Part 2: Invasion

[19:29] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 hour after last mission
[19:30] [Wiendigo] Space....the final frontier....
[19:30] [DeathStar] Location: Control Room; Status: Red Alert
[19:30] Slash checks weapons arrays
[19:30] DeathStar sits down in his command chair and faces the computer screen showing a map of the asteroid belt
[19:30] SSJ_Gohan [] has joined #taw
[19:30] [SSJ_Gohan] Hi
[19:31] SSJ_Gohan is now known as Enigma
[19:31] [DeathStar] Welcome the rookie Hunter, Enigma
[19:31] Wiendigo walks in and sits down, kicking his feet up on the table
[19:31] DeathStar nods slightly at him
[19:31] [Slash] enigma eh?
[19:31] Slasher [dragonmast@] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:31] [Enigma] NRP: you guys RPGing?
[19:31] Wiendigo glares at Enigma and snuffs
[19:31] [Slash] ........
[19:31] DeathStar listens to the Red Alert alarms go off again and slams the keyboard
[19:31] [DeathStar] NRP:  'Course
[19:31] [Wiendigo] NRP: Yes
[19:31] [DeathStar] Damn malfuctioning systems
[19:31] [Slash] ....
[19:32] [Slash] this is weird...
[19:32] [DeathStar] Okay, do you all know what happened?
[19:32] Garland walks up to DS
[19:32] DeathStar turns chair around to face them, ignoring the computer screen
[19:32] [Wiendigo] Yeah, you guys screwed up again...
[19:32] [Slash] ......
[19:32] [Garland] Mr. Star.....?
[19:32] [Slash] shut up wein....
[19:33] DeathStar frowns
[19:33] [Slash] its not like you could of helped...
[19:33] [Wiendigo] Like that'll ever happen shrimp
[19:33] [DeathStar] The alien's fleet, a small portion of it, is passing our location, heading for Earht.
[19:33] [Slash] .........
[19:33] [Slash] this is not good....
[19:33] [Garland] *to DS* Sorry I was kinda mean a few hours ago...
[19:34] [DeathStar] Now, I got Dominator, Shadow Knight, and Blackjack up at the Hunter Tower monitoring their progress as I speak to you.
[19:34] [DeathStar] ...No problem Garland
[19:34] [Garland] ...
[19:34] [DeathStar] I won't lie...
[19:34] [Enigma] How many ships we up against?
[19:34] [DeathStar] ...We have hardly any ships to speak of.  
[19:34] Wiendigo cleans out his ears
[19:34] [Slash] ....
[19:34] [DeathStar] We can't count them due to their conver tatics but around eight or nine.
[19:35] [DeathStar] There COULD be more.
[19:35] [Wiendigo] Sounds easy enough.
[19:35] [Slash] crap...
[19:35] [DeathStar] ....
[19:35] Monty enters
[19:35] [Enigma] how does our fleet compare?
[19:35] Monty enters the controll room
[19:35] [DeathStar] Follow me to the Hunter Tower location guys...
[19:36] [DeathStar] We have tweleve ships and mulitple fighter planes
[19:36] DeathStar begins to walk out of the control room and through the station
[19:36] Wiendigo gets up reluctantly
[19:36] [Monty] I've been checking up on our ships, we are ready to launch on your mark sir *to DS*
[19:36] [DeathStar] Even our Flag Ship is screwy though...
[19:36] Slash walks down the corridors
[19:36] [Wiendigo] This better not be a waste of my efforts.
[19:36] Monty follows
[19:36] Garland holds up hand "I know I wasnt too good at flying that ship in training, but I'll fly if I have to...."
[19:37] Wiendigo slides along
[19:37] DeathStar arrives at a huge tower on the right side of the station. Out the view port can be seen the ships
[19:37] [Monty] Hey wiendigo I've been reading up on your exploits, don't make yourself a danger to us on this one, we can't afford it !!
[19:37] [DeathStar] I don't want ANYONE flying who can't fly well.  I'll be putting the majority of you guys on the Flag Ship or other vessels.
[19:37] [Slash] .....
[19:37] [Wiendigo] Button it Monto.
[19:37] [DeathStar] But, if you DO volunteer, I will accept it.
[19:37] [Slash] gimme a ship, lets see what it can do..
[19:37] Wiendigo crosses his arms
[19:38] [Garland] Then..... I volunteer, I rest my life fo rthe hunters....
[19:38] [DeathStar] Now, Dominator should be transferring to one of the other vessels to command.  Slash, you're commanding the Flag Ship.
[19:38] [Enigma] *gags*
[19:38] [Monty] Sir, I am volunteering, I'll fly anything that we got
[19:38] Slasher [dragonmast@] has joined #taw
[19:38] [DeathStar] On board with you will be Garland, Wiendigo, and Enigma
[19:38] [DeathStar] And Slasher too
[19:38] [Slasher] NRP:DAMN COMP FROZE
[19:38] Slash salutes
[19:38] [Enigma] Looks like everyone's taking the ships so I won't bother asking
[19:38] DeathStar points at Slasher behind him
[19:38] [DeathStar] Okay, take Garland off.
[19:38] Slasher phases in
[19:38] [Wiendigo] I'm riding along 'till I get close enough to one of those ships, then I'm going after them mano y mano.
[19:38] [Slash] lets see what this baby can do *looks up at the flag ship*
[19:39] [DeathStar] Garland, Monty, and I will fly Hunter-class Fighters
[19:39] [Slasher] DS was so wide i thought i could hide behind him
[19:39] [Garland] .... yessir.
[19:39] DeathStar a shuttle is nextto Slash
[19:39] [Slasher] What do i get to fly
[19:39] [DeathStar] fly that shuttle over there, sir.
[19:39] [Monty] Aye Aye sir *Salutes*
[19:39] [DeathStar] have piloting skills, correct?
[19:39] [Slasher] Yep
[19:39] [Enigma] Who do I follow sir
[19:39] [DeathStar] Right.  So, you'll be flying Hunter-class too...
[19:39] [Slasher] Woohoo
[19:40] [Slasher] are they fighters
[19:40] [DeathStar] Engima, Wiendigo, follow slash onto that shuttle and go to the main flag ship
[19:40] [Slasher] So who we fighting
[19:40] Wiendigo gets on the shuttle
[19:40] [DeathStar] Dominator and Shadow Knight will be on that other vessel.  Blackjack along with Ebony and Cross will stay here as guards.
[19:40] Slash warps to the flagship
[19:40] Enigma gollows slash and the others
[19:40] Garland runs to his locker and puts on his flight suit
[19:40] DeathStar frowns and thinks, 'This isn't going to wark'
[19:41] [DeathStar] The rest of you, follow me to the Hanger Bay...
[19:41] Slasher puts on some daily cloths and follows DS
[19:41] Monty follows DS
[19:41] Garland gets next to DS
[19:41] Monty picks up a helmet on the way
[19:41] DeathStar motions and heads to the hanger bay where the Hunter-class Fighters are.
[19:41] [Enigma] NRP: BRB
[19:42] DeathStar jumps into a fighter and begins to power it up.
[19:42] Slasher puts a helmet on sadly....and jumps into a fighter a powers it up
[19:42] Wiendigo kicks back in the shuttle and settles in
[19:42] [Garland] *sighs* this may be my last day in life, I will do down fighting..... *jumps in the fighter*
[19:42] [Enigma] NRP: *cusses* I gotta go guys
[19:42] Monty jumps into the fighter and powers it up setting shields to Medium Power and Plasma Cannons to a 2/3s recharge rate 
[19:42] DeathStar the shuttle arrives on the Flag ship
[19:42] [Slasher] hmm....
[19:42] Slasher starts to push buttons and the shields change to a medium power
[19:43] [Slasher] Dude....
[19:43] [DeathStar] NRP:  Fine, Engima will just be on the Flag Ship quietly
[19:43] [DeathStar] ...
[19:43] DeathStar finishes
[19:43] Slash powers up the engines on the flagship
[19:43] Enigma [] has left #taw
[19:43] [Slasher] This is nothing like the video games i played 
[19:43] [DeathStar] Okay, I'm Hunter One.  Monty, you're Hunter Two, Garland, you're Hunter Three, and Slasher, Hunter Four.
[19:43] DeathStar flis from the hanger bay slowly and begins charging shields
[19:43] [Slasher] Can i be Hunter Discovery Channel
[19:43] [Slash] Comm] shut up slasher
[19:43] [Garland] What]
[19:44] [Monty] Comm] Right DS, you guys stay information with me and DS, can't afford a break up, when we engage we split if necessary 
[19:44] Slasher pushes a button and he flies out the hangar bay
[19:44] [DeathStar] Comm] We're soooo dead.
[19:44] [Slash] Ok boys and girls, lets bring er around
[19:44] [DeathStar] Comm] Wait, do I have this thing on?
[19:44] [Garland] Comm] Mr. Star, If we die, let it be honorable... ok?
[19:44] [Slasher] Comm]Discovery Channel hear....DS.. what do these ships have your armaments
[19:44] [Monty] Comm] Slasher, you got enough skills to target missiles ??
[19:45] DeathStar heads for the Asteroid Belt
[19:45] [Slasher] Comm]Oh and who we fighing....Yes Monty
[19:45] [Slash] Full speed ahead
[19:45] Wiendigo leans back in his seat and lights up a cigar
[19:45] Slash powers the engines to full throttle
[19:45] Monty throttles up 
[19:45] [DeathStar] Comm] The frackin' aliens
[19:45] Garland is flying his fighter with a lot more skill than in the training mission
[19:45] [Slasher] Comm]Sorry
[19:45] [Monty] Comm] Slasher you keep on any missiles they launch at us then, we will keep fighters of your back ok 
[19:45] [Slash] Wein Look sharp
[19:46] DeathStar up ahead tweleve ships can be seen
[19:46] GM [] has joined #taw
[19:46] [DeathStar] Looks like we've got even number of ships here
[19:46] [Wiendigo] I always do
[19:46] [Slasher] What??
[19:46] DeathStar the tweleve hunter ships head for it
[19:46] [Monty] Comm] If they launch missiles shoot the missiles down
[19:46] [DeathStar] Comm] Hunter Group, we got sixteen people heading for us...
[19:46] Slasher adjusts his ships weapons so they can power up and lock on better
[19:46] Slash powers the shields up, and begins the charging of the cannons
[19:46] Monty Stay on target and split on DSs mark
[19:46] Slasher powers the shields up
[19:46] DeathStar locks onto one, switches to missiles and fires, blowing one of them up, and charges laser cannons and fires
[19:47] [Monty] NRP: that was over comm
[19:47] [Garland] .... Lets rock.......
[19:47] [Slash] YEEEE HAAAAAA
[19:47] Slasher fires at some missiles
[19:47] GM one of the alien's ships begins to blast away at the Flag Ship
[19:47] Monty begins firing Cannons
[19:47] Garland rolls blasting at one of them
[19:47] Slash charges his Turbo cannons, and releases a barrage at the alien ship that is firing
[19:47] DeathStar fires madly and rolls out of the way, takinga hit
[19:47] [Monty] Comm ] Capital Ship has boggies
[19:47] [Garland] EAT THIS FU-----FUDGERS!
[19:48] Monty fires at the one that hit DS destroying it 
[19:48] GM absorbs and fires more at Slash
[19:48] [DeathStar] Garland, you got one on your tail...
[19:48] [Slash] Crap!
[19:48] Slash executes a roll
[19:48] DeathStar rolls back and locks onto one and fires two laser shots, blowing it up
[19:48] Garland puts off chaf
[19:48] Wiendigo holds on to his seat
[19:48] DeathStar sees more fighters coming
[19:48] Monty Is now chasing one of there bombers 
[19:48] Slash fires some proton torpedoes at the alien ship
[19:48] Slasher hooks up his cloakind device to his ship and it cloaks
[19:48] GM blasts a hole in the side of the Flag Ship
[19:48] Garland pulls a loopty loop and shoots the tailer
[19:48] Monty Fires a few blasts at it damadging it's wing 
[19:49] [Slash] DAMN! Get that breach sealed
[19:49] Slasher fires a barage of shots at the alien ship
[19:49] DeathStar locks on and fires, destroying another
[19:49] [DeathStar] Hunter Two, we got five bombers heading for the Flag Ship...
[19:49] Garland heads for one of the larger ships
[19:49] [Monty] Comm] We got problems out here, these bombers are good, can't get through there shields
[19:49] Wiendigo slides slowly over to the weapons console
[19:49] DeathStar more fighters gang up on the four Hunters
[19:49] [Slasher] hmmm....
[19:49] [Garland] DIE YOU..... ALIENS!
[19:49] [DeathStar] Comm] What?1
[19:49] Monty continues firing at the bomber 
[19:49] Slasher charges up his laser
[19:49] Wiendigo fires off lasers at the ships
[19:49] [Monty] Comm] They got strong shields
[19:49] Slash executes a few manovers that leave the bombers flying way ahead of the flagship
[19:49] Slasher fires a powered blast at one of the bombers
[19:49] Garland opens fire in a barage of missles and lasers
[19:50] [Monty] Comm] there bombers
[19:50] DeathStar locks onto a fighter and blows it up
[19:50] [Slash] Comm] Target their engines!
[19:50] [Slasher] Will try
[19:50] GM five of the bombers bomb the Flag Ship
[19:50] Wiendigo targets their engines
[19:50] Monty Targets Engiens and starts firing 
[19:50] DeathStar gets hit twice
[19:50] Slasher shoots all tge bombs
[19:50] [DeathStar] DAMN!
[19:50] Monty sees an interceptor sneaking up on him
[19:50] Slash the ship rocks, and tries to keep his balance
[19:50] DeathStar rolls to the side and blasts three fighters and then targets a bomber and blows him up by firing a misisle
[19:50] Garland is firing at anything he targets
[19:50] Wiendigo decides to switch targets and starts aimign for their bridges
[19:50] [Monty] Good night sweat prince 
[19:51] Monty barrel rolls making the interceptors weapons hit a bomber 
[19:51] Slasher uncloaks and stays on the tail of the Flag ship
[19:51] GM one of the alien ships explode
[19:51] DeathStar dodges an asteroid
[19:51] Monty gets hit by a pair of Snub fighters 
[19:51] Slash cuts the speed to 1/3
[19:51] [Wiendigo] Eat this. *fires missiles at their bridges*
[19:51] Slasher slows down
[19:51] [Monty] NRP: Like a tie fighter
[19:51] GM the remaining eleven ships enter the asteroid field, taking the asteroid's hit in stride
[19:51] Garland fires on another
[19:52] [DeathStar] We got problems guys..
[19:52] [Slash] Comm] whats that DS?
[19:52] Monty Destroys the little fighters that are going up against him 
[19:52] [Wiendigo] Fire at the asteroids, if you hit 'em right, it'll cause more debris to nail them.
[19:52] Slasher flies behind the flag ship to lessen the chance of getting hit by an asteroid
[19:52] DeathStar watches one of the hunter ships explode
[19:52] [DeathStar] THAT
[19:52] [Garland] Comm] OH NO!
[19:52] [Monty] Comm] Crap 
[19:52] GM an asteroid hits the Flag Ship HARD
[19:52] Slasher fires a missile at a giant aszteroid
[19:52] Slasher flies in front of the flagship
[19:52] DeathStar dodges and watches a fighter get destroyed on it
[19:52] [Slash] DAMN!
[19:53] [Monty] Com] Ok everyone, these guys are good, but we are better, we need to tear these guys apart and quick
[19:53] Slash cuts throttle,and hits reverse power
[19:53] [DeathStar] Comm] SK, you read me?
[19:53] [ShadowKnight] Yes
[19:53] [Garland] ..... THATS IT!
[19:53] [DeathStar] Comm] Launch your ships fighters NOW
[19:53] Monty dodging the asteroids fairly efficiently blasting the ones he cant dodge 
[19:53] [ShadowKnight] Got it
[19:53] Slasher firse at the asteroids
[19:53] Garland puts thrusters on full
[19:53] [Slash] SK, you heard the man
[19:53] DeathStar watches as more T fighters are launched
[19:53] ShadowKnight launches fighters
[19:53] [ShadowKnight] I'm on it
[19:53] GM another asteroid hits SK's ship
[19:53] [Slash] SK, can you reinforce the shields?
[19:54] Garland fires as fast as he can on the highest number of ships as he can
[19:54] Wiendigo [] has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[19:54] X1_Weirdo_God [] has joined #taw
[19:54] [DeathStar] That should partially even the odds...
[19:54] [ShadowKnight] I'll try
[19:54] DeathStar watches a Hunter fighter get destroyed
[19:54] [DeathStar] Or not.
[19:54] X1_Weirdo_God is now known as Wiendigo
[19:54] ShadowKnight begins working on it
[19:54] [Monty] Comm] DS there matching us move for move, you and slash take on them fighters, me and garland will distract that capital ship for a little while 
[19:54] DeathStar another fighter hits him and blows out his right engine
[19:54] [Wiendigo] NRP: Fell offline
[19:54] Slasher fires a barage of missiles at a big asteroid in front of him
[19:54] [DeathStar] ...
[19:54] [Slasher] DS!!!
[19:54] DeathStar begins to repair the damage
[19:54] Wiendigo works on repairing the weapons
[19:54] Slasher flys back and guards DS
[19:54] GM thre asteroids ram the Flag Ship, taking the shields down
[19:55] [Slash] DAMN
[19:55] Monty sets course for the Fighters 
[19:55] Garland heads for the capitol ship
[19:55] [Slash] SK, can you get those shelds back?
[19:55] [DeathStar] Comm] Thanks Hunter Four, almost got this fixed..
[19:55] [Slash] at all??
[19:55] GM an aliens ship gets destroyed by an asteroid
[19:55] [Monty] Comm] Change of pace, DS is out of commision for a little, garland, Slasher follow me 
[19:55] [Slasher] Comm]Its Discovery Channel
[19:55] [DeathStar] Comm ] Fine fine
[19:55] Wiendigo has weapons back online
[19:55] Monty Charges into the varashe of Tsivirxsh fighters 
[19:55] [Slasher] Comm]im protecting hum
[19:55] [Slash] WEIN, clear a path through these damn asteroids
[19:55] DeathStar fixes it and starts engiens again
[19:55] [DeathStar] Lets go
[19:55] Garland pulls off in a roll
[19:56] DeathStar targets a fighter but before he can kill him, another hunter gets him and then crashes into an asteroid
[19:56] [DeathStar] Damn
[19:56] [Monty] Comm] ok Slasher, Garland me and you against these guys 
[19:56] Slasher cloaks his ship
[19:56] [Garland] TRY TO KEEP UP MONTY!
[19:56] [Wiendigo] Fine...
[19:56] Monty starts blasting away at fighters like there is no tomarrow 
[19:56] Wiendigo starts clearing a path with the lasers
[19:56] Garland fires on the ship
[19:56] Slash fires up the engines and tries to pilot it through the hole wein made through the asteroid belt
[19:56] DeathStar watches Dom's ship blow up another T vessel right in time for another Hunter vessel to be destroyed
[19:56] ShadowKnight tries to use a focused sheild to apply shielding specifically stop the asteroids
[19:56] DeathStar finishes killing another fighter
[19:56] [DeathStar] Comm ] Only twenty fighters left guys
[19:56] Monty Destroys about 3 or 4 that where in a group 
[19:57] Slasher reroutes all his power to a missile and fires at the main ship
[19:57] GM nine alien vessels left
[19:57] Monty gets hit hard and starts to loose shielding 
[19:57] [Monty] Uh oh 
[19:57] Wiendigo fires at remaining vessels
[19:57] DeathStar destroys two more and takes more damage
[19:57] Slasher recharges
[19:57] [DeathStar] No shields left..
[19:57] Garland fires on a fighter
[19:57] [Garland] may your soul rest.... *fires a missile*
[19:57] [Slash] wein, get that one*points to one thats flying just ahead of the flagship
[19:57] [Slasher] 50%
[19:57] ShadowKnight fires his ships weapons on the fighters
[19:57] Monty Comes up behind another bomber group and blasts away at em 
[19:57] [Slasher] Got it....
[19:57] Wiendigo fires at it
[19:57] GM one of the vessels dart in front of the Flag Ship
[19:57] [DeathStar] Okay, guys, only a few more fighters left.
[19:58] Slasher flys next to DS
[19:58] Slash matches speed with the fighter
[19:58] GM the vessel shoots back
[19:58] [Slash] lets see you outrun this..
[19:58] Garland tails a fighter
[19:58] Slasher starts to blasts a barage of missiles at one fighter
[19:58] ShadowKnight fires his ship's weapons on the fighters
[19:58] DeathStar aims and destroys two more
[19:58] [Wiendigo] Someone will pay for forcing me into this menial position...
[19:58] Monty Sets shields and weapons to full recharge 
[19:58] Slasher targets one and releases 2 missiles
[19:58] [DeathStar] Okay, finish the reaming fighters and then take out the Alien Command Ships!
[19:58] Monty diverts power from cannons to shields
[19:58] [Slash] Shut up wein...
[19:58] DeathStar targets the nearest Command Ship and fires all his missiles, watching them hit the shields
[19:59] [Garland] COMM] thatwould be you wien.
[19:59] GM the vessel explodes
[19:59] [Wiendigo] Make me flyboy...
[19:59] [Slash] gladly
[19:59] Slasher reroutes all power to Cannons and fires a charged blast at the Command Ship
[19:59] [Slash] but not now, we have a war to win
[19:59] [DeathStar] comm ] Eight Command Ships left guys, and we're thicker into the asteroid field now, BE CAREFUL.
[19:59] Wiendigo flicks cigar butt at Slash's head
[19:59] [Slash] keep that path open wein
[19:59] GM huge asteroid rams the Flag Ship, taking all it's power out and leaving it dead in space
[19:59] Slash catches it and stamps it out
[19:59] Monty targets the capital ship and fires all missiles at it 
[19:59] [Wiendigo] Try flying steady dolt.
[19:59] [DeathStar] WHOA!
[20:00] [Slash] comm] WE are hit!
[20:00] Wiendigo keeps clearing the path
[20:00] Slasher flys in front of the Flag ship
[20:00] [DeathStar] Damn guys, we lost the Flag Ship
[20:00] [Monty] Comm] I'll fly centry duity
[20:00] Garland fires on a ship
[20:00] DeathStar kills one of the few fighters left
[20:00] GM weapons are useless now Wiendigo
[20:00] [Wiendigo] NRP: Came alte, sorry
[20:00] ShadowKnight moves his ship in front of the Flag Ship and uses it's point defence weapons to keep asteroids at bay
[20:00] [Monty] Comm] get the power back up and while I gaurd you *to flag ship*
[20:00] [DeathStar] Comm ] Guys, we gotta protect the Flag Ship...
[20:00] [Slasher] Comm]Monty i'll protect the Flag ship 
[20:01] [Slash] SK, can you pick us up?
[20:01] [Wiendigo] Well, this is cute...
[20:01] [ShadowKnight] Can do
[20:01] [DeathStar] Comm ] SK, is your vessel still operational?
[20:01] [Slash] or at least me...
[20:01] [Monty] Comm] You need more than one pearson gaurding it !!
[20:01] [DeathStar] Dom: Mine is barely, DS.  Too much damage.  I'm pulling out.  Sorry
[20:01] [ShadowKnight] Roger that
[20:01] [Slasher] Comm]ok
[20:01] Garland continues firing on the larger ships
[20:01] DeathStar keeps blasting at one of their Capital Ships and watches another asteroid destroy it
[20:01] [DeathStar] Seven Command Ships left guys
[20:01] Slash gets an idea
[20:02] Monty starts vaporizing asteroids so they don't hit the command ship
[20:02] GM one of the vessels clear the asteroid field and heads past Mars
[20:02] Wiendigo puts his feet up on the console
[20:02] [Slash] Comm] does anyone have a tracter beam?
[20:02] Garland unloads the remainder of his missles on a command ship
[20:02] [ShadowKnight] Got one
[20:02] Slasher fires a barage of missiles at a bunch of asteroids around a Command Ship
[20:02] DeathStar the command ship blows up
[20:02] [DeathStar] Six Command Ships left guys...GREAT JOB...
[20:02] Garland fires on another command ship
[20:02] [Slash] Comm] good, move an asteroid into oneof the command ships way
[20:02] ShadowKnight begins using a tractor beam to push an asteroid into a command ship
[20:03] GM another alien ship clears the asteroid field
[20:03] [DeathStar] Damn, we're going to loose the advantage of the Asteroid Belt guys...
[20:03] Monty continues vaporizing asteroids
[20:03] [Wiendigo] Yeah, it was really helping us before....
[20:03] [Garland] Not if we take them out first!
[20:03] Slash is sitting dead in the water, attempting to repair some of the damage
[20:03] GM it explodes on the back, leaving it dead in space thanks to SK
[20:03] [GM] Five Command Ships left
[20:03] Slasher fires at the side of a huge asteriod causing to get in the path of a command ship
[20:03] Garland firs on another
[20:03] [Monty] Comm] DS, in an asteroid belt, the advatnage goes to teh pearson who got there first, which gives me an idea. 
[20:03] GM another ship clears the asteroid belt
[20:04] ShadowKnight tries to push an asteroid into one of the ones that just left the belt
[20:04] [DeathStar] Comm ] Damn....lost my right engine again
[20:04] Wiendigo gets up and goes to the wall
[20:04] [DeathStar] Comm ] Heading to board the flag Ship
[20:04] Garland pulls up on DS's right side
[20:04] [Slash] WEIN help reparis!
[20:04] GM they blast it to bits
[20:04] Wiendigo phases part of his body outside and starts blasting at the command ships
[20:04] ShadowKnight tosses another asteroid toward a command ship
[20:04] GM the final vessel clears the asteroid belt, the five of them heading for Earth
[20:04] Slasher matches the speed of an asteroid and rams it into a command ship
[20:05] Wiendigo reaches his hand back in and flips off Slash
[20:05] GM it explodes in the back, and the four remaining ones pass Mars
[20:05] DeathStar lands on the Flag Ship and joins Slash on the Bridge
[20:05] ShadowKnight follows them firing with all weapons
[20:05] [Slash] welcome DS
[20:05] Garland fires madly on the leading ship
[20:05] Wiendigo flips off DS too
[20:05] Slash is busy rerouting power to engines
[20:05] GM another Hunter vessel is destroyed by an asteorid and another one
[20:05] Slasher charges into a Command ship
[20:05] Monty starts pursuing the capital ships 
[20:05] [Slash] Damn..
[20:06] Slasher releases the escape pod
[20:06] ShadowKnight moves out of the asteroid belt, still firing all weapons
[20:06] GM counts only seven ships left in the fight now
[20:06] [DeathStar] What is Slasher trying to do?!
[20:06] [Monty] Comm] Take the capital ships around the asteroid belt
[20:06] [Slash] Comm] get out of the asteroid field
[20:06] [Slash] hes being himself
[20:06] [Garland] DAMNIT! *fires on the leading ship* DIE DAMNIT!
[20:06] Slasher watches his Ship fly into one of hte command ships
[20:06] DeathStar the fighter hits the capital ship and keeps going
[20:06] Monty is not doing flyby passes with the cannons on an enemy capital ship 
[20:06] [DeathStar] ...
[20:06] Wiendigo keeps firing at the command ships
[20:06] [DeathStar] We lost guys...
[20:06] [DeathStar] I know it...
[20:07] Monty takes a few hits but starts to match trajectory with them
[20:07] [Slasher] Damnt
[20:07] [Slash] Shut up DS...
[20:07] ShadowKnight tries to use tractor beam to ram a two ships together
[20:07] Slash continues working on power, getting it??
[20:07] GM another command ship blows up for them
[20:07] [Garland] Comm] I used all my missles, I need something stronger than a lazer, anything ya'll didnt tell me about?
[20:07] [DeathStar] Three Left.
[20:07] [GM] NRP: Yes
[20:07] [Slasher] What can i do
[20:07] [Monty] Comm] It aint over till we aint got weapons left to fight with *While saying this is hit by a blast of energy disabling weapons *
[20:07] [DeathStar] Comm] None whatsoever
[20:07] [Garland] Comm] DAMNIT!
[20:07] [Slasher] Comm]Im out
[20:08] Garland fires on another ship
[20:08] [DeathStar] Comm ] Garland, pick up Slasher in his pod
[20:08] [Slasher] Fling a astoied into it
[20:08] Monty flys back to command ship
[20:08] ShadowKnight keeps following them, firing all weapons
[20:08] GM one of the command ships turns around and blasts at SK's ship at point blank range
[20:08] [ShadowKnight] We've already cleared the asteroids
[20:08] Garland flys next to Slasher
[20:08] [Monty] Comm] I just lost weapons, no use fighting em now 
[20:08] [ShadowKnight] Ahhh
[20:08] GM it shudders
[20:08] [Garland] C'mon!
[20:08] Slash continues working on the power
[20:08] [Wiendigo] That's it, I'm going out there myself.
[20:08] Garland graises Slasher
[20:08] [Slash] WITH WHAT??
[20:08] [DeathStar] What?!
[20:08] [Slash] we are dead in the water
[20:08] Slasher hooks up to Garlands shup
[20:08] [ShadowKnight] Shoot, my front shields are paper thin
[20:09] Wiendigo phases all the way out and flies towards one of the command ships
[20:09] [Slash] YES!
[20:09] [Slash] engines are online
[20:09] GM the ship blows up
[20:09] [Garland] NOW YOU WILL DIE ALIENS!
[20:09] Monty lands on our capital ship and begins repairing his fighter
[20:09] Slash powers them up and flys out of the asteriod field
[20:09] [GM] Two left
[20:09] [DeathStar] Lets go get them!
[20:09] [Wiendigo] NRP: How many left?
[20:09] Garland fires as fast as he can
[20:09] Slasher connects his power to Garlands ships power
[20:09] [DeathStar] NRP: Two
[20:09] ShadowKnight begins turing sideways to bring the starboard shields to face them, while keepint forward momentum
[20:09] [DeathStar] ...
[20:09] [DeathStar] That IDIOT..
[20:09] ShadowKnight fires starboard weapons
[20:09] Monty has cannons back up, but shields are totally gone on his ship 
[20:09] [Slash] Things in motion tend to stay in motion!!
[20:09] Wiendigo lands on the viewport of one ship
[20:10] Slash fires the engines to full, and sets a course at one of the command ships
[20:10] GM another command ship shudders
[20:10] [Slasher] Garland you got more power now
[20:10] Wiendigo knocks on it and waves to the aliens inside
[20:10] [DeathStar] Slash...
[20:10] [DeathStar] ...Ram that lead ship
[20:10] [Slash] DS, get out of here
[20:10] ShadowKnight continues firing
[20:10] [DeathStar] Call the evacuation order and ram it..
[20:10] [Garland] Thats what I'm talkn about *fires on the lead ship
[20:10] Monty now has shields to 25% power
[20:10] Wiendigo phases through and starts blasting and slashing them
[20:10] [DeathStar] I MEAN it.
[20:10] Monty gets in the fighter and takes off
[20:10] Slash calls evac order
[20:10] [Slash] GET OFF NOW
[20:10] DeathStar hits the evacuation order and sits down in the pilot's chair
[20:10] [Slash] ....
[20:10] [DeathStar] Slash, you and Engima go too...
[20:11] [Slash] DS. i cant let you die
[20:11] GM keeps blasting at SK's ship
[20:11] ShadowKnight fires at the one not being rammed
[20:11] [Slasher] Comm]DS you stupid mother f*****