hits DS in the eyes with a bright Hyper light, blinding his sensors)
[ShadowKnight] (stands with his fingers outstreached  and begins firing his
- claws like machine guns)
[DeathStar] aRGH
[UO] [uses counter for the fists: THE BIG PUNCH]
[DeathStar] (slams into the wall, knocked out)
[Dominator]  *flips sword in his hand and slams the hilt into H's face*
Hyper> (dodges)
Hyper> (dodges with Hyperspeed)
[Dominator] Damn!
Hyper> (keeps doding the attacks, and then blasts them all but UO with 100
- AP attacks)
[Dominator]  *blocks with sword*
[UO] {blurs around the room, blasting hyper]
Hyper> (appears behind Dom and puches him in the head)
[UO] [stops attack]
Hyper> (moves faster than UO and smirks)  One hit and you're dead)
[Dominator] PAUSE! What the hell happened to SK? How come he's not fighting?
[UO] w-w-w-hat? I dont get hit?
[DeathStar] (stumbles up and swings blindly, trying to conentrate)
Hyper> Pause...
[UO] eh.......
[ShadowKnight] (uses his hyper attack to smash into Hyper with his claws 45
- AP+35AP+Nanos)
[Dominator] ...unpause....
[UO] [rolls eyes] well if you dont attack me  it's not a real battle.....
Hyper> (stumbles backwards in pain)
[UO] [walk off and looks at a monitor]
Hyper> (blasts UO with 100 aP atttack and destorys him)
Hyper> Ha!
[Dominator]  *blocks H's shot at UO*
Hyper> DAMN!!
Hyper> (moves at top speed and and tackles Dom into the wall, taking 60 AP)
[UO] uh.........thanx?
[Dominator] No one dies on my watch
[ShadowKnight] (begins hacking at hyper with his bat blades (60 AP))
[Dominator] RAGH!
[DeathStar] (dives blindly at Hyper's face and hits him with a 70 AP attack)
[UO] (eyes widen, and runs off like a lunatic]
Hyper> ARGH
Hyper> !!!!
Hyper> (rears back in pain)
Hyper> (vanishes)
[UO] [runs behind a corner]
[Dominator]  *jumps back up* Can anyone track him?
[DeathStar] Someone give UO life!!!
[DeathStar] (looks around)
[Dominator] You're the one with the HP rain!
[UO] [is lost in the catcombs from running so fast]
[UO] um........
[DeathStar] It was damaged!!
[ShadowKnight] (runs to UO and begins trying to reconstruct him)
[UO] crap.....
[Dominator] DAMN!
[UO] [looks around[
[DeathStar] Great, were did SK and UO go?
Hyper> (appears behind Dom and DS and blasts them both with 50 AP hits)
[UO] [walks around] well the brave UO is scared now.....
[Dominator] SK chased after UO, somewhere that way.
[UO] perfect.
[Dominator] ARGH!
[DeathStar] ARGH
[DeathStar] Where is he?!
>> SK has joined channel #battleground
[DeathStar] (swings blindly)O
[Dominator]  *starts blasting wildly*
Hyper> (blasts DS into the comptuter system, taking 100 AP)
Hyper> He's out of the pict---ARGH
[UO] [hears the battle on the other side of a wall]
Hyper> (moves at top speed again)
[SK] (fires a few swords at Hyper (60 AP)
[Dominator] DS! Use yuor jetpack! The ion field should disrupt his cloak!
Hyper> (blasts Dom in the back)
[UO] hrm........
[Dominator] HURK!
[DeathStar] (is KOed)
[Dominator] NRP: Hp level?
Hyper> 160
[UO] they're losing.. I'm no help.... not like this.
Hyper> (keeps moving at top speed and tackles SK, hitting him with a 100 AP
- blast)
[SK] (activates hyper again and charges into Hyper back (45 AP))
[UO] oh well.......LETS ROCK! {powers up as high as he can]
Hyper> ARGH
[SK] Back at ya!
Hyper> (begins to static)
Hyper> You're almost out of life too, pal....
[Dominator]  *tackles H, and shoves sword through his leg, holding him to
- the ground*
Hyper> (charges blaster)
Hyper> ARGH
[SK] (Attacks Hyper with his Wrist Bats)
Hyper> ARGH
[SK] (60 AP)
[Dominator]  *starts blasting the hell out of H*
[UO] [blasts through the wall) so what if I die? I'm gonna take you with me!
Hyper> (rips sword out of his leg, smoke rising form him)
Hyper> (turns to UO in surprise)  What?!
[UO] {punches, slashes, kicks like a wild blur]
[Dominator] Pour it on! He's going down!
Hyper> (stumbles backwards and fires off a blast at UO to kill him)
[UO] [moves REALLY FAST]
[UO] [dodges]
Hyper> Hell...
[Dominator]  *dives in the way, tkaing the blast*
[UO] [attacks More]
Hyper> (hits the wall and blows up)
Hyper> (leaves his Hyper system attack behind)
[UO] [panting] is he.....?
>> Hyper has left channel #battleground
[SK] Goes over to UO and starts reconstructing him
[Dominator]  *hits the ground hard*
[UO] [pants[ you guys ok?  I know I'm not
DeathStar> (wakes up and stumbles around)  Hello?
>> Dominator has left channel #battleground
[SK] (starts reconstructing UO (20 HP per attack
[UO] [looks at the wall where Hyper was] did I......?
[SK] He's dead
DeathStar> (trips over a piece of the computer)  Damn....looks like we won't
- get that technology after all....Wait, where's Vile?!
[UO] I cant take this! [slaps forehead]
[SK] (Has healed UO 100 HP now)
[UO] [notices that his forheads bleeding]
[SK] (goes over and picks up Hyper's weapon)
[UO] whats that?
[SK] Hyper System Attack or something like that
DeathStar> Hyper System Attack: Increases the user's speed to blinding speed
-  and doubles their dodging abilities
[UO] oh
[UO] Who's next to fight?
DeathStar> (Stumbles around toward
DeathStar> UO's voice)
[UO] ?
[Dominator] Where to from here, DS?
DeathStar> Hyper blew my sensors to bits, so I'm blind as a bat...
[UO] [ignores the blood driggling out of the small wounds]
[SK] (goes over to the computer and sees it the damage can be repaired)
DeathStar> Beats me, I'm more worried about Vile here..
>> Vile has joined channel #battleground
[Vile] You should be....*Crackles with evil laughter*
[UO] Hrmph.....
[Dominator] Great, just f'ng great....
[UO] does this mean we fight?
[SK] (Spins and fires at Vile (60 AP))
[UO] if so, thank the lord
[Vile] (glances at UO)  Give it up...
[Vile] (dodges it)
[Dominator]  *draws sword* Let's hope not...
[UO] I'm too much for some people
[Vile] Pathetic...
DeathStar> Damnit!!
[UO] look at hyper.
DeathStar> (draws sabre)
[Vile] (Blasts DS into the wall)
[UO] [grins]
[Vile] I hate boring aspects...
[Dominator] DS, stand down and get to sfatey!
[SK] Pathnic, you just wait and see what I've stored up for you
[UO] [glances at DS]
[Vile] (turns to UO and blats him with 100 AP attack)
DeathStar> ARGFH
[UO] [dodges with hyper attack]
[UO] hahah
[SK] (Activates hyper, and flies behind Vile)
[Vile] (turns to SK and fires off cannon blasts 300 aP)
[UO] so tell me, you do wthis often?
[Dominator] Can the commentary, trash can. *fires a blast of Rune energy at
- V*
[Vile] (turns like a dime and blasts SK)
[Vile] (300 aP)
[Vile] (dodges it)
[UO] wait......I think I'm seeing a pattern....
[UO] guys come here
[Vile] (blasts Dominator with 200 AP static charge)
[Dominator]  *blocks with sword*
[Vile] (Sword is knocked out of hand and Dom is still hit)
[UO] dont use energy attacks, he'll just dodge, hand to hand!
[Vile] (glances at UO)
[Vile] You wish..
[Dominator] ARGHH!
[Vile] (punches UO across the room 150 AP)
[SK] (attacks fireing machinge gun claws (30 AP)
[Vile] Dom is low on life..
[Dominator] Uo..is right.....pound him, no enegry....
[Vile] ARGH
[Vile] (finally is hit)
[Dominator]  *hurls sowrd at V while he's diorintated*
[UO] (punches Viles chest]
[Vile] (UO is suddenly thrown back by a super charged blast)  FORGET IT!!
[Vile] ARGH
[SK] (Uses his sword to cut a hole in a wall)
[Vile] (sutmbles backwards)
[Dominator] HIT HIM NOW! HARD!
[Vile] (teleports)
[Dominator]  *bum rushes V*
[SK] (takes the metal hull and throws it at vile) (Gutsman Morph)
[UO] [fazes out of sight and attacks Vile multipletimes]
[Vile] (appears behind Dominator and throws him at SK)
[Dominator]  OLMPH!
[Vile] (missed all these attacks)
[Vile] HA!
[UO] It hurts to be you!
[Vile] (he teleported)
[UO] Shhhhiiiiiiiiit
[SK] (rips out more wall and throws it at Vile)
[Dominator] We...need a new strategy....
[Vile] (charges his super weapon)
[Vile] ARGH
[Vile] (throws wall off of him)
[Vile] (50%)
[Vile] This weapon is a doozie...
[UO] Dodge a lot, he should run out of energy....eventoually.
[Vile] Better get your HP filled up quickly..
[SK] (runs over to vile and slams him with Gutsman strength)
[Vile] (slides across the floor)
[Vile] Ow....NOT!
[UO] ....or we could do that
[Vile] (75%)
[UO] can I say one thing, we should run now.
[SK] (dives behind the hole he made in the wall)
[Dominator] SCATTER!
DeathStar> (stumbles up and tackles vile, stabbing him 70 AP)
[Vile] (blasts DS off 100 AP)
[UO] DS! you idiot!
DeathStar> OUF1
DeathStar> GET TO COVER!!!
DeathStar> I'll HANDLE HIM!!
[Vile] (100 %)
[Vile] Hee heeh
[UO] [attacks Vile
[Dominator]  Oh damn....
[Vile] (points it at UO and DS and fires a 1,000 AP attack)
DeathStar> Holy shit..
[UO] [ attacks cannon not vile]
[Dominator] NO!
[SK] (fires machine gun claws from behind the wall)
DeathStar> (is hit by activates HP RAin overe and over)
DeathStar> C'mon...c'mon...
[UO] [nothing is there]
DeathStar> (his the wall finally, HP Rain gone)
DeathStar> (HP 100)
DeathStar> Damn...it actually worked...
[Vile] DAMN!!
[Vile] (scans for UO)
[Dominator]  *comes behind Vile and stabs him repeatidly*
[UO] [UO is no where to be seen]
[Vile] (blasts Dom back)
[SK] (grabs more of the wall paneling and charges at Vile swinging it like a
- club)
[Vile] (Dom has 70 HP)
[Dominator]  HURK!
[Vile] Damn...
[UO] [some silver fluidis dripping form the ceiling]
[SK] (swings it at Vile's head)
[Vile] (ducks and blasts SK back with 200 AP hit)
[Dominator]  *uses HP Regenerator*
DeathStar> ..
DeathStar> ow...
[SK] (falls to the floor and begins using his reconstructor)
[UO] [fall on vile, saber aimed at his shoulder cannons]
[Vile] SK is low on life)
[Vile] (blasts UO up into the roof)
[Vile] FOOL!!!
[Dominator]  *follows Sk's lead and grabs some piping*
[Dominator]  *swings it into Vile*
[UO] [falls]
[Vile] (charges super weapon)
[Dominator] SHIT!
[Vile] (grabs it and throws Dom into the wall with it)
[Vile] (25%)
[UO] [arms is hanging on by a tendon]
[SK] (moves back behind cover of a wall)
[Dominator] OLMPH!
[Vile] (punches UO repeatedly)
[Vile] I see only 3 of you in the blast zone....darn
[Vile] (50%)
[Dominator]  *grabs open pipe and slams it over Vile's head*
[Vile] ARGHG
[Vile] (shakes head angerily)
[Vile] (75%)
[SK] (continues reconstructing)
[Dominator]  *stabs Vile severely*
[UO] (gets up, wobbles, and grabs Viles' head, and rips the helmet off)
[Vile] (blasts UO back before he can do tht)
[Vile] aRGH
[UO] {runs off and hides]
[Dominator]  *stabs Vile's super weapon*
[Vile] You know....this is actually starting to work....
[UO] from yuo vile? I'll take that as a compliment!
[SK] (continues reconstruct behind cover)
[Vile] (it drops it down to 55% charging but he blasts Dom into wall)
[Dominator] AHHHH!
[Vile] 2 in the blast zone...
[Vile] (75%)
[Dominator] Guys....we need to stop him cold.....
[UO] [blurs out]
[UO] DS! follow me if you can! I've got an idea!
[Vile] (100%)
DeathStar> KOed..
[Dominator]  DAMN! Someone grab DS!
[UO] shit.....
[Vile] (points it at Dom and DS)
[Vile] BYE!!!
[SK] (stays behind cover, reconstructing)
[UO] guys ive got an idea!
[Vile] (fires 1,000 AP attack)
[Dominator]  *dives out of blast range and hurls sword under blast at Vile*
[Vile] (ARGH)
[Vile] (blast blows up the wall to bits)
[Vile] (other blast continues on path for DS)
[Dominator] (grabs DS and moves him in time*
[Vile] Too bad....
[UO] [Vile doesnt notice UO going off soemwhere]
[Vile] (it hits inches behind Dom and sends him flying through the air with
- DS)
[Vile] (UO doesn't notice he's running into 500 Mavericks)
DeathStar> Pause.
>> SK has left channel #battleground
[UO] AH!!!
[Dominator]  *flips through the air and lands on his feet in a crouch*
Vile> (Blasts at them)
[Dominator]  8blocks with sword*
[ShadowKnight] (dodges back behind the wall)
Vile> (blasts at SK's cover spot)
[UO] [walks off through a corridor]
[ShadowKnight] (moves behind another wall)
[Dominator]  *gets up behind Vile and stabs his super weapon*
[Vile] (blasts UO in the back)
[Vile] (it is damaged)  DAMN YOU!!
[UO] [ignores the servere pain]
[Vile] (blasts Dom backward)
[Vile] DIE!1!
[Dominator] I know
[Dominator] HURK!
DeathStar> (fires a blast at UO's head)
[ShadowKnight] (Uses both Hypers together and slams into Vile)
[Vile] (fires a blast at UO's head)
[Vile] (hits the wall, dazed)
[Vile] (shakes head)
[UO] [falls, wonders why DS shot him]
[Dominator]  *flips noto his feet and sweep kicks Vile*
[Vile] (hits the floor hard)
[Vile] (fires at SK and Dom)(
[ShadowKnight] (begins attacking Vile left and right with his bats (60 AP))
[UO] [crawls off]
[Dominator]  *stabs V's super weapon again*
[DeathStar] ARRGGHHH
Vile> (it blows up on his shoulder, causing him immenise pain)
Vile> YOU....WIN....THIS...TIME...
Vile> (teleports off)
>> Vile has left channel #battleground
[Dominator] You bet your ass we do
[ShadowKnight] Yes, we defeated him!
[UO] [sets a self destruct sequence]
[UO] [for the ship]
[Dominator]  *drops to his hands and knees*
DeathStar> (UO doesn't)
DeathStar> (he doesn't know where the Core is)
[ShadowKnight] (begins reconstructing himself)
[UO] [now you tell me]
[Dominator] DS, how you holding up?
DeathStar> (shakes head, dazed) Horrible....que tal?
[UO] [we have to hurry this up, my mom wants it.]
[Dominator] As a matter of fact, how's everyone holding up?
DeathStar> No time....lets find UO and get to the Core.....
DeathStar> Blow this thing up...
[UO] dooo dodo oddooooo
[UO] 9walks around]
[Dominator] Let's move people!
DeathStar> (gets up and stumbles blindly after Dom)
[UO] oooooo......Core---r---heanm??
DeathStar> It should be 6 levels below us....
[UO] nah..... thats no tit
[UO] 9keeps walking]
DeathStar> (grabs UO by the neck when he hears him)
[Dominator]  *aims at the floor with Runesword* Shortcut?
[ShadowKnight] (goes over to DS and puts his hand over DS's sensors to start
- reconstructing them.
DeathStar> Go for it...
[UO] eeegya!
DeathStar> (mumbles a thanks)
[UO] (I HAVE TO Go, DS , be my character fo rthe rest of the time ok?
[Dominator]  *blasts a high conetrated beam at the floor, going down a
- couple levels*
DeathStar> Alright UO.
[UO] and dont mock me.
>> UO has left channel #battleground
[ShadowKnight] (finishes reconstructing DS's sensors)
>> UO has joined channel #battleground
DeathStar> (blinks eyes)  I can see!
[Dominator] That's a first
[UO] (shakes DS's hand off)
DeathStar> (dives down the hole)
[UO] (follows)
[Dominator]  Ex-Mavs first...
[ShadowKnight] (flies down)
[UO] Shut up scrap metal!
[Dominator]   *jumps down after them*
DeathStar> (lands in the Core Reactor)
[Dominator] I wasn't reffering to you, transistor brain.
[ShadowKnight] (slows to a stop just above DS)
DeathStar> (goes over to the controls and immediately begins to set the
- Self-destruct sequence)
[Dominator] Alright, let's blow this thing and get the hell out of here crew
DeathStar> (glares at Dom)
[ShadowKnight] (begins heading back toward the ship)
DeathStar> (stops SK)
DeathStar> You're brilliant!
[ShadowKnight] What?
[Dominator] What?
DeathStar> We can never reach the ship in time...see if there are hangers
- close to our location....
[Dominator] Hold on there! What about Ebony?
DeathStar> Auto Destruct Sequence Begin: 10 Minutes..
[ShadowKnight] (Goes over to the computer)
DeathStar> (points at Dom)  That's my plan.
[UO] A plan?  Gimme a break!
[ShadowKnight] Yep!  We got one thata-way
DeathStar> How many minutes?
[Dominator] We're not going to let him die!
DeathStar> Dom, SHUT UP
[ShadowKnight] (tries to copy the core computer)
[ShadowKnight] 7 minutes
[Dominator]  *beams* Yes sir.
DeathStar> Good...
DeathStar> (grabs the comlink)  EBONY, YA THERE?
[Dominator] Ebony: I'm here sir.
[ShadowKnight] (completes his copy of the core computer, puts it in his
- internal storage)
DeathStar> IT'll take you about 8 minutes to reach this hanger's location at
- full speed.  HURRY...we'll be there in 7....
DeathStar> (Sends the location)
[Dominator] Ebony: Acknowledged.
DeathStar> Computer: 9 mins..
DeathStar> Lets move...SK, lead the way!
[ShadowKnight] (begins heading toward the hanger)
[UO] (follows)
[Dominator]  *runs as hard as he can* C'mon Ultra Pain, get a move on!
DeathStar> (continues)
[ShadowKnight] (reactives his Guts more and begins smashing through walls.)
DeathStar> (runs quickly with lightning blitz)
[UO] (uses Hyper)
[Dominator] How much time?
DeathStar> Computer: 5 minutes to auto-destruct
[UO] Damn!
[ShadowKnight] We might cut off a minute moving this fast
[ShadowKnight] That means we have two minutes until the hanger bay
[Dominator] Dominatr to Ebony, be ready to go soon as we're in
DeathStar> Perfect....
[UO] I hate this...where's the fighting?
DeathStar> Everyone's probably running for their lives..
[ShadowKnight] How about for your life!?
[Dominator] Ebony: That may be a problem sir....
[Dominator] What?
[UO] (grumbles)
[Dominator] Ebony: I'm under some heavy fire here sir.
DeathStar> Computer: 3 minutes to auto-destruct
[UO] Crap!
[Dominator] We'll have to come out blasting soon as we hit the hanger
DeathStar> Tell Ebony not to even bother to land, just lower the plank..
[ShadowKnight] Maybe we can steal a ship!  Can anyone here pilot?
DeathStar> I'm the pilot, remember?
[Dominator] Ensign, lower the plank. Do not land, I repeat, do not land
DeathStar> (eyes blur)  But..
DeathStar> (arrive in the Hanger0
DeathStar> Computer: 2 minutes to auto-destruct
[Dominator]  *starts blasting at the resistence*
DeathStar> It'll take him 1 minute and 30 seconds to get here...
[ShadowKnight] Then we can grab a ship and escape that way
DeathStar> (there is no resistance, and no ships are left)
[Dominator] ...
[UO] (snickerS)  Looks like everyone ran off in the ships...
>> Ebony has joined channel #battleground
[Ebony] (ship flies up) All aboard!
[ShadowKnight] (Jumps onto the plank)
DeathStar> Computer: 1 minute until auto-destruct
DeathStar> (leaps onto the plank)
[Dominator] About time ensign!
[ShadowKnight] (and into the ship)
[Dominator]  *jumps onboard*
[UO] (jumps and enters ship)
DeathStar> (runs to the pilot seat)
DeathStar> Move it Ebony!
[Ebony] Sorry sir, traffic was heavy
DeathStar> And close the plank..~!
[Ebony]  *pulls the ship away from the base and hits the top speed*
DeathStar> Computer: 40 seconds until auto-destruct
[Ebony]  *closes plank*
DeathStar> (sits down in the pilot seat)
[Dominator] Here he go, strap in people
[ShadowKnight] Just drop out of Hyperspace!
DeathStar> I thought about it...but we're to close to their gravity field..
DeathStar> 20 seconds folks..
[ShadowKnight] (moves into his seat and buckels in)
DeathStar> (moves further away)
DeathStar> Okay, we're out of it...
DeathStar> (hits the jump out of Hyperspace but nothing happens)
[UO] Damnit!
DeathStar> Damn!!
[Dominator] What the?
DeathStar> 10 seconds.....
[Ebony] Sir, that's the air conditioning unit...
DeathStar> Funny...
DeathStar> (keeps hitting buttons)
DeathStar> Damn these new ships!!!
DeathStar> 4 seconds...
[Ebony] I'm serious sir. Here, allow me.
[Dominator] HURRY DAMNIT!
DeathStar> 1 seconds....
[UO] Oh shit!
[Ebony]  *hits the right button*
[Ebony] (they drop out of hyperspace*
DeathStar> (the drop out of Hyperspace as the station explodes)
DeathStar> (the ship shakes)
DeathStar> What the hell?!
DeathStar> (tries to keep it steady)
DeathStar> (everything returns to normal)
DeathStar> Shew....(aims for HQ)
[Dominator]  *collapses into his seat* I can't take much more of these last
- second saves...
DeathStar> Everyone okay?
DeathStar> SK?
[UO] (ignores DS)
[ShadowKnight] Fine.  DS, why doesn't this ship's hyperdrive work in
- gravity?  My internal hyperdrive does.
DeathStar> Beats me.....
DeathStar> But that's what the readings said
DeathStar> (gets an incoming transmission from base and listens to it
- gravely as he pulls into HQ)
[ShadowKnight] Wierd
[Ebony] I took some damage coming to get you, they may have hit it sir.
[ShadowKnight] What is it?
DeathStar> Damnit to hell.......
[Dominator] What is it DS?
DeathStar> Everyone, reassemble in the Command Rule.  Get ready for another
- mission...
[Dominator]  *groans*
[ShadowKnight] Back to the ol' grind wheel!
[Dominator] The fun just never stops...
DeathStar> (enters the command room)
[ShadowKnight] Follows DS
[Dominator]  *follows*
[Ebony]  *follows too*
[Dominator]  *the rest of the crew is assembled there*
[ShadowKnight] (sits down)
[Dominator] (taps fingers)
UO> At least we get to fight...
[Dominator] Quiet ensign
UO> Make me!
[Dominator] (the enitre room stares at UO)
UO> Oh, uh....um...
UO> (flips them off)
[ShadowKnight] (concentrates on finishing his reconstructing from the last
- mission)
DeathStar> It seems that the ship the others were tracking has landed on
- base where they MADE the station.  IT seems there is another station under
- construction. ..
[ShadowKnight] Great!
UO> ..So EarthGov wants it destroyed, just like what we did to the other.
[Dominator] And we're suppsoed to destroy that one too I take it.
UO> Wonderful...
[DeathStar] We leave in a few minutes....get prepared....you never now who
- might show up THIS freakin' time....
[Dominator]  *rotates arm* Great....
DeathStar> (turns to X1)  Got any morale speechs for us?
[X1]Go team go?
UO> Touching...
DeathStar> Joining us on this part of the mission is Blackjack.
[Dominator] Greetings Blackjack
[Blackjack] hello everyone
[ShadowKnight] Hello
DeathStar> (while they are introducing themselves he stalks off and perpares
- the shuttle)
[Dominator] Alright, seeing as we've all read our mission objectives, i
- doubt there should be any questions, so, are we prepared to go?
[UO] [decides to lift the couch for exersice]
DeathStar> (walks up the platform and turns the engines on)
[ShadowKnight] Anytime
DeathStar> (begins powerup procedures)
[Blackjack] Ready...
[UO] ok, weaklings, when do we fight?
[ShadowKnight] (walks over to the shuttle and buckles in)
DeathStar> (accidently tries to hit UO with the ramp)
[Dominator]  *walks into the shuttle and sits in the co-pilots seat*
DeathStar> (glances back annoyed at the two remaining Hunters)  Any day now
- would be nice
[UO] [brings some weights on to the shuttle]
DeathStar> (lifts the shuttle a foot off the Hanger Bay)
[UO] [gets some super removable glue]
[Dominator]  *sighs* Always working out. Why did we need such a
- self-concious buffon on this team?
[Blackjack] Hey!  Wait!
[Blackjack] (leaps into the shuttle)
DeathStar> (closes ramp)
[UO] [glues the weights to legs and arms]
DeathStar> (takes off)
[Dominator] Nice Death Star, try to leave the rookie behind.
DeathStar> The point was to hurry him up.
[ShadowKnight] (just sits watching DS fly the shuttle)
[UO] [in the open area of the ship, preformes multiple katas]
[Dominator] Maybe he doesn't exactly want to DIE in a hurry, you know.
DeathStar> (enters the hyperspace cordnets and sends them into Hyperspace) 
- We're heading to the planet Alexis
[UO] [and now exersizes]
[UO] Alexis? hrm... sounds a like a fruit cake planet
[Dominator]  *glances at UO* Oh brother...
DeathStar> (tries to shake the shuttle some  to trip UO)
[Blackjack] What's up with him? (points at UO)
DeathStar> He was dropped on his head as a child...
[UO] (UO's feet are gripped to the floor) rubber souls! all the rage!
[Dominator] He's an arrogant, self-concious fool who thinks he can take on
- any opponent.
DeathStar> (looks at the kronometer)  ETA 5 minutes...
[UO] (gets some more weights, is struggleing to stand up now)
[Dominator] Anyone who wants to back out now, just open the door and jump
- out
DeathStar> (dryly)  Your humor amazes us, Dom..
[UO] (slowly but surely, kicks and punches the air)
[Dominator] Just telling it as it is.
DeathStar> 2 more minutes....
[ShadowKnight] (readies his wrist bats)
[Dominator] Besides, i'm not the one who keeps getting drunk at the bar
- *glances at DS*
DeathStar> You stay out of my personal life I'll stay out of yours
[UO] [looks out the window of the shuttle, and sighs]
DeathStar> Coming out of Hyperspace...*hits the button*
[Dominator] Don't worry UO, you'll get to be obliterated soon enough...
DeathStar> (before them is the planet and nearby, underconstruction, is the
- station)
[ShadowKnight] Did you hit the right button this time?
DeathStar> You shut up....
[Dominator]  *stiffles a laugh*
[UO] [picks Dom up by the collar of his armor] not beofre you, that I promis
DeathStar> (alarms go off as fighters come in to blow them up)
DeathStar> Shitttt....
[UO] [growls]
[Dominator]  *grabs UO's hand and flips him onto his back*
[Dominator] Great, this oughta be interesting
DeathStar> Someone, get to the weapons counsel!
DeathStar> (shuttle shakes as it gets blasted)
[Dominator] SK, your department!
[UO] hrm..... no hyper space this time.... hey, you all use the lazers
[ShadowKnight] I guess so
[UO] (throws DOm across the room)
DeathStar> (does a spin dive out of the way)
[ShadowKnight] (moves to the weapon station and begins firing)
[Dominator]  *is still sitting in his chair and doesn't go anywhere*
DeathStar> While you guys fight, we'll be DEAD
DeathStar> (lines a perfect shot for SK)
[ShadowKnight] (takes it) thanks
[Dominator] Long as I go out in a blaze of glory
DeathStar> (does a dive to dodge some fire and brings it up again into the
- nest of fighters)
DeathStar> (ship shakes again)
[Dominator] Think we can jam their sensors?
[ShadowKnight] (keeps firing) I would prefer to actually be out there taking
- them on, but this works