Mission 36: Slashed Hearts

[DeathStar] TC: Immediately after last session
[Slash] NRP: Bring on your worst nightmare
[DeathStar] Location: HQ
* Blackjack stretches out in a chair
* Slasher walks off
[justin-the-II] like i said im gonna kill you slasher!
* Slash walks in
* Slash hears justin
* DeathStar walks in
* Blackjack looks around
* justin-the-II walks into HQ
[DeathStar] That would count as insubornation, wouldn't it?
[Slash] watch what you say..
* Slasher ignores Justin and walks off
[Blackjack] Hey everybody...
[justin-the-II] hay bj
* DeathStar look grim
* Cross falls asleep in his former luetenant chair
* Blackjack yawns
* justin-the-II walks to wepons room
[Slash] hello blackjack
* DeathStar heads for the control room
* Slash sits down thinking on what DS said
* justin-the-II gets a new belt of granades
* Slasher disappears after awhile
[Cross] *snores*
* justin-the-II starps them on
[justin-the-II] straps
* Slash follows Slasher
* DeathStar sits in his command chair and begins to run scans on the station
[Blackjack] Been too long since I got any... *yawns* sleep...
* Slasher looks back every once in awhile
* justin-the-II looks for a EB
* Slash keeps in shadows
* Cross IS sleeping, in his chair
[DeathStar] Hunter Tower, do you have those fires isolated tet?
* Slasher thinks he hears something but continus
* justin-the-II doesnt find one
* Slasher enters the engine room and starts to press buttons
[Slasher] Heh heh heh
[DeathStar] Hunter Tower: WE sure do..
* justin-the-II walks to the hall
* Slasher laughs evily to himself
* DeathStar looks up at the monitor and sees Slasher
* Slash warps into the engine room, above slasher watching
[DeathStar] DA hell...?
[Slash] What are you doing slasher
[justin-the-II] who makes wepons around here?!!!
* Slasher jumps
* Blackjack looks up
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
[Slasher] i must destroy all evidence of failures
[Slash] wha..?
[DeathStar] ....Slasher.....is in the engine...talking nonsense
* Slasher phases out of the room
[DeathStar] Lets get down there
* Cross wakes up and falls out of his seat.  *BONK*
* Blackjack flies out of his chair.  1"What!? Let's go." 
[Slash] SLASHER!
*** DarkPhoenix (shadezader@ts005d23.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[Cross] owwwww.....
* DeathStar rushes towards the engine room
* Slasher appears in the HangerBay
* Slash follows him
* DeathStar stops at the Hanger Bay, which is on fire
[DeathStar] DMAN THE FOOL!
[Slasher] You will die
[Slash] Where the hell are you doing??
* Blackjack runs to the Hanger Bay
* DeathStar dives into the blazing Hanger Bay, pieces of the roof falling in from the wreckage
* Slasher activates a shield around himself and Slash
* justin-the-II walks too controle room
[Blackjack] Well, it looks like Slasher's followed Wiendigo into insanity...
[Slash] What are you doing?!
* Cross runs up to the group
[Slash] i dont want to fight you
[Slasher] Time to die brothert
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Slash (wind elem)
* DeathStar frowns at Wiendigo
* Blackjack stays just outside of the hangar
[justin-the-II] who makes wepons around here!!!????
* Slash backs away
[Slash] I dont want to fight you
* DeathStar keeps walking through the firey pit of the bay
[DeathStar] SLASHER!!!
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Slash (wind elem)
* Slash backs till he hits the shield
[Blackjack] Damn it... I can't go in!
* Slash continues taking the hits,
* Slasher charges Slash
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Slash flips him over his head
[Slash] I dont want to hurt you brother..
* DeathStar watches
[Slash] but i will.
[DeathStar] Hell...
* DeathStar leaps out of the hanger
* Blackjack clears himself a path along the floor of the bay with Cryo Blasts (douse fire)
[Slasher] I aint your brother
* justin-the-II walks to see were evrything is coming from
[Cross] Eh?
[justin-the-II] huh?
* Slasher slashes at Slash
* Slash begins charging his Gauntlets
* Blackjack sees DS leap out and stops his progress, following DS
[DeathStar] Slasher...I knew it!!
[justin-the-II] what are they doing?
[DeathStar] ....
* Slasher phases behind him and roundhouses him
* Slash blocks with his warp blades
* DeathStar watches them fight
[Blackjack] ...they're fighting!
* Slash gets staggered by the blow, but retuns a haymaker
* Blackjack watches the two fight, helpless to really do anything
[Slasher] ooof
* Cross watches
* Slasher grabs jaw
[Slash SOUND]
* Slasher kicks Slash with might
[DeathStar] I could suck them into outspace...
* Slash grabs chest
* DeathStar grins evilly
[justin-the-II] ???
* Slasher phases behind Slash and slash at him
* Slash warps behind Slasher, and hits him in the head with his cannon
* DarkPhoenix activates his flier and begins working on repairing it, ignoring the battle
[Blackjack] No way, DS! Slash isn't crazy...
* Slasher ducks
[Cross] And I rip off your jetpack and thrwo you out if you do, DS
[DeathStar] DP...you're a real charmer..
[Blackjack] Slasher may be insane, but Slash is still an important part of the team
* Slasher turns aound and uppercuts Slash
* DeathStar pack isn't on right now and he snickers
* Slash fires his lockdown cannon at Slasher
* Slasher laughs at Slash
* Slash gets knocked into the shields
* Slasher fires his Disruptor cannons at Slash
[Cross] But what is going on?
* Slash eyes glow bright red
[DeathStar] .....
[Blackjack] I'm not sure, Cross.
* Slasher cloaks
[DeathStar] DP, can you take that shield out?
[Blackjack] Looks like Slasher went insane and attacked Slash.
* Slash fires a spray of plasma across the whole shield, hitting everything inside
[Cross] oy..... did Slash eat slasher's burrito?
* DarkPhoenix looks up and the flier dissappears
* Slasher appears
[DarkPhoenix] I can try
[Slasher] Your smarter than i thought
* Slash warps to slasher and stabs him once
* Slasher uncloaks
[DeathStar] Go for it, but beware the firey infenro..
[Slash] I Taught you everything you know
[Slash] but not everything I KNOW
* Slasher redblue blood spews out from the gash
[DeathStar] I-I can't believe I'm seeing this...
[Slasher] Oh know you didnt
[Blackjack] This is insane!
[Cross] brb
* Slasher slashes at Slash's leg
* Slash fires a L3 Concusion bolt at Slasher blowing him back into the shield 210 AP
* DarkPhoenix hyperjumps over to the shield and touches it, beginning to drain it to counteract the damage from the fire
* Slash screams
[Slash] AHHHHHh
[Slasher] oooofff
[justin-the-II] ????
* Slasher charges at Slash
* DeathStar pants
[Cross] NRP: tke my char DS, mom wants it
* Blackjack shakes his head in confusion
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[justin-the-II] im hungry any one wanna come?
* Slasher phases behind him and roundhoused him into the shield
* Slash flips Slasher over hsi head
* Slash flys into the shiled getting shocked
* Slasher lands on his back
[DeathStar] Cross, get out of here...come back lateer
[Slash] arrrghhhhhHHHHHHHHHH
* Slasher starts panting
[DeathStar] Justin..come here
* Slash armor whips out and grabs Slasher by the throat
* Slasher cuts the armor
* justin-the-II walks over to DS
[justin-the-II] what?
* DeathStar whacks him on the head
* DarkPhoenix continues draining the shield (40 AP/10 sec)
[DeathStar] SHUT up.
[justin-the-II] outch!
* Slash continues firing his lockdown cannon, and Ion cannon
[Slasher] Ahhhh
[DeathStar] ....
[DeathStar] MADNESS
* DeathStar sits back and relaxes
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow. Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Slash (wind elem)
[Blackjack] We've gotta be able to do  something , DS...
[DarkPhoenix] Almost got it!
* Slash screams once as his armor begins melting
[DeathStar] Until DP takes the shield down, there is nothing
* Slash a halo of blue energy surrounds Slash, he channels it into his gauntlets powering them way past Level 3. He turns and looks at Slasher in the eyes, as he lets loose with a blast of energy. (500 AP)
[justin-the-II] what are they fighting for?
[Blackjack] Doesn't look like it, though... Looks like all we can do is let them fight... And Slash is losing!
* Slasher stands there
[DeathStar] Brotherly love?
* Slasher grabs his gut
[Blackjack] Oy vey...
* DarkPhoenix uses a fully charged drain to finish off the shield
* Slash after that blast, rushes at him and stabs him in the gut
[Slash] DIE
[Slasher] Looks...*coughs up blood* like...you finally....one....
[DeathStar] The shield is down!!
* Slash twists
* Slasher falls over dead
* DeathStar ruses towards Slasher, too late
[justin-the-II] huh?????
* Slash stands there panting, and bleeding
*** Slasher is now known as GM2
* DarkPhoenix runs over to Slash
[Slash] .....
* DarkPhoenix touches Slash and does a reconstruct on him (+80 HP)
* GM2 The shields collapses
* justin-the-II runs over to
* Slash whispers  1"I... i killed him.....
[justin-the-II] what ???
* DeathStar kicks Slasher
[DeathStar] ...Someting weird about him..
* Slash falls to his knees
* DeathStar notes the fire is gone now
* Blackjack runs to Slash's side
[Slash] i.. killed...my brother....
* DeathStar turns to Slash
[Blackjack] ... *thinks about when Chris died*
[DeathStar] You okay?
[justin-the-II] ???
* Slash gets up, and whips around faster then can be seen
[Slash] NO I AM NOT
* DarkPhoenix walks over to Slasher and touches him sending Nanos as well as a telepathic scan through the body
* GM2 nothing happens
* GM2 DP senses that it is Slasher
* Blackjack can't think of anything to say, and so remains silent
[justin-the-II] why........did he do that??
[DeathStar] Other?
[Slash] NRP: just Brother..
[Slash] NRP: sorry.. hehe
[Blackjack] Slash... you had reason to, he attacked you...
[Slash] BUT WHY?!
* Slash turns to BJ
[DeathStar] ..
[DeathStar] Wait...Turbo..
[Blackjack] How the hell should I know?
[DeathStar] Turbo got him, remember?1
[Slash] I didnt have to kill him, but I did, and I  -LIKED IT
[Blackjack] That's right, DS...
* DeathStar jaw drops open
[justin-the-II] ?????
[DeathStar] LIKED IT?!
* DarkPhoenix blinks his eyes and then walks slowly to the other end of the room
* Blackjack 's eyes go wide
[Blackjack] You LIKE IT!?
[Blackjack] NRP: Liked
* justin-the-II gets up and backs away from slash
* Slash eyes blaze a little brighter
[justin-the-II] oh my god.......
* Blackjack holds his hand up in defense and backs away from Slash
* DarkPhoenix sits down. The flier reappears and he begins to work on it again
[Slash] he told me i was a failure...*remembers about what teh scientist told him*
* DeathStar steps up
* DeathStar places hand on Slash's shoulder
[DeathStar] Slash, you didn't like it and you're not a failure
* Slash rips it off
[Slash] How do you know?!
[Slash] I killed him, and then wehen i knew he was dead, i kept slashing
* Blackjack is silent again, unable to think of anything to say to his friend
[DeathStar] ...I admit, we may not know alot about each other, but I've known you along time....I seen you in action..
* justin-the-II backs away further
* Slash falls silent anger gathering
[DeathStar] ...Now, Turbo did something to Slasher..it's not your fault
* DarkPhoenix continues working on the flier
* DeathStar look at them all with hateful eyes
* Slash breaks down and begins crying
[DeathStar] GREAT support PEOPLE
* DeathStar turns away from them all in bitter anger at his own men and turns to Slash
* justin-the-II looks at the dead body
* Slash looks up once again, eyes blazing, evaporating the tears
[Blackjack] Slash...
[Slash] ..... *whispers again* i know who turbo worked for that day....
[DeathStar] ...
[Slash] corsec...
[DeathStar] Slash...don't go off on some personal vengence quest!!!
* Slash gauntlets crackle with energy
* Slash turns to DS with vengence on his mind
[Blackjack] Damn it... someone ELSE dies because of CorSec! *eyes flare*
* GM2 the blood from Slashers body surrounds his body
* DarkPhoenix begins shrinking and his blue windbreaker appears. He is once again a seven-year-old human. He blinks his blue eyes.
*** DarkPhoenix is now known as Darien
[DeathStar] SLASH!
[Slash] Dont push your luck
[DeathStar] I ORDER YOU NOT TO GO!!!
* Darien looks up from the flier and walks over to Slash
* Slash flips up his autocannons
[DeathStar] Slash...you will NOT go.
[Slash] and whos to stop me
[DeathStar] I will.
[justin-the-II] better get back kid......
[justin-the-II] hes dangerus
* Slash twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
[Blackjack] Slash, you can't win if you do!
* Darien knocks on Slash's side and gives him his best puppy dog look
[Slash] you and what army
[Darien] Wanna play tag?
* Slash looks down at darien
[Slash] not now kid
[Blackjack] THink about it! Remember that time I had that talk with Garland!? It took everything we had as A TEAM to get out alive!
[Slash] Then i die avenging his death
* DeathStar reaches for sabre but stops, hand wavering in the air
[justin-the-II] better get back kid......he killed his own brother...
* Darien kicks at the floor and walks away from Slash sadly
* Slash stoes all weapons, and sighs
* Slash walks to DS
* Slash catches his sholder
* justin-the-II slowley walks out scared half to death
[Slash] Commander....
[Slash] Mentor...
[Slash] Friend..
[DeathStar] ..
[Slash] I wont leave my allies behind..... 
* Slash a lone tear appears
[DeathStar] Then I'm going with you, Slash
[DeathStar] If you're going, I'm going
* Darien notices and walks back
[Slash] DS, i cant allow that...
*** Dakota (Av1central@gc-digital104.pathway.net) has joined #taw
[Slash] you would get killed for me...
[Slash] you have the hunters to manage...
[DeathStar] GARLAND will be there too....I got some of my own personal vandetta against him
[Blackjack] Slash... if you go, I go. I have a score to settle with CorSec also...
* justin-the-II looks at dak
[Darien] Can I come?
* GM2 Slashers blood turns an odd purplish color
* justin-the-II 's face is as whit as a goest
[Blackjack] Someone ELSE has died because of those bastards... I owe them...
[DeathStar] Then it's settled..we're all going
* DeathStar pats Slash
* Slash is touched
[DeathStar] See?  What are friend for?
[Blackjack] We're all behind ya, Slash.
[Slash] th..thank you..
* DeathStar glances at the body
[justin-the-II] were goin to corsec?
* Slash remembers what Slasher did to the command center
[Slash] CRAP
[DeathStar] ...I'll have someone clean that up..
[Slash] uhh...
[Slash] guys..
[DeathStar] ...Crap?
[Dakota] we may have not gotten off to the best start slash.... but i am behind you as well
[Slash] HE was messing with the command center...
[DeathStar] Eh, he never had enough time...
* Slash looks down at the blood,and picks up a vile of it to have it tested
* DeathStar begins to loose his confidence
[DeathStar] Never would have had...
[Slash] ..
[DeathStar] You know what?  I'll send someone on that right now and we'll just proceede on down to the shuttle and off to CorSec..
* Blackjack 's confusion is renewed
* DeathStar grabs comm. and sends someone to check into the damage that might have been caused by Slasher
* Slash holds Deathstar back
[Slash] I am honored that you would come.. perhaps it is best we wait...
[justin-the-II] we are going to corsec?
[DeathStar] Wait?
[Blackjack] I dunno, Justin
* justin-the-II goes back to look for a EB
[Slash] i was willing to risk my life for a cause i beleive in, but i dont want to risk my friends and allies lives also
[DeathStar] .....*Frowns*
[justin-the-II] c'mon!
* justin-the-II looks evry were
* Blackjack is silent
[Slash] ...
[justin-the-II] found it!
* Slash packs his weapons, and prepares to warp
[Dakota] ?
[DeathStar] ..Slash?
* justin-the-II picks up the EB and walks back
[Blackjack] Forget it, Slash. If no one else is, I'M coming...
[DeathStar] SLASH!
[Blackjack] I have years of regret I have to pay back!
* DeathStar knows what the idiot is about to do and reaches out to stop him
[justin-the-II] ill go?
[Dakota] what the heck are you doing slash?
* Slash punches BJ, knocking him back
* Blackjack flies back, sliding across the floor
[Blackjack] HEY!
* Slash fires a L1 concussion burst at DS just enough to knock him back
[DeathStar] GAH!
* DeathStar flips onto his back
* Darien cloaks
[Slash] I am sorry my friends..
* Dakota grabs slash
* Slash begins disappearing
* Blackjack flies to his feet
[Dakota] don't do this
[Blackjack] WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!
* Darien locks onto Slash
[DeathStar] SLASH!
* justin-the-II walks foewerd
* DeathStar dives at Slash quickly
[justin-the-II] ????
[justin-the-II] what on earth?
* Blackjack runs at Slash, flying to grab him
[DeathStar] You're not  going!!!
* Slash gets tackled out of the warp
[Blackjack] You're not going anywhere without the rest of us!
[justin-the-II] nrp:is he a reploid?
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
* Darien converts to reploid
[Dakota] that is right!
[Slash] NRP: damn straight..
* DeathStar rolls Slash away from warp
* Slash picks BJ off of him, and tosses him away
* DeathStar grabs BJ
* DeathStar sets him down and fires his ion cannon at Slash
* Darien keeps a lock on Slash invisibly
* GM2 waits patiently
[Slash] listen, i dont want to hurt you, GAHHHH
[justin-the-II] is he going mavrick!?!
[DeathStar] No, he's trying to take CorSec on alone...
* Slash falls to his knees holding his side
* DeathStar walks up to Slash
* GM2 a pipe falls on Justin
[Blackjack] Slash, you wouldn't stand a chance without the rest of us...
[DeathStar] Sorry, my friend, but I cannot let you kill yourself senselessly..
[Dakota] no way you are taking on CorSec by yourself
[Slash] NRP: *snickers*
[justin-the-II] agghh!
* justin-the-II rubs his head
[Slash] you....cannot...watch..me...all the...time...
[Blackjack] Too true.
* DeathStar hisses
[DeathStar] FINE!
[Blackjack] But if you go, we follow you. Remember that.
* Slash gives up
[justin-the-II] i love battle....
[Blackjack] There is no way in hell we're letting you do this alone.
[DeathStar] You want to go, Slash, we cannot stop you.  If you go, we'll folow
[Slash] ...
* Slash sighs, and drops his warp field
* Darien reappears back as human
[justin-the-II] im gomming too!i cant stand not too be were the acttion is!
* GM2 The blood surrounding Slasher starts to dry
[Blackjack] You say you don't want to risk our lives. We don't want to risk YOURS. You would surely die if you went alone.
* Slash glares at Justin
[justin-the-II] oh no,....
[justin-the-II] dont kill me to...
[Dakota] eazy slash...
* Blackjack backhands Justin
* justin-the-II backs off
[Blackjack] Shut up before you're a bloody pulp on the floor.
[justin-the-II] darn it!
* DeathStar visibly begins to shake
* Slash places one of his warp blades into DS's palms
[Dakota] you have no feeling for the mood justin 
[justin-the-II] what did you do that for?
[DeathStar] Thinking 'No way in hell...I can keep them all together..'
[DeathStar] ..Slash?
[Slash] DS... i will never leave your company. if i die, i expect to meet you there
* Blackjack ignores Justin, knowing that he knows what it was for
[DeathStar] Charming....
* Slash sighs, and turns to slowly walk to his room
* GM2 some guys come in to pick up Slashers body
* Darien streaches and yawns
[Darien] Tired
[DeathStar] Well....shows over....
* DeathStar walks off with the blade
[Dakota] yeah...
[Blackjack] I don't think so, DS...
* Slash orders the guys to take good care of the body
[Dakota] ?
* Darien cloaks and wanders off to the shuttle to sleep
[Blackjack] Something tells me that this is only the beginning...
* DeathStar stops at BJ's words
[DeathStar] ....You don't know the half of it, BJ..
* DeathStar walks off
* Blackjack shakes his head, and walks towards his quarters in deep thought about the near future
* Slash stops DS in the hall
*** Morter (Omega_0@VRHSB105-42.splitrock.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] NRP: Session
* DeathStar glances at Slash
[DeathStar] What?
[justin-the-II] .....
[Slash] what do you think that it was? his memory? or what
[Slash] i just dont know any more..'
* DeathStar eyes narrow
[GM2] NRP:Dang Ping
[DeathStar] I don't know what to think it was, but if you ask me, whatever happened to Slasher on the day Turbo nabbed him isn't over
[DeathStar] Session ends