Mission 30: Ambushed

Session Start: Fri Mar 12 20:44:31 1999
* Logging #taw to 'mission31taw.log'
[DeathStar] Session Beginning
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 days after BJ's Session
[justin-the-II] (nrp?)
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
[Slash] NRP: use NRP instead of ()
[justin-the-II] nrp:ok
* DeathStar leans back in chair and hits comm. button
[DeathStar] Yes?  Nova?  Do you hear me?
* Slash is sitting at a workstation desiging his next weapon, trying to get it to work
[DeathStar] If so *slams comm. because it's staticing* bring me some beers up here
* DeathStar flips comm. off
[Darien] Can I have some?
[DeathStar] I will so chew X1 out when I get my hands on him
* DeathStar glances at Darien
[DeathStar] You?
* Slash smirks
[Darien] Yep!
* DeathStar sighs
[Slash] just like...*eyes take on a faraway look*
[DeathStar] Just like Garland.  'Adult Coke'...
* justin-the-II leans against the wall
[DeathStar] Slash....I wanted to talk to you a moment about Slasher.
[Slash] what.. is it.
[DeathStar] There's something strange about him.  And lately things have been....getting blown up.  I have reason to suspect him.
[DeathStar] Either that or it's one of the brand new rookies.
* Slash glances at JA
[justin-the-II] blown up?
[Darien] Blown up!
[Slash] i dont know DS.. i know him.. he wouldnt do stuff like this...
* Slash looks down
[DeathStar] First the shuttle.  Then the engine core was damaged by someone.  And the other day Wiendigo's room exploded...now, not to say WIENDIGO didn't do it but..
* Slash smirks at the weins misfortune
[DeathStar] And now he's missing.
[Slash] ...
[Slash] it just cant be...'
[justin-the-II] whos missing?
* DeathStar turns to the computer core and types in a few commands and brings a layout of the base. Slasher doesn't appear on the base.
[justin-the-II] wiendigo?
[DeathStar] Now, he did say something about leave.  He could have taken it, without my permission.  But you never know.
[Darien] I wanna see
[DeathStar] No, Wiendigo is here.
* Darien looks over at the screen
[DeathStar] Unfortantly.
[Slash] ..
[justin-the-II] oh....
[Slash] can we get a track on him?
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Slash looks up
* DeathStar glances at the alarms going off on the computer
[justin-the-II] ????
[DeathStar] .....Hold on.  *brings up the computer*
* justin-the-II looks at them too
[justin-the-II] what is all that for?
[DeathStar] The computeR?
[justin-the-II] no thoghs alarms
* DeathStar brings up incoming data
[Slash] mission computer
[DeathStar] It seems we got an attack on a city in North America
* Slash gets up and walks over to the computer
* DeathStar brings up the state
[Slash] oh joy.. save the world yet again...
* justin-the-II walks to ds and looks over his shoulder
[DeathStar] Somewhere in New York.
* Slash charges his Gauntlets
[DeathStar] Hey, we flash the badge, we do the work.
* DeathStar pats Justin on the back.
[DeathStar] Be thankful you just joined kid.
* DeathStar heads for the hanger bay
* Slash disappears in a warp field, reappears a second later in the shuttle
[justin-the-II] ???
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle and powers it up
[Slash] comm] you coming?
[DeathStar] Heh heh, read the history files sometime...you'll know why
[justin-the-II] and yall are just gonna leave me here?
[DeathStar] No, you're coming to
* Darien runs to the shuttle
[DeathStar] Get in the shuttle
* DeathStar finishes powering up
* DeathStar turns to Slash
[justin-the-II] (shoot i gatta go!@!!!!!!!!!waaa!)
* Slash looks to DS
[DeathStar] I know you don't want to believe it, but he knows to much.  Like how to enter CorSec HQ.  Tatics.  Etic.
[justin-the-II] (never mindZ)
[Slash] NRP: Use NRP!\
[justin-the-II] nrpsoory!
* DeathStar finishes
[DeathStar] Well, is Justin on?
* DeathStar glances around
* DeathStar begins to take off from the hanger bay
* justin-the-II walks to the bay
* Slash fixes DS with his steel blue eys
[DeathStar] Hunter Tower: DS!  Close the ramp on the shuttle while leaving the bay!!!
[DeathStar] Yudda yudda...*flips switch to close ramp*
* justin-the-II hops in a shutle
[justin-the-II] how do yah work this thing?
* DeathStar hits boosters and leaves HQ
* Slash takes Montys usual seat
[DeathStar] .....Wait!?  Where's the rookie?!
* justin-the-II gets in ds's shutle then
[Slash] hes in behind us..
[justin-the-II] right here
* DeathStar flips head around madly
[Slash] i think..
* Slash looks back
[Slash] yep, hes there..
* DeathStar flips hyperspace switch
* justin-the-II grabs his read and shakes it in confusion
* DeathStar reflips it and they arrive in Earth's atmosphere, rocking the entire shuttle
* DeathStar watches control panel spark slightly
[Slash] AHH
[DeathStar] Wait...another sabatoge it seems....
[Slash] what the hell was that..
* justin-the-II looses balance and falls over
* DeathStar they begin to plunge into the atmosphere and he sees the heat shields won't come
* DeathStar on
[justin-the-II] aahh!dangit dont you know how to drive?
[Slash] sabatoge...
[DeathStar] We got trouble guys....we're going to be burnt to a crisp if we can't get the heat shields up...
[DeathStar] I know how!
[Slash] how far is it to earth from here?
[Slash] i need to know NOW!
* DeathStar watches the controls spark from the heat
* Darien runs to the engine room, "I can help!"
[DeathStar] The ground?  A few hundred thousand feet below us
[DeathStar] We're AT Earth
* Slash does some quick calculations
[Slash] Damn out of range of warp...
* DeathStar shuttle goes into a spin
[justin-the-II] ?????were gonna die!
* Darien begins working on the engine
* Slash keeps balance easily
[DeathStar] We know that Justin!!!
* DeathStar wipes dross off his melting armor
* Slash ticks down the feet they drop
[Darien] Got it!
[DeathStar] Comm] Darien!!!!  Get those shields up
* DeathStar controls go dead and then repower up as the heatshield goes up
[Slash] Comm] good job darien!
* Darien runs back into the cockpit room
[DeathStar] Okay, we're safe...
* DeathStar levels out the shuttle
[DeathStar] ....Okay, we're a few hundred miles from New York.
* Slash checks his armor over for melt runs
* DeathStar enters the course
[justin-the-II] ....we are?
* justin-the-II feels himself to make sure hes not dead
[DeathStar] Aye....Thankfully we're not going to New York City.
[Slash] good..
[justin-the-II] thank god.....
* DeathStar sees a couple of Maverick Battle ships ahead over New York, firing on a big city below
* Slash recalls the last time the group was there, and shudders
[DeathStar] Ooooo, seems Vile is braver than sigma was.
* Slash jumps to the weapons
[Slash] give me the signal to fire..
[DeathStar] Slash?!  This puny SHUTTLE can never take those things down...
[Slash] ...
* Slash turns to look at DS with a determined look
[Slash] i will find out what happened to slasher...
* DeathStar brings shuttle along the outskirks of the firing range of the Battle Ships, and notices they got one turning to face them
[DeathStar] Oh, hell, fine.  5....4....3.....2.....1...FIRE
* DeathStar jerks shuttle upward as he brings it along the side of the battle ship
* Slash fires all weapons atthe battleship
[DeathStar] And to your right you'll see Maverick Battle Ship A....nice view, huh?
[Slash] DS, give me a view of their cockpit..
* DeathStar shuttle rocks as a blast hits it and causes it to spin out of control
[DeathStar] Going down...
* Slash a shimmering warp field appears around him
[Slash] GET IN NOW!!
* Slash opens it
* DeathStar leaps from the controls.
[DeathStar] Lets get off this thing!
[justin-the-II] ........this is not a good thing!
* DeathStar shuttle's hull side gets torn to sherds from another blast.
* DeathStar leaps into the warp
[Slash] this thing is going down, i dont intend to get killed yet!
[Slash] COMM] Darien! get outta here NOW!
* DeathStar shuttle rocks again
* Slash grabs him, nad pushes him through the portal
* DeathStar the engine core explodes on it
* Darien vanishes
* Slash warps away
* Slash all land on ground, disoriented, except slash
* justin-the-II gets in
* DeathStar entire shuttle explodes
* DeathStar coughs loudly
[DeathStar] Thanks for the pleasure trip...
[Slash] you ok...?
[Slash] dont throw up..
[justin-the-II] what the heck?
* DeathStar sees they landed in the middle of the ruins of Downtown of the city
[DeathStar] .....Hear that?
* Darien appears next to the others
* Slash listens
[Slash] no i dont...
* Slash listens again
[Slash] wait...
[Slash] what is that...
[DeathStar] Marching sounds are coming...
[justin-the-II] it all hapened so fast............
* DeathStar dives behind a wall and grabs sabre
*** Mavericks (death_star@dial56.planters.net) has joined #taw
* justin-the-II seems dazed
* Slash dives behind a wall, and flips up his auto cannons
* justin-the-II snaps out of it
* Mavericks comes around the corner and open fire on group (25 AP)
[DeathStar] Yeeee haw!
* DeathStar leaps over wall and slashes one to bits
* Slash warps behind the group, and sprays them with plasma, and Ion pulses
* Mavericks target DS and fires at him, hitting him back
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar rolls back with the blow
[justin-the-II] nrp:am i lagging
[justin-the-II] ?
[DeathStar] NRP:  We all are, a little
[Slash] NRP: whoa..
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards mav. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting mav (140 AP)
[Slash] DS!!
* Slash fires his plasma cannons at the mavs around DS
* Slash hacks his way into their midst, creating a blurring motion as he hacks and chops
* Darien runs up to one of the mavs "Excuse me!"
[Mavericks] GAH
* Mavericks retreat
*** Mavericks is now known as GM
[justin-the-II] brb!im lagging!)
*** justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving)
* DeathStar spits up battery fluid as he stands
[DeathStar] THAT was pointless...
*** justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-156.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* Darien with Psi-enchanced power, punches mav, and a waves of Psi energy blasts out from Darien's fist. (60 AP + 130 AP all)
[DeathStar] ....
[Slash] ...
* DeathStar watches Darien fight a wall
[DeathStar] You okay kid/
[justin-the-II] me?
[justin-the-II] um.....ya
[DeathStar] Him.  *points at Darien*
* Slash snickers
* GM shifting can be heard behind them
[Slash] Darien, its ok, we got em all
[justin-the-II] nrp:i was lagging so i dont know what just hapened
[DeathStar] ....*turns around*
* Slash whirls around warp blades in his hand
*** GM is now known as Maverick_Commander
* Maverick_Commander twirls electric bo
[Slash] Bo is it
[Maverick_Commander] You fools should have NEVER Attacked my group!
* Darien shield appears in his hands
* Slash pulls out his bo
* Slash hits button
* DeathStar twirls sabre
* Slash stoes it thinking beter
* Maverick_Commander leaps and vanishes
* Maverick_Commander appears behind Slash and rams him in the head (100 AP)
[Slash] ARRGH
[DeathStar] SLASH!
* justin-the-II takes out his energy buster
* Slash falls to the ground in pain
* Maverick_Commander grabs Slash and holds him in the air and theows him at Justin
* Slash warps to the ground
* justin-the-II leaps out the way
* DeathStar tackles the command and slashes twice
* Darien two glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards mavCommander. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting mavCommander (140 AP)
[Slash] you just pissed me off..
* Maverick_Commander grabs DS and smashes him into the ground
* Slash fires a L3 Concussion/electric burst at the commander 210 AP
* Maverick_Commander turns to Darien
* Maverick_Commander fires buster (50 AP)
* justin-the-II fires at mv for 90
[Slash] Never hurt me, my friends, or my family
* Darien reflects it back at him
* DeathStar stands slowly
* Maverick_Commander begins to spark
* DeathStar grabs the MC and breaks his arm and punches him back
* Slash jumps at the Commander, and slashes at him 210 AP
* Maverick_Commander uses bo to reflect it back at Darien
[Maverick_Commander] ARRRGHHH
* Maverick_Commander begins to limp back
* justin-the-II shoots mav in the leg
* Slash warps behind MC
[Maverick_Commander] GAHH
* Maverick_Commander collaspes
* Slash taps him on the sholder
[Maverick_Commander] MY LEG!!
* DeathStar watches
* Maverick_Commander turns around
* justin-the-II drains
* Slash deleivers a powerful haymaker to his jaw
* Maverick_Commander explodes
*** Maverick_Commander is now known as GM
* Slash gets caught in the explosion and flys back a few feet
[DeathStar] .....
[Slash] AHHH
[justin-the-II] alright!
* DeathStar looks up at the battle ship up ahead
[DeathStar] ......No, hell no!
* Slash looks up, while getting up
[justin-the-II] chock one up for the rookie!
* Darien grabs the bo
[Slash] we havent won yet..
* DeathStar sees the underside, the destroyer cannons, recharging to open fire on the city again
* justin-the-II looks at the ship to
[DeathStar] ....They're going to bomb the city again, and with US in it.
[Slash] oh crap...
[Slash] not good..
* Slash calculates odds, and distance from the city
* GM bo explodes
[justin-the-II] this isnt good
[Slash] i cant get all of us outta here.... with a warp...
[Slash] at most i can get 2...
[DeathStar] .....
* DeathStar cannons finish charging he sees
[DeathStar] Okay, we got less than thirty seconds
[DeathStar] Take Justin and Darien
* justin-the-II walks over to slash
[justin-the-II] why me?
* GM begins to fire, the beam forming on the cannon
[Slash] ..
[Slash] DS..
* DeathStar looks up
[DeathStar] Why not?
[Slash] i can take 2..
* DeathStar activates Jetpack
[Slash] including me
* Slash opens a warp
[Slash] GET IN Darien, Justin
* Darien jumps in
[Slash] im staying here...
* Slash looks up and pops his scyths
[DeathStar] I know, I know.
[DeathStar] HURRY
[justin-the-II] nrp:ping please
[DeathStar] I can get out of here easily
[DeathStar] My jetpack is strong enough
* Slash holds his arms out
[Slash] then get me outta here...
[DeathStar] And if you're not going, I'll MAKE YOU go
* justin-the-II gets in
* GM fires, the rocks on the ground shaking from the force of the blast coming downward
[justin-the-II] nrp:im laggin again
* DeathStar fires jetpack and grabs Slash and takes off
[justin-the-II] nrp:brb
*** justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving)
* DeathStar flies from the blast as the entire city explodes behind them
[DeathStar] ....You think 215 MPH is fast enough
[Slash] yes..
* Slash living armor slowly oozes up DS's arms examing him
* Slash it retreats slowly
*** justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-156.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* GM a huge widespread blast follows the two
* DeathStar exits the city in and times and crashes beside Darien and Justin
* DeathStar turns off Jetpack
* DeathStar stands up and looks at the destruction
[DeathStar] Failure again...
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion
[Crucifixtion] Victory, again
* Crucifixtion appears behind them
[DeathStar] YOU?! *whips around*
[justin-the-II] we lost?
* Slash turns
[justin-the-II] we win?
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[justin-the-II] who is he?
* Crucifixtion laughs at Justin
[Slash] lets just say, hes pure evil...
[justin-the-II] grrrr....
[Crucifixtion] Pure? I'm heart Slash...
* Crucifixtion aims at DS and blasts him to the ground
[DeathStar] gAHHH
[Slash] DS!!!
* Darien two level 3 glowing balls appear in Darien's hands and blasts towards Crucifixtion. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Crucifixtion (560 AP)
* Slash glares at Cruz
[justin-the-II] stop laughing monky boy.....
* Crucifixtion reflects wave at the Hunters, hitting them
* Darien readies his shield and reflects if back
* Slash grips chest in pain
* DeathStar stands up
* Crucifixtion teleports out of the way
* Crucifixtion grabs Darien and shocks the living hell out of him, stunning him
[Crucifixtion] Trusting KIDS again?
* justin-the-II looks around
* DeathStar powers up
* Darien absorbs then energy
* justin-the-II takes out his z-19
* Slash fires a L3 concussion busrt at Crux, 210 AP
* DeathStar leaps at Crux
* Darien with Psi-enchanced power, punches Crucifiction, and a waves of Psi energy blasts out from Darien's fist. (60 AP + 130 AP all)
* Crucifixtion throws Darien at DS
* justin-the-II takes out his energyblaster
[Crucifixtion] FOOL!
[Darien] Ahh
* DeathStar catches Darien
* justin-the-II fires eb at cruc
* DeathStar flips into the air and slashes Crux as he lands
[Darien] Thanks
* Darien eyes flicker red
* Crucifixtion reflects it at Justin
[DeathStar] No prob.
[Darien SOUND]
* Darien stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid.
*** Darien is now known as DarkPhoenix
* justin-the-II ducks
[Crucifixtion] ....A puny...human?!  EXPECTS TO BEAT ME?!
[justin-the-II] what the #&%*?
[justin-the-II] .........
* Slash fires all plasma weapons at Crux, 450 AP
[DeathStar] Justin!  He's one of the top players!!! Watch out!
[Slash] .
* DarkPhoenix Xvash appears in his hands
* Crucifixtion teleports and rams Slash into the ground (damages armor)
* DarkPhoenix slashes b1 with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DeathStar flips to Justin
[Slash] ARRGH
[DeathStar] Here, I got a plan
[justin-the-II] action fires z-19 at cruc
* Slash flips up, and fires his lockdown cannon at Crux
[Crucifixtion] HA!
* Slash turns to DS
[Slash] what is it
* justin-the-II fires z-19 at cruc(100)
* Crucifixtion takes no affect
[Crucifixtion] GAHH
* Crucifixtion hits DP
* DarkPhoenix slashes Cruci with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+60 AP)
* justin-the-II holds the triger down
* DeathStar grabs Justin and hikes him at Crux
[justin-the-II] huh?
* Crucifixtion turns to Justin
[Crucifixtion] What the!?
* Slash looks at Justin
[Slash] ...
*** Cross (Lobo@ip169.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[justin-the-II] what the heck are you doind ds?
[Slash] i pull off that move better...
[Slash] better form...
* DeathStar flips after Justin and fires hellish choas to stun Crux
* Cross teleports in
[Slash] Cross!
[Crucifixtion] GAHH
* justin-the-II slames into crux
[Slash] Good
[Cross] You rang Fearless Leader?
* DarkPhoenix attacks Cruci with a energy blast (150 AP)
* justin-the-II hops up
* Crucifixtion grabs as he slams into him, stunned
[Crucifixtion] gAH
[Cross] Backup has arived! *blasts Crux*
* DeathStar slashes Crux twice
* Slash warps behind Crux, stabbing him through the chest 190 AP
[DeathStar] Yes, I DDI!
[Crucifixtion] ARGGHHHH
* Crucifixtion grabs Cross and begins to form a dark shield around them
[Cross] GAH
[Slash] CROSS!!
* Crucifixtion is also holding Justin
* DarkPhoenix slashes Cruci with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
[Slash] DS!
* DarkPhoenix vanishes
[Slash] Hike me at edm~!
* Crucifixtion shield reflects DP
[Slash] dm
[DeathStar] AT taht SHIELD?!
* DeathStar turns to Slash
* Slash looks at it
[Slash] Damn..
[Slash] solid..
* Crucifixtion begins to drain their life
[Crucifixtion] HA HA HA HA HA HA
* Cross elbows Crux while being held "LEMME GO!"
* Slash pokes it a few times with his warp blades
* DarkPhoenix drains shield of his life energy (25 AP/10 seconds)
* justin-the-II pulls his eb at crux
[DeathStar] JUSTIN!! CROSS!!
* justin-the-II fires
[Crucifixtion] GAH
* Crucifixtion shakes Cross
[Crucifixtion] ARGGH
* Slash attempts to open his warp field in it
* Crucifixtion drops Justin and Cross and shield vanishes
[Cross] OUF
* Cross falls to the ground
* Slash is there, with a haymaker at Crux
* justin-the-II starts to drain crux's energy
* DeathStar tackles Crux as he does this
[Crucifixtion] Death Star!?  FOOL!!!
* justin-the-II stops
* Crucifixtion flies high into he air with DS holding on
[Slash] i got a present for you
* justin-the-II gets up
[Cross] I'm not cut out for this job *runs to the others*
* Slash warps on Crux's neck holding on
[DeathStar] Uh oh....
* Slash holds blades close
[Slash] one wrong move...
* DarkPhoenix attacks Cruci with a energy blast (150 AP)
* DeathStar stabs Crux as they get higher, high above the others
* Slash pulls closer
* Slash the blade bites into Crux's neck
[Crucifixtion] Like this?!  Omega Wave!  *explodes and deals 350 AP to both of them*
* Crucifixtion appears on the ground
[DeathStar] rAGHH
* Slash falls to the ground
* DeathStar begins to fall
* Cross looks at Crux and blasts him from a distance
* justin-the-II takes out a granade,130
* DarkPhoenix slashes Cruci with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+60 AP)
* Slash manages to create a warp to stop him
[Crucifixtion] Taht was to easy...
[Crucifixtion] ARGHH
* DarkPhoenix readies shield
* Crucifixtion leaps back and teleports
*** Crucifixtion is now known as GM
* justin-the-II bitse the clip then toses it at crux
* DarkPhoenix looks around
* DeathStar crahses into the ground (100 AP)
* Slash lands on the ground hard, but not as hard as DS
[justin-the-II] wered he go?
[Slash] DS!!
* DeathStar sparks slightly as he pulls himself up
* Slash rushes over to DS, and attempts to heal him with armor
[DeathStar] He's hiding, waiting...for us to...move... out
[Cross] Hey..... is he suposed to fall like that?! *runs over to DS*
* Slash armor is healing himself also
* DarkPhoenix runs over to DS
* GM battle ships begins to fly off, flying overhead
[DeathStar] Am I suppose to fall....like that?!
* Slash has a huge wound in his side
[Slash] no.. your not...
* DarkPhoenix touches DS, repairing him (60 AP/ 10 seconds)
* DeathStar bushes move
* Slash turns around slowly
* justin-the-II grabs his helmet off his head and shakes it
*** GM is now known as Tigrax
* Tigrax leaps out at DP and slashes him hard down the back
[DarkPhoenix] Ahh!
* Tigrax whips tail around Slash's neck and begins to strangle him
[justin-the-II] who was that anyway?,....besides pure eval?
* Slash chokes
* Slash warps away
[DeathStar] 2nd in Command of the MAVERICKS
* DeathStar leaps at Tigrax
* Tigrax blasts DS back down before he can get up
[justin-the-II] nrp:i hate the feeling im lagging
* DarkPhoenix punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Psi Energy sweeps outward (130 AP all)
* Slash warps behind Tigrax, and fires his Ion cannon, PPc's Plasma cannons at him
[DeathStar] NRP: Me too, but stay
[Tigrax] ARGh
* Tigrax leaps back
* Tigrax tail swishes around
* DarkPhoenix eyes blink read
* Tigrax fires Tiger Beam Wave (70 AP all)
[DeathStar] GAH
[DarkPhoenix] Ahhh!
* DeathStar draws sabre
* Slash blocks it with Scyths
* Tigrax leaps on DS and bites him
* Cross blasts and runs at Tigrax
* Tigrax bites harder
* justin-the-II puts his helmet back on
* Tigrax whips tail around Cross' neck
[DeathStar] GAHHHH
* Slash blasts Tigrax with L3 concussion/electric burst 210 AP
[Tigrax] OUF!
* Cross blasts Tigrax's tail
[Cross] LEMME GO!
* Tigrax flies off DS and throws Cross at Slash
* DarkPhoenix leaps onto Tigrax and begins draining (25 AP/10 seconds)
* Tigrax leaps on Justin
* Slash catches Cross but stumbles a bit
[Tigrax] Flesshhhhh...
* Tigrax bites him
* DeathStar manages to stand up
[Cross] My hero.....*blasts tigrax*
* Tigrax hits tail against DP, draining energy
[Tigrax] OFF!!
* Tigrax bites Justin
* Slash leaps on Tigrax's back and jams his blades in deep 210 AP each
[Tigrax] FLESH!
* justin-the-II puts his guns in there holesters
* DarkPhoenix leaps back
* Tigrax begins to explode
* Tigrax leaps on Slash and bites his neck (100 AP)
* DeathStar twirls sabre
* Slash warps away
* Cross slashes Tigrax
* Tigrax lands on the ground and fires wave (70 AP all)
* Tigrax explodes
*** Tigrax is now known as GM
* Slash flys down from above, landing on the ground
* DarkPhoenix flies into the air
* DeathStar uses sabre to block
[justin-the-II] wait a sec!
* DeathStar grabs his weapon chip
[DeathStar] ......
[Slash] uhgh..
[DeathStar] We need to move on before Crucifixtion sends more troops after us...
[justin-the-II] nrp:i am lagging wors than ever!!!!
[Cross] ...
[Slash] NRP: switch servers...
[justin-the-II] nrp:ok
* DarkPhoenix lands and begins reconstructing (50 HP)
[DeathStar SOUND]
*** justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving)
* DeathStar lightning flashes in the air as a storm comes up on them
[Cross] I am prepared to fight anytime...
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion
* Slash looks around
* Crucifixtion ports in
* Slash sees Crux
[DarkPhoenix] Hello again
*** justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-156.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
[Slash] welcome back dork boy...
[Slash] lets see you die...
[DeathStar] I take offense at that...
* DeathStar "DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!" *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey. "Let's rock...."
* DeathStar "POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!" *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
[justin-the-II] nrp:please ping
* DeathStar "GEMINI STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!" *flies into the air and suddenly flashes in a huge light beam and hovers there, his armor changing to a light blue where his black is and his blue parts to white. He lands on the ground, smirking evilly. "Time to double the pain..."
* Slash fires Ion cannons at Crux
* DeathStar after creating the fields around him, he charges at Crux and stabs 'em in the chest with his energised sabres and then leaps back, hitting Crux with the remaining energy (700 AP)
[Crucifixtion] GAHHHHH
* Crucifixtion flies back
* DarkPhoenix two level 3 glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Cruci. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Cruci (560 AP)
[justin-the-II] nrp:i dont know whats going on becouse i lag so mutch
[Crucifixtion] RAGHHH
* Slash fires a L3 concussion burst at Crux while in the air
* Crucifixtion holds side
* Cross blasts Crux
[Crucifixtion] You are too...powerful...
* Crucifixtion rain drops fall down
* Cross keeps blasting
* Crucifixtion flips backwards
[Crucifixtion] DIE!!!
* Slash rushes at Crux slashing
* Crucifixtion fires a huge blast at DS and follows it up with a LIMIT BREAKER (3,000 AP)
[Crucifixtion] ARGH
* DarkPhoenix two glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Cruci. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Cruci (140 AP)
[Slash] DS!!!!
* Crucifixtion falls into a pond of water
[DeathStar] CRAP!
* DeathStar sees the blast coming in on him
* justin-the-II is mad
* DarkPhoenix attacks Cruci with a energy blast (150 AP)
* DeathStar leaps backwards into a tree and jumps off and dodges blast
[DeathStar] WHOA!!
* DeathStar tree smashes on him
* Crucifixtion is underwater
* Crucifixtion the rain picks up
* justin-the-II fires at crux with eb
* Cross looks at the pond
* Crucifixtion water begins to bubble
[Cross] Do we go in?
* DeathStar throws tree off
[DeathStar] We get the hell out of here!
* Cross blasts the area with the bubbles
[DeathStar] He can out last us!!
* DarkPhoenix begins running back
* DeathStar calls in a shuttle
[justin-the-II] ????
* Slash runs back
* DarkPhoenix attacks water with a energy blast (150 AP)
* Crucifixtion water explodes out of the water and he reforms, completely red and furious
[DeathStar] Oh shit.
* Slash a halo of blue energy surrounds Slash, he channels it into his gauntlets powering them way past Level 3. He turns and looks at Crux in the eyes, as he lets loose with a blast of energy. (500 AP)
[Cross] Hasnt that always been the case!? *waits for the shuttle*
* DeathStar takes off
* justin-the-II fires at crux with eb
* Slash warps into the shuttle
[Slash] JUSTIN
* DeathStar sees a shuttle landing on the ground
* Crucifixtion blocks it
[Crucifixtion] HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
* justin-the-II goes over to slash
* Crucifixtion begins to ram towards Justin
* DarkPhoenix readies behind his shield
[Cross] Ohhhhhh crap...
[Crucifixtion] HUMAN SCUM!!!
[Slash] this is gonna hurt...
[justin-the-II] woh!
* Crucifixtion rams Justin into shuttle hard
* DarkPhoenix suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into Cruci (130 AP)
[justin-the-II] ahh!
* Slash winces
[DeathStar] JUSTIN!!!
* DeathStar sees shuttle dent
[DeathStar] SLSAH!!
* DarkPhoenix knocks him off Justin
[Crucifixtion] GAH
* Slash fires his gauntlets at Crux blowing a hole at his feet
* justin-the-II hits crux with eb then starts to drain
[Slash] FALL!
* Crucifixtion grabs DP and slams into the ground (Instant KO)