Mission 26: A Betryal Most Bitter

Session Start: Sat Feb 27 14:21:30 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[DeathStar] Garland, the honors..
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 weeks after the last mission
[DeathStar] Location: The Control Room
* Garland is in his chair
* Dominator is in his chair
* DeathStar is standing, for once
* Blacksheath walks into the control room
* Dominator turns
* Slasher phases in
[Blacksheath] Hey... Ensign Blacksheath reporting...
[DeathStar] Quiet without the 'children' home...
[Dominator] Greetings...
[Garland] ....Hey.
[Blacksheath] Not sure what I'm reporting  for , things have been quiet lately.
* Slasher stares blankly at BS
[Dominator] Welcome to the hunters...
[Blacksheath] What are you looking at?
[DeathStar] Slash is doing better I hear...
* Slasher leans against a wall deep in thought
[DeathStar] ...
[Dominator] I know.. I was very releaved to here it.
[DeathStar] Alright, since thing's are quiet and I want to get you Hunters out, we're going to go to the city.  Have a little fun....Night on the town.  We could use it
[Slasher] Good
[Dominator] We need it...
[Blacksheath] Hey hey! First day on the job, and we get to party!
* DeathStar stumbles towards the shuttles, rubbing his chest
* Dominator walks to the shuttle, offering to help DS
* Garland walks slowly to the shuttle
* Blacksheath walks towards the shuttle
* Slasher phases into the shuttle
* DeathStar pats Dom on the back and points at the 18 year old Garland
[Dominator] Death Star, frankly I'm worried. Your chest has been giving you problems for weeks now...
[Blacksheath] What's up, Commander?
[Dominator] Yeah?
* Garland shakes his bangs out of his eyes
[Blacksheath] Never mind, I think I know.
[Slasher] His tickers giving up on him
[DeathStar] A Reploid rising a "human".  Never would've thought it would happen.  Though you only raised him for about 5 months.
[DeathStar] raising
* Blacksheath laughs.  1"Yeah, it's strange how things can work sometimes." 
[DeathStar] For years, Dominator.  For years.
* DeathStar flips into the shuttle
[Dominator] I know... I wish I could spend more time with him... The 'war" stretched me thin... But, I'm sure I can now.
* Dominator sits down at the weapons consol
* DeathStar starts it up, muttering about giving everyone a 'I'll show you heart attack'
* Garland gets on the shuttle
[Slasher] DS....Your not lying to us now are you..Last time we went on vacation we got into a fight
[Blacksheath] Hey Dom! Why you worried about weapons?
[DeathStar] HEY!  No lie on M Ypart.
[Dominator] I'm not.. Just sitting here out of habbit...
* DeathStar takeso ff
* Blacksheath laughs
* DeathStar pilots calmly to Earth instead of hyperspacing
[Slasher] Good
* Slasher sits in a chair
[Slasher] me pulls out a book and starts reading it
[Dominator] This is an interesting way to fly, wouldn't you say DS?
* DeathStar is lost in thought, his eyes darker than normal
[DeathStar] What?  Going at normal speed instead of hauling ass?
* Blacksheath stares out the window, his black tail swaying, and laughs at DS
* Slasher yawns
[Dominator] Yeah.
[DeathStar] 5 more minutes
* DeathStar leans back and yawns
* Slasher puts on his glasses and continues reading
[Garland] Hmm...... *sits in his seat*
* Blacksheath stretches
* DeathStar pilots with his knees as he stretches
* Dominator looks at DS and blinks
[Blacksheath] You sure that's a good idea, DS? *laughs*
* DeathStar doesn't answer...soon a slight snoring can be heard
* Slasher looks at BS...
[Blacksheath] I don't like the idea of a plane crash on my first day...
* Slasher throws his book at DS
[Slasher] WAke up
[Dominator] Well, your in luck since this is a shuttle.
[Blacksheath] Great... the pilot's asleep
[DeathStar] OW!
* DeathStar rubs his head
[Blacksheath] Yeah, Slasher!
* Slasher goes over and picks up his book
* DeathStar grabs the controls and looks at Earth up ahead
[DeathStar] 1 minute guys
[Dominator] All right.
* Slasher goes back to reading it
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere and heads to the biggest city his charts gives him. Lands outside it.
[Blacksheath] I hope there's a casino here... That's my one true weakness, gambling...
* DeathStar powers down slowly, and gets up
* Dominator looks at Garland,  1"You've been quite.. Something wrong?"
* DeathStar blinks at gambling
[DeathStar] .....
* Slasher finally notices that Garlands with them
[Garland] Why would there be? *rybs the bandags on his head*
* DeathStar trots out, silent and moody
[Dominator] Just wondering...
* Slasher puts his book away and walks out the exit
[Blacksheath] Why are we sitting here? Let's go!
* Blacksheath leaves the shuttle
* DeathStar walks towards the city
* Dominator gets up and walks out
* Slasher walks towards the city
* DeathStar listens to birds churping and look up at the beautiful sky
[DeathStar] Damn, now THIS is depressing...
* Blacksheath follows DS, and passes him
* Dominator looks at DS and blinks
[Blacksheath] You crazy?
[Slasher] Ahh...finally something peaceful..
[DeathStar] Yes.
[Dominator] Garland... are you coming?
[Garland] yeah... *jumps out of the shuttle*
[Blacksheath] I thought so.
[Slasher] DOnt have to worry about my Hatred Personality
* DeathStar enters the city, people busling around with excitement
* Dominator looks around and tries to remember the last time he was in a city...
* DeathStar walks by a Restruant
[DeathStar] Eh, where's the smog at I wonder..
* Slasher quickly catches up to DS
* Blacksheath brushes past a human.  1"Can't remember the last time I saw this many people iin one place..." 
* DeathStar sees a group of humans walk up to them and suddenly one whacks Slasher over the head with a lead pipe and shouts 'REPLOID TRASH"
[Garland] Reminds me of a book I read once....
[Blacksheath] Hey!
* Blacksheath snarls angrily
[DeathStar] What the?!
* Slasher grabs head
* DeathStar is punches
* Dominator narrows his eyes, looking menacing a bit,  1"Go."
[DeathStar] punched
[DeathStar] HEY!
[Slasher] Thats it
[Blacksheath] You're asking for it, humans!
[DeathStar] Don't make me hurt you...
* Slasher chases after the guy that hit him
* DeathStar the five humans laugh at them
[Garland] ..... *looks at the group*
* Slasher phases infront of them
* Garland walks up to the humans
* DeathStar steps aside of the group to continue but they block him
[Garland] You got a problem.....?
* Blacksheath unsheathes his claws.  1"Don't mess with me, ok? If you like having a head on your shoulders..." 
* Dominator moves forward, going to push past the humans
* Slasher knocks them over and phases back to the group
[DeathStar] Blackie, we can't HURT humans
* DeathStar steps on one's foot as he walks by
[DeathStar] But that doesn't mean I care.
* DeathStar is whacked with a pipe by another and he twirls, glaring angerily
* Dominator pushes a human out of the way
[Slasher] Whats wrong with these peopel
* Garland grabs the human that hit DS
[Slasher] We save there lives and they treat us like trash
[Garland] Hey asshole, whats your problem?
* DeathStar one begins to spray paint Slasher and Dominator
* DeathStar that one punches Garland
* Slasher punches the one that spraypaints him
* DeathStar sighs
[Garland] Oh.....your gonna regret that! *throws the human*
* Blacksheath tries to shove past the gang
[DeathStar] Can't enjoy a peaceful day
[Slasher] Dont mess with me
* DeathStar the remaining ones run off in fear
* Dominator grabs the human with the paint and almost crushes his hand with the can, then pusheds him awsay
[Dominator] ......
[Blacksheath] Yeah! Run, punks!
[DeathStar] You know, I wouldn't be surprised if we get thrown in jail for that, knowing our luck and all...
[Dominator] Perfect to ruin a good day...
* Garland looks at the Human he just threw
* Slasher wipes off the paint and contineus walking
[Blacksheath] Probably.
* noone suddenly a nearby building explodes skyward
[DeathStar] What the!]?
[Blacksheath] What the hell!?
* DeathStar looks towards the explosion
[Slasher] Great now theyll blame it on uss
[DeathStar] No...not on my freakin' day off...
* Slasher rins towards the explosio9n
[Dominator] Probably... We escape court martail though...
[Dominator] Oh, great...
[Blacksheath] Yep. "Look, those Reploids were near it, so it's their fault!"
* DeathStar follows Slasher
[Blacksheath] Forget it. I'm not going there.
[Garland] ......I begining to dislike humans greatly.....
[Slasher] BS get your ass in gear
[DeathStar] Then go enjoy yourself then
[Blacksheath] Not me. I ain't getting blamed for it.
[Dominator] The whole building exploded... We have to check it out...
[Slasher] Then dont
* DeathStar is in stride with Slasher
* Garland heads for the exploded building
* Slasher stops where the building was
* Dominator follows the other
[Slasher] What in the hell
[Garland] hmm....
[DeathStar] Gettin' closer
* Blacksheath starts to walk in the other direction, but feels guilty and runs after DS
* DeathStar stops
* noone a sobbing sound can be heard from the rubble
[DeathStar] IT goes boom.
* Dominator stops when he catches up to DS
[Blacksheath] Huh? What's that?
* Slasher runs towards the sobbing sound
[DeathStar] Sobbing?
[Dominator] Sounds like someone...
* DeathStar follows Slasher
* Slasher tosses rocks
* Dominator tries to locate where the sound came from
*** noone is now known as YoungHuman
* Blacksheath runs to the point from where he heard the sobbing, and burrows into the rubble
[Slasher] HEllo
*** Enigma (tuxxedo_ma@ppp01042.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* YoungHuman is crying
* Enigma teleports in
[Enigma] Hey all
[Blacksheath] Huh? Who are you, little one?
* Slasher grabs the younghuman
* Garland throws rubble out of his way looking for the sound
[DeathStar] Gawd, it's crying...reminds me of Garland when he was little.
[Slasher] You ok
* Dominator glances at DS
[YoungHuman] Yes, bub, but...
[DeathStar] So sue me, Dominator.  I'm cynical these days.
[Slasher] what happened
* Enigma raises eyebrow?
[Enigma] What's up?
[YoungHuman] ...Everything exploded!...
[Slasher] ok ok...
[Blacksheath] No kidding.
[Garland] So.... your saying I was annoying?
[DeathStar] Yes, yes we see that
* Dominator glances sadly at the human
* DeathStar turns on Garland
* Slasher picks up young human and cariers him to the street
[Blacksheath] You have any other info?
[Garland] ...
[Dominator] Hey, Enigma... A building exploded on our day off.
[YoungHuman] ...all dead... *sob*
[Slasher] So whats your name
[DeathStar] Partially, before you joined the Hunters, yes, yes were
[Blacksheath] Slasher, I think he has legs of his own, you know. Put him down.
* DeathStar turns back tot the human
[Slasher] BS screwoff
[YoungHuman] D..d..da..Darien
[Slasher] ok...
[DeathStar] We should call the local authorties, if they're not already coming, and let them help him
[Dominator] ...
[Garland] Oh.....fine..... yeah, I'm little mister annoying.....
[Slasher] What all happned
[Dominator] I doubt he knows, Slasher...
[DeathStar] It's a HUMAN like trait, what can Is ay.
[Slasher] you never know
[Blacksheath] Yes, you are Garland. Shut up for a few minutes.
[YoungHuman] They were all staring at me and then Boom!
[Blacksheath] You know... if the authorities are coming, and we're anywhere near here, we'll get blamed for it...
[Slasher] who were
[DeathStar] Staring at you?  Who?
[Garland] I'm not going to take that from a rookie, SHUT UP BlackSheath!
[Slasher] Everyone SHUTUP
[YoungHuman] The guys in the white coats
* Dominator listens to the human
[Slasher] What??
[Dominator] ...?
[Enigma] white coats?
[DeathStar] The whole lot of you shut up
[Blacksheath] Just because I'm a rookie Hunter doesn't mean that I'm a rookie FIGHTER...
[Slasher] Where they after you
[Garland] whatever......
* Enigma glances at BS
* Blacksheath starts ignoring Garland and looks at Darien, hoping to get a little information
[YoungHuman] ...no... I was in this square room...
*** YoungHuman is now known as Darien
[Dominator] ....
[Slasher] Hmm..
* Garland turns away from the group
[DeathStar] Alright..Darien...we'll let the authorities pick you up, kay?
[Slasher] Where they doing something to you
[Darien] No!  I wanna stay with you!
[Slasher] Ok then
[Slasher] Ill take care of him
[DeathStar] ....*mentally curses the day he has been having*
[Blacksheath] Sure we want to take the rap for the explosion  and  kidnapping?
[Slasher] WE best get out of here
[DeathStar] *and then adds on life to that*
* Darien grabs on to DS
* DeathStar hears sirens nearby
[Garland] Oy..... seems like yesterday I was like that
* Dominator looks at DS
[Slasher] Umm...Run??
[Blacksheath] Running is something I do well...
[Slasher] That nice to know
* DeathStar looks at Darien
[Dominator] That'll make it look like we were even more guilty.
* Enigma starts walking away
[Slasher] Lets ger out here
[Slasher] DS grab him and lets get going
[Enigma] Just give the kid back
[Darien] NO!!!
[DeathStar] ......Lets go.  WITH the lad.
[Blacksheath] Dom has a point
* Slasher starts walking away from the building
* Enigma winces
[Dominator] Wait, Slasher.
[Enigma] No what..?
[Slasher] What
[Enigma] Don't you have parents?
* DeathStar turns and motions for Darien to come too as they head away
[Garland] Why are we keeping the kid?
[Darien] What are they?
* Darien follows DS
[DeathStar] We kept YOU didn't we Garland?
[Enigma] ...
* Blacksheath shrugs, and runs after the group of Hunters
* Slasher points to an abandoned building
[Dominator] ...
* Slasher phases into it
[Garland] Um... yeah but...
* DeathStar ducks into an alley as the police appear down the street
[Enigma] *to DS* there's somethin' too this kid...
[DeathStar] I know, Enigma.  
* Dominator follows DS
[Dominator] Where are we going?
* Blacksheath picks up the speed and disappears into a black blur, which ducks into DS's alley
* Enigma jumps onto a roof and watches from above
[DeathStar] Anywhere but here.
* Slasher phases to the ally where they are
* DeathStar goes down the alley as the police arrive
[Garland] but my parents were dead..... hell, I dont even know what happened to dad...
[Blacksheath] Back to HQ? *snickers*
[Slasher] How bout that abandonded buildng over there
* DeathStar stiffens at Garland saying, "what happened to dad"
* Dominator stiffens as well
[Darien] ...sorry I got you guys in trouble...
[Slasher] Itsok
* DeathStar sees the building
[Dominator] Its not your fault...
[DeathStar] Fine, inside
[Blacksheath] What's up with you two?
* Enigma jumps down
* Slasher runs to it and goes inside
* DeathStar kicks down the door
[DeathStar] ..Dominator..
[DeathStar] ...We both know it was..
* Garland leans on a wall, his hair whipping in the wind
* DeathStar goes inside
* Dominator looks at DS and folows him
* Darien follows
[DeathStar] I was failed miseribly as a leader than
* Enigma shrugs and follows
[DeathStar] Okay, so we got a few minutes of peace to sort all this out.
* Slasher pulls up and chair
* Blacksheath shakes his head, and jogs into the building
[Slasher] Lets talk 
* Dominator lokos at DS
* DeathStar sirens can be heard nearb
[Slasher] quiet
* Garland glares at everyone
[Dominator] NRP: Where are we?
* Enigma mutters to himself
[DeathStar] NRP: A building
[Slasher] Darien tell us everything you know
* Dominator glances at Garland
[DeathStar] ...So, Darien, what all do you remember.
[Darien] ...the white men... everywhere...
[Blacksheath] I don't know what's going on, but I'm do know it's making me nervous
* Slasher notices hes getting along with DS
[DeathStar] Garland, QUIT sulking
[Enigma] who are these white men
* DeathStar blinks
[Slasher] Scientists?? Doctors??
[Garland] I'm not sulking....... COMMANDER........
[DeathStar] Hysterical it sounds like...
* DeathStar ignores Garland
[Dominator] ...
[DeathStar] Grow up some, OFFICER
[Darien] They said scien-something
[Dominator] Death Star....
[Enigma] scientists?
[Slasher] scientists.....what where they doing
* DeathStar blinks
[Garland] ...... whatever
* Dominator glances at Darien
[Darien] kept on showing me the com-put-er da-ta
[Blacksheath] What is going on!? Damn, I'm confused!
[DeathStar] ...That makes more than one of us
[Slasher] hmm...
[Dominator] So am I...
[Enigma] from what I gather he some scientist's test subject
[Blacksheath] Whoever they are, they're dead now.
[Slasher] what was the computer data about
[Blacksheath] Erk... don't want to think about that, Enigma...
[Dominator] Darien, what about your parents and your family? Where wer ethey?
[Garland] just take the kid to the authorities and lets be on our way....
[Enigma] What are you talking about BS?
[Darien] Neato aliens and robots and stuff!
* DeathStar sirens get closer
[Slasher] Garland...SHUTUP
[Slasher] Hmmmmm....
[DeathStar] Garland, SHUT up and stay out of this
[Slasher] Do you know why.
[Garland] NRP: BRB
[Blacksheath] Him being a test subject, Enig
* Dominator glances at DS yelling at Garland
[Enigma] whatever
* Enigma yawns
[DeathStar] Lets go on.  *points outside*  We'll just casually walk out and act as if nothing happened.
[Dominator] With Darien?
[Slasher] not yet...
[Blacksheath] Sounds good to me, commander.
[Enigma] just a bunch of reploids, humans, and a little kid...
[Slasher] Darien do you know why they were showing you those pictures
* DeathStar leaves the building and casually begins to walk down the street, smiling and waving at the officers
[Blacksheath] Enough disobeying of the commander here... *walks out behind DS*
[Darien] Hey, I'm not little
[Garland] NRP: BACK
* Darien follows behind DS
[Garland] ...... yes, you are kid....
* Slasher follows outside
* Enigma glances at Darien
* Blacksheath casually strikes up a conversation about the weather with DS
[Enigma] how old are you?
[Dominator] You were little once to, Garland... Not that long ago.
[Darien] I'm seven!
* DeathStar points at Darien and due the "Nutso" sign, telling them he's following them for the hell of it. Officers look stern.
[Garland] Yeah, and I was an idiot too
[DeathStar] does
[Garland] unlike some still are
* DeathStar turns to Garland
[DeathStar] And that means what?!
[Dominator] ...Garland...
* Blacksheath looks away from the officers and rolls his eyes
[Garland] nothing.......
* Slasher follows after DS
* DeathStar officers looks at DS arguing with a human and begin to walk towards them slowly
[Blacksheath] Why do I get the feeling that everyone hates Garland?
* Darien stays right behind DS
[Enigma] Because he makes us
[DeathStar] Uh, Might I suggest we continue?!  *Walks a little faster*
[Darien] 'cause he's mean
[Dominator] Oh... great...
* Blacksheath nudges DS.  1"Come on, DS..." 
* Dominator does so as well
* Slasher walks faster
[Enigma] Darien, you have a last name?
* Blacksheath walks, talking with DS about the traffic conditions
[Dominator] Come on, Darien... Lets uh exercise a bit...
* DeathStar crosses the busy street, picking Darien up as he goes across
[Darien] Nope
[Slasher] hmm....
[Slasher] Do you have parents
* Dominator crosses the street as well
* Blacksheath keeps stride with DS
[Darien] What are parents?
[Dominator] Don't look back at the cops or it'll look like we'
[Dominator] re trying to get away
[Enigma] you...don't know?
[DeathStar] ...I think carrying a human child as sealed OUR fate.s..
* Slasher whispers to DS "I think hes and experiment like a clone, like me"
[Dominator] You don't know? Your mother and father...
* DeathStar enters a resturant
* Blacksheath keeps his eyes leveled at DS, talking about something on TV
[DeathStar] Perhaps, Slasher..
* Slasher enters to
[Dominator] We out rank them... right?
[Garland] ......hmph
* Blacksheath enters behind DS
[Darien] ...O...I want cho-co-late!...
* DeathStar enters and slams the door in Garland's face
[Slasher] Ok..
* Dominator enters as well
[Blacksheath] Don't you think Reploids in a restaraunt would give us away?
* Dominator looks at DS when he does that
[Garland] Hey!
* DeathStar gives Darien some gill and goes and sits at a table
* Enigma walks in
* Slasher grabs a chocoloate cake an gives it to Darien
[Enigma] I don't need anything
[DeathStar] Too late for that, Black
[Darien] Thanks!
[Garland] Well Fu-----*stops because the kids here*
[Slasher] Im not a reploid
[Blacksheath] Oh well... at least I have an internal incinerator...
* Darien begins eating
* DeathStar flips Garland a gil too
* Dominator sits down
[DeathStar] Buy yourself some gum
* Blacksheath orders some food and sits across from Dom
[Slasher] So...what else can you tell us
* Garland catches the gil and pockets it
[Darien] Cake good!
* Slasher orders a BLT and eats it
* DeathStar turns to Dominator and orders a steak for the hell of it
[Slasher] Anything else you wnat
[Blacksheath] Try not to look too suspicious, Dom...
[Blacksheath] Eat something, I guess...
[Dominator] I should order something then?
[DeathStar] So, we're going to keep the kid?  I like your view.
[Enigma] It's not like we're being hounded by the FBI BS
[Garland] Thanks, but I'm not a kid anymore, oh the memories...... what.... 4 years old and getting hit by plasma? isnt that a record?
* Blacksheath nods, starting to eat the steak he ordered
* Dominator orders a steak as well
[Slasher] Darien do you want something else
[Blacksheath] No, but if the cops get us, we're screwed.
* DeathStar eats it, not really caring sine he's a Reploid
* Slasher finishes he BLT
* Darien his face is covered with chocolate
[Darien] Nah
[Enigma] I require no nournishment. My cybernetic enhancements supply me with sufficient energy
* Dominator its it trying to look inconspicuious
* DeathStar looks at Darien and blinks
* Slasher gives Darien a Napkin
* Blacksheath looks at Darien and can't help but laugh
[DeathStar] You're going to blow our cover Dom if you get any stiffer
* Darien folds the napkin into a plane
[Slasher] cute
[Dominator] All right DS...
* Darien throws the plane
* Blacksheath laughs
* DeathStar notices everyone is ignoring Garland
[Garland] ....... kid your lucky they're paying this much attention to you, for me to get attantion I had to blow up a huge robot.....
* Dominator looks at bit more relaxed, and looks at Darien raising an eyebrow
[DeathStar] Alright, the cops are gone.  We can continue
* Blacksheath finishes what food he had
[Dominator] Good...
[Slasher] Lets go Darien
[DeathStar] STOP your gravling Garland
[Dominator] That's not true Garland...
[Blacksheath] Sounds good to me, Commander. Let's go.
* Darien wipes his face on his sleave
[Garland] ......oh isnt it Dominator?
* DeathStar stands up and walks out the resturant and looks around
[DeathStar] Now, since we can't enjoy ourselves as much, no bars...
[DeathStar] Or casinos..
* Garland leaves the resteraunt
[Dominator] Garland... We noticed you..
[Slasher] Where to now
[DeathStar] Leave the brat alone Dominator.
[Blacksheath] Damn it. Let's get back to HQ or to another city, this place sucks.
[DeathStar] I'm tired of listening to his damn bickering
[DeathStar] Lets go to the HQ.
[Slasher] Ok
[DeathStar] I'm tired of this place.
[Blacksheath] Works for me, let's go.
* DeathStar begins to walk away
[Garland] yeah.... *sarcasticly* kiama
* Slasher walks towards the shuttle
* Blacksheath walks after DS
* Darien follows Ds
[Dominator] All right... 
* Enigma walks on
* Dominator walks to the shuttle, motioning for Garland to follow
* DeathStar walks out and is halfway to the shuttle
* Slasher phases ahead to prepare the shuttle
* Darien runs ahead
[Garland] ...... *walks slowly* why again did I join this group?
[Dominator] Garland, I wouldn't talk with DS too much..He's got alot on his mind...
* Enigma walks to the shuttle
* Blacksheath keeps stride with DS
* Dominator glances at Garland
[Blacksheath] What's up with Garland, anyway?
[Dominator] You asked me if you could.. YOu wanted to make a difference...
* Darien jumps into the shuttle
*** Hodges (death_star@dial39.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Enigma] He wants attention
[Hodges] Why indeed.
* Slasher smells something foul
* Dominator starts up the ramp and sits at the weapons consol
[Enigma] ?
* Hodges appears, sitting on a log
* Slasher phase sout
[Enigma] Who's he.
[Slasher] I knew i smelt you
[Blacksheath] Huh? Who are you?
* Dominator sees Hodges,  1"What the?! Hodges?"
* DeathStar turns
[DeathStar] Hodges..
* Darien moves over to the controls of the shuttle
[Garland] *doesnt noice Hodges* All I did for recreation was goto the training room.... damnit.....
[Slasher] What do you want
[Blacksheath] Well, at least I know your name is Hodges...
[Garland] Oh... you...
[Enigma] dammit, how come I don't know any of these people that attack us?!
[DeathStar] Garland, shut the hell up or get out of my sight!
[Slasher] You dont want to know him
[Blacksheath] DS, who is this guy?
* Hodges stands
[Dominator] He's a CorSec officer. High ranking.
[Slasher] Hes also an asshole
* Enigma walks over to garland and smacks him
[Garland] FINE, DEATHSTAR,,,,,
[Enigma] wake up
[Hodges] You know, I went through a lot of shit with that Ultimate Weapon thing
[Dominator] What do you want Hodges?
* Darien begins activating the shuttle
* Hodges walks over to them
[Blacksheath] Thanks, Dom... WHAT? CorSec!?
[Slasher] Good
* Garland smacks Enigma back
[Garland] Dont do that!
* Slasher notices the shuttles engines start
[Dominator] Death Star...I know your upset but don't take it out on Garland.
[DeathStar] COMMANDER to YOU
[Blacksheath] Huh? You're the Hodges from the Ultimate Weapon matters?
[Hodges] Yes.
[Enigma] you're lucky i'm a nice guy garland
* Hodges stops four feet away
[Blacksheath] What do you want?
* Enigma turns away from Garland towards Hodges
[Garland] I'm  lucky?  whatever....
* Darien lifts the shuttle one foot into the air
* Dominator glances at them fighting amonst themselves and at Hodges,  1"He always sees us like this"
[Hodges] Just to have a friendly little chat.  I heard of your troubles
[Slasher] OH shit
[Dominator] What the?!
* Slasher phases onto the shuttle
* Garland looks away from the group
* DeathStar turns ot the shuttle
[Slasher] Darien stop
[DeathStar] Darien!?
[Dominator] How could he do that?!
* Darien sighs, but lands the shuttle
[Enigma] how in the hell?!
[Blacksheath] How would a seven-year-old know how to activate a freaking shuttle?
[Darien] But it's fun to make shuttle go
[Hodges] I'm REAL impressed with you Hunters
[Slasher] Come outside
[Garland] little brat.... shoulda blew the thing up.....
[Hodges] I'm surprised you can do the world ANY good.
[Slasher] You can do that later
* Dominator glares at Hodges
[Hodges] Unlike CORSEC.
* Darien walks outside
[Dominator] I'm not here to listen to CorSec BS...
* Slasher phases out and stares at Hodges
[DeathStar] Studda up Garland, or have it shut for you
[Garland] These idiots, what do they do, het their asses whooped by Vile?
[Blacksheath] Garland, I don't care if your rank is higher than mine, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna tear your fu... freakin' head off! OK?
[Dominator] Save your campaign speeches for someone who cares, Hodges...
[Slasher] What do you want Hodges
[Darien] I don't like Garland
* Dominator looks at Garland
[Hodges] BS?  No, I'm here to offer you something.  Disband the hunters.  you are fighting morons.  Join CorSec, the humans, and then we can rejoin EarhtGov
[Slasher] Dont worry Darien hes jealous
* DeathStar roars
[Enigma] Shut the **** up!
[Garland] Your not alone, kid, no one likes the freak that grew up too fast
[Blacksheath] Forget it!
[Slasher] I dont thinkso 
* Enigma charges at Hodges
[Hodges] Freak Grland?
[Slasher] I do
[Hodges] You're not a freak, kid.
[Slasher] Garland I always liked oyu
* Dominator stares at Hodges
[Slasher] Hodges shut up right now
[Dominator] That's not true, Garland...!
[Blacksheath] I heard that he gained 15 years in less than a year. If that's not freakish, what is?
[Garland] ......
[Hodges] Fine, fine.  Just thought I asked.  I didn't want to fight you guys
[Slasher] Hes different ok...
* Enigma truns back
[Slasher] The leave
[Enigma] BS...
[Hodges] Reploid scum, shut up and leave the kid alone
* Hodges turns to Garland.
[Hodges] Are you koay?
* Darien knocks on DS's armor... 1 "Who's he?"  13 points at Hodges
* Blacksheath raises his hands.  1"Ok, ok." 
[Garland] Sure..... you never paid me any attention..... the only time you did was when I did somting extraordinary
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Dominator glares at Hodges talking to Garland and takes a step forward
[DeathStar] A BAD man, kid..
[Slasher] A total loser Darien
* DeathStar slashes at Hodges
[Dominator] Death Star...?!
[Hodges] What the!?
* Slasher pulls out Ion Blades
* Hodges looks up, surprised
[Blacksheath] Death Star!
[Garland] To Hodges: No... they're all either mad at me or just dont like me
[Hodges] NO!
* Hodges raises hand to defend himself
[Slasher] Glad someones got the balls to attack
[Dominator] What the hell are you doing attacking him,. DS?
* DeathStar gains speed
[Enigma] Garland, stop talking BS like that
* Garland slashes DS
[DeathStar] ARGH
[Garland] Leave him alone, he didnt attack you!
* DeathStar stops his slash and stumbles back