Part 5: Alliances

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 hour after Last Mission; 30 Mintues after Part 4
[DeathStar] Location: Hunters: (Up to you)  Death Star: Maintance Level
* Dominator walks in, in deep thought
* Slasher works on fine tuning his Combo System in his room
[Dominator] (into the maintance level)
* DeathStar holds his sabre and leaps past a barrage of fire in the Maintance level
* Blackjack is sound asleep in his quarters
* Slasher head flies up
* DeathStar grabs comm. "X1!!! GIVE ME A LOCATION ON THAT GUY, NOW!"
[Slasher] what the....
* Dominator looks at DS, "What the hell is happening?!"
[DeathStar] We got some Maverick idiot on board...a worker.
* Slasher gets up and starts running to where the gun shots are
* Garland is just standing there, silent
* ShadowKnight is in the flight sim
[DeathStar] X1: He's 100 meters and running
* Blackjack wakes up, hearing the shots
[Garland] So..... we are going in again? Yay!
* Dominator arms weapons, 1"Gotcha..."
[Blackjack] Wha... what the hell?
* Slasher flies by DS "I got him"
* Monty walks into the mantinence level with a computer pad in hand 
* DeathStar runs down the level with sabre
* Blackjack sprints from his quarters, headed in the direction of the shots
[Dominator] Monty, we got a member turned mav in here.
* DeathStar ducks the blasts and sees the guy dash around to the elevators
[Monty] Uh oh
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt at him
[DeathStar] Damn...and I HAD to turn the Red Alert status off, didn't I?!
* Slasher runs even faster and can see him
[Garland] .........hmmmmmm?
* Monty charges blaster 
[DeathStar] Slasher?!
* Blackjack calls an elevator, still too tired to take the stairs
* ShadowKnight gets out of the sim and notices the commotion
* Slasher gets behing him and does a leaping tackle
* Garland teleports down the halls in pursuit
* DeathStar notices the worker dive into an elevator and go up
* Monty looks around for the guy
[DeathStar] ....
* DeathStar stops at the elevator
[DeathStar] Damn!
[DeathStar] Missed him!
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the main hanger
* Slasher starts punching him in the elevator
* Dominator moves to the elevaotr
* DeathStar worker blasts Slasher as the door opens in front of BJ
[Dominator] What's he trying to accomplish?
* Monty blasts the elevator door open and foes up the elevator shaft using jet pack 
* Blackjack stands in front of the elevator, and the doors open
[Blackjack] Wha...? Who're you?
[Blackjack] YEOW!
* Garland follows Dom
[Slasher] ooof
[DeathStar] Chaos?!
* Blackjack flies backwards, quickly drawing his rifle
* Slasher tackles him again
* Monty pulls out beam saber and cuts a hole in the floor of the elevator
* DeathStar the worker self-destructions, damaing all around (50 AP)
* Dominator manually opens elevaotr door and flies up using Azure Crystal to the level with the worker and th eohers
[Blackjack] ACK!
* Slasher flies back
* Monty takes the damadge and begins repairs
[Slasher] ouch
* DeathStar hears the explosion and looks up, teleporting up a floor to the site of the explosion
[Monty] Geesh
* Slasher holds side
* Dominator slowly down and covers his eyes when he sees the explotion above, then lands by the others
* Garland seems spaced out a bit
[Monty] That dude was nutty
[Dominator] What happened?
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to where everyone else was
[DeathStar] ....What the hell just happened?!
* Blackjack lies on the ground, the wind knocked out of him
[Blackjack] THAT hurt...
[Blackjack] What the hell is going on???
[Dominator] You okay, Blackjack?
[Slasher] Yeah well i was on him
[ShadowKnight] Hmmm... I finially missed one of those explosions
[Garland] Hey.. *yawns* why's every one chasing that guy anyway?
[Blackjack] I'm fine...
[Dominator] Worker went maverick... I think he exploded...
* DeathStar glances at Garland
* Slasher touches side and uses Mist Heal on it
[DeathStar] ...
[Blackjack] No crap, Dom...
[Slasher] You think he exploded Dom....
[Slasher] I got the burn marks to prove that he exploded
[Monty] Yeah, either that or he ait X1s chillie
[DeathStar] Ah, hell.  I give up trying to understand things sometimes...
[Dominator] Well, I was still in the elevator shaft...
[DeathStar] Nice to see the majority of our team is here today.  Wonder where the others are...
[ShadowKnight] So what was he trying to do, before you found out about him?
[Blackjack] Probably asleep. Where I should be right now...
* Slasher eyes DS
[DeathStar] Sabatoge we think.
* Garland sits in a chair
[Dominator] I wander into the maintence hall and find DS and a maverick fighting... *sighs*
[Blackjack] Great, sabotage.
[Dominator] Shouldn't we be checking the maintence area or wherever he worked, DS?
[DeathStar] Well, lets head to the Command Room for a secone
[Monty] Well, we should get a crew in here to clean this mess up
* DeathStar walks towards the Command Room and enters it silently, sitting at his chair
[DeathStar] I got X1 on that, Dominator
[Blackjack] JUST what we needs, what with the Aliens giving us enough trouble...
* Dominator follows DS, noticing he's silent and then sits in his own chair
* Slasher phases to the command room
* Garland teleports to a chair in the Command Room
[Dominator] Good...
* ShadowKnight walks there using his bo as a walking stick
* Monty runs to the command room
[Dominator] Well, he had the misfortune of running into us all...
[DeathStar] Now, ever since our last conflict with the Mavericks and Aliens, the two have been silent.  For once.  But, it has only been an hour...
* Blackjack jogs to the command room
[Blackjack] Great, a solid hour.
[Dominator] Any tactical data in on what they are doing?
[Blackjack] That's a record, isn't it?
[DeathStar] Yes...keep us busy for the rest of the fleet.
* Garland yawns
* Dominator looks over some data on the ship engagments on the computer by his seat, not really looking for anything or hoping to find anything
* Slasher goes to the opposite side of the room
[DeathStar] But--*Red Alert goes off on the computer screen and infomation scrolls rapidly by
[Monty] I wonder what monstrosity they will attack with now 
[Dominator] Maybe you should go back to sleep Garland. You need all the rest you can get.
[DeathStar] Eh---?  *turns around and reads it*
[ShadowKnight] What is it?
* Monty is checking the reason for the alert
[DeathStar] ....Of course they couldn't keep their noses clean during this..
[Garland] No.... I'm fine....!
* Blackjack stretches. "Let's try to hurry this up. The sooner we start, the sooner we finish, and the sooner I can..." He yawns. "...go back to sleep... What's that all about?"
* Dominator blinks rapidly when the slow scroll of data on his system suddenly starts pouring in, "Great..."
[DeathStar] CorSec is attacking a military installment in Africa
* Slasher stretches out
[Monty] What the !?!?!
[Slasher] CORSEC!!!!
[Blackjack] We have no choice. Let's go...
[ShadowKnight] Great
[Slasher] Im GOING
[Dominator] One of EarthGov's or the mavericks?
[DeathStar] ....They produce weaponary.  
[Garland] ........... oky doky.....
* Slasher punches fist through a wall
[DeathStar] EarthGov's.
[DeathStar] Lets get going...I'll leave the remaining Hunters on Red Alert incase anymore trouble begins
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps to the shuttle
[Dominator] Is it wise for us to interefere? And whose base is it?
* DeathStar hits the Red Alert and heads down to the shuttle
* Slasher phases to the shuttle
* Blackjack looks nervously at everyone. "I HATE it when CorSec attacks something... No telling when we may kill a friend of mine..."
* Dominator dashes to the shuttle
* Garland teleports to the shuttle
* Blackjack sprints to the shuttle
* DeathStar steps in and sits in the pilot chair and powers it up
* Dominator looks at Blackjack, "It must have been a hard decision for you to join us and leave them... knowing you might meet on opposite sides.."
* Blackjack gets into the shuttle and takes a seat
[DeathStar] Personally, CorSec is an UP spo far..
[Slasher] Hurry Up DS...i wanna get Corsecs 
* Dominator sits down at the weapons station
* DeathStar begins to fly out of the hanger
[Garland] ......
* Blackjack looks back at Dom. "I know... But my heart's not cold enough to fight you when I know that you're actually helping the cause..."
* Garland is sitting in a seat for a change, shocking
* Slasher notices hes close to DS
[Slasher] Im going out side
* DeathStar hits the hyperspace jump to save time and then leaps on in front of Earth
[Slasher] when we get to earth
* Dominator nods when Blackjack finishes, then turns
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere. "Hey, record time, yes?"
[Slasher] yeah
* ShadowKnight nods
[Slasher] DS tell me when we get 1 mile from Corsecs base
[Blackjack] Not quite. We made it faster one time, but the shuttle didn't make it... *remembers the time he destroyed a shuttle*
* DeathStar flies over Africa and begins to home in the base
* Slasher phases on to the roof
[Dominator] Isn't it dangerous to hypoerspace this close to a planet?
[DeathStar] Too true, but you got a better idea?
[Dominator] Not really...
*** Monty has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Blackjack] Good point.
* DeathStar flies over the base, exactly 1 mile from it now
* Dominator scans there destination
* Slasher makes his way to the front of the ship and looks through the window scaring DS
* DeathStar below is a huge military installment. Small explosions can be seen below
[Garland] ....So..... we're up against CorSec...can we get out now?
* DeathStar looks at slasher mildly.
* Slasher flicks him off
[DeathStar] You IDIOT.
* DeathStar lands the shuttle not far from the base
* Slasher flips off and lands on the ground
[Dominator] All right, lets all remember teamwork.
* Blackjack aims his rifle at Slasher, not planning to do anything but scare Slasher
* Dominator starts charing Thunder Bolt Enhancement
* Slasher walks up to BJ and aims the rifle away from him
* Slasher sees the base and starts running for it
* ShadowKnight bats fly off his wrist and he pulls out his Xvash
[Garland] Mr. Dominator, teamwork? name the last time we actoually functioned as a team, when in reality, we're laways fighting.... *yawn*
* Slasher stops about 30 feet away from the base
* Garland teleports to Slashers side
* ShadowKnight stops behind Slasher
[Slasher] Heyt
*** Blackjack has quit IRC (
*** DeathStar has quit IRC (
* Slasher gets up
[Garland] PAUSE
[Dominator] PAUSE
Session Close: Fri Feb 26 17:59:08 1999

Session Start: Fri Feb 26 17:59:38 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[Slasher] SK Never come to me from behind
[DeathStar] NRP:  Everyone ready?
[Dominator] NRP: Yea
[ShadowKnight] Appologize, but you should expect that if you run in front of me
[Slasher] NRP:yes
[ShadowKnight] NRP: Yes
[Blackjack] NRP: Born ready *laughs*
[DeathStar] NRP:  continue
[Slasher] Yeah....well today you dont want to do that
[Dominator] Well, Garland, it really makes a difference. I've noticed Blackjack and Slash hve combined there attacks to a good result.
* DeathStar steps up behind a tree and sees two hovertanks battling it out between each other
[ShadowKnight] Sorry, I said
[Slasher] DS whats going on here
[Dominator] We're on this installation's side I suppose.
[Garland] ..... It hasnt had that much effect..
[Dominator] CorSec is attacking this installation, Slasher.
[DeathStar] Look for yourself genius...*Sees one has CORSEC panted on it*
[Slasher] really
*** Slash ( has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
* Slasher gets up and runs toward the tank
* ShadowKnight bats fire on the Corsec tank (90 AP x 2)
* DeathStar fires cannon at the tank
* Slash appears from a warpfield
* Dominator sees Slash teleport in
[DeathStar] About TIME Slash..
[Blackjack] Slash! Welcome!
* Slasher jumps on the tank and rips a way in
[Dominator] Slash, CorSec is attacking this military base. We're going to stop them.
[Slash] im sorry im late.. damn traffic..
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (140AP)
* Slasher tosses out 2 guys
* DeathStar the tank explodes
* Garland waves two fingers at Slash in a waving motion "Hey"
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* DeathStar points to the gaping hole in the side of the building.
[DeathStar] Lets continue...
* Dominator nods and starts toward it
* DeathStar runs inside the hole and inside the installment
* Slasher runs in
[Blackjack] Let's keep moving.
[Garland] Um..... ok
* ShadowKnight follows
* Garland walks closly behind Dom
* Blackjack follows DS through the hole, getting more and more nervous
* Slash walks in cautiously
* Dominator continues inside, behind DS
[DeathStar] ...
* ShadowKnight bats hover closely over his shoulders
* DeathStar hears sounds of fighting echoing throughout the building
* Slasher phase next to DS
[Slasher] Should we split up
* DeathStar glances down the left hall and then to the right
[DeathStar] Perferably, NOT.
* Dominator looks around, "I hope this isn't a trap... Our missions have had a disterbing trend of being traps."
[Slasher] ok
[Slash] ... i hate traps...
[ShadowKnight] Nope, stay together as one big target
[Slasher] Maybe EarthGovs trying to get rid of us
* Blackjack grabs a coin. "We'll settle it this way."
[DeathStar] I like your idea fo us, SK..
[Dominator] But, one powerful target Sk
* Blackjack tosses it into the air. "Heads, we go right. Tails, left."
[Slash] ....
* Slasher grabs the coin....
[Slasher] We go left
* DeathStar looks at BJ silently
* ShadowKnight begins walking left
* Dominator glances at DS
* DeathStar glances at Slasher
[DeathStar] I say Right
[Slash] .... left, right whatever..
* Slasher runs down the left hallway
[Dominator] Hold up, SK! Wait for the order.. Slasher!
* DeathStar turns and goes to the right
[Garland] We should develope tactics for makingsuch traps backfire, rather than playing things by ear as usual.
* Dominator calls, "We're going RIGHT!"
* Blackjack shrugs and goes right
* Slasher continues down the left hall
* ShadowKnight follows the group, sighing
[Dominator] The problem is you can't anticipate a good trap..
[Dominator] Slasher, that'
* DeathStar rounds the turn and sees a group of men fighting up ahead, CorSec officers in red, EarthGov in blue
[Dominator] s an order...
[Slash] no kidding..
* Dominator sighs and follows DS
[Blackjack] I know that, Dom...
[DeathStar] Let that idiot go
[Garland] Oh yeah.... this is teamwork.....
* DeathStar Slasher runs into a mob of CorSec officers
[Dominator] That's why I was talking to Slasher.
* ShadowKnight bats open up on the CorSec (90 AP x 2)
[Slasher] Hey boys
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt
[Slash] .......
* Slasher slashes them all
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (150AP)
* DeathStar grabs sabres and slashes at the officers, wounding them instead of killing
* Slash fires his Ion cannon at the corsec guys 120 AP
* Blackjack hesitates, then opens fire on the CorSec officers (150 AP to all)
* DeathStar Dom kills two of them
* DeathStar BJ kills a few
* Slasher fires his disruptor cannons at them all killing thenm
* Garland strolls in behind DS and looks at the CorSec Guards
* DeathStar Slasher is overpowered
* Dominator attacks with Rune Sword, trying to knock them out
* Blackjack replaces his rifle
[Slasher] Hmmm...
* Slasher cloaks
* ShadowKnight claws fire on the CorSec (60 AP)
[Blackjack] Follow DS's cue!
[Slasher] FUKEI
* DeathStar Slasher is captured before he cloaked
[Slash] ....
* DeathStar bangs another's head in the wall, knocking him out cold
[Dominator] Stand down!
[Garland] Howdy..... now look here, nothing up my sleeve....*kiama's the guards as he shows them* Whoops! sorry! NOT!
[Slasher] Ahhhh
* Slasher tries to break free
* Blackjack runs up to the guards, whacking them with the butt of his rifle
* Slash knees one in the groin
* DeathStar the officers fire on them all, (20-0 AP
* ShadowKnight goes to help Slasher
* Garland knees one in the stomach
* Dominator sidesteps the blast, and continues attacking, trying to knock 'em out
* DeathStar they smash Slasher's head on the floor (100 AP)
* DeathStar ducks
* ShadowKnight fires on the person holding slasher (60 AP)
* Blackjack takes a shot, and nails the guard that fired it in the head
* Slasher disruptor cannon goes off and the wall gets destories
* Slash ducks
* DeathStar guts one, wounding him
* Slasher gets knocked out
* DeathStar SK is jumpped at by 6 guards
* Slash lunges at one and hacks at his neck
* Dominator slashes, then kicks another
[Slash] SK!
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps out
* Garland laughs and blasts a guard
* DeathStar sees only three guards left
* Slash backflips and spears one with a quick thrust to the gut
[DeathStar] Take 'em team.
* Blackjack hesitates, seeing a familiar face in the crowd
[DeathStar] One left..
* ShadowKnight appears next to Slash
[Garland] Aww..... poor baby....
[ShadowKnight] What?
* Slash twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
[Slash] lets have some fun...
* Dominator smacks the guard in the head with RS's hilt
[DeathStar] That's where's Slasher?!
[ShadowKnight] Over there
[Slash] who knows...
[Dominator] He went down the left hall, ignoring a DIRECT order...
[Dominator] Orders, DS?
[DeathStar] ....He's a loose cannon like Wiendigo..
[Blackjack] What's the call, DS?
* DeathStar frowns
[DeathStar] We help Slasher.
[Slash] lead on
[Blackjack] Sounds good to me.
* Blackjack runs back down the hallway
[Dominator] All right.
* ShadowKnight goes back to the left
[Garland] Aye....
* DeathStar runs back down the hallway to the left
* Slash follows BJ closly muttering under his breath
* Dominator dashes to the other hallway
* DeathStar glances at Slash
* Slasher wakes up and sees hes chained and is being dragged down a hallway
[DeathStar] TALK some sense into that head of his, Slash
[Blackjack] What's that, Slash?
* Garland follows the group
* Slasher notices its a different hallway
[Blackjack] Never mind, I think I know. *laughs*
* DeathStar sees the guards up ahead with Slasher
* Dominator mutters, "How'd he get promoted anyway..?"
[Slash] NRP: (*$%&%*&($$$!!!
[Slash] there is no way.. i tried.. hes way too stubborn...
* Blackjack notices the guards
* Dominator continues odwn the hall, looking for guards of SLasher
[DeathStar] Party time, yes?
* DeathStar both sabres appear in his hands and he leaps at the seven guards
* Blackjack aims his rifle into the crowd, then suddenly aims up and shoots at the ceiling, trying to bury them
* DeathStar BJ buries them all including Slasher
[Garland] Heh......*smiles and goes into a frenzy of attacks*
[Blackjack] Oops, that worked TOO well...
* ShadowKnight jumps in swing his Xvash (150 AP) his bats firing (90 AP x 2)
* Dominator slashing rapidly with Rune Sword
* Slasher gets crushed
* DeathStar stops at the rubble
[Blackjack] NRP: You're attacking a pile of rubble, guys...
[DeathStar] That was quick and pointless..
* ShadowKnight begins moving the rubble
[Dominator] NRP: All guards dead? Cna't figure out what's ahppening in this hall
[Blackjack] All in favor of leaving Slasher where he is...?
* DeathStar puts sabres up and looks at the rubble
[DeathStar] You think Slasher could've survived that?
*** Slash has quit IRC (
* Dominator glances at the rubble
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
[DeathStar] Aye.
[Blackjack] Hey, I just thought that would make things easier!
[Dominator] We need to sve him, BJ...
[Garland] .....
*** Shadowstorm ( has joined #taw
*** Shadowstorm is now known as Slash
[Blackjack] Ok, so I made a dumb move. Everyone makes mistakes!
* ShadowKnight keeps on moving it
* Blackjack walks to the pile of rubble and starts digging into it
* DeathStar grabs a chunk of rubble and throws it, seeing one of the CorSec guards are alive and gets blast in the head (100 aP)
* Dominator starts lifting some boulders off
[DeathStar] ARGH
[Dominator] DS!
* DeathStar stumbles back and grabs a sabre
[Slash] DS!
* Dominator blasts the guard in the chest with TB
* Slash fires his PPC's at the guards head
[Blackjack] Ok, so that didn't kill them. THIS WILL!
* Blackjack aims his rifle at and shoots the guard
* DeathStar the guarrd leaps out and blasts at them
* DeathStar the guard dies with the shot
*** Monty (who@ has joined #taw
*** Phoenix (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[Garland] .......
* DeathStar looks at the rubble
[DeathStar] NOW what?
* Dominator notices he reacted without thinking and wonders if that's good or bad
[Dominator] Weren't we supposed to get Slasher out?
[Monty] NRP: Server went crazy, I wont have a complete log this time 
[Dominator] nRP: I have one.
[Blackjack] We know Slasher is in there. But the guards are too, and they're presumably alive.
[DeathStar] True
[Slash] ...
[Blackjack] So what do we do?
[Dominator] Well, I say we save him. I don't want to leave anyone beihnd.
[DeathStar] We still have to bury the idiot out I guess
[Slash] there may be a way to get them out...
* DeathStar begins to dig some more, finding a dead body
* Dominator looks at the body to see if its Slasher
* Phoenix gains consousincess
*** Phoenix is now known as Slasher
* Slash warps away HUGE amounts of rubble with a warpfield
*** Slasher has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[DeathStar] It's a CorSec officer..
[DeathStar] We're wasting time here..
* ShadowKnight searchs the body
*** Slasher is now known as Slasher
[Dominator] Lets go get Slasher then.
[Garland] ...Is this all CorSec has? just weak foot soldiers?
* DeathStar SK finds nothing
* DeathStar Slasheris finally unburied
* Slasher phases out and appears behind the group
[Slasher] Hey...
* Slasher collapses
[Slash] Slasher.... if you are dead, im gonna resurect you to kick your ass...
[DeathStar] Slasher...we're going to have words when we're through with this..
[Dominator] Slasher, you almost got yourself killed not-... *stops when Slsaher collapses and catches him*
* DeathStar hears a large explosion near by
* ShadowKnight goes over to Slasher and reconstructs him (20 HP)
* Dominator points Rune Sword at Slasher, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf Slasher and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but Slasher is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
[Garland] Slasher.... never thought I'd say this, but your an idiot
* Dominator glances toward the explosion
* DeathStar looks around
* Slash armor flexes abit
[Slasher] Sorry, my emotions got a hold of me...more like one of my personalitys...the hatred of Corsec
[DeathStar] Trouble guys
* DeathStar rushes towards the sound of the explosion
* ShadowKnight starts running toward the explosiong
* Dominator dashes following DS
* Slash runs at full speed to the explosion
* Blackjack thinks for a second, then dashes after DS
* DeathStar sees a huge room full of fire as the weaponary in the part of the building burns
[Slasher] go ahead let me catch my breath
[Dominator] Make sure it doesn't happen again, Slasher... We may order you arounmd, but we want the best for all of us
* ShadowKnight reconstructs himself as he runs
* Garland runs beside Dom
[Blackjack] Damn it! Too late!
* Slash stops
* DeathStar looks around and flinches as a huge piece of machinary explodes from the fire and heat
[Slash] whoa....
* Dominator sees the room, "damn..."
* Slasher makes his way to the rest of the group
[Slash] makes some nice fireworks though...
[Slasher] Is it hot in here or is it just me
[ShadowKnight] Anyone have ice weapons?
[Slash] its just you slasher...
[Slasher] thanks
[Dominator] I can shoot an ice THudner Bolt
[DeathStar] ....I see a door on the other side of this inferno...I Think we should try to make it across..
* Blackjack tries to stop some of the fire with a couple of Cryo Blast shots, remembering that it worked with the engine that time
* DeathStar the fire begins to stop, freezing it
[DeathStar] Almost guys...
[Slasher] ild phase across but that last phase was it
* Dominator fires an ice thunder bolt shot into the fire
* ShadowKnight walks by and tries to find an undamaged weapon
[Slasher] Freezed hte groumd
[Slash] ...
* DeathStar all weapons are damaged
* DeathStar begins to go across the iced room
[Slasher] Can we repair them
* ShadowKnight flies accross the room
[DeathStar] Nope.
[Dominator] ....
[Garland] ....
[Slash] way too damaged for that...
* Slasher gets up, starts to run and leaps, lands on the ice and slides to the other side
* DeathStar a low rumbling can be heard as he slips on the ice
* Dominator looks around, "So, what now DS?"
[DeathStar] WHOAA
* ShadowKnight helps Slasher back up
*** BattleMech ( has joined #taw
[Slasher] Crap
* Slash armor reaches out and helps DS up
[Slash] oh goody.....
* BattleMech rams Slash nad DS (200 AP)
[DeathStar] ARGHHH
* Dominator cautiously steps on the ice, then stops when he hears the mech
[Slash] AHHH!!
* Slash flys across the ice
[Slasher] Garland CROSS SLASH
[Blackjack] Ok, time to keep it up...
* DeathStar slides
* Slash flips up
[Dominator] Not another enemy ina battle suit!
[Garland] CROSS SLASH!
* Slasher gets up and pulls out ion blades
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (140AP)
* Blackjack opens fire with Cryo Blast, firing everywhere in the room
* DeathStar getso his feet
* BattleMech charges weapons
* Garland jumps into the air with slasher
* BattleMech sparks slightly
* DeathStar fires cannon rapidly
[DeathStar] DIE!
* Dominator activates Azure Crystal and hovers over the ice, firing again (140AP)
* Slasher jumps slashes the enemy at the same time Garlands does in a X
* ShadowKnight turns and jumps onto it using L3 nanos and claws (65 AP + 45 AP/ attack)
* Dominator teleports behind it and fires all his charged energy (280AP)
[Garland] Lets get.......sqeaky! *preforms crossslash with Slasher
* BattleMech fires a weapon at all of them (100 AP each)
* Slash fires his Ion cannon at the mech 120 AP
* DeathStar blocks
* Dominator missed it, cause he teleported behind him (free dodge)
* Slasher gets knocked down before he can perform the attack
* ShadowKnight uses the L3 Nanos (135 AP/attack)
* BattleMech explodes
[Dominator] Slasher!
*** BattleMech is now known as BattleSuit
* Slash backflips and warps behind the mech, slashing with his warp blades 150 AP
* Garland kiama's the BM
* BattleSuit a human leaps out in a battle suit
* Dominator swipes at with Rune Sword (150AP)
* BattleSuit fires a cannon at them all
* DeathStar slashes the human
* Dominator redirects it back with Force SHield
* Slasher gets up
* Slash lunges at the human
* ShadowKnight climbs up the side of the suit
[Slash] ....
[Slasher] FUKEI
* BattleSuit shakes SK off
[Garland] ...hmmmmm
* Slasher fires 9 chiballs and one giant Chi Ball at it (WIND ELEMENTAL)
* DeathStar slashes again but is slapped back
* Blackjack hits the BattleSuit with Cryo Blast
* Slash warps to the top of the mech, and plunges his blades into its head
* ShadowKnight takes to the air and fires on the suit (90 AP x 2)
* Garland kicks the BS
* DeathStar explodes
* BattleSuit explodes
[DeathStar] NRP:  Oops
[Blackjack] NRP: Good one, DS
[Slash] NRP*snicker*
* Dominator uses his Thunder Bolt Enhancement to fire off a large blast of lightning at Suit (100AP, electricity type)
*** BattleSuit is now known as GM
[Garland] NRP: I was about to say....
* Slash flys off with the explosion
* ShadowKnight lands behind the human
* Slasher grabs head
[Blackjack] NRP: Sorry I didn't do anything for a while, high lag
* DeathStar pants slightly
* Slash lands with a loud THUG
[DeathStar] THAT was interesting.....
* ShadowKnight grabs him talk
[Slash] ... owch..
* Dominator looks at the others, to see if Slasher is KOed still
* Blackjack replaces his rifle to it's place on his back
* DeathStar sees something going on in the other room
[GM] Human is dead
[Dominator] Calm down Slasher!
[Slasher] Heh heh heh
* Dominator gazes at the other room
* DeathStar slides across the icy floor to the other room
[Slash] .....
* Slasher runs towards the other room
* ShadowKnight notices the next room and flies to it
* DeathStar enters the room and sees it's the Control Room of the military installment
* Blackjack walks across the ice, quickly slipping
[Garland] ...
* Dominator is by DS since he teleported across, and walks forward, looking at the Control Room
* Slash slides across next to DS "whats the plan?
[Slasher] Come out Come out whereever you are CORSEC MY DEAR
* Blackjack "ice skates" across the room
* DeathStar a shadow is at the computer, facing it
[Dominator] Hold on, Slasher.
[Blackjack] Slasher, SHUT UP