Mission 30: Losing Hands

[DeathStar] Time chart: 1 day after last session
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Wiendigo crouches on the table for no good reason
[Xer] who me?
* Slasher sits on a couch he phased in
* Cross types on the computer
[DeathStar] Where's Blackjack?
[Slasher] Cross why you always typng on that damned comp
[Wiendigo] He's dead, i killed him.
* DeathStar raises eyebrow
[DeathStar] You what?
[Cross] Havnt seen BJ since last night
[Wiendigo] I killed him and tossed his lifeless carcase out of the air lock
[DeathStar] ......You
[DeathStar] You're kidding
* Slasher laughs
* Wiendigo flicks the ashes of his cigar in Ds' face
* Xer aims at Wiendigo head
[Cross] Wien.... you actoually did something constructive?
[Wiendigo] Boy, you catch on quick Sherlock.
* DeathStar blinks and runs a scan on the entire Space Station for Blackjack
* DeathStar grabs Comm.
[DeathStar] Comm] X1, yo, you there?
* Wiendigo shoots a glare at Xer.  1"Don't even think about it punk."
* DarkPhoenix leaves to room
[DarkPhoenix] to=the
[Xer] owww
*** X1 (wiendigo@rc-123.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
*** X1 has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Cross] NRP: heheh, my Kiama wav is almost done...
[Slasher] Whos the punk
[DeathStar] Him?  A rookie
* Xer fires a quick eye laser beam at Wien
[DeathStar] Feel free to make his life a living hell...
*** X1- (wiendigo@rc-123.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
[Slasher] Dont worry I will
[Xer] yes!!!
* X1- drops out of nowhere
* Slasher starts laughing evily
[X1-] OW!
* Wiendigo absorbs it
[DeathStar] Xer...please stop shooting the asshole
[Xer] ok
* Wiendigo hits Xer with a chair
[DeathStar] X1....for petesake...can you run a scan through the video files on BJ...see if he left the station last night or something
[Xer] oww!!! you momma R(&%%(
[Cross] Aye..... almost funny now...
* Slasher picks up Xer and tosses him into Wien
[DeathStar] SLASHER!
* DarkPhoenix is looking over the Alien Ship
[X1-] Yeah, I guess I can, so much for taping Melrose Place 3000...
[Slasher] WHAT?? I didnt do it
[Xer] you really wonna know what a cyborg fist feels like
* Wiendigo catches him and tosses Xer away
[Slasher] Dont need to I am one
[DeathStar] Why the hell am I the leader...DOMINATOR should be the leader....
[Slasher] Because we love you
[Blackjack] NRP:  I  should be the leader!
* X1- goes off to check the videos while singing opera
[DeathStar] Oh fudge....this is going to get annoying VERY soon
*** X1- has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
[Wiendigo] As it hasn't already?
[DeathStar] Lets go to the shuttle while we wait for X1's respocne
* Xer fires a Plasma Rifle shot at Wien leg
* DeathStar blasts Xer with a stun ray
[DeathStar] Knock it off Ensign
* Wiendigo absorbs
*** DarkPhoenix is now known as Daren
* Slasher grabs Xer Plasma Rifle
[Xer] owww
[Wiendigo] Kid, stop before I hurt you.
[Slasher] Now now...you can play with your toys later
* Daren morphs into an alien and continues looking around the alien ship
* Xer can't move
* DeathStar enters the shuttle
[DeathStar] Someone carry Xer please...
* Cross glares at Darien
* Slasher phases to the shuttle
* Wiendigo kicks Xer
[DeathStar] WIENDIGO!
* Slasher goes to the engine room and does some work
[Wiendigo] I'll get him there....eventually....
[Xer] oww
* DeathStar powers up the shuttle and listens to X1 on the comm singing
* Slasher comes back and sits in co-pilot seat
* Daren leaves the alien ship and heads to the shuttle
* DeathStar shuttle begins to rumble
[DeathStar] What the hell--?
*** crimsonmanticore (casaursa@usr08-055.provide.net) has joined #TAW
* Xer feels the stun ray starting to wear off
* Wiendigo phases into the shuttle while dragging Xer, but doesn't phase him through, so Xer slams inot the shuttle side
* DeathStar looks around
[crimsonmanticore] MADE IT!
[DeathStar] What was that thud?
* Cross looks at CM
[crimsonmanticore] What I miss?
[Cross] NRP: We're in RP CM
[Slasher] Damn....not that asshole
[crimsonmanticore] Cross... knock it off.
[DeathStar] .....
* Xer crawls into the shuttle
* Daren enters the shuttle
* DeathStar hears X1 saying BJ left late last night
[Cross] What? what did I do?
[Daren] What's going on?
[crimsonmanticore] Stop looking strangely at me.
* Xer gets a good seat
* Wiendigo looks strangley at CM
* Slasher starts the engines
* Slasher presses some buttons
[Cross] Be glad wie------never mind... *looks at wien looking at CM*
* DeathStar powers up the shuttle and begins to leave the hangerbay
[crimsonmanticore] Yes... idf someone will tell me what the hell's going on.
[DeathStar] We're going to find Blackjack
[crimsonmanticore] Ok... thank you.
[Xer] ....I....do....not....know
* Slasher pops up a map and points to DS where BJ might be
* Wiendigo seats himself and lights a new cigar
[Cross] What mission IS it your on for EarthGov anyway, to come here, to MHHQ?
* DeathStar flies from the hanger and heads for the one place he knows BJ will be
[DeathStar] We're going to CorSec Headquaters....in Europe
* Cross sits in his seat
[Xer] oh joy
* Slasher takes Wiens Cigar and smashes it "This is a no smoking zone buddy
* DeathStar hits turboboosters
[Cross] Why we goin there?
[DeathStar] To find Blackjack
* Xer puts his seat belt on
[crimsonmanticore] The mssion is a wsh-out... so what does it matter?
* Wiendigo punches Slasher with a right hook and takes out a new one.  1"Screw you."
* DeathStar waits to hear someone say BJ is a defector too
[crimsonmanticore] Mine that is.
[Cross] Oh well, I akways wanted to see paris....
* Daren morphs into human
[crimsonmanticore] Ok...
*** Daren is now known as Darien
* Slasher shakes jaw and goes back to co pilting
* Xer is a cyborg just to let you know
[crimsonmanticore] [looks oddly at Cross]
* DeathStar flies for Earth
[Cross] Now dont you start that....
[DeathStar] So, Xer, tell us a little about yourslef....
[Xer] OOC or IC
[Cross] NRP: IC
[DeathStar] NRP: Eh, what's THAT mean?
[Slasher] NRP: when you want to say soemthing OOC type NRP:
* DeathStar turns up music when he asks
[Xer] well I'm sortta new at this thing
[Wiendigo] NRP: Out Of Character
[Darien] NRP: Non Role Playing
[Xer] ok
[Xer] OOC then
[crimsonmanticore] That should straighten things pout, I think.
[Blackjack] NRP: Who's logging this?
[DeathStar] NRP Me
[crimsonmanticore] NRP: Not sure.
[crimsonmanticore] NRP: OH...
[DeathStar] NRP:  I'm going to call this session 'NRP' if you guys don't STOP
* Slasher stears ship
* Darien grins and walks behind DS's seat
[crimsonmanticore] Sorry.
[Slasher] 5 minutes 
* DeathStar continues flying and suddenly the ship rattles
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Xer] NPG:well I played AD&D then I little bit of Pokemon
* DeathStar large explosion goes off in the engine room
[Slasher] what he
* Slasher gets thrown from ship
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Cross] NRP: Xer, stop with the NRP
* DeathStar smashes into controls
[Cross] OUF!
[Wiendigo] Great, who the hell was tinkering with the ENGINES?!?!
[Slasher] NRP: i mean chair
[Xer] NRP:ahhh then I joined up with you guys
[crimsonmanticore] NRP: Xer you'll fugure it out... its pretty simple.
[Slasher] probably some rookie
* DeathStar rubs head
[DeathStar] We have no control...
* Darien runs to the engine room
[DeathStar] We're going to pludge into Earth's atmosphere and be burned to a crisp...
[Xer] IC now
[crimsonmanticore] Damn... an intruder perhaps?
* Slasher works on getting control
* Darien begins looking around the engine
* DeathStar Darien sees the engines have been totally destroyed by a bomb
[Xer] ha I can't get sweaty
[crimsonmanticore] Lovely.
[Wiendigo] There goes the inflight movie...
* DeathStar leans back in chair
[Xer] oh crap
[DeathStar] So, whose for burnt metal?
[crimsonmanticore] DS... there anything we can do to avoid this?
* DeathStar the shuttle pludges downward into the atmosphere
[Slasher] 2 minutes till were dust
[Wiendigo] Yeah, stop flying this shitty shuttles.
[DeathStar] Not a thing
[crimsonmanticore] Damn...
* DeathStar glances at the controls
[crimsonmanticore] Anyone been on Earth before?
[Cross] damnit, bail out?
[DeathStar] Hell, I got an idea
* Slasher goes to the back and starts working on thing
* DeathStar  1"POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
* Darien grabs a parachut
* DeathStar uses mangetic abilties to wrap around the shuttle
* Cross looks at CM "We were yesterday..."
* Xer gets out of his seat and looks for Ecapse pods
* DeathStar closes eyes and concentrates
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm...
[Slasher] None sorry XEr
[crimsonmanticore] N/m
* Slasher mutters under his breath
* DeathStar begins to even out the shuttle
* Xer gets back in his seat
[Wiendigo] Watch it, the swami's performing his mumbo jumbo...
* DeathStar begins to overload
* Slasher flies from the back and rams into Wien
* DeathStar the shuttle begins to even out
[Slasher] Sorry
[Cross] swami? DS? Naw...
[crimsonmanticore] DS... uh, what's going on?
[DeathStar] My...magnetic...weapon..
* Slasher mutters under his breath
* Wiendigo catches Slasher and throws him away
* Xer sighs then mutters
* DeathStar they enter the atmosphere and DS looses concentration 10,000 feet above the ground
[Wiendigo] Great, just when I wanted to kick back...
[crimsonmanticore] What was the point of that Wien?
[DeathStar] We're going down again...
[Xer] we all are gonna die
[Slasher] Time to jump
* Slasher grabs a parachute and phases out side
* DeathStar shuttle picks up speed
* Darien a glowing ball appeares and fades into Darien. He floats into the air.
* Wiendigo phases out of the shuttle and grabs it from under neath
* Xer jumps out of the shuttle
* Slasher pulls a string and the chute opens
[DeathStar] XER!!
* Wiendigo starts trying to slow it down
* Cross grabs a parachute and jumps out "GERONIMO!!!!!!!!"
* Darien opens the escaoe hatch and flies out
[crimsonmanticore] This is insane!
* DeathStar fraction begins to wear on Wiendigo
* DeathStar looks around
[DeathStar] Oh hell
* DeathStar leaps out
* DeathStar activates Jetpacl
[Wiendigo] Hot...hot....hot....
* Xer lands on springs
* DeathStar flies away from the shuttle
* Wiendigo lets it go
* Slasher lands on the ground softly
[crimsonmanticore] [Extends wings] I'm outta herw! See ya! [Jumps and glides down]
* Slasher cuts ropes and takes of chute
* Wiendigo totally phases and hovers down
[Slasher] Lets do that again
* Xer lets springs off
* DeathStar lands on the ground and sees they are 1 mile from the CorSec HQ, which towers upahead
* Darien flies down to the ground
* Cross lands and ditches the parachute
[crimsonmanticore] [Wngs start singeing] Damn... reentry's a bitch ain't it?
[Cross] always CM, always....
* Wiendigo alnds and starts running to the HQ
[crimsonmanticore] OW! That hurts!
* DeathStar heads for the HQ
[DeathStar] This is insane...attacking CorSec's HQ...insanity...
* Wiendigo activates his arm cannon
[Slasher] Lets do it
* Xer takes his Plasma rifle from Slasher
* DeathStar passes Wiendigo
* Slasher starts running towards the HQ
[Wiendigo] Perfect for this motely crew...
* Wiendigo passes Ds
* DeathStar passes Wine
[Darien] Where's the shuttle going to crash?
* Xer runs toward HQ
[crimsonmanticore] This is rediculous... 
* Wiendigo passes DS and trips him
* DeathStar leaps over foot and passes him
[crimsonmanticore] And who is this CorSec...
[Cross] NRP: I'll have some wine.
[crimsonmanticore] Sounds Sweedish.
* Slasher phases ahead every 50 feet
[Cross] CM, you work for EarthGove and you dont know who CorSec is?
* DeathStar they arrive a huge gate around the building
[crimsonmanticore] Sorry... I'm new there, man...
* Slasher phases up and over
* Wiendigo phases through the door still running
* DeathStar leaps over it
[crimsonmanticore] I didn't have time to research 'em.
[Slasher] LEts ROCK
* DeathStar they are surronded by guards
[Xer] hmm...never heard of this place wonder why???
[DeathStar] Oh shit....
* Darien flies over it
* Slasher phases around the guards and slashes them
* DeathStar 100 guards aim their blasters at them
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm... 
[Wiendigo] Well, this was a short trip, so long suckers!
* Slasher stops
* DeathStar they all open fire (100 AP each)
* Wiendigo phases into the ground
[Cross] ACK!
* Slasher phases behind them
* Darien punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Psi Energy sweep outward (100 AP all)
* DeathStar slashes one and leaps over another and punches him
[crimsonmanticore] Damn buildings...
* DeathStar rams one into the fence
[DeathStar] Whoo hoo, only 80 more to go...
* DeathStar looks around
* Slasher phase on top of one of the buidlings and watches
* Wiendigo lashes out his Dark Tendrils from the ground and starts attacking guards
* Xer fires his Plasma from far distances burnin the guards
* DeathStar everyone blasts again (100 AP all)
[crimsonmanticore] [Glides in and fires plasma at thje gate, but to no avail]
* Darien punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Level 2 Psi Energy sweeps outward (200 AP all)
[DeathStar] GAH
* Cross is blating continuously
* DeathStar rams some guards and they over power him
[crimsonmanticore] Damn... I hate these things.
[DeathStar] GAAHHHH
* Wiendigo starts phasing guards into the ground, and unphsing them into it
* DeathStar flips onto Wien's head and flips onto two guards
[DeathStar] Only 34 left..
[crimsonmanticore] Damn guards... damn doors... where else will this highwayt lead us to?
[Cross] thats reasuring....
* Darien punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Level 2 Psi Energy sweeps outward (200 AP all)
* DeathStar the rest of the guards run off
* Slasher shoots one with Disruptor cannon that was sneaking up on DS
* Wiendigo bouncs off of DS' back and slashes a couple
[crimsonmanticore] These assholes really are stupid.
[DeathStar] Thanks Slasher
* Cross kicks a guard
[Wiendigo] We should stop them you know.
[Slasher] heh 
[DeathStar] We should, but it's time wasting
[crimsonmanticore] [unsheathes sword)
* Slasher yells "ANYthing pal"
* Xer fires his plasma rifle on low energy 5 times (5 each)
* Darien heads toward the building enterance
[crimsonmanticore] I will...
[DeathStar] Okay...
* Slasher presses a button
* Wiendigo phases into the building
* DeathStar walks up to the huge building
* Slasher phases into the building
[DeathStar] Wiendigo is zapped out
* DeathStar Slasher is zapped out
[crimsonmanticore] [bvegins slicing guardss left and right]
[Slasher] Hmmm....
[Wiendigo] GAAA!
[DeathStar] CM, KNOCK IT OFF
* Slasher presses some buttons
[Darien] They're gone CM
[crimsonmanticore] Oi... thjse guys really are stupid.
* Cross follows
[Wiendigo] Ow...
* Slasher phase in
* DeathStar looks at the building
[crimsonmanticore] Wghat the hell did I do now?
[DeathStar] Slasher--?
[Cross] well.... now what?
* Slasher opens the door from the inside
* DeathStar autodefenses appear on the walls of the building
[Slasher] Come on in 
[DeathStar] We're in trouble..
[Wiendigo] You think?
* DeathStar dives inside the building as the entire becomes a battle zone
[crimsonmanticore] Oh great...
[Cross] Naw....
* Xer fires at a guard with his Plasma handgun nailing him 12 times (50 AP)
* Slasher presses some buttons and the defenses shutoff
* Wiendigo starts firing at the autodefenses
* Darien jumps inside
[DeathStar] ---*Grabs Slasher*
[Slasher] WAaah
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmmm... that was easy.
[DeathStar] Okay, SLASHER, how did you get in and then turn it off?
* DeathStar picks up off the ground
[Slasher] I was in Corsec ya know...
[DeathStar] You lost your memory!
[Cross] He has a point...
[DeathStar] And the codes would have been changed
[Slasher] I was regaining some of it
[DeathStar] BECAUSE SO WAS I!!
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm... 
[Wiendigo] Unless the little shit's been LYING to us...
* DeathStar is holding Slasher by the neck
* Wiendigo aims sword at Salsher's head
* Xer walks on in killing any guards with his handgun (20 AP)
* Slasher grabs DS's hand and breaks his grip
[Cross] Looks like we have another Garland here......
[Slasher] Trust me....
* DeathStar punches Slasher in the gut
[DeathStar] I trust no one
[Slasher] ooof
[Wiendigo] NRP: Xer, no more guards dude, chill
[Xer] NRP ok
[crimsonmanticore] [unsheathesm sword]
* DeathStar throws Slasher into the group
[DeathStar] Do you guys believe him?
* Slasher gets up
[crimsonmanticore] How do we know you weren't playing us all along?
[Slasher] I hacked into corsec a couple days ago and got there password.
* Darien looks confused at all this
[Wiendigo] Hell no, but I don't believe anybody, so it doesn't matter, now does it?
* Xer aims his gun at Camera watching him
[crimsonmanticore] Yeah.. right.
* DeathStar glares
[Slasher] Because i wouldnt never betray the MHs. Not after what Corsec did to me
[DeathStar] Fine.  Lets move on.  But I'm watching you Slasher.
[Cross] .....as am I
* DeathStar turns and continues down the hall
[Slasher] Im watching you to.
[crimsonmanticore] Yeah...
* Slasher follows
[crimsonmanticore] Things quieting down?
* DeathStar hears a click and the a door slams down in the front of them
* Xer fires his Plasma Rifle at the camera (10 AP)
[Wiendigo] I'll watch you too, runt, one wrong move... 1*drags his finger across his throat*
* Darien follows behind
[Slasher] its a trap
* DeathStar leaps back
[Wiendigo] No shit...
[crimsonmanticore]  Looks like we're being watched.
[Cross] NRP: BRB
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards door. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting door (110 AP)
* DeathStar a door appears behind them too
* Xer walks covering the group
* Slasher pushes DS out of the way of a laser shot
[Slasher] Ahh
* DeathStar it bounces off and hits the group
* Wiendigo absorbs
* DeathStar looks at Slasher, frowning
* Slasher gets nailed by the shot
[DeathStar] Thanks again
[Slasher] Told you
* DeathStar suddenly the walls begin to close in on them
[Xer] oww
* Slasher gets up and continues walking down the hall
* Wiendigo phases out and goes behind the walls
[DeathStar] ...Guys?
* DeathStar Wien is unphazed
[crimsonmanticore] Uh.. DS... what's hitting us?
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards door. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting door (110 AP)
* Slasher sees a water fountain and gets a drink
* DeathStar it bounces off and hits Darien
* Xer charges his Rifle
[Wiendigo] What the HELL? Someone's gonna get it...
[Darien] Ahh!
[DeathStar] NRP:  Slasher, we're trapped
* Wiendigo rams the wall
* DeathStar the walls keep closing in
[Slasher] NRP: There was a fountain where were trapped
* Wiendigo starts trying to push it back
[Slasher] Hmm
* Slasher looks around
* DeathStar struggles against the wall
[Cross] NRP: BACK
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm...
* Slasher looks around the door
[crimsonmanticore] Walls... closing...
* Wiendigo tries to jam his sword and sai into the bottom of the wall to stop it
* DeathStar the walls suddenyl stop and the doors open
* Xer fires his rifle blowing a small hole in the wall
[Cross] Um.... blast it?
[Xer] (100 AP)
[Slasher] I didnt do that
* DeathStar crashes to the ground
[crimsonmanticore] Let me see... Maybe acid would burn 'em, how bout it, DS?
* Blackjack looks at the group
[DeathStar] ......What the hell opend the doors?!
* Cross shoots the walls
[Blackjack] I figured you'd come...
* Slasher walks ahead
[DeathStar] Jared...
[crimsonmanticore] Blackjack?
* Xer fires a chest missle at the wall
* Darien heads forward before the doors can close again
* Cross 's eyes shoot to BJ
[Wiendigo] Great, an even uglier site then dying with DS....
[DeathStar] Thank you so much Wiendigo...
* Slasher stops and sees BJ
[Blackjack] Better be glad I was coming this way... Else I'd have saved pancakes...
* Wiendigo leaps out
* DeathStar steps out
[Slasher] Lets hurry
[DeathStar] We got what we came for
[crimsonmanticore] Heh... maybe.
[DeathStar] Lets get out of here
* Wiendigo dashes off ahead of the group
[Slasher] Ok the lets leace
[Blackjack] But I don't have what  I  came for...
* Xer walks with the group
[DeathStar] What?
[Slasher] Lets stay then
*** Garland (Lobo@ip101.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[Blackjack] Garland.
[DeathStar] Garland!?
[crimsonmanticore] [looks arond]
* DeathStar turns around
[Blackjack] The entire reason I came.
[Xer] do I hear alarms
* Garland is seen running at the red alert
[Slasher] Garland that traitor
* Garland skids to a halt
* Slasher leaps at garland
[Garland] YOU....
[crimsonmanticore] Who the hell is this costume freak?
[Blackjack] Well, I found what I came for
* Xer hopes its just nothing
[DeathStar] GARLAND!!!!
[Blackjack] Doesn't look like he wants to talk...
* DeathStar grabs Xer
[Slasher] LEts get going
[DeathStar] The alarms are for HIM!
* Slasher runs toward the exit
[crimsonmanticore] Never heard of him... sounds like a seasoning.
[Xer] arg...
* Slasher stops
[Cross] ....
[Darien] Hiya Garland!
[Blackjack] Oh! Come on, let's move!
* DeathStar shoves past Garland
* DeathStar grabs him
* Garland looks at Darien "Shut up brat"
[Blackjack] You too, Garland!!!
* Slasher starts heading for the exit
[DeathStar] Someone STUN HIM!
* Xer runs toward Garland firing like crazy (40 AP)
[Darien] Hey!
[crimsonmanticore] Uh... you sure we can leave looks pretty mean.
* Garland draws a new sword
[Blackjack] Wha...?
[Darien] I'm not a brat!
* Slasher stops and sees the sword
* Garland taps on his communicator
* DeathStar keeps holding Garland
* Slasher pulls out his sword
[DeathStar] STUN HIM!!!
[Blackjack] Fine! I didn't want to do it this way...
[Garland] COMM] I found the intuders
[Slasher] Time to die Garland
* Blackjack opens fire on Garland with Myollnir Crash (stun effect)
[crimsonmanticore] Uh... RUN!
* Slasher does a leaping slash at Garland
* Garland raises hands to DS
* Xer nails Garland in the head really hard
[Garland] KIAMA!!!!
[crimsonmanticore] DS... 
[DeathStar] ...Garland, don't...
* Blackjack leaps to the side, seeing the blast coming
[Slasher] Come on Garland 
[Slasher] Lets go
[crimsonmanticore] We gotta get outta here!
* Darien looks around confusedly
* Wiendigo comes running back with guards in tow
[Slasher] HYAaaaaa
[Wiendigo] Shit, shit, SHIT!
* Slasher slashs Garland
* Garland kicks DS
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Xer] Damn gotta run
* DeathStar kneels over
[Blackjack] I... forget it! Let's get outta here!
[Wiendigo] MOVE IT!
* DeathStar sees the guards
[crimsonmanticore] [Flies into Garland, blastin acid beams]
[Xer] gotta kick ass
* Wiendigo shoves past everyone
[Garland] SHOUN! *blasts slasher
[DeathStar] OUTTA HERE!!!
[Slasher] ooof
* DeathStar runs down the hall with Wiendigo
[Xer] which do I choose
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards guards. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting guards (110 AP)
* Garland blasts CM with a Kiama
* Blackjack turns and runs after DS and Wien
[crimsonmanticore] Damn...
* Slasher remembers something and walks away towards the exit
* DeathStar leaps down the hall
[crimsonmanticore] [grabs arm in pain...
* DeathStar a group of guards with a female leader blocks the exit
[Wiendigo] That's the LAST time I try to steal a cuban cigar from a captain of the guard!
[Blackjack] Well  excuse me  if I wanted to get Gar back!
[Garland] COMM] Washmore, how fast can you get down here? I need backup!
*** guards (speedblade@max1-45.dial.accucomm.net) has joined #TAW
[Slasher] Huba hubba
* Xer grows MegaManX like boots
* Wiendigo slides to a halt
* Slasher whistles after seeing the girl
[Wiendigo] Well shit....
* DeathStar stops
[guards] [Leader] It's the intruders! Open fire!
* Xer runs going really fast
[DeathStar] NO!
[Garland] COMM] never mind, the calvaries' here
[Slasher] Crap
[DeathStar] CEASE FIRE!
* Blackjack stops, standing still
* Slasher ducks
* Darien vanishes and searchs the downed guards
* DeathStar dives to the floor
[Blackjack] Cha... Charlotte?
* DeathStar Darien is punched from behind
* Garland pulls out a gun and aims it at DS
[Slasher] Guess that means no for a first date
* DeathStar blasts Garland's hand
[Wiendigo] What the-
[guards] [Leader] Huh!? Jared! CEASE FIRE!
[Slasher] Phew
*** guards is now known as Foxfire
[Garland] Ag.....*drops the gun*
* DeathStar stands up
[crimsonmanticore] I'm not sure we should stay here, you guys.
* Darien gets back up, still invisible
[DeathStar] ......We're TRAPPED
* Slasher whispers "man shes hot
* Garland draws swors
[Blackjack] Charlotte... You're still here, huh?
* DeathStar a guard is standing behind Darien
*** Jinrai (xforcer@digex-141-89.sssnet.com) has joined #taw
* Wiendigo activates his Shadow Shield
[Garland] say hello to my DarkBlood Revenge.....
[DeathStar] ....THIS IS NUTS!!
* Wiendigo charges the guards
* Jinrai regains energy
*** Xer has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
* Foxfire walks close to Jared
[crimsonmanticore] I... I'm not sure if this is a good idea...
* DeathStar looks back at Garland then to Foxfire
[crimsonmanticore] DS, this guy will kill us all.
[Slasher] Ummm.....
*** Jinrai is now known as Xer
[Foxfire] I can't leave...
[DeathStar] I know that CM!
[Garland] You should never have come here.... hunters
* Darien repears and turns to the guard, "Hello Guard!"
[Slasher] Damn shes taken
* DeathStar guard blinks in surprise
* Slasher phases to Garland
[crimsonmanticore] Then shouldn't we try to break through the defense?
* Garland blurs and kicks Darien
* Foxfire whispers something to Jared, then whirls on the guards
[Darien] How ya doing?
[Garland] Stupid brat......
* Xer actives his satic shield
[DeathStar] CM....we're surronded....I think we should stand here and be VERY still...
* Darien holds out his hand
[Foxfire] Yes, he's my brother!
[crimsonmanticore] [blasts Garland] Calm down, big boy!
* DeathStar leans against Wiendigo
* Garland counters it with a Kiama
[DeathStar] This is YOUR fault..
[crimsonmanticore] Being still will get us killed. 
[Foxfire] Ensign Garland! I would advise you cease fire like you were ordered!
[crimsonmanticore] My fault? 
[DeathStar] HIS
* DeathStar points at Wien
* Blackjack walks over to DS and whispers something to him
* Slasher grabs Garland and secretly passes him a note
[Garland] Exuse me.... I am not an Ensign
[Wiendigo] Don't look at me, I wanted to kill them all, remember?
* Darien holds out is hand to the guard
* DeathStar looks at Darien
[Xer]  a blob like looking field goes around xer
[Darien] How ya doing?
[crimsonmanticore] This is insane...
* DeathStar hears more guards approaching
* Xer runs with group
[DeathStar] Wiendigo...lets blast through the ceiling and bury everyone..
[Garland] I am an Officer 3rd Class
* Foxfire mumbles something,  1"Now o..." 
* Slasher then throws Garland down on the ground "Punk ass Traitor"
[crimsonmanticore] Just shoot him... what're you waiting for DS?
[Wiendigo] That's it, I say we take 'em  ALL
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Garland trips Slasher
[Wiendigo] Lets
* Foxfire 's body changes shape to that of a werewolf, and she jumps the guards under her command
[Slasher] BJ Grab her to go
[DeathStar] LETS GO!
* Wiendigo aims for the ceiling and starts blasting
* Xer plants some mines for the Guards to walk on
* DeathStar leaps into the air and blasts the ceiling around Garland and the guards
[Darien] Neat Doggy!
* Slasher get up and heads for the exit
* Blackjack folliows suit and opens fire on the guards
* DeathStar the ceiling begins to cave in on everyone
* Garland teleports and kicks DS
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Blackjack] Let's go, Charlie!
* Wiendigo phases
* DeathStar punches Garland
[Foxfire] Right!
* DeathStar leaps up onto the next floor
[crimsonmanticore] [Flies through the hole in the ceiling]
* Slasher grabs Darien and phases outside
* Foxfire and Blackjack run from HQ as quickly as they can
[Cross] Aye...... *opens fire on Garlans
* DeathStar blasts the floor to bits on everyone
* Wiendigo flies through the hole
[Wiendigo] Up, up, and up some more.
[Darien] Bye doggy
[DeathStar] This is fun...
* Garland slices DS with DarkBlood
* Xer carves we will be back with his eye beam
* DeathStar sees a window nearby
* DeathStar blasts Garland
[DeathStar] Back kid
* Slasher phases throught the window
* Garland motions for the guards to attack
[crimsonmanticore] Shit... DS. you ok?
* DeathStar dashes through the window and outside the HQ
[Blackjack] Comm] I would advise that everyone follows us! I hate to say this, but forget Garland!
* Slasher look around for everyone
[DeathStar] Fine!
* Xer picks up Garland and slams him into the ground
* DeathStar lands on the ground
[crimsonmanticore] Easy enough for me...
* Slasher follows BJ and Foxfire
[crimsonmanticore] [flies to shuttle]