Part 6: The Ultimate Weapon

[21:56] [DeathStar] Session Begins
[21:56] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 10 minutes Later
[21:57] [DeathStar] Location: Hunter Tower
[21:57] Dominator still appears pensive
[21:57] Blackjack is still quite nervous
[21:57] DeathStar walks around, seemingly tired and weighed down with responciblity
[21:57] Monty is going tactics on the comp
[21:57] [Slasher] DS... For the sake of the team, you should get someone to make a device that can control my personalties
[21:57] ShadowKnight is still in the alien ship
[21:58] [DeathStar] ...Slasher, for the sake of my sanity, can't you control yourself of all days??
[21:58] Blackjack shakes his head
[21:58] [Blackjack] I doubt it, DS.
[21:58] Dominator glances at DS, 1"Are you all right?"
[21:58] DeathStar walks to the Command Room of the Tower
[21:58] [DeathStar] I'm fine, to a degree...I've been feeling weighed down incredibly latley.
[21:58] [Blackjack] I've never been this nervous... Damn it!
[21:58] [Monty] Sanity is a thin line for us hunters, very thin !!
[21:58] ShadowKnight is looking over tactical data on the computer
[21:58] [DeathStar] This is IT guys...the final battle with the aliens in this little conflict...
[21:58] [Blackjack] Even while I was getting supplies to you guys, I was never this nervous...
[21:59] [DeathStar] Okay, here's the line up:
[21:59] [Dominator] I know the feeling, DS... but you must have it worse... All right, to business.
[21:59] ShadowKnight comms over 1 "Quit the jabbing and lets get going!"
[21:59] [DeathStar] Slasher, Monty, Dominator, and I will be flying Fighters.  When we're too wounded, will get on the newly crisoned Flag Ship.  The others will already BE on the flag ship...if there is others. And SK will be on the alien ship
[21:59] [Slasher] No i cant control myself
[21:59] DeathStar rubs eyes
[21:59] [DeathStar] Head out!
[22:00] [Blackjack] Hey, what about me?
[22:00] [Monty] Aye Aye sir
[22:00] [Dominator] Who's commanding the flag ship?
[22:00] [Blackjack] I guess I am.
[22:00] Monty heads to the fighter bay
[22:00] [DeathStar] What?!  I missed you....You're with us, BJ.  
[22:00] [DeathStar] Ebony is
[22:00] Dominator raises eyebrow slightly
[22:00] [Blackjack] That's what I thought.
[22:00] [DeathStar] Slash is on it too, with Wiendigo
[22:01] Dominator mutters, 1"Better than Cross..."
[22:01] Blackjack takes his eyepatch off and pockets it
[22:01] [Dominator] NRP: Garland?
[22:01] DeathStar steps into the Hanger and sees the Hunter-class Fighters ready
[22:01] [Blackjack] Let's go.
[22:01] ShadowKnight undocks
[22:01] Blackjack shivers suddenly
[22:01] [DeathStar] NRP:  Garland is on board the Flag ship
[22:01] Dominator steps into the hanger as well
[22:01] Blackjack follows Dom
[22:01] DeathStar powers his ship up
[22:01] [DeathStar] G'luck, Hunters...
[22:01] Monty hops in a fighter and powers it up
[22:01] Dominator enters his fighter and powers it up, strapping in
[22:01] Blackjack gets into a fighter. 1"Hope those lessons from Nova payed off..."
[22:01] [Dominator] I hope my training for this comes in handy...
[22:01] [Dominator] Good luck to us all.
[22:01] Slasher enters his fighter and powers it up
[22:01] [DeathStar] ...
[22:01] [Monty] Luck we don't need luck, we need that cannon of CorSecs to work right !!
[22:01] Blackjack powers up his fighter
[22:01] ShadowKnight locks they hyperspace coordinates of Neptune in
[22:02] DeathStar takes off from the Hanger and sees seven of the hunter ships hyperspacing towards Neptune
[22:02] [Blackjack] Which involves luck, Monty
[22:02] [Blackjack] EVERYTHING involves luck in one way or another...
[22:02] DeathStar hits the hyperspace button and hypers off to Neptune
[22:02] Slasher puts a patch hes been working on on his temple
[22:02] Dominator looks at his moniter, 1"All systems go... here goes nothing!"
[22:02] Slasher follows DS
[22:02] Monty follows the others into hyperspace
[22:02] Blackjack takes off from the hangar, hyperspacing towards Neptune
[22:02] ShadowKnight hyyperjumps
[22:02] Dominator launches and enters hyperspace
[22:02] [Slasher] comm]DS i hope this patch i made works
[22:02] DeathStar pulls out of Hyperspace 5.8 seconds later
[22:02] DeathStar stops in front of Neptune, floating next to the Hunter fleet
[22:02] Slasher flies out behind DS and almost hits him
[22:03] [Dominator] NRP: Lets have 
[22:03] [Slasher] Sorry
[22:03] [Blackjack] Comm] Everything is working fine...
[22:03] [DeathStar] Comm]My gawd...
[22:03] ShadowKnight appears in his assigned position
[22:03] Blackjack comes out of hyperspace, falling into formation
[22:03] [Blackjack] Comm] What's up, DS?
[22:03] Monty pulls out of hyperspace next to DS
[22:03] Dominator pulls out at almost the same time as DS
[22:03] DeathStar in front of them floats twelve CorSec ships, one with a huge cannon strapped to it, towering up
[22:03] [Blackjack] Comm] Oh... THAT's what's up...
[22:03] [Blackjack] Comm] WAAAAAAY up.
[22:04] [Monty] Comm] Well they did call it a cannon, should have said they where making a building though
[22:04] DeathStar both sides float there, facing each other
[22:04] [Dominator] Comm] .... Amazing...
[22:04] [Blackjack] Comm] This is incredible... At least they're on our side... Temporarily, anyway.
[22:04] [ShadowKnight] Agreed... now lets go kick some alien butt
[22:04] [DeathStar] Comm] Lets accidently shoot them...joke...a dry one
[22:04] [Slasher] DAMN thats hug
[22:04] [Blackjack] Comm] Terrible joke, DS
[22:04] [Slasher] I dont like it though
[22:04] DeathStar heads towards Pluto, where tons of ships begin to hyper in from the Fleet
[22:05] [Slasher] Whats there power source
[22:05] [Monty] Comm] Well, at least we can bet it can't hit us if they turn on us, least it can't hit our fighters I'll bet
[22:05] [Blackjack] Comm] "Accidentally" shoot them, and we'd probably get the same treatment
[22:05] Slasher follows DS
[22:05] [DeathStar] Hodges:  Welcome Hunters..ready for..battle?
[22:05] Dominator flies Hunter Two, beside DS's Hunter One, Blackjack's Hunter Three, Monty's Hunter Four, etc.
[22:05] [Blackjack] Comm] Ready Hodges.
[22:05] [DeathStar] Comm]Too ready...
[22:05] [Monty] Comm] We are always ready for a good fight
[22:05] [Slasher] Comm]Buzz of Hodges
[22:05] [Dominator] Comm] Yes, Hodges. CorSec ready?
[22:05] DeathStar counts the aliens ships, around twenty four of them
[22:05] [Blackjack] Comm] Why am I so freakin' nervous!!!!
[22:05] ShadowKnight is now known as AlienShip
[22:05] [Blackjack] Comm] Slasher... shut up for five minutes!
[22:05] [DeathStar] Hodges: As ever..our cannon is fully charged right now.
[22:05] [Dominator] Comm] Just sitting there... waiting to attack us...
[22:06] [Slasher] Fine
[22:06] AlienShip AlienShip_SK
[22:06] AlienShip is now known as AlienShip_SK
[22:06] DeathStar the aliens begin to fly towards the huge CorSec/Hunter fleet
[22:06] AlienShip_SK begins firing
[22:06] [Blackjack] Comm] Ok, this is where it counts!
[22:06] [DeathStar] Comm] DAMN, that's big...wait, they're not launching fighters out...
[22:06] Slasher flies around the U.W.
[22:06] Monty powers up shielding to full forward and missiles online
[22:06] Blackjack rolls out of the way of the shots, charging his fighter's lasers
[22:06] [DeathStar] Comm] I bet they won't...I'm heading on board the Flag Ship...DS out for now
[22:06] Dominator powers shields to full and arms lasers/missles
[22:07] Slasher powers up shielding to the front and puts other power to his lasers
[22:07] DeathStar lands on the Flag Ship and takes it over
[22:07] [Dominator] Comm] I'll stay with the other fighters for now.
[22:07] Blackjack puts all of his power towards speed and defense
[22:07] GM [] has joined #taw
[22:07] AlienShip_SK focuses his fire on one of them
[22:07] [Slasher] HUNTERS HOOO
[22:07] [Monty] Comm] NO fighters, means, they are very confident or don't have any fighters !!
[22:07] [Blackjack] Comm] I'll use what I have left for lasers... Maybe my speed will help
[22:07] [AlienShip_SK] Roger that!
[22:07] GM the aliens open fire with huge blasts and destroy a Hunter Vessel right off the bat
[22:07] [Dominator] NRP: What kinda aliens ships are by us?
[22:07] Slasher flies in
[22:07] [AlienShip_SK] What the!
[22:07] [GM] NRP:  Command Ships
[22:07] [DeathStar] DAMN!
[22:07] Slasher starts blasting away at a Command Ship
[22:08] DeathStar sits in the Captain's Chair
[22:08] Blackjack lets loose his charged blast, pretty weak due to little power
[22:08] [DeathStar] FIR!
[22:08] AlienShip_SK focuses his fire on one of the Command Ships
[22:08] DeathStar the flag ship blasts away at them
[22:08] Monty starts firing at one of the enemy ships with missiles and energy weapons
[22:08] Dominator takes evasive manuevers and uses an unorthadoz method to attack the command ship
[22:08] [Blackjack] Yeah!
[22:08] DeathStar CorSec fires the huge cannon, destroying five of the alien's ships (24-5)
[22:08] Slasher launches a barage of missiles at a command ship aiming at diferent points
[22:08] Dominator tries to blast a hole the shields, then launches a missle, all the time flying crazingly to avoid being hit
[22:08] [Blackjack] Comm] Cover the cannon!
[22:08] [Monty] NRP: (19 left)
[22:08] AlienShip_SK drops back to guard the cannon
[22:08] [DeathStar] Hodges:  We're out for 5 minutes...cover us.  Our command ships will continue firing
[22:08] Blackjack drops back near the large cannon
[22:09] GM opens fire on the flag Ship and the alien ship
[22:09] Slasher drops back
[22:09] Blackjack fires from his current position
[22:09] [Blackjack] NRP: weak lasers
[22:09] Dominator swoops by the CorSec ships, covering them
[22:09] Slasher blasts all the attacks he can hit
[22:09] Monty provides cover fire for command ship
[22:09] DeathStar hits the ground
[22:09] [DeathStar] OW!
[22:09] AlienShip_SK returns fire with his weapons
[22:09] Dominator glances back, switching forward shields alkmost to full, but leaving the backward ones on
[22:09] DeathStar fires more at the Command Ship and takes it out
[22:09] [Blackjack] Comm] Cover me!
[22:09] GM blasts away at SK, two of them
[22:10] GM three more tackle a CorSec Ship, destroying it
[22:10] Monty fys up behind BJ as fast as he can covering him
[22:10] GM another three attack a Hunter Ship and destroy it
[22:10] Blackjack takes some power from speed and puts it at attack, and flies forwards, opening fire on some of the alien fighters
[22:10] GM another three attack the Flag Ship
[22:10] AlienShip_SK begins rotating to provide more effective shield covering
[22:10] Slasher starst blasting at some Alien Fighter
[22:10] [Monty] NRP: They launched fighters ?!?!?!
[22:10] [DeathStar] ARGH
[22:10] [DeathStar] NRP: No fighters
[22:10] Dominator fires at an alien ship who attacked the flagship
[22:10] [Slasher] Comm]Like to congrat the Aliens for killing a Corsec
[22:10] [Blackjack] NRP: Er, then, whatever we're facing.
[22:10] [Dominator] Here goes... something...
[22:10] GM they fire cannon at Dom;s ship, frying it t obits
[22:10] [Slasher] NRP: SORRY 
[22:10] [Blackjack] Comm] DOM!!!
[22:10] [Dominator] NRP: Obits
[22:10] [DeathStar] Hodges: Two minutes
[22:11] AlienShip_SK keeps firing
[22:11] Dominator boosts to try and miss, but his ship is hit
[22:11] [Dominator] ARGH!@
[22:11] DeathStar opens fire some more, destroying another
[22:11] [Monty] Comm] Dominator are you ok ?!?!
[22:11] Slasher flies foward and fires a concentrated blast at a point in one of the COmmand ships shields and launchs a missiles in it
[22:11] Blackjack yells, 1"NO!!!" and lets most of his missiles fly at a group of ships
[22:11] Monty fires at the ship that hit dom using missiles
[22:11] GM blasts Slasher, winging him
[22:11] GM SK kills one
[22:11] Slasher starts spinning
[22:11] [Dominator] Comm] Mys hields were on full, I'll be all right...
[22:11] Monty starts doing barell rolls
[22:11] DeathStar the Flag Ship paritally EXPLODEs
[22:11] Dominator speeds forward, firing two missles
[22:11] AlienShip_SK focuses fire on another
[22:12] [DeathStar] ARGH
[22:12] Slasher stabiliszes it and fires a barage of missiles at it
[22:12] Blackjack goes to cover the flag ship
[22:12] DeathStar fire explodes out of the back end of it
[22:12] [AlienShip_SK] What happened DS?
[22:12] Dominator curses as the panel above his head sparks and his ship stops moving
[22:12] [DeathStar] Comm] ~~~~~~~
[22:12] [Dominator] Damn! The engines blew out!
[22:12] Blackjack opens fire with lasers on the ships attacking the flagship
[22:12] [AlienShip_SK] Hodges, how's that weapon going?
[22:12] GM they focus on SK now, leaving the Flag Ship. Three more destroy a CorSec, two more destroy a Hunter vessel
[22:12] [Blackjack] Comm] Hodges! We need the weapon! NOW!!!
[22:12] Dominator his panel spark rapidly and he shields his eyes
[22:12] [DeathStar] Hodges: Finished
[22:13] Slasher fires 9 missiles at one of the command ships
[22:13] Monty comes by an enemy ship hiting it with energy weapons in an attempt to take out some of there main guns
[22:13] AlienShip_SK drops out of the firing arc
[22:13] [Blackjack] Comm] DO IT!
[22:13] Slasher flies out of the way
[22:13] DeathStar the cannon charges and fires, destroying five alien command ships (17-5)
[22:13] [DeathStar] Hodges: We're dead again...
[22:13] [Slasher] 12 left
[22:13] [Blackjack] Comm] We can't win!
[22:13] [Slasher] WEll duh
[22:13] [Slasher] YES WE CAN
[22:13] [Dominator] Comm] So am I... took more damage then I thought
[22:13] Blackjack fires two missiles at an alien ship
[22:13] GM they keep firing on SK, destroing his shields and damaging him slightly
[22:13] [AlienShip_SK] I suggest a tactical withdrawl
[22:13] GM three more take out a CorSec vessel
[22:13] [Blackjack] Comm] Can you teleport, Dom?
[22:13] GM two more damage a Hunter vessel
[22:14] [Slasher] Lets concentate on the same command ships
[22:14] AlienShip_SK drops down and sets more shield to the front arc
[22:14] [Dominator] Not sure...
[22:14] Blackjack opens fire with missiles on the same command ships he hit earlier
[22:14] [Monty] Comm] no retreating, maybe we can use the planet to our advantage
[22:14] Slasher fires 10 missiles at a command ship
[22:14] GM BJ blowsi t up
[22:14] GM slasher looses all missiles
[22:14] GM the command ship blows up
[22:14] [Slasher] DAmn.
[22:14] Monty fires weapons at enemy ships engiens
[22:14] [Slasher] im out
[22:14] [Blackjack] Comm] Concentrate your attacks on one ship!
[22:14] DeathStar the flag ship floats, dead in sapce
[22:14] [Blackjack] Comm] Slasher! Use your lasers!
[22:14] [Slasher] Comm]thats what i say
[22:14] AlienShip_SK fires an array of missiles at an command ships
[22:14] [Monty] Comm] aim for engiens, without em they will be helpless to hit us  !!
[22:15] [Blackjack] Comm] We've lost the flagship!
[22:15] Slasher reroutes missile energy to lasers and fires at a command ship
[22:15] GM SK destroys one
[22:15] [DeathStar] Hodges: Two minutes..
[22:15] [Dominator] Comm] Damn... I'm ejecting to one of our ships..
[22:15] Blackjack drops behind a command ship and opens fire with lasers at its tail end
[22:15] Slasher aims for the engines of a command ship
[22:15] Slasher fires a power beam at it
[22:15] [GM] 8 left
[22:15] Dominator ejects and the pod heads to a Hunter Ship, whenhe's close enough, he teleports on
[22:15] GM slasher is blasted, dead in space
[22:15] Blackjack continues firing
[22:15] [Dominator] NRP: Be back ina  few minutes.
[22:15] Dominator [] has left #taw
[22:16] [Slasher] noooo
[22:16] GM BJ is blasted to bits too, dead in space, hull damaged
[22:16] AlienShip_SK focuses energy to the forward shields and engines and begins heading forward
[22:16] [Blackjack] Comm] Damn it!
[22:16] Slasher works on repairing his ship
[22:16] Monty routs all power to energy weapons and starts firing at a capital ship
[22:16] DeathStar Flag ship fires a super blast at a command ship, blowing it up
[22:16] [Blackjack] Not on comm] Damn it Slash... Where are you when we need you!?
[22:16] [DeathStar] DS:
[22:16] [Slasher] how many left
[22:16] [DeathStar] Slash: He~~re.
[22:16] [GM] 7
[22:16] [Blackjack] NRP: Nobody heard that but me.
[22:16] [DeathStar] Hodges:  Clear out of the way, we got a shot!
[22:16] [DeathStar] NRP: Oops
[22:16] [Blackjack] I'd like to, Hodges, but I can't move!
[22:17] [DeathStar] Hodges: ....But..
[22:17] GM opens fire on the Ultimate Weapon
[22:17] [Blackjack] Comm] Hey! Somebody help me!
[22:17] AlienShip_SK tractors BJ out of the way
[22:17] [AlienShip_SK] Got ya!
[22:17] [DeathStar] Hodges: Gah!
[22:17] Monty clears out of the way 
[22:17] [Monty] comm] FIRE THE BLASTED GUN !!
[22:17] [AlienShip_SK] Fire Hodges!
[22:17] DeathStar the Ultimate Weapon begins to glow as it gets ready to fire, it fires, destroying six of the ships (7-6)
[22:17] [DeathStar] Hodges: We're out again..
[22:17] Slasher gets rockes back from the blast of the U.M.
[22:18] [Slasher] damn
[22:18] GM remaining ship blasts away on the Flag Ship
[22:18] Slasher works on repariing it
[22:18] [Blackjack] Comm] How many we got left!?
[22:18] AlienShip_SK fires on the remaining ships
[22:18] [GM] 1
[22:18] [Slasher] NRP:Can i repair it 
[22:18] [GM] NRP: no
[22:18] [Monty] Comm] 1
[22:18] [Slasher] Damnt 
[22:18] [Blackjack] NRP: No, I mean how many do WE have left, as in on our side?
[22:18] GM the bridge of the Flag Ship EXPLODES
[22:18] [GM] NRP: 4
[22:18] Monty sets course for the one ship 
[22:18] GM the remaining ship begins to rattle some
[22:18] [Blackjack] Comm] DS!
[22:19] [DeathStar] Hodges: A victory...
[22:19] [Blackjack] Comm] Damn it! Hodges, DO SOMETHING!
[22:19] [DeathStar] Hodges:  1, 6, attack that a last ship
[22:19] [Blackjack] Comm] Hate to say it, but it isn't over yet, Hodges! Half of us can't move!
[22:19] [DeathStar] Hodges: 5, get on the flag ship 
[22:19] AlienShip_SK heads towards the remain ship and flips around continuing to coast
[22:19] Monty fires at enemy laser cannons
[22:19] GM Monty is blasted, dead in space
[22:19] Slasher slowly floats towards the U.M.
[22:19] AlienShip_SK as he gets close, he activates engines at full
[22:19] [Monty] Comm] DAng I'm done for 
[22:20] GM blasts at SK
[22:20] [Blackjack] Comm] SK! Pull the dead ships in!
[22:20] Monty ejects and uses jetpack to head back to MH flag ship 
[22:20] [Blackjack] Comm] Somebody get that blasted single ship!
[22:20] GM the Hunter ships, wiht Dom on it, blast at the last ship with CorSec Ships blasting too
[22:20] GM the ship explodes
[22:20] AlienShip_SK tries to fry the alien ship with his engines
[22:20] AlienShip_SK begins tractoring in ships
[22:20] DeathStar Monty can't get on
[22:21] [Monty] Comm] uh guys, I could use a lift 
[22:21] [DeathStar] Hodges:  NOW can we call it a victory?!
[22:21] AlienShip_SK Tractors in Monty
[22:21] [Blackjack] Comm] Now what!? Plea... hurry! Ever... ng's... ing in... ighter!
[22:21] GM is now known as Super_Command_Ship
[22:21] [Slasher] Help me
[22:21] Super_Command_Ship hypers in
[22:21] AlienShip_SK tractors in BJ and Slasher
[22:21] Monty heads to the bridge
[22:21] [Slasher] Thanks
[22:21] [Blackjack] Phew...
[22:21] [DeathStar] DS:  Back on the back-up Bridge..we're basically DEAD over here.
[22:21] [AlienShip_SK] How's that charge doing Hodges
[22:21] Slasher heads towars the bridge
[22:21] [AlienShip_SK] Good
[22:21] [DeathStar] Hodges: We're charged..but we got trouble now
[22:22] Blackjack sprints for the bridge
[22:22] [AlienShip_SK] I've lost a lot of weapons over here
[22:22] [Blackjack] WristComm] What's that, Hodges?
[22:22] Super_Command_Ship fires at them, destroying two CorSec and 1 Hunter ship
[22:22] [DeathStar] Hodges: See that thing?!
[22:22] [Slasher] What the hell is that
[22:22] Blackjack arrives at the bridge
[22:22] [AlienShip_SK] Fire at the thing Hodges!
[22:22] DeathStar ultimate weapon fires at it, but the shields take the damage
[22:22] [Blackjack] Comm] Oh, THAT...
[22:22] [Blackjack] Great, he has shields!
[22:22] [Slasher] fuck where screwed
[22:22] [DeathStar] Hodges: Took the shields down 55%...but we're dead...
[22:22] AlienShip_SK fires with his remaining weapons
[22:23] [Blackjack] It's over... We can't win...
[22:23] [Monty] Comm] We must retreat, we have no choice
[22:23] Super_Command_Ship takes the damage in stride and fires a stun weapon, stunning all ships except the Flag Ship, Alien Ship, and Ultimate Weapon
[22:23] [Slasher] shot my fighter into that ship its dead
[22:23] [AlienShip_SK] Got it
[22:23] [DeathStar] DS:  NO RETREAT GUYS!!
[22:23] [Blackjack] SK, do we have any working ships in here?
[22:23] Super_Command_Ship charges slowly
[22:23] [Slasher] slingshot what ever you can
[22:23] AlienShip_SK uses his tractor to toss the ship
[22:23] [Monty] Comm] DS, I know we need to stop this guy, but what weapons we got to do it with ?!?!
[22:24] Monty starts going over some computer code 
[22:24] [Blackjack] Answer me, SK!
[22:24] Dominator [] has joined #taw
[22:24] [DeathStar] DS: Dom, get your ship working again, it's dead
[22:24] [AlienShip_SK] Not sure, I never got around to checking to see if the aliens left any fighters behind
[22:24] [Slasher] NRP:does the ship hit it
[22:24] [Dominator] I know...
[22:24] [Super_Command_Ship] Xi'tra: Ready to discuss your surrender?
[22:24] [Blackjack] I'll go look. Later!
[22:24] [Super_Command_Ship] NRP: Yes, little damage
[22:24] Blackjack starts to run from the bridge, but stops
[22:24] [Blackjack] Who're you?
[22:24] [Monty] Sk I might have an idea for you as to how to stop these guys, but I need time !
[22:25] [DeathStar] Hodgers: 1 minute.
[22:25] AlienShip_SK fires a spread off missiles at the SCS
[22:25] [Slasher] How much time Hodges
[22:25] [Super_Command_Ship] Xi'tra: Guess not.  Time to finish our VICTORY..
[22:25] [Dominator] ...
[22:25] [Slasher] keep them talking for a minute
[22:25] [Slasher] Wait
[22:25] Super_Command_Ship fires a weapon at the Alien ship and totally devestates it, leaving it almost dead
[22:25] [Slasher] Let us talk
[22:25] [AlienShip_SK] Ahhh
[22:25] Slasher flies it a wall
[22:25] [Dominator] Yes!
[22:25] [Blackjack] There's only one alternative now...
[22:25] [Slasher] Thats it...
[22:25] Monty is flung through a wall 
[22:25] Blackjack sprints from the bridge
[22:26] Slasher patch on his temples flies off...
[22:26] [DeathStar] DS:  Charing our weapons here...
[22:26] [Monty] Open communications !!!
[22:26] AlienShip_SK is knocked in his control chair
[22:26] [DeathStar] Hodges:  We got the Ultimate Weapon ready...
[22:26] Slasher goes to the docking baty
[22:26] AlienShip_SK shakes his head
[22:26] Slasher jumps in an alien fighter
[22:26] [AlienShip_SK] Fire it!
[22:26] Slasher flies out
[22:26] [Monty] Do we even still have communications ?!?!
[22:26] Blackjack walks slowly back into the bridge. 1"Nothing..."
[22:26] Dominator goes to the Bridge of thje Hunter Ship he's on and assumes command
[22:26] DeathStar ultimate weapon fires AGAIN at it and the shields flicker with damage, destroying them finally
[22:26] Slasher flies towards the SCS
[22:26] [Blackjack] NRP: There's nothing, Slasher. No ships. Nothing.
[22:26] [Dominator] Not like I cando much, but...
[22:26] [Slasher] TIme to die B*****
[22:27] [DeathStar] NRP:  Slasher, there's no SHIPS
[22:27] [Dominator] Comm] Good going, we need to take them down....
[22:27] [Slasher] NRP:THere was one in the alien Ship
[22:27] AlienShip_SK tries to get the autorepair systems working with help from his Nanos
[22:27] [Slasher] NRP:Oh dam
[22:27] DeathStar flag ship opens fire on it, damaging the ship
[22:27] [DeathStar] DS:  Shadow Knight, you still have weapon control?
[22:27] Monty starts repairing equipment
[22:27] [Slasher] Need to get over there...must kill him
[22:27] [AlienShip_SK] Negative
[22:27] [Blackjack] Comm] Hodges! How much time we got!?
[22:27] [DeathStar] Hodges:  3 minutes...
[22:27] [Slasher] Hodges fire you smaller weapons 
[22:27] Dominator listens intently
[22:28] [Monty] SK do we have communications sir ??
[22:28] Super_Command_Ship fires at the Flag Ship and totally wipes it out almost, huge explosion rocks
[22:28] [Blackjack] Damn it! There's nothing we can do but sit here!!!
[22:28] DeathStar it explodes
[22:28] [AlienShip_SK] Don't even have engines
[22:28] [Blackjack] And DS is over there getting his ASS KICKED!
[22:28] DeathStar stunned ships are working again
[22:28] [Slasher] What.....the...
[22:28] [Dominator] ....!
[22:28] Monty starts working on a relay for a communications system
[22:28] [AlienShip_SK] Everyone fire!
[22:28] Super_Command_Ship is now known as GM
[22:28] [Dominator] Systems back up...
[22:28] [Monty] Anyone got a wriste communicator ??
[22:28] GM Hunter and CorSec ships fire on the ship
[22:29] GM is now known as Super_Command_Ship
[22:29] DeathStar is now known as GM
[22:29] Dominator orders his ship toward the command ship, to attack it as well as possible
[22:29] [Blackjack] I do, Monty, but why?
[22:29] Super_Command_Ship blows up a few CorSec ships
[22:29] [GM] Hodges:  We're being eaten alive here!!!
[22:29] [Monty] I might be able to send a virus through to them via a fake surender, maybe knock out some weapons. 
[22:29] [Dominator] Evasive action adn then full missle spread on my mark... Mark!
[22:29] Super_Command_Ship fires on the Ultimate Weapon
[22:29] [Super_Command_Ship] Xi'tra: HA ha ha ha ha
[22:29] [Blackjack] Comm] Well, we can't exactly do anything from here!!!
[22:29] Dominator goes to cover the Ultimate Weapon, firing
[22:29] [Monty] Maybe knock out there engiens so they crash into pluto
[22:29] [AlienShip_SK] Can't help ya!
[22:30] Super_Command_Ship starts engines and goes to ram SK
[22:30] Slasher starts destorying room on the AlienShip_SK's
[22:30] [Monty] So give me your communicator 
[22:30] [GM] Hodges: 1 minute..
[22:30] [Blackjack] Shit! HODGES!!!
[22:30] Dominator fires another missle spread at the SUper Command Ship, 1"Blow up!"
[22:30] AlienShip_SK fires tractor beams to create rubble in the way of the SCS
[22:30] Super_Command_Ship blasts Dom's ship, destroying shields
[22:30] [AlienShip_SK] What are you doing Slasher?
[22:30] [Dominator] Dammit! Evasive action, now!
[22:30] [Blackjack] Forget it, Monty, it wouldn't work.
[22:30] Super_Command_Ship rams through rubble and stops, targets the Ultimate Weapon and goes to ram it and blast it
[22:31] Monty looks at BJ
[22:31] [GM] Hodges: 30 seconds..hELP!
[22:31] [Monty] I am the computer expert here !!
[22:31] [Blackjack] HODGES! Do it!
[22:31] Super_Command_Ship opens fire on it
[22:31] Dominator his damaged ship moves down, then fires at the Super Command Ship
[22:31] [Dominator] Must stop it from taking the Ultimate Weapon out...
[22:31] AlienShip_SK tries to tractor rubble at the SCS
[22:31] GM two Hunter ships, including Dom's, are left
[22:31] [Dominator] Fire ALL weapons!
[22:31] [GM] Hodges: 10 seconds
[22:31] Monty starts muttering something about alternative weapons
[22:32] Super_Command_Ship blasts at the Ultimate Weapon, over and over
[22:32] Dominator ship starts rapidly firing all its missles and lasers at the Command Ship
[22:32] [Blackjack] Comm] Try to destroy the SCS's missiles!
[22:32] [Monty] We got a tractor beam still right ??
[22:32] GM the ultimate weapon opens fire and hits the ship, totally devesating it, destroying all weapons
[22:32] [Dominator] No...!
[22:32] AlienShip_SK tractorsfires rubble at the missiles
[22:32] Super_Command_Ship floats in space, dead
[22:32] [AlienShip_SK] Yes!
[22:32] [GM] Hodges:  WHOAAAA...DAMAGE ALERT HERE...
[22:32] [Blackjack] Let's pray that that's it...
[22:32] Dominator orders evasive action and his ship moves back
[22:32] [Blackjack] Comm] What's up, Hodges?
[22:32] Slasher calms down
[22:33] Super_Command_Ship keeps floating
[22:33] [Dominator] Comm] What's the damage extent?
[22:33] [GM] Hodges:  45% damage...pulling back to Jupiter guys...
[22:33] Monty starts working on the modifications to make the tractor beam a weapon
[22:33] GM cuts off as he talks to someone on the comm. He returns, his voice strained with anger
[22:33] [Dominator] Comm] All right.
[22:33] AlienShip_SK gets up from the command chair and heads to the engines to start repairing them
[22:33] [Slasher] you wanna give us a ride
[22:33] Slasher follows SK
[22:33] [GM] Hodges:  Good job...damn....why...
[22:33] AlienShip_SK is now known as ShadowKnight
[22:33] [Dominator] Comm] What do we do about the dead alien ship?
[22:33] [Slasher] Destroy it
[22:33] Super_Command_Ship a shuttle can be seen floating around near Dom's ship, a Hunter shuttle
[22:33] [ShadowKnight] Board it and try to take it over
[22:33] [Monty] Comm] blow it up before they get weapons back online !!
[22:34] [Slasher] we cant let them get back to there planet...its to powerful
[22:34] Dominator calls the shuttle asking whoit is
[22:34] [Super_Command_Ship] Xi'tra:  YOU  HUNTERS!!!
[22:34] [Blackjack] Comm] How do you propose we get back?
[22:34] Super_Command_Ship explodes