Timelines Part 2 - False Peace

[DeathStar] Time Chart: Minutes after last session
[DeathStar] Location: Unknown
[DeathStar] GM: Darien and Slasher are being dragged off in trucks
* DeathStar watches the trucks go and turns to Cross
[DeathStar] We need to find Monty and X1
* X1 pops out of nowhere
*** Slasher (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[X1] Hi. *waves*
[Cross] GAH!!! *falls by seeing X1 pop in*
[Slasher] hey
[DeathStar] Where have you been X1?
[X1] That's a good question.
* DeathStar turns to the wreckage
[DeathStar] We need to free Darien and Slasher
[Slasher] NRP: I meant in rpg wise
[Cross] No...... just slasher, that kid creeps me out, the glowing eyes and all
[DeathStar] But first we need to help the people in that explosion.  And pray we don't run into more duplicates
* Cross heads for the wreckage
[Cross] then lets do it to it!
* DeathStar walks towards the wrecakge
* X1 starts tossing debris far overhead
*** Sigma (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Blackjack 's head is seen as he throws debris to the sides
[Slasher] NRP: MY cousin was playing with the cd droor
[Blackjack] Urgh...
* Sigma explodes out of the wreackage holding his side in pain
* Blackjack leaps out of the wreckage
[Sigma] aRGGHH
* Slash head is seen by Blackjacks
* Cross walks over to Sigma
[DeathStar] ...
* Slash is back from - attempting to track em down - Gone 9mins 49secs - [iČ]
* X1 faints
[Blackjack] You ok, Sigma?
*** Zero (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Cross] You okay, Sigg?
[Slash] yea wouldnt want you hurt...
* Blackjack digs into the wreckage
* Zero jumps out holding head
[Zero] Damn that hurt..
* DeathStar growls deeply
[Sigma] Fine Mr. Carter
[Blackjack] Hey Siggy, Zero, give me a hand! Chris and Charlotte are still buried...
* Slash helps BJ dig
[Zero] Right..Where's X?
*** X (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[X] Here
[Blackjack] He should be somewhere around there... *points*
[Slash] there he is
* Cross digs through the ruffage
* X leaps out of the wreckage
[Sigma] What happend?1
[Sigma] And what are you doing here Delta?
* Sigma points at DS
* DeathStar taps X1 on the shouldee
* Blackjack sees an arm, and digs madly
[DeathStar] I think we should exit
* X1 opens one eye, and quickly goes back to being passed out
[Cross] Sigma, remember, he no speaka the english well.
* Zero digs
[DeathStar] Cross.
[Zero] Hmn..
* Zero keeps holding head
* Blackjack pulls his sister, Charlotte, from the wreckage, and goes back to diggin
[Zero] Who would attack the building?
[Blackjack] Got me, Zero...
* X walks over to the,
[Cross] Yeah? *looks at "Delta"*
[X] I don't know
[Slash] i dont know..
[Slash] they did a number on it though..
[DeathStar] Slash?!
* DeathStar turns
* Blackjack sees Chris's head, and digs enough to get a good enough grip to pull him out
* DeathStar glances over at BJ
[Blackjack] You all right, bud?
* Slash turns to help BJ
[DeathStar] ...I don't like this
* X1 glances at his feet, then the back of his eyelids
* Slash helps Chris, and begins healing him
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] What happened?
[Sigma] ....Well, I think I should go to the secerity base.  They should have the culprits there.  *teleports off*
*** Sigma has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Zero] I
[Slash] someone took this building down...
[Zero] I'm going too.
* Zero teleports
*** Zero has quit IRC (Leaving)
* X glances strangly at the group
[X] Who are you guys?
[X1] The name is Mouse, mickey Mouse.
[X] X1?!  What are you doing here?
* Slash looks at DS
* Blackjack looks at the group, a strange look in his eyes
[Slash] do i know you?
[X1] I prefer my cheese warmed, not chilled.
[Cross] I'm Cross, the dashingly hansome member of the group
[Blackjack] Do I know you guys from somewhere?
* DeathStar whacks Cross
[Cross] OW!
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] No, no you don't.  Now, excuse us
* DeathStar grabs Cross and X1 and heads out
[X1] We were on the cover of Time magazine last year
[Slash] humm...
[DeathStar] Now we need to find Slasher and Darien
[X1] Nahhhhnaaahhhnnaaaaahhh
[Blackjack] Hold up!
* Cross figets "I can walk you know...."
[Slash] that was weird Bj... it was almost like we know them...
[Blackjack] Death Star! What are you doing here?
[X] What ais X1 doing with them?
* X1 blinks
[Slash] I dont know X... that was weird...
[DeathStar] Waht?!
[Slash] Deathstar?!
* DeathStar turns around
[Blackjack] I thought you were dead!
[X1] TWO of me! HEE HEE!
* Slash turns around
* X follows X1
* Blackjack 's hand flies to his rifle
[Slash] my god... it is him...
* X1 follows X
* Cross wipes forhead "At least there arent two of me!"
* DeathStar turns around to see himself standing on the wreckage
[DeathStar] My god..
[X1] Yes?
[Blackjack] What the hell is going on!?
[X] X1!  Why are you here?
* DeathStar the two glance each other over
[Cross] WHOA! *walks up to X* this is OUR X1
[X1] To bring good will to men and peace on earth and cookies to the fat, jolly red man.
[X] Your X1?
[DeathStar] Lets move!
* DeathStar grabs X1 and Cross and takes off
[Slash] ...
[Blackjack] Wait!
[X] Hey!  Stop!
[X1] MY X1? *blinks*
[Slash] STOP
* X chases them
* Blackjack aims his rifle at the retreating Hunters
[DeathStar] DOWN!!!!
* DeathStar shoves Cross and X1 into a ditch
* Blackjack runs after the crowd, firing a barrage of plasma blasts
[X1] ACK!
[DeathStar] MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!
[Cross] AGCK!
[DeathStar] 'Where's my double at?!' 
[Blackjack] I don't know how you survived, but I won't let you survive this time!
* Slash follows them, firing charged plasma shots
[X1] I can't when you toss me in a ditch!
* X leaps into the ditch
* Blackjack jumps into the ditch behind X
* DeathStar takes off towards the trucks carrying Slasher and Darien
[Blackjack] Get 'em!
* X1 hits X with a frying pan
[Cross] I dont got one, I know he'd be sooo cool if I saw him
[Slash] Blackjack use the move we used that last time
[Slash] Ion surge..
[X] OW!
[Blackjack] I remember it...
* X charges blaster to kill and fires at X1
[X1] Wuh oh....
* X1 morphs around it
* DeathStar leaps onto the one of the trucks
[Blackjack] Stop! They're on the trucks!
* X dashes to the side and fires again
* X1 sticks his tongue out at X
[Cross] Wait.... if I'm right, WE CANT BEAT X!
[X1] Nyah!
* Slash fires at DS
* X1 grabs onto one of the trucks
* DeathStar ducks
[DeathStar] SLASHER!
* Slash fires lockdown at the truck
[DeathStar] Can you hear me?!
[Slash] who is slasher...?
[X1] Well...if we had a psycho killer with hellpower...
* Blackjack fires at DS, aiming carefully
* X leaps on the trucks as they high speed through the city
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar crashes to the side of the truck and falls off
* Slash fires at DS, with very careful aim with his sholder cannons
[Blackjack] Ha! Direct hit!
* DeathStar grabs on
[Slash] nice shot BJ
[DeathStar] WHOAAA
* Slash jumps to the top of the truck
[Slash] Hello Deathstar..
* Cross looks at them and then at DS "This is your doubles fault you know, I could kill you for you, if I see him.
[Blackjack] Thanks, Slash....
* Blackjack runs at DS
[DeathStar] Hello Slash
* X blasts Cross (400 AP)
*** X1 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* Slash jups down with warp blades out aiming to gut DS
[Cross] GACK!!!!!!!
* DeathStar flips onto the roof and kicks Slash off
* Cross slumps over, wheezing
* Blackjack leaps for a truck, grabbing the side and flipping up
* DeathStar hears Slasher inside struggling
*** X1 (wiendigo@rc-50.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
[Slash] OUF
* Slash calls to Blackjack "Mix me up a fastball special!"
* Slash pops his psi scyths out and prepares to be thrown at the enemy
[DeathStar] We're....outgunned
[Blackjack] What are you doing? Blowing up that building! Many could have been killed!
[Slash] im sorry DS...
* Blackjack calls back, "One fastball special, comin' right up!"
* Blackjack runs over to Slash, picks him up, and throws him at DeathStar. "I suggest you fold! The odds are against you!"
* DeathStar suddenly the truck explodes and crashes into a building
[X1] NRP: Waht happened with me and the truck?
* DeathStar grabs slash
[Blackjack] AGH!
* Slash flys at Deathstar with his scyths extended. He plunges them deep into Deathstar gutting him, slash backflips off and deactivates his scyths and his warp blades appear in his hand
[DeathStar] ALLYOP!
* DeathStar throws Slash off
[DeathStar] ARGHHHH
[Slasher] NRP:GOTTA GO
* Blackjack is blown a good ways away
* DeathStar holds chest
[Slasher] N
* DeathStar flies off
* DeathStar rolls to his feet
[Slasher] NRP:Slash play as me 
[DeathStar] SLASHER!
* Slash warps to BJ's side
[DeathStar] DARIENH!
*** Slasher has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Blackjack flips too his feet, yelling back that he is ok
* X1 fires chopsticks at X and BJ
* DeathStar holds his chest panting
[Slash] NRP: no can do, im doing a report.... as we .. rp...
[X1] Chopsuey!
* X leaps to the side
* Cross mutters "This sucks...."
* X blasts X1 (500 AP)
* Slash warps back and fires lockdown at DS
[Blackjack] grr...
[DeathStar] Cross...free Slasher and Darien if you can
[DeathStar] GAHHHH
* DeathStar collaspes
[Blackjack] Ha! One down!
* X1 's is frying
* X laughs evilly
[X] Fools!
* Slash catches him, and puts him in cuffs
* X keeps laughing
[Blackjack] X...?
[Blackjack] You ok?
* X1 fans his fanny
[X1] Ow! My ass!
* Slash turns to look at X
* Cross runs/limps to Slasher/Darian's general location
[Slash] whats wrong??
*** Zero (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[X1] You ass, my ass!
* Zero appears to help
[Cross] Man...... X makes Vile look like a wienie....
[Blackjack] About time, tall, long-haired, and crimson.
*** Sigma (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[X] .
[X] Vile?!
[X] HA
[Slash] yea, these guys were trying to put up a fight...
* X blasts Cross to the ground
* Sigma watches
[Blackjack] Vile? THAT joker? He's been dead for a long time!
* Zero stabs X1 and stuns him
[Cross] I AM NOT A MAV!
[X] They're right..
[Blackjack] HA! You expect me to believe that?
* X smirks evilly
* X1 moves like a freak. "C'mon, i'll take you on, you trash can!"
[X1] Oilcan....
[Slash] i think thats all....
[Zero] What are you saying X?
* Cross looks at them seriously
* X turns
* Blackjack replaces his rifle
[X] I blew the building up
* Slash flips his warpblades back into their holsters
[Slash] What?
[Sigma] What!?
[Cross] You wouldnt believe half the thing we could tell you.
[Blackjack] X!?
* X1 rolls his eyes like pinwheels
[Blackjack] YOU!?
[Zero] You can't be serious
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Slash] why did you do that??
[X] And now you took down half the competetion..
[Blackjack] WHAT!?
[Slash] !!?!
[X] Because a world of peace makes me sick.  Light's dream makes me SICK.
[X] And YOU sissies make me sick.  
[Blackjack] Light's dream makes you sick!?
[Slash] ...
[Blackjack] SISSIES!!!
[Slash] hes gone mav...
[Blackjack] You'll be sorry you said that, you azure asshole!
[X] Just because the fool created me doesn't mean I share his view
* Slash glares at X
* DeathStar stands up in pain
* Slash releases DS's cuffs
[Zero] X...you can't be serious
* Cross gets up
[X] Join me Zero..
[Slash] Zero Dont!
* X1 bounces around as a giant solid statue
* DeathStar draws sabre
* Blackjack starts to grab his rifle
[Blackjack] Zero! You can't!
[Zero] Never X1...
[Zero] X
* Sigma steps forward
[Sigma] I say we take X down then
[Cross] Gee...... *looks at his wounds* Do they believe us now?
[Slash] whats wrong with you then...
[Blackjack] Sounds good to me, Sig.
* X fires a supreme blast at Sigma and blasts him in half (10000 AP)
[Sigma] GAHHHH
* Sigma explodes
*** Sigma has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] SIGMA!!!
[Slash] i would rather find a way to heal... him....
[Slash] SIGMA!!!!
[X] Don't try me.
* X pants
[Zero] X!!!
[Cross] Holy..... Shit.....
* Slash glares at X
* Zero leaps at him and slahes
[X1] Woo hoo!
[Blackjack] Don't try you!? Ha, challenge is what I live for!
* Slash leaps with zero and slashes with both warp blades
* X blocks with his hand and punches Zero in the gut and throws him into Slash
* DeathStar leaps with attack
* Blackjack leaps at X and swings his katana at the Azure Maverick
* X smashes BJ and DS together
[X] I don't have time for this..
* X teleports off
*** X has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] Agh...
[Blackjack] X!
[Slash] AUGH
[Zero] X!!!!!!
[Blackjack] NRP: brb
[DeathStar] .....X1.
* DeathStar turns
[X1] Oilcan....
[Slash] ....
[DeathStar] We need to free Darien and Slasher from the wrecakge and then get out of here.  We need to get those parts for the machine
* Zero follows X's teleport location
*** Zero has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slash] Damnit zero...
[Cross] X.....was THAT strong.....
[Cross] ?
* X1 tries to nod
* DeathStar goes to the truck and yanks out the cages they are in, both knocked out
[X1] And stronger.
* Slash looks to Deathstar
* DeathStar hides the cages for now
* Cross glares at X1
[Cross] Man...... no freaky remark from you this time?
[DeathStar] We'll come back for them later.  *glances at Slash and BJ and then walks off towards the nearest store*
[Blackjack] DS... I guess we're stuck. You seem to want to fight X...
[Slash] listen... im sorry about what we did.... but we need your help stopping him...
[DeathStar] It's not my problem
[X1] Hey, i was there, remember?
[Slash] ....
* Cross is still glaring at X1 "Your not feeling well, are you?
[Blackjack] Death Star! We have a common goal! I'm sorry about what I did in the past, but that's just that, the past! We... *is hard to say this* need your help...
[DeathStar] I AM NOT YOUR DS!!!
* Slash grits teeth
* DeathStar whirls around
[Cross] ......AND IA AM NOT YOUR CRO--------wait, I was never made in this world...
[Cross] damn
[X1] I'm more frozen then a turkey after Thanksgiving, how do THINK I feel?
* DeathStar tosses HP RAIN on X1 and fixes the stubn
* Slash sighs and starts to walk away
[X1] Waaaaahooooo!!!!!!
[Slash] if he doesnt help, Zero will be lost to us also.....
*** DeathStar (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
* X1 rushes off to get parts for the machine
* DeathStar leaps down
* Blackjack shakes his head. "Come on Slash. Let's go..."
[DeathStar] Byt I'm your DS..
* Blackjack stops
[Cross] We need to beat x1 up more often, he has spasms of normality then.
[Blackjack] Huh?
[Blackjack] WHAT!?
* DeathStar glances at him
* Slash stops
* Slash looks back
[Blackjack] TWO!!!
[DeathStar] ....Damn
[Slash] What?
[Slash] ..
[DeathStar] Oooo, do I look good from where I'm standing
[Slash] holy crap.. im seeing double...
* DeathStar circles DS
* X1 runs back with an arm full of junk
[DeathStar] ----
[Blackjack] *Chris and Charlotte finally arrive*
[X1] What the....
* X1 looks at both DSes
[DeathStar] So, 'Death Star'.....what or who are you?
[DeathStar] I should ask the same question dead boy..
[Blackjack] [Chris] Huh? Two Death Stars! I thought there were none!
[Cross] He's DS, DS
[X1] Great, two stubborn jackasses to contend with...
[Slash] ..
[DeathStar] Are you a Maverick?
[Slash] whoa.... this is total weirdness...
[Cross] I thought that was you, x1
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] THIS is confusing...
* X1 hits Cross with an oar
[DeathStar] Nope, I'm not.  But I'll show you what I AM *grabs sabre and leaps at him*
[Cross] ouf!
[Slash] ..
[Slash] which do we stop...
[Blackjack] Which one do we believe, damn it!
[Slash] or none at all....
* Slash flips up lockdown cannon
* DeathStar grabs sabre and slams DS in the ground
*** X (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Slash] stop it BOTH OF YOU
[X1] How about BOTH?....
* X teleports in and watches with gleem
[X1] Yuh oh.
[X] With Zero on a wild goose cahse I can deal with you guys
[Cross] Um.... the good one?
* Blackjack actually listens to X1's suggestion
* DeathStar punches DS in the ground
[Slash] crap...
* DeathStar punches him again
* DeathStar leaps up and uppercuts DS
* DeathStar slashes twice
* Blackjack leaps at the one he remembers is the Mav DS and slashes repeatedly
[X1] More pressing matters to attend to, namely HIM!
* Slash fires Lockdown cannon at Both_ds's (freezes)
[DeathStar] RAGHH
* X1 points at X
* DeathStar dodge
[Slash] STOP NOW
[DeathStar] s
* X leaps down
[DeathStar] Slash, you did it!  You stopped him!
* Slash turns and faces the other DS
* Slash fires lockdown at him too
[Slash] i cant trust anyone...
* DeathStar rejoins X1 and Cross
[DeathStar] Now, lets get out of here.
[Blackjack] Looks liek I hit the wrong one...
[X1] ....which one are you?
[Blackjack] NRP: Ignore that.
[DeathStar] ....Death Star..
[Blackjack] Well, DS, we need to go after X.
* X teleports over and smashes DS into X1 and Cross
* X blasts BJ (400 AP)
* Cross yells at the two DS's "HEY FEARLESS LEADER!"
* X1 slaps forehead. "Which ONE though?..."
[Blackjack] AAAAGGHH!!
* X rams Slash and guts him
[X1] OW!
* X throws him at DS
[Cross] OUF!
* DeathStar dodges
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* DeathStar blocks it
* DeathStar slashes X through the chest
[X1] That's it! time for a little tick-tac-toe, and I get the X's!
[DeathStar] Don't try it slashy boy
* Slash falls to the ground holding chest
* Blackjack falls to the ground
* X1 hits X with an oar
* X guts DS
* Cross blasts X
[Blackjack] [Chris] Jared!!!
* X steps back
[X] Time to end this..
[X1] Take this!
* X charges energyt
[Cross] Da Da DAAA!!!!!!! *FIRES ON X*
* X1 stuffs a rubber duck in X's mouth
[Blackjack] *Chris leaps at Slash, his swords in a wild fury*
* X leaps in the air and charges energy
* X AP level reaches 20,000
[Blackjack] *Charlotte fights from a distance, plasma rifle blazing*
[DeathStar] Not good...
* DeathStar keeps charging
* DeathStar fires
[Blackjack] NRP: That earlier thing with Chris is directed at X
[X1] ....anyone like fried chicken? Cause we're about to become it....
* X reflects off
* Slash gets up holding chest
[Slash] thats it X...
* X AP hits 30,000
*** Zero (death_star@dial42.planters.net) has joined #taw
[X1] Anyone see a bulldozer?
* Slash eyes blaze bright blue
* Blackjack stands up in great pain
* Slash charges his plasma cannons, and PPC's
* Slash fires at X
* Slash warps to BJ
* Zero leaps out of the sky and slashes X in the head and smashes him in the ground causing a large explosion
[Slash] you ok man?
* X his own energy hits him
[Blackjack] I'm... fine...]
* X explodes
[Zero] GAHHH
* Zero falls backwards
* Zero hits the ground
[Blackjack] [Chris] You sure? You don't look it... Hey Charlie! Attend to him... ZERO!
* Slash warps to Zero
* X causes huge crater
[Slash] ZERO!!
[X1] Whoa, deja vu....
* Zero armor is melting from damage
* Slash attempts to help Zero
[Cross] Gee.... this is sudden replay, huh?
[Blackjack] *Charlotte attends to Jared, Chris runs to Zero's side*
[Slash] damnit zero.. dont die...
[DeathStar] ..
[DeathStar] Whoa
[DeathStar] I say let him die..
[Blackjack] [Chris] What are you people talking about!?
* Slash turns to DS that spoke
* X hand grabs the ground and he pulls himself up
[Slash] you SHUT UP
* DeathStar glares
[Blackjack] [Chris] Are you CRAZY!
* DeathStar leaps up
[Cross] Fearless leader?
[DeathStar] YOU!!!
* DeathStar stabs DS in the back
* Slash continues to help
* DeathStar punches DS
* DeathStar tackles him
[X1] Well, seein as that we've interfeared already in your world, we should let nature take it's course...
* X stands before them
[X] Nature...screw nature.
[X1] Uh, guys?....
[Cross] Uh.....*blasts DS*
[Blackjack] *Charlotte and Jared join the fight, Jared healed*
[Zero] -N-Ni..
[DeathStar] RAGH
* DeathStar hits the ground
[X1] Guys?
* Slash turns to X
* DeathStar flips to X1
[DeathStar] Lets get out of here X1
[X1] GUYS?!?!
* X points at slash and fires his energy at him
[DeathStar] Damnit.
[Blackjack] [Chris] The clone's back...
* DeathStar leaps over to X1
* Slash attempts to warp away
[DeathStar] Get us out of here
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] Great, just what we needed...
[Zero] You gotta...stop X1
* X1 points at X. "HIM!"
* X fires a blast at building over the group by X1 and it collaspes
[X1] What?
* DeathStar jumps X
* Slash appears behind X and slashes at X's back
* DeathStar tackles X
[X1] Ohhhhh shit me....
* DeathStar blasts him in the chest
* X1 is hit by the building
* DeathStar guts him
* Zero passes out
* Blackjack , Chris, and Charlotte combine their plasma blasts to hit X with a large beam blast
[Cross] X...... I'm ashamed at you... *blasts X*
* X begins to explode
* Slash warps back to Zero
[X] .......dreams...fade....
[Slash] Zero...
[X] Remember that...
* X explodes
*** X has quit IRC (Leaving)
* DeathStar glances at DS
* Slash keeps trying to help Zero
* DeathStar glances back
* Zero explodes in a brilliant light
*** Zero has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] DAMN IT!
[Cross] GAH.......
[Blackjack] [Chris] ZERO!
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] Impossible!
* Slash is caught by the explosion and flys back, landing hard
[DeathStar] X1!!!
* DeathStar runs over to him
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] Slash! *runs to his side*
* X1 is buried
[Cross] NRP: Is it me or is this confusing?
* Slash lies on the ground bleeding from many wounds
* Blackjack and Chris join Charlotte and Slash
* Cross runs for the rubble where X1 is burries and starts to dig him out, looking for him
* Slash opens eyes
[Slash] im...not...going to live much longer....
[Blackjack] Heal him, guys...
* Blackjack , Chris, and Charlotte try to heal Slash, combining their abilities, to no avail
[Blackjack] Damn it! Slash, DON'T DIE!
* Slash presses one of his warp blades into Blackjacks hand
[Slash] keep...it...safe....
[X1] ...AND THEY CALLED IT, PUPPY LOVE!!!!!!!! *kisses Cross* My hero!
[Blackjack] SLASH! NO!
* Slash dies
[Blackjack] [Chris] You can't...
[Cross] Oh what the hell..... Lets get Married X1
[X1] Uh...I think those guys jsut lost one....
[Blackjack] *Charlotte sobs* This can't be happening...
* Blackjack hits the ground hard
* Slash body ignites in a large gout of flame
[Blackjack] Damn it!
[Cross] Oh? *carries X1 like a lady in the old movies over to slash*
* Blackjack grits his teeth, crying somewhat
* Slash the fire flares blue once and dies out, leaving a stain of ash on the ground

* DeathStar watches from the edge and turns to X1 and Cross
[DeathStar] X1, finish the machine
[Blackjack] Damn it... Slash...
* Stain_of_ash a breeze blows the ashes into the air, scattering them
* Blackjack holds the warp blade tightly
[DeathStar] ....Pain touches everyone and things do not change
[Blackjack] Your death won't be forgotten, Slash...
[DeathStar] 'Suppose I should free Slasher and Darien
[Cross] blegh.....some one vacuum that that dust up
[Blackjack] [Chris] Don't let fur cloud your mind, Blackjack
* DeathStar blasts Slasher's cage to bits and frees the knocked out Hunter
[Blackjack] NRP: fury
* DeathStar sees X1 is finished and he turns on the portal
* Darien a glowing ball forms in his cage and blasts into the wall, the cage distorts and Darien walks out
[Darien] Tada!
[DeathStar] ....Bravo Darien.
* DeathStar grabs Slasher's body
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow at the psychic child
[DeathStar] Lets go before anymore damage is caused
* DeathStar watches
* Darien shield appears on his arm
* Blackjack and his friends look at the Hunters
[DeathStar] Hey, fakeboy, but I'm Death Star!
[Cross] this kid is worse than....nevermind
[Darien] Worse than what?  What!?
[Blackjack] Worse than who?
[DeathStar] Oh do shut up...
[Blackjack] [Chris] Let's all play "ignore that DS!"
* DeathStar watches X1 go through the portal, then turns to glare at the fake Death Star
[DeathStar] ...
[Cross] geee, sorry Fearless leader...
[Blackjack] [Chris] In case you haven't noticed, we still have the problem of two DSs...
[DeathStar] Fine, I'm the fake one.  But I want to change, honestly.
[DeathStar] Why else would I attack X?
[Blackjack] Hmmm... He has a point, Redwolf...
* DeathStar raises eyebrow
[Blackjack] [Chris] But...
[DeathStar] Lets get going
[Blackjack] [Charlotte] It's hard to trust someone who has done so much damage...
* DeathStar walks to the portal and then throws Slasher through
* Cross runs though the portal "I'm commin home to my TV!!!!
* Darien follows through the portal, his shield on his arm
* DeathStar grabs the dimensional machine and leaps through
[DeathStar] NOT SO FAST!
* DeathStar leaps through
[Blackjack] HEY!
* DeathStar portal closes
[DeathStar] Location: Artic
* DeathStar lands on the ground, landing in a puddle of water
[DeathStar] ....
[Darien] Are we back?
[DeathStar] Yes
* DeathStar puts at the ice melting
[Darien] Yay@
[DeathStar] LOOK!
* DeathStar sees a huge ray from the alien ship above hitting the ice, melting it
*** Stain_of_ash is now known as Slash
[DeathStar] Damn, there's no way to assualt that thing from down here..
* Slash a loud thrum fills the air
* DeathStar lands
[Blackjack] Comm to DS] Need some help?
[Slash] Comm] Need any assistance?
[DeathStar] Comm to BJ ] Sure, but that thing is too strong.  Back off
* DeathStar looks at the dimensional machine
[Blackjack] Comm] You got it, Commander.
[Cross] NRP: Slash - Sl = ash, coincidence? I think not
[Cross] Blow it up I say
[DeathStar] Hey, think we could regulatate this thing to send the beams to other dimensions and stop the ice melting while we attack it?
* DeathStar sees no one noticing him and backs away
[Slash] NRP: *smacks Cross*
[Darien] Can do! Can do!
* Slash lands a distance away
[Cross] NRP: oooowwwww
* Blackjack runs into the scene. "What's going on?"
* Slash warps to the group
[Slash] ...
[Blackjack] Good to be back in action...
* Slash points up
* DeathStar turns on the machine and throws it under the machine and the portal opens up, sending the beamwave into the portal to other dimensions
[Slash] humm.. it looks like they wanna flood us...
[Blackjack] Oh... THAT...
[Blackjack] Nice solution, DS...
[DeathStar] That should slow them...the damage to other dimensions won't help much
[Blackjack] Why does that thing remind me of that bit with the 46th Unit...
[DeathStar] Well, the ice has stopped melting, hasn't it?!
* DeathStar points at the airship above them
[Blackjack] Yeah... In THIS dimension...
[DeathStar] How do we take it on?
[Slash] yep..
* Darien eyes blick green
[Blackjack] Who's the kid?
[Darien] I'm Darien!
[DeathStar] Well, the 46th can take a few blasts then
[Blackjack] Where's Garland?
* DeathStar leaps out next to the portal
[DeathStar] HA!
[Darien] He went bye bye!
* DeathStar charges blaster
[DeathStar] Time to finish you fools off!
* DeathStar blasts DS
[Blackjack] Huh!? TWO DS's?
[DeathStar] There can only be ONE of us!
[DeathStar] RAGHH
* DeathStar falls backwards
[Slash] What in the hell??
* Darien holds his shield out
* Blackjack lunges at the DS that came out of the warp and swings his katana around at him
* Darien suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into NewDS (100 AP)
* DeathStar grabs BJ and they both fall towards the portal
[Cross] I cant tell who the hell the real one is, lett'em duke it out
[Blackjack] Yeah, there can only be one! OURS!
[DeathStar] GAHH
* Slash fires PPC's and lockdown at BJ
* DeathStar tackles DS
[Blackjack] What!?
[Slash] NRP: i mean DS
[Blackjack] HELP!
* DeathStar grabs BJ and throws him back
* DeathStar laches onto DS
* Darien a glowing ball appears in Darien's hands and blasts towards newDS. When it hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting newDS (110 AP)
* DeathStar yanks hard
* Blackjack lands and skids across the ice
* DeathStar feels dizzy and falls int othe portal with DS
[Slash] Whoa....
[DeathStar] WHOAAA
* DeathStar falls over
[Blackjack] DS!
* DeathStar grabs the ice
[DeathStar] Water...slippery...
* DeathStar slips some and blasts at DS
[DeathStar] DIE!!!
* Slash stands with his warp blades out staring at the two DS's
* DeathStar grabs sabre
[Slash] Do i have to freeze you again??
[Blackjack] So what do we do!?
[DeathStar] Do it...Slash...and we fall into the portal
* DeathStar slips
[Slash] uhh.. eat popcorn...
[Cross] we wait and see what happens
* DeathStar leaps out
* DeathStar smashes DS hands
[Slash] ..
* DeathStar lets go and falls
[DeathStar] There, the fake has been dealt with
* Blackjack tries to remember which one came out of the warp
* DeathStar strolls over to them and points at the airship
[DeathStar] Lets take it out
[Blackjack] Looks like we'll just have to trust you, I can't remember...
[Blackjack] Sounds like a good plan to me, Commander.
[Slash] ..
[Cross] Hey Fearless leader......