Final: Bitter Victory

A turning-point in TAW


Death Star's Log:

The time to test the Hunter's courage and strength has come, I know now. I got the Red Alert signal earlier this morning, right as the Hunters were celebrating. They have defeated the alien's fleet.

I fear we may not have a chance, but then, I figured, "Why? I've always had so little faith in my Hunters, why still doubt them after all this time?" I have full trust in my Hunter's abilities, and even in THESE odds, I know we shall be victorous. The aliens are hoping to crush us out our weakest...it might just work.

BLACKJACK: A trusted and well respected member of the team. Intellegent and can work through situations. That's why he's going to be made a Liueteant. I want him on my assualt team.

DOMINATOR: My second in command, I trust Dominator will come through this battle with flying colors. His skills and stragety is almost unmatched.

SLASH: A good friend. I trust him to pull through this with his uncanny tricks and strength. Though there seems to be something dark going on about him, I still have full trust in him.

GARLAND: The kid's good. His strength is a little eerie, so is his origin. I believe in the kid and would have him around me in this little assualt over alot of others.

WIENDIGO: A lunatic and a loose cannon, I'm bringing Wiendigo along only for his strength and powers. I'll need his help to pull this off, though I rather leave him on the sidelines....

SLASHER: Loose cannon. I don't want him on, but I might need his experities. Or do I just want another target?

SHADOW KNIGHT: Trusted. I don't know if he'll be able to come along with the assualt team, though. His experties as a mechanic might require him to stay at the station for repairs.

MONTY: New rookie. I don't know much about him, but his heart seems to be in the right place.

As for the others I'll be bringing along, Ebony, Cross, and Engima, I pray they can hold up too. For now the ultimate battle BEGINS...I just have to break the news to the team.

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 19 hours after last session
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
*** Ebony (death_star@dial16.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Blackjack] It's a miracle we got out of that last one...
[Dominator] Yeah, but we did it.
[Slasher] Yeah...
[Slash] no kidding..
[Slash] i saw what you had to face..
* DeathStar sits in the command chair, musing deeply
* Monty is studying the battle
* Slasher stares at DS
* DeathStar tiredness is written all over his face
* Dominator sits down in his chair
* Enigma stands in a corner
[Slasher] DS you best get some sleep
[Cross] Hmmm
* Cross tests his new metal arm
[Garland] back
[Ebony] ..
* Ebony watches, quiet
* Slasher stretches out
[Dominator] Are you all right DS?
* DeathStar glances at slasher
[DeathStar] Alright, I got some news for you guys....
* Slash sits down
[Slash] what now...
* Wiendigo lights up a cigar
[Blackjack] News?
[DeathStar] First off, Blackjack has been promoted to Lieutenant
[DeathStar] Fine
[Slasher] Way to go DS
[Blackjack] Whoa...
[Slash] nice job BJ
[Slasher] NRP: I MEAN BJ
[DeathStar] Wiendigo has been promoted up to Sergeant...gawd knows why
[Dominator] Good work, Blackjack.
[Monty] Thats good 
* Wiendigo snuffs. 0"There's a surprise..."
[Monty] Ahck
* Blackjack stifles laughing
*** ShadowKnight (shadezader@ts003d43.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[Slasher] A loose cannon worse than me.. so there is hope
[Cross] He's what?!
[Monty] What, wiendigo is a Sergant ?!?!
* Ebony nods silently
[Garland] huh? Sergeant!??!?
* Wiendigo coughs
[Dominator] A sergeant....
[Slash] holy crap...
[Wiendigo] I'm WHAT?
[Slash] uhh.. nice job... wein... i think...
[DeathStar] ..
[DeathStar] Welcome SK.  I was hoping you would make it.  I feared your mechanic job on the ships would make you too busy
* Monty looks out the window expecting to see Armageadon
[ShadowKnight] Nope
[Dominator] Greetings, Shadow Knight.
[Slasher] And what about me DS....
* Blackjack remains silent
[Slasher] What Rank am i again
[Slash] yo SK
[DeathStar] You?  You're Ensign
* Enigma notices he hasn't been noticed yet
[Monty] We are all doomed, wiendigo now has authority !!
[Slasher] Sweet... love starting over
[ShadowKnight] Hi Slash
[Slasher] Hey SK
[Dominator] Now, now Monty...
[DeathStar] Now...I got some bad news...very badded news.  So if you would all shut the hell up *rubs chest in pain as he turns on the screen*
[Garland] what rank am I as well, I cant get to the page
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
* Dominator turns to DS, 1"...What?"
* Ebony walks over to Engima
[Ebony] Rookie?
* Monty listens intently
* Cross listens
[Slash] ....
* Slasher watches the screen
* Enigma raises eyebrow
* Slash turns to screen
[DeathStar] Two hours ago, we got a threat on the channel.  Let me play it for you
[Wiendigo] NRP: Officer, 3rd class
* Blackjack watches and listens carefully
* DeathStar hits the button
[Dominator] Do so.
* DeathStar a fimilair "Mr. Clean" face appears on it
[Slash] .... it seems he is disrespectful to dirt...
[Slasher] Heh heh
[DeathStar] Sigma: Greetings Hunters.  I have been waiting to meet you.  Forgive me if I don't know any of your names, since you're so worthless to even look into until now
[Blackjack] Sigma...
[DeathStar] ..
[Slash] shut up siggy...
[Enigma] that jerk
[Garland] ....
[Dominator] Its a recording guys...
[Slasher] Well....if it isnt;t someone uglier than that Corsec pres.
[Monty] This is just a recording right ??
[Garland] Who's this guy?
[Dominator] The leader of the mavericks, Garland. 
[DeathStar] Sigma: I have a nuclear missile at my base.  I will launch it in three hours at a major city in the world and destroy it if you don't come for a showdown with me.
* Slash clenches his fists in anger
[Cross] Perfect...
* Ebony watches
[Blackjack] Great. As if we don't have ENOUGH problems right now!
[Wiendigo] No doubt, a trap...
[Enigma] jut great...
* Dominator clentches fist
[Slash] oh goody...
[Blackjack] Wiendigo's making sense for once...
[Monty] A trap, good, I like traps
[Garland] Oh, hi Mr. Maverick Leader
[Slasher] Finaly a battle worthy of testing my abilities out
[DeathStar] Sigma: I'll look forward to your coming.
[DeathStar] NRP: PAUSE
[Slash] lets kill him.
Session Close: Sat Feb 27 11:04:48 1999

Session Start: Sat Feb 27 11:09:10 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[Slasher] well where do we meet him
[Enigma] [Enigma] easy enough
[Blackjack] Great. How long ago did we receive this message?
[Monty] Ok lets cream this guys corn, or something like that 
[DeathStar] Okay, you saw the message.  you know the threat.  Yet EarthGov says we canNOT fight Sigma.
[Slasher] What?!
[Slash] and why is that...?
[Monty] WHAT ?!?!?!
[Enigma] What?!
[DeathStar] They have little faith in our abilities....
[Garland] hmm
[DeathStar] But we all know what Sigma is capiable of...
[Slash] ...............*eyes blaze*
[Wiendigo] Then screw their orders
[Slasher] then let us show them
[Dominator] They are sending CorSec?
[Monty] They have no faith in our abilities, but we are hunters, first and for most, we gotta stop him !!
[DeathStar] That's why I'm going unoffically...
[Enigma] that's BS, we can take him!
[DeathStar] ...Any of you, who would like to go unoffically, may come too.
[Slasher] I may not beable to control my personalties but any one of them will fight to there utmost peek
[Dominator] Enigma... I'm not eager to jump into a fight with Sigma, and you shouldn't be...
[Slasher] im going
[DeathStar] I don't know, dominator.
[Slash] ... im coming.
[Monty] I am comming with you, I got a score to settle with him
[Ebony] I'll unoffcally kick his butt..
[Enigma] count me in
[Garland] ... I'm always up for a good fight
*** Blackjack has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Omega)))
[Dominator] If we disobey this order, we could be court martialled. Is this worth making Earth loose the Hunters for good?
[Enigma] yes dominator, but me must
[Enigma] me=we
* Wiendigo grins. 1"Unofficial is good..."
[DeathStar] Lets go, all who wish to come and get into a major conflict with Siggy...
*** Blackjack (speedblade@max7-35.dial.accucomm.net) has joined #TAW
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
* DeathStar heads to the shuttle
[Slasher] This is worth it...
* Dominator appears in thought
* Slasher phases tot he shuttl
* Slash warps into the shuttle
* Monty follows DS 
* Cross follows, thinking
* Enigma follows them
* Blackjack follows DS slowly
* ShadowKnight hyperjumps into the shuttle
* Wiendigo heads to the shuttle
* Dominator slowly starts walking to the shuttle
[Ebony] I don't like this..but, lets go *heads out*
* Slasher walks in
* Garland tleports to the shuttle
* DeathStar leaps into the shuttle and begins to flip controls
[DeathStar] Lets unoffically borrow a shuttle...
[Monty] Oh, Dominator, mind you, that if we don't we will have made great shame upon our old friends life
[Wiendigo] Ass kickin' time...
* DeathStar turns off HunterTower's yelling at them
* Dominator sits down at the weapons concol
* Blackjack jumps into the shuttle
* Enigma jumps in
[Enigma] let's unnoficially save the world
* Slash grins and sits down
[Cross] Well you all OFFICALLY shut up?
[Slasher] Time to chew gum and kick ass and im all out a gum
[Enigma] heheh
* DeathStar heads out of the hanger and flies towards Eraht
[Garland] After you Cross.
* Monty sits at Co_pilots seat
[Enigma] NRP: eraht?
* Wiendigo lights up a new cigar
[DeathStar] NRP: Earth
[DeathStar] ...
[Dominator] Here we go...
* DeathStar rubs chest and hits the hyperspace to hurry up
[Enigma] what's up with  your chest?
* DeathStar exits out 3.9 seconds later and they are at Earth
[Slasher] Wien you gotta cigar for me
[DeathStar] Nothing...
* Cross leans back
[Enigma] ....
[Blackjack] New record! *laughs*
[Dominator] Death Star, do we have any idea of Sigma's strenght or this base's?
* DeathStar enters Earth's atsmophere and slowly pilots down to the location sigma gave them. Parks a 100 feet away from it
* Wiendigo glaces at Slasher, sneers, then turns away
[Slasher] Fine then
[Blackjack] Well, we know it's a trap...
[Garland] Isnt it always?
[DeathStar] ...None.  But in one hour, he launches.
[Cross] A trap.  That's our motto...
* Ebony remains quiet
[Monty] It's always a trap BJ
[Blackjack] So prepare yourself.
[Slasher] Lets go
[Enigma] an hour ain't much
[Dominator] Good luck to us...
* DeathStar leaps out of the shuttle and lands on the desert sand
* Slasher walks outside of the ship
[Slasher] Watch out for Quicksand
* Slash jumps out
* Garland flys out of the shuttle
* ShadowKnight flies out
* Cross leaps out
* Enigma jumps out
* Monty gets out his Hoverboard
* Ebony walks out
* DeathStar points at the large base up ahead
* Slasher pulls out a bag of water and drinks some of it
* Wiendigo walks out
* Dominator walks out, drawing Rune Sword
[DeathStar] There it is.  Death awaits for those who search it.
* Slasher starts heading for the base
* Blackjack gets out, and looks around nervously
* Slash walks ahead
* Monty takes off on the hoverboard toward the base
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* DeathStar begins to head for it
* Blackjack follow DS
[Slash] lets show em what we are made of
* Cross strods along
* Dominator heads for the base
* Slasher pops out his Ion Blades
* Ebony contiues
* Wiendigo phases
* Enigma takes out buster
* DeathStar stops at the entrance
[Monty] He knows what we are made of, lets show him what he is made of, from the inside out !!
* Dominator looks te entrance over
* Slash has his warpfield on standby
[Garland] Hmm.....*stops next to DS*
[DeathStar] A sealed door..
* Slash stops at the door
[Slash] lets unseal it..
[Blackjack] Let's unseal it!
[Monty] Blast it ??
[Wiendigo] Then let's knock
* Slasher knocks
* Slash unholsters his Ioncannon
* DeathStar suddenly a bolt hits Cross, Ebony, and SK, knocking them out
* ShadowKnight flies above everyone
[Cross] ARG!
* Monty moves out of the way 
[ShadowKnight] Ahh
[Enigma] whoa..
[Slash] SK!
[Ebony] ARGH
[Blackjack] Cross! Ebony! SK!
[DeathStar] What the?!
[Slash] holy crap....
* DeathStar turns around
* Enigma jumps up and grabs SK
* Slasher continues knocking
[Blackjack] Garland!
[Wiendigo] Who saw that one comin', kiddies?
* Slash fires his ion cannon at the door
[Dominator] What the?!
[Slasher] Well theres goes being polite
*** Vile (death_star@dial39.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Dominator] Vile!
[Blackjack] Wien, there's no telling WHAT he has planned for us.
[Slasher] Hello
[Slash] oh goody...
[Garland] Well he's expecting us anyway, might as well
* Monty raises hand in reasponse to Wiens question
* Vile kicks SK
[Blackjack] Vile!
[Slash] cile...
[Enigma] shit!
[Slasher] Hey Vile remember this Paybacks a Bitch
[Slash] NRP: vile.. vile...
* Wiendigo takes out his Ebergon Katana
[Garland] Va..Vile?
*** Cross has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Ebony has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slasher] FUKEI
[Vile] Ha ha ha ha
[Vile] You dare challenge me?!
[Monty] Ahck
* Slash warps behind Vile and fires all plasma weapons at once 340 AP
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt
[Monty] You again
* Slasher launches 9 chi balls and one big one at Vile (wind ele.)
* DeathStar grabs sabre
[Enigma] you bet 
* Blackjack rips out his katana, ready to fight
* Vile teleports
[Monty] Don't you get tired of this vile, I mean getting whooped up on and all *Charging blaster*
* Slash warps away
[Blackjack] I was born ready...
* Vile appears next to DS and stabs him in the back
[Garland] Nope..... as far as I know, we're here for Sigma....
[DeathStar] ARGH..
[Slash] DS!!!!
[DeathStar] KOes
* Enigma shoots out several blasts of ki from his buster
* Dominator fires a spread of energy from Thunder Bolt at Vile (140AP)
* Slash warps to his side
[Vile] ...There, now whose next?
[Slash] .....
[Enigma] DS!
* Slasher balls of chi turn around and come flying back at Vile
* Monty shoots vile with blaster
* Vile fires a huge blast at Slash, freezing him
* Blackjack leap-slashes at Vile (140 AP)
[Enigma] Bastard!
[Dominator] SlASH!
* Wiendigo appears behind Vile and slashes his back
* Slasher 's chi ball nail Vil in the back
[Garland] .....*just looks around* I think I'll bide my time
* Dominator teleports behind Vile, slashing (150AP each)
[DeathStar] GM: SK is up now
*** Crucifixion (death_star@dial39.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slash fights it with allhis might
[Crucifixion] me sideports in
[Dominator] Damn, you too!
* Blackjack lands, and whirls, swinging at Vile again (140 AP)
[Crucifixion] Ha!
* Slasher starts slashing at the ice around slash
* Crucifixion throws dominator in the air
[Blackjack] Crux! You too!?
* Enigma draws his saber and charges at VIle
* Vile blasts Dom in the air (300 AP)
[Monty] Predictable
* ShadowKnight attacks Vile with his L3 Xvash (600 AP + 40 AP poison)
* Vile smashes Enigma
[Monty] There boss is to weak to fight us head on 
* Dominator barely redirects it back at Crux
[Enigma] Dom!
[Wiendigo] Dumbass and Dumberass!
* Slasher keeps slasing at the ice holding Slash
* Dominator teleports behind Cruxifiction, and uses Ebony Crystal + Rune Sword (300AP)
[Enigma] AAh
* Blackjack flips away, firing Cure Laser at Dom (140 LP)
* Crucifixion punches Monty in the stomach
* Monty slams his staff into viles legs
* Vile fires cannon on SK (300 AP)
[Dominator] Take that!
[Garland] Wien... that...that wasnt even clever
[ShadowKnight] Ahhh
* Monty gets sent through the air
* Crucifixion fires a fireball into Wiendigo (200 AP)
* Blackjack opens fire on Vile and Crux (150 AP each)
* Slash keeps fighting the freeze effect
* Wiendigo leaps up in Crux's face and starts slasging with his Shadwo Claws
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* Slasher turns around and stares at VIle
[Crucifixion] GM: Slash is free
* Enigma charges and fires a giant ki blast at Crux
* Crucifixion stuns Slasher
* Dominator swipes at Crucifixtion with Rune Sword (150AP)
[Enigma] DIE!
[Slasher] ahh....
* ShadowKnight fires his stored up slicer beam at Vile when he gets up (700 AP)
* Garland is still standing there looking smugly, not having attacked yet.
* Slasher gets up
* Monty chargest at Crusifiction and at the las moment stops dead in his tracks doubles back and fires a few blasts from his arm cannon
* Vile rams Slasher (100 aP)
[Slasher] MWuahahah
* Crucifixion blasts Dom back
* Blackjack continues his assault on them (150 AP each)
* Slasher flies into the side
* Slash warps behind Crux slashing at him with his scyths and warp blades 450 AP + stun and implant suggestion
[Dominator] ARGH!
* Vile rams Wiendigo into the wall
[Crucifixion] ARGH
* Crucifixion blasts Slash back (200 AP)
[Wiendigo] OUF!
[Crucifixion] FOOLS!
[Garland] Hmmm......
[Crucifixion] You can't beat us
* Slash flys back into a wall
* Slasher gets up and charges Vile with IOn blade pointing at Viules back
* Vile charges super weapon
[Monty] Your right we can't
* Dominator flies into the ground, then fires Thunder Bolt charged energy at both (200AP)
* Wiendigo slides down the wall
* Slash wipes blood off his mough
* Blackjack turns all of his attention on Vile (300 AP)
* Vile teleports
* Monty pulls out his saber
[Slash] you will die....
[Dominator] Damn, the super weapon...
[Enigma] don't give up
[Blackjack] Grr...
* Vile appears next to Slash and blasts him into BJ
[Monty] On the other hand, we can sure as heck try
[Slash] AUGH!!!!!!
[Vile] 25%
[Blackjack] OW!
* ShadowKnight jumps on Viles back and attacks Vile with Claws and Nanos (65 AP + 45 AP/attack)
[Garland] ....I know..... thats why I'm saving my self from embarassment, Crucifixtion, Vile...
* Enigma hops into his armor suit
* Slasher turns around and throws his Ion Blades at Vile
* Crucifixion blast SK off
* Slash fades into a warpfield
* Blackjack rolls to his feet, and stands, firing at Crux (150 AP)
* Dominator teleports and stabs the super weapon
[ShadowKnight] Ahhh
[Vile] HA!
* ShadowKnight heads for cover
* Wiendigo whips his Dark Tendrils at Vile's super weapon
* ShadowKnight begins regenerating
* Slash warps behind vile, and fires at his head, warping again
* Enigma adds his buster to the suit
[Vile] 50%
[Blackjack] Take.... some... damage... you stupid... bastard!!!
* Monty charges at vile and slashes with both his saber and his staff at the same time 
* Vile blasts Dom (stun)
[Crucifixion] This is too easy!
[Enigma] that's it....
* Enigma fires rapidly
[Vile] 75%
* Slasher phases on top of Vile and comes flying down pointing his IOn blades at the Super weapon
[Enigma] HA!
* Dominator redirects it back, but systems spark
* Garland snickers "Vile, that again, whats wrong? Hunters too strong for a simple reploid? gotta use that sper weapon, huh?
* Wiendigo jumsp up to Vile and stabs his katana right through his sohulder
* Vile the super weapon explodes, hitting Slasher (KO INSTANT, LOW HP NOW)
* Vile reels back in pain
* Slasher flys into the sand
* Slash fires his ion cannon at Vile
* Vile grabs Wiendigo and throws him back into the wall (200 aP)
[Enigma] Slasher!
* Blackjack leaps high into the air, above Crux's head, and flies down on him, katana extended (140 AP)
[Slash] MY BROTHER!!!
* DeathStar stands up
* ShadowKnight attacks Vile with his L2 Xvash (300 AP + 20 AP poison)
* Enigma throws his sabre at Vile
* Dominator stands and concentrates, as golden energy slowly encompasses over his body. 1"Golden Prowess... times 2!" The energy engulfs his body momentarily, then it is entirely absorbed into his body. Dominator slowly takes a few steps forward, then holds Rune Sword high. He points Rune Sword forward and a giant blast fires forward from his sword at Vile as golden energy circles his body (200AP).
[Garland] .......heheh lessee
* Wiendigo bounces across the sand
* DeathStar blasts Crux into Vile (200 aP)
[DeathStar] DIE!!!
* Slash renews his attack at Vile, faster then usual
[Vile] OUF
[Wiendigo] Shi...shit...
* Dominator heals himself to full with SC
[Vile] This is getting painful!
[Crucifixion] So?!  Can't handle it weakling?!
* Wiendigo looks for some shadows to slip into
* ShadowKnight grabs Vile with his claws and begins sending Nanos into Vile
[Dominator] Surrender.
* Slash warps away, and fires his ion cannon at viles head
* Blackjack rampages on Crux with his katana (280 AP)
* Monty grabs hold of Vile and yells 1"Field Burst" ingulfing both in a field of energy drived by anger
* Slash warps again and slashes at Vile
* Vile hits SK back (100 AP; stun)
[Slash] or DIE!!!
* Vile hits Slash
* Slash warps away
* Dominator launches himself at twice speed into a slashing frezy at Vile, using Ebony Crystal (600AP)
* Crucifixion teleports and kicks Slash in the head
* Garland charges a ball of ki
* Slash falls to the ground
* DeathStar slashes Crux and blasts Vile
[Slash] ugh....
[Vile] ARGGHh
* Vile holds side
[Vile] Later
* Vile teleports
*** Vile has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Dominator his systems spark and he holds his head for a moment, teleporting back
* ShadowKnight gets back up while his bats fire on Vile (90 AP x 2)
* Wiendigo takes his trenchcoat and uses it to make a shadow, then melts into it
* Garland looks at crux
[Dominator] C-coward...
* Slasher gets up
[Enigma] you coward...
* Slash stands up
[Slasher] I cant fight to muc damage
[Garland] Hey crux wanna see a trick?
[Slash] it looks like its time to show you what i like..
[Crucifixion] Fool.
[Crucifixion] I can handle you though
* Monty begins repairing some 
* Blackjack yells, 1"Slash! Let's give 'em the Falling Star!"
* Crucifixion closes eyes and dark energy swirls around him
* Slasher phases back to the shuttle
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
[Crucifixion] c'mon...take your BEST shot Hunter maggots.
* Wiendigo flies back out and leaps onto Crux's head, stabbing it repeatidly
* Slash runs over to Blackjack and throws him over Crux's head. Imediatly after he kneels and pulls out his Ion cannon, firing a barrage of Ion pulse bolts at Crux
*** Slasher (dragonmast@ has left #TAW
* Crucifixion Wiendigo reflects off
* Slash warps
* Dominator blasts Crux with Thunder Bolt (280AP), though its painful to him
* ShadowKnight attacks Vile with his Xvash while his bats fire (90 APx2 + 150 AP + 10 AP poison)
[Wiendigo] We'll be glad to eat you when you're dead then!
* Blackjack flips in midair, and goes into a drilling motion with his katana extended, falling straight for Crux
* Crucifixion attacks reflect off
[Slash] Crap..
[Garland] Nothing up my sleve, and..*shows Crux up his sleve and Kiamas* Oops.
* Slash flips up his lockdown cannon
* Wiendigo phases just enough to go through Crux, but to cause eletrical disruptions
[Slash] lets see what this baby can do..
* Blackjack drops near Crux, then turns and runs a good distance away
* Crucifixion fires a dark beam at al the hunters (partial stun)
* Monty slides under wiendigos jump attack in an attempt to hit Crux's legs with his staff
[Dominator] Damn... What's he doing?
[DeathStar] GARH!
* DeathStar holds side
* Slash fires it at Cruz
[Slash] arrghhhh.
[Enigma] AH!
[Garland] Reflect..this! SUPER KIAMA! *fires*
* Slash armor fights it, accelerated healing
[Dominator] AHH
* Crucifixion fires his own blast and it hits the Super Kiama and stops it
* DeathStar 1"POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!"6 *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
* ShadowKnight jams his claws into the spont left in Vile's weapon (65 AP + 45 AP/turn)
[Garland] Hahah.. This is fun..
* Dominator holds side, but relents to continue attacks, fires another thunder botl attack (280AP)
[Monty] NRP: I didn't trip him ?!?!
* DeathStar holds hand up and throws Crux into the wall, smashing his head hard
* Blackjack opens fire on Crux
[Blackjack] NRP: 300 AP total
* Slash fires ion cannon at crux
* Wiendigo lashes at Crux with his Dark Tendrils
[Crucifixion] NRP: No
[Crucifixion] ARGGHH
* Garland blurs around firing a few kiamas and one super kiama, not telling which blast if the super kiam
[DeathStar] Get that...bast..
* DeathStar goes back to normal, panting
* Enigma teleports behind Crux and stabs him in the back
* Dominator speeds up by Crux who is trapped then stabs him (300AP)
[Crucifixion] ENOUGH!
* Blackjack continues firing (300 AP)
* Monty does a combo slash on Crux (three strikes in 3 directions )
[Wiendigo] No, not enough!
[Crucifixion] You're lucky, Hunters...until next time
* Slash warps behind Cruz and slashes 2 tiem swith warp blades 300 ap each
* Crucifixion teleports
*** Crucifixion has quit IRC (Leaving)
* ShadowKnight bats continue firing on Vile (90 APx2) and his Nanos and claes continue damageing him (65 AP + 45AP/turn)
* Garland laughs
[Slash] ...
[Dominator] You'll never win...
[Enigma] Shit.....he left
[Monty] That was relatively easy
[Slash] Slasher......
[DeathStar] NRP: Vile is beyond SK right now
[Garland] Hey, wien, shut up
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar the sealed door opens
* Dominator holds head and returns to normal
[Enigma] how strong is Sigma compared to vile?
[Blackjack] RUN, WEAKLING!
* Dominator points Rune Sword at himself, and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulf himself and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but himself is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
* Slash armor heals slowly
*** Cross (death_star@dial39.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Dominator] Lets continue... This battle is just starting.
[Cross] My head..
* ShadowKnight begins regenerating
* Cross stands up
[Garland] And I took no damage this battle too, heheh
[Enigma] sheesh....
*** Ebony (death_star@dial39.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slash walks in
* Ebony leaps up
[Slash] you will
* Monty continues on along with the rest
[Enigma] i took barely any
* Wiendigo storms in, ahead of everybody
* Dominator looks back at Slasher, 1"Compared to Vile, I'd bet Sigma makes him look like a maverick scout.."
[DeathStar] ...
* Enigma follows
[DeathStar] This is..it
* DeathStar walks inside the base
* Enigma eyes widen
[Blackjack] Come on. We MUST keep moving.
* Dominator starts inside the base carefully
[Enigma] is it too late to turn back?
* Blackjack follows after DS
* Slash keeps moving
* DeathStar they are going down a long hallway
[Enigma] guess so...
[Blackjack] Enigma, don't be a wuss...
[DeathStar] very late...
* Wiendigo takes Shadow Claws and starts trailing them along the wall, making a horrible screeching noise
* ShadowKnight bats fly overhead
[Cross] This will be a peace of cake..
* Dominator looks around as they walk
[Enigma] easy for you guys to say, you have all the experience
[Blackjack] Wien, ssh! Don't draw attention...
* Monty is on his hoverboard but is staying at a slow pace along with the rest
[DeathStar] Sigma: Hey, I got a friend for you guys to play with.  You'll remember him for sure...
* Slash looks around
[Cross] Frined?
[Dominator] .....
* Enigma raises eyebrow
[Garland] I doubt it.. I hope Sigma isnt as big a coward as Vile is, hiding behind a big gun..
[Enigma] who's he talking about?
[Dominator] I'm not sure...
[Slash] ........
[Slash] not good...
[Garland] Sigma.. please, spare the pleasantries, let us do what we came here to do..
* Dominator is moving fast with S & A
* Wiendigo rubs claws together in anticipation
* Enigma looks around
* Slash moves fast, armor boosted metobolic rate..
[Blackjack] I really have a bad feeling about this...
[Blackjack] NRP: Great, high lag, and now a netsplit...
[Slash] netsplit..
[Blackjack] Friend? Who are you talking about!?