Mission 3:Hardball

[DeathStar] Time: A few weeks after Mission 2
*** Speedblade is now known as Blackjack
[Slash^] hang on
[UO] hey weiner
[Slash^] !logon
[mysterious_mav] Its RPG time cuz i am logging this whole thing
[Slash^] =)
[Slash^] i love logging
[DeathStar] ........*Sighs annoyed*
[Slash^] go
[DeathStar] Alright...
[DeathStar] Location: Command Room of the Statioon
[DeathStar] Alright, everyone.....do I have everyone's attention?
[Blackjack] Yes...
[Slash^] you got it
* Wiendigo glances at DS
* DeathStar nods his head.
* UO ignores DS, and sighs
[DeathStar] Alright.....fine, I take that as the best "Yes" I'll get out of you
[DeathStar] Now listen
* Slash^ looks at UO then DS
[DeathStar] These last two missions we barely survived, you know why?  Because we don't work as a team.  And we're not going to make it very long if this keeps up.  
* UO finally starts to losten
[Slash^] i see 
[DeathStar] Now, some of you think you're immortal here and can go running around blasting things and obeying orders from superiors *points at UO in general and keeps on talking*  Now, we're heading to Earth
[Blackjack] I don't work well in a team... Never have, probably never will.
[Wiendigo] You're not going to make it long, period.
[UO] I hate to say it but your right
[DeathStar] disobeying I mean
[Slash^] blasting things is my speciality
* Slash^ autocannons flip up
[DeathStar] At Earth, we have disturbing signs of Maverick activity heading along the West Coast of the US...We have tracked their coming and going between two series abanded....
[UO] BUT it's what I do best... even if I seem like a fool
[DeathStar] series = cities
[Slash^] so what do you want us to do
[UO] US? whats that?
[Slash^] or me
[Slash^] whatever
[DeathStar] Untied States...
[Wiendigo] The United States you moron
[Slash^] ...
* Slash^ coughs
* Blackjack mumbles, "All brawn, no brain..."
[DeathStar] We're attacking the city with the most activity and later move to the next city
* Slash^ no brawn or brain
* Slash^ mumbles it
[DeathStar] We have reason to believe a high ranking Maverick will be there.  EarthGov would love to have him dead...so...
[Slash^] good, this a reacon and sabatage or search and destroy?
[UO] Did I mention, that I know almost nothing about earth history, as in memory I an 15 years old?
* Slash^ fingers a warp beacon
[DeathStar] Of course, this is a large city.  And there is still humans lurking about, probably...
* Wiendigo unseths sword "Some real action at alst..."
[Blackjack] If it's recon, that's my area.
* Slash^ pulls out warp blades
*** Aracxus (ryan_cross@ppp51.snowcrest.net) has joined #TAW
*** Aracxus is now known as Dominator
[Slash^] its mine, i will pull you in here
[DeathStar] We do not know where he is...so it'll take some searching.  *turning to Dominator*  I'll fill you in privately
[DeathStar] PAUSE
[UO] oky
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] !logoff
[mysterious_mav] I have stopped logging the RPG
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, o great commander! *snickers*
[DeathStar] Stop typing...
[Dominator] NRP: Has the session started???
[Wiendigo] STOP!!!
[DeathStar] Alright, I can't copy and paste like I normally do.  Slash, send me the copy e-mail pronto so I can see what we've done
[DeathStar] copy of what's happened so far
[Dominator] Why not use auto-record?
[Slash^] i am
[Slash^] thats why my bot is in here(mysterious mab
[Slash^] v
[Slash^] oh DS punch in !commands now
[DeathStar] !commands
[Slash^] use the logon and off commands to start RPGIn
[DeathStar] Okay...
[DeathStar] We ready to begin?
[UO] yeo
* Dominator walks into the room.
[Slash^] !logon
[mysterious_mav] RPG on, im logging
[DeathStar] Alright....lets head to the Transportation room
[DeathStar] !logon
[mysterious_mav] RPG on, im logging
[UO] Hrm.....
* UO walks to the Transportation room
[Dominator] We're transporting there? Not taking a shuttle craft?
* Dominator walks with the others toward the room
[Slash^] i dont care
[DeathStar] That's what I mean
* Blackjack follows everyone to the Transportation room
* DeathStar enters the hangerbay
[Dominator] Ah.
* Dominator enters behind DS
* Blackjack er... hangerbay
* Wiendigo phases through the shuttle*
[UO] thats teleportation you nitwit
* DeathStar climbs into the shuttlecraft, discussing with Dom the mission
* Slash^ enters behind blackjack
* Blackjack shows off and leaps into the shuttlecraft
[DeathStar] Lets kick some ASS!!!!!!!
[UO] and it's still in development last I checked..... I think....
[Wiendigo] Damn, cramped, confined, crappy craft of junk...
* DeathStar starts the engines and takes off the hangerbay flor
[Slash^] you want me to go in? and use my warp field to recall you to me?
[Slash^] make search and destroy much easier
* UO half grins
[DeathStar] ......Go ahead
[Slash^] excellent
* Dominator continues talking with DS, only pausing when the engines roar for take-off
[UO] Let's rock.
* DeathStar heads for Earth
[Dominator] What's our ETA?
* Wiendigo sits towards the back away from everyone
[DeathStar] 6 minutes at this speed
* DeathStar does a few barrell rolls
[Slash^] hey watch it!
[Blackjack] Wonder if CorSec's done anything lately...
[DeathStar] I also got time to tell everyone to shape up their acts....hope it works
[UO] wonder if I care if corsec does anything.
[Dominator] As do I...
[DeathStar] 3 minutes...
[Wiendigo] Not bloody likely.
[DeathStar] Dominator, lock onto that city for me.
* Slash^ watches as the ship decends
[UO] Weiner, are you english of something?
[DeathStar] 1 minute....
* Dominator locks onto city
* DeathStar Earth looms in front of them
[Slash^] lets kill everything
[DeathStar] Home sweet home *sarcasticly*
[UO] righto old chap!
* Wiendigo glares at UO "Why the hell are you even talking to me?"
[Blackjack] ...
[Slash^] let me out here
[UO] because, it annoys you.
[Dominator] ... home...
[Slash^] if i dont activate the beacon come in after me
* DeathStar brings the ship over the city for a landing when turbo cannons from below smash into the underbelly of the ship and rip a hole through the floor and out the roof
* Slash^ hands DS a warp beacon
* Slash^ falls backwards
[Slash^] Whoa
[DeathStar] SHITTT
[Wiendigo] Just pray I don't decide to run you through the back in the heat of the battle
[Blackjack] Ack!!!
[Slash^] TAKE IT
* DeathStar tries to keep control as the ship begins to crash
* Dominator was quiet ever since the wastleland came into view from afar
* Slash^ tosses it at Dominator
[Slash^] CATCH
[Dominator] Godammit!
* Slash^ opens the airlock
[DeathStar] Can't...hold her together...get out of it now!!!
[UO] just pray you dont get killed in the process
[Slash^] For king and country as it were
* Wiendigo dives out through the hole and pulls out his katana
* Slash^ jumps out and turbo cannons try to lock on to him
[Blackjack] How do you suggest we do that?
* DeathStar tries to keep it steady as a building looms in front of them
[Dominator] Figure it out!
* Blackjack grabs a parachute
* Dominator grabs a parachute for himself and flips out
*** Slash^ has quit IRC (falls out and disappears in a cloud of stuff )
* Blackjack puts it on and leaps out of the crashing ship
* UO jumps out
* Wiendigo flies towards the posistion the guns fired from
* UO jumps without a chute
* DeathStar checks readings of the building and sees humans are in there
[DeathStar] Shitttt....
* Dominator yells something at Wiendigo, which of course cannot be heard from this altitude
* DeathStar tries to steer the thing out of the path of the building
* Dominator is falling more or less toward the direction of the guns
* Wiendigo freefalls towards the cannons with the katana energiezed
* UO hits the ground, unscaved
[Blackjack] NRP: We're in a city, right?
* Dominator lands, close to UO
[UO] I knew that class in aerodynamics would speed my descent.
* DeathStar pulls out of the way and crashes into the street, the ship blowing up a few moments later and destorying the outer layer of the buildings nearby
[Dominator] DS is cutting it close...
[DeathStar] NRP Yes
* Blackjack lands near the two Reploids
* Wiendigo comes down on the cannons and uses his speed to slash through them
* DeathStar cannons are destroyed
* UO walks, a cracking noise is heard from UO's legs
* Wiendigo flisp back and stands ready "Let all who wish to die face me!"
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Fri Dec 18 19:14:16 1998

Session Start: Fri Dec 18 19:14:31 1998
*** Now talking in #taw
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt at point blank range to the mavericks, then dashes back
* UO tries to melt the glue with blaster fire
* DeathStar two Mavericks dye
* DeathStar glue melts
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
* Blackjack yells, "DON'T MESS WITH ME!!!"
*** X1_Weirdo_God is now known as Wiendigo
* DeathStar remaiing Mavericks laugh
[Blackjack] What's so funny...?
* DeathStar the firey rubble shifts and DS comes flying out and slashes one of the Mavericks, destroying it
[DeathStar] I don't know, but they won't be for long
* UO attacks like a maniniac
* Blackjack rapid fires plasma rifle at the remaining mavs
* Wiendigo phases out of nowhere carrying several Mav heads
* DeathStar one more dies
* Dominator grabs one of the mavs with Enemy Ensnare and drains his energy than snaps him in two
[DeathStar] That's all of them...
* UO attacks with full moon attack 1
[Blackjack] That was almost  too  easy...
[Dominator] You cut it close there, DS.
[Dominator] Its not like their aren't move of them coming, Blackjack.
* DeathStar holds shoulder. "So sue me"
[Blackjack] I know.  Just commenting.
[Dominator] In fact, that's precisiouly why we're here. There's two damn many...
[UO] da da da
[Blackjack] You ok, DS?
[DeathStar] Alright....Blackjack....I need you to scout the area for more Mavs...Find their HQ.  And I'm fine.
* Dominator looks around and surveys the settings, and for Wiendigo
* DeathStar turns
[UO] DS: HP?
[Blackjack] Right.  I'll see what I can do.
* Wiendigo drops Mav heads
[DeathStar] UO: You took no damage
[Dominator] You sure splitting up is a good idea?
[UO] woo
[DeathStar] Well, he's the only qualified scout we have..
* Dominator glares at Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] They were hardly worth my effort
* DeathStar looks aruond. We need to move out. The Mavericks undoubtly HEARD the crash...
* UO picks up a mav head
[Dominator] Isn't killing them enough? Or do you have to desecret their remains and get some trophies for your wall?
* UO gives it to wein
[UO] Merry Christmas
* DeathStar points out a hovercar. "Lets get on it"
* Blackjack takes off in an almost random direction. "Wish me luck..."
* Wiendigo smacks it out of Uo's hand
* DeathStar leaps in
[DeathStar] Good luck.
* Dominator jumps in beside DS
[UO] uh. ok
[UO] ....ingrate
[DeathStar] Lets see...*powers it up*
[Dominator] So, we know who's running this show or what its point is?
[DeathStar] Neither.
[Wiendigo] They are the traitors, their fate should be as I see fit
[UO] I don't know
[DeathStar] We didn't have enough suvilance time
[Dominator] Of course...
[UO] wiener, I think I speak for more than myself, but, shut up
[DeathStar] UO, Wien, you getting on?
* UO gets on
* Wiendigo hovers off the ground "No."
[Dominator] Why not?
* DeathStar takes off, hitting 1,000 feet and flying near the top of the building. "Dom, scan for Mavericks."
[DeathStar] And Dom, don't even try to talk to him...
[Wiendigo] Because I can fly you dim-wit
[UO] Weiner, we will have some quality time and get you a nice pet later ok? now shut up and be part of this "team" thing DS talks about
[Dominator] Watch your tone...
[Wiendigo] And what the hell you gonna do about it, little man?
* DeathStar sees a building and lands on top of it.
* Dominator scans for Mavericks
* Wiendigo ignores UO
[DeathStar] Lets make this our temporary base of operations...
[UO] Ugh..
[UO] fine
[Dominator] All right.
* DeathStar scans the area
[Dominator] NRP: Did I pick up any mavs here?
[DeathStar] NRP: No
* UO reads a book that has no visible titlw
* DeathStar grabs a comm. and attempts to contact HQ but sees that it's jammed
[Dominator] Why did you take a book here UO?
* Wiendigo adjusts his visor for telescopic view
[DeathStar] UO...go across the street to that building....this jammer has to be close..
[Wiendigo] They're damn well hidden if they're anywhere within visual range...
[UO] Uh..... cause I wanted to.
* Dominator sees DS trying, "You expected otherwise?"
* DeathStar tries to use comm. to contact Blackjack but fails
[DeathStar] Damn...
[UO] fine....
* UO walks to the building
[UO] NRP: do I see anything?
* DeathStar while UO is walking he is ambusshed
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
* DeathStar six Mavericks surrond him and blast him, 25 AP each
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ppp51.snowcrest.net) has joined #TAW
* DeathStar looks down and sees UO fighting six Mavericks
[DeathStar] Oh damnit to hell
* DeathStar jumps off the 1000 foot building and begins to fall
[Dominator] Do we assist him?
* UO attacks the ambushers
[UO] Kamina! * spins and blasts the mavs with a single shot*
[Wiendigo] No
[Dominator] Guess so...
* DeathStar the six Mavericks tie ropes around UO and begin to drain his HP
* DeathStar Mavericks rear back
* Dominator jumps and follows DS, "I hope he knows what he's doing..."
* UO slices one mav in half
* Wiendigo backflips off the building and flies down
* DeathStar takes out Jetpack and flies at the Mavericks, landing behind them and turning the Jetpack off, slicing one in half
[DeathStar] That's four left..
* Wiendigo slashes up one with Shadow Claws
* DeathStar knocks one's head in as the other three blast them both with nets, capturing UO and DS
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt and fires it at all four mavs, it slows his fall as well
[UO] HAH! *me charges blaster for a big shot*
* DeathStar the nets are fired at Dom too
* Wiendigo blasts teh Mavs capturing UO and DS
* DeathStar the other three Mavericks blast Wien, 50 AP
* Dominator uses the blasts as momentum, he dodges the nets and bounces off the wall to the ground
* UO lets off the big blast from cannon
[Wiendigo] ARgh!
* DeathStar net reflects it
* Dominator draws Rune Sword and surveys the enemies
* DeathStar UO takes the damage
[Dominator] Damn....
* DeathStar slices net
* Wiendigo pulls out his sai and jams it into the jaw of one
[DeathStar] Damn...can't get free
[UO] Owww.......
[DeathStar] The remaining two fire two nets at Dom and Wien
[Dominator] Shit...
* Wiendigo phases thruogh the ground
* Dominator runs to dodge and activates force shield to redirect it
* DeathStar net hits the building and explodes
* UO looks for the power source
* DeathStar shield fails and Dom is caught
* Wiendigo attacks the remaining Mavs with psionic jammers
* DeathStar the two Mavericks are immune to psionic attacks
* Dominator as shield hits, he tries to slash through it with RS
* DeathStar they blast the ground trying to get Wien
* DeathStar Dom fails
* DeathStar growls angerily
* UO goes balistic attacking the net
* Wiendigo blasts at the building and a large chunk falls on one of the Mavs
[Dominator] NRP: Who's free?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Me
* DeathStar the remaining one teleports around, blasting at Wien
* Wiendigo flies around in the air
* DeathStar closes eyes and uses his sabre andbegins to hack into net
[Wiendigo] Catch me if you can dip-shit
[Dominator] This is risky, but...
* DeathStar teleports behind Wien and stabs him, 70 AP
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt up to full.
* UO draws sword, goes to the center, and jumps striant up jabing sowrd into the center of the net
* DeathStar net begins to break
[Wiendigo] AHH!
* Dominator blasts TB at point-blank range to RS, absorbs the energy with RS
* DeathStar net shocks UO
[UO] ah!
* Dominator then madly hacks at the net with energised RS
[Wiendigo] ?me spins around and stabs the Mav repeaditly with his sai
* DeathStar net shocks Dom with incredible powers and he loses 100 AP
[Dominator] ARRGH!
* DeathStar mav dies
[UO] Thats it...... KAMINA! *blasts the net*
[Wiendigo] That had better be the last for now...
* DeathStar UO breaks free
* Dominator grabs stomach as left-over energy surges on him
* Wiendigo lands and blasts at the nets
[Dominator] Dammit....
* UO kaminas the other nets
* DeathStar suddenly the building with the jammer explodes and falls down toward them
* DeathStar gets up. "SHIT!"
* Wiendigo aims his balster straight up and fires off several blasts
* DeathStar activates jetpack and grabs Dom and UO and flies out of the way as the building crashes onto the other building, shattering both to bits
[Wiendigo] That should break up the debris enough to sustain minimal damage
[UO] Hrm
[Dominator] Thanks...
* Wiendigo phases into the ground
* DeathStar both buildings fall on Wien, taking 300 AP
* Dominator activates Silver Crystal, which engulfs him with silver light healing him +100HP
[Dominator] NRP: I thought I was still in the net, but who am I to argue?
* DeathStar looks at the debree. "Damn...."
[UO] DS: HP?
[DeathStar] You lost around 100 UO...
* DeathStar comm. beeps
[Wiendigo] NRP: Since I phased ahead of time, aren't I safe?
[UO] pooh.
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
* Dominator glances back at Wiendigo
* DeathStar grabs comm. Yes?
[UO] I have how much left now?
[Dominator] NRP: HP? Counting SC?
[DeathStar] 300
[Wiendigo] Worry about your own ass little man
[UO] ah
[Blackjack] *quietly* What's going on?  I've been trying to contact you for five minutes!
[DeathStar] NRP: Back to normal
[DeathStar] We had....a little delay
[Dominator] NRP: As I thought...
[DeathStar] What did you find
* Dominator listens intently on DS's conversation with BJ
[Blackjack] No kidding.  Anyway, I think I've found the base!
[DeathStar] Really....what cordnets?
[UO] *cuts in* how far in other words
* DeathStar glares at UO mildly
* Dominator looks at UO, "How is he supposed to know where we our?"
[Blackjack] E-95.  Look, if you guys could hurry, I would really app... Ack!!! *communicator goes silent*
[DeathStar] DAMN!
[UO] Dont you give me that look, or I 'll see to it your buried wwith it.
[Dominator] Did you home in on his signal??
[DeathStar] That's two blocks past that debree, and three blocks to the left
[Wiendigo] Figures that he would get attacked...
* DeathStar starts climbing up the destroyed buildings
[Wiendigo] I'll take the direct approach
* Dominator says dryly, "You do that to the mavs, UO."
* Wiendigo phases and goes directly towards BJ's posistion
* DeathStar climbs to the top and jumps to the street and runs that way
[UO] I wonder why, they always seem to know I'm commng *cackles* and then they die
* DeathStar turns the corner and stops dead in his track as a huge 100 story building looms in front of him
* Dominator climbs and follows DS, quickly following him.
[DeathStar] E-95....
* Dominator stops beside DS moments later
* Wiendigo unphases
* DeathStar Maverick hovercars fly around the building
* UO dashjumps to follow them
[Wiendigo] Well, perhaps this will be interesting after all...
[DeathStar] Alright....how do you guys want to approach this, direct or indirect?  Plus we need to find Blackjack
[Wiendigo] I say we split up
[Dominator] Indirect...
[Dominator] I say we stay together.
* DeathStar sighs at Dom and Wien and wants to kill them boht
[Wiendigo] One team goes direct, the other uses the distractino to slip in
[DeathStar] I say we take the middle of direct and indirect.
[Dominator] We're not here to get ourseles killed...
* UO looks at Dom
[Dominator] That might actually work, but its as good as sacrificing the direct team...
[Wiendigo] Getting ourselves killed is the added bonus
* DeathStar snickers evilly
[UO] yeah... I guess thats the fist thing that makes sence from you.
[DeathStar] You guys take the indirect...I'll go direcrt
[Wiendigo] Some of us don't have much to live for anyway
[Dominator] Being sucidal is cowardly, unless its for a good enough cause... This isn't one.
* DeathStar takes off
[Dominator] What do you mean?
[UO] I'm going direct....
* Dominator looks at DS, "Damn... Guess that's settled."
[Wiendigo] We're not here to debate this little man, I'm following the ass-kisser, you take UO and create a diversion
* UO jumps down and blasts
[Dominator] UO, DS ordered you to go indirect.
* DeathStar breaks into the lobby and 20 mavs look up
[UO] C'mon mother fudgwers!
[DeathStar] Heh heh...BYE! /me uses cannon on them
* Wiendigo flies up into the air towards teh top of the building
[Dominator] Dammit! I know you are going direct Wiendigo, so lets ALL then!
* Dominator flies toward the direct method, firing a charged Thunder Bolt
* UO attacks all out, then remembers about DS's speech. then blurs out of site and behind a trashpile
[Dominator] With this discipline to follow orders, we'll all be dead any time now
[UO] oh great, NOW they attack!
[DeathStar] No more Mavericks are left...
[DeathStar] PAUSE
[UO] Oooooooo
[UO] whut
*** MysteriousMan (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[Dominator] ....
[DeathStar] UNPAUSE
* DeathStar looks around the dead Mavs.
[UO] Ooooooo
[DeathStar] worthless...
* DeathStar turns to man.
* MysteriousMan watches from somewhere
* Dominator catches up to DS
[DeathStar] Who are yOU?
* Wiendigo unphases and smashes through the windows in the top of the building
[MysteriousMan] That will be revealed later
[Dominator] No one decided to follow orders....
[UO] Hrm... *blurs to to the man*
* Dominator looks at Mysterious Man
* DeathStar Wiendigo is met by heavy resistance
[UO] whut up strange dude?
[Dominator] Who's side are you on then?
[MysteriousMan] All i will say is that this is my city and im gonna get it back
* DeathStar grabs his two sabres and points one on the guys neck. Who ar you?
[DeathStar] Your city?
[Wiendigo] Oh...shit.  *dives back out the window*
* UO places hand on Ds's shoulder
* DeathStar few seconds blasts come out the window
* MysteriousMan phases out and appears behind DS "Yes"
* DeathStar turns to UO. What?
[UO] um.... Killing him will get us nowhere
[DeathStar] Wht?!
* DeathStar puts sabres up. "He's your job to watch then...
* Wiendigo freefalls towards the group
[UO] who u old man?
* DeathStar elevator beeps and forty Mavericks poor out
[Dominator] I don't like this "mysterious man", but we'd better get going!
[DeathStar] Oh...no....you don't!
[DeathStar] Draco Star
[DeathStar]  Enchancement
[UO] Um... I'll be right back, must go kill ok?
[DeathStar] !!!
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt charged at all of them
* DeathStar body lights up in fire and he growls
* MysteriousMan phases out and the elevator drops killing some of the mavs
* DeathStar Mavericks fire 50 aP attacks at them.
* DeathStar his shield burns the attacks
* Wiendigo grabs onto a ledge and flips himself into the building "DUCK!" *fires off a charaged katana shot at the Mavs*
* UO blurs around slashing mavs at random, and then blasting some
* Dominator redirects attacks and dodges
* DeathStar attacks with fire sabres and kills dsome
* DeathStar ducks
* MysteriousMan throws a mini grenade amidst the mavs
* DeathStar 20 mavericks throw a huge bomb that starts ticking
* DeathStar they continue to fight, down to 1
[DeathStar] 5
[MysteriousMan] Damn
* DeathStar they all fire 40 AP attacks
* MysteriousMan phases out
* UO blurs away from the bomb
* Wiendigo grabs bomb and phases through the floors with it
* DeathStar bomb rings and explodes, leveling the lobby, taking 200 AP
[DeathStar] ARGHH
* DeathStar fire shields holds it and vanishes, DS taking some of the attack as he hits the room, the enchancement gone
* UO blurs back
* DeathStar looks around, shaking head in pain
* MysteriousMan phases back in
[DeathStar] ....
[DeathStar] Damn...
[DeathStar] MAVERICKS!!!
[UO] hey old guy, that was not funny
* DeathStar roars in rage
* Dominator draws RuneSword
[MysteriousMan] Why are you ppl here
* DeathStar goes to elevator shaft and fires madly up
* Wiendigo rephases in the basement, holding his side in pain
* UO points to DS
[DeathStar] DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE YOU BAS----!!!!
[UO] I dont wanna be here, he made me come
* Dominator follows DS
* DeathStar leaps up and climbs the elevator shaft
* MysteriousMan eyes UO
[Dominator] He's going to get him self killed!
[UO] DS, what in hells name are you doing?
[MysteriousMan] I don't like smart asses
[Dominator] Why are YOU here, first
* Wiendigo coughs  1"That hurts..." 
[Dominator] Then at all costs AVOID this team....
* DeathStar comes to the next floor and blows the elevator door down and flips in, blasting the Mavericks
[UO] what!? smart ass? Hoo boy!
* UO is super mad
[DeathStar] DIEEEEE!!!
* DeathStar side how smoke coming out of it from wounds
[MysteriousMan] Whos the psycho
* DeathStar slices two Mavs to bits as eight more tackle him
* Dominator observes mavs from above, charging his weapons
* UO continues to grow madder
* DeathStar throws two out the windows
* Dominator fires TB and drops down, madly slashing
* Wiendigo phases through the floors towards the Mavs
* MysteriousMan throws an object at the mavs disabling them
* UO 's eyes are blood shot
* DeathStar throws the rest into the wall, all of them dead thanks to the rest of them
* UO breaths heavily
* DeathStar pants slowly. "......"
[Dominator] ....
[UO] Take that back.....
* DeathStar looks around.
[DeathStar] Stop bickering UO.
[DeathStar] This guy...lets ditch him.
[DeathStar] I don't trust him
* Wiendigo phasses through the floor, into the air slightly, and falls to the ground
[MysteriousMan] My name is Tyrone
* Dominator snaps back to attention, since he was thinking off something.
*** MysteriousMan is now known as TYrone
[UO] he called me a smart ass.... I dont like that sort of thing
[Dominator] And what do you want?
[Wiendigo] If the cog fits...
[DeathStar] .......
[Dominator] You hate the truth?
[Wiendigo] NRP: HP?
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Wien - 200 HP
[UO] and me?
[Dominator] NRP: HP?
[TYrone] I want my City back
[DeathStar] NRP:  I forgot....somewhere around 350 I think
[Dominator] You lived here, huh?
[UO] yeah so? your city it falling apart you know?
[DeathStar] You do...this city is a dead hole...
* TYrone pulls out a small cannon "And nothings gonna stop me"
[Wiendigo] You help us get the head of the Mavs and it's yours
[TYrone] On top it is but underneath
[DeathStar] TYrone, you know where our comrade, Blackjack is?
[DeathStar] Hmmm.
[Dominator] Well, Tyrone, you can help us if wish.
[TYrone] BJ, yeah the mavs took him underground last time i saw him
[Dominator] Underneath?
[DeathStar] Underground in this building, correct?
[Dominator] It would be damn helpful if you guys had any weapons stored there...
[UO] heheh, BJ cant take care of himslef
[TYrone] Yes...*points to a wall*
[DeathStar] Then we head down, folks...
[DeathStar] We're on the 2nd Floor now
[Wiendigo] Death star, is the shuttle stil lfunctionable?
[Dominator] Could be a trap..
[TYrone] Lets get going they got my girlfriend down there
[DeathStar] What do you think????  *said like he thinks Wien is an idiot*
[DeathStar] ....Alright
* DeathStar jumps down to the lobby
[TYrone] Why are u here
* Dominator follows warily
[DeathStar] We're here to stop the Mavericks
[Wiendigo] If we can secure a hovercraft, we could surprise them
* TYrone phases out and appears in the lobby
[UO] lemme guess, DS your going to ask Drect or Indirect?
[TYrone] Mavs heh.. thats the least of yor problems
* DeathStar grins. "Nah.
* UO follows but blurs out in speed
* DeathStar glances at him.
[Dominator] The least?
[Dominator] What should we worry about then?
* DeathStar blasts a hole in the ground and falls into the underground zone, listening to Tyrone
* Wiendigo phases and drops straight through
* Dominator follows DS
* UO jumps
[TYrone] You should be worrying about their experiments
* TYrone jumps down
[UO] experiments?
[DeathStar] Damn to hell...
* TYrone throws a picture of a glass tube to DS
* DeathStar notices a cell nearby.
* DeathStar grabs the glasstube
[Wiendigo] *stale frown curls into a grin* I'm liking this
[TYrone] Thats what they do to ppl
[DeathStar] Holy....
[UO] cool...
[Dominator] Tyrone. If you have usefull information than tell us, NOW.
[Dominator] I don't like this guessing game of question and answer
* DeathStar glances at the hidious alien like monster
[DeathStar] They.....
* Dominator looks at it
* DeathStar face tightens to angry look
[TYrone] When they took my city they brang every surivor down here..
[Dominator] !!!!
[DeathStar] And turn them into Aliens....probably trying to make an alien race to work for them...or something much worse...
[TYrone] And they experimeny on them trying to perfect a virus they found
[Wiendigo] Reminds me of some of the solitary residents of Hell...
[UO] "don't bicker" DS
[Dominator] NOT funny Wiendigo
[TYrone] You must be from that Hell prison.... 
[UO] Weiner: really?
[TYrone] There much worse down here
[UO] cool.
[Wiendigo] Brillaint deduction Sherlock, and did your mother tell you that?
* DeathStar looks at the guards at the cell and sees them trying to ambush them. "ENOUGH TALKING!"
* Dominator draws sword
* TYrone fires his cannon and disables one of the gurads
* DeathStar guts one
* UO slashes one's arm off.