Part 1: Doomsday Approacheth

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
* Dominator paces around the room a bit
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
* Monty is doing some comp schematics (computer skills)
* ShadowKnight is trying out his Xvash
*** Garland ( has joined #taw
* Dominator clears throat,  1"Can I have everyone's attention?"
* Monty looks up  1 "Yes ??"
[Dominator] As some of you know, Death Star has been presumed dead.
* ShadowKnight turns and puts away the Xvash
* Monty bows head in morning
*** GM is now known as DeathStar
* DeathStar walks in humming
[DeathStar] Good morning everyone.,
* Dominator turns had the side
[Dominator] What the?!!!
[ShadowKnight] This is the first I've been...
[Garland] Oh yeah, he's REALLY dead...
* DeathStar walks over to the command chair and sits down
[ShadowKnight] What were you saying Dominator?
* Monty Looks at DS and says  1 "Uh.... pretty lively for a dead guy"
[Dominator] I, uh, said presumed... But, I guess we, ah, presumed wrong...
* ShadowKnight uses his enhanced sences to make sure it's the real DS
* DeathStar smiles
[DeathStar] Dominator, you look like you've seen a GHOST..
* DeathStar computer alarms go off
[Dominator] I thought you were  dead , DS.... What now?
[DeathStar] NRP: It is
* Monty checks sensors
[DeathStar] Thank you...I attmept to keep things lively 
* DeathStar swirls around and hits a key
[DeathStar] .....
[DeathStar] ....
[Garland] .... *flops in a chair*
[DeathStar] Okay, this is a SCRAMBLE guys.
* DeathStar flips from the chair and lands on the ground
[Dominator] All right,. DS... Lets go.
[ShadowKnight] What's the situation?
* Monty gets up and Straps on Jet Pack and is Carrying Hover board
[DeathStar] I'll tell you about it later, Dom.  We got to get to the shuttle and head to Earth
[Monty] OK I'll pilot if thats ok 
[Dominator] As you say, DS.. Come on, guys.
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the shuttle
[DeathStar] The Mavericks have launched an attack against a city.
[DeathStar] NEVER
* Monty heads for shuttle 
* Monty turns head back  1 "What I do ?? "
* DeathStar sits down in the pilot's seat and begins to flip the controls
* Dominator walks beside DS,  1"...Its good to have you back..."
[DeathStar] That Hyperspace stunt in the hanger bay...
[DeathStar] Thank you, but I only missed one mission.  Though I heard you had a hard time
* Dominator sits down at the weapons consol
* ShadowKnight buckles in, strapping his new Xvash to his back
* Garland walks twards the hangar bay
* Dominator looks at DS,  1"It was a trap..."
[ShadowKnight] O, what happened?
[Monty] Yeah, but I have got alot better ask dominator. 
[DeathStar] Hurry Garland
* Garland glances at DS and keeps at his own pace
[DeathStar] I know.
* DeathStar flips some more switches and begins to pulls out of the hanger
[DeathStar] No time to wait..
* DeathStar begins to fly from the hanger bay
* Monty sees em leaving Garland behind
* Garland teleports to the shuttle
* DeathStar enters cordnets and hits the hyperspace button
[Dominator] Well, a fake image of a reploid I once new told us that the maverick's had a starship heading toward Earth, and that it was going to posion Earth with the newq maverick virus. However, it turned out to be a trap with no virus present orcastrated by a maverick called Liberator.
[Garland] I'll go at my own pace, thank you.....
* DeathStar counts silently in hish ead
* DeathStar pulls out seconds before they enter Earth's atmosphere
[Dominator] Garland, you need to follow orders... Remember, teamwork?
[ShadowKnight] Nice
[Monty] And they call me reckless
[Dominator] Not really, Sk... Looks like we're here. I  hoppe  this won't be a trap like last mission.
* DeathStar they hit the atmosphere and began to head downward, DS putting a comm. unit to his head, listening
[Garland] How could I forget.... *rolls eyes*
[ShadowKnight] So, what is the mission?
[DeathStar] They're attacking a hospital...damn...
* Dominator uses his COM to listen to the same channel as DS
[DeathStar] To stop the Mavericks from killing the humans
[Monty] A Hospital !!!
[Monty] They will pay !!
[Dominator] A hospital? Those bastards have  no  morals!
[ShadowKnight] What's the ETA?
* DeathStar lands 2 minutes from the city
[DeathStar] 2 minutes, if we hurry
* Dominator gets up and starts charging Thunder Bolt enhancement
* Monty hops out and Activates Hoverboard
* DeathStar sends a message to HQ for reinforcements
* Garland stifles a laugh "A hospital? how stupid is that?"
* ShadowKnight begins running toward the Hospital
* Monty hops on board and speeds forward
* Dominator glares at Garland,  
* ShadowKnight cloaks as he runs
[Dominator] It doesn't matter, people couold get killed
* Dominator starts toward the hospital, in a run (speed and agility)
* DeathStar hurries after them
* Garland teleports saying "Naw..... really?"
*** Slash ( has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
* DeathStar hangs comm. up and uses JEtpack to book ahead
[Dominator] Slash, nice of you to join us!
* Slash warps in
* Monty is ahead of everyone but slowing down to let em keep pace 
[Slash] i came as fast as i could
* DeathStar arrives at the edge of town and turns jetpack off
* Slash follows DS
[Dominator] The mavericks are attacking a hospital.. We will  stop  them.
[Slash] ... they will die...
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* DeathStar a hospital can be seen ahead and a large explosion rocks it, windows shattering
* Monty charges plasma buster
[DeathStar] DAMN!
* Dominator activates Azure Crystal and speeds to the hospital by DS in a few seconds, then deactivates it
[Slash] thats gotta hurt..
[Garland] ..... I wont end this at STOPPING them.... I'll kill them....
[Dominator] DAMMIT!
* Slash runs at top speed to the hospiital
* DeathStar runs up to the entrance where three Mavericks are on guard
[Monty] I'll take the Skys if you don't *is cut off by the hospital explosion* sons of a ****
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (140AP)
*** GM ( has joined #taw
* Dominator runs throw, following DS
* Monty is right behid DS about 20 Feet in the air 
* ShadowKnight is invisble says,  1 "It smells like a setup"
* Slash runs up behind DS, and guts one with a quick flick of his wrist
* DeathStar slashes one of them
* DeathStar one of them is destroye
[DeathStar] I know, Shadow.  I know.
* Dominator swipes at a maverick guard with Rune Sword (150AP)
* Garland Kiama's as many as fast as he can
* Slash grabs one with his armor around the neck
* DeathStar bashes on two of the Mverick's head.
[Slash] TALK
* DeathStar all the Mavs are dead
* Monty starts firing constantly at the Mavericks with his plasma Buster (40AP I'm guessing)
[Slash] Damn...
* ShadowKnight pulls out his Xvash and begins smashing into them (150 AP + 10 per)
* Garland walks around the hospital, looking for mavs
* DeathStar above on the third floor a human female can be heard screaming
[Dominator] We got those ones.. Lets continue... DS, any idea who's running this?
[Garland] Come out here, I've got better things to do than wait here....
* Slash walks in and heads to the third floor
[Slash] ...
* Dominator fires thunder bolt and flies up to the third floor, weapons armed
* Slash armor flexes and looks eager to kill
* Monty rockets up to the third floor to see whats going on 
[DeathStar] None.
* DeathStar looks up
[DeathStar] What the?!
* DeathStar smashes into the lobby
* DeathStar glances around the lobby and sees it's empty
* Dominator looks around on the third floor
[Monty] NRP: And I see ??
*** GM is now known as Maverick
* ShadowKnight flies up to the third floor
* Maverick holds a female close to him
*** Maverick is now known as Maverick
* Garland teleports infront of the mav
[Dominator] Put here  down !
* Maverick points his sabre to her face, grinning evilly
[Garland] Let'er go
* Slash armor whips out and gets a chokehold on the Mav
* ShadowKnight is invisible and walks behind the Maverick
[Monty] Let her go, and we wont hurt you 
[Garland] I dont care about hostages, your my target......
* Dominator looks at SK and secretly motions for him to get the woman free
[Slash] YOu wanna die quick? or slow..
* Maverick dodges and slashes at the female's face
* Maverick cuts some of it off and throws her at Dom
* Maverick takes off down the stairs
[Slash] please say slow...
* DeathStar runs up the stairs
* Dominator catches her and set her down, seeing if she's hurt
* Garland blurs after the mav
[ShadowKnight] I'll take care of her
* Monty Pulls out his Staf and his Sword slashing with both at the same time (80AP)
[Slash] .....
* Dominator hands her to SK and nods
* Slash pulls out his staff, and makes it longer
* Dominator teleports after the maverick
* Slash races after the maverick
* DeathStar blasts the Maverick back
[DeathStar] DAMN!
[Maverick] OUF!
[DeathStar] ...
[Garland] Hey boy, I give you five seconds before I kill you, hostage or no hostage, or you let her go
* Dominator stabs Rune Sword forward into maverick (150AP)
* DeathStar grins evilly
* Monty is in close poursuit of the maverick on his board 
[Maverick] ARGH
* ShadowKnight moves over to the female and places his hand on her face. His Nanos begin reconstructing cells.
* Maverick dies
*** Maverick is now known as GM
[Dominator] That'll teach you, you asshole.
[Garland] ....
* Slash warps back to SK
[Slash] is she ok?
[GM] More screams can be heard, echoing through the hospital.  Sounds of blasting can be heard too
[Monty] Those, ..... monsters, they are truely evil 
[Garland] Stupid mavericks....... lets clean this place out...
* Dominator runs toward the sound of the most creams
[DeathStar] Not good guys..
* DeathStar glances around and begins to head for them
* Monty starts searching for mavs
[ShadowKnight] Should be, a few more seconds of this... there, her face is as good as new
[Slash] im pissed off...
[Dominator] Monty, stay calm if possible! Do not let rage cloud your actions and mind... We can beat them bnetter that way
* DeathStar arrives in a room where five dead humans are propped up on the walls, blood splattered around
[Monty] Yeah.... calm *is getting rather angery and flying faster*
* ShadowKnight follows Monty
* Dominator looks at the bodies since he was by DS, and looks very angry
* DeathStar stops and fists close
* Slash walks around 2nd floor, and enters a room with a mav gutting a human
[Slash] I dont think so...
* Monty arives right behind DS
* Dominator clentches fist on Rune Sword's handle
* Garland sees a *lots* of dead people, glancing at them, he keeps looking for the mavs
* Slash flicks wrist and armor whips out, percing the mavs head
[DeathStar] WHY~!?
[Monty] My god, they murdered innocent people !!!! Defenceless innocent people !!!!!
* DeathStar smashes in a wall and turns to see another room opened, blood on the floor
* Slash warps to DS
* Dominator starts moving forward toward the sound of mavericks
[Dominator] Damn them...
[Slash] ....
[DeathStar] ...
[DeathStar] Lets get 'em..
* Slash eyes turn down
* Monty trys to compose himself but is starting to almost glow read from anger
* Garland teleports to the group
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* DeathStar hears screams from above
* Monty dashes off on board trying to find the mavericks
[Slash] lets give em a taste of pain, Hunter style
* DeathStar leaps through the roof and arrives in a room with two Mavericks
* Slash follows DS
* ShadowKnight follows DS
* DeathStar guts one and throws him at the other, who dodges
* DeathStar notes the human is already dead
* Garland punches through the ceiling and goes a few floors up "COME OUT HERE COWARDS!"
* Monty is Yelling  1 "When I find you maverick SSCUM I WILL GIVE YOU A SLOW DEATH" 
* Slash hacks at the Mav who dodged
* ShadowKnight fires his bat beams (90 AP)
* Dominator slashes maniacly at some mavericks with RS (150 eacxh)
* DeathStar both are dead now
* DeathStar looks at the dead human, throat cut, and walks out the room into a hallway.
[DeathStar] They are picking them off, floor by floor.
[Dominator] We have to catch up with them!
[Slash] whats the top floor?
[Monty] Then we head em off 
* Garland sees a group of mavs, and rips ones arm off and stabs his arm through another
* Monty jets out a window and is at the top floor heading down 
* Dominator starts running, floor by floor, looking for mavs
* DeathStar leaps up to to next floor next to Garland
* DeathStar blats one of them
[DeathStar] DIE!!!
[Garland] ..... heh...
* DeathStar Dom is ambushed by five
* Monty sees a group of mavs and starts shooting like crazy at them 
* Slash warps to Dom, and fires his plasma cannons in an arc
* DeathStar throws one into a wall and sees some heading for the humans
* ShadowKnight follows DS, still invisible and begins blasting mavs
[DeathStar] SK!  The humans!
* DeathStar is blasted back
[DeathStar] ARGH
* Dominator blasts them at close-range with Thunder Bolt's charged energy (280AP)
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps between the Humans and the Mav
* Slash warps to DS, and fires his plasma cannons, 140 AP
* Dominator grabs another and chokes him, then slams RS's hilt throw his head
* DeathStar they walk to SK, not seeing him
* Monty pulls out his Beam Saber  1" In Honor of a great hunter you mavericks shall pay"
* ShadowKnight decloaks and hacks the Maverick
* DeathStar guts one and sees there is only a few left
* DeathStar they cry out in surprise and bat at SK
* Slash guts one with his warp blades
* Dominator continues moving, leaving the corpses of five mavericks
* Garland rips one mav apart
* Monty starts slashing mavericks and is heading downward from the top floor
* ShadowKnight slashes into them with his Xvash (150 AP)
* DeathStar punches one in the head and kicks him back
* DeathStar the rest are dead
[Slash] ....
[Slash] that doesnt satisfy me...
[DeathStar] .....
[Garland] ....... too easy
[Monty] NRP: All of em in the hospital or just the ones nearby ??
* Dominator continues moving looking for mavericks and/or alive humans
[ShadowKnight] Good
* Slash follows DS
* DeathStar grabs Comm.
[DeathStar] You got the ones up top?
[GM] .
* Garland punches through the ceiling a few floors
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps up a level
* Slash warps up two levels
* DeathStar keeps moving
* Dominator continues his pace,  dealing  with any mavericks that get in his way
[Monty] NRP: Pause LAG
[DeathStar] That should be all of them
* DeathStar hears a comotion on the roof
* Slash searches the level, and attacks any mav that he finds
* ShadowKnight checks his enhanced senses for Maverick Energy signatures
[DeathStar] What the!
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the roof
[DeathStar] NRP:  you?
* Dominator hears it too, and teleports up there
[Monty] NRP: I thought you 
* Slash warps up to the roof
* Garland grabs a lone mav, and lifts it up, breaks it arms, and sort of tortures it
* Monty is still fighting any mavericks that are up here
* DeathStar teleports up top
[DeathStar] NRP:  No
* DeathStar sees a female human being held by some Reploid, hidden behind her
[Dominator] NR{P: What do I see up here on the roof?
[GM] Reploid:  Welcome, Hunters....This is so nice of you to join US.
[DeathStar] NRP:  What I just said
[Slash] Join you? I dont think so
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps down a floor, cloaks and jumps back up
* Slash laughs
[Dominator] You bastard, release her NOW!
* Dominator takes a step forward, griping Rune Sword
[GM] Reploid: Really, Dominator?
[DeathStar] How does he know our names?1
[Monty] Ok, listen we don't want to have to fight you, release  the human and you can be let go simple bargan
* ShadowKnight flies invisibly behind the Mav
* Slash warps her away from the Mavs
* GM tightnes grip on the female
* Garland teleports to the roof
*** GM is now known as Vile
[Slash] lets see... you can either die... or die painfully....
[Dominator] Vile.... you....
[Slash] Vile...
* Vile turns around and blasts SK
* Slash glares at vile
[Vile] SEE YA!
[DeathStar] VILE!
[Monty] Oh god, I heard about you, in the name of Light, why are you doing this !?!?!
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* ShadowKnight is immune to electrical attacks
* Vile blasts the female at close range
[Dominator] NO!
[Monty] NOOOOO!!!!!
[Slash] DAMN!!!
[Garland] .......
[DeathStar] NO!
* Slash grits teeth
* Monty runs over to the fallen human but is to late
* Vile drops the body
[Garland] you truely are pathetic....
[Vile] Now, that I got you all here.
* ShadowKnight fires his Slicer Beam at full charge at Vile (1200 AP)
* Garland smirks at Vile
* Vile hits button and a Maverick ship appears over head
* Dominator moves toward Vile again, chargin Thunder Bolt enhancement and TB
[ShadowKnight] Been saving that up for a bit
* Slash fires his PPC's and Plasma cannons at vile 250 AP
* Vile gags in pain and falls backwards
* Monty Looks up 
* Vile stumbles back
[Vile] Too...late...anyway..
[DeathStar] What the!?
[Monty] What the !!
* Dominator fires charged TB at Vile (150AP)
* Garland Kiama's Vile
[Dominator] What the.,..?!
* Slash whips out a small tenticle of armor, and grabs Viles neck
[Garland] Oh, do shut up!
* Vile a huge weapon appears under it and fires at the hospital, destroying it completely
* Vile teleports
*** Vile is now known as GM
[Dominator]  NOOOOOOOO! 
[DeathStar] NOOO!!
* DeathStar the building explodes, 200 AP dealt to all
[Garland] .....
[Slash] NO!!!!!!!!!
* ShadowKnight runs toward Vile and attacks Vile (150 AP + 10 poison)
* Dominator flies forward,  1"ARGH!"
* DeathStar is buried under the rumble
* Monty falls to groun taking the 200AP
* Monty begins repairing at 5AP per sec
[DeathStar] NRP:  Not 5 aP
* Garland teleports away from any rubble that falls on him
[DeathStar] NRP: 1/2 AP per sec
* ShadowKnight is knocked into the air and flies, but is pelted by rocks
* Dominator his hand dripping battery fluid grabs a rock that he is buried in and breaks it open, slowly he rises up
[Monty] NRP: How much, oh cool
* Dominator points Rune Sword at himself, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf himself and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but himself is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
[Dominator] Vile... You will... pay...
* ShadowKnight looks for Vile
* Dominator looks around for the others
* Slash flys into the air and lands hard, and a loud THUD is heard
[Monty] Vile, you are truely evil 
* Slash armor begins healing
* DeathStar pulls himself up slowly, holding arm
[DeathStar] Another victory for Vile..
*** GM is now known as Vile
* Vile teleports down
[Garland] That.....was pointless vile
[Vile] Time to end this, Hunters...
[Dominator] We can still kill him.
* Vile blasts Garland (100 AP)
[Dominator] I agree, Vile. Time to kill you.
* DeathStar leaps at Vile anda slashes twice, and leaps back
* Dominator stands and concentrates, as golden energy slowly encompasses over his body.  1"Golden Prowess...  times 2 ! " The energy engulfs his body momentarily, then it is entirely absorbed into his body. Dominator slowly takes a few steps forward, then holds Rune Sword high. He points Rune Sword forward and a giant blast fires forward from his sword at as golden energy circles his body (200AP).
* Garland laughs at vile a little
* Slash warps behind vile and hacks at his back 150 AP
* ShadowKnight dives at Vile with his Xvash charged to L3 (600 AP + 40 poion)
* Garland is obviously hurt though
* Vile rams Garland hard, KOing him
* Monty is now 30Lp more 
[Vile] ARGH
* Dominator runs at Vile at lightning speed and slashes with RS (500AP)
* Vile holds shoulder
* Vile flips back
* Slash warps away
* Vile charges super weapon 2
* DeathStar guts vile and kicks him hard
* Dominator whinces and he side sparks violently
* ShadowKnight dives for cover
[Slash] GET HIM!!
* Monty starts firing plasma buster at Vile
[DeathStar] WATCG OUT!
[Garland] numbyu.....*uncontious*
* Slash fires PPc's and Plasma cannons 250 AP at vile
[Vile] 25%
* Slash dives out of the way
[Vile] 50%
* Monty pulls out staff 
* Dominator flies up at Vile and slashes at the super weapon (450AP)
* Monty still firing 
[Vile] 75%
[Vile] 100%
* ShadowKnight charges from behind a pile of rubble
* Vile fires a blue beam at them all, draining 100 HP From all and giving it to him and Koing all of them
[Dominator] NRP: 450=300
* Slash ducks and covers
* Monty starts spinning staff 
* Dominator teleports behind Vile
[DeathStar] OFU!
[Monty] Reflection 
* DeathStar hits the ground hard
[Slash] Ugh........
* Vile Monty takes the hit
* Slash eyes roll back into head
[ShadowKnight] ...
* Monty falls unconious
[Slash] i.....hate...vile...
[Vile] .....
* Garland wakes up, 70 AP left
[Vile] That was completely pathetic Hunters.
* Dominator blasts the charged TB (400AP) into Vile' back,  1"DIE!"
[Garland] NRP: errr. 70 HP left
* Garland glares at Vile
[Vile] Looks like I missed one of you
* Slash armor wakes him up eariler then usual
* ShadowKnight his Nanos begin repairing his system while he's unconscious
[Garland] Pathetic......?
* Vile grabs Dom by the throat and begins to crush it
[Vile] An error I can fix..
* Slash armor has healed system
[Slash] You also forgot about me
[Vile] NRP:  All Hunters awaken
* DeathStar stands up
* Slash slashes at Viles back
* Dominator teleports out of his grip and moves at ligbnhtning speed slashing V (300AP)
* Monty wakes up and sees Vile attacking Dominator
[Monty] NOOO!!!!!!
* DeathStar stabs Vile
* DeathStar keeps Slashing
* Vile flips backwards and blasts Dom (500 AP)
* Monty gets excessively angery and fires a Rage Blast into VIle 
* Slash fires PPC's at close range 110 AP
* Dominator battery fluid starts dripping from his mouth
* Dominator is suddenly engulfed by a bright and dazzling white light, coming from Silver Crystal; Dominator absorbs the damage from Vile's attack and gains life equal to its AP
[Slash] DOM!!
* Garland doesnt really care about his condition, even though, he's just above critical
* ShadowKnight wakes up and charges Vile with his Xxash charged (600 AP + 40 poisen)
[DeathStar] NO!
[DeathStar] DOM!!
* DeathStar fires HP RAIN at Dom
[Dominator] NRP: Absorbed it...? I hope...
* Vile leaps back some
[DeathStar] NRP:  No, but HP RAIN helped
* Monty starts slashing maddly at Vile (My HP is still rising btw 
* Garland aims hands at Vile
* Slash lunges at Vile with a crazy look in his eye
* Dominator side explodes in fire, but HP rain heals him some
[Vile] ARGHHH.
* Vile holds sides, sparking softly
[Garland] Heyyyyyyy Vile?
[Dominator] T-thanks... DS....
[Garland] SUPER KIAMA!
[Monty] DANG RIGHT !!!
* Dominator points Rune Sword at himself, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf himself and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but himself is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
* DeathStar  1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey.  1"Let's rock...."
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps behind Vile and attacks with his Xvash (150 AP 10 poison)
[Slash] no kidding vile...
* DeathStar  1"GEMINI STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and suddenly flashes in a huge light beam and hovers there, his armor changing to a light blue where his black is and his blue parts to white. He lands on the ground, smirking evilly.  1"Time to double the pain..." 
* DeathStar  1"POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
* Garland unleases a rather large blast on Vile
* DeathStar after creating the fields around him, he charges at Vile% and stabs 'em in the chest with his energised sabres and then leaps back, hitting Vile% with the remaining energy (700 AP)
[Vile] aRGHHH
* Vile teleports away
* Slash fires his plasma cannons at vile
[Garland] RUN Vile, RUN.....
* Monty goes to grab vile by the throat but misses 
[Monty] NOOOO!!!!!
*** Vile is now known as GM
[Monty] Come back so I can KILL YOU !!!!!
* DeathStar slumps slightly
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] What the hell is this all about?!
[Slash] Back off monty, i want him
[Monty] MRP: He teleported
* Slash armor extends to DS and gives them 50 HP, Shadowstorm takes the damage taken from DS to himself (- 50 HP to Shadowstorm)  1 AUGH!!!!
* DeathStar glances back at the hospital, destroyed.
[DeathStar] We failed!
[Dominator] VILE! COME BACK!
* Garland ignores everyone and heads back to the shuttle "I figure it's time we left.:
* Monty is almost fully repaired
* DeathStar smashes fist into some rubble and destroys it
* Dominator lands on the grounds, holding side
* ShadowKnight begins charge
* DeathStar looks up at the airship
[DeathStar] THAT'S IT!
* Monty looks at air ship
[Slash] .....
* Garland turns around and glares at the group
* Dominator flies at the air ship with Azure Crystal at amazing speeds
* DeathStar rushes for the shuttle
* DeathStar leaps in and powers it up immediately
* Slash jumps in the shuttle
[Monty] You want us to go up against that thing 
[ShadowKnight] How did X ever manage to defeat that guy?
* Monty follows DS 
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the shuttle
[Monty] I'll take Co-Pilot and weapons targeting 
* Garland teleports to the shuttle
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] I don't want to know that one, SK
[Slash] X was way more skilled then any of us..
* Dominator whinces as he side starts sparking, and flies into the shuttle,
* Monty looks around  1 "The first time a good friend of mine had to give his life to do that..."
* GM DS begins to lift the shuttle off the ground
[Dominator] Lets... go...
[DeathStar] Right
[Monty] Yeah, lets make him PAY !!
* ShadowKnight begins reconstructing himself
* GM DS lifts it off and they fly towards the airship, which is retreating
* Slash grins evilly
* Monty starts running scans to check for incoming fighters and such 
[Slash] i will show him pain...
[Monty] Want me to fire some weapons at it DS ??
* Garland tends his wounds
[DeathStar] Why are they running!?
* Dominator clentches fist and golden energt stills swirls around him, narrows eyes ignoring the difficulty of keeping Golden Prowess activated this long
[DeathStar] Not yet
[Dominator] I don't know...
[Monty] Cause.... they are trying to trap us. 
[Monty] Only explanation
* GM airship stops and turbo cannons aim at them
[Monty] They can out gun us 
[Slash] uhh.. crap....
[Monty] uh oh 
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps outside to shuttle
[Monty] I hope you do combat piloting as good as I do DS !!
[DeathStar] ...
[DeathStar] DAMN!
* DeathStar rolls out of the way as it fires at them
* Garland teleports outside of the shuttle and fires on the ship with a Kiama
* Slash takes the weapons
* Dominator looks at DS,  1"Can you get us through?"
* ShadowKnight cloaks and flies toward the airship
* DeathStar tries to keep the shuttle steady for the ones outside it
* Slash targets the turbo cannons, and fires with pinpoint accuracy
[DeathStar] Yes and no..
[Dominator] Explain...
* Monty looks at DS
* GM suddenly the airship explodes and shock waves hit the shuttle, destroying parts of it
[DeathStar] More like..NO!
[Dominator] WHAT THE?!
[ShadowKnight] Ahhh
[Slash] WHAT THE?!
* DeathStar grips controls as the pulse waves hit the shuttle and send it flying backwards
* Dominator grabs onto his seat as the shuttle lurches
* ShadowKnight begins falling out of the air
* Monty notices they are now going into a free fall 
[Monty] DANG
* Slash tries to keep his balance
[Dominator] .. Abandon shuttle?
* DeathStar the shuttle crashes into the ground, right where the hospital ways. Skeletons can be seen out the viewport, grinning
* Garland flys down and tries to grab the back of the shuttle
[Slash] ugh..
* Slash warps out
* Monty looks at a Skeliton right outside his window
[Monty] AH
* Slash warps the others out
* ShadowKnight crashes just outside the city
* Dominator lurches forward, seat belt stopping him, then teleports out
* DeathStar rubs chest
* Garland lands softly
[Dominator] Why did they do that?
[GM] Vile:  My job is finished.  Now you Hunters are out of the way.  Tat ta.
[Slash] VILE!!
* Monty notices he was luck enough to only be barried under a little ruble.
* DeathStar comms. static in DS's air, do to the pulse wave
[Dominator] We live Vile! You'll  never  escape for good!
[Garland] Vile, you are Stupid, you know? not even CLEVER!
[Slash] ....
[DeathStar] Where's SK?
* Dominator golden prowess slowly dissolves around him, and he clentches fist
[Slash] he was on the top of the shuttle
[Slash] but since hes not there now....