Mission 32: Live On No Evil

A Turning Point

[DeathStar] Time chart: 3 days after Last Session against Crucifixtion
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Wiendigo lights up a cigar and starts smoking it
* DarkPhoenix is sitting at the computer as data about the alien ship scrolls by
[crimsonmanticore] The message... anyone read it?
[crimsonmanticore] n.m...
[crimsonmanticore] What's going on?
* Dominator stands there stiffly, eyes dark
[DeathStar] What message?
[DeathStar] Our last mission was a failure I would like to say in this debriefing
[DeathStar] We got our asses kicked by Crucifixtion and the city was leveled
[Wiendigo] What else? Boring mission breifing...
[DeathStar] Nothing.
[crimsonmanticore] I should've been there.
[DarkPhoenix] Wouldn't have helped
[DarkPhoenix] Nothing did much
* crimsonmanticore hangs head
[crimsonmanticore] Anyone know who CorSec is?
* Wiendigo glares at CM
* DeathStar mission alarm goes off and DS turns to the computer and brings it up
[DeathStar] Oh go read your history books dork
[crimsonmanticore] EarthGov would really need to know about these assholes.
* Dominator frowns at CM
[Wiendigo] They already DO moron...
[crimsonmanticore] WATCH IT!
* Wiendigo flicks his ashes on CM
[crimsonmanticore] Fine...
[Wiendigo] Yeah, when you're dead and buried.
[crimsonmanticore] KNCK IT OFF!
* DeathStar brings the infomation up
* crimsonmanticore fumes
[DeathStar] It seems there's been a crash landing
[Wiendigo] I'd love to.
[crimsonmanticore] A crash?
* DarkPhoenix shakes his head and goes to look over at the mission
[Wiendigo] Gee, they fly almost as bad as you do, boot licker.
[DeathStar] But it's deep in CorSec's operations
[crimsonmanticore] What kind of crash?
[DeathStar] EarthGov wants to know what it is.
[Dominator] A crash?  Hmmm...
* DarkPhoenix eyes blink green
[DeathStar] Wiendigo, go get hit by a moving vechile, please!
[DarkPhoenix] Do we have an unsabotaged shuttle to check it out?
[Wiendigo] Right after you, Death star.
* Dominator heads to the shuttle bay
[crimsonmanticore] Anyway... 
[DeathStar] Yes we do, for once, DP...
[crimsonmanticore] What else is in the message?
[Dominator] Joy.
[DeathStar] That's basically it CM
[Wiendigo] Yeah, believe it when I see it....
[DeathStar] Now lay off my back
* DarkPhoenix heads to the shuttle
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle and powers it up
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm... interesting...
* Wiendigo phases in
* Dominator sits next to Death Star
* crimsonmanticore enters the shutle
* Wiendigo kicks back and enjoys his cigar
[Dominator] .....You think Garland will be there?
[DeathStar] Doubtful
[Wiendigo] Better not be, or kid's gonna get his throat slashed.
* DeathStar powers up the shuttle and takes off slightly
* DarkPhoenix enters the shuttle
* Dominator turns to Wiendigo
* DarkPhoenix streatches and grows. Green scales form around him and a Tsivrixsh warrior's uniform appears. His shield and a Xvash appear on his back. He blinks golden eyes horizontally.
[crimsonmanticore] Garland? That weird asshole that fought us before we escaped two missions ago?
*** DarkPhoenix is now known as Dar^en
[Dominator] You back off Wiendigo!
[Wiendigo] Bring it on, soldier boy.
* DeathStar zooms out of the hanger and zaps towards Earth quickly
* Dominator glares
* Dar^en sits down in the engine room
[DeathStar] I hate it when he does that..
[crimsonmanticore] You really wnat to go find him? He nearly killed us.
[DeathStar] I don't plan on it...
[crimsonmanticore] Hmmm...
* Dominator turns away from Wienidog
[Wiendigo] I'd LOVE to...0*feels the blade of his sword*
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmsophere
[Wiendigo] Look Dominator, there's your resting place, right over there.
* DeathStar flies over the crash site
[DeathStar] There it is Boys and Girls
[crimsonmanticore] Damn...
* Dominator turns to Wiendigo
[Dominator] If you don't shut up I will personally..
* DeathStar lands on the ground
[crimsonmanticore] Let's go in for a closer look.
[DeathStar] Everyone outtttttt
* Dar^en moves to the window to see if he reconizes any wreckage
* crimsonmanticore exists ship
* DeathStar flips out of the shuttle and begins to walk towards it
[Wiendigo] I'd like you to personally shut up myself
* Dar^en walks out
* Wiendigo phases out
* Dominator follows DS
[crimsonmanticore] Bring it on asshole!
[DeathStar] All of you SHUT up..
*** NPC is now known as CorSecRideArmor
[crimsonmanticore] DS... is Wien alweays like this?
* Dar^en shield and Xvash appear in his hands
[crimsonmanticore] Thanks you.
* Dominator glares over at the CorSecRideArmor
[Dominator] Company..
[CorSecRideArmor] Warbled voice: Hunters, leave the area imediatly!
* DeathStar draws sabre
[Wiendigo] Fat chance boot licker
[Dar^en] Sorry, no can do
[crimsonmanticore] Noop.
* DeathStar flips over Wiendigo
[CorSecRideArmor] This is CorSec issues, and herby ask you to leave!
[Wiendigo] Great, the welcoming commitee
[DeathStar] Then keep up, Wienido
[crimsonmanticore] [Heare... I got an idea...
[Dominator] Who are you??
[Wiendigo] Meat.
* Wiendigo tears after the armor, slashing at it
[DeathStar] Should I break that tincan open?
* crimsonmanticore aims for the ride
[CorSecRideArmor] I am a CorSec Officer, Third Class
[CorSecRideArmor] now, leave!
* Dominator fires thunderbolt at it
[Wiendigo] I'm Wiendigo, DEATH FIRST CLASS!
[Dar^en] Bloodthirsty today aren't you guys
[crimsonmanticore] EAT SDHIT AND DIE!
* DeathStar fires his cannon
* Wiendigo starts climbing up the back of it
* CorSecRideArmor slumps over, losing power
* Wiendigo tears it apart
* CorSecRideArmor throws wein away
[Dar^en] It's done
* Dominator rushes towards the armor
* Wiendigo leaps off and stands ready
* DeathStar leaps onto Dom's arm and propells off at the Armor and slashes
* crimsonmanticore fires acid blaster at the guard, but disarms after it had been disabled.
* CorSecRideArmor opens the cockpit and a silouet walks out
[Wiendigo] That was far too easy.
* Dominator fires thunderbolt again
[CorSecRideArmor] So....
* Dominator stops
[Dominator] Who are you?
* Dar^en does a telepathic scan of the figure
[crimsonmanticore] Be prepared for anything.
* DeathStar lands next to the figure
[CorSecRideArmor] *the light faded showing a mature looking Garland
*** CorSecRideArmor is now known as Garland
[Dominator] Garland?!
[Wiendigo] It's the turncoat, I'm gonna enjoy gutting you...
[crimsonmanticore] My God..
[DeathStar] --No!
* DeathStar grabs Garland and holds him high in the air
[DeathStar] YOU!
[Garland] Will you listen to me now? This is a CorSec mission.
[crimsonmanticore] Is he alright?
[Dominator] Death Star!!! STOP!
* Garland kicks loose of DS
* Dar^en blinks
[DeathStar] CorSec mission my ass!
* DeathStar blocks
* Wiendigo slides out his katana and sai
[DeathStar] Sorry, pal.
* DeathStar throws him to the ground from the Armor thing and leaps down to follow
* Dominator walks up to Garland
* Wiendigo slams the hilts of his blades over Garland's back
* Garland grabs DS in an oil vein (pressure point for reploids)
[Dominator] What is the mission, Garland
* Dar^en sighs
* crimsonmanticore slams Garland with the back of his sword
* DeathStar smirks as Garland fails
[Wiendigo] You're out numbered runt, we win this round
* Garland teleports away from the group
[Garland] Leave.
[Wiendigo] DAMNIT!
[crimsonmanticore] NEVER!
[DeathStar] We like to go for lightning rounds
[Dominator] Garland---you know we can't do that.
[Wiendigo] Only when you're dead runt.
[Dar^en] Is violence always the first solution you guys try
[Dar^en] ?
[Garland] I have to say, there were good times, but, mavericks, hunters, all the same
* DeathStar turns to Dar^en
[Wiendigo] Button it E.T.!
[crimsonmanticore] Well, I don't see you thinking of anythng Darien.
[DeathStar] Bah!
[Dominator] Garland, come back and join us again!
[Wiendigo] Screw that, tear him open!
[Dar^en] Maybe trying to talk to him
* Garland stares at he hunters, his hair parted limply
* Wiendigo darts towards Garland
[Dominator] I am!
[Dominator] Garland...
[crimsonmanticore] Taking to him will only get us killed.
[Garland] No... of all Reploids, I hate you all
* DeathStar is not among the group
* Garland teleports away from Wien
* Wiendigo leaps at Garland with his blades in hand
[crimsonmanticore] What?
[Garland] the most....
* DeathStar grabs Garland
* Wiendigo lands in a roll and gets bakc up in a hurry
* Wiendigo growls
* Garland teleports out of DS's grip
[Garland] Hmph... *taps comm* they wont leave.
* crimsonmanticore aims at Garland with his sowrd and charges into him
* Dar^en shakes his head, cloaks and begins walking toward the crash site
[DeathStar] SORRY KID!!!
[DeathStar] WIEN, BLAST HIM!
[Dominator] DS! WIEN!! STOP!
[DeathStar] GAH!
* DeathStar arms swipe air
[Wiendigo] Damn straight runt
* Garland teleports
* Wiendigo starts blasting wildly all around
[Garland] .......yessir.....will do.
[Dominator] Will do what Garland?
[crimsonmanticore] Stupid bastard... 
* Dar^en keeps walking avoiding Wien's stray shots
[DeathStar] WIEN!
[crimsonmanticore] Don't make us kill you.
* DeathStar tackles him
[Garland] I want you to know something hunters.
[Wiendigo] I'll hit him sooner or later, or something NOW!
[DeathStar] That will do NO GOOS!!
* DeathStar stands up
[Garland] Last time, I was overwhelmed with anger, forgive me for attacking you.
* DeathStar begins to look around for possible things to do
* Dar^en breaks into an invisible jog to the crash site
* Garland smiles evily
[Dominator] Garland, you're forgiven..
[Wiendigo] NOW DIE!
* Wiendigo blasts at G
[Garland] But now I have orders to kill you, at any costs
* Garland kiama's DS
* DeathStar armor absorbs it
* Dar^en looks back and sighs, but keeps going
[DeathStar] Sorry, kid...
* DeathStar blasts Garland
[crimsonmanticore] Why?
* Garland teleports and kicks DS in the back
* DeathStar blocks the kick and punches Garland
* Dominator rushes to DS and Garland
* Garland uppercuts DS
* Wiendigo jumps into the fight and kicks Garland in the back
[Wiendigo] Let's dance runt
* DeathStar blocks and punches Garland quickly
* Garland throws wien off of him
[DeathStar] Blitz makes me more of a fighter, Garland
* Dar^en keeps going
* Wiendigo leaps back at him
* crimsonmanticore punches Garland and slams him with his sword.
[crimsonmanticore] Stay down, kid if you wanna live.
* Garland flys up
* Wiendigo lashes G with his dark Tendrils
* Dar^en is at the crash site and begins looking around
* DeathStar rams Garland
* Garland , panting, looks at them
[crimsonmanticore] Some back up would be nice!
[Garland] So, where's the kid that.... replaced me.
* Dominator blasts Garland with a stun attack
[Dominator] Here.
* Dar^en tries to find anything he reconises
* Wiendigo flies into G
* Wiendigo slams him towards the ground
* Garland teleports and SuperKiama's wien
* DeathStar leaps backwards some and begins to charge fist
* Wiendigo absorbs it
[Garland] NRP: wien cant absorb that
[crimsonmanticore] Garland, we don't need this...
* Dominator fires thunderbolt at Garlnad
* Dar^en keeps looking around and tries to find a way in
[crimsonmanticore] What is wrong with you?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Damnit...
[Garland] *thunder bolt goes through garland* AGH!!!!!
[crimsonmanticore] Why do you want us dead?
* Garland falls to the ground
[Dominator] please stop Garland!
* Dominator rushes to him
* crimsonmanticore jumps onto Garland
* Garland a redlight flashes on Garland's collar
* Wiendigo rushes back at garland and slashes him
[crimsonmanticore] I treid to reason with you.. but now you got me pissed!
[Dominator] What ... is that?
[crimsonmanticore] What the hell is that?
* Dar^en touches the ship's side and access the computer using Psi
[Garland] What? what's hyper?
[Wiendigo] What the?
[crimsonmanticore] Damn it... get outta here...
* Garland an injection sound can be heard
[crimsonmanticore] I have no idea what it is, but I don't wanna know.
* Wiendigo flies back a distance
* DeathStar stops a few feet from the body
[DeathStar] HYPER?!
* Garland 's muscles grow out 4 inches in a few moments
* Dominator steps back
[Garland] Agh.......*grabs head* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
[DeathStar] Oooo hee hee hee...shit.
* Garland 's eyes glow red
* crimsonmanticore runs away with wings extened and lands safely nearby.
[Dominator] -Garland?
[crimsonmanticore] Something bad's happening...
[Garland] hehe......
[crimsonmanticore] L0ook at him...
* Garland rams into CM
[crimsonmanticore] Arrgh...
[crimsonmanticore] Get off me you freak!
* Garland is laughing insanly
* Garland punches CM in the face
[DeathStar] I got dibs on him first.
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[crimsonmanticore] ACID... /me pants ACID CRUSH
[Dominator] ..Death Star!
[DeathStar] CM!
* DeathStar turns to see the two
* DeathStar rushes towards Garland at top speed
* DeathStar tackles Garland
* Dar^en stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid.
*** Dar^en is now known as DarkPhoenix
* Garland teleports and kicks DS in the side with incredible speed
[DeathStar] OUF1
* DeathStar grabs side
* Garland does some sort of odd blast
* DeathStar punches Garland
* DarkPhoenix hyperjumps back to the battle
[crimsonmanticore] Acid and plasma explode in CM's arm cannon and burns Garland badly.
[Dominator] GARLAND!! STOP!!
[Wiendigo] Kid's getting pumped with something!
[Wiendigo] Holy shit...
[Wiendigo] Kid's gonna nova.
[Wiendigo] SPREAD OUT!
[Wiendigo] Keep flank on him!
[Wiendigo] Shit, nail his ass!
* Wiendigo blasts at G
* Garland kiama's CM (700 AP)
* Wiendigo flies at G
* Wiendigo helps DS
* Wiendigo stabs G
[DeathStar] CM!!!
* DarkPhoenix two level 3 glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Garland. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Garland (560 AP)
* Garland rushes into CM
* Wiendigo slams his fists down on G's shoulders
[DarkPhoenix] Don't like to do this kid
* Garland draws DarkBlood Revenge
* DeathStar looks at Garland
* crimsonmanticore falls, unconsciously
* Garland slashes DS
[DeathStar] I don't think his HP is is low anymore urk!
[Wiendigo] Grow a concious later! just hit him!
[Dominator] CM!!1
* DarkPhoenix attacks Garland with a energy blast (150 AP)
* Garland kiama's DP
* Dominator rushes to CM and picks him up slightly
* DeathStar slashes Garland
* Wiendigo attacks G with a psychic assult
[crimsonmanticore] I... can't... too weak... stop him before he gets outta here.
* Garland teleports and slashes DP
[DeathStar] WIENDIGO!!
[DeathStar] We need to team up here
* DarkPhoenix blocks with shield
[crimsonmanticore] He's done something to me...
[DeathStar] Power your strongest weapon
* Garland teleports over CM
* DarkPhoenix glares at Garland and an explosion ripples across its surface (140 AP)
[crimsonmanticore] I'll... I'll try...
* DeathStar leaps off Wien and grabs Garland in a tight hold
[Dominator] CM!! Don't talk like that!
* Dominator turns to the others fighting
* Garland laughs and thows DS off of him
* Wiendigo throws his Dark Sai at G
* DeathStar blasts Garland as he is thrown
[DeathStar] HIT HIM!
* Garland stabs sword into CM's chest
* DarkPhoenix two glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Garland. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Garland (140 AP)
[Wiendigo] TAKE HIM DOWN, NOW!
[crimsonmanticore] ACID FLUX!!!! [Garland incinerates with Acid and plasma and CM falls, blood pouering everywhere.
* Garland Super Kiamas DP
* DeathStar uses Jetpack and rams Garland into the ground
[Dominator] GARLAND!!
* Dominator is holding CM in his arms
[crimsonmanticore] BURN...BURN IN HELL...
* Garland walks up to CM
* Wiendigo attack G with his Shadow Claws
[DarkPhoenix] Ahhh@
* Dominator lets CM fall gently to the ground
* DeathStar blasts Garland hard
* Dominator rams Garland
[Dominator] THAT IS ENOUGH!!!
[crimsonmanticore] I... I tried...
* DarkPhoenix regains his feet and
* Dominator punches him in the gut
[Dominator] YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR!!!
* DarkPhoenix suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into Garland (130 AP)
[Garland] hahah..... *holds up and and presicly misses Dom, BUT hits CM with precise Ki shots
[DeathStar] Dom?!
[crimsonmanticore] HEY!... I... had... tooo....
[crimsonmanticore] DS... get this clown off of me...
* DeathStar skids to CM
[DeathStar] Come on, lets get going
* DeathStar grabs him and leaps far away
[crimsonmanticore] I saved you guys... remember that...
* Wiendigo tackles Garland and starts stabbing him
* Garland keeps morbidly attacking CM
* Dominator attacks Garland
* DeathStar sets CM down by a tree, far away
[DeathStar] Rest 
* Garland looks at Dom
[Wiendigo] C'mon you little shit, take on a real enemy!
[Garland] heheh.....
* DarkPhoenix slashes Garland with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DeathStar has CM out of range
[crimsonmanticore] I... I'll see you... on the other... side...
* Garland raises hand
* DarkPhoenix jumps back
* DarkPhoenix two glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Garland. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Garland (140 AP)
* Dominator blasts Garland twice (450 AP)
[crimsonmanticore] LEAVEE NOW... BEFORE IT's TOO LATE...
[Dominator] You murdered him!!!
[Dominator] YOU MURDERED HIM!!!!
* Garland forms a sheild around Dom and him
* Wiendigo jumps on Garland's back
* DarkPhoenix hyperjumps over to CM
* DeathStar rams shield
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Wiendigo] C'mon kid, you're dead, give it up
* Dominator glares darkly at Garland
[Dominator] How COULD you Garland?!
* crimsonmanticore dies
* DarkPhoenix at his touch, CM begins to be reconstructed (50 HP)
[Garland] hehe......
* Wiendigo starts stranggling Garland with his Dark Tendrils
* Garland 's eyes glow dark red
[Garland] *DP's blasts hit the shield*
-] [DarkPhoenix] PING
[Dominator] NRP: There's a shield Wiendigo..
* Dominator charges thunderbolt
[Wiendigo] NRP: I see it now, sorry
* Garland looks at Dom
[Dominator] HOW Garland?!
-] [Garland] PING
[crimsonmanticore] Unnh... I... can't do it... I'm sorry, DP... 
* Garland draws DarkBlood Revenge, still bloddy from CM
* Wiendigo tears at the shield
* DeathStar holds sholder
[DeathStar] How the hell do we get in there?!
[Wiendigo] I want to tear his entrails out, ME!
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
* Garland is in fighting stance
* DarkPhoenix touches the shield and tries to drain it
[Garland] heheh.....
* Garland runs at Dom and slashes
* Dominator blocks the slash
[Dominator] .....Fine, you leave me no choice
* Garland trips dom
* Wiendigo lights up a cigar
[DarkPhoenix] There's no more I can do
* Dominator leaps over Garland's trip
* Dominator slashes
* Garland jumps back
* DarkPhoenix backs away from the shield and hyperjumps to the shuttle
* Dominator fires thunderbolt (560 AP)
[DeathStar] GAH!
* DeathStar sits down
[Wiendigo] Soon as the kid drops the shield, anil him all at once.
* DarkPhoenix hyperjumps to the chrashed ship
* Dominator slashes Garland's face
* Garland Kiama's Dom (300 AP)
[Dominator] OUF
[Garland] AGH!!!!!! *grabs eye*
* DarkPhoenix begins looking around and cloaks again
* Garland falls to knees, holding face
*** crimsonmanticore is now known as NPC
[Dominator] GOLDEN PROWESS TIMES 2!!!! *is engulfed by golden crystals*
[Wiendigo] Never liked the runt's mug.
[DeathStar] Hrmph
* DarkPhoenix while still invisible morphs to alien
* DeathStar crosses arms as he watches
* Wiendigo puffs the cancer log
* Garland removes hands, a huge cut across his cheek/ side of head
*** DarkPhoenix is now known as Dar^en
[Wiendigo] Now only if his brains would spill out
[Garland] hehe......
[Dominator] ...
* Dominator punches Garland harf
[Dominator] I'm sorry, but I got to do this
* Dominator uppercuts him
* Garland kiama's Dom
* Dar^en enters the wreckage and begins exploring
[Dominator] OUF
* Garland is thrown into the wall of the sheild
* Garland goes into a frenzy on DOm
[Wiendigo] Remeber kid, you win, we'll her waitng, you lose, I'll slice your face off!
* Dar^en grabs bits and piece of technology and stores them
* Garland knocks Dom to the ground and smiles, eyes completly red and glowing
[Garland] *a muscle spasms* AGH!
[Dominator] GOLDEN PROWESS TIMES 3!!!!  *Grows stronger*
* Dominator begins to loose HP fast as he concentrates energy
[DeathStar] Dom's going to blow a casket..
* Dominator begins to block quickly
* Dominator fires thunderbolt (x3)
* Dominator slashes twice as he flips back and rams GArland into the shield
[Dominator] OUF!
* Dominator uppercuts Garland with a golden punch
[Dominator] TAKE THIS!!!
* Dominator slams him into the top of the shield
* Wiendigo turns to DS. 1"Pay up."
* Dar^en keeps grabbing any tidbit that looks like it would work
* Garland more muscles spasm
[DeathStar] Pay up?
* Dominator watches
[Wiendigo] The bet, I told you it would come down to them
[Garland] Agh......ahhhhhhhh.......
[Wiendigo] My 20 bucks, fork it over
[NPC] NRP: DS... I want you guys to take a look around in the area... towardsa the entrance of one of the CorSec HQ's... you'll find a capsule... that will be Regix... MAKE SURE THIS HAPPENs... ok?
[DeathStar] ....Gah, *throws it over at him*
* Wiendigo pulls it a couple time
[Wiendigo] Ahhh, nothing like hard earned money.
* Garland runs for Dom, but stops, in huge ammounts of pain
[Dominator] ......Garland?
[Wiendigo] Hey, where's E.T.?
[DeathStar] The wreckage?
* Dar^en keeps exploring the crash site grabbing things
[Wiendigo] ...Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
* Garland kiama's Dom
[Dominator] GAH
* Garland then falls
*** Martha-CorSec (Lobo@ip167.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
* Dominator slashes his weapon (x4)
* Dominator rams Garland hard into the shield taking huge amounts of energy
* Martha-CorSec jumps down from the sky
* Wiendigo tkaes out his sword
[Martha-CorSec] I heard you screaming over the co----- GARLAND!?
* Dominator begins to shake from the amount of energy loss
[DeathStar] Fun time!
* DeathStar draws sabre
[Wiendigo] It's mask makin' time!
* Garland is bleeding heavily
* Dominator eyes are gold
* Garland 's eyes fade to normal
* Wiendigo grabs garland
[Dominator] Garland, please, stop now..
* Dar^en keeps searching the ship
* DeathStar draws sabre
[DeathStar] Halloween time for the Wienidog
[Wiendigo] Hi kid, ready ta die?
[Garland] *sheild dissapears*
[Martha-CorSec] GARLAND!!!!
* Martha-CorSec runs to him
* Martha-CorSec looks at the hunters
* Dar^en begins patching up the ship and trying to encode the systems to himself
* Wiendigo takes up his sword
* DeathStar runs for Garland too
[Martha-CorSec] COMM] W-w-w-washmore? C-c-c-ould you get here, now? PLEASE?
[DeathStar] He's out of it guys!
[DeathStar] ....
* Garland falls uncontious
* NPC diappears in the xenon dust
* DeathStar folds arms as he watches them all
* Dominator looses the energy and slumps down, exhausted
*** Washmore-CorSec (Lobo@ip167.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[Washmore-CorSec] SHIT! HUNTERS!
* DeathStar turns to Washmore
[DeathStar] SHIT! CORSEC!
* Washmore-CorSec pulls out guns
* DeathStar twirls sabres
[DeathStar] Back away people if you value your lives...
[Washmore-CorSec] *looks at Garland*
[Washmore-CorSec] WHAT DID YOU DO!?
* Dominator pants
[Wiendigo] 'Member how you'd used to puke over that guard's face? Well, you're next.
* Wiendigo slides his blade up and down G's face
* Wiendigo slowly starts tracing Garlands face
[DeathStar] He didn't learn went to stop...
* Martha-CorSec calls for a robot ride
* Washmore-CorSec attacks in his robot ride
* Washmore-CorSec kicks Wien
[DeathStar] Wiendigo, cut it out and help me here!
[Washmore-CorSec] LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!
* Martha-CorSec picks up Garland
* DeathStar leaps at Washmore and slashes
[Garland] Uhh......uhn
* Washmore-CorSec ducks and slashes DS
* Dominator blasts Washmore back
* DeathStar flips back
* DeathStar 1"POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!"6 *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
* Martha-CorSec walks away with the badly beaten Garland
[NPC] [CM's voice can be heard as a faint whisper] Get out of here... you casn't avenge me if you die here...
* DeathStar begins to throw the ride into boulders
[Wiendigo] Please don't, makes it so much more fun for us
[Wiendigo] AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
* Wiendigo lands a good deal distance away, bouncing as he hits the ground
* Wiendigo slowly gets back up and spits out the dirt
[Wiendigo] Yer gonna die for that!
* Wiendigo runs back at the rides
* Washmore-CorSec 's ride starts to spark
* DeathStar slams it into the ground
[DeathStar] DIE!
[Washmore-CorSec] Ugh.....
[Washmore-CorSec] Stop!
* Wiendigo phases through Martha's ride, jsut enough to cause eletrical malfunctioning
* DeathStar begins to rip it to shreds
[Dominator] DEATH STAR!  STOP!
* Martha-CorSec screams as she's shocked by the systems
* DeathStar begins to break it to bits
* Garland wakes up as he hears her screaming
[Wiendigo] Fried human, delisc.
* Wiendigo tears into it
* Dominator tackles DS before he kill Washmore and the armor
[DeathStar] OUF!
* Garland gets up bleeding still
* DeathStar looses his polaris state
[Wiendigo] Here lady, lady, lady...
[Washmore-CorSec] Let us get him out of here! GARLAND WILL DIE IF YOU DONT!
* Garland super Kiama's Wien
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* Wiendigo grabs Garland and looks into his face
[Wiendigo] BIG mistake.
* Wiendigo throws him
[DeathStar] Fine.
[DeathStar] Wiendigo, retreat...
[Wiendigo] WHAT?
* DeathStar stuns Wien
* Dominator watches silently
[Wiendigo] NARRR! *slumps to the ground*
* Garland falls to knees, looking pitiful
* DeathStar grabs his body and begins to walk off
[DeathStar] I swear, I will kill you fools one day!
* DeathStar teleports to Darien's location
* Martha-CorSec gets up and walks off with garland's beaten body
[Wiendigo] Unnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhh............
[Martha-CorSec] Garland.... how could you stand up to them, without a Ride Armor?
[Wiendigo] You'll.....die....boot...*passes out*
* Dominator teleports also after one last look
* Martha-CorSec walks out of veiw
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*** Garland has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com)
[Washmore-CorSec] .......
[Washmore-CorSec] Tell me, how do you know Garland?
* Dar^en is still working at the ship
* DeathStar dumps Wien
* DeathStar notes there's a casule buried under the ground
[Dominator] What is it?
* Dominator holding side
[DeathStar] After you, Wien.
* DeathStar sighs
* DeathStar ignores Washmore
* Wiendigo stirs slightly
* Washmore-CorSec aims blaster at DS
[DeathStar] Okay, lets get this capsule out of the ground....we can open it at base.
* DeathStar calls the shuttle in
[Washmore-CorSec] I only stopped so I could get my comrade out of here.
* Wiendigo blasts Washmore's blaster
* Washmore-CorSec blasts wien
[DeathStar] Kid, if you do that, I swear I will make you soooo pain
[Wiendigo] Don't....try it....
* Wiendigo absorbs
[Washmore-CorSec] Tell me. NOW, Reploid Scum.
[Wiendigo] Mother's milk...
* Wiendigo gets back up and grins sadistically
[Wiendigo] Please let me kill 'im....
[Washmore-CorSec] COMM] Uh..... Hodges? I think the hunters got to the ship before our slavgers could get here, I think we need backup...
*** NPC has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Wiendigo takes out katana and starts towards Washmore
* DeathStar shuttle lands
* Dominator watches shuttle beam up the capsule inside's it's cargo hold
[DeathStar] Wien, kill this SOB
* DeathStar heads back to the shuttle and begins to power it up
* Dominator steps into the shuttle also and sits down, exhausted and haunted
[Dominator] Why?
* DeathStar is angry at Garland beyond means
* Dar^en keeps working at the crash site
[Wiendigo] No no no pretty human, you and me, we dance tonight
* Wiendigo leaps on Washmore and starts tearing into him
[Washmore-CorSec] Not this day, hunter, I have duties to accomplish.
* Washmore-CorSec kicks Wien off
* DeathStar growls
* Dominator holds head
[Dar^en] Got my own plans
* Wiendigo leaps back up on him
* Wiendigo leaps on his back
*** Hodges (Lobo@ip167.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] Fine, you can find your own plans back thenb
* Wiendigo starts slicing open the suit
* Hodges walksinto veiw
[Wiendigo] C'mon sardine!
* DeathStar lifts shuttle off the ground
* Dar^en grabs all the equipment he can and hyperjumps to the shuttle
* Hodges kicks Wien off