Mission 29: Judgement Day

Session Start: Sat Mar 06 15:08:44 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 days after Last Session
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Slasher phases in
* DeathStar sits in command chair, snoring
* Cross is typing on the computers
[Slasher] Sweet
* Slash is sitting at a computer station looking at blueprints for gauntlets
* Slasher sneaks up on DS and scares him
[Darien] Whatcha doing, Cross?
* Slash looks to slasher
[Slash] careful slasher....
[Cross] My reports from that last mission..
* Blackjack stares out of a window
[Darien] Why?
[Slasher] DS....DS...DS!!!!!!!
[Slash] SLASHER stop it
[Cross] Because they wanna know what happened 3 days ago
[Slasher] Hmfff
[Darien] Why?
[DeathStar] AHH!?
* Blackjack thinks about finding the Mav Hunter Band's cymbals, but decides against it
[DeathStar] What?1
* Slasher walks to a chair an sits down
[Cross] So they can evaluate us
[Darien] Why?
[Cross] Because they know you'll ask why, thats why.
* Slash sighs
[DeathStar] ..
[Darien] Why?
[DeathStar] What'd I miss?
* Blackjack shakes his ehad
* Cross ignores Darian and gets up
* Slash snickers
* Slasher stretches out
[Blackjack] I thought it would be nice to be back... but this is almost BORING!
* DeathStar suddenly the computer alarms go off
[Slash] What?
[Blackjack] What the...?
* Slash turns to look at the mission computer
* Darien moves looks around
[Slash] whats up now?
* Blackjack turns his attention to the computer
[Cross] It's fightin' time again Fearless Leader.
* DeathStar turns to the computer and keys up the infomation
* Slasher falls out of his chari
* Cross looks at the computer
[Blackjack] Finally, something to do!
[DeathStar] Since when have you been so excited Jared?
* Slasher gets up
[Slash] good, ive been anxious to test these out*holds out his arms to show his new gauntlets*
* Slash gets up
[Slasher] More junk Slash
* DeathStar reads the infomation
[Blackjack] Since that injury, DS. That was HELL, just laying there, unable to do anything...
* Cross looks at BJ
[DeathStar] It seems there's an attack by CorSec out in the Wastelands...on an EarthGov base
[Cross] Bet that hurt too
[Slasher] Thats where u where. I thought your mom wouldnt let you outside after Dark
[Slash] ...
[Slash] oh goody...
[Slasher] Great
[Blackjack] Great. Another chance to kill my old friends...
[DeathStar] Lets get going.....*leaps off chair and heads for the shuttle*
* Blackjack shakes it off
* Darien eyes blink green,  1"EarthGov has a base in the wastelands?"
* Slash sighs
[Blackjack] Let's go...
* Cross walks next to DS
* Darien follow behind Cross and DS
* Slash warps to the shuttle
[DeathStar] Outskirts.  An old one when they were watching the Reploids
* Blackjack mutters something, part of it loud enough to hear:  1"I hope tha... n't there..." 
*** Phoenix (dragonmast@ has joined #taw
* DeathStar gets into the shuttle and powers it up
*** Phoenix is now known as Slasher
* Slasher phases into the shuttle
* Blackjack shakes his head and boards the shuttle
* Cross jumps into the shuttle
* DeathStar begins to take it out of the hanger
* Slash straps himself in
[Slash] DS, i have to ask you... w.. was there a "slash" in that other world?
[DeathStar] Yes, yes there was.
* Darien sits in one of the chairs
* DeathStar heads for Earth
[Slash] what happened to him.....
[DeathStar] He died.
* Slash is silent
[Blackjack] Hmm...
[Cross] So your a dead man walking, Slash.
* Slasher slaps Cross upside the head
* Slash turns his ice blue eyes to Cross, glaring at him
*** Slasher has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
* DeathStar hits the turbo boosters
* Blackjack draws his hand back to whack Cross, then decides against it
[Slash] how long till we arrive there DS...?
[Cross] I wished you people would smack me so much
[Slash] well... since it is a request...
* Slash smacks Cross
[DeathStar] 2 minutes.
[Blackjack] I don't want to know what you meant by that, Cross
[Cross] NRP: I wanted to say wouldn't
[Blackjack] NRP: Oh.
[Slash] NRP: i know that.... i took advantage of your mistake though
* Slasher stretches out
* Slash looks out the port
[Slasher] So this is where the Reps used to liv
* Darien shield appears in his lap
* DeathStar arrives at Earth
[Slash] its barren.... a wasteland... hence the name....
[Blackjack] I hoped I'd seen the last of this place... Oh well...
* Cross glances at the apearing sheild
* Slasher does some stretching exersices
* DeathStar temperature goes up
* Darien he rubs the front with his sleave
[Blackjack] Whew... gettin' a little hot...
[Slasher] Best place to lose weight *looks at DS*
[Cross] Aye..
[DeathStar] Gah...
* DeathStar lands the shuttle
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Slash] too hot..
* Slash warps out
[Blackjack] Shall we go?
* Slasher grabs the water canisters
* Darien takes off his wind breaker and ties it around his waste revealing a tee-shirt and bronze bracelets on his wrists
* Blackjack leaves the shuttle
* Slasher phases out
* DeathStar steps out and a sandstorm instantly hits them
* Darien grabs another canister
[Slasher] Ahh crap
* Blackjack is knocked over
[Slash] AHH
[Slash] where is everyone!
[Blackjack] Ack!
* DeathStar shields eyes as the sand hits them viciously
[Slasher] crao
[Cross] Argh....
[Turbo] *Thud*
* Blackjack yells,  1"Over herer, SLash!"  while remaining face down
[DeathStar] Thud?
[Slasher] What the
[Blackjack] Wha... what was that!?
[Turbo] *Thump*
* Darien walks out, shielding his eyes with his shield
[Blackjack] There it was again!
[Turbo] *Thump*
[Turbo] *Thump*
* Slasher tries to find the noise
[Blackjack] What is it!?
* Blackjack shields his eyes and stands up
*** Turbo (Eatmine@bulldog10.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* Slasher shields eyes
* DeathStar stumbles forward
* Turbo appears as a dark form in the sand
[DeathStar] Gah, can't see...
* Cross looks around
* Slasher makes out a shape
* Turbo fires a turbo shot at Slasher, and DS
* Blackjack tries to say something, but gets a mouthful of sand
*** Slasher is now known as Slasher
[DeathStar] WOUF!
* DeathStar crashes to the ground
* Slasher flies into the sand
* Slash turns to look
* Blackjack spits repeatedly.  1"DS! SLASHER!" 
* Slasher get sup
[Slasher] That basterd shot me
* DeathStar is buried under sand from the sandstorm, which is picking up
* Turbo over the roar of the Storm  1" IM HERE FOR YOU SLASHER|
* Cross looks for the attacker, not seeing much
[Blackjack] No shit, Sherlock!
[Slash] Damnit.. its turbo..
[Slash] not again...
[Blackjack] Him again!?
* Slash twin beams of concussive force fly at Turbos form, clearing a momentary way in the sand
* Slasher phases above Turbo and flies down pointing his Ion Blades at him
* DeathStar leaps out of the sand spitting
* Blackjack shields his eyes, trying to make out the form of Turbo (enh. senses)
* Turbo flys back
* DeathStar  1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey.  1"Let's rock...."
[Slasher] You shot me you ass****
* DeathStar rams Turbo
* Turbo in the air, he fires a barrage of Turbo shots at Slasher, DS and Blackjack
* Cross shoot something that resembles turbo, hoping that it's him
[Turbo] OOMPH
* DeathStar uses Blitz and punches the hell out of him
* Slasher fires his Disruptor Cannons at Turbo
* DeathStar uppercuts him and then kicks him back
* Blackjack doesn't see it coming, and is hit by all shots
* Turbo picks up Deathstar and tosses him away
[Blackjack] AAARGH!!!
* DeathStar flips to the ground
* DeathStar rams Turbo again
* Slash fires a charged shot at the trubo
* Blackjack is thrown a good distance away
* DeathStar takes sabre and guts him
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards Turbo. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Turbo (110 AP)
* Slasher phaes behind Turbo and kicks him into the sand
* Turbo screams as the distortion wave hits
* Cross runs at turbo
* DeathStar rams sabre through Turbo's shoulder blade
* Blackjack flips to his feet and fires from his current position (220 AP)
* Turbo grunts and falls to kneees
* Turbo twists hand laughing
[Turbo SOUND]
* Slash falls to the ground
* Darien two level 2 glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards Turbo. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Turbo (220 AP)
[Slasher] WHAT????
[Blackjack] SLASH!
[Cross] huh?
[Turbo] Touch me again, and he dies
* Blackjack runs back to the scene of the battle
[DeathStar] STOP IT NOW!
[DeathStar] ALL OF YOU!!!
[Blackjack] What the hell is going on!?
* Turbo gets up slowly, wiping blood from his mouth
* Slasher pulls Ion Blades back
* DeathStar sandstorm swirls around
[Slasher] Your lucky this time
* Blackjack replaces his rifle
* Slash struggles and gets up
* Slasher walks back to where Slash is
[Slash] I.....dont......die........
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar flips back
* Turbo makes motion with hand again
[DeathStar] YOU!!!
* Slasher stops
* Slash falls to ground again
* DeathStar dives at Turbo
[Slasher] STOP IT
[DeathStar] STOP IT!!!1
* Turbo gets knocked back by DS, suprised
* DeathStar stabs him quickly in the hand to stop him
* Blackjack fires Cure Shot at Slash quickly (215 LP)
* Slash gets up, slowly gritting teeth
* DeathStar slices it
[Slash] I said Turbo...
[Slash] I DONT DIE
* Cross looks at Slash
* DeathStar flips off Turbo
* Turbo flings DS off before he can cut
* Turbo laughs, and disappears form his spot
* Cross walks twards Slash
[Slasher] Where'ld he go
* Turbo appears behind slasher
[DeathStar] .....Where is he?
[Slasher] What the
[DeathStar] SLASHER!!!
* Blackjack looks around wildly
* Turbo punches Slasher in the back of hte head
* Slasher turns around
[Blackjack] Slasher!
* Slasher falls down
[Slash] SLASHER!!
* Blackjack fires at Turbo (210 AP)
* DeathStar runs over there
[Turbo] Comm to someone] Turbo here, i have him, out
* Cross runs for Turbo, blasting
* Turbo picks up Slasher and disappears into the sand
* Slasher vanishes
[Blackjack] Damn it!
[Cross] Damnit....
*** Turbo (Eatmine@bulldog10.sk.sympatico.ca) has left #taw (*blinding sand is seen* )
[DeathStar] .....CorSec......what about them?!
* Darien rubs his eyes
* DeathStar looks around
* Slash holds chest
[Slash] Damnit...
[Slash] that....hurt...
[Blackjack] Maybe Turbo's with CorSec? 
[DeathStar] Slash, Turbo works with CorSec, right?
[Slash] hes a hired gun...
[Blackjack] Figures.
[Slash] he goes to whoever pays his bounty...
[Cross] Aye....
[DeathStar] Doesn't he know they HATE Reploids?!
[Blackjack] Stupid mercenaries...
[Slash] we...have..to get to that base....
* Darien eyes blink green  1"So why does he keep attacking us?"
* Cross looks at Darien
[DeathStar] Right..*heads for the direction of the base
* Slash creates a warp field ahead, getting rid of the sand
[Blackjack] ...
* Slash follows DS
* Cross follows DS
* Blackjack catches up to DS
* Darien rubs his eyes and follows
[Blackjack] Maybe someone should check ahead...
[DeathStar] Go ahead Blackjack
[DeathStar] Stretch your legs some
[Blackjack] Right. I'll report back what I find.
* Blackjack runs ahead of the group, quickly lost in the sand
*** Blackjack has quit IRC (Leaving )
[DeathStar] ...
[Slash] ...
* DeathStar sees an outline of a base up ahead
[Slash] we shouldnt split up like this...
* Slash keeps walking
[DeathStar] I know that, but I do need him to spy for me
* Darien sings,  1"And then there was four"
[DeathStar] That is his primary objective when he first began
[Cross] Ok, just whatever happens, please, no one say they smell a trap, we know already..
* DeathStar arrives at the base and sees that it looks deserted
* Cross looks at the base
* Slash looks around
[Slash] humm...
[Slash] empty?
[Slash] odd...
[DeathStar] .....Now.  Look at the burnt marks on the wall.  someone attacked here alright
[Cross] Yeah..
* Slash looks up, and sees plasma burns on the celing
* DeathStar brings up a holomap of the area
* Darien shifts the shield on his arm nervously
[DeathStar] You know, there's a Maverick Supply Camp nearby....I wonder if they'll hit it next.
[Slash] ... probably...
[Slash] do you know a shortcut?
[Slash] if not i do...
[DeathStar] Well, whoever was here is now dead or captured....whatever was here is now gone
[DeathStar] Yes...lets go
* Slash a shimmering warp field appears in front of them
* DeathStar points at the direction
[Slash] enter...
* DeathStar jumps in
* Darien jumps in
[Slash] it wont take us far, but it will do...
* Slash jumps in after cross
[Cross] Ok  6*jumps in*
* DeathStar they arrive near the Camp, the sandstorm gone
[Slash] closer then i expected..
* DeathStar sees a Hovertrain being loaded at the base
[Slash] ...
* DeathStar sees troops guarding the area also
[DeathStar] No sign of CorSec....
* Slash looks closer and thinks he sees turbo but is not sure
[Slash] ...
[Cross] ..yet you mean...
* Slash image of turbo disappears
[DeathStar] They would HIT this place ....
[DeathStar] ....Take the supplies and wipe the Mavericks out.  
[Slash] ...
[Slash] they are evil...
[DeathStar] But  I  interested on the cargo being loaded
[Cross SOUND]
* Darien a glowing ball appears in his hands
* Slash flips up his autocannons
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* DeathStar dashes towards the camp
[Cross] NRP: oops that was suposed to be personal midi
[Slash] lets show em what hunters are made of..
* Slash runs at full speed at the base
[DeathStar] I just hope Slasher is okay...
[Slash] i hope so too...
* DeathStar flips into the air and lands on a Maverick's head and guts him
[Slash] i would hate to loose him...
[DeathStar] WHOO HOO!!! PARTY TIME!!!!
* DeathStar leaps at two Mavericks and rams them to the ground as twenty others spin around and open fire (50 AP each, bad shot)
* Cross jumps oout and blasts the mavs
* Slash warps behind a small group, and fires a L3 concussion burst from gauntlets at em, blowing em away
* DeathStar dodges
* Darien vanishes and begins heading for the train
* DeathStar draws sabre and twirls it
[DeathStar] Lets get to that train
[Slash] you got it
* DeathStar flips over five Mavericks and blasts them with his cannon as he runs for the train
[Cross] Sure thing Fearles Leader!
* Slash runs down to the train, gutting mavs as they come atme
* DeathStar alarms go off
* Cross dashes for the train picking off mavs
[Slash] What the?!
[DeathStar] We'll have company soon
* Darien runs for the train, invisible
* DeathStar fifty Mavericks pour out of the base
[DeathStar] We're in BIG trouble...
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Crap... not good.. not good at all....
[Cross] Well, any bright ideas?
* Slash begins charging his Gauntlets
[Slash] either fight or flight...
* Slash jumps on
* DeathStar leaps onto the back of the hover train as it starts up
[Slash] Flight it is
* Cross jumps on
* DeathStar gets hit by a blast and falls off
* Darien gets on the train
[Slash] DS!@!
* Slash dives off, and grabs him
* DeathStar train begins to pick up speed as he speeds across the desert floor
[Slash] you ok?
[Cross] well lets not leave empty handed *blasts the mavs from the train*
[DeathStar] Fine, but what about YOU!?
* Slash warps back to teh train
* Slash with DS
[Slash] fine
* DeathStar pants as he sees the camp vanishing in the background
[DeathStar] Lets stop this train....*Speed is going so fast the G-Force is shoving them backwards some
* Darien appears beside the others
* Cross grabs on to something
* DeathStar drives sabre into the ground
* Slash grits teeth, and slowly makes his way forward
* DeathStar begins to walk slowly as he keeps his balance
* DeathStar Mavericks teleport onto the top of the train and one is blown off
* Darien stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid  1 "Ready to rumble?"
*** Darien is now known as DarkPhoenix
* Slash looks at darien
[DeathStar] Yuh oh...he keeps having surprises...
* DeathStar blasts one of the ten Mavericks
[Slash] whoa....
[Cross] EGYA!!! *looks at Darien*
* DarkPhoenix claws stick into the ground supporting him
* Slash fires at the rest of the mavs with a spray of plasma
* DeathStar stumbles back some
* DeathStar is blasted
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Slash] DS!
* DarkPhoenix a Xvash appears in his hands
* DeathStar grabs arm and blasts with cannon
[DeathStar] DIE!!!
* Slash fires his gauntlets at the mavs
[DeathStar] He's got a Xvash!?
* DarkPhoenix slashes mav with his Xvash (150 AP + 10 AP poison)
[Slash] Whoa...
[Cross] Maybe the kid's not human???
* DeathStar grabs his Xvash and smashes a Maverick to bits
* Cross blasts some mavs
* DeathStar the rest are blasted by someone else
[DeathStar] Huh?!
[Slash] AHHH
*** Turbo (Eatmine@bulldog10.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* Turbo appears
* Turbo slashers body appears beside him
[DeathStar] TURBO!  CorSec goons are here for the cargo it seems...
[Slasher] uuhhh
[Turbo] alright, whos next
[Slash SOUND]
* DeathStar train picks up speed
[Slash] I am
* Turbo grins
[Turbo] Slash, so nice to see you again
[Cross] aye....
* Turbo lifts hand
* DeathStar train continues to get faster, edging everyone backwards
* DeathStar hair blows madly as he fights to keep his balance
* Slash warps behind Turbo laughing
* DarkPhoenix digs his claws in further
* Slash slowly slides back
* Slasher 's body gets blown backwards to the end of the train
[Slash] Get the cargo!
* DeathStar grabs Slasher
* Turbo fires turbo shots at Slash
[Slasher] T///h
[DeathStar] HOLD ON!!!!
[Slasher] t...hank...s
* Slasher gets up
* Slash takes on hit, and flys back a few feet
* DeathStar grips roof like mad
* Turbo laughs
* DarkPhoenix two level 3 glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Turbo. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Turbo (440 AP)
* DeathStar train begins to rattle madly
[Turbo] RRRGH
* Slasher pulls out Disruptor cannons and fires 4 balls of antimatter (160 each) at Turbo)
*** crimsonmanticore (casaursa@usr10-022.provide.net) has joined #TAW
* Turbo fires a turbo pulse at DP's claws
[DeathStar] FUD-- *rolls back from the g-force*
[DeathStar] Who the hell is he?!
* DeathStar points at the newcomer
* Cross is to bust holding on to fire
* Slash fires a L3 Concussion blast at Turbo
* Slash looks back briefly
[Cross] Who're You???
* DeathStar train begins to turn and jars everyone
* DarkPhoenix suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into b1 (100 AP)
* Turbo screams in pain, and a shield pops into exsistance around slash and Turbo
[crimsonmanticore] TURBO!!!
* DarkPhoenix suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into Turbo (100 AP)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+30 AP)
[Turbo] hello Crimson Manticore...
* Slasher flies off the side of the train and grabs onto the sie
* DeathStar flips into the air and flies backwards
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm... don't I remember you from somwhere?
* DeathStar the train suddenly explodes in the front
* Turbo walks over to Slash and picks him up
* DarkPhoenix runs into sheild
* Cross shoots turbo
[Slash] Gack...
[Slasher] Oh shit
* DeathStar sees another car exploding
* Turbo begins crushing him
* Slasher pulls his body up just as a bar flies under him
[DeathStar] SLASH!!
[Cross] I sugest we get iff?
* DeathStar tackles Turbo
[Cross] off?
[crimsonmanticore] [fioes at Turbo]
[Turbo] NRP: shield in way...
* DeathStar another car, 2 ahead of them, explodes
[DeathStar] NO!!!
[crimsonmanticore] RELEASE HIM, ytou MOFO!
* DeathStar pounds shield
* Turbo a loud CRACK is heard and he drops slash
* DeathStar another car explodes
* Slash lands limply
[DeathStar] LET HIM GO!!!!
* DeathStar begins to channel energy
[DeathStar] You're...going...to pay...
[DeathStar] BIG...time...
* DeathStar another car explodes
* DarkPhoenix moves over to the shield and touches it, draining energy from it
[crimsonmanticore] [blasts acid plasma at Turbo]
* Turbo chrges his turbo shot, and aims it at slash's head
* Slasher gets back on the train and start firing at the shield
[crimsonmanticore] Chew on that bastard!
* Slash disappears
* Slasher tries to phase insede
* DeathStar the car they are on begins to rattle as it begins to explode
* Slash reappears in front of turbo
[Slasher] ahh crap
[crimsonmanticore] Look out!
[DeathStar] Fu....EVERYONE OFF!!!
* DarkPhoenix jumps off the train into the air
[DeathStar] NOW!!!
[Cross] Oy vey....*jumps off*
[crimsonmanticore] [Teleports out]
* Slasher lets himself fly off the train
* DeathStar turns to see the fighting going on
[DeathStar] SLASH!!
* Slash a bolt of blue energy streaks to hit slash, envelpoing his body, he channels the power, into one HUGER plast into his guantlets, and releases it on turbo, 500 AP
* DeathStar part of the car explodes and sends him tumbling backwards
[DeathStar] WHOAAA!!
* Turbo screams and holds his chest
* DeathStar hits head hard as he crashes
[DeathStar] Damnit...SLASH!!!
[Turbo] your more powerful...
[crimsonmanticore] DS! You ok?
* Cross rolls in the sand
* Slash warps off
* DeathStar is on the train
* Slasher lands on the caboos
* DarkPhoenix lands next to DS
* DeathStar flips off the train
* DeathStar car explodes
* Turbo disappears and reappears next to DS
* Turbo fires full charge turbo shot at DS
[DeathStar] What the?!
[Slash] DS!!!!!!!
[crimsonmanticore] [teleports back on the train, cannon ready]
* Slash warps to his side
* DeathStar raises hands for protection
[Cross] HEY!! NO FAIR!
* DarkPhoenix slashes turbo with his Xvash (150 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+30 AP)
* Cross blasts turbo
* DeathStar train has been destroyed
* Slasher phases in front of Turbo lets loose and goes flying into Turbo
* Slash glares at Turbo and whips his warp blades out
* Turbo blocks the shots with turbo shots of his own
[crimsonmanticore] DS...
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar drawas sabre
[crimsonmanticore] DarkPhoenix who's side you on?
* Slash lunges at Turbo, stabbing his Blades into his neck
[Slasher] NRP:where are we
[DeathStar] Die you asshole!!  *stabs Turbo*
* DarkPhoenix with Psi-enchanced power, punches turbo, and a waves of Psi energy blasts out from DarkPhoenix's fist. (30 AP + 100 AP all)
[DeathStar] NRP: Ground
[crimsonmanticore] Be careful.
* Turbo a loud gurgle is heard
* Slasher sees Turbo dieing
[crimsonmanticore] Fire on that bastard!
* DeathStar slashes him
[Cross] How do you know our names? And who are you? *to CM*
* Turbo reaches slowly for his hand
[DeathStar] You are....through!
* Turbo presses a button
[DeathStar] NO!
[crimsonmanticore] [fires acidplasma at Turbo]
* Slasher cuts of Turbos hand
* Slash pulls warp blades out
* DeathStar slashes at Turbo
* Turbo lands on the ground, broken and bleeding
* DarkPhoenix two glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Turbo's. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Turbo's (110 AP)
[Turbo] mwahahaha, you have 60 seconds to live...
* Turbo dies
[DeathStar] .......
[crimsonmanticore] It's a long story Cross... 
* Slasher searches Turbos body
[DeathStar] all of us?!
[Turbo] Computer] 58
[DeathStar] .....
[DeathStar] Lets move it!
* Cross jumps "Uhhh.. RUN?"
[Turbo] Computer] 56
* DeathStar runs
[crimsonmanticore] I'm an old recruit... I thought you might need the assistance.
[Turbo] Computer] 50
* Slash runs as fast as he can
[DeathStar] We never did find out what was in that cargo Turbo had his goons get
[DeathStar] NRP: No
[crimsonmanticore] Destroy that damn thing!
* Slasher runs as fast as he can
[Slash] NRP: only that he set his nuclear self destruct...
* DarkPhoenix DarkPheonix glows for a second and the hyperjumps
[Cross] Then it'd blow up! JUST RUN FOOL! *runs*
[Turbo] Computer]30
* DeathStar uses Jetpack and flies off and grabs Cross as he goes
[crimsonmanticore] SH***... then what do we do?
[DeathStar] LETS MOVE IT!!!
* Slasher phases to the shuttle and starts it up
* Slash runs at full tilt
[Turbo] Computer]10
* DeathStar reaches a safe distant and drops Cross
* Slasher opens the door
[Turbo] Computer]8
[crimsonmanticore] [flies off the train]
[Turbo] 7
[Turbo] 4
[Slasher] everybody in
[Turbo] 6
[Turbo] 5
[Turbo] 4
[Turbo] 3
[Turbo] 2
[Turbo] 1
* Cross falls in the and
[Turbo] 0
[DeathStar] NRP: Shuttle is to far away
[crimsonmanticore] SHIT! Evacuate!
[Cross] sand
[Slasher] ph
[DeathStar] -----
[crimsonmanticore] Then JUMP!
* Slasher doesnt make it the shuttle and lands in the sand
[crimsonmanticore] [Flies onto the sand, and crashes head first.]
* Slasher opens eyes
* Turbo a bright blue glow envelopes the area, with a shockwave blowing sand , the shockwave hits the group sending them back a few feet
[crimsonmanticore] Some one get me outta here!
* Slasher gets tossed around
* Cross walks up to CM and pulls him out
[DeathStar] WHAO...that is big...
[crimsonmanticore] [chokes on sand]
[Cross] Ok, WHO are you?
[Slasher] let the old man die
[crimsonmanticore] [Yuck...
*** Turbo (Eatmine@bulldog10.sk.sympatico.ca) has left #taw (*explosion* )
[crimsonmanticore] ME?
[Slasher] Yeah you
[Cross] Yeah, you.
* Slash grips chest
* DeathStar sighs, confused as hell
* DarkPhoenix brushes the sand off his armor
[crimsonmanticore] Great...
[Slash] damn... that ....hurt....
[Slasher] Yeah
* Slash falls to knees
[crimsonmanticore] Alright... I don't think we have time to explain.
[Slasher] Lets all get back to the shuttle
* Slash gets back up
* DeathStar enters codes to bring shuttle back, first to pick up Blackjack
[Slasher] Ill take the rear
[crimsonmanticore] I'm fronm EarthGov... I was on an assignment and got sidetracked.
* Slash looks at slasher strangly but thinks again, and turns away
[Slasher] Everyone lets go
[Cross] And do you have a name....?
* Slasher waits for everyone to get going so he can take the rear
* DeathStar shuttle can be seen in the distanst
[crimsonmanticore] Me? 
* Slash looks up, and sighs
[Cross] yeah, you....
[Slash] DS....
[crimsonmanticore] I'm the Crimsonmanticore.
[DeathStar] Slash?
[crimsonmanticore] Surely you must've heard of me.
[Slash] something is happening... i feel it...
[Cross] ...okay.......*looks at slash*
* Slasher presses a button on his arm
[Cross] Nope.
* DeathStar raises eyebrow
[crimsonmanticore] Uh... 
[DeathStar] Don't go get all freaky on me Slash
[crimsonmanticore] What the hell'
[Slasher] CM never heard of you sory
* DeathStar shuttle touches down
[crimsonmanticore] What the hell's going on?
[DeathStar] Lets go
[Slash] i wont.. 
[crimsonmanticore] Long story.
* Slash warps into the shuttle
* DeathStar glances CM ove
[crimsonmanticore] I'll have to explain... LATER.
[DeathStar] Well, thanks for the help.  Good bye
* Slasher communicates to someone secretly
* DarkPhoenix gets into the shuttle
* DeathStar walks into the shuttle and takes the pilot's seat
* Slasher walks into the shuttle
[crimsonmanticore] [Runs to shuttle.]
* Cross jumps onto the shuttle
* DeathStar closes shuttle ramp in CM's face
* Slasher laughs evily
[DeathStar] Slasher...?
* Slash looks at slasher
* DeathStar glances at him as he takes off the ground
[Slash] what is wrong with you?
[Slasher] Sand in my throat sorry
[Slash] ... oh
[crimsonmanticore] Wait! I'm coming with you...
* DeathStar looks at the view screen of CM on the ground
[DeathStar] Damnit, who votes we bring the EarthGov Agent along?
[Cross] Desnt the MH work for EarthGov?
[Slasher] Go ahead...a
[DeathStar] True, but not their AGENTS
* DarkPhoenix sighs  1 "Guess so..."
[crimsonmanticore] I'm not goigng to hurt you guys... I'm here to help.
* Slash sighs and thinks about what he has gone through, all the friends he has buried, the allies he has seen die...
* DeathStar opens ramp
[DeathStar] For fudging sakes, we got so many new people running around the HQ I don't know who to trust anymore damnit
[crimsonmanticore] The rest of my comrades are dead.
[Slasher] and why didnt you die
* DarkPhoenix watches Slasher with his black eyes
[Slasher] Did you run away
* DeathStar begins to fly off, CM on the ground, ramp opened
* Slasher stairs back at Darien with blank eyes
[DeathStar] Eh, I say he's got 5 seconds before we're too fast to board...
* Slash looks back at slasher, with ice blue eyes
[Slash] ...
[crimsonmanticore] Because I had no choice? I saw this battle and had to assist you.
[Cross] Is he comming?
* Slash laughs slowly
* DeathStar powers up the speed and continues on
[DeathStar] 3 seconds I would say
[crimsonmanticore] [boards the shuttle]