Mission 36: The Voyage Home Part 2

The Hunters - Dominator, Slasher, Justin, Dakota, and Cross where leaving Arismith and heading for Quad 8 to find the Lost Armada when they were stopped by Space Pirates led by Cortez. After managing to escape the pirates and hyper away, Cortez somehow ended up on their shuttle and gave them a big fight before they shoved him into the garbage shute and into Hyperspace...but the alien managed to hold onto the hull and keep attacking until they dropped out of Hyperspace, which ripped him to shreds...but now they are in Quad 7, the alien's stationary zone to attaack Earth..and they got company coming...
[GM] Time Chart: Immediately after last session
[GM] Location: Quad 7
* GM the the sleek T ship heads towards them
* Slasher cloaks
[Dominator] All right everyone... Remember, we're civilians, so try and hide your weapons...
[justin-the-II] .......we are being boarded again?
[Slasher] Hope they cant detect cloaked people
* Slasher cloaks
* GM the guns keep blazing
[Dominator] Slasher.. there's no point to cloak. If pirates can scan you, then they can... We don't want to give away our power.
* justin-the-II puts his under char
[Slasher] Ok
* Slasher decloaks
* Dominator to COM,  1"We surrendered!"
[Cross] .... iguess
[GM] [Roger..]
* Dakota hides his sword in the place in his leg
* Slasher retracts his weapons
* GM guns keep charing to higher levels as they approach
* Dakota 's shoulder cannon slides inside his back
* Slasher flies into a chair
* justin-the-II hides a granade with him
[Cross] ....
* Dominator uneasily watches the approaching ships
* Dakota sits down
* GM they move closer and finally fire on the cockpit, blowing it to bits with Dom in the middle of it
[Dakota] this will get interesting soon
[Dakota] !
[justin-the-II] !!!???
[Cross] *gulp* it was nice known you guys
[Slasher] What in the hell
* GM the entire cockpit explodes in frames and sends the rest of the Hunters flying back
[Dakota] oh....crap
[Dakota] !
* Slasher flies back into the engine room
* Dominator flies back, force shield blocking some damage, and slams intot he ground as he flies back
[Dominator] AAAAARGH!
* Dakota slams right into slasher
* GM no G-Force begins due to the cockpit reclosed itself in a gear of metal
* Slasher throws Dakota off of him
[Dakota] ouch
* Dakota turns on his jets
* GM the ship begins to charge again
[justin-the-II] ?
[Dakota] now what?
* Dominator coaghs up battery fluid and heals himself with Silver Crystal a bit
* GM it opens fire on the engines and a huge epxlosion can be heard in the back
[Cross] oh scud muffins....
[Slasher] Dont they know what surrender means
* justin-the-II takes out his his wepons again
[Dominator] There going to kill us...
* Slasher flies into the cockpit area
* Dakota flies back to the front
* GM there is no cockpit
[Slasher] Im thinking this was a bad idea
* GM suddenly the gravity goes out in the ship
[Cross] I wanna waste these guys......
* GM the Hunters begin to float
* Slasher starts to float
* Dominator starts floating
* justin-the-II grabs a parichute
* Dakota is flying
[Dakota] i love my jets
* Slasher wonders why Justin has a parachute
[GM] [Prepare to be BOARDED now...] *sounds disappointed*
[Dominator] Hide your weapons Justin... if we survive that might be helpful...
* Cross bumps into dom
[Cross] sorry...
* justin-the-II hides them again\
* Dakota turns the jets off and starts to float
* Slasher hides his weapons
* GM the gravity is restored when the ship hooks up to them
* Dakota falls
[Dakota] ow
* Slasher falls on his back
* Cross falls
* Dakota stands up
[Cross] OW!
[Dominator] Bastards... if we'd resisted they'd have blow the whole shuttle to bits at once...
* justin-the-II was in his seat
* Slasher hides collar under his shirt
* GM the hull is cut into and a two guards come in followed by an alien in robes, who came from the station
* Dominator falls
* Dominator stads up
*** GM is now known as Xevil
[justin-the-II] huh?
[Xevil] My name is Xevil...
[Slasher] Why did you fire, We surrendered
[justin-the-II] whats hapining
[Slasher] Yeah hi
[Dominator] Xevil...
* Xevil smirks evilly
[Dakota] ?
[justin-the-II] oh no.....
[Xevil] You know, for civilians, those are some nice MH labels on your shuttle..and on your uniforms
[Slasher] You know this punk
[Dakota] ......
[justin-the-II] i dont have a uniform!
[Xevil] For those who don't, it's printed on your armor
[Slasher] WEll the jigs up
* Xevil poitns at Justin
[justin-the-II] oh no....
* Slasher puts hands foward
[Dakota] nrp:neither do i  i was independent when i came on this ship
[Xevil] I will now prompty kill you all
* Darien suddenly a small flier drops out of hyperspace and begins firing on the station.
[justin-the-II] ???
[Dakota] i aint any hunter you see any marks?
* Xevil the station blasts the flyer almost t obits
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Xevil (wind elem)
[Xevil] WHAT THE]?!
* Dakota turns a circle
* Xevil whips around
[Xevil] GAHH
* Xevil reflects them all back at slasher
[Xevil] Fools!
* Darien it cloaks
* Slasher absorbs them
* Xevil moves back towards the ship and vanishes
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
*** Xevil is now known as Guards
* justin-the-II wounders if he shouled use his granade
* Guards two gaurds open fire on Justin and Dakota
* Dakota gets his weapons back out
[Dakota] argh...
* Slasher slashes at one guard
* justin-the-II ducks throwing his granade
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at guards
[Slasher] You moron 
* Guards it grabs Slasher and throws him into Dominator
[justin-the-II] die!
* Cross blasts the guards
* Slasher dives out of the way
[justin-the-II] *boooooom!*
* Guards the guards throw a bomb and dive into the ship and they pull off, G-force sucking the Hunters out
*** Guards is now known as gM
*** gM is now known as GM
[Slasher] Ahh crap
[Dakota] crap!
* Slasher kicks bomb out of the ship
[justin-the-II] oh no!
* Darien reappears to fire and recloaks
* GM the bomb goes off and wipes most of the ship out as it sends everyone into space
*** Ryan (ryan_cross@ttyDb.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher holds breath
[Dakota] !!!
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[Cross] BRB
*** Ryan is now known as Dominator
* justin-the-II grabs gass mask as he is
* justin-the-II puts over his face
* GM ship flies back to the station
* Slasher phases onto the cloaking ship
[Dominator] NRP: Pause...
*** Dominator is now known as DOminator
Session Close: Sat Mar 20 17:10:11 1999

Session Start: Sat Mar 20 17:12:42 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
* Dominator floats in space
* Slasher switches to aux tank
* Darien appeares next to the shuttle
* Dakota is flying around with his jets on
* Dominator sees Darien
* GM the station begins to lock onto the Hunter
* justin-the-II thinx he is going to die
[Cross] Oy..
* Slasher starts waving at jets
* Dakota flies over to darien and points back at the other hunters
[Slasher] NRP:I mean Darien
* Dominator flies toward Darien
* GM they fire an attack on the helpless Hunters
* Darien flier tractors Justin and humans back into the shuttle
* Slasher phases past the shot
* Dominator grabs justin and flies out of the way
[justin-the-II] ???
*** Darien is now known as DarienFlier
* Dominator uses Silver Crystal to try and keep Justin alive
* Slasher points to alien ship
* Dominator says, but can't be heard cause they're in space,  1"Hurry up and pick us uP!"
* GM an alien shuttle comes lfying at them
[Dominator] ...!
* GM it lands next to them and the hatch opens
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at station
* justin-the-II 's air is running out
[justin-the-II] !!
* Slasher phases into it
[Cross] Crap!
* GM the ship is completley empty
* DarienFlier tractors them into the hatch
* Dakota flies in
* Slasher starts breathing heavily
* justin-the-II takes offb the mask
* Dakota is exhausted
* DarienFlier after tractoring them, lands inside
[Slasher] that was a close one
* justin-the-II gasps
* GM hatch closes once all are inside
* Dominator goes in
[Dakota] what's next?
* GM a mysterous form can be sen in the shadows
[Dakota] if that's....
[Slasher] Who are you
* GM steps out to reveal a Reploid
* Cross looks at the form
[Slasher] That better not be Cortez
*** GM is now known as Azuls
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
[Slasher] whos this
* DarienFlier gets out of the flier and it vanishes
[justin-the-II] im alive!
[Azuls] Welcome Hunters...
*** DarienFlier is now known as Darien
[Dakota] ?
[justin-the-II] you alive!
[justin-the-II] we all are alive!
[Azuls] I heard the radio signals all the way from Earth
* Slasher smacks Justin
* justin-the-II hugs dak
* Dakota gets him off
[Slasher] Dont jinx it
[Dakota] who are you?
[Darien] Can somebody explain what's going on?
[Slasher] What radio signals
* Azuls shrugs and looks at them through his thick glasses
[Azuls] Does that really MATTER?
* Dakota points at azuls
[Dakota] and who are you?
[Slasher] No. Lets just get out of here
[Darien] BJ gets this hunch that I'm needed and when I come back you're under attack.
[Cross] Agh.....
* Azuls steps back when all are distracted and vanishes
*** Azuls is now known as GM
[Dakota] ?
[Dakota] where in the world?
[justin-the-II] ???
[Slasher] Great where'ld the old man go
* Slasher takes control and enters hyperspace
* Darien sits in the copilot seat
* justin-the-II 's head flies back agin
[Darien] So, what'd I miss?
* justin-the-II hits the wall
[justin-the-II] ahhghhh!!
* Dakota had braced him self
[justin-the-II] what the hell is it with hyperspace?
* Slasher enters coordianates for Quad 8
[Darien] Slasher?
[Slasher] What 
[Dakota] maybe we will actually get there this time
[Cross] This is NOT my day..
[Darien] What happened to you guys?
[Dakota] all that is left is for X'aid to attack me....
* Dakota prays that dosen't happen
* justin-the-II takes his gun back out of his boot and puts in holester
[Slasher] We decided to surrender they attacked us and they tried to kill us what els eoyu think happened
[Slasher] Who the hell is X'aid
[Dakota] long story...
* Darien shakes his head
* justin-the-II does the same with sabre
[Dakota] nrp: read my background
* GM they jump out of Hyperspace and arrive in Quad 8
[justin-the-II] oh great....
[Dakota] wow we got here!
[Slasher] Now wheres this damn Found Armada
[justin-the-II] does this ship have a wepons bay?
[Slasher] Ild say not
[GM] NRP: No
[justin-the-II] nrp:ok
* Slasher uses scanners to search for the Lost Armada
* GM all sensors cut out when they reach the place
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD14.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* GM lights dim in the shuttle
[Slasher] Great there not working
[Dakota] anything out there slasher?
[Slasher] And there go the lights
[Dakota] !
* Slasher punches the wall
[Dakota] NOW WHAT??!
[justin-the-II] huh?
[justin-the-II] were gonna die again
* Darien tries to activate his flier
[Slasher] Probably some kind of anomaly.
* GM upahead is a large pack of objects, hidden in the darkness of a moon
* GM flier refuses to activate
[Slasher] Well looks like were gonna heading for there
[Cross] Uh......
[justin-the-II] great!i only have 2 wepons now!
* Darien does a telepathic scan of the area ahead
[Slasher] Just like that damn Bermuda Triangle on Earth
[justin-the-II] i dont evan have my eb!
* Cross looks arounf
* GM scans are useless here
[Dominator] NRP: Back...
* GM the pack of objects is really a pack of ships, just floating in space
* Slasher tries to get Main Screen on so they can look at whast out htere
* GM main screen shows images, but statics
[justin-the-II] battle ships?
[Dakota] that must be the armada...
[Dominator] ...
[Slasher] Its the Lost Armada now found
* Darien stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid.
*** Darien is now known as DarkPhoenix
[Dakota] sounds good to me
[Dakota] what the hell?
[justin-the-II] huh?
[Slasher] Why we here anyway
* GM there is around 60 to 70 of them
[Dominator] ...
* justin-the-II looks at dp
* Slasher looks at DP
[Slasher] Polly want a Cracker
[Cross] Ooooo
[justin-the-II] who are you?
* Slasher tries to contact DS
[Dominator] ...
* GM comms. are dead
[Slasher] Dom why we here anyway
[DarkPhoenix] It appears reploids still have enough power to function in this area
[justin-the-II] .......
[DarkPhoenix] I'm myself
[justin-the-II] and i am too but i dont brag about it
[Dakota] yeah really
* Slasher presses some buttons and a Beacon launches out towards the ships
* DarkPhoenix shakes his head
[Slasher] Lets get out of here
[Slasher] This place is to creepy
[Dakota] nice to meet you though
* GM shuddenly the controls begin to die out
[Slasher] Oh freakin great
* justin-the-II starts to panic
[Dakota] calm down justin
* Slasher tries to get hyper working
* GM shuttle leaps into hyperspace
[justin-the-II] i cant calm down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
[Slasher] Finally
* justin-the-II flies into that wall
[justin-the-II] aghhhhgg!
[Dakota] heh now you will
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD14.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher laughs at Justin nails the wall
[justin-the-II] i hate your frigin hyper space!
* Slasher heads for Q
[Slasher] HQ
* GM flies through space and jumps out in front of the HQ, which has think black smoke flying from it's Hanger
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer )
[Dakota] !
[Slasher] OH great 
[Dakota] now what?
[Slasher] Wonder if we can get in
[Cross] Home?
[Dominator] Great...
[justin-the-II] weres home?
[Cross] oh poot
* Slasher tries to radio Hq
[Dakota] !
[GM] Hunter Tower: Yes, shuttle?
[Slasher] Comm]DS...someone..come in
[Dakota] oh no...
[Slasher] Comm] Can we enter
[Dominator] ...
[GM] Hunter Tower: Enter the Tower Hanger, please...regular hanger has been wiped out...
* Slasher flies towards the tower hanger
[Cross] What happened?
[DarkPhoenix] Who was it?
* justin-the-II taps his head aginst the wall
[GM] Hunter Tower: The Hell shuttle crashed..lost many lives
* Slasher jerks the ship sending Justin flying into the other wall
[Dominator] ...
[Slasher] Kewl
[justin-the-II] adggfghhhh!
[justin-the-II] slasher!
[Cross] any we knew?
* Slasher enters the shuttle
[Slasher] NRP: i mean hanger bay
[justin-the-II] wen we land i will kill you@!
[Slasher] Sorry Justin i lost control
[Dakota] bad idea justin
Session Ends!