Mission 35: The Voyage Home Part 1

[DeathStar] Location: Arismith
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 hour after last session
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
* Dominator glances at the others and the shuttle,  1"You all almost ready to go?'
[Cross] Hell yeah
[justin-the-II] yes
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] What, Dakota?
[Dakota] just thinking that's all
[Dominator] Ah...
[Dakota] so where are we going anyway?
[justin-the-II] yes thats what id like to know!
[Cross] ....
* Slasher^ stretches out
[Slasher^] Can we get going now
[Dominator] We're going to hte Forbidden Triangle
* justin-the-II taps his foot
[Slasher^] Ooohh scary
[Cross] Uh.... Forbidden?
[justin-the-II] and were is that?
[Dakota] yeah really
[Slasher^] Hope the rookies to wet themselces
[Dominator] Blackjack is already taking the others back to base...
[justin-the-II] shut up!
[Dominator] I didn't name it that, so I'm not sure why they call it that...
[Dakota] i think i've done well in battle...
[Slasher^] can we get going
[Slasher^] I have the urge to kill right now
[Dominator] Get into the shuttle, I'll explain on the way...
[justin-the-II] your gettin anoieng slasher
* Slasher^ phases into the shuttle
[Slasher^] You havent seen annoying yet rook
* justin-the-II walks in and sets at a char
* Dominator grabs COM and calls the good soldiers,  1"All right, this is DOminator, we're taking off."
* Dakota goes in and sits near the back
* Dominator gets in and sits at the pilot chair
* GM comm. blinks on the dashboard
[justin-the-II] and i cant spell slasher...
* Dominator answers it,  1"Go ahead"
[Cross] ...
[GM] DeathStar: ~~~~~~~?
* Cross sits in a chair
* Dominator starts the take off,  1"Say again..]'
[GM] Death Star: ~~~~~~~.  Damn transmissions.....Reading me?
* Slasher^ pulls out a kitkat
[Dominator] Yeah, we read you now...
[Slasher^] I can only hear you DS
[GM] Death Star:  Good.  How is everything going ~~~~~~mith?
[Slasher^] I dont have a bad itch
[Dominator] Well, there were some complications, but I'll explain when we get back. Everything went fine, and we're headed to the Lost Armada now...
[GM] Death Star: Well, ~~~~~blems here too.  ~~~rry.
* GM comm. cuts out
[Slasher^] I thought we were going to the Forbidden temple
[justin-the-II] i thought we was going to the triangle!
* Dominator flies out of the planet's atmosphere and sets coarse for Quad 8
[Cross] I thought it was Firbidden?
[Slasher^] that to
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] Death STar... Damn transmittions...
[Cross] and then some!
[Dakota] did he say there where problem's at home?
[Dominator] That's where it is. The Lost Armada is located there...
[Dominator] He did...
[Slasher^] oh
[Dominator] We're going to get the Lost Armada for EarthGov.
[justin-the-II] wouled someone make up there mind on were we are going?
[Dominator] Buckle up.
* Slasher^ pulls out ion blades and starts sharpening them on a chair
[Cross] what IS the lost armada?
* Dominator activates hyperspace and they warp toward it.
[Slasher^] Dom is it anything like the Bermuda triangle
* Slasher^ thinks
[Dominator] 1 hour to destination... Anyway, as what it is...
* justin-the-II 's head flies back and hits the chare
[justin-the-II] ahh!$%#%& hyper space
[Slasher^] Hey why do they call it the lost Armada when we found it
[Slasher^] Wuss
[Dominator] We just found it with the map we got from Aristi.
[Dakota] no kidding slasher
[Slasher^] So it should be called the Found Armada
* GM alarms suddenly go off noisely and they are forced out of hyperspace. In front of them looms a huge space ship
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] ... Whatever.. As I was... What?!
[Slasher^] wow
[justin-the-II] ????
[Dakota] what the?
[Slasher^] Look at the baby
* GM the ship fires ion cannons and disables the shuttle instantly
[justin-the-II] this is starting to suck/....
* Dominator grabs controls and tries to figure out what happened
[Dominator] What the hell?!
* Slasher^ flies into a wall
* GM transmission light blinks
[justin-the-II] this is sucking now!
[Cross] Oh crap...
* Dominator answers it
*** GM is now known as Cortez
[justin-the-II] were in gods name are we?
[Slasher^] Hey watch your languege
[Dakota] errk...
[Dominator] We're totally disabled...
* Dakota stumbles over to slasher
[Dakota] you okay?
[Slasher^] Hey Dakota
[Dominator] to COM] Who is it?
[Cortez] Hello, space travelers....I am Cortez, the universe's most infamous  Space Pirate 
[justin-the-II] ahh!
[Slasher^] Once i smash there heads ill feel good
[Dominator] Dammit... What's your species?
[justin-the-II] nrp:reminds me of escape v
[Dakota] oooohhh great space pirates not what i needed today
[Cortez] Humanoid..
* Cortez leans back
[Cortez] That's enough for YOU to know
[Slasher^] Yeah and im Slasher the universes most annoying ensign
[Dominator] What do you wnat from us?
[Cortez] We're about to board your ship. Blah blah blah, we'll sell it and then sell you as slaves...prepare to be boarded
[Cross] Oh? Nice ta meecha, what would you steal? Our wallets? we aint got no money, EarthGov dont pay us
[Slasher^]  Hey Cortez you related To Long John Silver
[justin-the-II] our monny
* Cortez flips transmission
*** Cortez is now known as GM
[Slasher^] What a moron he thinks he can take us
[justin-the-II] shut up slasher!!!
[justin-the-II] he can!
[Dakota] justin...SHUT YOUR TRAP!
[Dominator] Get ready for battle everyone.
[Slasher^] WE MH moron
[Cross] I am slave to no one.
* GM the ship speeds up and lands next to the shuttle
* Slasher^ pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Cross arms weapons
[Dominator] GUYS! Its time for teamwork...
* justin-the-II takes out z-19
* Dakota is Ready to rock and roll
[Slasher^] Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and im all out of gum
* Dakota gets out his saber
* Slasher^ cloaks
* justin-the-II TAKES out sabre
* Dominator arms weapons
* GM suddenly the door flips open and a ray of ion bolts hit everyone, disabling them all
[Dakota] nrp: i love duke nukem
[Cross] Lets get spankey..
[Dakota] !,....
[Dominator] AHH!
[Cross] Ouf!
[Slasher^] NRP: Im cloaked
[justin-the-II] aggghHG!
* Dakota collapses
[Dakota] oooh that sux....
* justin-the-II goes out cold and falls
* GM five guards come walkin in and quickly put collars on them all, INCLUDING Slasher whom they can see
* GM the guards then walk off as the Hunters begin to revive
* Slasher^ uncloaks
*** GM is now known as Cortez
[Dakota] huh? what happened
* Cortez comes walking in as the Hunters awaken
* Dominator holds head,  1"Dammit..."
* justin-the-II gets up
* Slasher^ strugles and tries to knock the guards holding him into each other
* Dakota gets up
* Cross jumps up
[Cortez] I wouldn't try to resist us...
* justin-the-II tries to pull coler off
[Dominator] Who the hell do you think you are?!
* Cortez justin is zapped
[justin-the-II] ahhgg!
[Cortez] I think I'm Cortez..and you?
* Slasher^ lunges at Cortez
[Dakota] what the heck is going on??!!
[Dominator] ...! Justin!
* Cortez Slasher is zapped to the ground
* Slasher^ slowly gets up
[Dakota] jeez...
* justin-the-II falls too his knees
[Cortez] I really would wish you would make this EASIER...
[Dominator] Hold it, guys...
* Dakota walks to justin
[Slasher^] Never
[Dakota] need a hand
[Dakota] ?
* Cross is being smart and standing there
* justin-the-II getsup
* Slasher^ flicks Cortez off
[Cortez] Come along inside our ship...
[Dakota] you okay justin
[justin-the-II] yes...
* Cortez begins to walk back into his ship and motions for them to follow
* Dominator glares at Cortez, but gets up
* Slasher^ walks along
[Dakota] c'mon better do what cortez wants
[Dominator] Follow everyone....
* Dakota follow's cortez
* justin-the-II falles
[justin-the-II] fallows
* Cortez leads them to a huge cell and opens the door.
[Cortez] All of you, in there.
[Cross] That's a stupid name.... Cortez? sounds a little like CorSec...
[Dakota] !
* Slasher^ doesnt enter
* Dominator hits a key on the computer to activate silent self-destruct in 1 hour, secretly hopefully, then follows
[Slasher^] Corsex
* Cortez Slasher is zapped inside
* justin-the-II dosnt either
[Slasher^] Did you say Corsec
* Cortez justin is zapped inside by the collar
* Dominator stops sort of the cell
* Dakota walks in
[justin-the-II] ahhg!
[justin-the-II] $^*^* collar!
* Cortez tisks
* Slasher^ struggles to resist the pain
[Dominator] Slasher!
* Cortez the more he struggles, the more the volume of pain is increased
* Cross mocks Cortez by tisking too
* Slasher^ falls unconcious
[Cortez] Now, get IN the damn cells.
* Dominator grabs Slasher as he falls
* justin-the-II tries to walk out
* Cortez a shield keeps Justin in
* justin-the-II camt!
[justin-the-II] cant
* Dominator walks in with Slasher,  1"Justic, stay. You'll get yourself killed..]"
* Dakota holds justin back
[Cross] Ok, Corless
[Cross] Cordless, yeah that's it
[Cross] Cordless.
* Slasher^ mumbles something while ko
[Dakota] sounds fitting for him
* Cortez shoves Cross in and slams the shielded door shut
* Cortez walks off
*** Cortez is now known as GM
[justin-the-II] what did we do to dezerv this?
[Cross] Oww... I'm sacred... bah, pirates
[Dominator] We've still got our weapons though.
[Dominator] NRP: RIght, GM?
* GM the entire ship begins to slowly move
[GM] NRP: Useless because of the collars
* Dakota dakota mumbles to him self "i hate pirates as much as X'aid"
* Slasher^ wakes up
* Dominator secretly has the armada map thing
* justin-the-II tries to cut the cell with his sabre
[Dominator] Welcome back Slasher...
[Slasher^] Damn basterd
* GM justin is propelled back
[Dominator] All right, lets get out of this cell... 
[Cross] So.....
* Slasher^ pulls out a pin from in his hair
[Dakota] how?
[justin-the-II] ahhh!darnit!
* Slasher^ hands it to Dom
[Dominator] Justic... Hold on...
[Slasher^] Try to unlock these damn collars
[justin-the-II] justic?
[Cross] anyone got any ideas to get ot of these things?
[justin-the-II] not a clue
[Dominator] I could try, but I'll bet they'll injur the person befre I can get it off.
[Dakota] ....
[Slasher^] i dotn give a rats ass do it on me Dom
* Slasher^ sits next to Dom
[Dominator] All... right...
[Dakota] y'know this is why i don't work with hunters this kinda crap happens...
* Dominator tries to loosen the collar off with the pin on Slasher
* GM both of them begin to get zapped
* Slasher^ clenches his fist
[Cross] Well your here now, so shut up about when you  don't  work.
[Dakota] eat me cross
* Dominator hand falls back, and but he tries again
* GM the collar rattles some but the voltage gets stronger
[Cross] I've had lunch, thanks.
[Dakota] ......
* Slasher^ clenchs his teeth together
[Dominator] Gagh!. *stops* There's no use... We'll both be dead if I keep trying...
[Slasher^] Ya almost got it tho
[Dominator] ... All right... I'll try another time...
* Slasher^ bits on his sword
* justin-the-II sets on the floor thinkin
[Dakota] you okay dom? need anything?
* Dominator slowly puts the pin back and tries again
[Dominator] Hold, urgh, on.. Dakota...
* GM the voltage leaps up stronger than before but the collar begins to rattle even more
[Dakota] just don't kill yourself
* Dominator grits teeth and keeps trying
[Slasher^] AHHhhhhhhh
* GM collar shoots across the room
* Dakota ducks
[Dominator] Arrgggggh... dammit... YES!
[Dakota] jeez!
* Slasher^ starts breathing heavily
* Dominator holds chest and pants
* GM Slasher's weapons come back online
* Slasher^ picks up collar
[Dakota] you okay dom?
* Dakota rushes over to dom
[Slasher^] This might come in handy
[Cross] Uh... do me!
* justin-the-II walks over
[Slasher^] Help him Dakota
[Dominator] Yeah... Slasher.... get my collar off...
[Slasher^] Want me to slash it or what
* Slasher^ looks around for something rubber
[justin-the-II] i got it!
[Dominator] Uh... try to cut through it with you sabre...
[Dakota] can't the voltage fromh is comming off might kill him
[justin-the-II] i know how to get out!
*** GM is now known as Cortez
* Cortez opens the door
[Cortez] DO you now?!
[Dakota] crap
* Cortez glares hatefully
* Slasher^ leaps at Cortexs
* justin-the-II looks around for a compu
[Dominator] I can heal myself with my Silver Crystal if...
* Cortez smashes Slasher into the wall
* Slasher^ throws the collar on Cortez
[Dakota] if what?
[Dominator] Slasher!
[Cross] hm....
[justin-the-II] i know how to get out!
* justin-the-II looks around for a compu
* Cortez catches collar and throws it Justin
[justin-the-II] were is it?
[Cortez] Sorry, no computer
* justin-the-II ducks
[justin-the-II] darn it!
[Cross] Hey Cordless!
[Dominator] Surrender now, Cortez, or you'll regret it!
* Cortez charges a handblaster
[Cortez] Will I?!
* Slasher^ phases behind Cortez and puts tries to put it on Cortez
* Cortez rams Slasher back
[Cortez] FORGET IT1
* justin-the-II is confused
[Slasher^] ooof
* Cortez reaches for comm. to call guards
[Cross] Sooner o rlater we'll all get out of these things, and you'll die.
* Dominator rushes Cortez and punchs him in the stomach,  1"Attack him Slasher!"
* Slasher^ 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Cortez (wind elem)
[Cortez] RARGG
* Cortez collaspes in the corner, not moving
[Slasher^] Put the collar on him now
* justin-the-II walks toward cortez
* Dakota checks cortez for a key to the collars
[Dominator] Who's got it?
* Cortez Dakota finds one
* justin-the-II takes out sabre
[Dakota] !
[Dakota] I got the collar's key
* Slasher^ searches for one
[Dakota] dom catch
* Dakota throws the key to dom
* Slasher^ fines his old collar and puts it on Cortez
* Dominator catches it and unlocks his collar
[Cross] Get it offffff get it offfff......
[Dakota] get mine off too
* justin-the-II raises it above his head ready to kill cortez
[Slasher^] Hope he likes my little present
* Dominator moves over and unlocks Dakota's and Justin"s
* Slasher^ grabs Justin
[Dakota] sweet
[justin-the-II] wahh?
[justin-the-II] let me go!
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] Don't kill him Justin... We'll use him as a hostage.
[Slasher^] Hes not worth it
[Dakota] what are you doing justin
[Dakota] ?
* Cortez isn't breathing
[Slasher^] NRP: does he have a collar on now
[Cortez] NRP: Yes
[Dakota] he's better as a hostage 
[Slasher^] Check his pulse we want him alive
* Dakota checks him
[Cross] uh.... someone give him cpr
* Cortez no pulse can be found
[Dakota] he's alive....barely
[Dakota] or not
[Slasher^] Crap CPR
[Dominator] Lets get out of the cell first... 
[Dakota] his pulse stopped
[Slasher^] Ill hold off  the guards
* Slasher^ steps outside the cell
[Dakota] justin help me over here
[justin-the-II] ok
*** Cortez is now known as GM
* justin-the-II walks over
* Dakota sets up cortez for cpr
[Cross] we could use the courpse for a hostage..
* Dakota and justin deliver cpr to cortez
[Dominator] He's dead...
[Dakota] damn...
[justin-the-II] whatya need?
* Slasher^ 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Guards (wind elem)
[Slasher^] Keep trying
* GM alarms can be heard going off
[justin-the-II] oh sorry
[Dominator] Too late... Leave him and lets go.
* Dakota and justin continue cpr
[Slasher^] NO
* Dominator looks around the room for exits
[Dakota] !
[Dakota]  make up your minds
[Slasher^] I want that baster alive
* GM the only exit is the way Cortez came in
[Dominator] He'll slow us down and we need to commendere this vessal...
[Dakota] ?
* Slasher^ checks Cortez's body for a weapon
* GM marching noises can be heard coming
* GM Slasher finds none
[Slasher^] Damnt
[Dakota] well it dosen't matter now we have waited to long he's dead
[Dominator] Get ready for combat...
* Slasher^ gives Cortez a swift kick in the sid
* Dakota grabs his saber
* justin-the-II takes out sabre
[Slasher^] ebasterd/
[justin-the-II] i was born ready
* GM they can see their ship down the hall in the docking bay
* Slasher^ walks out the cell and looks for a hallway
* Slasher^ starts running towards it
* Dakota follows slasher
[Dominator] Slasher, get ready... Lets head to the docking bay *starts to it*
* justin-the-II looks out
* GM three guards fire on Slasher and Dakota
* Slasher^ ducks
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (210AP)
* justin-the-II runs to it
* Dakota jumps turing on his jets
* GM screams of agony can be heard
* Slasher^ rolls awhile and phases behind the guards, and slashes all of them in the back
* Dominator continues dashing toward the ship
* GM rest of the guards run off
* Dakota delivers a kick by way of the thrusters to the guards
[Dominator] That takes care of them...
* Cross chaes the gaurds
* Slasher^ turns around and runs toward the Docking bay
* justin-the-II runs as fast as he can
[Cross] HEYYY
[Dakota] 120ap)
[Dominator] Cross, let them go! Lets get to our ship..
* Dakota jets back toward the ship
[Cross] Oh ok
* GM their ship is still turned on
[Dominator] We need to disable this ship first or it can just shoot us down.. Any ideas?
* Slasher^ phases inside and starts the engines
[Dakota] this is to easy i smell a trap
* justin-the-II runs bye a gaurd and blasts him with Z-19
* GM on the floor can be seen a broken collar
* GM guard screams
* Slasher^ stops
[Slasher^] I know that collar
* justin-the-II jumps in ship
[Dominator] What do you mean?
* Slasher^ looks around franitcally
[Cross] ....
[justin-the-II] ok im here
[Cross] eh?
* Dakota flies in and lands
* Dominator enters the ship warily
* Slasher^ picks the collar up
[Dakota] i don't like this
[Slasher^] LEts go
* GM suddenly the space pirate ship's self-destruct sequence begins
* Slasher^ enters the ship
[GM] 1:00 until self-destruction
[Dakota] !
[Slasher^] go go go
[Dominator] What the hell?! Self-destruct... Lets get out of here!
[Dakota] CRAP 
[justin-the-II] oh.....LETS GET OATTA HERE!!!
* Dominator jumps to the pilot seat and gets ready to go
[GM] :45 seconds until self-destruction
[Dominator] NRP: Is the bay open?
[GM] NRP: Yes
[Slasher^] blast a hole in the wall
* Dominator hits the boosters and flies out of the bay
* justin-the-II SETS DOWN
[GM] :10 seconds
[Dakota] must go faster must go faster go go go go go!
[GM] :9
[justin-the-II] faster!!!
[GM] :8
[Dominator] Setting coarse for the aramada!
[GM] :7
[GM] :6
[GM] :5
* Dominator hits hypserace
[GM] :4
[Slasher^] hyper??
[justin-the-II] ???
* GM all becomes quiet.
* justin-the-II head hits the seat again
* Slasher^ flies into a wall because he wasnt ready
* Dakota slams into the back of the ship as they enter hyper
[Cross] Errrr
[Dominator] I think... we made it...
[justin-the-II] ahghhgg! my head!
[Dakota] ouch...
[Slasher^] Something was missing
[justin-the-II] are we dead yet?
* Dakota shakes it off
[Slasher^] Damnt.....there still alive i know it
* Dominator glances at Slasher
* GM a clanging can be heard in the back of the ship
[Dakota] everyone okay
[justin-the-II] no!
[Cross] eh?
* Slasher^ throws down the collar he picked up "Never know what good this is
* Dominator whips around and draws Rune Sword
[Dakota] ?
* Slasher^ looks back
* Slasher^ heads for the back of the ship
* GM on the ground a metal pipe can be seen laying
* Dakota grabs his saber
* justin-the-II takes out Z-19
* Slasher^ picks the pipe up
* Dominator start warily toward the back
[justin-the-II] what now?
*** GM is now known as Cortez
* justin-the-II goes back
* Cortez large hand grabs Slasher and rams him into the wall
* Slasher^ looks to his left and ses Cortez
[Dominator] What the HELL?!
[Cortez] Youuuuu foooolssssss
[Slasher^] oooff
* Cortez begins to grow larger, sharp points exploding out of his shoulders
* Slasher^ grabs C. hand and breaks his grip
[Dominator] Release him.
[Cross] Dead man walkn.....
* Cortez claws appear on his hand and he stabs Slasher in the chest
* justin-the-II starts blasting cortez with Z-19 120Ap
[Cross] Uh....
[Cortez] ARGH
[Slasher^] Ooofff.
[Dominator] SLASHER!
* Slasher^ keels over
* Cortez begins to back up to the garbage waste hatch
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Cortez (1260AP total)
* Slasher^ redish blue blood poors out of where he has cut upen
[Cross] Let's dance.....
* Cortez blocks Dominator somehow
* Cross blasts COrtez
* Cortez shoves him into Cross
[Dominator] What the hell?!
* justin-the-II goes to slasher
[Cross] ouf
[Dakota] jeez...
* Cortez absorbs it and begins to work his way foward, gorwing larger again
* Slasher^ knocks Justin out of his way
[justin-the-II] oh no
* Dakota runs to slasher
[justin-the-II] dak!
* Dominator swipes at Cortez with Rune Sword (210AP)
[Dakota] let me fix this
* Cortez blood spews out of his sides as he grows wider
* Slasher^ knocks Dakpta down
[Dakota] ...
* Slasher^ eyes begin to grow red
* Dominator points Rune Sword at Slasher and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulfs him and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but he is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+130HP)
[Slasher^] FUKEI
* Slasher^ 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Cortez (wind elem)
* Cortez grows larger and laughs evilly as he moves his way forward
* Cortez absorbs it
[Dakota] !
[Cortez] GM: On the deskboard, a light is flashing
[Dakota] what the?
[Dominator] What the hell is he?
* Slasher^ rams Cortez into the waste chute
* Dominator runs over to the deskboard and looks at it
* justin-the-II runs to cortes and slashes him with sabre 110 ap
* Cortez know covers the full width of the shuttle and huge spikes appear in his mouth as it grows larger
[Cross] uh.... where's the nearest exit, with a small door?
[Cortez] GM: Overweight...open garbage waste asap
* Cross keeps blasting
* Cortez eats the blasts, growing bigger
* Dominator opens the garbae waste
* Slasher^ hits the garbage shoot button
[Dominator] Blast him out!
* Cortez the sucktion begins to pull him out it
[Cortez] NOOOO!!!
* Dominator blasts at him with Thunder Bolt
* Slasher^ grabs onto a pipe
* justin-the-II kicx his face
* Dominator grabs the control panel to avoid being sucked out as he blasts
* justin-the-II walks back to seat
* Cortez flies into the thing, but completely seals it up, being to large to fit through
* justin-the-II buckles up
[Slasher^] Damnt
[Cortez] HA HA HA!!
[Dominator] Oh great...
* Slasher^ cuts off Cortez's hand
* Dakota blasts a crash bomb at cortez
[justin-the-II] we are going to die again!\
[Cortez] ARGH
[Slasher^] Cut him up
* Dominator fires a blasts into COrtez's chest to try and push him through
* Cortez throws razor sharp claws along the sides of the shuttle and begins to damage it
* Slasher^ cuts off Cortez's leg
* Cortez flies through
*** Cortez is now known as GM
[Dakota] close the door!
* Dominator runs to the weapons console and opens fire on Cortez with the main guns
* GM the sucktion begins again and the Hunters are thrown towards it
* Slasher^ nails garbage button and the door shuts
[Dominator] Oh yeah...
* Dominator grabs the panel as he's pulled back
* Dakota falls in front of the door
[Dakota] that was close
[Cross] Oy....
* justin-the-II is buckled in
* Slasher^ gets up and goes to a medic room and seals the door shit
[Dakota] good idea justin
[Cross] I need a vacation...
[Slasher^] shut
* Dominator hits the close button
* Dakota sits by justin and buckles up
[justin-the-II] ok........were dead again?
[Dakota] nope
* GM all alarms stop
[justin-the-II] good
* Dominator looks for Cortez on the sensors
* Slasher^ sows his wounds up
[Slasher^] AHHHHHH
[Dakota] maybe i should  go assist slasher dom?
[Dominator] I'm almost afraid to exhale with our luck...
* Slasher^ screams can be heard from the medic bay
[Dakota] !
[justin-the-II] ??
* Slasher^ comes walking back to the front
* Cross wimpers a bit
[Cross] I wanna go home....
* GM alarms suddenly go back on
[Dakota] you need anything slasher i am a medic1 you know...
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] Slasher...! What?!
[Dakota] Not again
[justin-the-II] i wAnna kill that alian but i dont wine about it!
* Slasher^ ignores Dakota
[GM] Computer: Warning, Weight on Hull...Damage to hull
* Dominator looks at the computer to figure out what's happening
[Dominator] Cortez...
[Slasher^] That bastards on the outside
[Dakota] just great
[Slasher^] He should of imploded
* GM large claws stab through the sides of the hull, Cortez's claws, and sucktion begins again
[Slasher^] turn on the shields
*** GM is now known as Cortez
* Cortez begins to rip the sides of the shuttle to bits
[Cross] EL SHITZ!
[justin-the-II] ahhhgggghhh!!!!!!!!him again???
* Slasher^ presses some buttons and the ships outside begins to heat up
* Dakota slashes at one of cortez's claws
[Cortez] ARGHH
* Cortez hand ducks back out
* justin-the-II shoots cortez in the face
[Dakota] hit the other one!
[Dominator] How do we get him off...?!
* Cortez the hull can be heard groaning as he crawls on top of it
* Dakota looks at the roof
* Cortez hand comes blasting through the roof and stabs Dakota along the shoulder
* Slasher^ looks for and asteroid
* Cortez they are in Hyperspace
[Slasher^] NRP:oh
* justin-the-II un buckles
* Cortez suddenly things begin to slow down inside the shuttle
* Dominator fires at Cortez's hand
[Slasher^] Hit the breaks???
[Cortez] ARGGH
[Cortez] Computer: Warninggg....hyperspaceeeee....distrubanceee.
[Slasher^] NOW WHAT
* Dominator drops out of hyperspace
[Dakota] NOW WHAT!?!
*** Darien (shadezader@ts007d30.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* Cortez suddenly a loud scream can be heard
* justin-the-II slashes cortes's kneck or tries
[Dominator] We can't stay in hyperspace like this...
[Cross] No.... emergecy plan "MOOVE YOUR ASSES!"
*** Cortez is now known as GM
* Slasher^ makes his way slowly towards Cortez and starts slashing at his claws
[Cross] Ahg.....
* Dakota helps slasher
[Slasher^] Seal up that whole
* GM Cortez is shredded to bits from the leap out of Hyperspace
[justin-the-II] hes dead!
[Dominator] SO do i!
[Dakota] finally
[Slasher^] seal up those holes men
[Dominator]  YES! 
[GM] Computer: Location Quad 7
[Dakota] we need to seal that hole
[Dakota] with what?
[Cross] he's dead? again?
[GM] Computer: Warning
[Dominator] Yes... do that...
[Slasher^] a big metal sheet
[justin-the-II] im a hunter not a repair man!
[Slasher^] i dont know. Doesnt this thing repair itelf
[Dominator] What is it computer?!
[GM] Computer: Tsiv Territory...
[Dakota] tell me where to get it and i will
* GM above them T ships can be seen flying around a huge space station
[Dominator] Great... At lesat we at Quad 7
[Slasher^] Whats nezt
* Dominator cuts all speed to avoid being seen
[Dominator] Patch the hole up and repair systems...
* Slasher^ goes back to medbay and come back with a giant metal bed
* GM alarms go off, the station targetting them
[Cross] karapa
* Slasher^ holds it up
[Dakota] great now we are in tsiv territory what next X'aid comes with an armada to kill us all?
[Slasher^] seal this thing now
[Dakota] got it
[Dominator] Shit...
* GM the station begins to fire on them
* Dominator hits the boosters to get out of range and puts shields up
[Dominator] This is NOT our day!
* Dakota uses his armcannon to fuse the bed to the hole
* Slasher^ stumbles but holds the metal bed up against the cieling
* GM shuttle is almost useless due to Cortez
* Slasher^ falls down but the bed holds
[Dakota] this is really starting to suck dom
[Dominator] Move you stuppid shuttle!
[justin-the-II] why dont we contact them and say we come in peice?
[Slasher^] more like pieces
[Dakota] yeah you try it!
[Dakota] uh huh exactly
* GM the shuttle's left wing is blown to bits
[Slasher^] god damnt
[Slasher^] Tell them we surrender
[Dominator] No...
* Slasher^ pockets colar
[Dominator] Surrender?
[Dakota] dom what can we do?
[Slasher^] we have no choice
[Dominator] Your... right...
[Slasher^] we surrender and live or we stay here an die
[Dakota] well?
* GM targetting alarms go off
[Dominator] But, pretend don't give away we're hunters...
[Cross] surrender....
[Dakota] huh?
* Dominator grabs COM and hails the ship
[justin-the-II] ??
[Dakota] wait the alarms are off
[Slasher^] Hide what weapons you cn
[Dominator] Don't give away we're Maverick Hunters...
[Cross] NRP: *prays for a session end*
[GM] Ship: [Yes?]
[GM] Ship: [Unknown Shuttle, respond]
[justin-the-II] this sucks......
[Dominator] Com] This is the civilian shuttle, Explorer 7, please cease fire... We are here on a hyperspace accident...
[Slasher^] Come on come on
[GM] Ship: [Please prepare to be boarded....thank you.]
* GM ship heads for them, guns glazing

To Be Concluded...