Mission 33: Flight to Arismith

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 21 hours after last session
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Darien runs into the room _1"Anybody wanna play tag!?"
* DeathStar looks at Darien
[justin-the-II] no
[Slash] Sure
[DeathStar] How the hell do you go from serious to childishness?
[Darien] Yay!
* Wiendigo walks in like nothing happened before
* justin-the-II walks to a chair and sets by a computer watching it
* Darien runs over to Slash and tags him
* Darien runs off
* Slash chases Darien
* DeathStar watches them, amazed
[Darien] Na, Na! you can't catch me!
[DeathStar] Is this a playground or MHHQ!?
* Wiendigo lights up a cigar and smirks
* Darien jumps into an elevator and the door close behind him
[Slash] thats what you think
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo
* Slash warps into the elevator, and tags Darien
[DeathStar] And your SHUTTLE will be here in three hours!
* Slash warps back to DS
* justin-the-II slaps his forehead and shakes it
[Wiendigo] Like you should talk boot licker, after the playground beating I gave you
[Darien] No fair!
* Darien comes back out and runs into the Control Room
[DeathStar] Oh, sureeeeee Wienidog
[Wiendigo] I won't go far, right after I kill them and take the shuttle for myself
* Darien looks at Wiendigo
[DeathStar] I figured.
* Darien runs up and tags him, _1"You're it!"
* DeathStar turns to the debriefing he has set up and sits down
* Slash looks at Wein, suddenly serious
* Darien dives under a table
* Wiendigo takes out his katana
[justin-the-II] .....
* Darien vanishes
[DeathStar] The capsule we found is in the Reseach Lab...X1 is trying to open it.  There seems to be someone inside it.
[justin-the-II] nrp:i hafta go see ya
*** justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving_)
[Wiendigo] Yer lucky I don't kill kids
[Slash] there is someone inside of it?
* Darien reappears on the top of the table,_1 "Can I help?"
[DeathStar] Aye....Is that shocking?
[DeathStar] No, I got another mission for everyone else
[DeathStar] EarthGov has this marked as top of the list of things to do.
[Darien] Awwww!
[Wiendigo] Someone could always be put inside of it then
* Wiendigo smirks at DS
[DeathStar] Civil War has broken out on the planet Arismith.  We're to help a particular side settle the war.
[Slash] and we are here to do it. am i right?
[Slash] yep.. thought so..
[Darien] KABOOM!
[DeathStar] I'm to send all the Hunters.  Hunters not present, discluding Dom who is waiting for you at the shuttle, is already on their way there now
* Dakota enters the room
[Dakota] is this uh... hunters hq?
[DeathStar] Thus that will leave the HQ unprotected and with Wiendigo here alone.  I'm not feeling well so I'm staying behind for a sick day.  And to watch Wienidog there.
[DeathStar] The entire thing is thank you
* DeathStar sets papers down
[DeathStar] Head to the hanger bay, all of you.  Get ready to go there.  Dom will further brief you
[Slash] which side are we supposed to help settle...
* Slash warps down to the shuttle
* Darien runs down to the shuttle
* Wiendigo sharpens his blade on the table
* Darien heads into the engine room, where a variety of parts lie in haphazard condition next the the (yes, still intact) engine
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo
* DeathStar walks off
*** DeathStar is now known as Dominator

Session Start: Sun Mar 14 14:36:48 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw2.log'
[Dominator] Continuing...NOW
[Wiendigo] NRP: Contorl of the room
* Dominator steps out of the shuttle, it is already powered up
[Slash] hello Dom
[Dominator] Greetings Slash...
* Darien is sitting on the floor of the engine room messing with some stuff
[Dominator] The others have a good thirty minute head start on us...
[Dominator] And if DS is right about Slasher, the other shuttle is in danger of sabatoge then...
* Dominator steps back into the shuttle and sits down in the seat, flipping controls
[Dominator] Everyone ready to go?
[Slash] ..
[Slash] SLasher...
[Dakota] ?
* Slash face falls a little
* Darien seems to be constructing some sort of flyer in the engine room
[Slash] lets go...
[Dakota] what's wrong with u?
* Dominator takes off
[Slash] Slasher... couldnt do this....
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] I hope we're not gone too long from the HQ.  I hate to leave DS and Wien alone there...
[Dakota] what are u talkin about slash
[Dakota] ?
[Slash] NRP: read history, and my bio, all will explain itself
* Wiendigo turns and grins to DS.  1"I'm going to the bar to await my freedom. If you wanna die, come join me."
[Dominator] Okay, we're to meet some people near the planet.  We'll meet them at another planet and they'll guide us the rest of the way
[Dakota] listen i am new here what the heck is going on as soon as i got here i was pushed in this ship and have no idea where i am going
[Slash] alright..
* Wiendigo walks off to the bar
[Dominator] Death Star: I'll see you there later then
*** Wiendigo has left IRC
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Dominator] We're going to the planet...*checks data*
[Dominator] Arismith
[Slash] alright.
[Dominator] We'll stop at the planet Tirtus to meet some of the people there from Arismith.  We'll send part of a code, they'll finish it
* Darien pulls the flyer into the main bay
[Darien] Tada!
[Slash] dom.. do you beleive that it is slasher....
* Dominator glances at Darien
[Dominator] I don't know what to believe anymore, Slash
[Slash] thats.....doing this..
* Dominator hits the hyperspace button
[Dominator] We'll be there in 30 minutes....stay sharp guys
[Slash] i... i still cant beleive it could be him...
[Slash] NRP: Midi.html has been updated
[Dominator] Ask him when we get there then
[Dominator] Time Chart: 28 minutes later
* Dominator plays cards
* Darien has been working on the flyer
* Slash listens to thoughts
* Dominator glances at Dakota
[Dominator] Having fun yet?
[Darien] Guys! Wanna see how it works!?
* Dominator walks over to the pilot's seat and sits down, getting ready to leave Hyperspace
[Slash] Sure Darien..
[Slash] why not
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] Not right now..*looks a little cold at Darien*
[Dakota] what
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] Nothing.
* Darien moves it to the shuttle door
* Dominator hyperspace alarms go off and he jumps out of hyperspace and a ice blue planet appears before them
* Darien climbs inside
* Slash looks up at the planet
[Slash] nice shade of blue...
* Dominator two large ships can be seen near it, heading towards them
[Dominator] That must be our contacts...
[Slash] i hope so..
* Dominator sends their part of the code
* Dominator light blinks, informing them of an incoming transmission
[Dominator] Slash, hit that button for me
* Slash hits the button
[Dominator] Voice: ~~~~unters...
[Slash] ??
[Dominator] Voice: ~~~~~~~. There.  Please come a little closer and we can begin our journey to the planet
* Dominator is still flying towards them
[Slash] something sounds familar about that voice...
* Slash shruggs it off
[Dominator] Every voice does that to you Slash
* Dominator flips comm. switch
[Dominator] Please send your part of the code, over.
[Dakota] anyone here ever hear of a denturi called X'aid Sellena (my major enemy)
[Dominator] Voice: We're having trouble ~~~~~~sending transmissions.  We can not....
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] Nope, sorry Dakota
[Dakota] .....
[Darien] Not that I can say
[Slash] i still say that sounds familiar.........
* Dominator is within 300 meters of them now
[Dakota] huh? what'd u say slash?
[Dominator] I don't like this
[Slash] oh well..
* Dominator eyes narrow
* Darien eyes flicker green from inside the flyer  1"Hodges? Cruci? Vile?"
[Slash] i hope its none of em..
* Dominator the voice is diffenetly alien
[Dominator] Computer, run voice scan on the natives of Arismith
* Darien streatches and grows. Green scales form around him and a Tsivrixsh warrior's uniform appears. His shield and a Xvash appear on his back. He blinks golden eyes horizontally.
*** Darien is now known as Daren
* Dominator the voice matches a native of Arismith
[Slash] ....
[Dominator] We're within 140 meters now...
[Slash] somethign is wrong...
[Daren] Arg, should have made the flyer larger
[Slash] they should be receiving crystal clear...
* Daren is cramped
* Dominator suddenly the ships open fire and the shuttle takes damage, alarms going off
[Daren] Maybe it's a trap like it usually is
* Slash turns around to look at Daren
[Dominator SOUND]
[Dominator] DAMN!
[Slash] What in the hell?*whirls around at the sound of the alarms*
* Dominator begins to spin the shuttle away from the firing ships
[Dominator] Computer: Warning.  Damage.  Must land immediately.
[Dakota] ?
* Slash jumps into the weapons guidance seat
[Slash] frick...
[Dakota] NOW WHAT????!
* Dominator begins to do a dive towards the planet Tirtus
[Dakota] this could get rough...
[Daren] Can you open the bay doors once we get in the atmosphere?
* Dominator enters the non-exist atmosphere and flies through thick ice clouds, the ships continuing to fire on them
* Dominator shuttle rocks
[Dominator] Bay doors jammed.
[Slash] damn damn damn..
[Daren] Mind if I cut through them?
* Dominator rolls it down and sees strange liquid covering the planet and then sees a frozen terrian nearby
[Dominator] I'm going to land there.
[Dominator] Of course I mind!
[Dominator] I don't want to loose this shuttle!
[Slash] how far till the ground?!
* Dominator brings it down and crash lands through the icy terrian and manages to stop behind some large boulders, hidden from view above
* Daren squeezes out of the flyer
[Slash] AHHHH
* Daren it vanishes
[Dominator] OUF!
* Slash flys through the windshield
[Dakota] .......
* Dominator rubs arm and hits button.
[Slash] *THUD*
[Dominator] Computer, how long will it take for you to repair the damage?
[Dominator] Computer: 1 hour.
* Dominator looks at Slash
[Dominator] Hrm.
* Slash gets up, holding his wrist
[Daren] That is a bad thing, right?
* Dominator leaps out the broke window and feet crunch on the ice
[Dakota] great landing dom
[Dominator] Everyone okay?
* Dakota follows dom
[Daren] Fine, just got this cramp
[Dominator] I would say.  Our "friends" are going to be looking for us.
[Slash] i think i dislocated my wrist..
* Dakota slips on the ground
[Dakota] whoa!
* Daren bens one of his double jointed legs
* Slash wrist hangs useless
[Slash] someone give me a hand?
* Dakota offers a hand to slash
* Dominator hears sounds of flying somewhere nearby
[Slash] hahaha, grab my wrist like so and pull*shows*
[Dakota] okay
[Daren] So how do we get out with the bay doors jammed?
* Dominator walks over to the liquid and looks down, not even seeing a reflection
* Slash a loud crack is heard and a scream of pain
* Dakota does what slash said
[Dominator] Well, me and Slash and Dakota went through the windshield
[Slash] DAMNIT that hurt...
* Dominator walks around the ice
[Daren] Yes, but I bleed
* Slash gets out and follows dom
[Daren] Glass can hurt!
[Dakota] hey at least i have some medical skills so i knew what i was doing slash
[Dominator] Stay in there then
* Dominator goes around to the bay door and begins to pull
[Dominator] GAHH...HELP ME!
* Dakota helps dom
* Slash runs over to dom, and grabs the bay door
[Dakota] man this is stuck
* Dominator yanks hard and the door begins to wrench out slowly
* Slash muscles bulge and using augmented strength helps it open
[Dominator] I..agree..
[Dakota] want me to use my jets?
* Dominator all three manage to open it finally
[Daren] Thanks
[Dominator] No, we got it that time...
[Dakota] n/m
* Daren walks out and looks around
* Dominator the ice begins to rock as bombs are dropped nearby
[Dakota] oh crap
* Slash attempts to keep balance, but fails miserably
* Daren does a telepatic scan of liquid
* Dakota flies above the ice
* Dominator slips on the ice
* Slash gets up, and keeps his balance this time
* Daren a glowing ball appeares and fades into Daren. He floats into the air.
* Daren flies over to Dom and helps him
* Dominator ice stops rocking and marching can be heard now
* Slash listens
[Slash] this is not good
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Slash flips up his autocannons
[Dakota] want me to see what it is]
[Dakota] ?
-] *Daren* Level Attack Commands: punch, wave, xvash, touch, ball, hyper, shock, drain, helmet
-] *Daren* Other Level Commands: back (attack back), heal
-] *Daren* Extras: b=bonus, t=nanos, d=drain
-] *Daren* Other Commands: Fly, Slicer, Human, Alien, Reploid, Cloak, Uncloak, Absorb, Stun, Scan
-] *Daren* Special: Hyperjump, Foe Morph
* Slash arms his gauntlets, and begins charging his PPC's
* Dakota arms his weapons
[Dominator] No, stay together
* Daren shield appears on his arms
[Dakota] .....
* Slash looks around, listening
*** Aliens (death_star@dial2.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Aliens two aliens come running at them
[Slash] AHH
* Dominator flips out Rune Sword
* Slash fires all long range weapons at Aliens 920 AP
* Daren Xvash appears in his hands
* Aliens they take the damage and keep charging
* Daren slashes aliens with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* Dominator fires his thunder bolt at one
* Slash flips down his auto cannons, and slashes at one of the aliens 210 AP(two times)
* Daren slashes anotheralien with his Xvash (180 AP + 10 AP poison)
* Aliens one slashes Daren (120 aP)
* Aliens one smashes Slash into the ground hard (300 AP)
* Daren When he touches Daren, Nanos invade alien body and begin to deconstruct him (60 AP / 10 seconds)
* Aliens one grabs Dakota and begins to strangle him
* Dakota fires napalm at Aliens (100AP)
* Dominator slashes the one holding Dakota
[Dakota] ?!
* Slash screams  1"DARK ARMOR ENHANCEMENT!!"  armor begins to flow, and shift changing into something new. a dark green glow appears around him, and all weapons are affected.
[Slash] Lets rumble
* Daren with Psi-enchanced power, punches alien, and a waves of Psi energy blasts out from Daren's fist. (60 AP + 130 AP all)
* Daren touches alien and Nanos invade him starting desconstruction (60 AP / 10 seconds)
* Daren uses his psi power to increase damage (+60 AP)
[Aliens] RAHH
* Aliens smashes Dakota into the ground
[Dakota] oooooouch
* Aliens aliens look at them and one takes off
* Slash fires all long range weapons at Alien 920 AP
*** Aliens is now known as Alien
* Dakota reactivates jets
* Dominator slashes remaining alien
* Dakota flies about 10 ft up
[Slash] (plus 40 AP each weapon)
[Alien] ARGH
* Daren grabs the Alien
[Daren] Who sent you?
* Alien one rams Slash into the ground
* Dakota fires a crash bomb at the alien (110AP)
[Alien] NOTCAH!
* Alien kicks him hard and then leaps at Dom
[Alien] GAHH
* Slash rushes at the alien slashing 290 AP(strengh enhancement, and weapon ehnancement)
* Slash continues slashing
[Alien] You want to help the other side in our private war!!
* Daren punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Psi Energy sweeps outward (130 AP all)
[Slash] AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
* Alien leaps into the air
* Slash keeps slashing madly at the alien
* Dominator fires thunderbolt at him
[Dakota] OOOH my head!
* Alien dies
* Dakota collapses to the ground
* Alien crashes through the ice into the liquid, vanishing instantly
*** Alien is now known as GM
* Slash looks at the hole made
* Slash wipes battery fluid off his mouth, and eyes begin glowing
* Dakota gets up
* Daren a small container appears in Daren's hand
[Dakota] what was that thing?
* Dominator suddenly tentacles explodes through the hole and wrap around Dom, freezing the spots they touch
[Dominator] GAHHH!!!!
*** GM is now known as Water_Creature
[Dakota] OH!!!
* Slash rushes at the tentacles, slashing at them
* Water_Creature wraps tentacles around Dom's neck, freezing it
* Dakota reactivates the thrusters
[Dominator] GAH!! HELP!
* Slash warps out of the way
* Dominator fires thunderbolt twice and drops his rune sword as he struggles
* Dakota the thrusters suppter out
[Dakota] !
* Slash fires PPC's at Dom to help thaw him out
* Water_Creature one grabs Dakota's leg
* Daren glares at Water_C and an explosion ripples across Water_C (140 AP)
[Dakota] Oh !
[Water_Creature] RAAGGHHHH
[Daren] Back I say!
* Slash fires Ion cannon at the Creature
* Water_Creature throws tentacles toward Daren
* Daren two glowing balls appear in Daren's hands and blasts towards water_C. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting water_C (140 AP)
* Water_Creature explodes down into the ice again, carrying Dom with him
* Dakota tiries the thrusters again
[Dominator] WAHHHH!
* Dominator is being dragged towards the liquid
* Slash fires all long range weapons at water 920 AP
* Daren fires at the tentical holding him
* Slash slashes at the tenticles
* Dakota 's thrusters kick on
[Dakota] LET GO !
* Dominator struggles, 1 foot from hole
* Dakota turns around firing rapid shoots at water'c
* Daren two level 3 glowing balls appear in Daren's hands and blasts towards tenticals. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting tenticals (560 AP)
[Dakota] 's tentacles
* Water_Creature it lets go of Dakota
* Slash continues hacking at hte tenticles
* Water_Creature realises him
*** Water_Creature is now known as GM
[Dakota] 90ap)
* GM releashes
[Slash] NRP: releases..
* Dominator pants, ice melting on him
[Dakota] Anything else???
[Dominator] NRP: AYe.
[Slash] Dom you ok?
[Dakota] you okay dom?
[Dominator] That..must be a native of THIS planet...
* Daren picks up the cup he dropped and dips it in the liquid
* Slash touches his hand to Doms chest, attempting to heal him with armor 50 LP
* Daren the cup and liquid vanish
[Slash] what was that for Daren?
[Daren] Maybe the stuff will be useful
[Slash] ahh
* Slash begins charging his gauntlets
*** GM has quit IRC (dream.esper.net weyr.esper.net )
*** Dominator has left IRC
*** Dominator has quit IRC (dream.esper.net weyr.esper.net )
*** Dakota has quit IRC (dream.esper.net weyr.esper.net )
[Slash] NRP: i feel a netsplit coming on...
[Slash] Damn can i call em?
*** Dakota (Av1central@gc-digital24.pathway.net) has joined #taw
*** Dominator is on IRC
*** Dominator (death_star@dial2.planters.net) has joined #taw
*** GM (death_star@dial2.planters.net) has joined #taw
*** weyr.esper.net sets mode: +o Dominator
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
[Dominator] Wait...they vanished again
[Dominator] NRP: Unpause
[Slash] NRP: damn, can i call em or what?
* Dominator suddenly the ice begins to rumble
[Dominator] Uh oh...
* Dakota takes off again
*** GM is now known as Water_Creature
[Slash] CRAP
[Dakota] i hate this place
* Water_Creature explodes completely through the ice and lands on it, a huge monster with a gaping mouth
* Daren glares at WC and an explosion ripples across WC (140 AP)
* Slash looks at the creature
[Dominator] IT'S BACK!
* Water_Creature rushes at them all
* Dakota fires rapid shots at water_c (90AP)
* Slash fires all weapons at the creature, 850 AP
* Dominator grabs rune sword from ice and slashes
* Water_Creature a tentacle whacks Dom and sends him skidding across the ice
[Dominator] OUF!
* Daren dives to the left and fires a energy blast at it (150 AP)
* Slash warps on top of it, and plunges his warp blades deep into its head
* Slash warps away
* Slash begins charging gauntlets again
* Dakota fires crash bomb at Water_c (110AP)
* Water_Creature tentacles wrap around Daren and the spots they touch freeze
* Water_Creature throws one around Slash too
* Water_Creature it's large mouth snaps at Dakota
* Water_Creature Slash cannot warp
[Daren] Ahhh!!!
[Slash] Damnit
* Dominator stands up
[Dominator] ARghh...
[Dakota] whoa...
* Water_Creature snaps at Dakota again
* Slash armor fights the creatures tentacle
* Dakota flies higher
* Daren When he touches Daren, Nanos invade WC body and begin to deconstruct him (60 AP / 10 seconds)
* Water_Creature keeps rushing at him
* Slash begins draining HP from the creature
* Dakota fires rapid shots again (90ap)
* Water_Creature the ice somehow manages to stop the nanos
* Water_Creature slash cannot drain the HP
[Slash] DAMNIT
* Water_Creature slaps Dakota with a fin
* Dominator slashes the Water Creature
* Slash armor keeps fighting the tentacle off
* Daren with Psi-enchanced power, punches tentical, and a waves of Psi energy blasts out from Daren's fist. (60 AP + 130 AP all)
* Water_Creature begins to pull the two towards it's mouth
* Slash slashes at it's tenticles
[Water_Creature] RAFGGHHH
* Slash continues chopping at its tentacles
* Daren suddenly glows and morphs
* Dakota flies out of control and lands near the shuttle
* Water_Creature pops Slash's leg in it's mouth and bites
[Dakota] .....ooh
* Water_Creature drops Daren
* Slash a loud CRACK is heard
* Dominator slashes at the Water Creature and is knocked back again
[Dominator] RAGGHH!
* Water_Creature drops Slash, his leg in his mouth
[Dominator] SLASH!
[Dakota] ?
* Dominator fires all his weapons on the WC
[Dominator] DAKOTA, STOP HIM!
* Daren body begins taking on a familiar form ... Shadow Knight
* Dakota gets up
* Dominator keeps firing and the WC begins to die slowly
*** Daren is now known as ShadowKnight
* Slash falls KO'd
* Dakota is a bit shaken
[Dominator] Shadow Knight?!
* Water_Creature bites at Dom and punctures his armor some
[ShadowKnight] Finially...
* Dakota shakes it off
* Slash is slowly bleeding to death
[Dakota] WHAT?
[Dominator] ARGGHH
* ShadowKnight streatches
*** Light is on IRC
* ShadowKnight fires wrist bats at WC (90 APx2)
* Dominator slumps down
* Water_Creature rams SK
[Dakota] Dom What did u say?
* Water_Creature begins to retreat towards the hole in the ice
* Dominator is almost out of it now
* ShadowKnight attacks WC with Nano-laced claws (65 AP) + (45 AP per target's attack)
* Slash eyes snap open, and he releases a full charge gauntlet blast at its mouth 210 AP
* Water_Creature roars in pain and dies, falling through the liquid
*** Water_Creature is now known as GM
* Dominator turns to Shadow Knight
[Dakota] who the heck is that guy?
* Slash falls again, KO'd
[Dominator] But how can YOU be here?  Y-You're dead...
* Dakota runs up to dom
* Dominator holding his bleeding shoulder
* ShadowKnight stands shakely
[Dakota] who is this guy
[ShadowKnight] Dead is only for the wimps
[Dominator] He's Darien I thought...
[Dakota] hey want me to patch that up
* Slash is still slowly dying
[Dominator] no--I'm fine
* Dominator stands
[Dominator] I SAW you die SK
[ShadowKnight] Will be again soon anyway
[Dakota] i think slash may be beyond my skills though...
* Dakota walks over to slash
* Dominator turns to Slash
[Slash] NRP: get my god damn leg...
[Dominator] Damn
[Dakota] man what should i do?
* Dominator grabs Slash's leg
[Dakota] i can't fix this....
* Dominator looks at SK and then back at Slash and runs over to Slash
* ShadowKnight follows over to Slash
* Slash mumbles
[Dakota] it's been to long since i did this...
[Dominator] Get him onto the shuttle...we got some medical stuff on it
[Slash] i....cant....die.....
[Dominator] That's right Slash...so DON'T
[Slash] i.....need...to...kill.....
* Dakota takes slash into the shuttle
* ShadowKnight begins using nanos to reinforce Slash's body
* Dominator carries Slash and his leg into the shuttle and lays him down
[Dakota] save your energy don't talk
* Dominator is still in disbelief SK is here before him
* Slash eyes snap open once more, looking up at SK
[Slash] my...god...im...dead...
[Slash] this..sucks...
[ShadowKnight] Hello, old friend
[Dakota] be quiet bud...
[Slash] welcome...back..to the world of the living...
* ShadowKnight eyes close in a wince
[Dominator] Thanks Shadow Knight, keep him alive.  I'll go get the medical equipment
[Dakota] save your stregnth
* Dominator runs over and grabs it, not noticing the warning lights flashing on the dashboard of the shuttle
[Dakota] i am really going to stretch my skills if i have to fix u
* ShadowKnight keeps helping Slash
* Dominator hooks Slash up
[Dakota] Dom hurry up with that stuff
* Slash grips SK's sholder
[Dominator] That'll help him
[Slash] i..always..knew..you'd be back...
[ShadowKnight] Not for long
[Slash] in..body or soul..
[Dakota] where is his leg dom?
[ShadowKnight] Got about five minutes left... at least in body
* Dominator nods and begins to deliver power to Dom
* Dominator hands Dakota his leg
[Dominator] What do you mean 5 minutes?
[Dakota] this may hurt dom i need ur help i haven't done this for quite a while okay?
* Slash armor is attempting to heal the leg, but failing miserably
[ShadowKnight] That's as long as I can hold this form left
[Dominator] I'll try...
* ShadowKnight uses nanos like microsurgery bots
[Dakota] okay...
[Dominator] I see...so, who is Darien then?
* Dakota tries conecting slash's leg back on slowly
[ShadowKnight] New body I picked up
[Dominator] SK can help too...his nanos are great at repairing stuff
* Slash armor finally sees the leg back, and begins healing on its own, slowly
[Dakota] this might hurt
[Dominator] ...We'll talk about this later..
* Dakota suddenly pushes it in quite hard.
[Slash] ARRGH
* Slash grits teeth in pain
[Dominator] Place the nanons there SK, that should help
* ShadowKnight takes a step back and shutters
[Dakota] do it now!
* ShadowKnight goes back to helping, placing nanos
[Dakota] SK NOW!
[Dominator] There we go..I think that would have helped..
[ShadowKnight] Don't think Darien's aware of me, though
[Dakota] hope the joint connected right...
* Slash sits up slowly
* ShadowKnight inserts the nanos
[Dominator] He's not?  That's an interesting one.
[Dakota] easy bud
[Slash] damnit...thats gonna sting...
* ShadowKnight shutters again and
* ShadowKnight streatches and grows. Green scales form around him and a Tsivrixsh warrior's uniform appears. His shield and a Xvash appear on his back. He blinks golden eyes horizontally.
*** ShadowKnight is now known as Daren
[Dominator SOUND]
* Dominator alarms go off
[Dakota] ?
[Slash] What now..
[Dakota] can u walk slash?
[Dominator] ?!
* Daren shakes his head... what happened?
[Slash] i dont know...
* Slash attempts to
* Dominator runs to dashboard and sees a large ship heading their way
* Slash uses his Bo to walk
[Dakota] it might be awhile before u can walk without limping
* Daren runs to the computer
[Dominator] We got another 10 minutes before we can take off..
[Dakota] glad u are alright...
* Daren checks the scanner
[Slash] ..
[Dominator] Or we could try now and possibly BLOW up..
* Slash looks out
[Slash] lets take them down...
[Dakota] ?
* Slash flips up his lockdown cannon
* Dominator scanner shows an unfamiliar ship, but like the ones that shut them down, coming
[Dakota] u are in no condition to fight slash
[Slash] lets see how they like EM pulses...
* Slash pushes Dakota away
[Dakota] !
[Slash] I have been fighting since before your grandfather was in diapers..
*** NPC (casaursa@usr08-073.provide.net) has joined #TAW
[Dominator] Okay, lets get this show ready...
* Dominator arms weaponary.
[Slash] there aint no way you can stop me
[Dakota] ! Whatever
* Slash begins charging his gauntlets
* Dakota arms up
[Dominator] We...can't fight these things with this shuttle.  So I'm going to try to take off and risk blowing us up
[Dakota] just be careful
[Slash] lets rock this joint
* Daren jumps out of the shuttle
* Daren begins shrinking and his blue windbreaker appears. He is once again a seven-year-old human. He blinks his blue eyes.
* Dominator activates power and the computer begins to protest greatly
*** Daren is now known as Darien
* Dominator switches the switch to close the bay door
[Dakota] What are u doing it wont go dom!
[Dominator] Hell, stay here or die....
* Dominator powers it up
* Slash fires Plasma cannons at the ship 190 AP
* Darien his glider appears in front of him and he jumps in
[Dominator] Either way, we die..
* Dakota fires crash bomb at ship (110 AP)
* Dominator takes off, the shuttle rumbling as he climbs
* Darien flies cover for the shuttle
[Dominator] I hope everyone is buckled in...
* Dominator shuttle flies past the attacking ships
* GM ShipA
*** GM is now known as ShipA
* Dakota stays with slash
* ShipA locks onto the shuttle and fires
[Dominator] GAH!
* Darien lets off a few blasts at the ShipA
* Slash opens an airlock, and fires his PPC's and Plasma cannons at the Ship 270 AP
* ShipA shudders
* ShipA targets Darien
[Slash] DIE YOU Fricking ship
* Darien flies a strafing run over Ship
[Slash] DARIEN!!!
* Dominator flies higher and is now out of the firing range, the control panel sparks
* Darien cloaks
* Darien dodges
* Dakota fires rapid shots at shipA (90 X 2 AP)
* ShipA hovers around looking and then explodes
[Dakota] finnaly it is firing fast
*** ShipA is now known as ShipB
*** Darien is now known as DarienFlyer
* ShipB flies off
*** ShipB is now known as GM