Mission 34: Under Seige

[Aristi] Time Chart: 3 hours later
[Aristi] Location: The planet Arismith
* Aristi walks around the Arismithian base
[Morter] ...
* Dar^en has been invisible his entire stay beyond the introduction. He follows the others invisibly in his alien form and smiles.
* Aristi points at Morter
* Blackjack looks around
[Aristi] What strange CREATURE you are..
* Cross looks around
* Dominator walks by Aristi
* Morter stares at Aristi
* Aristi enters a huge dining room
[Aristi] Feel free to enjoy the food...very good...
[Morter] hmm...
* Aristi antenana waves back and forth
[Dominator] All right...
* Aristi picks a worm out of sludge and eats it
[Dominator] However, I am a reploid and therefore don't need any food.
* Blackjack cringes
* Dar^en decides he is not hungry
* Cross glances at the food.
[Morter] ugh..
* Blackjack was hungry, but suddenly lost his appetite
* Dominator sits down, not eating, and says, 1"Where are the other Hunters?"
[Aristi] Wonderful....won't you try some?  I got HUMAN food over there!  *points at pies and cakes and chicken*
[Aristi] This is our kind's food.
* Dar^en sits invisibly in a corner of the room
* Aristi sits down
[Cross] Uh.... I just ate....
[Aristi] I got the rest of those here on patrol..if that's okay with you.
* Dominator glances at the human food
* Aristi frowns
[Aristi] I see you won't eat our food
[Dominator] Yes, its fine. However, I'd like contact with my hunters nonetheless and to be aware of their orders and such.
[Aristi] This is unrespectful..
* Aristi stands up
[Cross] I dont eat, I'm a reploid
[Dominator] Me? As I said I'm a reploid and don't need food....
* Blackjack decides to be respectful
[Cross] Sorry?
[Blackjack] I am kind of hungry...
* Aristi smiles at BJ
[Aristi] Good...
* Aristi ushers him over to the Earth food
[Cross] uh... I'll eat even tho I'm a reploid....
* Cross follows BJ
* Blackjack gets some of the food and sits next to Dom
* Aristi smiles and sits back down too
* Blackjack whispers something to Dom
* Aristi slurps some moving pasta
* Morter walks over to the earth food even if he's a bit repulsed
* Dominator listens
* Blackjack shrugs and takes a bite of his food
[Aristi] After we eat, I'll take *slurp* to the battlefield....
* Aristi the food is surprisingly good
[Blackjack] This is pretty good!
* Dominator raises eyebrow at BJ
* Morter gets some food and sits down
* Blackjack mumbles something. 1"It's better... food at..." is heard.
* Aristi next bite BJ takes there's a sickening crunch
* Dominator turns and looks at BJ
* Blackjack cringes and spits out what crunched back onto his plate
* Morter looks at BJ
* Aristi pieces of a cockroach can be seen on the plate
[Blackjack] Yuck...
* Cross eats some human food, but acidentally east some alien food and gags
[Aristi] Aw, yes, an Earth delicacy I see...
* Dominator mutters, 1"You were right BJ..."
* Blackjack runs out of the room, hand on his mouth
[Dominator] Uh.. excuse Blackjack...
* Aristi looks confused
* Blackjack returns, wiping his mouth on his sleeve
[Blackjack] I... think I've had enough...
[Dominator] I'm not quite sure, since I'm not human, but I believe they have... uh... rituals to perform after eating.
* Dar^en grins invisibly at the others
[Aristi] Then lets move out then, if you Hunters are now done with gulcsh
* Aristi walks outside the base and steps into a huge transporter type vechile
[Morter] ...hmm..
* Dar^en follows him
* Dominator follows
* Blackjack whispers something to Dom, and follows Aristi
* Aristi powers it up
* Morter follows
* Aristi hears BJ
[Cross] NRP: weird how aliens speak english here....
[Aristi] NRP:  Actually, he can only speak a smidge of English, THANK you
* Dominator holds in a chuckle after BJ says that, and they stops when he sees Aristi heard
[Cross] NRP: ... sorry....
* Blackjack stops cold
* Aristi looks over at them and begins to head out now through the thick jungle
[Blackjack] I... uh... I'm only kidding... Aristi! The food was... great!
[Morter] hmph.
* Dar^en floats invisibly in the air and pulls out his shield as they will be heading to battle conditions
[Dominator] Where are we heading, Aristi?
* Blackjack follow Aristi, slashing the foliage with his katana
[Aristi] To where the religous cult, the Aritana are...
[Aristi] You are to capture them and stop this senseless Civil War going on.
* Aristi continues flying
[Dominator] Will we have any backup?
[Blackjack] This place thick enough? Damn... THey would be in the middle of a jungle...
[Aristi] Perhaps, Hunters.
[Dominator] What's the base's defense?
[Aristi] Me thinks you can do it
[Aristi] Me don't know
[Blackjack] NRP: Oops, didn't realize we were in a shuttle... ignore my comment about slashing through
* Aristi lands on the ground and a camp sight can be seen ahead.
[Aristi] There it is, Hunters BJ and Dominator.
[Aristi] Good luck to you.
* Aristi vanishes into the jungle
[Blackjack] WEll, Dom, here we go...
*** Aristi is now known as GM
[Dominator] Do you have an information on the base that i could look... He's gone...
[Morter] ...?
[Cross] Ummm
[Dominator] Yeah, Blackjack... Careful with the whispers by Aristi next time...
[Blackjack] He sure can disappear fast... Looks like we're alone here now...
* GM suddenly two aliens that look like Aristi land on the transportation and glare at them
[Blackjack] THis is the ultimate test Cross, Morter, and Dar^en... Prepare yourselves...
* GM they are also the same aliens on Tirtus
* Morter stares back
* Dar^en floats behind them
[Blackjack] Wha...?
* GM one fires a strange mind ray at BJ and hits him off his feet
[Dominator] All right, everyone, we're going to go in a moment. Its important we work together. *lowers voice* I don't quite trust everyone here...
[Cross] Ok..
* Dar^en glares at aliens and an explosion ripples across aliens (175 AP)
* Dominator aims Thunder Bolt at them and says loudly and slowly, 1" Who are you?!"
* Cross blasts the aliens
* GM they manage to phase through it and turn around and blast behind them
[GM] Alien: Tichi!
[Blackjack] Hold your fire!
* Dar^en has already moved
[Dominator] NRP: We have translators...?
[GM] NRP: no
* Blackjack aims his rifle at the aliens. 1"Explain yourself!"
[Dominator] Shit, he doesn't speak English...
* GM fires at BJ
* Morter cloaks
[Cross] NRP: it would have translated if we did
* GM tries to track Morter
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (210AP)
[Cross] maybe.. they dont like humans?
* Blackjack takes the hit
[Blackjack] Open fire!
* GM one dies instantly and crashes to the ground
*** GM is now known as Alien
* Cross blasts the one standing
* Alien grabs a wooden staff and looks extremely alarmed
[Dominator] Blackjack!
* Blackjack lets a few missiles fly at the alien (180 AP)
[Blackjack] I'll live, Dom...
* Alien leaps back onto the ground
[Dominator] Try and disarm him before killing him...
[Alien] Tichi!!!
[Blackjack] NRP: Homers, DS.
[Alien] OUF!
* Morter appears behind an alien and whacks it with his hammer (112 AP)
* Alien crashes
* Alien groans in pain at Morter's hit
* Alien is KOed
[Dominator] Don't kill him yet...
[Blackjack] Well, it seems like Tichi is all they can say... Wish I knew what it meant...
* Morter re-cloaks
* Dar^en does a telepatic scan of alien
[Cross] he's KO'ed like a bad boxer
* Alien the atmosphere distrubance stops Dar^en
[Blackjack] Cut the jokes, Cross, this is serious business. No telling what's coming next.
[Dominator] Lets get going to the base...
* Alien moans
* Dominator turns back
* Morter reappears next to BJ
* Blackjack whirls to the alien, rifle ready
[Cross] Oh fine..
[Alien] Tichi...
* Dar^en tries to scan him again once he's away (Psi level 2)
* Dominator looks at the alien, 1" Are you a Regina? Regina?"
[Alien] Tichi a repta!
[Blackjack] Hey Dar^en, you got any idea what "tichi" means?
* Alien hisses at Regina and grabs staff
* Dar^en appears
[Cross] Uh.... Tichi!
[Dar^en] Stop
* Morter turns around holding his Energy Sheriken
[Dar^en] It means stop
* Dar^en vanishes again
* Alien throws it at Dominator and it smashes into his chest (stun)
[Dominator] He's an enemy. Take him out.
[Blackjack] Thanks, Dar^en...
[Alien] I see you don't speak English..
[Alien] NRP: I mean Arismithian
[Dominator] ARGH!
* Alien twirls sabre
* Dominator slumps on the floor
[Blackjack] You speak English?
[Alien] I said, "Stop at once"...
[Alien] Yes, I'm fluent in many lanquages..
[Cross] If you speak english, why didn't you tell us!?
* Dar^en keeps trying to focus the scan on him to pick up his language
[Alien] Because I wanted to see your reaction...you're bloodthirsty from what I see..
[Blackjack] Whose side are you on?
* Dar^en appears
[Alien] And you wrok for the Regina...
* Dominator gets, 1"Dammit... You attacke dus."
[Alien] They are evil...and those who work for them are evil...
[Dar^en] You fired on BJ first
[Blackjack] No, I attack when my friends are attacked.
* Dar^en dissapears
[Blackjack] Not to mention when I'm attacked.
* Alien whistles sharply for backup
[Dominator] Then, you're are enemy.
[Blackjack] It's called "self-defense."
[Alien] Evil one will pay...
* Alien begins to spin sabre and staff comes flying into it's hands
[Dominator] Hunters, they are are enemies... Attack!
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (210AP)
* Alien throws sabre at Monter
[Blackjack] You want a fight, eh? We'll see who wins when the cards have fallen...
* Alien grabs shoulder in pain and slumps to the ground, bleeding badly
* Dar^en appears
* Morter cloaks and creeps away
[Blackjack] Had enough?
[Cross] Maybe we should let him live?
[Dar^en] I suggest we don't kill him
[Cross] yeah, show mercy.
[Dominator] We don't want to wait for his backupo to come... Knock him out and leave him, and lets go.
[Alien] Achia....shei tata!
[Morter] Ack..
[Blackjack] Right, Dom.
* Alien smirks
[Alien] That means, you will pay...
* Blackjack nails the alien over the head with his staff (KO attempt)
* Morter smacks the alien with his hammer
* Alien is knocked out
*** Alien is now known as GM
[Dominator] Hurry...
* Blackjack spins his staff and replaces it on his back
* Dominator starts toward the base quickly
[Blackjack] Let's get outta here... NOW.
* Dar^en moves over to him and begins using nanos to heal his wounds, but keep him unconscious
* Blackjack sprints after Dom
[Cross] Yeah...
* Morter runs to BJ
* GM trees move slightly and slight footsteps can be heard all around
* GM up ahead, tents can be seen, a huge fire going on in the middle of them
[Blackjack] Damn it... Their cavalry's here...
* Morter looks around
* Dar^en when he his done healing the alien, he grabs its saber and vanishes again
[Cross] I think I'll just keep quiet.
* Blackjack grips his rifle tightly. 1"If there are as many of them as it sounds, we don't stand a chance..."
*** Dominator^ (ryan_cross@ttyD1.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
[Dominator^] NRP: I gotta get off for a sec...
Session Close: Fri Mar 19 22:21:07 1999

Session Start: Fri Mar 19 22:27:51 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
* Dar^en does a telepathic scan of the area for Aristi
[Blackjack] We need to get to the base before we're found, Dom
[Cross] Oy...... I'm begining to hate this planet
* GM he doesn't come up, the atmopshere keeps disrubting Dar^en
* Dominator looks ahead
[Dominator] I know...
* GM the camps are ahead
* Dominator tries to seehow far the bas is
* GM a huge fire is blazing
* Blackjack looks at Dom. 1"It took you this long to hate it?"
[Blackjack] NRP: Dom = Cross
* Morter looks around
* GM something whacks Morter in the head
*** GM is now known as Alien
[Dominator] There they are...
[Cross] Yeah it did...
* Alien kicks Morter in the gut
[Blackjack] We've been found, Dom...
* Alien whistles loudly
[Morter] argh
[Alien] Tichi!
* Blackjack turns and slashes the alien with flame sabre (180 AP)
* Morter cloaks and flies into the air
* Alien blocks with a wind attack
[Blackjack] Stop this, bastard!
* Dar^en stays invisible
[Blackjack] Damn it, he stopped it...
* Alien shoves BJ into Morter's flying
[Blackjack] Yeargh!!!
[Alien] Tichi fools!
[Dominator] Damn... Attack
* Dominator swipes at Alien with Rune Sword (210AP)
* Dar^en drops to the ground and ducks beneath his shield
* Alien leaps back
* Cross blasts the aliens
* Alien reflects the blasts at Cross
* Blackjack falls to the ground hard, and quickly stands, firing a barrage of homing missiles (360 AP, homing on alien)
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt and enhancement
* Morter fires a Mega missle at the alien (120 AP)
* Cross kicks an alien
* Alien explodes
*** Alien is now known as GM
[Blackjack] Let's go! They know where we are!
* GM rustling sounds can be heard coming closer
* Blackjack hisses, 1"You heard me! MOVE!"
* Morter starts getting out of the area
* Blackjack takes off towards the encampment
[Cross] Uh... *runs*
* GM night suddenly falls on them
[Blackjack] Huh? SUre gets dark quick here...
* GM upahead, the blazing campfire can be seen in the middle of the tents
[Morter] ?
* GM it is 30 feet away now
*** Dominator^ (ryan_cross@ttyD37.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Dar^en holds his position
[Blackjack] Keep moving!
[Morter] I don't like this.. 
*** GM is now known as Alien
* Alien comes walking from the camp, slowly
* Blackjack slows to a stop.
[Blackjack] Me either...
[Alien] Pecia!
[Blackjack] Hold your fire!
* Cross runs for the alien and kicks it in the side
[Alien] ARGH
[Blackjack] Translation, Dar^en...
* Alien slumps
[Blackjack] CROSS!
* Morter pulls out Shuriken
* Cross gets in in a lock
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Dominator^ has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Blackjack] Fall back, Cross!
[Alien] GACCCK
[Cross] I am NOT putting up with this shit!
[Dar^en] Piece you idiots
[Blackjack] Cross, FALL BACK!
* Dar^en is still invisible
* Alien dies
*** Alien is now known as GM
[Morter] CROSS!
[Cross] Eh? I didnt do anything to kill it!
[Blackjack] Smooth, Cross... I'll be sure to remember that you DISOBEYED ORDERS...
[Cross] NRP:I was just pinning it!
* GM suddenly twenty aliens appear before them, glaring
*** GM is now known as Head-Alien
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD61.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
[Cross] Oh... kuso....
[Head-Alien] No peace...with you...he came out for peace...you killed in cold blood.
[Morter] Damn
* Dar^en stays cloaked
[Blackjack] Hold on! I told him to stop, he disobeyed me.
[Dominator] ...
[Head-Alien] In return, his life for our comrads...
* Head-Alien points his staff at Cross
[Morter] thanks a whole load Cross..
[Cross] I accept reponcibiltiy for my actions, it was my fault
[Cross] leave them out of it
[Dominator] Cross...
[Head-Alien] You do...
[Blackjack] Cross...
[Cross] I didnt know the pin would kill him.
[Head-Alien] You will battle our champion..if you win, we will let you and your friends go...if you don't, you die..and your friends die
[Blackjack] Huh!? WHOA!! Hold on!
* Cross nods
* Head-Alien twenty more appear behind them
[Dominator] Wait, we came to this planet to help. Are members should not be subjected to this...
[Cross] if it's the law here, so be it
* Head-Alien watches as a huge 12 foot alien comes stomping towards them
* Blackjack looks around wildly
[Head-Alien] You work for the evil ones...you will die like evil ones
[Blackjack] Holy shit!
*** Head-Alien is now known as Champion-Alien
[Cross] Why do I pick NOW to be honorable?
* Champion-Alien steps up to Cross
[Dominator] Damn...
[Champion-Alien] Heh heh heh
* Cross looks at it
* Champion-Alien the head alien rings a bell
[Cross] Heh, your a big boy, arent you?
* Champion-Alien punches Cross in the gut (150 aP)
* Cross kicks him
[Morter] Looks like there's no choice but watch..
* Champion-Alien the kick just stops in mid air
[Champion-Alien] heh heh heh
[Champion-Alien] Nucha!
* Blackjack mumbles, 1"Good luck, Cross... Our lives depend on it..."
[Cross] !?
* Cross jumps back
* Champion-Alien piledrives Cross 1 foot in the ground by hitting him on the head
* Champion-Alien grabs him by the neck
[Blackjack] I like a gamble, but not when my life's on the line...
* Champion-Alien rips him out and holds him in the air, crushing it
[Blackjack] ...or when the odds are this great...
[Cross] Gaaaaaaaack........
* Cross struggles
[Blackjack] Cross!
* Champion-Alien holds up other hand in a sign of winning
* Blackjack goes for his rifle, then realizes this was supposed to be one-on-one
[Cross] TAKE YOUR OWN MEDICINE!!! *kicks it in the neck*
[Champion-Alien] aRGHH
[Cross] I'm not done yet!!!
* Champion-Alien gags in pain and collaspes
* Cross pulls out sword
[Cross] *aims to kill* No.... I wont kill you...
* Champion-Alien looks at Cross
* Cross throws saber asside
* Cross holds out hand
* Champion-Alien collaspes, KOed
*** Champion-Alien is now known as Head-Alien
[Cross] ....or you could get knocked out, thats fine
[Head-Alien] You have shown yourselv to be an honorable...warrior, Evil One..
*** Dominator^ (ryan_cross@ttyD0.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Head-Alien] But I must know why you work for the Evil Religion cult
[Cross] Honorable, but evil? Hmmmm
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow
[Blackjack] Us, with the Evil Religion cult?
[Head-Alien] The Regina are evil...they want to dominate the world...
[Dominator^] .....
[Head-Alien] YOU work for them....We must know why.
[Morter] Still with the Evil-One?
* Head-Alien all forty aliens look at them
* Blackjack shakes his head in confusion
* Dominator^ looks the head-alien over
[Cross] Well... I um... I'm sorry about that guy back there...
[Head-Alien] Surely you do not deny working for them
[Dominator^] No...
* Head-Alien eyes narrow
[Blackjack] We do not deny it... But we thought they were... the good side...
* Morter starts checking himself over looking for any damage on his armor
[Head-Alien] They offered your EarthGov a map of the lost armada of warships..
* Dominator^ listens
[Head-Alien] We figured you would have known about this...
[Dominator^] How do we know you aren't lying about your clan's intentions?
[Head-Alien] We ALSO have the map...we will give it to you if you will help us...
[Head-Alien] We are not...
[Dominator^] What are your clan's intentions then?
[Head-Alien] To stop the bloodshed..
[Head-Alien] And to put down the Regina
[Dominator^] Other members of our organization are still with them though... They could be taken as hostages should we change sides.
[Head-Alien] Arista is their leader..take him out and the war will be all but over..
[Blackjack] Damn it... Figures something like this would happen.
[Dominator^] Perhaps...
[Head-Alien] We cannot help you...as you we can see, we are not good fighters...
* Head-Alien turns and walks back to the camp and the others vanish also
*** Head-Alien is now known as GM
[Dominator^] Perhaps, if you we made it look like we succeeded we could get close to him.. Eh?!
* Blackjack whispers something to Dom
[Morter] that was... wierd..
* Dar^en appears
[Dar^en] I don't much like either side
* Dominator^ nods and whispers to BJ
* GM comm. beeps
* Blackjack answers it
* Dar^en vanishes again
[Blackjack] Comm] WHat's up?
[GM] Arista: It is late.  Return back to the transport and I will pick you up
[Cross] Hmmm
* GM comm. clicks off
[Blackjack] Well, Dom, what do you say?
* Dominator^ to COM, "Acknowl... Damn.."
[Dominator^] He might know we betrayed them...
[Blackjack] I doubt it.
[Dominator^] All right, lets go, but be wary..
* GM it is pitch black now
* Dominator^ starts back the the transport
[Morter] ..
* Morter follows
* Blackjack blinks, and slams into a tree when he tries to walk forwards
[Cross] Well lets lie and say we killed these guys
[Blackjack] Ow...
* GM sounds of the transport can be heard upahead
* Blackjack blinks, trying to make his eyes focus (enhanced senses)
*** GM is now known as Arista
[Arista] Hunters!  
* Arista waves to them
[Morter] ...
[Blackjack] NRP: Can I see? (enhanced senses)
[Arista] NRP: A little
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD0.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Arista turns on a light beam for them
[Blackjack] Arista! Good to... um... see you!
* Blackjack shields his eyes from the sudden light
[Dominator] Greetings...
[Blackjack] Ack!
[Cross] Yeah! got any food? ------wait I didnt ask that
* Morter waves
* Arista frowns a little and waits for them to climb on
*** Dominator^ has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* Dominator climbs on
* Morter climbs on
* Blackjack shrugs and climbs on
* Cross jumps on
* Dar^en stays outside
[Blackjack] Good news, Arista! We wiped them out!
* Arista whips out gun and points it at them
[Arista] Liars!
[Blackjack] Ack!
* Blackjack whips out his own gun
* Dominator draws Rune sword
[Blackjack] I knew you'd find us out...
* Arista phases to a tree and fires at the transport, hitting the engine and causing it to explode
* Cross pulls out a bigger gun
[Dominator] GET OUT!
* Dar^en glares at arista and an level 3 explosion ripples across arista (700 AP)
* Blackjack manages to get out before the explosion (speed and agility)
* Dominator jumps out
[Arista] ARGHHh
* Morter cloaks and pulls out his Energy Shuriken
* Arista begins to slip some
* Morter jumps out
* Dar^en appears
* Arista blasts Dar^en
* Blackjack fires a huge barrage of homing missiles at Arista (540 AP)
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Arista (1260AP total)
* Cross shoots Ari
* Dar^en two level 3 glowing balls appear in Dar^en's hands and blasts towards Arista. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Arista (680 AP)
* Arista gags in pain
* Cross then jumps out
[Dar^en] Back at ya
* Arista dies
*** Arista is now known as GM
[Blackjack] Yattase! We did it!
* Dar^en vanishes
[Dominator] He's beem defeated...
[Cross] Aye...
* Dar^en from the air 1"I don't like this"
[Blackjack] So now what do we do, Dom?
[Dar^en] Too easy
[GM] Slash: Hunters, do you read me?
[Dominator] I'm not sure...
[Dominator] To Slash] Yes, we do.
* Blackjack grabs his comm
[Morter] ....
[Blackjack] Comm] Loud and clear!
[Blackjack] Comm] Good to hear another Hunter's voice...
[GM] Slasher ~~~~~~.  Good.  We've rounded up all the Arismithians here.  We heard everything on the comm. between you and the aliens..one of you must have left it on.
[Cross] Oh? and you dont like mine?
* Blackjack looks embarrassed
[Dominator] Good work, Slasher.
[Blackjack] Whoops... *laughs*
[GM] Slash: ...
[Dar^en] O, no...
[GM] Slasher: ..
[Dominator] Why are you silent...?
[GM] Slash: Anyway, head on back now..we're powering up the MH crafts.  I'll lead one team out of here.  
* Dar^en flyer appears in front of him and he climbs it
[Blackjack] What's up, Dar^en?
[GM] Slasher:  No reason..just looking at each other
[Dominator] All right.
[Blackjack] Comm] Right. We're on our way back.
* GM daylight begins to break
* GM on the ground is a hologram chip to a map
* Dar^en checks to see that the comms are off
* Dominator looks at Blackjack, 1"Good work today."
* Dominator picks it up and looks at it
* GM it has written on it "Lost Armada"
[Blackjack] Same to you. And Dar^en and Morter. As for YOU, Cross...
[Dar^en] NRP: Are the comms off?
[GM] NRP: Yes
* Blackjack snickers
[Blackjack] Try to obey orders next time, ok?
[Dominator] I'll try it out on a computer here before we go...
[Cross] Yessir.
[Dar^en] I don't like this, it just seems too pat
[Cross] pat.....?
* Dominator looks at the silent Dar^en, 1"..."
[Dar^en] Easy,
[Cross] oh
[Dominator] You think that the SLash and Slasher were fake? 
[Blackjack] Whoa... didn't think about that...
[Dar^en] How many Arismithians were there at the base against two Hunters
[GM] NRP: All Hunters were there but you guys
[Dar^en] How many Arismithians were there at the base against a few Hunters?
[Cross] Hmm.... well anyway, lets get outa here
[Blackjack] Somewhere around 23, Dar^en
[Dar^en] Still...
[Blackjack] I think, or hope, that everyone could handle them...
[Dominator] We'll be wary...
[Blackjack] Just keep your guards up...
* Dar^en gets in his flier, lifts and cloaks
[Dominator] Right...
* GM the base is up ahead and the Hunters can be seen holding Arismithians at gun point
* Dominator grins
[Cross] Yay?
[Blackjack] Looks like it was them after all
[GM] Slash:  Hello troopers.
* Dar^en does a telepathic scan of the area
* GM the atmosphere stops him again
[Blackjack] Hey Slash, good to see ya!
[Cross] does this mean EarthGov gained an ally in this? I mean we did help these guys
[GM] Slash: Same here
[Blackjack] I see everything's wrapped up here...
* Dar^en stays in the air, invisibly
[GM] Slash: Aye, tomorrow we can leave this rock and home..except we got orders from EarthGov. 1 team needs to get the Armada we were sent here to get
[Dominator] Now, I suppose we hand these guys over to the others and don't tell EarthGov.
[GM] Slash:  And they said to release our prisoners once we were ready to leave.
[Dominator] I've got the map... I'll take one of the squads tehre then...
[GM] Slash: Then it's settled..lets get packin;
[Dominator] All right. We'll leave within the hour.
[Blackjack] Good job today, Hunters.
[GM] Sesison Ends