Part 3: Two Fronts

[20:31] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 hour later
[20:31] [DeathStar] Location: Control Room
[20:32] [DeathStar] Who here is in almost 100% condention?
[20:32] Slash holds arm, that has been set and is healing quite nicely. has a nice burn mark on arm that looks like a S
[20:32] [Garland] I am sir
[20:32] Slasher walks in with a broken arm
[20:32] DeathStar glances at everyone
[20:32] [Slasher] I am'
[20:32] Wiendigo waves hand
[20:32] [ShadowKnight] Yo
[20:32] Slasher stays on the opposite side of DS
[20:32] [DeathStar] Jeesh, that's almost ALL of you...except POOR Slasher thee...and Slash
[20:33] [Slasher] Hey I can fight
[20:33] DeathStar glares
[20:33] [Wiendigo] No, you NEVER could fight...
[20:33] [Garland] ....dont forget wien, he's always hurt
[20:33] [Slash] bring on those alien scum
[20:33] [Monty] Oh I am 
[20:33] [DeathStar] Alright, everyone want the briefing?
[20:33] [Slasher] Yeah...
[20:33] [ShadowKnight] Yes
[20:33] [DeathStar] or the debriefing
[20:33] [Slasher] For once in your live Wien shut uip
[20:33] [Monty] Both
[20:33] [Slash] both
[20:33] [Wiendigo] From you? Hell no.
[20:33] [Slasher] I want the Or
[20:34] [Slasher] No from you momma
[20:34] [DeathStar] Debriefing: We lost a lot of Hunter-class Fighters and 4 Ships.  We gained 1 alien ship and managed to stop the fleet.  There was no causulalites from OUR unit.
[20:34] [Slash] thats good..
[20:34] [Garland] .....*looks down*
[20:34] [Slash] and bad at the same time...
[20:34] [Monty] That doesn't mean others didn't die though.....
[20:34] [Wiendigo] Yeah, she was nice, reeeeaaaalllll nice, no, wait, that was your mother Slasher...
[20:34] [DeathStar] Briefing: In retaliation,  Sigma is attacking.
[20:34] [Slasher] I didn't have a mother
[20:35] Slasher starts crying
[20:35] [DeathStar] It seems that a Maverick Base has appeared next to a major city.  Our mission is to destroy the base.
[20:35] [Slash] ...... just what i needed.... sigma....
[20:35] [DeathStar] But it isn't SIGMA whose in control, but the reports won't say who.
[20:35] [Slasher] Sigma the imbred bast**
[20:35] Monty looks around and says 1 "Oh so all we gotta do is blow up a base, is that all"
[20:35] [Slasher] That'll be easy
[20:35] [DeathStar] I guess we'll find out when we GET there.  Are you guys ready?  *chooses not to tell them the rest of the bad news right now*
[20:36] [Slasher] Yeah
[20:36] [Slash] ....
[20:36] [Slash] lets go
[20:36] [Garland] I'm fine...
[20:36] [DeathStar] To the Hanger Bay...
[20:36] [Wiendigo] He's holding back...
[20:36] [Monty] Lets rock em 
[20:36] DeathStar heads down there, keeping his distance from Slasher
[20:36] [Slash] NRP AFK for a sec
[20:36] Garland teleports to the hangar
[20:36] Slasher goes to the Hangar bay
[20:36] Slash warps to the hanger
[20:36] Monty gets to the shuttle
[20:36] [Monty] Who is piloting ??
[20:36] [Garland] NRP: WHAT IS AFK??
[20:36] Wiendigo walks up next to DS
[20:36] [Monty] NRP: Away from keyboard
[20:36] ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the shuttle
[20:36] DeathStar steps into the shuttle and sits in the pilot's seat
[20:36] DeathStar flicks the switches
[20:36] [DeathStar] I am for now.
[20:36] [Wiendigo] I know you're hiding something...
[20:36] [Slasher] NRP:my mouse doesn't work
[20:37] [DeathStar] NRP: Away From Keyboard
[20:37] [Garland] NRP: ah
[20:37] [Slash] NRP: back 
[20:37] DeathStar looks at Wiendigo
[20:37] [DeathStar] You're right, I am.
[20:37] [Monty] WIendigo he is always hidding something, unlike you though the rest of us tend not to state the obvious every chance we get 
[20:37] Slash jumps into the shuttle
[20:37] DeathStar powers up and begins to leave the hanger
[20:38] [Wiendigo] Button it Monot, before you get a dose of mental anquish....
[20:38] DeathStar flies out of the hanger and then heads for Earth
[20:38] ShadowKnight moves so he can watch DS pilot
[20:38] DeathStar hits the Hyperspace and and then exits seconds later
[20:38] [DeathStar] Alrighttyyyyy then, lets begin.....
[20:38] [Monty] I've had to be arround you for over ten seconds, thats all the mental anquish I can stand for one life time thank you very much
[20:38] DeathStar flies into Earth's atmosphere
[20:39] [Garland] ......
[20:39] [DeathStar] ....Insanity..
[20:39] [Garland] Mr. Star, I see what you mean we need to work on being a team
[20:39] Wiendigo hits Monty with a psychic assult, stunning him for a moment.
[20:39] DeathStar locks in the base's location and on the targeting screen a strange looking building appears
[20:39] [DeathStar] That must be in, kiddies...
[20:39] [Monty] NRP: Uh if that is something to hurt my brain I don't got one :P
[20:39] Slasher [dragonmast@] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:40] DeathStar notes a targeting lock has been placed on them but sees there is nothing there to be locking onto them
[20:40] [DeathStar] WE GOT COMPANY YOU TWO!
[20:40] DeathStar flies doward and rolls over and sees a huge aircraft, alien in origin, over them.
[20:40] [Slash] Crap..
[20:40] Slash flips up his autocannons
[20:40] Monty takes and starts scannning for enemy targets
[20:40] [Wiendigo] Great, more freeloaders, like garland...
[20:40] DeathStar it blasts the shuttle and all the power goes out
[20:40] [Monty] Sweet mother of god 
[20:40] DeathStar they all begin to drop like a rock
[20:40] [Garland] I'm a freeloader?
[20:41] [Slash] Holy crap..
[20:41] [DeathStar] ....
[20:41] [DeathStar] BAIL IT GUYS!
[20:41] Monty hops out on his hoverboard 
[20:41] Slash creates a warp to the ground in the middle of the cabin
[20:41] [Slash] GET IN!!
[20:41] DeathStar grabs chest in pain and rushes for the back
[20:41] DeathStar blasts the door open and leaps out
[20:41] Garland jumps out of the ship
[20:41] [Monty] Whooo Hoooo Wind surfing !!!
[20:41] Wiendigo stays inside the shuttle in his seat
[20:41] Slash dives through the warp
[20:41] DeathStar flips over and over and over and activates jetpack and flies down and sees the shuttle crash a few seconds later
[20:41] Wiendigo whistles
[20:41] Wiendigo phases
[20:41] ShadowKnight follows
[20:41] DeathStar it explodes
[20:41] [Monty] Uh oh, you just without flying are gonna hit like a rock !!
[20:42] [Monty] NRP: Who doesn't have flying 
[20:42] DeathStar looks up at the aircraft and sees it going the opposite way
[20:42] Slash is already on ground
[20:42] Slasher [dragonmast@] has joined #taw
[20:42] Garland is falling twards the ground, waitingg
[20:42] [ShadowKnight] Just in the nick of time
[20:42] DeathStar turns jetpack off and joins the others on the ground
[20:42] Monty lands next to slash
[20:42] [DeathStar] THAT'S the bad news...
[20:42] Slasher phases to the ground
[20:42] Garland flies at the last moment
[20:42] [ShadowKnight] So how far are we from the target?
[20:42] [Garland] ....
[20:42] [Slash] ...
[20:42] Wiendigo phases up from the ground
[20:43] [DeathStar] ....It seemed there were reports of an alien craft attcking targets too.  It seems like we got two major problems right now.
[20:43] Slash thats it.. im pissed now... *grabs arm* damn.. that thing hurts..
[20:43] DeathStar they are only a minute from the base and Mavericks are already rushing out towards them
[20:43] [Monty] Oh god
[20:43] Wiendigo fires at the Mavs
[20:43] [Garland] HEY MAVS! EAT THIS! KIAMA! *blasts*
[20:43] DeathStar fires his cannon at the Mavericks, disabling them
[20:43] [Monty] A fire fight, just what I wanted to see
[20:44] Monty starts blasting at mavs
[20:44] DeathStar fires his Chaos attack at them, blowing some up
[20:44] Wiendigo takes out Shadow Claws and slashes one's throat
[20:44] Slash fires his ion cannon at the mavericks 110 AP and stun effect
[20:44] Slasher fires missiles at the Mavs
[20:44] ShadowKnight cloaks and begins smashing them with his Xvash
[20:44] DeathStar one leaps on Wiendigo and drains his life some
[20:44] Slash grabs the one on wein and drains ITS life
[20:44] Wiendigo phases and watches him slam into the ground
[20:44] DeathStar draws Xvash and knocks one in the head
[20:44] [DeathStar] KIIIYA!
[20:44] DeathStar watches it sail
[20:44] ShadowKnight from thin air, 1"I like this weapon"
[20:44] DeathStar it stabs Slash
[20:44] Wiendigo melts into the shadows
[20:44] Slash tosses it into a wall
[20:44] DeathStar knocks another's head off, seeing only two lef
[20:44] Wiendigo comes back out recharged
[20:45] Slash pops his Xvash into his hand
[20:45] [DeathStar] ....
[20:45] [Slash] lets see what this thing can do..
[20:45] Garland comedicly slaps 1 around and then teleports behind it, taps it's shoulder and kiama's it
[20:45] Monty slams staff into a mavs leg tripping him then blasts him with his mega buster 
[20:45] Slash swings it at an enemy
[20:45] Wiendigo jumps on ones back and pops his claws thorugh ti's head
[20:45] DeathStar it dies
[20:45] DeathStar and the other dies
[20:45] [DeathStar] ...
[20:45] [Monty] This is a welcoming party ??
[20:45] DeathStar looks over at the base
[20:45] Wiendigo retracts claws
[20:45] [Wiendigo] That was fun, can we do that again?
[20:45] [DeathStar] We can't waste time here.  We need to destroy and steal a shuttle and go after that alien craft we saw...
[20:46] Slash stoes the Xvash
[20:46] [Monty] You know you should have those cliped wieny, scratchen the furnature 
[20:46] [Slash] .. nah... not as good as these..
[20:46] DeathStar heads for the Maverick Base
[20:46] [Slasher] what the heck is a Xvash
[20:46] Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[20:46] ShadowKnight continues toward the base
[20:46] Monty flys off on board toward mav base
[20:46] Slash follows DS closely
[20:46] [Wiendigo] Careful Monosmo, or what ever the hell your name is, or I
[20:46] DeathStar suddenly steps on a land mine and is thrown back (50 AP)
[20:46] [Garland] ......
[20:46] [DeathStar] ARGGHH
[20:46] [Wiendigo] I'll scratch your eyes out
[20:46] DeathStar hits the ground
[20:46] [Slash] DS!
[20:46] [Slasher] hmmm...
[20:46] NickServ: This nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your
[20:46] NickServ: nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.  Otherwise,
[20:46] NickServ: please choose a different nick.
[20:46] Slash helps DS up
[20:47] [Slasher] Let me handle this
[20:47] DeathStar rolls with the blow and stands up
[20:47] [Wiendigo] That was sharp...
[20:47] ShadowKnight flies into the air invisibly
[20:47] Monty:  *nickserv* identify bundle4
[20:47] NickServ: Password accepted - you are now recognized.
[20:47] Garland is flying now
[20:47] [Slash] NRP: register with nicks, they came back
[20:47] [DeathStar] ...
[20:47] [DeathStar] Land mines, damn!
[20:47] DeathStar activates Jetpack and flies overthem
[20:47] Slasher uses Chikei and the ground erupts in front of him
[20:47] Slash fires lockdown at the ground disabling the mines
[20:47] Wiendigo flies over
[20:47] Slasher watches all the landmines explode
[20:47] DeathStar lands at the entrance and turns Jetpack off and blows the door pen
[20:48] Slasher phases to the entrance
[20:48] DeathStar steps inside
[20:48] Slash warps to the door
[20:48] Monty isin the air watching all this and follows DS 
[20:48] Garland lands next to DS
[20:48] Slash walks inside
[20:48] [DeathStar] ....Helloooooo, where's the neighbors attttttt?
[20:48] Wiendigo walks in, whistling
[20:48] ShadowKnight flies through the enterance
[20:48] [Slash] i hope dead..
[20:48] DeathStar suddenly the entrance explodes (100 AP to all)
[20:48] [Slasher] Won't you be my neighbor
[20:48] [Monty] Ahhh
[20:48] [Slash] AHHHH!!!
[20:48] [Wiendigo] ARGH!
[20:48] [Slasher] ahh
[20:48] [DeathStar] AHH
[20:48] [Garland] Yeah.... we brought a nice new pie for you... neighbor...
[20:48] Monty gets flung back
[20:48] Wiendigo holds arm
[20:48] [Garland] ........heh....
[20:48] [Slasher] Girlscout cookies
[20:48] [Wiendigo] Shit, that stung...
[20:48] [ShadowKnight] Ahh
[20:49] Monty starts repairing
[20:49] Slash gets hit by a flying peice of rock
[20:49] DeathStar hits the wall and rolls inside
[20:49] DeathStar the entrance begins to cave in
[20:49] [Slash] that hurts...
[20:49] ShadowKnight lands and begins reconstructing
[20:49] Wiendigo melts into the shadows (13 times left)
[20:49] Slash jumps and rolls into the door
[20:49] Slasher phases in
[20:49] DeathStar entrance seals itself
[20:49] [Garland] My gosh wien, take pain like the Jackass you claim to be..
[20:49] Monty flys inside as fast as he can
[20:49] ShadowKnight runs forward
[20:49] DeathStar is inside the base looking at the rubble
[20:49] [Wiendigo] From shadows: You didn't take the brunt of it runt.
[20:49] ShadowKnight begins recontructing again
[20:49] Slasher is next to DS...
[20:49] [Slasher] AHh
[20:49] [DeathStar] ....
[20:49] [Garland] Oh suuuuuuuure I didnt.....
[20:50] Slasher jumps away from DS
[20:50] [DeathStar] YOU!
[20:50] Slash armor begins healing the wounds taken
[20:50] Monty looks at the shadows 1 "Just like the dishonorable, they like shadows, and hiding under rocks !!"
[20:50] DeathStar turns and pants slightly and begins to walk down the hallway
[20:50] Slasher follows slowly behind DS
[20:50] ShadowKnight takes to the air and flies above DS
[20:50] [Slasher] NRP:whose inside and whos outsiede
[20:50] Garland walks next to DS
[20:50] Monty follows DS
[20:50] [ShadowKnight] NRP: Inside
[20:50] [Monty] NRP Inside
[20:50] [Slash] NRP: inside
[20:50] Wiendigo arms flies out and punches Monty across teh jaw, then retracts
[20:51] [DeathStar] NRP:  All are in..
[20:51] ShadowKnight disengages cloak
[20:51] Slasher signs his own cast
[20:51] [DeathStar] WIENDIGO, BACK DOWN!
[20:51] Monty holds Jaw 1 "And can never win in a FAIR fight !!!"
[20:51] DeathStar whips around
[20:51] [DeathStar] I have ENOUGH of your CRAP.
[20:51] [Slash] ...
[20:51] [Monty] NRP: Mine or his ??
[20:51] [Wiendigo] From shadows:Be lucky I didn't disembowel him.
[20:51] DeathStar glares at Wiendigo
[20:51] [DeathStar] NRP: His
[20:52] Slasher slowly walks forward, keeping his eyes on DS and not careing about traps
[20:52] [DeathStar] Be lucky I don't personally kill you where you STAND.
[20:52] Slash fixes Wein with a glare that could melt steal
[20:52] [Wiendigo] NRP: I'm in the shadows, you guys can't see me you know...
[20:52] [Slash] NRP: im glaring at the shadows
[20:52] DeathStar turns away and continues on
[20:52] [Monty] NRP : I got enhanced senses and so does DS so yes we can
[20:52] Monty follows DS
[20:53] Slash follows DS
[20:53] Slasher gets bored and phases ahead of the group
[20:53] [DeathStar] ...
[20:53] DeathStar goes right and continues
[20:53] [DeathStar] I don't like this..
[20:53] Garland [] has joined #taw
[20:53] ShadowKnight is flying above DS
[20:53] [Wiendigo] NRP: I'm part of the shadows, so I don't have a physical essence until I exit it, or parts of me do...
[20:53] DeathStar Slasher is zapped
[20:53] [Garland] NRP: ignore garland
[20:53] [Slasher] ouch
[20:53] [DeathStar] SLASHER!
[20:53] [Slash] Slasher...
[20:53] [Garland] .....
[20:53] DeathStar stops and sees laser guns on the walls
[20:53] Slasher ignores everyone
[20:53] Slash stops
[20:53] [Monty] NRP: then next time you phase we can anticipate and rip you out !!
[20:53] [Monty] Uh oh
[20:54] DeathStar leaps past them and watches it shoot uselessly as he lands on safe ground
[20:54] ShadowKnight flies forward and begins blasting the guns
[20:54] DeathStar SK destroys them
[20:54] Monty pulls out staff and starts twirling it from side to side for a blow 
[20:54] Slash jumps by
[20:54] Slasher phases ahead again
[20:54] Garland fires on the guns
[20:54] Garland [] has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:54] [Monty] NRP: blow = block
[20:54] Garland jumps by
[20:54] Slash fires his plasma cannons in an arc around the hallway
[20:55] ShadowKnight pulls one of the guns out of the wall
[20:55] DeathStar continues and they arrive in a huge room with the base's central core in the middle. A shuttle is next to it
[20:55] [DeathStar] Ohhh this is just perfect.  What we WANTED...
[20:55] [DeathStar] We destroy the core and get in the shuttle...sureee.
[20:55] DeathStar draws sabres and looks around
[20:55] [Slash] .. i smell a trap..
[20:55] Monty draws saber
[20:55] Slasher appears a little ahead of the group
[20:55] [Garland] ........trap?
[20:55] [Wiendigo] If it walks like a duck, and quaks like a duck....
[20:55] ShadowKnight cloaks before entering
[20:55] Crucifixtion [] has joined #taw
[20:56] Crucifixtion teleports in
[20:56] [Slash] NRP: its a tree
[20:56] [Wiendigo] YOU!
[20:56] [Garland] .....
[20:56] [Slash] Crucifixition
[20:56] [Crucifixtion] HA HA HA HA HA
[20:56] [Monty] Hey I read up on this guy he's..... oh god
[20:56] Slasher is behind Cruci, and is cloaked
[20:56] [Garland] Hi Mr. Person
[20:56] Wiendigo leaps out of the shadows onto Crux's back and tears into him
[20:56] [Crucifixtion] Welcome, Hunters..unlike the foolish VILE, I will certainly finish you off.
[20:56] [Slash] ... how nice to BEAT YOUR HEAD IN!!
[20:56] Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[20:56] Crucifixtion throws Wien off
[20:56] DeathStar stabs Crux twice
[20:56] Wiendigo lands on his feet and leaps at Crux again
[20:57] Crucifixtion blasts Death Star into the wall over and over (400 AP)
[20:57] [Wiendigo] I'm gonna tear you a new asshole!
[20:57] Crucifixtion blasts Wien (400 AP and stun)
[20:57] Slash warps behind Crux and hacks at his back, warping in the front out of his reach again
[20:57] [DeathStar] ARgh.
[20:57] [Wiendigo] HURK!
[20:57] DeathStar grabs side
[20:57] Slasher uses Fukei on Cruci and 9 balls of chi and 1 big ball of chi nail Cruci(wind)
[20:57] Monty twirls staff 
[20:57] Wiendigo hits the ground
[20:57] Crucifixtion glances at Garland strangely
[20:57] [Monty] C'mon hit me with your best shot !!
[20:57] [Crucifixtion] You seem familiar kid..
[20:57] Slash fires his Ion cannon at Crux
[20:57] [Garland] huh?
[20:57] ShadowKnight dives down on Cruc invisibly and attacks him with a charged Xvash (600 AP + 40 poison)
[20:57] Crucifixtion blasts him with a wind blast into a wall
[20:57] [Crucifixtion] ARGH
[20:57] Slash laughs
[20:58] Crucifixtion blasts SK using sensors
[20:58] [Crucifixtion] (200 aP)
[20:58] ShadowKnight hyperjumps away
[20:58] Crucifixtion holds side
[20:58] Slasher looks as the ball of Chi nail Cruci in the back
[20:58] Monty fires blasts from his buster while he is flung into wall
[20:58] Wiendigo tries to move
[20:58] Slash fires Ion cannon, ppc's and Plasma cannons all at Crux 380 AP
[20:58] DeathStar draws sabres and stabs Crux twice
[20:58] Monty is still using repair 
[20:58] [Crucifixtion] ARGH]
[20:58] [Crucifixtion] ENOUGH!!
[20:58] [Wiendigo] NRP: Do I succeed in moving?
[20:58] Crucifixtion powerful blast explodes out of him and hits all, slightly stunning
[20:58] Garland is standing there thinking about Crux's comment
[20:58] [Crucifixtion] NRP: No
[20:58] [Slash] what? you had enough? or you want me to pound on me more
[20:58] [Slash] ARRGH
[20:58] [DeathStar] ARGh.
[20:59] [Wiendigo] ....
[20:59] DeathStar limps slightly
[20:59] Slasher gets blasted into a wall and is knocked out
[20:59] ShadowKnight fires two bat blasts at him (90 AP each)
[20:59] Monty starts getting angery 
[20:59] [Crucifixtion] I had enough of this...
[20:59] [Garland] ...
[20:59] Crucifixtion reflects them back at SK
[20:59] Slash flys back a few feet landing with a loud Thud and a CRACK
[20:59] [Crucifixtion] ....
[20:59] [Crucifixtion] Ha ha ha ha ha
[20:59] [Slash] ... that arm is taking a beating...
[20:59] Monty fires a charged blast from his blaster and his rage blast (1/2 power cause he is 1/2 as angery as he can get )
[20:59] Garland is glaring at crix
[20:59] Slash grits teeth and sets it into place
[20:59] Crucifixtion teleports back
[20:59] Slasher gets up and grabs his head
[20:59] [Crucifixtion] NRP:  Stun is worn off
[20:59] ShadowKnight absorbs the energy and chagers Cruc using Hyper
[21:00] [ShadowKnight] (75 AP)
[21:00] Slash fires his plasma cannons at Crux 140 AP
[21:00] [Slasher] That hurt you SOB
[21:00] DeathStar blasts Crux over and over and over (300 aP)
[21:00] Monty Slams Staff into cruxs leggs in an attempt to trip him 
[21:00] Wiendigo slowly slides into the shadows (12 times left)
[21:00] Slasher charges up
[21:00] Slash warps behind crux as the first shot hits him and slashes 150
[21:00] [Crucifixtion] ARGH
[21:00] Slash warps in the front again
[21:00] [Crucifixtion] ARGGH
[21:00] [Monty] NRP: I assume it triped him 
[21:00] Crucifixtion grabs Slash's arm and twists
[21:00] [Slasher] KAKEI!!!!!
[21:00] Wiendigo leaps out again, lashing at Crux with his Dark Tendrils
[21:00] Crucifixtion leaps over it
[21:00] [Slash] ARRRGHHHHHHHHH
[21:00] Crucifixtion ducks
[21:00] Crucifixtion stabs Wien in the gut
[21:00] [Wiendigo] ARGH!
[21:00] Monty comes back around and trys to trip him now 
[21:01] Crucifixtion teleports to the core
[21:01] ShadowKnight grabs Cruc and attacks him with L2 Nanos (45 AP/ attack)
[21:01] Wiendigo whips Crux in the head
[21:01] [DeathStar] DESTROY THE CORE!!!
[21:01] [Crucifixtion] ARGHHH
[21:01] [Garland] ...... You might know me..... KIAMA!!! !*blasts the core*
[21:01] [Wiendigo] With pleasure
[21:01] Crucifixtion puts shield up and flips back
[21:01] Slasher jumps up in the air and comes flying down in a spiraling motion and rams into Cruci (FIRE ELEMENTAL)
[21:01] Monty starts firing at core 
[21:01] Wiendigo fires at the core
[21:01] Slash charges his plasma cannons and fires at teh core
[21:01] [Crucifixtion] What?!  NO!
[21:01] DeathStar the entire building shakes and it begins to explode
[21:01] [Slash] GET IN THE SHUTTLE!!
[21:01] Monty motions for everyone to get into the shuttle and heads in there 
[21:01] DeathStar core explodes in a brilliant light and the building begins to crumble
[21:01] Wiendigo phases and flies into the shuttle
[21:01] Slash holds arm, and runs into the shuttle
[21:01] [Garland] Bye Crux!
[21:02] ShadowKnight keeps inserting Nanos into Cruc
[21:02] [Slasher] NRP:Mumbles about how his attacks seem to nevver in come near Cruci
[21:02] [Slash] GO GO GO GO GO
[21:02] [Crucifixtion] GAH!
[21:02] DeathStar leaps into the shuttle
[21:02] [Wiendigo] Don't remember to write bastard.
[21:02] [Crucifixtion] YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE ME!!!
[21:02] Slasher walks into the shuttle
[21:02] ShadowKnight hyperjumps into the shuttle
[21:02] Garland runs in the shuttle
[21:02] [Slash] Crux, get a life
[21:02] Crucifixtion teleports out
[21:02] Crucifixtion [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:02] [Monty] That everybody ??
[21:02] [Garland] Maybe another time? ok?
[21:02] [Wiendigo] Even if it isn't, just go!
[21:02] Monty hops in the pilot seat since DS is taken his time 
[21:02] DeathStar building explodes some and a huge fire wave flies behind them,
[21:02] [Garland] Well... he was nice..
[21:02] [Slash] DAMNIT GO
[21:02] Monty pilots em out of there
[21:02] Slasher walks to the back of the ship and sits down
[21:02] [ShadowKnight] I still think it's strange that they happened to have a shuttle right next to the core
[21:02] DeathStar struggles, holding his chest and gasping
[21:02] Slash sits down, holding his arm
[21:02] [DeathStar] I agree.
[21:02] [Slash] DS, you ok?
[21:03] [ShadowKnight] DS?
[21:03] DeathStar the base explodes
[21:03] [Wiendigo] ....someone scan the shuttle, NOW!
[21:03] [DeathStar] Fine
[21:03] Monty checks the shuttles comp core and finds ??
[21:03] [DeathStar] ...
[21:03] DeathStar up ahead is the alien craft that attacked them earlier
[21:03] DeathStar a bomb is rigged to the shuttle
[21:03] [DeathStar] ....
[21:03] [Slash] oh goody..
[21:03] [Monty] Ahck
[21:03] [Slash] a bomb....
[21:03] [DeathStar] Perfect..
[21:03] [Monty] Bomb
[21:03] [Slasher] Wheres the bomb
[21:03] ShadowKnight places his hands on the shuttle and sends Nanos to deconstruct the bomb
[21:03] [Garland] ...
[21:03] [Wiendigo] What if we bail and ram the shuttle into the ship?
[21:03] DeathStar the alien aircraft targets them
[21:04] [Slash] Monty, where is the bomb??
[21:04] [Monty] I DON'T KNOW 
[21:04] [DeathStar] I agree with Wiendigo..
[21:04] [Slash] uhh... quick....
[21:04] [Slash] here we go again...
[21:04] Monty sets a course for that one ship 
[21:04] DeathStar a beeping can be heard
[21:04] Monty locks course
[21:04] Slasher phases to the bomb, grabs it phases it onto the alien ship and phases back
[21:04] [Wiendigo] Then, with that, adios!
[21:04] [Monty] Abandon Ship !!
[21:04] ShadowKnight is sending Nanos throughout the ship to try and deconstruct the bomb
[21:04] [Garland] .......
[21:04] Wiendigo phases out of the shuttle
[21:04] Slash a shimmering warpfield appears around him
[21:04] [DeathStar] It's going off!!
[21:04] [DeathStar] ....
[21:04] Garland teleports
[21:04] Slash disappears
[21:05] Slasher jumps out of the shuttle
[21:05] [DeathStar] SK, forget it.  Off the shuttle, off off off!!
[21:05] Monty jumps through wind shield and is on hoverboard going downward 
[21:05] DeathStar dives out of the shuttle and flips through the air
[21:05] Slash warps up to DS's altitude
[21:05] Monty is wind surfing with the hoverboard again
[21:05] Slasher notices hes getting closer to the ground
[21:05] ShadowKnight hyperjumps off
[21:05] [Slash] ........
[21:05] Slash warps back down
[21:05] DeathStar the shuttle rams the huge craft and succeeds in making it crash, but as a WHOLE
[21:05] [Wiendigo] We should get frequent faller miles for as much jumping as we do...
[21:05] DeathStar activates jetpack and lands roughly
[21:05] [Slash] Damn....
[21:06] DeathStar turns it off and flips to the ground
[21:06] Slasher flys into a bunch of trees
[21:06] ShadowKnight lands next to the alien ship
[21:06] DeathStar points at the craft and aliens can be seen moving around it
[21:06] [Garland] .....heh...
[21:06] Monty lands on ground 
[21:06] [DeathStar] We got more trouble
[21:06] [Slash] not good
[21:06] [Monty] Ok we need to neutralize them quickely and efficiently
[21:06] [Slash] .....
[21:06] ShadowKnight is walking near the aliens invisibly
[21:06] Crucifixtion [] has joined #taw
[21:06] [Crucifixtion] ALOT MORE TROUBLE!
[21:07] Monty pushes wiendigo out into the battle field 1 "Go to it if your as good as you say you are"
[21:07] Slasher waves to the aliens
[21:07] [Garland] Hi Mr. Crux!
[21:07] [Slash] oh goody... Crux...
[21:07] Crucifixtion teleports behind DS and grabs him
[21:07] [Slash] DS!!
[21:07] [DeathStar] GACK!
[21:07] Wiendigo shoots a glance at Crux
[21:07] [Monty] Leve him alone !!!
[21:07] Crucifixtion teleports up with him
[21:07] Monty follows on hoverboard
[21:07] [Wiendigo] He's MINE!!!!!
[21:07] Slash warps DS away from Cruz
[21:07] ShadowKnight sneaks into the alien ship
[21:07] [DeathStar] RAt..
[21:07] [Garland] Mr. Star]
[21:07] DeathStar 1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!"6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey. 1"Let's rock...."
[21:07] [Crucifixtion] ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:07] Crucifixtion dorps DS
[21:07] [Wiendigo] BOTH of them damnit!
[21:07] [Slasher] Hey Cruci you smell like my socks
[21:07] Wiendigo flies up and catches DS
[21:07] Crucifixtion talks tot he aliens
[21:07] [Crucifixtion] ATTACK THEM!!!
[21:07] [Garland] ....... hmmmm
[21:07] Monty fires a few shots at Cruc
[21:07] [DeathStar] Thanks Wiendigo..
[21:07] Crucifixtion five aliens attack them
[21:08] Slasher teleports to a tree
[21:08] [Wiendigo] Save it for my funeral.
[21:08] Slasher sits on a branch
[21:08] [Garland] *gasps* Wien, you helped DS!
[21:08] DeathStar grabs sabre and slashes one
[21:08] Slash fires a plasma burst at Crux
[21:08] Crucifixtion blasts Slasher off the brance
[21:08] Slasher falls on the ground
[21:08] Crucifixtion blasts Wiendigo (stun)
[21:08] [Wiendigo] ARGH!
[21:08] DeathStar atacks one of the aliens
[21:08] [Wiendigo]
[21:08] DeathStar flips backwards
[21:08] Slasher thinks to himself
[21:08] ShadowKnight is wandering through the ship, taking out lone aliens
[21:08] Monty lands and puts his board on his back and starts slashing with his saber at Aliens 
[21:08] [DeathStar] We can't keep this up..
[21:08] [Slasher] Yeah why not
[21:08] Slash fires all weapons (cept for oen ppc) at crux 300 AP
[21:08] DeathStar an alien whacks him
[21:08] [Garland] Sorry, but I gotta do my job Crux! *Super Kiama's Crux*
[21:09] [Crucifixtion] ARGHHH
[21:09] Slasher phases onto the back of Cruci
[21:09] Crucifixtion hovers there, eyes glowing with anger
[21:09] [Slash] DS!!
[21:09] [Slasher] Hey baby
[21:09] [Wiendigo] Oilcan...oilcan...
[21:09] [DeathStar] What?
[21:09] [Crucifixtion] WHNAT?!
[21:09] [Crucifixtion] SLASHER?!
[21:09] [Monty] NRP: Whacks who ??
[21:09] [Slash] Mix me up a fastball special
[21:09] Crucifixtion begins to grab at him
[21:09] Slasher bites off his ear